One of the most respected 10,000m globally is the Zatopek. It is also the Aussie championships, and many top athletes have competed there. This year, Stewart McSweyn took the win and NR, running 16 seconds faster than the iconic Ron Clarke (27:39.89) all those years ago.


Stewart McSweyn, photo by

This interview is fun and gives us some insight into Will and Queen Claye. Stuart met with them back in July 2019 at the Monaco meeting. We hope that you enjoy the interview. We think that both should be fascinating players in the run up to Tokyo 2020. Queen was 4th in the 2016 Olympic Trials, after being a 2008 Olympian at 400m hurdles.

Will Claye made history in 2012, winning medals in LJ (bronze) and TJ (silver), a feat not done since 1932. In 2016, Will took (silver) in TJ and 2017 WC, 2019 WC, as well as gold in 2012 and 2018 WC Indoors.

Claye_WillPC-Brussels19.jpgWill Claye, photo by

Claye_QueenQ1a-USAout19.jpgQueen Claye, photo by

tv-1844964__480.jpgAn old TV, photo by Pixabey

The old model of terrestrial TV is not done. Far from it. Per NBC Universal, the Tokyo 2020 TV coverage already has $1 billion in ad sales against the programming. The key is how to get the young fans to watch the coverage.

The Valencia Marathon took place on December 1 and we are still speaking about it. The fast race, the ER and the exciting 10k WR by Joshua Cheptegai all caught our interest. Joshua Cheptegai ended his year in an amazing way with his 26:38. Thanks to Justin Lagat on this one.


An amazing cross country championships in Bethlehem, with near record numbers!

This is the entire 2019 Foot Locker National Championships, all two hours, and 32 minutes of it! The races were amazing and the presentation of high school cross country is amazing. What follows is notes by FL PR on how the races went!

I love this event, and have seen it over the past decades. Many of the top American athletes since the late 1980s have competed in this amazing series.

The cross country season is done, finito. The FootLocker and USATF Club Champs were yesterday and ended the season. After 26 weeks, the party is over. And you are stronger and faster than ever. We will take you through an easy two weeks to end your season, or a light two weeks to enjoy a couple of indoor races.


The team huddle, photo by

I believe it is time to unburden the mortal engine and enjoy a couple of easy weeks.

But first, enjoy a holiday long run!

And thanks again for following us all season!

If you have questions on running, send them to twitter at #AskRunBlogRun !

Today is the big day, the FootLocker National Championships. This event is the oldest high school XC championships, and it gives us a great idea of who the top XC athlete in US is. I love the course, the history and how the event is set up.

Farrell_MatthewFH-FLcc18.JPgThe 2018 FL Championships, photo by

Saturday, December 14, 2019: warm up, 5k race, get out well, and focus on one person at a time, take them strongly, finish well, cool down

NNRunJuly17_283.jpgThe NN cows, July by NN Running team

The NN Running team speaks about more than running each day...

The day before a big race goes slowly. Find things to do, watch Netflix, enjoy the beach, check out the course. Just take some quiet time and enjoy the scenery. The key is to hydrate, rest and relax.

Methner_JoshuaFH-FLcc18.JPgJoshua Methner, photo by

Friday, December 13, 2019: 30-45 minute minute park run, relaxed, jogging the course

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