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This a new program on the Wanda Diamond League. This Call room was focused on the Stockholm Diamond League meeting. The program featured Mondo Duplantis and Karsten Warholm, two of the sport's biggest stars.

Stockholm DL Call .jpg

Mondo Duplantis is the world record holder in the pole vault (6.17m on 2/8/20 and 6.18m on 2/15/20). He set it two times in the 2020 Indoor season, and he is looking to jump even higher in 2020. Mondo is 2018 European Champion and 2019 Doha WC silver medalist.

Karsten Warholm is the 2017 and 2019 WC as well as 2018 European champion at the 400m hurdles.

Warholm has gone 46.92 in the 400m hurdles, the European record.

Both Mondo and Karsten are comfortable with the media, and their talent and style make them quite popular with athletic fans.

Warholm regrets


Warholm.jpgKarsten Warholm, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

Karsten Warholm has won two WC titles at the 400m hurdles, in London 2017, and Doha 2019. He also won the 400m hurdles in Berlin 2018, at the European Athletics Outdoor championships. On August 29, 2019, in Zurich, Karsten Warholm set a European record of 46.92. His win in Doha in October 2019 was exciting and just showed the amazing talent this young Norwegian has, and how well his move to coach Leif Olaf Alnes , has been excellent.

In my long runs, in my long walks, there is a time when I am just enjoying the sites, and staying in the present, feeling my breathing, listening to the birds and, it is then, that I realize that I am lucky to be experiencing all of those wonderful views, sounds, and smells. Enjoy the run today, stay in the moment. Stay safe.

775199425AB00070_24th_Europ.JPGLaura Muir takes the 1,500m, Berlin 2018, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

Sunday, 23 May 2020: Long runs, 70-75 minutes

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronavirus, photo by Journalist resource

This is how the COVID-19 virus affected the sport on 23 May 2020, thanks to EME News....

The WDL Call room happens on Sunday, 24 May. It will feature Mondo Duplantis and Karston Warholm, two of our most spirited athletes, and it should be fun. The WDL Call room is hosted by Tom Byrne, and his wide range of athletic geek dom, plus his sense of humor should keep it exciting. Tom has been a keen observer of athletics for most of his life.

Don't miss it! Info is below as well as links!

stockholm.jpgThe Karston and Mondo Show, emceed by Tom Byrne

Justin Lagat, our Kenyan senior writer, had a rather frustrating experience with an athlete. The athlete agreed to an interview, and then went silent. No return calls, no texts, no communication. My guess is, this happens to all athletics media writers, and of course, in other fields of journalism. Justin opines on why this may not be the best recourse for some athletes or managers.

NNEthiopia20-025.jpgPhoto by NN running team

1206432631.jpgMondo Duplantis, photo by Getty Images / Brlitish Athletics

Mondo Duplantis is going to be in Sweden for some time in the future...


This is a new program from RunBlogRun.

Each week, hopefully, Stuart Weir and I will speak via the wonders of modern technology, speaking 30-40 minutes on 4 weekly topics on global athletics. Stuart Weir is our de facto European correspondent. He wrote 150 pieces in 2019 for RunBlogRun. His first hand experience on the Diamond League circuit, the British athletics circuit, World championships and Olympic Games give him a unique view into the sport.

Stuart Weir and I have different views on the same situation, and that will keep it fun. I will handle the politics, and Stuart will discuss everything else. He just does not like sports politics.

Neil-Black-Dubai-training-camp-by-Getty-for-BA.jpgNeil Black, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

In this first episode, we speak about the following:

00.00-8:46, Neil Black, former UK Performance has died, some thoughts-Larry, Stuart
8:46-14:09-Larry only-challenges with new schedule, travel,
14:09-19:45-How British media has changed in athletics coverage, Larry, Stuart
19:46-23:07-The 2020 Schedule, European Champs as example, Larry, Stuart
23:08-26:07-London GP-how the meet was structured , Larry, Stuart
26:31-29:14, Seb Coe, speaking with media, Larry, Stuart
29:15-34:00, If I were head of WA for a day, Larry, Stuart
34:01-36:17, Will Olympics happen in 2021? Larry, Stuart
36:17-40:00, Epilogue, Larry,
We will also post as single topics as well. We hope you like this. If you have any suggestions, please email us at [email protected].

This is a challenging workout. Consider the pace, and know that this should get you breathing hard. Cooldown well, and stay safe.

775199424HL00079_24th_Europ.JPGMens' 10,000m, Berlin 2018, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

Saturday, 23 May 2020: warm up, Fartlek: 50 minutes, 10 minutes good pace, 15 x 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, 10 minutes good pace, cooldown.

stockholm.jpgThe always charming Karston Warholm, and studious Mondo Duplantis, photos by Wanda Diamond League

The Wanda Diamond League Call room will be shown on 24 May at 18:00 GMT (12 noon IN NY, 11 AM IN CHICAGO, 9 AM IN SFO). Tom Byrne, a fine journalist is hosting the show, and it should be a blast, with Mondo and Karsten. It should be entertaining! The link to the coverage is

john coates ioc tokyo 2020.jpgJohn Coates, photo by

Look, the Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympics is a complete nightmare. The coronavirus has made the chances of Tokyo hosting an Olympics quite dicey. The juggling of 10,000 media and 10,000 athletes and determining how to manage 20,000 people and their coronavirus situations. Without a vaccine, this could be virtually impossible.

The IOC is dealing with a difficult situation with an usual method for them: a refreshingly clear message.

We will have to wait and see how this develops.

This is Friday. An easy day after the hill charges of Thursday, so keep it focused, and keep it easy. Enjoy the time outside and keep up the social distancing, it makes a big difference.

unidentified 1.JPGWomen's 10,000m, Berlin 2018, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

Friday, 22 May 2020: warm up, an easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

dklishina2.jpgDarya Klishina, photo by

Darya Klishina is one of the finest women long jumpers in the world, having taken medals in both indoor and outdoor European Championships. In 2017, Darya took the silver medal in the 2017 London WC.

25 Years Apart, Jeff Benjamin & Bill Rodgers

bill Rodgers 1975.jpgBill Rodgers leading Boston in 1975, his first victory, photo by BAA

mh bRodgers ian stewart.jpg1975 World XC: (L-R), Mariano Haro, Ian Stewart, Bill Rodgers. Stewart won, Rodgers took the bronze, photo unknown

Bill Rodgers was the finest marathoner in the world. He won 4 Bostons and 4 NYC Marathons. He was ranked by the bible of the sport (TFN) as numero 1 in 1975, 1977 and 1979!

