The final day was fantastic for distance geeks in Albuquerque.

Brazier_Donavan-USin18.JPGDonavan Brazier, running for the prize, photo by

Donovan Brazier and Drew Windle ran different race, where Brazier was up front, stalking and did not lead until the last 200 meters where he blew the field away with a PB of 1:45.10. Drew Windle pulled a Dave Wottle (1972 Olympic gold medalist at 800m), as he went from last to second, all in 100 meters, running 1:46.29.

Wilson_Ajee1-USin18.JPGAjee' Wilson, photo by

On the women's side, Ajee' Wilson went out over the first 200m in 28.9, and then, a 31 and 32 second 200 meters, then, BOOM, 28.1 and she won! Raeyvn Rogers ran a race where she blasted into contention and tried to catch Ajee' but Ajee' just played with the field.

In the 1500 meters, Shelby Houliahan should not have won that race. But dear Shelby is like the little engine that could, she blasted that last lap and her speed and explosiveness stole the race! Amazing respect for this woman. Paul Chelimo told me after the race, "It was all about the double, I wanted the double, man." I enjoy Paul. He gave me a fist pump as he headed to the track prior to the 1,500 meters. A good guy, he has ungodly speed and has pacing savvy that makes him just plain dangerous in any race.

This piece, by David Monti, captures the excitement of the distance races, where the 1,500m and 3000mm at altitude had the participants sucking air in the challenging environment.

This release just came to my email as I was editing the USATF Indoors story. It was something that we suspected would happen, and this press release is to show that USATF does not accuse Vin Lananna of any wrong doing. The Federal investigation of Eugene, Doha and FIFA is real, and USATF had to react, in their estimation.

Lananna_Vin-USOlyT08.jpgVin Lananna, photo by

What will happen in this investigation? Your idea is as good as mine. I suspect that a grilling by the Feds is up with there with root canals with no pain killers. I also suspect that such investigations are energy zapping, and with all of his table, Vin Lananna will keep a big smile and do the very best he can.

Mike Conley will be acting President and CEO of USATF during Vin's administrative leave. Mike is 1992 Olympic gold TJ (great combo TJ/LJ PBs) and will oversee the governance issues of USATF during Vin's leave.

Stay tuned on this one. I am not ready to really comment except to say, that there are always two sides to the story, and as a journalist, I have to do my research on this one.

Merritt-Allen-Eaton-USin18.JPGAries Merritt, Devon Allen, Jarret Eaton, in amazing hurdle battle! photo by

What an amazing three days of track & field! The Albuquerque Convention Center had a nice crowd (best that I have seen in Albuquerque) and some just mind boggling performances. The 60 meter hurdles were amazing, both men and women's! Sharika Nelvis was just .02 off Susana Kallur's 6.68, with her fine 7.70. Keni Harrison ran a PB of 7.72 and so did Christina Manning, at 7.73! On the men's side, Jarret Eaton rn 7.43, with WR holder/Olympic champ Aries Merritt in 7.46 and Devon Allen in 7.49 were tremendous!

Nelvis-Manning-Harrison1b-USin18.JPGSharika Nelvis, Christina Manning, Keni Harrison, greatest 60m hurdle race in history? photo by

The women's pole vault, with Katie Nageotte scoring three Personal Bests in the competition! 4.81m, 4.86m and 4.91m! On the men's side, Scott Houston overcame Sam Kendricks, where Sam cleared all heights up to 5.83m on first attempts.

Nageotte_KatieR1a-USin18.JPGKatie Nageotte pleasantly surprised herself with three PBs and WL! photo by

The doubles by Shelby Houlihan and Paul Chelimo were fun and exciting, but the moment of the day goes to Christian Coleman with his 6.34!

