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Bio: One of the finest and most prolific writers in our sport, Elliott Denman has written about our sport since 1956, when he represented the US in 1956 Olympic Games at the 50k race walk, the longest event on the Olympic schedule. A close observer of the sport, Elliott writes about all of our sport, combining the skills of a well honed writer with the style of ee Cummings. We are quite fortunate to have Elliott Denman as a friend and advisor.

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Finley_Mason-OlyTr16.JPGMason Finley, photo by

Mason Finley gives us a good shot at discus success in Rio, per long time observer Elliott Denman. Her is what Elliott Denman notes about the young thrower, who has lost 85 pounds to be a healthier human and a better discus thrower.

Grace-Williams-WilsonFL-OlyTr16.JPGKate Grace, Churonu Williams, Ajee' Wilson, photo by

Here is Elliott Denman's heartfelt piece on Ajee' Wilson, and athlete he has followed since she started running.

Lyles_Noah1-NBoN15.jpgNoah Lyles, photo by

Noah Lyles is one of the fine young athletes who are competing at the 2016 Olympic Trials. Elliott Denman writes about his school, his family and his dream. This is Elliott Denman's third column for the 2016 Olympic Trials. As Elliott Denman was a 1956 Olympian at 50k, he has been to a few of these battles for the top three.

RunBlogRun opines: The US Olympic Trials are the most brutal and honest of assessments of how an athlete will do on the global stage. Ten magnifiscent days of track & field, and nights to talk track. Donovan Brazier came into the Trials as a pretty definite player in the 800 meters. He did not make it out of round one. Here is how Elliott Denman wrote about Donovan and his introduction to the US Olympic Trials.

Brazier_DonavanQ-USOlyTr16.jpGDonovan Brazier, bad day in Eugene, photo by

john_nunn_20K_racewalk_winner.jpegJohn Nunn, 20k, photo by Dillon Vibes

This story is from Elliott Denman, one of our longest enduring writers. Elliott wrote for us with American Athletics, American Track & Field and now, RunBlogRun. A 1956 Olympic race walker, Elliott has written about nearly every event on the athletic calendar for us, and he will be doing a daily column at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials.

M4x400-Penn04.jpgPenn Relays, 4x400mmeter relay (circa 2004), photo by

Elliott Denman likes to put events, athletes, relays in perspective. From his many years of observing and competing, we get a unique view into the focus of his writing. His piece, "The Structure of Matter", regarding the Penn Relays, is no exception.

erin talcott34378cb6-21f5-4961-b415-479bb75a99b4.jpgErin Taylor-Talcott, photo courtesy of

The 50,000 meter Race Walk is the longest event on the Olympic platform. It has much history and deserves much respect. Race walkers possess the VO2 Max of cross country skiers. Think about walking for nearly four hours at 7 minute per mile pace, and keeping form!

Erin Taylor-Talcott is a trail blazer. 1956 Olympian Race Walker Elliott Denman wrote this piece on Ms. Taylor-Talcott, who will make history in Rome the weekend of May 7-8!

Walsh_TomFL-World16.JPGTomas Walsh, KIWI gold medalist, photo by

You got to love Tomas Walsh. Tomas has come up through the ranks, and, as a Junior, he was not even the best in New Zealand. I have watched Tomas throw as a senior athlete for a couple of years, and like his approach to the throw and his athleticism. I had the luck of watching him win his silver medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. (I was the only American there. I did create a bit of a stir tellling Scottish writers that the US was going to petition to get into the Commonwealth Games! But, that is for another day, another story).

So, we have adopted Tomas Walsh at RunBlogRun. He does not have to change citizenship, or anything like that. We are into that global village thing and we do not want to upset any New Zealanders.

Here is our story on our new friend, written by old friend, Elliott Denman.

Suhr_Jenn-Worlds16.JPgJenn Suhr, photo by

The first day of the World Indoors was greeted by the Oregon sun for the presser, and then, an amazing night of pole vaulting! Here is Elliott Denman's observations on the first day of the World Indoor Champs!

usaindoor track .jpg

View from USATF Indoor, March 12, 2016, photo by Larry Eder

chaplin.jpgJohn Chaplin, from WSU archives

John Chaplin is one of the most interesting and opinionated people in our sport. One of my most excellent days was the National Scholastic Outdoor in 1999, when I followed the famed coach around for the day. He was technical consultant at meet and showed me things I had never considered at a meet.

So, when John Chaplin likes something, that is high praise.

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