Bill Rodgers continues to be one of the most popular athletes in the world of running. We thank him for his candor.

thiagob paper.jpgNewspaper of day, 2016

The Bruce Jenner Classic was the highlight of the year in San Jose. Before it was named for Bruce Jenner, it was the San Jose Invitational. Bruce was huge in San Jose. I first met him in about 1975. I ran by San Jose City College, where he trained, twice a day in the mid 1970s. I would see Bruce throwing a discus in morning, and at end of the day, I would see him with the javelin. One day I went up to him and asked him what he did. He was so kind, and patient and explained that he was a decathlete. I did not know yet about the event, but Bruce, was always kind with us high school kids.

A year later, in 1976, Bruce Jenner won the Olympic decathlon, in Montreal. He had taken 12th in Munich in 1972.

BJ.jpgBruce Jenner Classic t-shirt, photo on

In 1996, my brother and I produced the program for his meet. Actually, Brian and his partner Cherri designed it. I wrote, edited and managed the printing. Bruce did a piece for me on having dyslexia. I was always impressed by his honesty. That has continued into the current day.

In 1995, we saw Sergey Bubka at the Jenner Classic. 4000 fans stayed for two hours after the meet ended to see Bubka go 19-6! It was amazing!

bj classic.jpgThe Jenner Classic program, 1979

Thanks to Chris Turner, the Director of IAAF Heritage, who gave the Bruce Jenner Classic the credit it deserves. We should also give credit to Coach Bert Bonnano, who made the IAAF Mobil GP meeting in San Jose a reality!

To see the piece on the World Athletics site, please go to:

1173570e-c2a8-4be7-8fdd-ec14820cf752.jpgTokyo Stadium, photo by LOC

I feel bad for the Tokyo LOC. The money alone put into an Olympics is astounding. The money to support the postponement of the Olympics is insane-close to another billion U.S. dollars. Thomas Bach is the pope of the Olympics, he's the major domo. As the President of the Olympic movement, his thoughts, his comments, his photos are scrutinized each and every way.

Most of the time, Olympic speak is as arcane as Vatican speak. Typically, when a pontiff speaks, or writes, the words are so devoid of any meaning, that, it is said, both liberals and conservatives think the Pope is speaking to them. Likewise, Olympic speak is so full of rhetoric, that many get confused.

Well, Mr. Bach left nothing to the imagination today. He made it clear. Either Tokyo is in 2021, or it does not happen. Twelve billion U.S. dollars, per media, was spent on this Olympics. Bach knows that the future of the Olympics hangs in the balance. As media changes, how does the Olympic movement justify the huge dollars expected for media rights?

This is probably the first comment that I agree with Mr.. Bach on.

There's always a first.

Today is a hill day. Stay focused each time you charge up the hill, jog easy down, cooldown well.

1500 heat.JPGMen's 1,500m semi finals, photo gy Getty Images / European Athletics

Thursday, May 21, 2020, : warm up, hill workout, 50 minute run, eight two minute hill charges, keep good pace, cooldown

1018992516.jpgEilish McColgan, 2018 Muller Birmingham, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Updated May 21, 2020

I changed the title, as Stuart Weir noted that for Eilish to compete for Scotland, Scottish Independence would have to be granted. So, changed the title!

Originally posted May 20, 2020

Eilish McColgan is a fine Scottish athlete, coached by her mother, 1991 WC gold medalist Liz McColgan. I watched Eilish race over the past few years in Europe and U.S. I enjoyed Eilish race 10,000m in Palo Alto, and enjoyed seeing her charge to the finish over the last thousand meters.

Eilish told media in UK that she wanted to make 4 Olympic teams...two to go...

1290615_G08_W01.jpgGermany's Bo Kanda Lita Baehre in action at the Gavle 2019 European Athletics U23 Championships, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

This is a piece on the European Athletics site on the upcoming PSD Bank Night Flight meeting....

DlgLNNIUUAEU7ZQ.jpgJakub Ingebrigtsen, 2018 Berlin, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

A fun 5k record in Norway, and you can watch it below!

IMG_1751.JPGJustin Lagat training, photo by Justin Lagat

Justin Lagat is running a virtual race. I like his approach.

Watching Wayde Van Niekerk set the WR in 2016 was mind boggling! I recall seeing Wayde Van Niekerk (2015 WC), LaShawn Merrit (WC 2009, 2013) and Kirani James (2011 WC, Olympics 2012), all together at 300 meters.

IMG_0740.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

In the final one hundred meters, the tall South African flew down the track. I was watching the event from the very top row of the Engenhao Stadium, and I could see Van Niekerk eating up the track. Wayde was focused, knees lifting, arms driving. The guy was in agony, but, all of those repeats had reinforced the neuromuscular loop. Wayde Van Niekerk drove through finish, and was both shocked and pleased, setting a new WR of 43.03. Van Niekerk was the first South African to win the 400m title in 96 years!

Kirani James took silver in 43.76 and LaShawn Merritt was the bronze medalist in 43.85. Wayde Van Niekerk had taken the gold from lane 8, having no one to run against. The South African had run blind, and set a WR, something many thought would not happen in our lifetimes.

In 2016, Wayde Van Niekerk became the only man to break 10 seconds for the 100 meters, 20 seconds for 200 meters, and 44 seconds for 400 meters. In 2017, and his 30.81 for 300 meters, breaking the WR of 30.85 set by Micheal Johnson. This gave Wayde another unique record: adding to being the only man to break 10 seconds for the 100 meters, 20 seconds for 200 meters, and 44 seconds for 400 meters now adds only man to breaks 31 seconds for 300 meters as well!

In 2017, Wayde Van Niekerk won the 400m and took silver medal at 200 meters.

The big question now, can he come back?

INEOS159RacedayDV-140.jpgINEOS 159, photo by NN Running Team

JL108400.jpgEliud Kipchoge, INEOS 159, just meters to go, photo by NN Running Team

007.JPGBrianna McNeal, photo by Stuart Weir

This is one of Stuart Weirs' two features this week. I am just a couple of days behind. Enjoy this piece on Brianna McNeal, part 2 of Stuart's feature on this fine Olympic and World champion.

old time movie theat 2 .jpgOld time Drive in Movie Theatre in California, photo at Pinterest

The creativity that we need in the sport is being exemplified in this exciting gathering in Germany. PSD Bank has been an amazing supporter of German athletics (German fans, get a PSD account or CC to show support). We must support the companies that support our sport. Nice job, PSD Bank Night Flight!

