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dklishina2.jpgDarya Klishina, photo by

Darya Klishina is one of the finest women long jumpers in the world, having taken medals in both indoor and outdoor European Championships. In 2017, Darya took the silver medal in the 2017 London WC.



IMG_0067.jpgRai Benjamin goes 47.16 ! 2019 Nike Pre Classic, photo by Brian Eder / RunBlogRun

This is the update on One Day Meeting news today! Amazing that we will have a season in 2020!

AH_11466_2019100493429965_20191004111251.JPGDalilah Muhammed, Doha 2019, photo by Getty Images / World Athletics

_D9I5093_2019100493924512_20191004095803.JPGThe Thrill of Victory: Dalilah Muhuammed, photo by Getty Images / World Athletics

Stuart Weir sent us this piece on Dalilah Muhammed, the Doha 2019 WC gold medalist, who set two WR in one season at the 400m hurdles, once at the 2019 USATF Championships (52.20) and, for the second time, in 52.16. Stuart's long term viewing of athletics provides a unique view for the reader into the athlete and the sport.

1582451717-thumb-500xauto-52712.jpgThe 3 Amigos, Duplantis, Lavillenie, Kendricks, photo by Dagens Nyter

The 3 Amigos competed on Sunday, 3 May and it was, fun! This is how Stuart Weir reflected on this fine event....

CortneyWhite_PTFPT2-44.jpgPortland Track Festival, photo by Cortney White


A little bit of athletic happiness came to fruition on 3 May. From backyards in France, Mississipi and Louisianna, 3 of the finest pole vaulters in the world competed. The setting was this: using social distancing, the 3 top vaulters competed to see who could clear the height of 5 meters the most in 30 minutes.

The actual session was two halfs of 15 minutes, witha five minute break. At the half, Mondo Duplantis lead, 18 clearances to 17 clearances from Air Lavilenie, and Sam Kendricks at 12. The second half was crazy, as Mondo kept pushing it, and Renaud Lavillenie took his last jump seconds before it ended, tying the young Swede, 36 to 36. Sam Kendricks was at 26 clearances at the end.

The original judement was to do a 3 minute tie breaker, but Renaud would have none of it. Mondo wanted a jump off, but it was decided that they would keep it at a tie.

A fun competition. Fine comentating, and good streaming as well! Let the season begin!

Stahl,.jpgDaniel Stahl, photo by

Daniel Stahl is a sports super star in Sweden. The 2017 WC London silver medalist moved to gold in 2019, WC Doha. Add that to his 2018 European silver, Daniel Stahl showed that his amazing 71.29m NR in 2017 was the portent of even more fine throwing.

Solomon Barega thinks 5000m WR


Solomon Barega has run 12:43.02. Kenenisa Bekele's WR is the iconic 12:37.35 for 5000 meters.

Barega wants the 5000m record. Barega has some ideas on making the 5000m WR record his. Can he do it? We shall have to wait and see. My humble opinion will be that it will be hard as hell in 2020.

barega.jpgSolomon Barega, photo by

ostrava_mestsky3.jpgOstrava, Czech Republic stadium

As the Czech Republic opens up after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Czech athletic association is looking to put on a few local athletic meetings.

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