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Image 1- Kenyan Brigid Kosgei, marathon world record holder. Photo credits - Bank of America Chicago Marathon.jpg

Kenyan Brigid Kosgei, marathon world record holder. Photo Credits: Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Image 2- Kenyan Brigid Kosgei, marathon world record holder. Photo credits - Bank of America Chicago Marathon.png

Kenyan Brigid Kosgei, marathon world record holder. Photo credits - Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Image 3 - South African Gerda Steyn, part of Desert Road Runners club, UAE.jpeg

South African Gerda Steyn, part of Desert Road Runners club, UAE

Image 4 - Ethiopian Mosinet Geremew, one of five men to complete a marathon under two hours and three minutes.jpg

Ethiopian Mosinet Geremew, one of five men to complete a marathon under two hours and three minutes

Image 5- Swiss Julien Wanders, European world record-holder for the half marathon.jpg

Swiss Julien Wanders, European record-holder for the half marathon

The RAK half marathon is the fastest half marathon in the world. I visited there in 2018, and I must say, it lives up to the reputation. The race is under a new race director, and they want to come out with fast ones. The fields are quite impressive, so we will have to see just how fast they can go in RAK in 2020! Don't miss it!

DPI03570.jpgLoLo Jones and Kevin Hart, Cold as Balls episode, photo by Kevin Harts Laugh Out Loud

Kevin Hart's Cold as Balls is funny series from Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud! LoLo Jones is an Olympic athlete in bobsledding and athletics. She has come oh so close to taking gold in a World Championships. A fine athlete, LoLo Jones became a social media star and has an amazing story. Kevin Hart's ability to get LoLo to open up about many topics was what made this podcast work. Hart's team plays a role in the humor. @runblogrun likes this one very much!

How to make athletics accessible? This is a great way. I could see Kevin Hart doing the decathlon, and individual events, with the top stars of the events, and keep it light and fun!

The moderate pace of todays workout will allow you to recover from Monday and be ready for Wednesday.

Coburn_Emma1b-NewBalance19.JPGEmma Coburn, photo by PHotoRun.net

Tuesday, January 21, 2020: Easy 45 minutes, 4 x 150 m strideouts

Derek Rae with Prince Harry, Duke of Sissex.jpegDerek Rae, with Prince Harry, the Prince of Sussex, photo by London Marathon

The 2020 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon is just four days away! Over the past two decades, the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon has developed a reputation as the place where marathoners show their stuff to the world.

The course is fast, but that is not the complete story.

Degefa wins on her marathon debut in Dubai.jpg

Degefa takes Dubai, photo by Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

The Dubai Marathon is the near perfect combination of elite athletes who need to show their talent, deep fields that battle to the very end, and financial rewards that encourage the athletes to finish as fast as they can.

The truth is this, the fast times, the depth of the fast times, the high quality of the fields, and the level of competition make this event a perfect storm in athletics. The amazing level of performances, the tradition of fine performances and the depth of the financial rewards make this event a special event.

Marathons are found all over the world. Marathons in the Middle East have unique challenges. Dubai is held early in the morning, in late January, the most temperate time of the year in the Middle East. For a marathon to be successful, many things have to come in place.

The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon celebrates rrunning in Dubai. The fast, flat course, the time of day, the time of year, and the financial incentives all come to play for the young athletes from Kenya and Ethiopia.

But, there is more. Peter Connerton, the long time race director of the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, has developed something special in Dubai. And after January, who will be revealed as the next new star, or stars?

In 2018, and 2019, my mind was blown with the depth, and the amazing battles and the heart and soul that these athletes show over two hours! Will it be a huge women's race, or a men's? Or both? Watch over the next few days as we reveal the upcoming stars of this Friday's race!

Brazier_DonavanFHH1-NewBalance19.JPGDonavan Brazierr, 2019 NB Indoor GP, photo by PhotoRun.net

2019 was an amazing year for Donavan Brazier.

It began with the indoor season. His 1:44.41 set a new AR over 800m. His scintilating 1:13.77 over 600m set a world best indoors.

But it was outdoors that Brazier lit up the athletics world. Outdoors, Donavan Brazier not only used his tremendous leg speed, but also, a decisive finish emerged. In the past, his finish had been, at some times, tentative.

Under the watchful eye of Coach Pete Julian, Donavan Brazier developed his endurance, fine tuned his speed and continued to race in a confident manner. Using his leg speed to his advantage, Brazier won races decisively. His masterful win over Nijel Amos, in the very last steps of the race portended what was to come!

Brazier's win at the US Outdoor Championships was decisive and done with surgical precision. In the final of the World Championships, Brazier went out fast, but kept his cool until 500m, when he blew by and did not look back. His lead increased over the last 200 meters, giving him the largest winning margin in World Championship history! The 1:42.34 that Donavan Brazier set in winning the World Championships was also the new AR, finally improving on the three plus decades of Johnny Gray's AR!