Today is Wednesday. This is a modest day. Keep it easy. Keep the social distancing.

hayward field.jpgHayward Field, photo by Eugene register guard

Wednesday: warm up, an easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

Tempo runs are a huge key to success in most seasons, and will help build you for the fall or, next year.

emily sisson wa .jpgEmily Sisson, photo by World Athletics

Tuesday, May 19, 2020: warm up, 15 minutes easy, tempo run, 20 minutes, at pace 30 seconds above your ave mile pace for 5k now. So, if you ran 18 minutes for 5k, you can run 20 minutes at 6:20 mile pace, this is not to exhaust you, but to build you, 20 minute cooldown,

DlgLNNIUUAEU7ZQ.jpgJakub Ingebrigtsen, 2018 Berlin, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

The Impossible Games will be held on 11 June in Oslo, Norway. It will be an example of how creative we will need to be in this time of the pandemic.

emily sisson wa .jpgEmily Sisson takes a win, photo by

Emily Sisson is a wonderful example of how amazing the talent is in the U.S. Emily was a fine high school runner in the state of Missouri. She went to the University of Wisconsin, then, moved to Providence and has worked with Coach Treacy and trained with Molly Huddle for several years.

This is Monday, day one of week 21. It is an easy day.

1018785284.jpgLaura Muir, 2018 Muller Birmingham DL, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Monday, 18 May 2020: warm up, an easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCoronavirus, photo by Journalist resource

This is the update, by EME News on how the pandemic has affected the sport on 17 May 2020.

IMG_9670.jpgJenny Simpson, WC London 2017, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Jenny Simpson is the most decorated American female middle distance runner of her generation. Her racing savvy and experience have netted her WC gold in 2011, WC silver in 2013, Olympic bronze in 2016, WC silver in 2017.

Jenny Simpson is also one of my fave interviews: she is thoughtful, enthusiastic, and loves the sport. Here are some of the highlights of her comments with Track & Field News, the bible of the sport:

1290605_G08_W01.jpgPhoto: Getty Images

Great Britain's Dina Asher-Smith wins the 100m at the 2019 Diamond League final in Brussels' Stade Roi Baudouin, which has a Mondotrack surface.

The EAA partner, Mondo, is back building track surfaces, as the pandemic rules open up.

Great Britain's Dina Asher-Smith wins the 100m at the 2019 Diamond League final in Brussels' Stade Roi Baudouin, which has a Mondotrack surface.

sandimgeenvlleonline.jpgSandi Morris, photo by (and copyright) Greenville Union

Many fans wondered why Sandi Morris was not in the second Ultimate Garden Clash. The 2019 silver medalist in the Doha WC had a knee injury, and is in recovery from that injury. Sandi Morris is one of the most popular athletic stars on the circuit. We wish Sandi a speedy recovery.

sandim.jpgSandi Morris, photo by

1290592_G08_W01.jpgEuropean Athletics 50 Golden Moments, copyright by European Athletics

The European Athletics Association will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the EAA with 50 Golden Moments, which will be distributed over the various social media and digital avenues, as the EAA continues to appeal to millenials and Gen Z.

IMG_1971.jpgThe London Olympic Stadium, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

The sport is coming back, and Seb Coe is speaking with media on how athletics is coming back in the modern time of this pandemic. This time will take cool thinking to bring the sport back...


Sports Illustrated captures the new world record of Filbert Bayi! 17 May 1975

Today is the 45th anniversary of Filbert Bayi breaking the Mile World record of Jim Ryun of 3:51.1 with Bayi's 3:51.0! Bayi broke the 8 year old World Record of Jim Ryun at the 1975 Martin Luther Games, held in Kingston, Jamaica.

Fifty years ago, on May 17, 1975, Filbert Bayi took the mile record and made it his own.

Thanks to Mike Fanelli, we have this piece on how the record was broken. Mike Fanelli has had a life long love of the sport, and has competed in most distances up to the 100 mile race.

Mike Fanelli writes a near daily column on Facebook on athletics history. This is a special feature.

We thank Mike Fanelli for this view into track & field history!

katie 2.jpgThe Ultimate Garden Clash 2, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

UGC2.jpgThe Ultimate Garden Clash 2, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

ultimate-garden-clash-womens-pole-vault.jpgThe Ultimate Garden Clash 2, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

The long run was one of my fave workouts of the week. I had amazing runs up in the Santa Cruz mountains, with my coach, Dan Duranta and my training partners Paul Gyorey ("Geza"), Gerhard Behrens, and John Maloney. The runs on those roads were fun and challenging. We would go out fast, and then, the long, run back, up the hills, back to our coaches' home, which was the start of the run. Over six or seven years, those runs built our strength and helped us handle the rigors of the end of the race.

775102125CL00072_Muller_Gra.JPGWomen's 3000m, 2018 Muller Birmingham DL, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Sunday: Long runs, 70-75 minutes

NNPortugal19-019.jpgAddy Ruiter, photo by NN Running team

M 1500.jpgThe 2019 Muller Birminghamd DL, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

This is a fascinating piece by Mike Rowbottom. Mike is one of my favorite writers. Mike Rowbottom is one of the keenest observers of athletics that I have had the pleasure to read. A finely honed sense of humor, added with a fascinating attention to detail, Mike gives his readers an unique view of the sport.

And as you know, we love!

The truth is this: In a world where very few athletic events are happening, and even pro bass fishing contents in Wisconsin are getting big numbers, World Athletics is putting on its second global athletic event, and it was fantastic!

stefanidi.jpgKaterina Stefanidi, photo by Getty Images / World Athletics

The second Ultimate Garden Clash was fantastic. Olympic, World and European champion, Katerina Stefanidi, Canadian Olympian Alysha Newman and US champion Katie Nageotte, dueled from Athens, Greece, Bolton, Ontario and Marrietta, Georgia.

World Athletics showed some amazing guts and future gazing. They found a winning way to approach global athletic events, safely, in a global pandemic. Both Pole vaulting events were huge successes. The global viewership was exciting, and as I viewed the social media, the enthusiasm from the comments was exciting.

polevaultW GC .jpgThe second Ultimate Garden Clash, Katie Nageotte, Alysha Newman, Katerina Stefanidi, art by World Athletics

World Athletics has something big here. And, contrary to popular opinion, the pandemic is not over, and we will need events like this to bring back sports and to keep sports alive.

