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Bio: Dave Hunter, who ran his marathon P.R. of 2:31:40 on the highly revered Boston Marathon course back in the Paleozoic era, is a track and field announcer, broadcaster, and journalist.


In between the sessions, one either writes, posts, and curates photos, if one is in the media, or one sits on buses for long hours, again an experience shared by media, fans and VIPS.

David Hunter has spent some time sitting on buses. His piece here on the Doping debate is thorough, thoughtful and an approach we embrace.

Read it, share it, discus it. And then, let's move on it. Our sport is blemished by all of the subtrefuge and suggestions of impropriety when some are there, and some are not. The challenge is to determine which is which?

StadiumWide-Rio16.JPGRio 2016 Olympics, August 12, 2016, photo by

Airline travel sucks. Airline travel especially sucks when an entire global airline has their computer system collapse. How can that be? In this day and age of immediate communication, how can the almighty computer system go down? Well, dear readers, unless one feeds the Gerbils still in charge of taking information from one computer to another, problems can erupt. And erupt, for Delta Airlines, they did, on a global level. The almighty computer systems, patched together with duct tape, a bit of Elmers glue and spit, are, not infallible.

David Hunter and his lovely wife just surivived this experience. They arrived about two days late, but, after a change of clothes, and perhaps an adult beverage or two, they are in better spirits. And why not, the Olympic track & field sessions are about to begin!

delta airlines .jpgLess than recent Delta ad, courtesy of

Erik Kynard is a really nice guy. I met him in the Eugene airport and we had a quick chat as we both tried to fix airline flights. But, on the high jump apron, he is a tough chess player. The high jump, for those who watch it, love it, revel in it, is an athletic game of chess. And Erik Kynard is one of the finest jumpers in the world.

In this fine peice by David Hunter, we get a quick look into what motivate Erik Kynard. Kynard is sponsored by Brand Jordan, I remind you. There are but a few non basketball players who have such a sponsorship deal. But, what is most remarkable about Erik Kynard is his focus, his fighting spirit and his keen observation of his art.

Watch this fine athlete in Rio de Janiero. He is meant for great things.

Kynard_Erik-OlyTr16.JPGErik Kynard, photo by

Fred Samara.jpgFred Samara, courtesy of of

Fred Samara is one of the finest coaches in our sport. David Hunter's feature captured his spirit and love of his university, sport and athletes. I was fortunate to spend time with Fred Samara and Harry Marra as they championed the VISA Decathlon program, one of the finest sponsorships of our sport, from 1991-2000. Fred Samara is the example of the importance of coaches in athletes' development in our sport.

Huddle-Conley-Infeld-HoulihanH-OlyTr16.JPGMolly Huddle, Kim Conley, Emily Infeld, Shelby Houlihan, photo by

The women's distance races in Eugene were fantastic. The level of American middle and long distance runners has never been higher. In his final piece for the Olympic Trials, David Hunter wrote this piece about the 5000 meter women's final.

Lagat_Bernard5kKids-OlyTr16.JPGBernard Lagat and his kids, photo by

Bernard Lagat ran his race, as did most of the field in the 5000 meters, and his splendid last lap finished off the field! In this feature, David Hunter speaks on how Father Time is a bit curious about our running friend, Bernard Lagat, who can run 52 second laps at the age of 41!

Donn Cabral had to run one of the finest races of his life to make the team, his second, in the battle that was the steeplechase final. Several athletes had their dreams shattered in the closing seconds of the final lap, and Donn Cabral was one of the three.

Here is David Hunter's fine tome on the Princeton steeplechaser! Cabral_Donn-USOlyTr16.jpG

Donn Cabral, by

Hurdles-USout11.JPGHurdles at Tracktown, photo by

As David Hunter reminds us, the 100 meter hurdles today will be amazing! Here is his story on the amazing 100 meter hurdles, coming up today in Eugene!

David Hunter began writing about Clayton Murphy in the spring of 2015 for RunBlogRun. And he has been right on every occassion. During the final, Dave kept his recorder on and did the race live, next to me, as Clayton Murphy ran his race. And a wonderful race it was! Here is David Hunter's feature on Clayton Murphy and Boris Berian's fine battle.

Murphy-Berian1a-OlyTr16.JPGClayton Murphy and Boris Berian battle over 800 meters, photo by

After watchng the epic battle between Chaunte Lowe and Vashti Cunningham, David Hunter informed me that he would write about the clash of generations. He did a fine job communicating the effort and the competition between the two athletes, though separated by a generation, providing the fans a great competition.

Cunningham_VashtiR-USOlyTr16.jpGVashti Cunningham, photo by

Lowe_Chaunte1a-USOlyTr16.jpGChaunte Lowe, photo by

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