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Bio: Jonas Hedman is a Swedish journalist, editor, statistician, graphic producer and publisher specialized in track and field. He has published several books about our sport and one of them is "World's Greatest in Athletics" together with Peter Matthews and Richard Hymans. Jonas is also the editor of the Swedish annual book FRIIDROTT and the website


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Daniel Stahl_Deca.jpgDaniel Ståhl, photo by Deca Text & Bild

Jonas Hedman, founder of, provides RunBlogRun with columns on the performances and athletes of Scandinavia. Here is a column that Jonas did for us last week on the Swedish Championships.

The U.S won 32 medals in athletics alone in Rio Olympics. That was the finest performance by the US in track & field since 1932. I asked Jonas Hedman of to provide us a daily report on how Scandinavia fared in Rio (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark). I wanted RunBlogRun readers to appreciate just how fortunate fans of USA Track & Field were in Rio.

Other countries appreciate one medal, or several sixth places. The U.S. is fortunate to be so large, and with so much talent.

Here is Jonas Hedman's summary for Day 10.

Sara Slott Petersen_Decccca.jpg

Sara Slott Petersen, photo by Deca Text & Bild

Mikael Ekvall_Deca.jpgMikael Ekvall, photo by Deca Text & Bild

Jonas Hedman, editor of, wrote a daily column for us during the Rio Olympics. This is his column on Day ten. Along with Justin Lagat, Jonas Hedman gives RunBlogRun readers a view from an important geographical area in athletics. Check out his blog,, for news on Scandanavian athletics.


Antti Ruuskanen, Finland; Photo: Deca Text & Bild

Karoline-Bjerkeli-Grovdal_Deca.jpgKaroline Grøvdal, Norway; Photo: Deca Text&Bild

Karoline Grøvdal did Norway proud. Running in both the 10,000m and 5,000m, Grøvdal ran well in both. Norway is proud of her, and Karoline is one of the country's biggest athletes. Jonas Hedman has been updating us each day on the performances of Scandanavian athletes. It helps me understand that countries not the size of U.S. define success in much different ways.

Larry's note here...

Sara-Slott-Petersen_Deca-Text&Bild.jpgSara Slott Petersen, Photo: Deca Text&Bild

Sara Petersen's strong race in the 400 meter hurdles final set a National record for the Dane plus gave Petersen the silver medal. Here is Jonas Hedman's daily piece on all things Scandanavia.

Susanna Kallur's Olympic comeback


Susanna-Kallur_Deca_Text&Bild_RBR.jpgSusanna Kallur, Photo: Deca Text&Bild

Susanna's long journey back to world class status ended in the first round the 100 meter hurdles. In her same spikes from 2008, with her name on them, Susanna Kallur has some decisions to make. Here is how Jonas Hedman saw one of the most enduring athletes in Sweden, a country with a huge athletic tradition. Why has RunBlogRun been posting stories on athletes from all over the world, but now, Scandinavia? We want our readers to appreciate that not each country has the same traditions and athletic strengths. I find that fascinating, and is one of the reasons I publish runblogrun.

Isabelle-Pedersen_Deca-Text&Bild.jpgIsabelle Pedersen, Norway; Photo: Deca Text&Bild

Jonas Hedman writes his daily column on runners from Scandinavia, here's his column for Day 6. Jonas looks at Isabelle Pedersen and her importance in Norwegian athletics.

Meraf_Bahta_Deca-Text&Bild_RBR.jpgMeraf Bahta, Photo: Deca Text&Bild

Jonas Hedman provides the view from Scandinavia, and this is his column full of details on runners from Scandinavia and how they have done during the Rio Olympics! More to come! Sweden, Norway and Finland, as well as Denmark have a wonderful tradition in athletics.


Photo of Karsten Warholm, NOR; Photo: Deca Text&Bild

Jonas Hedman is writing a nearly daily column on Rio 2016 with a peculiar view from Scandanavia. Jonas provides us with more knowledge on how athletics is viewed in Scandanavia.

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