The events make sense. This is a fine way to develop new enthusiasts for the sport.

The release below on the event is from World Athletics.

Fear and Loathing in Kuwait City, August 2019, Adam Johnson-Eder and Larry Eder, stuck in aforementioned airport (a 16 hour stop there saved us $5k ). It was challenging. #doha2019, #theshoeaddicts, #runblogrun,

The travel to Doha from San Francisco took 26 hours. We flew from SFO to Frankfurt, an eleven hour flight. We bummed around the Frankfurt airport, and then hung out at the Lufthansa club, which is where we get our wifi, a shower and some food. We typically fly through Frankfurt to get our various European workplaces.

larry and adam .jpgAdam and Larry, Frankfurt Airport, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

The visit to Kuwait City saved us alot of money. Adam is the travel director, and he gets the way to save money with travel. So we spent 16 hours in Kuwait City. The challenge was this: we landed in the old Kuwait airport, and we needed to get to the new Kuwait City airport. The Lufthansa team had told us what to do, but the local staff did not a) speak much English, b) did not appreciate that Lufthansa was a partner, c) did not really care.

It took us four hours to convince the airport staff that we needed a bus to get to the other side of the airport. We stayed at an airport hotel, and got 8 hours sleep, grabbed a vegan breakfast, and then, took the bus, and headed back to the new airport.

The Kuwait air flight was full, and an easy 90 minute flight to Doha.

Travel, prior to Covid 19, was pretty relaxed. The juggling of flights, the management of work and multiple clients is what small media groups juggle in the modern age. The frustration of travel will only get worse in the modern age and the modern age with a pandemic.

World Athletics had developed a fund of $500,000 to help emerging elite athletes (those not in top 6 global) with a one time grant to help cover life and training expenses during this difficult time.

775102125CL00064_Muller_Gra.JPGThe women's 3000m, 2018 Muller Birmingham DL, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

This is an amazingly honest action to do for a global federation. We hope that it is well recieved.

This is Saturday. Enjoy the feeling of going fast in the hills, and make sure your final charge, the 5k paced five minute run, and make sure the cooldown.

1018803036.jpgWomen's 3000m, 2018 Muller Birmingham DL, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Saturday: warm up, 45 minute run with eight hill charges (at 2 minutes), one five minute run, at 5k pace, 5 minutes easy (done after hills), plus cooldown.

Ingebrigtsen brothers.JPGHenrik, Jakub and Filip Ingebrigtsen, 2018 European Athletics, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

As the season gets underway in 2020, albeit, a bit late, the Ingebrigtsen brothers are looking to challenge the national record at 5k, which is currently 13:37. The 5k will be held next week.


The Atlanta Track Club announced this fun program for global running day. The ATC hosted the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials, just before the pandemic, and this program allows runners and walkers to participate all over the world.

Justin Lagat has us thinking on the future of fast times. Will the break in the global seasons, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, give athletes the mental and physical break that they need and the athletes come back stronger and faster?

Justin Lagat had a few thoughts on this....

IMG_1751.JPGJustin Lagat, on the track in Kenya, photo by Justin Lagat

The Ultimate Garden Clash is back. On May 16, three of the finest women pole vaulters in the world, will hold a virtual pole vault competition in Greece, the United States and Canada.

Friday is a modest day. Enjoy the run, and keep the social distancing. Enjoy the weekend.

1206456556.jpgJemma Reekie taking the win, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Friday, May 15, 2020: warm up, an easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

Today is a tempo day. Make sure that you warm up well. Focus on the tempo run. And enjoy the cool down.

1206469063.jpgLaura Muir, exhausted, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Thursday, May 13, 2020: warm up, 15 minutes easy, tempo run, 20 minutes, at pace 30 seconds above your ave mile pace for 5k now. So, if you ran 18 minutes, you can run 20 minutes at 6;20 mile pace, this is not to exhaust you, but to build you. 20 minute cooldown,

Eliud Kipchoge hopeful...


13-20-397-slide.jpgEliud Kipchoge, training in a simpler time, photo by NN running team

Eliud Kipchoge is one of the finest athlete in the history of global athletics. The Virgin Money London marathon is now planned for the 4th of October, and the questions abound on how it will be held. I love the London marathon, and miss the pagentry that surrounds the event.

Noah Lyles Zoom Update 5


Last March, while I was on a walk, a zoom conference began with several of the top scribes of the sport with Noah Lyles. It was the work of Noah Lyles' managment company, Global Athletics. This is update 5 of 5.

Good athletes make things look easy. Great athletes make things look easier. Fantastic athletes make their activity look amazing. Why is that?

Noah Lyles is a fantastic athlete, and he is at the beginning of his elite career. The care and development of an elite athlete is complicated.

Fans will see the 2019 win in Doha, the big PB o 19.50 last July 5, in the amazing Lausanne DL meeting, and his 9.86 100m. They do not see the days, weeks, months and years of hard work behind the scenes to excel. Not sure that they want to see the hard work.

This final question was asked by myself. No picture as I was on a walk, and did not know if I had enough wifi. I have never had a bad interview with Noah Lyles. He enjoys the process.

M 300m Noah Lyles.jpgNB Indoor Grand Prix, Noah Lyles wins the 300m, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Special thanks to Global Athletics.

Special thanks to Mike Deering on the production of the segments.

Noah Lyles Zoom Update 4


Last March, while I was on a walk, a zoom conference began with several of the top scribes of the sport with Noah Lyles. It was the work of Noah Lyles' managment company, Global Athletics. This is update 4 of 5.

IMG_1095.jpgNoah Lyles, 2018 USATF Outdoor, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Noah Lyles came on the scene as a high school phenom. In January 2015, as a junior in high school he cleared 2.03m in the HJ. The bible of the sport, Track & Field News, named Noah Lyles their 2015 Boys HS athlete of the year. In 2016, Noah showed his sprint prowess, winning the 100m and 200m at the iconic Arcadia Invitational, in 10.17 and 20.48, both meet records. In July 2016, at the Olympic Trials, Noah was among several high school athletes and took 4th in the 200m final in 20.04, breaking a 31 year old record.

Committed to Florida, Noah Lyles decided to go pro, running for adidas. His joined PURE Athletic, and has been coached by Lance Brauman since the fall of 2016.

