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PUMA is one of the true iconic brands. When I began running in the early 1970s, there were adidas, New Balance, Onitsuka Tiger, and PUMA. PUMA has had Usain Bolt for nearly his entire career. They make fine athletic clothing and fine running footwear. I raced in them in the 1980s.

IMG_6859.JPGJose Van Der Veen and Larry Eder, TRE 2016, photo by The Shoe Addicts

In many of my travels around the world, I see the always charming Jose Van Der Veen and always laconic Jordan Donnelly. In Orlando, however, there was only a picture of our friend Jordan, running in PUMA footwear.

Jose Van Der Veen, global running product manager for PUMA spoke about the PUMA line in this video. We encourage you to check out PUMA, you will like the line and the feel.

The women's 400 meter race was one of the finest races of the entire Olympics. Shaunae Miller, a Bahamanian who has shown great promised, outleaned or outleaped (both legal) Allyson Felix. Allyson Felix si the most bemedaled Olympic women athlete in history. Shauanae and Allyson battled to the very end, when Shaunae outleaned Allyson Felix. This move was a totally text book move by two athletes who were worn out. In truth, Allyson Felix had just dealt with this at the July US Olympic Trials, where she was outleaned by Jennifer Prendini. Yet, an ignorant or pandering, you choose, American TV crew made Shaunae Miller out to be the bad person.

Felix_AllysonSF1d-Rio16.jpgAllyson Felix, photo by

Miller_ShaunaeDive1e-OlyGames16.jpgShaunae Miller, the leap, photo by

I believed that both athletes handled themselves with class, and it may have been Allyson's finest race in years. Yet, what pained me, was that Shaunae Miller did not get the cred she deserved for the race!

Maurice Greene and I discussed this fine race in the 400 meter final podcast. We hope that you will enjoy it!

The women's events in track and field featured some of the finest and most thrilling races on the Olympic schedule. The women's 200 meters was a case in point, as Elaine Thompson held off the huge rush of Dafne Schippers and the fast closing Torie Bowie. Thompson gold, Schippers silver and Bowie bronze.

Thompson_Elaine200FHL1-OlyGames16.jpgElaine Thompson, Torie Bowie, Dafne Schippers, the Rio 200 meters, photo by

Maurice Greene and I loved this race. That is the focus of this podcast episode of Mo & Larry show. Great racing in Rio! Sit back and watch. Listen to Maurice Greene's keene observations and our discussion. Thanks to Brian Eder, and the Shoe Addicts on the filming and production. Thanks to adidas for the support.

The women's 100 meter hurdles was the toughest event on the US Olympic Trials for women. The women's 100 meter hurdle finals in Rio was not much easier. Maurice and I spent this podcast episode speaking on the women's 100 meter hurdles and why it is such an amazing event. Special thanks to Maurice Greene, and his comments about Keni Harrison and her talent. Filmed by Brian Eder, produced by The Shoe Addicts. The Mo & Larry Show is sponsored by adidas.

Ali-Rollins-CastlinFL1-OlyGame16.jpgAli, Rollins, Castlin, 100 meter hurdles, Rio, photo by

The men's 400 meters in Rio runs through my head almost daily. It may have been one of the amazing races of all times. At 300 meters, I wanted the three finest 400 meter runners of our era, LaShawn Merritt, Kirani James and Wayde van Niekerk nearly even. Then Wayde van Niekerk started to race. As van Niekerk put the rest of himself into the last loney one hundred meters, I saw Micheal Johnson's 43.18 became number two on the All-time list.

VanNiekerk_WaydeSF-Rio16.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, photo by

Wayde Van Niekerk had put himself in agony after past 400 meter races. That is why he sometimes hates the distance (his word). This time, 43.03 was his final time and a World record for the ages. Even Usain Bolt was totally impressed after the race.

Listen to Maurice Greene in this podcast. It may be our best. Remember, as Maurice says, this guy will put all of himself into the race. How do you beat him? I met Wayde in June 2016 and was totally impressed. A thoughtful, modest young athlete with exceptional ability and exceptional pain threshold.