Donavan Brazier won titles indoor and outdoors, plus the Diamond League and World Championships! Just what will he do in 2020? Well, we do know that Donavan Brazier will open that campaign over 600m at the 2020 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, the first stop on the 2020 World Athletics Indoor Tour!

To get tickets, go to www.nbindoorgrandprix.com !

The New Balance indoor Grand Prix is a true sanctuary to the sport of indoor athletics. Held in the Reggie Lewis Center in Roxbury, Massachuesetts, the NB Indoor GP is 3 hours of the finest athletics in North America.

Why do I love it?

McLaughlin_Sydney-NewBalance19.JPGSydney McLaughlin, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 200m banked MONDO track just says fast. The crowd of 4,500 is so close to the track, that the fans can almost hear the athletes breathe. The pounding footsteps as the athletes pound around the track. The effort is obvious. Fans know that they are seeing the best of the best in the Reggie. I have missed one year in all of the years of the NB Indoor.

Each year has special moments. The intimacy, the effort, the close races and the enthusiasm of the fans involved everyone. You can not sit passively at this meet.

Check out our podcast, and make sure you get there on Saturday, January 25, 2020. Go to www.nbindoorgrandprix.com to learn more.

Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts for producing and managing the RBR podcasts (thanks to Mike Deering).

I asked Justin Lagat, the senior writer in Kenya for @runblogrun, to comment on the recent doping crack down in Kenya. His comments follow.

Kipketer_AlfredQ-World15.jpgAlfred Kipketer is most recent Kenyan facing a ban, photo by Photorun.net

Monday is all about the hills. Work them hard. Limit them to 6-8 times up a 2 minute hill. Jog down.

Keep it focused. Think about the big races in April and May!

IMG_2691.jpgAlways do the tough stuff with a training partner, photo by Ben Rosario/ HOKA ONE ONE NAZ

Monday: Hilly run, 45 minutes, include 8 uphill runs of 2 minutes each, cooldown

The long run is a weekly building block to the endurance athlete.

Hoppel_BryceFV-Worlds19.jpgBryce Hoppel, photo by Photorun.net

Sunday, January 19, 2020: 55-60 minute run with friends

Degefa_BiruktayitH-HoustonM19.jpgBruktayit Degefa, photo by Photorun.net

This column reminds us about the powerful hold Ethiopia and Kenya has on the top positions at the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon. Justin Lagat sent this in on Saturday morning.

Hoppel-Brazier-USAout19.jpgBryce Hoppel, Donavan Brazier, 2019 USATF Outdoor, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is your easy day. Take it easy. You are building to the big races next spring.

Saturday, January 18, 2020: Easy 45 minutes, 4 x 150 m strideouts

This is a tough workout. Five minutes at 5k race pace, then, an easy run, and repeat.

These tough segments will help you race from 800m to 5000m.

2012-03-11 14.25.51.pngBernard Lagat takes 2012 Istanbul 3000m! photo by PhotoRun.net


Friday, January 17, 2020 : Fartlek, 50 minutes, 5 minutes at 5k race pace, 5 minutes easy, five times, cooldown

This piece is part of a continuing series on the 2020 NYRR Millrose Games Wanamaker milers. This time, it is Chris O'Hare, and Chris was kind enough to answer the 4 questions of Jeff Benjamin.

f5ce3efc-9720-4f02-8287-2d828fcbd716.jpgChris O'Hare Celebrating His Victory at the 2017 HOKA ONE Long Island Mile, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Thanks to Jeff Benjamin and our friend, NYRR Millrose meet director Ray Flynn.

This is part of Jeff Benjamin's continuing series of columns on milers who will do the Wanamaker Mile at the 2020 NYRR Millrose Games. This one is a gem. It is on one of my long time favorites, Nick Willis. The Kiwi miler is a fine athlete, and it is fun to watch him, his wife and kids on the circuit.

image0.jpegJeff Benjamin, RunBlogRun Senior writer, and Nick Willis, Olympic medalist, Kiwi, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Thanks to Jeff Benjamin and our friend, NYRR Millrose meet director Ray Flynn.

The easy day, is important.

Today is a relaxed day, keep the run easy, and enjoy the strideouts.

WXC19 Aarhus - Moesgaard Museum JOSHUA CHEPTEGEI WINS SENIOR MEN - FOTO LARS MØLLER.jpgUganda's Joshua Cheptegai took the 2019 XC in Aarhus, photo by Aarhus 2019

Thursday, Januay 16, 2019: Easy 45 minutes, 4 x 150 m strideouts

Charlie Grice has wheels. With 800m PB of 1:45.72, Mile of 3:52.64 and 1,500m PB of 3:30.62. His 1,500m of 3:30.62 is the 4th best time by a Brit of all time.