Injuries challenged his 2017 season, and he had to pull out of the 2017 USATF Champs, missing London 2017. Two late season meets showed his fitness, as he won the 2 final Diamond League meetings. Funny thing was, his coach, Lance Brauman, knew he was fit, and told me, weeks before, that I should watch for Noah in the final 2017 meetings.

His last 2 years has shown just how talented he is, and his 2019 win in Doha just proved what many thought, that Noah Lyles is the next 200m super star.

Special thanks to Global Athletics.

Special thanks to Mike Deering on the production of the segments.

Noah Lyles Zoom Update 3


Last March, while I was on a walk, a zoom conference began with several of the top scribes of the sport with Noah Lyles. It was the work of Noah Lyles' managment company, Global Athletics. This is update 3 of 5.

IMG_2264.jpgNoah Lyles, 2018 USATF Outdoor, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Noah Lyles is one of the most exciting new stars of athletics, and his 2019 gold medal in the 200m was his first major medal. The first 100m of the furlong had me wondering which Noah Lyles had shown up, the brilliant star, or a young man in his first WC final? As Noah came off the turn, the change was evident, he was beginning the long drive home. It was not the distance he created between his competitors, it was the swiftness over the last 50 meters, and the absolute precision.

IMG_1087.jpgNoah Lyles, 2018 USATF Outdoor, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Noah Lyles loves being an elite athlete, and he loves social media. His energy was apparent, and his enthusiasm is always there. Under the watchful eyes of Coach Lance Brauman, Noah is developing his skills and talent with a long term approach to elite athlete development.

This question came from Sieg Lindstrom of Track & Field News.

Special thanks to Global Athletics.

Special thanks to Mike Deering on the production of the segments.

Noah Lyles Zoom Update 2


Last March , while I was on a walk, a zoom conference began with several of the top scribes of the sport with Noah Lyles. It was the work of Noah Lyles' managment company, Global Athletics. This is update 2 of 5.

IMG_1089.jpgNoah Lyles, 2018 USATF Outdoor, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

The format was relaxed. Mark Wetmore did the intro and Matt McCarron managed the technical issues. The media enjoyed the format, and Noah Lyles, who is one of the most charismatic and enjoyable interviews, was at his best.

IMG_2245.jpgNoah Lyles, 2018 USATF Outdoor, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Noah Lyles took the 200m title at the Doha WC last October. His change of speed over the last 50m is unmatched by his competition. The race was a bit closer than many expected, but, Lyles kept his cool, and pulled away from the competition. What can this guy do? Well, we have a bit of time to wait, but am looking forward to 2021.

This question was provided by Pat Graham of AP.

Special thanks to Mike Deering on the production of the segments.

spotakova.jpgBarbora Spotakova, photo by

maslak.jpgPavel Maslak, photo by

The Czech republic is opening competitions, under strict limitations due to COVID-19. Some of the top stars of the sport in the Czech republic will be competing. This is a good, cautious start.

RePosted May 13, 2020


Dathan Ritzenhein, photo by Gen U Can

This piece was originally published August 29, 2009. We are republishing to honor the announcement by Dathan Ritzenhein on his retirement from elite competition this past week. Dathan is a class act, and having first met him when he was about sixteen and at the FootLocker MW regional, it has been fun to catch up with him over the years. I will miss him.

Dathan's AR, from start to finish, from Walt Murphy. Walt is the man behind the scenes in most major track meets seen in the US, providing the on air broadcasters with the most up to date info on athletes, performances, and the sport. Walt's News Service is a must have, and we encourage you to get on his list!


Dathan Ritzenhein, August 17, 2009, Men's 10,000 meters, sixth place, photo courtesy of

clowegodbulldogs.jpgChaunte Lowe, photo by

The amazing athlete, Chaunte Lowe, one of our finest high jumpers, has decided to seek her 5th Olympic team. The postponement of Tokyo 2020 to 2021 is giving this athlete the time to prepare for this amazing challenge.

Rhonex Kipruto .jpgRhonex Kipruto, photo by Meet Organizers

The World Athletics federation, the global federation of athletics, announced the ratification of two (2) Mens' WRs and one (1) U20 World records.

This is Wednesday. This is week 20 of the 2020 Training program, and today is a modest day. Take this breathing cleansing issue. Breathe in deeply through your nose, hold it in, then, breathe out, and do that five times.

M1500a.jpgBirmingham DL 2019, Men's 1,500m, photo by British Athletics

Wednesday, 13 May 2020: warm up, an easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown



IMG_0067.jpgRai Benjamin goes 47.16 ! 2019 Nike Pre Classic, photo by Brian Eder / RunBlogRun

This is the update on One Day Meeting news today! Amazing that we will have a season in 2020!

Ashete.jpgAshete Bekere, photo by NN Running Team

This is the weekly column on the NN Running Team. Today's focus is Ashete Bekere.

iaaf .jpgJaveln thrower, photo by World Athletics

The 2020 global schedule is on, and with the current pandemic, the juggling is key, and we will have to see how the sport navigates this new era with all of its challenges.

Holly Bradshaw, like most of us, is having a tough time with most gyms and facilities closed. How does one work out in this time of contagion?

Today is day 2 of week 20. It is a good fast run, where you push hard on second half. Feel the wind, feel the effort, and continue the social distancing. It is keeping you and those you love healthy.

Ingebrigtsens.jpgThe Ingebrigtsens, photo by European Athletics

Tuesday, 12 May 2020: warm up, 40 minute run, go out easy for 22.5minutes, come back in 18-19 minutes, cooldown, (Holmer Fartlek)

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCovid-19 Coronavirus, photo by Journalist resource

This is the update on how the novel coronavirus has affected the global athletics...

Brianna McNeal , part 1/2...



Brianna Rollins, 2013, photo by Stuart Weir

This is Stuart Weir's interview of Briana McNeal, one of the finest 100m hurdlers of all times, gives us a view into her psyche in major championship years...

159Trip4-134 (1).jpgFinding something to read, photo by NN Running Team

This is the weekly column from NN Running Team on their top athletes. The topic this week is on how some elite athletes enjoy the time

between running and other things in the day.

This is one of Stuart Weir's two columns this week. It is a fun one. SAFP is one of the most sucessful and colorful athletes in our sport. She is also one of the most resiliant athletes in our sport.

She is also a lot of fun to interview as Stuart Weir attests.