Coleman_ChristianWR634b-USin18.JPGChristian Coleman, sharing the love, 6.34 for 60 meters! Wow! photo by

HoulihanLedsMackey1-USin18.JPGShelby Houlihan and Katie Mackey making 3000m team, photo by

Shelby Houlihan and Paul Chelimo won the 3000 meters on Saturday afternoon in races that were both exciting and quite different in their executions. Well there is one BIG similarity, Shelby and Paul have HUGE last laps. Shelby blasted a 28.6, not moving until the last 200 meters, although she was primed to motor at 400 meters (having listened to her coach, Jerry Schumacher).Shelby is fun to watch, because she has deadly speed. I mean, if you are within breathing distance, and she smells your fear, party is over. That move over the last lap in the 3000 meters was a Moment of Larry, and you know I do not give those out often.

In the men's race, Paul Chelimo was always up front, and moved with three laps to go, then, ran a 26.04 for the final 200 meters.

Chelimo_PaulFV-USind18.jpgPaul Chelimo, saluting the fans, with his nifty win over 3000 meters, photo by

This is David Monti's piece on the Saturday distance races. The 800 meter races were vicious. Donavan Brazier and Drew Windle showed their focus, as did Ajee' Wilson and Raevyn Rogers. Clayton Murphy missed by the tiniest of margins. Our sport is cruel in its honesty. The watch is the deciding factor, and the emotions that come from such draining races are part of the agony and ecstacy of the sport.

Mackey_Katie1-USind18.jpgKatie Mackey, chasing the dream, photo by

My poster athlete for this sport is Katie Mackey. I believe she has tried for 13 teams and she came so agonizingly close to making U.S. teams. She did this time, as she fought, meter by meter with Emma Coburn, an Olympic bronze medalist and World Champion. Now, that is determination.

Week 5, moving to the big season

We are now in week six. If you are racing indoors, great. If you are not, that's fine too. Just follow the workouts and we will get you ready for the outdoor season, just around the corner.

20151212-ROSA0043.jpgJust getting ready for workout, by Justin Britton

Monday: warm up, two miles on track, jog turns, sprint straights, 4x150 meters strideout, two miles easy, cooldown

Tuesday: warm up, Fartlek, six times 3 minutes at 5k pace , 2 minute jog, five minutes moderate pace, then, 8 times one minute hard, one minute easy, nine minutes moderate pace, then cooldown

Wednesday: warm up, Easy 55-60 minutes, cooldown, on soft ground, 4 x 150 meter stride outs

Thursday: warm up, one set of 8 x 400 meters, 200 meter jog, at mile pace, cooldown, and long session of stretching.

Friday: warm up, 4 -5 miles easy, 4 times 150 meters stride outs, cooldown

Saturday: warm up, race 1k, mile or 800 meters, cooldown, if you do not race, then, two miles on track, sprint straights, jog turns, cooldown. Prefered race distance, 1k one week, 1 mile one week, 2 mile another. cooldown. If no race, 45-50 minute run.

Sunday: Relaxed Long run, 70 minutes with friends, at pace you can talk. Long runs are all about the socializing and building endurance.

Our friend, Stuar Weir is burning the proverbial midnight oil to provide us coverage of the British Trials from this weekend. This was for day 2. Lots of fun events, and some funny stuff as well, from our keen English observer of athletics.

I am using a picture of Eilish McColgan. Eilish ran PBs in just about every distance in 2017, and I remember seeing her at the European indoors, then a few weeks later at the 10,000m in Stanford. Now, we will see her at the World Indoors in Birmingham. She made the teams at 3000 meters and then, won the 1,500 meter title.

McColgan_Eilish-WC17.jpgEilish McColgan, photo by

We have seen the present and future of sprinting. His name is Christian Coleman, and he finally has a real possible WR for the 60 meters.

Bear with me a moment. Way back on January 19, Christian Coleman ran a 6.45 semi final in the 60 meters at a small meet at Clemson, South Carolina. The fans were then treated to a 6.37 run over the sixty meter distance. Christian Coleman had run the sixty meters faster that the current WR of 6.39, set by American star Maurice Greene, twice, once in 1998 and equalled in 2001.

