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This is report 4 on the 2016-17 Indoor season for U.S. and Canada. This amazing report is compiled by our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet. Carles is our results director for RunBlogRun. His unique skills provide RunBlogRun readers with many result found no where else on the blogosphere. A sincere Thanks to Carles! Enjoy the results report 4!

Principe_David4xM-NBiN16.jpgD.J. Principe, photo by

Henderson_Jeffery1-OlyTr16.JPGJeffrey Henderson flies 8.59 meters and wins LJ! photo by

An amazing long jump, which many see, and rightly so, as the finest long jump competition in history. Here is how Mark Cullen saw the fine event on day three!

Praha 2015-102.png
Here is a video from the European Athletics Federation. The 2015 European Indoor Athletics will be my third, and I truly enjoy these events. Some great running, jumping and throwing, and most importantly, the European Federation is really doing some fine social media and video to reach out to younger fans. 

The streaming video of the European Athletics events are very high quality. As in the US, most of Europe has athletics on paid TV, instead of terrestrial TV. For our sport to grow, we need Athletics on free TV, and streaming video is helping get the word out. Also, check out the social media on European Athletics site. They provide great photos, some small videos and fun twitter and FB. 

Here is a sample of their daily videos! 

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