20120804athletics10256.JPGShelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, London 2012, photo by Martin Bateman

20120804athletics14612.JPGVeronica Campbell-Brown, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce, Carmelita Jeter, photo by Martin Bateman

stahl.jpgDaniel Stahl, photo by

Thomas-Röhler-Doha-2017-661x1024.jpgThomas Rohler, photo by

The current contagion has stopped athletics events. It looks like some enthusiastic meet managers hope to host their events while the virus is slowing down, we hope, in August and September 2020.

image0.jpegJeff Benjamin and Roger Robinson, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Roger Robinson is a life long competitive runner who has used his athletic experience, and his command of the English language, and literature, to provide his readers with amazing insights into his writing focus. I loved his book, Heroes and Sparrows. An international class athlete, Roger took masters titles in his 40s and 50s. Now, a runner at 80, Roger has a life full of experience in our amazing sport.

Thanks to Roger Robinson, who is isolating in New Zealand (with his wife, Katherine Switzer, who was recently interviewed in this column) and who gave Jeff Benjamin some fine suggestions on how to train in this modern plague.

Justin Lagat makes a good series of points in this piece focused on a stronger way to deter and stop doping in Kenya. It makes sense.

moses tanui .jpgMoses Tanui, photo by

GX6GoQ-M.jpgLijao Gong, 2017 London WC, photo by Michael Deering/ The Shoe Addicts

One of the huge themes in the last 2 decades in athletics has been the amazing evolution of Chinese athletics in the technical events. This writer remembers an early US vs China meet in May 1975, funded by the State Department, where, even then, it was obvious that the potential of Chinese athletics was huge! Gong Lijiao is an excellent example. Her global competitiveness has made her a star in her home country. This came from EME News.

It is the second Monday in May. This is the third month of the modern plague. Exercise is for the body and soul! In this time of staying safe by isolation and wearing masks, stress from isolation, too much family time, can be mitigated by getting in some time on the road, just be careful.

IMG_0126.jpgSifan Hassan, photo by Brian Eder / RunBlogRun

Monday, 11 May 2020: warm up, an easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

Long runs are one of the important ingredients in a complete training program.

IMG_0127.jpgKonstanze Klosterhalfen, 2019, Nike Pre at Stanford, photo by Brian Eder/ RunBlogRun

Sunday, 10 May 2020: Long runs, 70-75 minutes

The hills days are a departure. Enjoy the time in the hills. Just enjoy nature and stay safe.

IMG_0160.jpgFaith Kipyegon, 2019 Pre Classic, Stanford, photo by Brian Eder / RunBlogRun

Friday, 9 May 2020: warm up, an easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

MKeitany.jpgMary Keitany, photo by

Mary Keitany is one of the finest women marathoners of all times. Her amazing performances and gutty races have captivated fans and the sport for years. Coming back from injuries, Mary Keitany is building to another big race...

20140729athletics289.JPGEilidh Child, photo by Scottish Athletics

AH_17252_20191002104710906_20191002105424.JPGDina Asher=Smith, photo by Scottish Athletics

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the crisis in governance in UK Athletics...

hbao_andredegrasse_competition.jpgAndre De Grasse, photo by Getty Images / London 2017

Andre De Grasse is looking to Tokyo to improve his medal position. Lots of work to do, and lots of focus needed.


The EAA met today and discussed some of the challenges of 2020 and 2021...

The modest day of recovery is key to your fitness.

1206468883.jpgLaura Muir taking selfies with fans, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Friday, 8 May 2020: warm up, an easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

A good tempo run gets you a good tired. It builds your confidence and callous you for upcoming racing.

Stay safe.

image003.jpgJoshua Cheptegai sets 5k world record! photo by NN running team

Thursday: warm up, 15 minutes easy, tempo run, 20 minutes, at pace 30 seconds above your ave mile pace for 5k now. So, if you ran 18 minutes, you can run 20 minutes at 6;20 mile pace, this is not to exhaust you, but to build you. 20 minute cooldown,

In 2019, as I toured the World Indoor Tour, one of my favorite stops was Torun, Poland. Torun is the home of Nicolas Copernicus, the famous astronomer. I stayed in the Hotel Nicolaus, and it was fantastic!

The European Indoor is one of my favorite events. Poland is a athletic mad country, and Torun has the Sopot 2014 indoor track built into their facility. The event should be a blast, and Poland will host a fine event.

Be there! Poland has fine food, and it is quite reasonable.

1290575_G08_W01.jpgThe Polish team celebrates their victory in the women's 4x400m relay at the Glasgow 2019 European Athletics Indoor Championships, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

eknn2.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by London Marathon Media

Two incidents involving Eliud Kipchoge put a wide smile on my face when I think about the finest marathoner in history. I was in the media seating in Paris 2003 in St. Denis. This young Kenyan, all of 18, Eliud Kipchoge, was battling Hicham El Guerrouj and Kenenisa Bekele. Even the announcers, with 200m to go, discounted Kipchoge's chances.

In 2016, in London, I watched Eliud Kipchoge take Wilson Kipsang on, and win in 2:03:05. This was his second win in London, and post event, Eliud gave one of the finest press conferences in my recent memory. Eliud Kipchoge spoke about how athletes should develop long term, begin with cross country, then, track, then, move to the roads.

Svein Arne Hansen is the EAA President. He is 74 today, and is recovering from a stroke in an Oslo Hospital. Svein has been a creative and energetic EAA President, and I have enjoyed the time that I have been fortunate to spend with him. The MATCH, Europe VS USA last September 2020 was amazing, and the visit to Minsk, Belarus showcased fine athletes from Europe and USA.

We wish Svein Arne Hansen a happy 74th and look forward to seeing him at an EAA meeting next summer.

1289268_G08_W01.jpgSvein Arne Hansen and the European Athletics team (Sept 9-10, 2019), photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

Andrew Wheating was a 2008 and 2012 Olympian. His PBs included an 800m of 1:44.62, a 1,500m at 3:30.90 and a mile at 3:51.74. The Duck won 800m in 2009 and 2010. In 2010, Andrew also won the 1,500m, becoming first man in NCAA Div 1 to win the 800m/1500m double since 1984 and fellow Duck Joaquim Cruz (who won the 1984 Olympic gold at 800m).

I have always enjoyed Andrew. His impish sense of humor and his whimsical approach to social media also made me laugh. I loved his racing style and his love of competition.