I believe he will run faster, over 100 meters, 200 meters and yes, 400 meters.

Thanks to Maurice Greene, Brian Eder and the Shoe Addicts. Thanks to adidas for the support.

Bolt_Usain200m1a-Rio16.jpgThe 200 meters! photo by

In this podcast adventure, Larry & Mo chronicle the 200 meters for men. Lots of stories here. Andre De Grasse, Usain Bolt, and who did not make the final (Justin Gatlin). Lots of fun to dicuss. Maurice was in great form, and the production values came out great, thanks to shooting by Brian Eder and production by the Shoe Addicts. The Larry & Mo show was sponsored by adidas.

Greene_MoPC-IAAF13.jpgMaurice Greene and Dwight Phillips, IAAF Gala 2012, photo by

The Rio Olympics was one of my favorite experiences at a major event. With my brother, Brian, and photogapher, Victah, we worked long hours, writing and communicating what we saw in Engenhao stadio Olimpico. This podcast is about the 110 meter hurdles and the excitement in that event. Video shot by Brian Eder, video produced by The Shoe addicts. Special thanks to Maurice Greene and adidas for their support.

The Larry & Mo show was just day after day of fun conversations with 2000 Olympic champion Maurice Greene. Sitting outside of the adidas Hospitality, Maurice Greene and I just chatted on all topics athletics. It was fun and informative. Maurice Greene has a unique view, from a man who stood atop the sprint food chain through three World Champs and one Olympics, and ventured onto a fourth Olympic medal in 2004! In this podcast episode, we speak on the Men's 100 meter finals, which featured a three peat by the man himself, Usain Bolt.

Greene_Mo1a-IAAF13.jpgMaurice Greene, photo by

Special thanks to Maurice Greene, for his thoughts and views. Special thanks to Brian Eder for filming. Special thanks to the Shoe Addicts for producing the video. And special thanks to adidas's Spencer Nel, for supporting this project. adidas is sport. adidas is iconic sport moments and great athletes. Maurice Greene is one of adidas finest ambassadors of sport. We hope to do this again with Maurice.

Maurice Greene loves to talk track. The thing is, the scary thing is, Maurice is almost alway right. But, don't tell him that. Lets' keep it between you and me, okay?

This is one of our podcasts from Rio. Maurice Greene was amazing. He and his wife had to come halfway across Rio to meet with us and he just kept his patience. I have to admit, he was a favorite athlete (along with Donovan Bailey, who I always had time for), because Maurice understood and still does, that for our sport to grow, it has to be entertainment!

Greene_Mo1-IAAF13.jpgMaurice Greene, photo by

Here is a fun podcast. I asked Maurice to speak on how he would advise young athletes. Some big thoughts and much to ponder.

Special thanks to Maurice Greene. Special thanks to my brother, Brian, who filmed the videos, and special thanks to The Shoe Addicts who make me look good. Final thanks to Spencer Nels, of adidas, who realizes how important Maurice Greene is to our sport and supported our vision on the MO and Larry show.

Whatever you call it, Larry & Mo, or Mo & Larry Show, it came down to this, two huge track fans talking track in Rio, in the adidas Hospitality Center. The adidas center was in one of the largest shopping centers in Rio, and like all travel in Brazil, it took a bit of creativity to get to the center. Somedays, Uber was key, other days, it was a great taxi. Another day, it was part bus, part Uber.

Greene_Mo1a-IAAF13.jpgMaurice Greene, photo by

This preview of the Men's 200 meters requires another viewing. Check out our description of the race, the athletes and the games. A wonderful series of podcasts done in Rio. Special thanks to Maurice Greene, who is one of the kindest, funniest and most observant sports personalities that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Special thanks to my brother, Brian Eder, who videod all of these episodes and also put up with his older brother for twelve magnifiscent days. Special thanks to the The Shoe Addicts, who edited, managed and producted the series. And finally, special thanks to Spencer Nel, adidas global sports marketing, who loved the idea of the Mo & Larry show from the first time I mentioned it.

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