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454bdb52-7577-44fd-b724-1e4e79f84b0f.jpgThe British 4x400m, in Instanbul 2012, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

DO2G933W0AEgc9H.jpgGeoff Wightman and Perri Shakes Drayton

This is part 2 of the salute to Perri Shakes Drayton, by Stuart Weir. It is a must read.

Perri Shakes Drayton announced her retirement. The fine British athlete spoke eloquently about the pain in retiring, giving light to a very emotional time for athletes of all levels. Stuart Weir wrote this 2 part piece on this fine athlete.

Prime Minister Theresa May with Perri Shakes Drayton, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Turbulent times at UK Athletics


1206459579.jpgLaura Muir, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

One of the big stories in athletics in this century has been the rise of UK Athletics and the fine athletes of Team GBR. But, since 2017-2018, there whispers has been in the news lately. We asked Stuart Weir to help put the entire maelstrom in perspective. We believe that UK Athletics needs to focus on excellent leadership, development of coaching talent at all levels, finding a proven marketing and sales team, and not forgetting the fact that there are other sports that sponsors can move to support.

Fine athletes like Laura Muir, KJT, Heather Bradshaw, Mo Farah, Jake Wightman, Chris O'Hare are the exception, rather than the rule. Half ass leadership, or leadership that is concerned with building their own CVs could destroy UK Athletics. Leadership is key.

DSC07893.jpgChris O'Hare take the NYRR Millrose Wanamaker Mile, photo by Cortney White

gettyimages-1163288393-612x612.jpgLaviai Nielsen, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Laviai Nielson and her sister, Lina Nielsen, are part of the British 4x400m squads. They are tough athletes and the success of the Brit relay squads are one of the big successes in UK athletics. The following piece was a fun piece on Ms. Nielsen. She used 5ks to help her deal with not making the final in the 400m in Doha.

AH_17252_20191002104710906_20191002105424.JPGDina Asher Smith, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

AH_27230_20191002104129860_20191002105126.JPGDina Asher Smith, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

Ben Williams Triple Jumper added to WCP.jpgBen Williams, added to WCP, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

We have asked Stuart Weir, for several years now, to provide the readers of runblogrun with a close view of the British system. The system in British athletics is quite different from the U.S. It is also the story of the last decade, as Team GBR has continued to excell. The success is due to many people, still involved and some no longer involved.

The piece below should make one think....

Adam Gemili  upgraded.jpgAdam Gemili upgraded, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Abi Rozuru long jumper added to WCP.jpgAbi Rozuru, added to WCP, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

In this column, written on Nov. 17 for the Kass Marathon, Justin Lagat gives us a view into the local marathon.

IMG_1138.JPGPhilip Birech, photo by Justin Lagat

IMG_1127.JPGNaomi Chebet (at the finish line in Eldoret's Sports Club), photo by Justin Lagat

StadiumFE1-London17.jpgLondon 2017, photo by

The scandals do not stop. British media is all over British Athletics, claiming that some British athletes were encouraged to be tested for hypothyroidism. The drugs used to allieve thyroid issues may help loose weight and recover from hard workouts.

93299d70-9739-4afa-a809-c05b31562910_20191002105243.JPGDina Asher-Smith, Gold at 200m, a first for GBR! photo by Getty Images/ IAAF

Stuart Weir has seen Dina Asher-Smith race 17 times in 2019! So, when he said he wanted to do a piece on Day Six, as she wins the 200m, who was I to disagree? Come on!

Seb 4 .jpeg

The Running Network's Jeff Benjamin (Center) hangs with Eamonn Coghlan (Left) and Sebastian Coe (Right) at the Runners World Magazine 25th Anniversary Gala Photo By Victah Sailer
This is part 2 of the 3 part series on Seb Coe and his 41 days of World Records in 1979, written by Jeff Benjamin. This second piece is on the second WR, the mile!

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