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DSC_0836lr.jpgSanya Richards-Ross, October 19, 2018, Delhi, India, photo by ProCam International


Sanya Richards-Ross, October 19, 2018, Delhi, India, photo by ProCam International
Speaking in the Indian capital New Delhi, where is a brand ambassador for Sunday's Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, Richards-Ross - the fastest women's 400m runner of the 21st century - commented: "For a long time I declined to answer that question (about whether there should be a revision of the records). I was in two minds and I listened to people, many of them historians, who said that the records shouldn't be changed and I understand that point of view. However, as an athlete, I and others chased a record that wasn't clean (Marita Koch's world record of 47.60 from 1985) and that was very frustrating. I think it's a great idea to revise the records. Choosing a date like 2000 would be good, although it may now seem a little weird to be choosing an arbitrary date like this, but I do think the IAAF should be proactive (on this issue)."
DSC_0897lr.jpgSanya Richards-Ross, October 19, 2018, Delhi, India, photo by ProCam International
Runblogrun opines: Nice to see Sanya Richards-Ross comment on WRs. Again, her comment shows the challenges with choosing a date when to make WR's retroactive. Paula Radcliffe set marathon WR in 2003, what does one do about that? Does anyone remember the comments from Jonathan Edwards, and Paula Radcliffe about the European AA suggested approach?
I wonder if we need to refer this to biblical jurist, Solomon. Perhaps there is time to consider record by record?

This is the landmark report by WADA and ADAK on issues with Kenyan doping. It is a good piece and makes a lot of sense with its findings.

Woman8kStart-WXC06.jpgWomen's WXC, 2006, photo by

Claye_Will1a-Pre18.jpgWill Claye, photo by

Will Claye has admitted, without penalty, to having ingested, mostly from meat in Mexico and China, which contained particles of clenbuterol. Will Claye won the silver medal in the TJ and bronze medal in the LJ in 2012. The last time an Olympian won medals in LJ and TJ was in 1932. In 2016, Will Claye took the silver medal in 2016 Rio.

The report from USADA is below:

Moses_Edwin-IAAFgala12.jpgEdwin Moses, IAAF 2012, photo by

WASHINGTON (USA): Former world 400m hurdles world record-holder Edwin Moses, also the chair of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, has suggested the IOC needs to cut ties with the World Anti-Doping Agency following the latter's decision last week to reinstate Russia.

Updated 11 PM, September 22, 2018

Updated 11:45 PM, September 25, 2018

I have become addicted to Amazon TV series The Man in the High Castle, a masterful adaptation of the Philip K. Dick's novel by the same name. It is about a parallel world where Japan and Germany won the second World War. The Amazon series may be the finest television of my generation. The accuracy, and the sets make one think if something is possible.

I recall getting up midway through the night, when the McLaren reports were announced, and I read page after page, not so surprised. If you have not read this synopsis of the depravity in modern sports, then, download this: wada_independent_commission_report_1_en.pdf

One can go back to Joseph Goebbels, the architect of Adolf Hitler's propaganda machine to see the power of the Olympics. In 1936, Goebbels knew that, hosting an Olympics could put the Nazi party in a positive light in the global media. Goebbels put the Nazis in the best light and kept the absurd racial views of National Socialism from being seen around the world. Goebbels had to convince Hitler to participate in the Olympics. Leni Reifensthal captured the 1936 Olympics in the film, Olympia, (and to see the Nazi propaganda in all its contempory power, see Triumph of the Will). Reifensthal's Olympia would change how we view sports and the Olympics. The Olympics was coming of age in 1936 and Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda, knew that Olympic sports, with all of its pagentry and emotion, was a perfect propaganda platform.

WADA logo .gif

The Olympics, with modern communications, became the globe's biggest social focus every 4 years, much to the delight of the Olympic fathers. Once they figured out how to cash in on the Olympic flame, they were on the way to taking the Olympics to new heights. With new heights, also come new lows. The IOC believed, and to this day, believe, that the Olympic movement is a platform to influence the world. They see it as a platform for good, and it can be. But, the money, the nationalsim, and the greed can dirty the Olympic message.

This is Pat Butcher's piece on the potential reinstatement of Russia by the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA). The reinstatement of Russia has many sides, and Mr. Butcher's column puts the doping issue in its proper perspective. The doping issue is not just a former Eastern bloc apparition. Pat Butcher has been writing on our sport for nearly six decades. Is he opinionated? Of course, does he have a historical perspective? Yes! And as I have said before, if you have more than a passing interest in athletics, please sign up for his blog at!

Russianflag.jpgRussian flag, by decision by WADA to reinstate RUSADA has had a huge response. The following statement is from the IAAF, who was the primary global federation to object rot the doping policies of Russia and ban them from the global sports wold. While the IOC must have been pleased by WADA's decision, they have a much bigger problem now: some very visible global federations who object to the WADA decision.

The WADA executive board voted 9-2 to begin the reinstatemnt of RUSADA this past week. The reinstatrement of the drug testing organization of Russia has had a huge response. This article fom Inside the Games is on how the IAAF and Paralympic movement are responding to the RUSADA decision.

Ue4LTu9yI7mxRq2n.jpgSebastian Coe, IAAF CEO, and Rune Andersen, head of IAAF Taskforce on Russia, photo by Getty Images/IAAF

1281585_G08_W01.jpgSvein Arne Hansen, photo by EuroAthletics

The story on the WADA decision to reinstate RUSADA has been a big story. It continues and we will post several opinions, including one from WADA's Craig Reedie. Heres the comments by Svein Arne Hansen, EAA President:



The decision by WADA to reinstate RUSADA has had many responses, many of them negative. EME News compiled a report on many of the responses.


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