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image004.jpgLoughborough International Meeting, photo courtesy of Loughborough University

The Loughborough Meeting is nearly always on the same weekend as the Highgate Night of 10,000m PBs plus Manchester CityGames and Manchester Great Run. I have witnessed Highgate and both Manchester events, but have not visited Loughborough. I first learned of Loughborough in 1978-79, when I first started reading of George Gandy and his work with Seb Coe. Seb was one of the first I knew using plyometics. The meet and uni are on my bucket list. Today, I have to rely on Peter Matthews and Stuart Weir.

It is a quite different experience writing about meets in UK and US from lovely Wisconsin. Not that it is a bad experience, just difference. I have watching You Tube videos from 1970 Europeans on (found Ian Stewart's 5000m, then, 1974 Brendan Fosters's 5000m).

The Highgate Harriers' Night of 10,000m PBs is happening on May 19, 2018. It goes from 12:45 Local London time until nearly 9 pm. A day of worshipping the racing of 25 laps is a unique concept, and in 2018, the Highgate Harriers will also host the European Cup 10,000 meters.

Here's two video salutes to the 2017 and 2016 Night of 10,000m PBs!



To watch the 2018 version, live, please go to: The event is live in US, 7.30 AM Eastern time, 6.30 AM Central and 4.30 AM Pacific time.

Db952f4XUAwDjRW.jpg-large highgate 10k.jpg

Ta Lou beats Felix
MANCHESTER (GBR, May 18): At Arcadis Great City Games Invitational Marie Josee Ta Lou beat Allyson Felix in the 150 m with 16.60 to 16.72. Amazing also the 12.74 (+0.7) by Belarus Alina Talay in the 100 m hurdles clearly over Isabelle Pedersen 13.03. In men´s 150 m Leon Reid won with 15.52 (-0.3) over Solomon Bockarie 15.57. Surprise in the 110 m hurdles as Damian Czykier of Poland in 13.67 (+0.2) beat David King 13.83, Andy Pozzi 13.90 and Aries Merritt 14.34. In the 100 m Harry Aikines-Aryeetey posted 10.35 (+0.5) to beat Richard Kilty 10.37. Bershawn Jackson was in class of his own when winning the 200 m hurdles in 22.58 (+2.0) ahead of Thomas Barr 23.19. In jumps French wins by Stanley Joseph 560 in the pole vault and Eloyse Lesueur in long jump 658 (+1.9).
RunBlogRun opines: The Arcadis Great CityGames in Manchester, England is a classic street games. The 150 meter race distance is once of the most popular at City Games. The crowds love the event as the event happens as many in Manchester walk home on a Friday night after work. The crowd numbers close to 20,000. If you want to see how this is done, check out the CityGames in NewCastle and Manchester (September and May) each year.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at  12.44.58.png

Fifteen year old Max Burgin ran 1:47:50 at the British Milers Club Sport City in Manchester, England on May 12, just eight days before his sixteenth birthday! Max's 1:47.50 is a 15 year old world record. Here's the following update from Peter J. Thompson.

Here's a quick final stretch of the race, courtesy of our friends at Vinco:

Peter John Thompson reported to @runblogrun that Max Burgin ran 1:49.42 just one month after his fifteenth birthday in 2017!

Thanks to Peter Thompson here's the yearly progression for Max Burgin over 800 meters and cross country.

Max Burgin - Progression at 800m

at age 15, 8 days before 16th birthday
at age 15, one month after 15th birthday
at age 14
at age 13, 3 days after his 13th birthday
at age 12
Good to see that Max Burgin runs cross country and the England Athletics Park Runs -
Max Burgin's Progression at 5Km Park Runs and Cross Country Championships
5Km Park Run
English Schools
English National
X-C (Club)

* The English Schools and English National Championships are offset by one year - so for the two-year age bands for each organization, one year an athlete is at the top of their age group for the Schools and the bottom for the National and the next year vice versa. This strategy means that the athlete is encouraged in their development not trying every two years to physically and psychologically deal with being at the bottom of their age group.

Stuart Weir is busy writing for @runblogrun from the Gold Coast. This is Stuart's athletics preview for the Friendly Games. I recall the story on the 1974 Commonwealth Games, which were held in ChristChurch, New Zealand. That was the first time I recall the Friendly Games moniker used for Commonwealth Games.

