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I have witnessed two Dubai Marathons in person. The magic of the Dubai Marathon is real. A fast, flat course, brutal competition, truly fit and focused athletes and a perform and take the prize purse (no appearance money) brings out the finest Ethiopian and Kenyan athletes. That Europeans and Americans are not there is sad, as this race is faster than anything on the North American continent.

CO1_0564.jpegGetanesh Molla, debut breaks CR! photo by Giancarlo Columbo

Getanah Molla has a PB of Half Marathon of 1:00.34 from 2017. He ran a 10k PB of 28:18 in Boulder, CO on May 28, 2018, and on August 31, 2018, Getanah Molla ran 12:59.58 for 5000m. Mr. Molla has the wheels, and in Dubai, he ran a debut that shows his pedigree.

Ruth Chepngetich has PBs of 15:17 forr 5000m (2017), 10k of 31:08 (2017) and Half Marathon PB of 1:06.19 (2017). Her PB in the marrathon in 2017 was 2:22.36 in Istanbul. In that same race in 2018, Ruth ran 2:18:35. In Dubai, with the most horrrible water stops I have ever witnessed, this women ran 2:17:08. She lost a minute, at the very least on the water stops.

CO1_0669.jpegRuth Chepngetich breaks Dubai CR with #3 All Time, photo by Giancarlo Columbo

Pat Butcher, who emcees the Dubai broadcast with Paula Radcliffe, making it one of the finest marathon broadcast of the year.

The North American high school season has ended in many states, with state meets upon us in several more. The US Junior Championships are coming at the end of June.

Hoka One One 2.jpgTo learn more about, click on our link!

1 million boys and girls ran track this year, 560,000 will run cross country this upcoming season. Thanks to HOKA ONE ONE, RunBlogRun provides daily training for 23 weeks for track and daily training for 24 weeks for cross country. Track will send around June 21 and cross country will begin June 1 (light) and offiically July 1.

Here is week 20 of the Spring training season:

Monday, May 28, 2018, : warm up, 45 minutes, 6 times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown

Herculis EBS - Une Légende pour un anniversaire.jpeg

Usain Bolt à Monaco : une légende pour un anniversaire

Il l'a annoncé, et Herculis EBS est fier de le confirmer: Usain Bolt sera au Stade Louis II le 21 Juillet pour sa tournée d'adieu à l'athlétisme. L'homme le plus rapide du monde aux 8 titres Olympiques et 11 titres Mondiaux, viendra à Monaco pour courir sur sa distance de prédilection, le 100m, et ce à l'occasion des 30 ans du meeting Herculis EBS.

Usain Bolt in Monaco: a legend for an anniversary

He announced it, and Herculis EBS is proud to confirm it: Usain Bolt will be at the Louis II stadium the 21th of July for his farewell tour to athletics. The fastest man in the world with 8 Olympics titles and 11 World titles, will come to Monaco to run on its favorite distance, the 100 m, for the 30th anniversary of the Herculis EBS meeting.

Informations et billetterie sur

RunBlogRun opines: Usain Bolt will be racing at Ostrava on June 28 and in Monaco on July 21. HIs final races will be at the World Championships, August 4-13.

Reforms approved 182-10 for IAAF!


Coe-LaVillenie-Zurich16.jpgSeb Coe and Renaud Lavillenie, Zurich 2016, photo by

Reforms approved
MONACO (MON): IAAF President Sebastian Coe must be satisfied as his proposal for needed and important reforms at Special IAAF Congress were confirmed by clear majority 182:10 votes. Referring to a year in which athletics has been mired in allegations of corruption that have seen former President Lamine Diack become the subject of a French police investigation, Coe told the 197 delegates at the start of the meeting: "We cannot let this happen again. We must protect our sport." A total of 42 Federation members spoke before the Congress moved to the vote. The 10 votes against the reform package came from Benin, Bahrain, Chad, Gambia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Laos, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. There were no votes recorded from Jamaica, Oman, Senegal, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Coe concluded: "This is a very important moment in the history of our sport." The main changes will happen in"re-defining roles and responsibilities including empowering Member Federations and ensuring stronger Area representation", "a greater voice for athletes", "a better gender balance" and "independent anti-doping, integrity and disciplinary functions". The bulk of the President's power, used so autocratically, and then disastrously, down the years, will be devolved to the IAAF's chief executive, a role to which Olivier Gers was appointed in August. The constitutional reform will be delivered in two stages, 1 January 2017 and 1 January 2019, issuing in a new era of transparent and accountable sports administration.