Gricerr .jpgCharlie Grice, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Charlie will be taking on the exciting field that Ray Flynn has assembled at the NYRR Millrose Wanamaker Mile. Jeff Benjamin sent Charlie four questions, and Charlie responded, with vigor and enthusiasm!

Thanks to Jeff Benjamin and our friend, NYRR Millrose meet director Ray Flynn.

This is the first track workout of the season, it will be brisk, but the pace should not be painful. Do the workout in flats and keep the jog easy.

WXC19 Aarhus - Moesgaard Museum ELITE MEN - FOTO LARS MØLLER.jpgWXC 2019, photo by Getty for IAAF

Wednesday: 30 min warmup run, 12 x 200m, at 2 mile pace, 200m jog, 20 minute cooldown

morgan mcdonald.jpgMorgan McDonald, photo by You Tube

This is the second of Jeff Benjamins' Q & A's with Millrose Games Wanamaker Milers. Morgan McDonald is that exciting, quick responding Badger (On Wisconsin), who has taken NCAA titles in cross country, indoor and outdoor!

Morgan McDonald has PBs of 3:39 at 1,500m, 3;54.63 at mile, 7:42.76 at 3000m, and 13:15.83 at 5000m. This Aussie is tough on the boards, and won the 3000m at Millrose in 2019. What can he do in 2020?

After graduating from UW Madison, Morgan McDonald now competes for Under Armour.

Thanks to Jeff Benjamin and our friend, NYRR Millrose meet director Ray Flynn.

38292757_10214734216703259_8827923462925320192_n.jpgSam Prakel, photo by Paul Merca (check out Paul Merca blogspot.com )

This is a fun idea from our friend, Jeff Benjamin, who sent questions to some of the finest milers in the world, all, who will be at the 2020 NYRR Millrose Games and will be competing at the Wanamaker Mile. Sam has PBs of 1:46.75 at 800m, 3:36.84 at 1,500m, 3;54.64 for the mile and 8:08.58 at 3000m. Indoors, Sam has gone 3:50.94 in Mile on 3 March 2019, and just ran a 13:48.79 PB at 5000m on 7 Dec 2019!

Thanks to Jeff Benjamin and our friend, NYRR Millrose meet director Ray Flynn.

The next six weeks will be difficult. We will be adding some stress to the workouts, and focusing you on racing well in the late spring. Today is an easy day.

Wightman.JPGJake Wightman, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Tuesday, January 14, 2019: Easy 45 minutes, 4 x 150 m strideouts

The Unites Airlines NYC Half Marathon, to be held on March 15, will be the last event for which RRW will provide professional athlete consulting. The esteemed Race Results Weekly announced on Monday, via facebook, that they would be discontinuining the professional athletes consulting practice that did for 19 years, covering 137 events and 2000 athletes.

EIjc-HbWoAAYBvx.jpgDavid Monti, Jane Monti, Race Results Weekly, and Chris Lotsbom, BAA, photo by twitter

Race Results Weekly is one of the iconic media platforms in the sport of running, providing timely results, and event content on the major events in road running and in global distance running in athletics events. Race Results Weekly was founded by David and Jane Monti.

David and Jane Monti announced the refocus in their business via Facebook on January 14, 2019.

The Monti's have contributed much over the past nineteen years. We look forward to seeing them covering global events!

The links below hold the announcement:

Part 1: IMG_0343.PNG

part 2: e76afece-ffa2-4c29-a80b-4b4403c7be7d.png


Ajee Wilson, 2019 Brussels, photo by Photorun.net

The Lamine Diack trial will be delayed once again. This stinking, festering mess will take down more than just the Diacks. It continues to damage the sport that they claim to love. They allegedly took up to $50 million in kick backs, bribes and other types of largesse. The French authorities have apparently done their homework. As Liam Morgan of Inside the Games writes, this amazing legal circus continues to grow.

Oh, and do not discount the skills of this long jumper from Senegal. He is one of the toughest street fighters in global sports, and will take everyone down he can. No such thing as collateral damage. All damage is intended with the Diacks. This piece of theatre has just begun.

bNpI2Vb03eWfAGeg.jpgLamine Diack, 13 Jan 2019, photo copyright by Getty Images

Kszczot_AdamFH-WORLDi18.jpgAdam Kszczot, photo by Photorun.net

Lewandowski_MarcinFV-EuroInd15.jpgMarcin Lewandowski, photo by PhotoRun.net

Two of my favorite middle distance runners live in Poland. Adam Kszczot and Marcin Lewandowski arre two of the toughest racers that it has been my pleasure to observe. Adam and Marcin know how to kick and when. They make few mistakes. Watch them this indoor season!

Kamworor_Geoffrey-World15.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by Photorun.net

Justin Lagat keeps us updated on all things Kenyan athletics. This is his update on cross country.

