In high school, I ran up to 18 miles a day one summer. It was too much, so I settled on 12 miles a day the rest of the summer. I came into cross country fitter than ever. I began long runs on Sundays then, and kept them up for 20 years. Now, I do long walks. Enjoy the solitude.

IMG_5000.jpgEnjoy the solitude, photo by Ben Rosario

Sunday, October 20, 2019: 85-90 minute long run

mar2.jpgBrigid Kosgei, 2:14:04 WR, photo by Bank of America Chicago Marathon

The day of a October 13, 2019 was perfect for 45,000 marathons in the Windy City. For Brigid Kosgei, it was fantastic, as she destroyed the world record in the marathon, held by Paula Radcliffe until that moment, at 2:15.25, for sixteen years. Now, the record is 2:14.04. Here is how we spoke of it on our podcast and to BBC that next day.

_13I8809_2019093054701927_20190930105750.JPGKarston Warholm, 2x WC, 400m hurdles, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

_D9I9150_2019100540130570_2019100554130188_20191005111215.JPGSifan Hassan, 10,000m/1,500m double gold, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

Mihambo.JPGMalaika Mihambo, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

AH_10362_20191004124625257_20191004010958.JPGKaterina Johnson-Thompson, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

Stuart Weir felt we needed to know something on the European nominees for EAA Athlete of year...

In a meeting that is being kept secret from the media, among others, the annual Diamond League meetings will take place on Monday in a global financial capital in Europe. Many things on the docket, and while we wish we could be the proverbial fly on the wall, the future of the sport is at stake....So here are five areas of discontent that could be discussed in this meeting.

Lyles_NoahFH-Brussels19.jpgNoah Lyles, Andre De Grasse, Brussels DL 2019, photo by

Kovacs_JoeFL-World19.jpgJoe Kovacs, photo by

Wilson_Ajee-Worlds19.JPgAjee' Wilson, photo by

The NYRR Millrose Games will be held February 8, 2019. In its 113th year, the Millrose Games is always a crowd pleaser. Tickets go on sale on 21 October 2019.

AH_29774_20191003115412484_20191004123346.JPGSalwa Eid Naser, photo by

The World Military Games is happening in Wuhan, China shortly. The athletics events are 22-27 October 2019. Some big names in the WMG...

There comes that time in the season that everything is...easy. The workouts go well, the easy days get you wound up, and the races...well, you feel like a superhero. It is also the time when you must be observant about warm ups, cooldowns and overdoing it. Wet clothes after a workout can get you a chill and 20 weeks of work are gone...

I recall a tough hilly 10,000m college race. It was our home course. We took it out hard to break the top guy from the other school. By 4 miles, my team mate had broken the field. I began catching the top five, and moved into 3rd place. Just before six miles, I had realed this guy back. We were dueling for second. We have 300m to go, and it was all uphill.

I trained on this monster twice a week for 20 weeks, and I wanted to challenge him, and I felt, well, tough. I looked over, got eye contact, saw his fatigue and just put it down. I charged up the hill, just like I had practiced. I sensed a break, as I could not hear his breathing anymore, so I just kep going. I took second behind my team mate. It felt so good to do well. It felt so good to have the work I had done come to good.

Schweitzer_Karissa-USAxc19.JPGKarissa Schweizer, photo by

Those times are due to a proper buildup, which you have had, if you followed us that last 20 weeks. Cross country will help you build for next seasons' track, both indoor and out, but right now, the next two months, you have a job to do. Stay focused. Be ready for your moment.

Saturday, October 19, 2019: warm up, 5k race, similar to league or conference race, jog ten minutes, then 8 x 150m strideouts, cooldown

Enjoy the easy Friday, before the big race.

Houlihan_ShelbyFH-USAxc19.JPGShelby Houlihan takes 2019 USATF XC, photo by

Friday, October 18, 2019: 30-45 minute minute park run, relaxed

IMG_5330.jpgDo the hard ones with the team, photo by NAZ Elite

The use of hills can do many things for the distance runner. You can develop speed, strength, and endurance with hills. They are the secret sauce for many programs.

Thursday, October 16, 2019: 20 minute warm up, 6 times 100m hill, jog down, 10 minute jog, 30 minute fartlek, 10 times 2 minute, 5k pace, 1 minute easy, 20 minute cooldown

The Mixed Relay is a new event. It is part of the IOC and IAAF trying new events to attract new fans. The event was won by the US and it was fun, and fast. All three (3) teams showed class in the presser. Allyson Felix was the focus of most of the questions because she passed Usain Bolt as the human with the most WC medals. Special thanks to Adam Johnson Eder, on recording the pressers, and thanks to Mike Deering on producing the pressers. Mike and Adam work for The Shoe Addicts, our digital partner.

Felix_AllysonMR1c-Doha19.JPGAllyson Felix, photo by

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