The Five And Ten Men -A Book Review for RunBlogRun, By Jeff Benjamin


Jeff Benjamin did this piece on Richard Avery's The Five and Ten Book a few months ago. I found it in the editorial archives that I keep on all of our writers.

The book looks excellent and I hope it makes you go out and purchase it!

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The Five And Ten Men -A Book Review

By Jeff Benjamin

Boy, it's a good thing that Australian Richard Amery didn't let his passion and enthusiasm for the Sport die back when he won his state Marathon title but was then subsequently disqualified for the Dress rules of the era.

Amery's passion and attention to detail are what drives his book, "The Five And Ten Men", which ranks the greatest 5000/10,000 meter combination runners of all-time.

As has been written in some of my previous book reviews, making a list and ranking Track & Field Athletes will always lead to passionate, sometimes loud and hopefully constructive arguments as to who are the "Greatest".

That kind of reaction only begets positive reinforcements as well as a renewal of research into many of our Sports' Immortals.

Which is exactly what Amery did.

Writing and using facts mostly over opinions, Amery reconstructs the lives, times and performances of these great legendary runners.

One of the most difficult things to do when writing this kind of book is to combine fact with passion. Another factor in writing this book is to go into the historical events at the time of these runners' performances and how their performances not only affected the Sport, but also influenced the times they thrived in. Amery does this as smoothly as Emil Zatopek did in the Helsinki Olympics of 1952 in both the Five & Ten!

To get you all interested in this book, Zatopek is going to be the only immortal name listed in this review. However, you are more than welcome to look at the pics of the front and back cover of Amery's book to make your deductions.

Nevertheless, the reader can re-visit Zatopek and many of the other "Five and Ten" men if they purchase this book, which is highly recommended to do.

BELL LAP - From The Author - "The price of the book has been set at US$27.50 and SHOULD be available on most of the popular on line sites (Amazon, Book Depository, etc) on November 11."

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