Levchenko_YuliiaR-WC17.jpgYuliva Levchenko, photo by Photorun.net

Kosgei -2 London.jpgBrigid Kosgei is going back to London in April 2020! photo by Virgin London Marathon

The 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon will be, as its predecessors, a fantastic event. The women's elite field looks amazing, and with the help of the weather, this could be a very fast race! Spencer Barden has put together a top notch field, and these athletes all know how to compete! I am fascinated with Ms. Kosgei, who I told BBC sports that she can go 2:13:30, perhaps a bit faster!

NNPT19CampLife-049.jpgAbdi Nageeye, photo by NN Running team

The NN Running team provides runblogrun with weekly columns on the sport, with particular emphasis on the behind the scenes activities, ie., training, daily life, music, culture that we do not see. The pieces, mostly compiled by esteem Kiwi author Steve Landells, who also writes for World Athletics, New Zealand Athletics, is a keen observer of the sport.

We are shaking up workouts for next six weeks, little racing, and 3 good days of training. Ask questions. Hydrate. Focus.

Charge the hills, jog easy down.

Freitas_MartaFHL-Martinez18.jpgWinning the mile, 2018 Martinez, photo by Kevin Morris

Monday, Jan 13, 2019: Hilly run, 45 minutes, include six uphill runs of 2 minutes each, cooldown

Kipruto_RhonexFL-Peachtree19.jpgRhonex Kipruto, photo by PhotoRun.net

How do you speak about one of the finest athletes in the world? And, he is only 20! The WC bronze medalist at 10,000m in Doha, has set the first WR of the year, a fine road 10k in Valencia, Spain. The adidas sponsored athlete is shown above in his huge Peachtree win.

How good is Rhonex Kipruto? In this writers' mind, watching the smooth flow of Kipruto around the track, one is awed by the power and speed of this young and talented Kenyan.

Thankfully, our dear friends at World Athletics , who give us daily track geek content! Oh, the joy!

Valencia 10k.jpgRhonex Kipruto sets new WR on Valencia, photo by Event Organizers

The Valencia 10k was amazing today. 2 World records! A European record. Amazing way to wake up in Wisconsin, with a good snow, knowing that someone in Valencia (like thousands) are enjoying the heat in lovely Valencia.

Hanna Lindholm_3.jpegHanna Lindholm, photo coutesy of STANDARD CHARTERED DUBAI MARATHON

We have said, for several years now, that European and US marathoners, looking for a fast qualifier, should consider the STANDARD CHARTERED DUBAI MARATHON . This is a fine example of an elite coming to Dubai and getting the coveted qualifying mark for a European, Olympic, US or World Championships.

It is not just about the course, it is about the level of competition, the near perfect weather, and a good time for early season marathon. The following release, should encourage some coaches and athletes to put Dubai in their future racing plans. To learn more, go to http://www.dubaimarathon.org.

Hope to see you there!

Long runs are about the time spent on the roads. My training partners in high school, and my training partners in college had a well earned relationship. The miles together, but also the time spent discussing the world, if that was homework or dealing with life. All was discussed. Solve some problems, talk with your friends.

Ibadin_EdoseFH-Martinez18.jpgThe 800m at Martinez, photo by Kevin Morris

Sunday, January 12, 2019: 50 minute run with friends

Muneria_CharlesQ-Rio16.jpgCharles Muneria, Rio Olympics 2016, photo by Photorun.net

sene pv .jpgAlioune Sene, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

Levchenko_Yuliya1b-Doha19.jpgYuliya Levchenko, photo by Photorun.net

This is an early season race, do an 800m, mile, or 3000m. Get out there, give it a good effort, and do a long cooldown.

Ibadin_EdoseFHL-Martinez18.jpgThe 800m at 2018 Martinez, photo by Kevin Morris

Saturday, January 11, 2019 : 1 mile all comers race, warm up, cooldown

fankfut002.jpgLeft to right : Armory Foundation President (1993-2017) and 1974 NYC Marathon winner Dr. Norbert Sander Jr., Armory Foundation Chairman of the Board Mike Frankfurt and 1970 NYC Marathon winner Gary Muhrcke. Photo Courtesy of The Armory.

Mike Frankfurt is one of those guys who you see at most events, always a smile, and you know that this guys loves the sport. Truth is, Mike has used his talents to help build the amazing sanctuary of sport that is the Armory. It is fantastic that he is getting some long deseved recognition.

