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The stories and rumors continue.

Months ago, perhaps a year ago, there were sources out of French investigation that suggested that several of the IAAF World Championships during the reign of Lamine Diack were being investigated over rumored bribery.

StadiumWide-World13.jpgLushniki Stadium, Moscow 2013, photo by

This new story, in Reuters, notes that French authorities are looking into several IAAF championships regarding bribery allegations. Much of this has to do with lack of answers from Pappa Diack, the son of Lamine Diack, and the person all fingers seem to be pointing to in the alleged selling of World Championships.

HaywardFieldFE1a-USOlyTr16.jpgEugene, Oregon, Hayward Field, photo by

Mo Farah Explains (with links)


642615196.jpgMo Farah, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Mo Farah explains
LONDON (GBR): writes that Olympic winner Mo Farah has denied any accusations of wrongdoing after reports that his coach Alberto Salazar abused prescription medication and drug infusions on some of his runners.´"Its deeply frustrating that I'm having to make an announcement on this subject," he said. "I am a clean athlete who has never broken the rules in regards to substances, methods or dosages and it is upsetting that some parts of the media, despite the clear facts, continue to try to associate me with allegations of drug misuse. I'm unclear as to The Sunday Times's motivations towards me but I do understand that using my name and profile makes the story more interesting but its entirely unfair to make assertions when it is clear from their own statements that I have done nothing wrong. As I've said many times before we all should do everything we can to have a clean sport and it is entirely right that anyone who breaks the rules should be punished. However, this should be done through proper process and if USADA or any other Anti-Doping Body has evidence of wrongdoing they should publish it and take action rather than allow the media to be judge and jury." UK Athletics also denied any allegations of impropriety, saying in a statement to The Sunday Times: "To our knowledge, all doses administered and methods of administration have been fully in accordance with Wada approved protocol and guidelines."

Here's story in the London Times:

Here's story from Guardian on Mo Farah denying allegations made in London Times:

Here's final piece from Sean Ingle of the Guardian:

RunBlogRun opines: The story in London Times, seems to be a rehash of the 2015 and 2016 stories. Is this about finding if Mo Farah has cheated or knocking him down because he uses an American coach and trains in the U.S.? Not sure if there will ever be concrete evidence in any direction. It is one of the most damning parts of alleged doping in sport. So much is based on rumors.

This is our Conversations with Larry series. We filmed this group of videos in the Lenox Hotel, last weekend before the 2017 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix.

Stepanova_Yuliya-NBin17.JPGYuliva Stepanova, photo by

The topic of this video is doping in sports and how we need to deal with it. Somethings are getting better, but somethings are not. Yulia Stepanova is the global whistle blower on doping in Russian athletics.

Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts

IMG_6557.JPGHaile Gebrselassie, photo courtesy of Global Sports Communications

NAIROBI (KEN): Ethiopian athletics legend Haile Gebrselassie has pledged to work with Kenya to fight doping, outlining that the menace has tainted the glory of the two East African nations. Haile, who is the Ethiopia Athletics Federation Chairman, urged Kenya to take tough measures to athletes who are found using banned substances and protect the innocent. Writes

I just wrote this piece for my Linked-In site. I thought you might want to read it.

IMG_4746.JPGLarry Eder and Brian Eder, day before Rio Olympics, photo by Victah Sailer/

Coe_Seb1a-IAAFgala16.jpgSeb Coe, another chat with Parliament? photo by

LONDON (GBR): IAAF President Sebastian Coe has not refused to answer further questions following a request from the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee and is ready to provide additional evidence in the Combating Doping in Sport inquiry. Following last week's questioning of David Bedford, the former London Marathon race director and head of the IAAF Road Running Commission, the Committee expressed their intention for Coe to be recalled to face further questions before the end of January. Informs insidethegames.

