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MANCHESTER (GBR): Organisers of the Great City Games and Great Manchester Run have said they are still waiting to hear from relevant parties before making a decision on whether the events will still go ahead in light of last night's terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena, informs

RunBlogRun opines: With the high level of concern regarding terrorist attacks in UK, the decision to hold or cancel the events still is fluid. With the attack Monday night in Manchester, the authortities have much to consider.

It is Tuesday, May 23, 2017. I am on Golders Green road in London. Golders Green Road a lively, eccentric, colorful, street in a historic Jewish neighborhood in London. In walking around this London neighborhood, I had memories of the where I was raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, off Lemp and Arsenal Streets, a neighborhood of Germans, Hungarians, Poles and Irish working class families of different faiths in the early 1960s. We were two blocks from the massive Anheiser Busch brewery, which I walked through each day, on the way to Saint Agatha's, my school for kindegarten and first grade. The local stores, the local restaurants, the corner food store, and Gus' Pretzels, where my father sold preztels twenty years before, still stood, and was part of my lively childhood in the ealy 1960s. I recall finding bottles and selling them to the grocer, for a small bag of candy. My mother was not amused that I was crossing the big street (always at lights) to go to the corner market.

But, I have digressed.

On Golder's Green Road, I love the sounds of the voices, with different accents, and different languages. I love the different types of Kosher food, from Japanese to Chinese, to Lebanese. I love the kids, in their school outfits, being kids, in a neighborhood where they feel safe, where they see their uncles, aunts, cousins and grand parents on a daily basis. Walking through small markets for fresh vegtables, a bakery, and a butcher shop, all add to the flavor of the neighborhood. That was my life as a kid, and I treasured those experiences. I love the ability, for many, to, sit down at the end of the day, and have a coffee or a beer. So many of those things we miss each and every day in life in the United States.

Last night, around midnight, I was working outside at the Express Cafe, as a young man told his friends that an explosion was heard in Manchester. That is how I heard about the Manchester explosion.

This piece is about living with evil in the modern world.

Security is visible, and appreciated outside expo, #nycmarathon #nyrr #athleticsecurity

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In this column, we begin a discussion on Athletics Event Security Management in this modern era. In order to understand the issues, we need to ask questions and look at security issues in recent sporting events.

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