Felix_Allyson4x4Q1c-Doha19.jpgAllyson Felix, photo by Photorun.net

Allyson Felix is embarking on the journey of her athletic career. She wants to make the Tokyo Olympics, which would be the fifth Olympic game of her career, an amazing achievement, tying the achievement of the iconic Gail Devers.

image1.jpegRunblogrun's Jeff Benjamin, Mille Wolde, Track & Field Writer George Kochman, photo by Jeff Benjamin

image0.jpegOlympic Gold Medalist Mille Wolde (Left) with the members of the Holy Child HS XC Team At Van Cortlandt Park, photo by Jeff Benjamin

image2.jpegMille Wolde takes Sydney 5000m, photo by Getty Images / World Athletics

Today is an easy day. Enjoy the run. Keep it relaxed, and enjoy a race tomorrow.

1979 Seb coe 2.jpeg1979: Dave Morecroft, Rod Dixon, Seb Coe, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

Friday, January 10, 2019: easy 40 minutes

The idea of speed play began with the Swedish athletes in the 1930s and 1940s. On crisp, bouncy trails, covered with wood chips, the Swedish athletes, under the eye of Gosta Holmer, built their endurance and speed as they liked, getting fitter and fitter.

AAnderson.jpgSwedish miler Gunder Haag pushes pace with Arne Andersen in tow, photo by Racingpast.ca.

Thursday: Fartlek, 45 minutes, 4 times 5 minutes at 5k pace, 5 minutes easy, cooldown

The women's pole vault is one of the bright spots of the sport of athletics. The competition in Doha had six women over 4.80 meters. The battles between Siderova and Morris, who cleared the same five heights on first attempts, 4.50m to 4.70m, 4.80m, 4.85m, and 4.90m. Stefanidi cleared 4.50m and 4.70m, on first attempts, then took 2 attempts at 4.80m and 4.85m. Olympic champion Stefanidi missed at 4.90 one time, and took her final two attempts at 4.95m, missing and taking bronze.

20190930_000134.jpgSandi Morris, Anzehlika Siderova, Ekaterina Stefanidi, photo by Adam Johnson Eder, The Shoe Addicts

Siderova took 3 attempts at 4.95m to clear 4.95m on her final attempt. Morris took 3 attempts and did not clear 4.95m, taking the silver.

The women's pole vault is a true global event. Siderova is a tough competitior, and Morris came close, but will need to up the game to take gold. Stefanidi is not to be underestimated.

Again, a good presser to see American, russian and Greek views of the pole vault, and also women in sports.

To see the final competition results, go to: https://media.aws.iaaf.org/competitiondocuments/pdf/6033/AT-PV-W-f----.RS6.pdf?v=856451181

Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts (Mike Deering, video production, Adam Johnson Eder, photography).

Degefa wins on her marathon debut in Dubai.jpgDegefa wins Dubai 2019! photo by Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

RunBlogRun will be in Dubai for the 2020 event! This video is a great way to get some of the excitement of the marathon. What Peter Connorton has done, is to create an event that gives citizen athletes the chance to participate at their level, serious athletes to challenge their limits and elite athletes to show the world just how good they are!

Enjoy the video from the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon!

How do I begin? One of the things that gets under my skin is at a presser, when 80 per cent of the questions are on drugs. The Salazar ban did not happen until two days later, on 30 September, but the pressure was there. A dozen British media, sent to cover the WC drug issues, the majority who never hit a British athletics event in 2019, were there to catch the athletes. We have same thing in US. Most Olympic Trials, many journos show up to ask doping questions, and nothing else.

Issue is this. And I see both sides. The doping politics is complete and utter b.s. Both sides have guilt in making the sport dirty. Do I think the sport is cleaner that the 1980s? 1990s? 2000s? yes, yes, yes. But the level of cheating has gone to depraved levels. I do not have a Ph.D in gene studies, which is where the doping of the future will be found.

Do I think most athletes cheat? Nope. Most do not have the money to cheat. And USADA and WADA are doing some amazing levels of testing. The future of sport is on the line.

The athletes, especially in the sprints, deal with this all the time. Truth is, all of our athletics events are under suspicion, some more than others.

20190929_003218.jpgChristian Coleman, Justin Gatlin and Andre De Grasse, 100m WC , photo by Adam Johnson Eder, The Shoe Addicts

Christian Coleman missed some tests, and the reprieve had many wondering what was happening. Then, Justin Gatlin, who lets his feet do the talking, is in a constant shit storm with the British media. Andre De Grasse, the fine Canadian who just got back to the global sprint wars, gives no quarter, and one can see the desire in his eyes to be the top of the sprint food chain.

Coleman is wary of the media: he was in a mess last spring and he did not like being the focal point of a feeding frenzy. Gatlin enjoyed the whole spectacle and was shocked he was not the focus of the global media on drug questions.

The presser was fascinating, and shows the doublespeak that has come to such events. Athletes must be guarded, in such occassions, as some media want to catch them in a mistake.

To see the entire results of the 100m: https://www.worldathletics.org/competitions/world-athletics-championships/iaaf-world-athletics-championships-doha-2019-6033/results/men/100-metres/final/result

Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts (Mike Deering, video production, Adam Johnson Eder, photography).