We thank Andrew on his response to Jeff Benjamin on how to train in this challenging time.

image0.jpegAndrew Wheating, Jeff Benjamin, Robby Andrew, photo by Jeff Benjamin


Germany's Alina Reh won the 10,000m title at the Gavle 2019 European Athletics U23 Championships, photo by Getty Images

The German athlete is one of her countries' finest top young stars. In winter 2019, I was able to watch Alina compete indoors over 3000m and battle top competitors. A 15:18 time trial, in this current time, is a fine indication of fitness.

The easy days are key to your fitness and health. Stay social isolated, keep it safe and let your mind wander. Enjoy the time out of the house.

DSCF6220.jpgEvan Jager, AR steeplechase, photo by Cortney White

Wednesday, 6 May 2020: warm up, an easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

animated-graphic-2019-nCoV.jpgCOVID-19 coronavirus, photo by Journalist resource

This is how the coronvirus affected the global sport on 5 May 2020.

spanovic.jpgIvana Spanovic, photo by European Athletics

In 2017, I was lucky enough to witness the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. The Kombank Arena was a wonderful stadia from which to watch the championships. Witnessing the amazing series of long jumps performed that day by Ivana Spanovic, I was amazed by her focus and the enthusiasm of her home crowd. That night, she leaped 7.16m twice and finally, a Nr of 7.24m.

NNLondonRace-065.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by NN Running team

The London Marathon announced their first enviromental report.

90397366_10218868315476276_2673185446007144448_o.jpgHayward Field, photos from Tracktown USA

The building on Hayward Field continues, as they focus on WC 2022.

The U.S. Olympic Marathon Team Trials was held on 29 February 2020. It was a magnifiscent event. The Atlanta Track club should be quite proud of the event. It was the largest marathon trials in history. 260 men and 460 women competed on the three lap (8.2 miles each), course, plus one loop of 2.2 miles.

20200229 MEN WOMEN KL.JPGMolly Seidel, Aliphine Tuliamuk, Sally Kipyego, Jake Riley, Galen Rupp, Abdi Abdirahman, photo by Kirby Lee

Both teams made it fair and square. Each had a story to tell. Molly Seidel made the team in her marathon debut. Sally Kipyego made the team as a new US citizen. Aliphine Tuliamuk, after a slew of injuries, made the top spot for women. On the men's side, Jake Riley made his first team, after surviving years of injuries and bad luck. Galen Rupp won a brilliant second Olympic Trials marathon, making his 4th team. Abdi Abdirahman took third, making his 5th Olympic team!

These six should be the team for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

That is the theme of this podcast.

Special thanks to Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts for the production of podcast.

IMG_0740.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, London 2017, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

2018_0412_osucascades_forcelab-7_29085883958_o.jpgChristine Pollard, at FORCE Lab, photo by FORCE Lab

2018_0418_osucascades_forcelab-20_29085884348_o.jpgExamining a runner and his shoes, photo by FORCE Lab

This was an interesting release on a virtual event for runners, hosted at OSU.

AH_11466_2019100493429965_20191004111251.JPGDalilah Muhammed, Doha 2019, photo by Getty Images / World Athletics

_D9I5093_2019100493924512_20191004095803.JPGThe Thrill of Victory: Dalilah Muhuammed, photo by Getty Images / World Athletics

Stuart Weir sent us this piece on Dalilah Muhammed, the Doha 2019 WC gold medalist, who set two WR in one season at the 400m hurdles, once at the 2019 USATF Championships (52.20) and, for the second time, in 52.16. Stuart's long term viewing of athletics provides a unique view for the reader into the athlete and the sport.

This is a good workout on a frustrating day. Go out at good pace, then pick it up all of the way back. At the end, you should be a bit tired, so change the tshirt or wet sweater (always get wet clothes off asap), and do the cool down.

DSCF6469.jpgEvan Jager, Olympic silver, WC bronze, AR holder, (8:00.45), photo by Cortney White

Tuesday, May 5, 2020: warm up, 50 minute run, go out easy for 25.5minutes, come back in 23.5 minutes, cooldown, (Holmer Fartlek)

Once a week, the NN Running team sends us a piece on one of their athletes or coaching groups. I found this one, from late March 2020 on Irelands' Paul Pollock, who, after 3 DNFs and an equal amount of injuries, ran a huge PB and an Olympic qualifier.

We thought that this one was quite inspiring, and we all need a bit of inspiration.

NNValencia19Raceday-169.jpgPaul Pollock, photo by NN Running Team

Erik Sowinski is one of the most enduring elite athletes in one of the toughest middle distance events, the men's 800 meters. From 2013 to 2019, Erik made 13 US indoor and outdoor championships, winning 3 US indoor championships, as well as taking the bronze in 2016 World indoor, after making the 2015 World Indoor.

Erik-Sowinski-768x1024.jpgErik Sowinski, photo by Brooks Beasts

Erik is a prolific racer, I would see him on the European circuit, both indoors and out. Up until recently his coach was University of Iowa's Joe Woody, Director of Track & Field. Joe Woody was the 2003 Paris WC silver medalist at 400m hurdles (and 1999 Seville WC 4x400m gold medalist). As a member of the Brooks Beast TC, Erik Sowinski is now coached by Danny Mackey.

It's awesome to see Erik Sowinski still motivated and training. Erik Sowinski is another fine example of the quality of athletes we have in this fine sport.

1582451717-thumb-500xauto-52712.jpgThe 3 Amigos, Duplantis, Lavillenie, Kendricks, photo by Dagens Nyter

The 3 Amigos competed on Sunday, 3 May and it was, fun! This is how Stuart Weir reflected on this fine event....

CortneyWhite_PTFPT2-44.jpgPortland Track Festival, photo by Cortney White


A little bit of athletic happiness came to fruition on 3 May. From backyards in France, Mississipi and Louisianna, 3 of the finest pole vaulters in the world competed. The setting was this: using social distancing, the 3 top vaulters competed to see who could clear the height of 5 meters the most in 30 minutes.

The actual session was two halfs of 15 minutes, witha five minute break. At the half, Mondo Duplantis lead, 18 clearances to 17 clearances from Air Lavilenie, and Sam Kendricks at 12. The second half was crazy, as Mondo kept pushing it, and Renaud Lavillenie took his last jump seconds before it ended, tying the young Swede, 36 to 36. Sam Kendricks was at 26 clearances at the end.

The original judement was to do a 3 minute tie breaker, but Renaud would have none of it. Mondo wanted a jump off, but it was decided that they would keep it at a tie.