Coleman_ChristianQ-USind18.jpgChristian Coleman, first round, February 17, 2018, photo by

But, kind readers, the time of 6.37 would never be ratified. Electronic blocks were not used. And as Electronic blocks measure false starts, and they were not in use, the race missed one record parameter. The proverbial second strike was that a "Zero Gun" was not used. A "Zero Gun" test insures that the electronic blocks were working. Since that could not be done, you have strike two! And then, the little thing about drug testing. No drug testing protocal.

Sad for Christian Coleman, but good for fans in Albuquerque.

Here's how I saw Christian Coleman run his two rounds and a final at the USATF Indoors and blow the fields away.

Windle_DrewQ1a-USin18.JPGDrew Windle, photo by

Drew Windle made the 800 meter team for the U.S. today. He showed wisdom way beyond his years this weekend. I have to say, I am quite impressed.

I have followed, not stalked Mr. Windle off his Instagram account and find many of his antics and observations pretty funny and pretty thoughtful. Must be all of those repeat 300 meters, 400m meters and 500 meters.

But, seriously, this weekend, he and Coach Mackey were on a roll. Windle stayed out of trouble and held off Olympic bronze medalist Claytonn Murphy in the rounds, which put Windle into the final.

Then, the final. Eric Sowinski lead from 200m to 600m, and when he began to falter, Windle moved from fifth to second, in one hundred meters. Pure guts, trememdous acceleration, and then, the battle to hold on when one's body says, "how about a Starbucks" and your heart says, "Shine on, you crazy Diamond (yep, Pink Floyd)".

Well congrats Drew Windle, you have me at the semi-final. Great racing! Now, have fun in Birmingham!

For a brand like Brooks, two athletes on the team is a big deal. Katie Mackey and Drew Windle, one of the originals and one of the newbies, a great sign of things going in the right direction.

Lawson_Jarrion1-USin18.JPGJarrion Lawson, photo by

Taiwo_JeremySP1a-USind18.jpGJeremy Taiwo, photo by

ALBUQUERQUE (USA, Feb 17): Second day of US Indoors saw great long jumping by Jarrion Lawson 828 and title defender Marquis Dendy 822 with Michael Hartfield 818 and Jarvis Gotch 814 not qualifying. Pole vault had World champion Sam Kendricks with 578 qualifying only on count back over Mike Arnold also 578. Winner Scott Houston 583 PB. Erik Kynard cleared 230 (fifth title in a row) over Jeron Robinson 227 and Ricky Robertson 224. Paul Chelimo 7:57.88 and Shadrack Kipchirchir 7:58.42 were 1-2 in the 3000 m as Ryan Hill was third 7:58.69. Jeremy Taiwo scored 5935 in heptathlon ahead of Wolf Mahler 5923 PB and Devon Williams 5842. Conor McCollough with 23.84 World lead won the weight throw. In women finals Shelby Houlihan got 9:00.08 ahead of Katie Mackey 9:01.68 and steeple World champion Emma Coburn not qualifying 9:01.85. Tori Franklin won triple 14.15 and Daniella Hill shot 18.10. From heats to note Christian Coleman 6.46 and Ronnie Baker 6.46 in the 60m, also PB for Bryce Robinson 6.51. Fred Kerley posted impressive 45.18 in the 400 m, Erik Sowinski 1:47.69 in the 800 m (out Clayton Murphy) and Jarret Eaton 7.53 in hurdles heats. In women events Shakima Wimbley fastest 400 m heat time 51.39 and Courtney Okolo 51.75. In the 800 m heats Raevyn Rogers 1:59.99 and in hurdles Christina Manning 7.84, Kendra Harrison 7.87 and Sharika Nelvis 7.91 with 400 m hurdles World champ Kori Carter 8.00 PB.

The World Indoor Champs is March 1-4, the World Half Marathon is March 24, and the Commonwealth Games is in April. A busy schedule for many elite athletes and the chance for some new stars to emerge in Kenya. Here is the story by Justin Lagat on the recent Trials.

Manangoi_ElijahFHR1-WorCH17.jpgElijah Manangoi, photo by

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