RunBlogRun opines: Seb Coe has the mandate he needs to push reform through. Curious on the no votes from Jamaica, Senegal, Ukraine. No votes are just bizarre. However, upgrading the IAAF, improving its approach to events, gender equality, and the development of an IAAF chief executive. We hear good things on Olivier Gers, will reach out to do an interview. One key observer noted, " Olivier actually listened to me as if he wanted to learn. That is pretty unusual in this business."

The Rio 2016 Olympics had many levels of stories. This podcast series is called Moments with Larry, with my takeaways from the Rio Olympic Track & Field schedule. Filmed an recorded in Rio, in Engenhao, the colorful suburb of Rio, located near the Engenhao Train Station and Olympic Stadium. Here are my recollections of day one, filmed before we left the wonderful culture of Brazil. The video podcast is right below the picture. Enjoy! Special thanks to Brian Eder for filming me and for the Shoe Addicts in producing the video and podcast!

Ayana_AlmazWR-OlyGame16.jpgAlmaz Ayana, photo by

Kamworor_Geoffrey-PreC16.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, Pre Classic 5000 meters, 2016, photo by

KAPTAGAT (KEN): Geoffrey Kamworor is aiming to defend his world cross country title in Kampala in March, informs the Star. "The season is over for me but my plan for next year is to first defend my world cross country title in Kampala before focusing in the World Championships in London. I have started my build up and I will weigh my options and I will no doubt feature in the AK series, where I will be looking for speed and endurance," he said.

RunBlogRun opines: Geoffrey Kamworor is a athlete with huge desire. He has won World Cross Country and World Half marathon titles. He has battled Mo Farah on the track, and he has been humbled by Mo Farah. But, still, Kamworor perseveres. He wants to defend his title in cross country. The victory is his to keep or toss away. Can he do it again?

In this week's Conversation with Larry, the newest rage documdrama NOT on NetFlix, yours truly opines on the upcoming adidas BOOST Boston Games, to be held on June 17-18. The first day, June 17, will feature adidas Dream 100 meters and Dream Miles, featuring the best high school boys at 100 meters and the mile! The second day, will feature a track on the street at Charles Street near Bolyston. And of course, there is our weekly triublte to Warren Weir, who caught me sleeping in Germany and recorded the session for all to see on his blog.
This is the May 2016 issue of California Track & Running News. CTRN is the oldest running magazine in the Golden State. It is published six times a year in digital form, always with a small print footprint. Twice a year, our entire subscriber list recieve CTRN. CTRN is published for the members of the four USATF Associations in California & Northern Nevada.

This is the digital version of the 2016 Winter Club Running, sent to the 177,000 members of the Road Runners Clubs of America in digital form and print options. Published since 1958, Club Running is the oldest continuously published running pub in the US and the second largest. All members of the 2,500 running club members of the RRCA provide Club Running to their members four times a year. Please enjoy the publication. If you want to learn more about the Road Runners Clubs of America, please go to or email [email protected].

Radcliffe-Coe2-IAAF07.jpgSeb Coe, Paula Radcliffe, photo by

This is a good piece on the IAAF President, and his desire to focus on the future:

The truth is, I am very doubtful that the IAAF President will be able to focus on the future for some time to come. It is one thing to report the news, and it another to focus on the negative coming from the IAAF. The federation, in some ways, has not really helped itself. However, there seems to be a near sport in trying to push Seb Coe to resign.

On January 14-15, WADA should release their second part of the report on the IAAF. My guess is that it will lay much blame on the IAAF for not reporting issues with Russia earlier, as well as issues with federations who are falling behind in testing or, barely have legitimate testing at all (Kenya, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Turkey, Jamaica are the main focus).

In such situations, I can see the late James Dunaway reminding me to be a critical observer and not a cynical one. Remember that some athletes and their entourages see athletics as merely a business and that they see a great chance in avoiding detection.

I also understand the IAAF wanting to respond to all of the accusations. It must be exhausting just to deal with it on a daily basis. But, at times, responding to all of the accusations makes no sense. There was a huge problem, whether it was at top, bottom, middle or all over.

Most of the people I have met at the IAAF are hard working, underpaid and loyal to the sport. For the extortion to work, the fewer the people who knew, the better chance the cover up would endure. Think about it for a moment!

The IAAF reporting on the dopers in 2009 right after blood passports began collecting information? That makes some sense, but, my guess is, much of the issue is how long it takes to collect data so that a cheat is pushed out of the sport.

Seb Coe is in a thankless job. He seems to still want to clean up our sport. I welcome his ideas and his desire.

I love athletics. I have to think how many times I see a performance and wonder, if I just viewed a race that was the product of hard work, and clean living or doping. It is hard.

For our sport to grow, for our sport to thrive, we have to up the game and up the doping standards, while keeping the organization as transparent as possible.

Good luck, Lord Coe!

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