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During the 2016 Rio Olympics, I was fortunate to work with Maurice Greene on the Mo & Larry show, a series of video podcasts that we did, detailing some of our favorite moments or events during the Olympics. It was a blast. To quote the famous observer of the American human condition, and a collector of fine art, Steve Martin, " Some people get paid for selling Flair pens. I get paid for doing this." That was my sentiment. Thanks to adidas, who sponsors Maurice Greene, the 2000 Olympic champion at 100 meters (as well as World Champs in 1997, 1999 and 2001 at 100 meters).

Greene_Mo-IAAFgala12.jpgMaurice Greene, IAAF Gala, November 2013, photo by

Maurice Greene has a sports TV show on Eurosport. His understanding of the sport comes from kean observation skills and years of competition. Maurice gets it.

In this episode, we are discussing How to Make the Relay Teams Better.

In my mind, the women's 1,500 meters in Rio was a seminal event. Faith Kipyegon versus Genzebe Dibaba was a beautiful thing, and the supremacy that Dibaba displayed in 2015 was gone. Kipyegon's beautiful last lap, covered in a bit under 57 seconds showed that, for that day, Ms. Dibaba was merely a human, like the rest of us, reaching for the stars. To me, the supreme battle was Jenny Simpson who had won in 2011, taken silver in 2013, and had a nightmare in 2015, was back and racing supremely.

I have my doubts regarding Genzebe Dibaba. And that is sad. I do not doubt Faith Kipyegon nor Jenny Simpson. But, that is for another column.

Simpson-HassanLastTurn-RioOlyG16.jpgSimpson and Hassan battle, Rio Olympic 1500 meter final, photo by

In this final Olympic Moments with Larry, I spoke of the wonderful battle that ensued in for gold and silver and how Jenny Simpson ran down Sifan Hassan, who had won over Jenny Simpson a few times in the past. But, the Rio 2016 Olympic women's 1,500 meters was a wonderful race, with the top athletes from Africa, Europe, North America battling on a fairly even basis, thanks to drug testing by WADA and USADA. Drug testing is imperfect, because some of the humans trying to stop it are imperfect beings, and because IOC wants it to go away, but it is improving the efficacy of racing.

The Olympics Moments with Larry podcast series was my reviews of the ten days of the track & field at the Rio Olympics. The day ten was focused on the men's marathon and the amazing story for that very last day. The performances in Olympic Track & Field hid the very poor planning and arrogance of the IOC. The sport shined in Rio, with great performances and acts of athleticism.

Kipchoge-Lilesa-Rupp1-OlyGame16.jpgEliud Kipchoge, Desisa Lelisa, Galen Rupp, Rio 2016, photo by

Special thanks to my brother, Brian Eder, who survived ten days with me. Also special thanks to The Shoe Addicts, who produced previews of each day, Moments of Larry and Mo & Larry show all during the stunning days of Rio.

The Altra Running phenomenon should tell runners one thing. If a brand focuses on what it does best, brands can succeed. And if a brand communicates to runners the way runners want, not the way they want to communicate to them, brands like Altra Running succeed.

IMG_7045.JPGAltra Running's Golden Harper speaks with The Shoe Addicts' Adam Johnson Eder

Altra Running was founded by Golden Harper. Always the running evangelist, Golden Harper knows the product and has the 'vision thing' on his brand. Excited to show the Shoe Addicts new product for 2017, Golden Harper previewed some amazing product for the new year. Special thanks to Golden for his time and The Shoe Addicts to putting our video from The Running Event 2016.

IMG_7036.JPGPhillip Anthony, photo by Larry Eder

Phillip Anthony of 361º USA gave The Shoe Addicts updates on three upcoming running footwear launches and updates for 2017. 361º USA has been developing some very fine running and training footwear for three years now. As some will know, 361º was the national sponsor of the volunteers and officials in Rio 2016. The brand has been receiving some strong coverage and support from run specialty. Special thanks to Phillip Anthony of 361º USA for providing us this interview at the end of a three day trade show!

The 2016 Rio Olympics were my ninth Olympics. It was an amazing series of ten wonderful days of track and field. This series of podcasts is called Moments with Larry, and it is one of my favorites. This is day 8, and I reviewed my favorite moments from each day of track and field. The video series was shot by Brian Eder and the series was produced by The Shoe Addicts.

IMG_5931.JPGLarry Eder standing by a favorite wall of grafitti in Engenhao, photo by Brian Eder

IMG_6862.JPGAbby D'Agostino and Emma Coburn, photo by

Abbey D'Agostino is an Olympian. For many millions around the world, Abbey is the Olympic ideal. In the heats of the 5000 meters, Abbey and a fellow competitor fell to the track. Abbey got up and helped her fellow runner up to her feet and both finished the race. Their races were on YouTube by the time their races finished. I watched the replays on Brazilian TV, Chinese TV and other TV feeds. Millions saw the compassion that they showed to each other, and the guts they showed in finishing their races.

Abbey D'Agostino is just beginning running again, after the injuries she sustained in the fall. When I met Abbey, I was choked up, and I had not realized how much her performance had affected me or many, many others. A very warm athlete, Abbey spoke to us about her favorite NB shoe, the 860.

Special thanks to Mary Lawton, from Media Communications, for setting up the interviews. Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts for shooting and producing the video.

Emma Coburn is the American record holder at the steeplechase. She is also the Olympic bronze medalist from Rio in the steeplechase, where she ran a stirring battle in the hot and humid Olympic final. At the recent Running Event 16, Emma and Abby D'Agostino joined us to talk shoes. In this video, Emma speaks about the New Balance 880, the first shoe she ever tried at New Balance just over three and one half years ago. Emma continues to use the NB 880 as her go to shoe. Special thanks to Emma Coburn and Abbey D'Agostino, as well as Mary Lawton, Media Communications for New Balance, who set up the interviews. Thanks to the Shoe Addicts for always making me look good.

IMG_6862.JPGAbby D'Agostino, Larry Eder, and Emma Coburn, from The Shoe Addicts

This interview was done with Jim Jennings, the adidas Category Product Director. JJ as he is known, was at the Running Event 2016. We asked Jim to speak about the direction of new adidas product and Jim wanted to speak first about the adidas Supernova. Jim Jennings calls this shoe the bread and butter of adidas running footwear.

jim jennings adidas.jpg

Jim Jennings, adidas Category Product Director, on my computer!

We enjoy Jim Jenning's enthusiasm about not only his brand but this amazing shoe. It went on sale on December 1 at specialty retail running stores that carry adidas and Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts for this video. The Shoe Addicts are the video partners of RunBlogRun.

The 2016 Olympics will be remembered for exciting competitions, with enthusiastic crowds. Only issues were, tickets too expensive for locals and Morning session finals not as well recieved as expected. But Day nine was a big one! The 5000 meters, the men's 1,500 meters, the list goes on. Moments of Larry chronicles my comments over the terrific days of the Rio track & field. Special thanks to my brother, Brian for putting up with me for twelve days in Brazil, and our partners, the Shoe Addicts, for producing this podcast series for you, our readers! And, to our readers and viewers, thanks for watching and reading RunBlogRun and the Running Network!


Larry Eder, thanking our readers, photo by Brian Eder

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