Obiri_HellenFL-Worldxc19.jpgHellen Obiri, photo by Photorun.net

The 2019 WC Men's Long Jump was full of upsets. The field had most of the top long jumpers, but some were not jumping on all cylinders. Tajay Gayle, a young Jamaican jumper with much promise, took the lead in attempt 1, with 8.46m. Jeff Henderson took second position with an 8.28m, and Juan Luis Echevarria, the most talented long jumper in a decade, was in third, 8.25m after the first attempts.

20190928_224348.jpgJeff Hendersen, Tajay Gayle, Juan Luis Echevarria, WC LJ 2019, photo by Adam Johnson Eder, The Shoe Addicts

Where was the response of Echevarria, Manyonga and Samaai?

Gayle had two legal jumps, and his 4th, 8.69m, showed who was the long jump king in 2019. Henderson pleased himself with a leap of 8.39m in attempt 3, and kept the silver medal, and Juan Luis Echevarria improved to 8.34m in attempt 3.

The upsets? Few picked Gayle as the winner. Even Henderson did not expect to get a medal, hell, he was surprised to make the U.S. team. Another upset, what happened to Echevarria? In the young Cuban's defense, he was most gracious with the young Jamaican who took the gold. Gayle could not give more than a few words on his win. I took it that he was in shock.

Tokyo2020? All of these guys will be there, but Gayle will have a bulls eye on his back and Henderson and Echevarria will be there, ready to challenge the Jamaican champion.

To see the entire competition results: https://www.worldathletics.org/competitions/world-athletics-championships/iaaf-world-athletics-championships-doha-2019-6033/results/men/long-jump/final/series

Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts (Mike Deering, video production, Adam Johnson Eder, photography).

NNLondonRace-065.jpgEliud Kipchoge, London 2019, photo by NN Running team

The 2020 Vision is the piece of the week by the NN Running team. The weekly columns give us a view into the Nike sponsored club, which has some of the finest athletes in the sport.

Ingebrigsten_Jacob1-Doha19.jpgJakob Ingebrigtsen, photo by Photorun.net

The women's hammer throw presser was a fascinating press conference.DeAnna Price took the gold with her attempt 3 throw of 77.54m. Joanna Fiodorow, the number 2 in Poland, took the silver of 76.35m in attempt 1 and Zheng Wang of China took the bronze on her fifth attempt in 74.76m.

The presser was fascinating in that Ms. Price really told the story of an athlete changing everything, from nutrition, to lifting to focus, to take the gold medal in the hammer throw. An effusive Joanna Fiodorow told how she picked up the hammer in Poland and how she was concerned with the top Polish hammer thrower being injured in 2019 (Anita Wlodarzyk, Poland, Wr 82.98m).

20190928_214919.jpg2019 Women's HT presser, Fiodorow, Price, Wang, photo by Adam Johnson Eder, The Shoe Addicts

Zheng Wang of Chinas is part of one of the big themes of China taking medals in the technical events. She was relaxed and spoke of her beginnings in the hammer throw.

The was Price's presser, in the end, as she took the time to reach out to young women throwers. If you coach women throwers, get them to watch this, several times.

To see the complete results, please go to: https://media.aws.iaaf.org/competitiondocuments/pdf/6033/AT-HT-W-f----.RS6.pdf?v=934867439e

Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts (Mike Deering, video production, Adam Johnson Eder, photography).

The development of an athlete is not linear. Fitness can be over powered, by fatigue, anxiety, among others. Your coaches' job is to help you develop your talents, to challenge your self placed limitations, and to keep you heathly.

TRACK & FIELD High School Nationals by  Steven Sutton DUOMO 10 March 2019 Katelyn Tuohy - 4CSS.jpgKatelyn Tuohy, photo by Steve Sutton/Duomo

Wednesday: 50 minute run, moderate pace,

The Olympic champion, WR holder Eliud Kipchoge spoke to La Gazetta dello Sport, one of the finest of the Italian sports papers at the end of the year. The zen master of the marathon spoke to the Italian media on how he plans his events.

Kipchoge_EluidPort-IAAFgala18.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by Photorun.net

Barshim_MutazHR-WorldOut19.jpgMutaz Essa Barshim taking gold in Doha, Oct 2019, photo by Photorun.net

The high jump win in Doha by Mutaz Essa Barshim was probably worth the kazillions that the Qatari goverment spent on the event. It was dramatic, with a full crowd, and the feeling was well electric! The high jump will get a special night in Doha, the night before the Wanda DL series begins.

