2019 Doha Diary: Day 9, the greatest shot put in history!


This shot put was, well amazing! Only one centimeter separated gold, silver and bronze. This was how it happened and this was what the athletes said about it! Also, watch for our HD video on the men's shot put medal presser, in the coming days. It is amazing and inspiring!

Kovacs_JoeR1a-Doha19.JPGJoe Kovacs, after his amazing throw! photo by PhotoRun.net

Well, Ryan Crouser started the greatest shot put competition in history with a new WC record. By throwing 22.36m, the Olympic champion broke the championship record of one Werner Gunther, Switzerland, who threw 22.32m in 1987!

Tomas Walsh, London 2017 champion, World Indoor Champion 2018, opened with 22.90m! Pointing a finger up to the sky, Walsh had put the throws out there: 22.90m was his PB, an Oceanic record, a new WC record, and the fifth longest throw in history.

Walsh was #1, in 22.90m, Crouser was #2 in 22.36m.

And then, Darlan Romani of Brazil dropped a 22.53m, pushing Crouser to #3.

Crouser responded with a foul, and then, equalled his first attempt of 22.36m.

Walsh fouled in attempts 2, 3 and 4.

Meanwhile, Joe Kovacs, went from 20.90m in attempt 1, to 21.63m, 21.24m, 21.95m, 21.94m. He was improving, but he had not had an inspired throw.

In attempt 5, Tomas Walsh hit 22.56m, responding to Crousers' move from #3 to #2, with 22.71m in attempt 4, and a foul in attempt 5.

Then, the shot put exploded.

In attempt 6, Joe Kovacs had the perfect throw. "I knew I had gotten out there, but I did not know how far." Kovacs would later note

Joe Kovacs had thrown 22.91m, to take the lead. 75 feet, 1 3/4 inches for those non metrically inclined.

Kovacs had broken his own PB, set the AR, WC Record and moved to gold all in one throw.

Two throws left...

Ryan Crouser, on his last throw, called on all of his focus, and set the fans roaring!

The throw was far, real far, like pretty close to Joe Kovacs!

Like one centimeter difference, 22.90m! 75 feet, 1 1/2 inches for those who have not embraced the metric system.

Crouser is tied for silver.

Tom Walsh has last throw of competition.

Can he respond?

Walsh, who had won the 2016 Portland, 2017 London and 2018 Birmingham, finished at 22.90m.

Joe Kovacs took gold, in 22.91m, PB, AR plus WC record.

Ryan Crouser sets a PB, and his 22.90m ties for silver, his second best throw got him the silver.

Tomas Walsh took bronze, set a PB of 22.90m

Walsh noted afterwards that, in the past few years, the events had gone his way, and it was hard to see when it did not go his way.

Kovacs noted that, he had thrown the farthest in his life with a smile on his face, not with a scowl.

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