CG 1.jpgWalking in the Commonwealth Games village, photo by Stuart Weir

CG2.jpgSome of many flags of countries at Commonwealth Games, photo by Stuart Weir

CG3.jpgNice beach! Gold Coast is host of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, photo by Stuart Weir

British team .jpgBritish team for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, photo by Stuart Weir

2017-12-14-gexc18_gb.jpegLaura Muir, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

STIRLING (GBR): Great Run is poised to sign a three-year deal which will see the Great Edinburgh Cross Country in January move to King's Park in Stirling, informs the Scotsman. "The Edinburgh international cross-country is a fantastic event for Scotland. Scottish Athletics chief executive Mark Munro has welcomed the Scottish Government backing to keep the event in the country. "It's great because it's an event kids can go to and see people like Laura or Mo Farah up close," he said.

2017-12-19-europe.jpegGreat Edinburgh Cross Country, photo by Dan Vernon Photography

Muir_Laura-WORLDi18.jpgLaura Muir, photo by

GLASGOW (GBR): Laura Muir's coach, Andy Young, believes she has the ability to challenge Paula Radcliffe's British and European 10,000m record of 30:01.09, informs BBC Sport. "I think she's got the scope to go on to 10,000m to the marathon. The sessions we do in training are large-volume sessions and I think already in a matter of weeks she could go out and be challenging for the British record over 10k if that's what she wanted. But I made her the promise, as long as she kept getting faster over the shorter distances, she can stay down there. Her preference is to do the 800m and 1500m," he said.

RunBlogRun opines: Laura Muir showed a different self in Birmingham. Her racing style, using her long kick and getting the break on the rest of the field, so she was in the mix of the medals was an obvious development of her 1,500m/5000m racing in London World Championships! Muir spoke with confidence post race in Birmingham. Can she get the 10,000m British and European record? I think it is tough, but she has the wheels. It will be fun to see how she fares over the 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters. But, as Coach Young notes, her focus is still the 800 meters and 1,500 meters.

Rutherford_Greg1b-Beijing15.jpgGreg Rutherford, photo by

BIRMINGHAM (GBR): Former world and Olympic long jump champion Greg Rutherford has pulled out of the British team for the World Indoor Championships, informs British Athletics. "My performance from the British Championships to the Indoor Grand Prix in Glasgow at the weekend showed improvement but it was still not at the level I demand of myself. It has not been an easy decision but I have therefore chosen to withdraw from the World Indoor Championships. I am now going to take a few days to recover from Glasgow before resuming training as I prepare for a successful summer."

RunBlogRun opines: The body can do amazing things. Athletes demand much of their bodies and souls. Greg Rutherford has won World championships, European championships, Olympic championships and of course, British championships. The long jump beats one's body up in ways most of us do not consider. Greg wanted to do well in the World Indoors, but he would not have been at the fitness level he demands of himself. That is the conundrum of a champion athlete. We wish him a quick recovery and some great jumps in 2018 and 2019.

And that's a wrap. I've decided to shut it down and end the indoor escapades. • I thought long and hard and had in-depth conversations with my team about the world indoor champs and we decided as a collective that focusing on the summer is a far better idea for my body at this point. • When I had the ankle surgery and found out the severity of the injury the indoors became a no chance scenario. Somehow as has often happened I managed to heal quicker than most ever would and start training earlier than expected. But with only a months training under my belt, to expect to beat the best in the world isn't possible. BUT, I'm going to train hard for a couple of months now and come back ready to win in the summer. #athlete #fitness

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Our friend, Stuar Weir is burning the proverbial midnight oil to provide us coverage of the British Trials from this weekend. This was for day 2. Lots of fun events, and some funny stuff as well, from our keen English observer of athletics.

I am using a picture of Eilish McColgan. Eilish ran PBs in just about every distance in 2017, and I remember seeing her at the European indoors, then a few weeks later at the 10,000m in Stanford. Now, we will see her at the World Indoors in Birmingham. She made the teams at 3000 meters and then, won the 1,500 meter title.

McColgan_Eilish-WC17.jpgEilish McColgan, photo by

KJT indoors.jpgKaterina Johnson Thompson, winning LJ, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Thanks to Stuart Weir, we have an on site report from British Athletics for the British Trials. Stuart has written for us for several years now. I believed, for several years, that he was Scottish, alas, I was wrong. But, this observant and humorous British writer keeps us informed on all things from across the proverbial pond.

Brit athletics, 60m hurdles .jpgMegan Marrs winning 60m hurdles at British Trials, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

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