Felix_AllysonQ1a-USAo19.jpgAllyson Felix, photo by Photorun.net

Degefa_BiruktayitFH-HoustonM19.jpgDegefa takes Houston, photo by Photorun.net

CPH19-006.jpgLeft to right: Geoffrey Kamworor, Gideon Kipketer, Noah Kipkemboi and Shadrack Koech. photo by NN Running team

This is a fun piece on the performances of the NN Running team in 2019...

The hills are alive with the sound of athletes beginning spring training. Enjoy the run.

Hoppel_BryceFV-Worlds19.jpgBryce Hoppel, photo by Photorun.net

Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2019: Hilly run, 45 minutes, include six uphill runs of 2 minutes each, cooldown

gettyimages-1163288393-612x612.jpgLaviai Nielsen, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Laviai Nielson and her sister, Lina Nielsen, are part of the British 4x400m squads. They are tough athletes and the success of the Brit relay squads are one of the big successes in UK athletics. The following piece was a fun piece on Ms. Nielsen. She used 5ks to help her deal with not making the final in the 400m in Doha.

Kipyegon_FaithLastTurn-RioOlyG16.jpg2016 Olympics: Faith Kipyegeon, photo by Photorun.net

The 2016 Olympic champ and 2019 silver medalist Faith Kipyegon will be back for Tokyo 2020, do not make that mistake!

Lisek_PiotrR1-Lausanne19.jpgPiotr Lisek, photo by Photorun.net

Kendricks_SamChalk-Pre19.jpgSam Kendricks, photo by Photorun.net

I wish I could see the Cottbus Meeting, as the fields are awesome. Kendricks and Lisek are so much fun, as is the women's HJ field as well! An excellent meet!

MenStart1a-CampaccioXC18.jpgCampaccio 2018, photo by Photorun.net

CPH19Race-037.jpgJoshua Cheptegai with Shadrack Koech after Copenhagen Half Marathon, photo by NN Running Team

NNBerlin19Race-142.jpgKenenisa Bekele, photo by NN Running Team

This piece is from NN Running team, and gives five highlights of five top global running stars...

Monday is a 40 minute run. This is week 2, keep on schedule and begin some core work. If you need suggestions, email me at [email protected].

Coburn_Emma1d-NewBalance19.jpgBefore Emma Coburn was a gold medalist at the steeple, she did all types of sports in high school, photo by Photorun.net

CrippaLeads-CampaccioXC18.jpgCrippa leads 2018 Campaccio Cross Country, photo by Photorun.net

The Campaccio Cross Country is one of the most iconic of cross country races in Europe. The event is held in SAN GIORGIO, Italy on January 6, 2020.

Vastenburg-Terzic-Muir-Carton-EuroXC15.jpg Jip Vastenburg (leading), photo by Photorun.net

The challenges of eating disorders are finally being discussed publicly. Jip Vastenburg spoke with media about her eating disorders...

Warholm_Karsten1-Worlds19.jpgKarsten Warholm, photo by Photorun.net

2019 was an amazing year for the Norwegian hurdler. Warholm endured a long season, and the challenges of 3 men under 47 seconds, and the season, even with ups and downs for his competitors, showcased Karsten as the finest 400m hurdler in the world.

Stefandini_Ekaterini-OlyGame16.jpgKaterina Stefanidi , photo by Photorun.net

How do athletes focus on an Olympic Games? How do athletes, knowing that their energy and focus is limited, choose between Indoor, Outdoor and Olympic championships? This is what Katerina Stefanidi is doing in 2020....

The habit of Sunday runs makes sense. Get your friends out to run at a park, on a trail, just keep it at talking pace.

Klosterhalfen_KonstanzaH1-NewBalance19.jpgKonstanze Klausterhalfen, 5000m, 2010 NB Indoor GP, photo by Photorun.net

Sunday, January 5, 2019: 50 minute run with friends

I always loved racing the mile, but my fave distance was 2 miles. Most weeks in summer in college, and winter, I would find a fast 2 mile or mile to shake off the cob webbs in mileage blocks.

M 1500.jpgThe 1,500m, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

If you can find a mile-3000m, find it. Keep it fun, and have a goal. Indoor season is here, and the events give you some idea of fitness.

For now, a mile race every other week and a mile relay (4x400m), would be adequate.

Saturday, January 4, 2019: 1 mile all comers race, warm up, cooldown

Kosgei_BrigidFV-Houston19.jpgBrigid Kosgei, photo by Photorun.net

Kipyegon_FaithLastTurn-RioOlyG16.jpgFaith Kipyegon, photo by Photorun.net

Justin Lagat has given @runblogrun many amazing columns over the years. In this final column of 2019, Justin ponders what the sport of running has become in Kenya.

Kigen_BenjaminFH-Rome19.jpgBenjamin Kigen, photo by Photorun.net

Reh_AlinaQ-WC17.jpgAlina Reh, photo by Photorun.net

The 2020 World Athletics Tour is about to begin. The first stop is at the legendary NB Boston Indoor Meeting. The meet is to be held on Jan. 25, 2019 at 4.30 pm. at the Reggie Lewis Center. Check out below on tickets, and other info! See you there!