RunBlogRun opines: I am no doctor, but after having watched a few Parliament hearings on BBC and C-Span, I would rather do laundry, or clean my office than sit in front of the aforementioned committee. I am considering starting a Kickstarter campaign to provide Lord Coe with a few beverages after his next journey to chat with the Culture, media and Sport Select Committee. Such a meeting will not be pretty.

We will just have to wait to see.

Aregawi_Abeba-World15.jpgAbeba Aregawi, WC 2015, photo by

STOCKHOLM (SWE): Having been cleared of doping charges, Abeba Aregawi is allowed to represent Sweden in international competition again following a meeting of the Svensk Friidrott board, informs the Expressen. "Now she has completed what was required, she can be a part of the Swedish national team again. Abeba has been very cooperative in this case. The question is a good example of how we can contribute to a clean sport, and how we can support Abeba. We should remember that she is not suspended for doping," said Svensk Friidrott chairman Bjorn Nilsson. Aregawi is currently training in Ethiopia and will miss the indoor season.

Aregawi_Abeba-Birmingham15.jpgAbeba Aregawi, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: RunBlogRun is dissappointed with this decision of Swedish athletic federation, as this is not just about doping issues, but whether Ms. Aregawi was actually ever living as a Swedish national. This nationalism for hire, next to doping is the issue that is crushing our sport. Many countries do this transfering of national allegiance, and many are much more blatant than Sweden.

Updated January 17, 2017

Orginally posted January 13, 2017.

Sports is a huge preoccupation in Russia, just like the rest of the world. That seems like a nonsensical statement coming from an sports obssessed America, but, it is true.

If my visit to Moscow taught me anything in 2013, Russians love all kinds of sports, and while they did not fill the stands in Moscow during the World Champs, there were many worthy athletes competing, and the crowd was enthusiastic.

We are at a place right now, however, where the global sports community seems fractured in how to bring Russia back into the sporting world.

Here are a few suggestions on how the Russians might accomplish that goal, if that is their goal.

StadiumWide-World13.jpgLushniki Stadium, Moscow, 2013, photo by

I am in Houston. I am in Houston to cover the Aramco Half Marathon and the Chevron Marathon. I used to come down to Houston nearly every year, but, this is, alas, my first visit since 2013.

I took a nice, warm walk today, in downtown Houston, and considered the focus of many emails to me. That focus was Seb Coe's action of forwarding email from David Bedford regarding doping.

Coe_Seb1b-IAAFgala16.jpgSeb Coe: another day in paradise, photo by

On twitter, the majority of comments are from those who want to excoriate Seb Coe, and who can look into Seb's heart and know his feelings.

I did this video on Facebook after my walk, and I am, by any description, giving Seb Coe a bit of room on this action or series of actions. We will have to see how this works out.

The mustacheoed one, Mr. David Bedford comes out of his hearing in Parliament on Tuesday with much support. He described the situation and presented his feelings on Mr. Seb Coe's actions.

Bedfords-Reilly-WC09.jpgTom Bedford, David Bedford, Brendan Reilly, with beverage, photo by

The British media is noting that Mr. Coe may be dragged into Parliament. Not sure that will happen. If it does, Coe will assume his mantle and the conversation would be fascinating.

More to come on this....

Clean Athletics by UKA



Clean Athletics by UKA
BIRMINGHAM (GBR): UK Athletics (UKA) has today launched its own Clean Athletics brand with the aim of reinforcing UK Athletics' commitment to athletes competing free from performance-enhancing drugs. UK Athletics will seek to enforce a lifetime ban against representing Great Britain for any athlete found guilty of a serious anti-doping violation. Bans should be extended to a minimum of eight years for serious doping offences to ensure that cheating athletes miss two Olympic or Paralympic cycles. Lifetime bans should also be applied in appropriate cases.

RunBlogRun opines: UK Athletics has made no illusions that it would not do all it could to protect its brand. Fans in the GBR will applaud this as will most athletes and coaches. Whether it is legal is a whole other matter. We will only find out when it is challenged in the courts.

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