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Bio: One of the finest and most prolific writers in our sport, Elliott Denman has written about our sport since 1956, when he represented the US in 1956 Olympic Games at the 50k race walk, the longest event on the Olympic schedule. A close observer of the sport, Elliott writes about all of our sport, combining the skills of a well honed writer with the style of ee Cummings. We are quite fortunate to have Elliott Denman as a friend and advisor.

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Centrowitz_Matt1-Stockholm15.jpgMatt Centrowtiz, photo by

Andrews_Robbie1b-Armory16.jpgRobbie Andrews, photo by

The men's 1,500 meters on Saturday night, March 13, rocked the OCC with the recognition of the inch by inch battle between Matt Centrowitz and Robbie Andrews. It was the first time I have seen Robbie get in front of Centrowitz.

It was athletics version of Raging Bull. Two milers putting it all on the line, down the final stretch, and neither would give up.

In this column, Elliott Denman opines that Centro and Robby are ready to do something really exciting in front of our home crowd this coming weekend.

Can the U.S. get a medal, or, dare we say it, win the men's 1,500 meters?

Stay tuned, sports fans.

CdUPjxrUkAANxTV.jpg-large.jpgColin Dunbar, Weight Throw Champion, photo courtesy of USATF

Colin Dunbar won the weight throw today, and also won the "best hair of championships", with his long locks, reminiscent to some, of the biblical character, Samson.

Whether you buy the Samons comparison, Elliott Denman gives Colin Dunbar his due, as the 35lb wieight throw is an event practiced by few countries in the world (US and Ireland, I guess). With so few countries competing in the event, Colin Dunbar will not be competing at the World Champs next weekend.

P2217435.JPGJohn Nunn and Nick Christie on the course lapping Erin Taylor-Talcott, photo by Calvin Lau

The longest, and most grueling event on the Olympic schedule is the 50 kilometer walk. It is also one of the events that has the longest historic (the writer of Frankenstein was a race walker).

Elliott Denman wrote this piece for us on the US Olympic Trials, one week after the US marathon Trials.

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