Kipruto_RhonexFH-Peachtree19.jpgRhonex Kipruto, photo by Photorun.net

1290015_G08_W01.jpgThe Paris 2020 European Championships will be held, August 25-30 in the Stade Charlety, in Paris Fance, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

Our friends at EAA sent us this list of dates for 2020.

This is the first Friday of the 2020 workout season. Keep the workouts as the level we suggest. Long, long seasonn ahead.

Eliud Kipchoge article_head.jpgEliud Kipchoge ran cross country, track before he went to the marathon distance, photo by London Marathon

Friday, January 3, 2020: easy 40 minutes

The 2020 USATF Indoor Champs are a few weeks early, and back in Albuquerque! The Indoor champs is popular in Albuquerque, and the altitude ends up making some of the events a bit more challenging, but the crowd gets into the event.

Brazier_DonavanQ1b-USAi19.JPGDonavan Brazier, 2019 USATF Indoor Champs, photo by Photorun.net

1280906_G08_W01.jpg2017 European Indoor Athletics champ Piotr Lisek is planning on a long indoor season, photo by Getty/ European Athletics

The following piece just came in from the European site, and it keeps us thinking about who will be the athletes that we will see in about one month!

775279463_BL_9060_82167E79D01E4F7BF35864EF9C8B7BEB.JPG2019 European Athletics Indoor Championships, photo by Getty Images/Glasgow 2019

This is the beginning of the 2019-2020 indoor season, and we are, as always thankful to Carles Baronet, our dear friend from Catalan, who compiles and edits all of our fine reports.

hispanic games .jpgThe house that Dr. Norb built, the NYC Armory NB T&F Center, hosts, last time I checked, over 75 events a year. Over 250,000 athletes compete in it each season. It is a sanctuary of sport, and I absolutely love it. That the U.S. Air Force is sponsoring the Hispanic Games makes sense. High School Track kids are highly motivated, fit, and focus on education. Serving our country is important to many of these young people. The release is below...

45f9fc61-a2ab-4f09-b2ec-3d1cda92e3a6.jpgMeet Cedar, the mascot for the World Athletics Indoor Championships Nanjing 2020, photo by LOC Nanjing

This is an update on the 2020 World Athletics Indoor Championships, Nanjing by the LOC and World Athletics.

1290182_G08_W01.jpgThis is the new logo for European Athletics, and a note from EAA speaking on the changes....

Degefa wins on her marathon debut in Dubai.jpg

Worknesh Degefa, photos courtesy of Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon Media

Soloman DEKSISA.jpegSolomon Dekissa, photo by Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon Media

Ethiopian duo Worknesh Degefa and Soloman Deksisa will be among the favourites at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon on January 24! photos courtesy of Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon Media

The 2020 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon begins the year in the marathon. Each year, the Dubai marathon has shaken up the athlete food chain as well as the marathon food chain. The approach is unique; no appearance money, all runners show up, and are compensated based on their performances.

I have been going there in 2018, and 2019 and have been quite impressed. The line ups, the course, the competition all leads to a fine battle to the finish. I hope to give you the play by play in less than a few weeks!

One of the things that I love about athletics is the athletes. Kenyan Athlete's Justin Lagat captures one of those moments in the following story about Abel Kirui, two time world champion, Olympic silver medalist, Abel Kirui.

Kirui_Abel-BostonM15.jpgAbel Kirui, Boston 2015, photo by Photorun.net

Gosta "Gustaf" Holmer was a fine multi event athlete in Sweden, competing in 1912 and 1920 Olympics. He was the bronze medalist in the 1912 decathlon and 4th in the 1920 decathlon. Holmer was also a fine coach, and worked with the Swedish cross country team, developing some unique training programs based on fartlek, or speed training. Fartlek can be as easy as one needs and as difficult as one needs. It is about effort, and it builds speed and endurance. Today, we suggest you go out in 26 minutes, and then push it a bit, and come back in 24 minutes, pushing yourself at what you can do now.

B&W-FLcc18.JPgFL 2018 final photos, photo by Photorun.net

Thursday, January 2, 2019: Fartlek, Holmer, 45 minutes, go out moderate, and push on way back

frank-shorter_custom-5df6461342cae7c5e3cb245cd3cbc8f757877f1d-s800-c85.jpgFrank Shorter, photo by NPR

Jeff Benjamin wants to know when the next sport changing moment will happen. He hopes it comes in 2020.

This is the first day of the year 2020. Enjoy it.

SouthBoysHuddle-FLcc18.JPgSouth FL Boys team huddle, photo by Photorun.net

Wednesday, January 1, 2019: 50 minute run, moderate pace,

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