2019 Doha Diary: Deep thoughts on Day 2, considering the 100m Men, 10,000m Women, Women's Hammer Throw, Long Jump Mens...


This is my deep thoughts on the day 2 in Doha, a fantastic day! Price_DeAnnaFL-Doha19.JPGA historic night in Doha, as DeAnna Price takes gold in the hammer, photo by PhotoRun.net

Day 2,

100m, 10,000w, WHT, LJ

Men's 100m

Coleman_ChristianFL-Doha19.JPGChristian Coleman, photo by Photorun

Christian Coleman had a fine race. He 'pops' up at the start, like a piece of toast in a toaster oven. From there, C was nearly flawless. In the presser, C noted that he had some things to fix. Maurice Greene told us last winter, after the 60m, that he believed that Coleman could run 9.65, if he cleaned some stuff up.

Another keen observer, someone I rely on, was much more accommodating. " Coleman can go under 9.40."

Coleman has now focused on the 4x100m, as he was sore next am. Considering hour in mixed zone, hour in drug testing, and then, 30 minutes in presser, it is not a surprise that Christian pulled out of the 200m. I just would have loved to see him in the final.


Gatlin_JustinQ-Doha19.JPGJustin Gatlin, photo by PhotoRun.net

Justin Gatlin was at his best on Saturday night. He ran well, and all he had to do was run. I told BBC that Justin sure seemed happy not to be the butt of all the media's jokes and attacks on him, as in London 2017.

DeGrasse_Andre200Q-Doha19.JPGAndre De Grasse, photo by Photorun.net

Andre De Grasse looked good in the 100m. He is coming back into shape and he wants a higher podium place, do not discount him in the 200m.

The men's 100m was a fine presser, but sad thing is lesson that I believe that Mr. Coleman learned was to not trust the media. In the presser, at least 2/3 of questions were on his missed whereabouts.

W 10,000m

Hassan_SifanFH-Doha19.JPGSifan Hassan takes the 10,000m in style, photo by Photorun.net

Sifan Hassan is a beast master. Her finish was amazing. Considering a 61.5 last 400m, a 4:19 mile, a 3:59.09 last 1,500m. She seemed to be within herself and only missed on move, but, hell, she got back into the pack.

Gidey-Hassan-TiropA-Doha19.JPGGidey, Hassan, Tirop, photo by Photorun.net

Letensebet Gidey is tough, she pulled a Bill McChesney, taking off with last couple Kilometers to go, she was very good. We will be seeing more of her. 8 of top 10 set PBs, in that tough weather, shows the level of distance running in globe.

Hall-Huddle-SissonW-Doha19.JPGHall, Huddle, Sisson, Krummins, photo by PhotoRun.net

US women, Hall, Huddle and Sisson, kicked butt, were top 10, and ran well.

Obiri_Hellen-Doha19.JPGHellen Obiri, photo by PhotoRun.net

Hellen Obiri just raced too much in 2019.

Mens LJ

Gayle_Tajay-Zurich19.jpgTajay Gayle, photo by PhotoRun.net

The least talkative of ANY medalist-Tajay Gayle. He did not want to say ANYTHING except he was happy that he won. A nice young man, but someone has to speak with him about communication, if he likes being an elite athlete. The guy went 8.46m, then, 8.69m, HUGE jumps.

Henderson_JeffreyFL-Doha19.jpgJeff Henderson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Jeff Hendersen was happy that he was 1) there and b) won a medal. He was focused on Tokyo 2020, and seemed surprised that he did go 8.39m.

Echevarria_JuanPort1-Stockholm19.jpgJuan Luis Echevarria, photo by PhotoRun.net

Love Juan Luis Echevarria. He was magnanimous and congratulated his fellow medalists, knowing he had a sub par day. Funniest point os night was when fellow media male asked a question in Spanish and Juan, focused on an attractive translator, and acted like the Cuban did not understand. It was, well glorious.

Women's Hammer Throw

Women power.

Price_DeAnna-Doha19.JPGDeAnna Price, photo by PhotoRun.net

De Anna Price is one of the most genuine athletes one would ever meet. She came close to leaving event, but changed diet, and added speed to her HT and gave US first medal of the US in hammer.

Fiodorow_JoannaA-Doha19.JPGJoanna Fiodorow, photo by PhotoRun.net

Polish silver, Joanna Fiodorow, was happy with PB, medal and noted she was 2 in her country. Genuinely like Price.

Wang_ZhengQW-Doha19.JPGZheng Weng, photo by PhotoRun.net

Chinese thrower, Zheng Weng, was happy to medal, began throwing at 16 and was happy to win medal for China.

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