A fun competition. Fine comentating, and good streaming as well! Let the season begin!

Monday is an easy day. I hoped that you enjoyed your long run. Keep it mellow today. Social distance, please.

benflanagan.jpgBen Flanagan took the NCAA 10,000m title (June 2018), photo from 2018

Monday, 4 May 2020: warm up, an easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

Reposted May 3, 2020

We just saw the Ultimate Garden Clash, where Mondo Duplantis in Louisianna, Sam Kendricks in Texas and Renaud in France attempted as many clearances of 5 meters in 30 minutes (five minute break at 15 minutes), Mondo and Renaud tied at 36 clearances, and Sam was at 26. Check out this piece from the Archives....

1582451717-thumb-500xauto-52712.jpgMondo, Renaud and Sam, DagenNyter. se

Reposted July 3, 2018

On the 4th of July 2018, there will be a street vault in Lausanne, Switzerland. These three vaulters will be there, with a fine field to celebrate the vault. Here's a piece on these fine athletes and how the men's pole vault has reinvented itself.

Reposted May 24, 2018

I liked this story so much in 2017, I am reposting for the Pre Classic in May 2018. The mens' pole vault is one of the most popular event in our sport. The athletes are accessible, the event is sport and entertainment and the fans love it! Both the men's and women's PV are doing well in 2018. This piece gives you an idea on why the men's PV will continue to excite fans, both old and new! I wrote this piece while I was in Lausanne in July 2018.

Updated July 20, 2017

Originally posted July 8, 2017.

Watch these three! Add in Pawel Wajciechowski, and Piotr Lisek, and you have the men's pole vault traveling show. The pole vault has been very exciting this year, as Sam Kendricks soars over six meters, Mondo Duplantis clears 5.90 meters and the only man who has clears 6.16 meters, Renaud Lavillenie, builds himself back up, from injuries last fall. These guys are providing an entertaining show!

Kendricks-Duplantis-LaVillenie-Lausanne17.jpgSam Kendricks, Mondo Duplantis and Renaud Lavillenie held a great Lausanne presser, photo by

If terrestrial TV was smart, and really pandering for ratings, they would adopt the men's pole vault. Right now, we have some tremendous athletes, from all over the world. I focus on the three above as an example of how athletes in an event take control of their own futures. Renaud Lavillenie is the world record holder, London gold medalist and European champion. Mondo Duplantis is the new, young, talented vaulter on the scene, who is coming into the elite world with some control, and Sam Kendricks, the American champion, is current Olympic silver medalist, newly minted six meter jumper and currently, very hot on the Diamond League circuit.

Here's is why they are getting it on promoting their event.

Toni Minichiello is one of the finest athletic coaches in the world. I met him at a multi event competition about a decade ago, as I went between him and Harry Marra, asking questions. Toni gets it. He is no bull shit and he answers a question to the best of his ability. It may not be the answer one would expect, but Toni is honest. I was fascinated with his coaching relationship with Jessica Ennis. He is also a lot of fun to listen to on BBC sports when he speaks on our sport.

A keen observer of the sport, Toni Michichiello enjoys his vocation and his athletes benefit.

I encourage you to check out his website:

Services2.jpgToni Michichiello, photo :

image0-5.jpegBen Flanagan and Jeff Benjamin

Ben Flanagan came on the scene as a MIchigan athlete, when, under the watchful eyes of Coach Kevin Sullivan, and took the 10,000m title at the NCAA in his senior year (2018). Ben is from Canada, and runs for Reebok Boston, coached by coaching icon Chris Fox. Ben is developing into a fine athlete, and he has won the Falmouth Road Race in 2018, and in 2020, set PBs at 3000m (7:47.37) and 5000m (13:31.07) indoors.

Like all athletes, Ben is juggling his training and safety in the current plague. We thank Ben for speaking with Jeff on training in the current era.

image002.jpgThe Atlanta Track Club has moved the 51rst running of the AJC Peachtree Road Race from 4 July 2020 to 26 November 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The largest 10,000m in the world, always held on the Independence day of the US in the past, had to be moved in the current pandemic. We appreciate that the ATC has moved the event, after determining, using scientific facts, what is good for the runners, city of Atlanta and the sport.

We will see a return to the sport. It will take time, and we will have to patient and observant. Stay safe, isolate.

Peter John L Thompson is an example of the wonderful people in the sport of athletics. Peter has experienced the sport as an athlete, coach and advisor. A true athletics geek, Peter provided the following from the renowned AIS, on how to get athletes and coaches back into the daily regimen, in the COVID-19 environment.

Read this, consider it, and discuss with coach friends on how they will return to sport. Please use CDC and WHO guidelines before entering into a return to daily regimens.

ehZyuxRI.jpg1928 spike, built by Adi Dassler, founder of adidas, photo by adidas Communications

The Sunday long run gave me strength and time to consider the week prior and the week before. For much of the late 1970s and most of the 1980s, Sunday runs were two hours of time with no radio, TV, just some chatting with my training partners. The long runs just give you the time to put your weekly life in perspective.

Enjoy the run.

DSCF7091.jpgEvan Jager, photo by Cortney White

Sunday, 3 May 2020: Long runs, 70-75 minutes

Hills are the secret sauce. Many athletes build their fitness running in the hills. That was my plan in college, 4-5 days a week, long hilly runs built my fitness and confidence. Today, with social distancing, we are trying to give you some options. Enjoy the hills.

SScottSI.jpgSteve Scott, 1980 Olympic Trials

Saturday, 2 May 2020: warm up, 45 minute run with eight hill charges (at 2 minutes), cooldown

Thank God! Competition.

In Wisconsin, where I am located, I understand that they have a virtual Walleye cleaning contest (social distancing required for the humans, not the walleye), which will have many viewers.

I have not been to a competition since Feb. 29. So, I am having the shakes.

This pole vault competiton is a fun idea. Lets see who can do more 5 meter jumps in a 30 minute time frame. Mondo hates to lose, and I am not sure Sam or Renaud would enjoy a loss either.

1582451717-thumb-500xauto-52712.jpgMondo Duplantis, Renaud Lavillenie, Sam Kendricks, photo by SVT Nyheter

This is Friday, May 1, 2020. This is a modest day of running.

IMG_2298.jpgMo Farah leads the 2017 London WC 5000m, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Friday, 1 May 2020: warm up, an easy 45 minutes, 6 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

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