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_13I8809_2019093054701927_20190930105750.JPGKarston Warholm, 2x WC, 400m hurdles, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

_D9I9150_2019100540130570_2019100554130188_20191005111215.JPGSifan Hassan, 10,000m/1,500m double gold, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

Mihambo.JPGMalaika Mihambo, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

AH_10362_20191004124625257_20191004010958.JPGKaterina Johnson-Thompson, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

Stuart Weir felt we needed to know something on the European nominees for EAA Athlete of year...

Quite frankly, few people have the love of the sport, the enthusiasm and the geek ness of Jeff Benjamin. Jeff began writing for us in 1990 or so, when American Athletics was launched. He was with us in 1994, when American Track was launched. And, in 2007, Jeff was with us, when my brother Brian and I launched RunBlogRun. Jeff writes about running, the sport he loves. A history teacher, Jeff adds a special feel to his pieces.

The 8 question (or 9 question interview) is one of the special contributions from senior writer, Jeff Benjamin.

BL_24611_2019082542416366_20190826112836.JPGLiz McColgan, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

This interview is with Eilish McColgan. A fine athlete from 1,500m to 10,000m, Eilish McColgan is the daughter of a World Champion, 1991. Liz McColgan, who had won Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth gold. Eilish is coached by her Mom.

Eilish McColgan possesses a huge finish over the last kilometer. McColgan has impressed from the 10,000m down to 1,500m. I recall watching Eilish McColgan race the 10,000m at Stanford. She had dropped back between 8 and 9 kilometers, Eilish came alive, and moved up three places, that huge, ground capturing finish is totally impressive. It also makes her dangerous in any championship race. Eilish McColgan is one of those athletes who will surprise the heck out of you. Do not discount Ms. McColgan.

Eilish McColgan just doubled at The Match in the, 1500 and 3000m. taking bronze in both. How will she do in Doha? Just a few days to see!

The Match trip was alot of fun. I was able to get home on 11 September, my 61rst birthday and have dinner with my family. The following are my third attempts at observations on The Match, Team Europe vs Team USA.

We think the first edition was a blast! Tell us what you thought of the TV coverage and our coverrage, send to me at [email protected]

20190910_RO4805.jpgMaggie Ewen scored a big PB in her win, photo by Getty Images/European Athletics

oh_23792_20190911125153263.JPGSharika Nelvis after her 100m Hurdle win, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

I have to say, I enjoyed all about my trip to Minsk: the hotel, ten minute walk to the stadium, the huge Transformer made by Minsk Tractor Works, and of course the Dinamo Stadium.

GettyImages-1173148030.jpgThe Match logo, photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

Day 2 showed how much Team Europe wanted to win and what happens when you get a team with some fine successes and some surprises! Team Europe battled to the very end with Team USA, winning 729.5-601.5. Amel Tuka gave Team Europe the final win in the mixed relay.

oh_29960_20190910110407523.JPGSven Arne Hansen with Team Europe, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

The Europeans' dream came thought with US accepting the challenge.. Now to get a second edition! Belarus wants to host in 2021!

The Match: Team Europe VS. Team USA ade a solid debut on September 9-10, 2019 in Minsk, Belarus. The performances on both sides were fantastic, as Team Europe, using strong depth, took on the US wins one event after another.

GettyImages-1173148031.jpgDinamo Stadium is one of finest in world! photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

But, the real story was how wel thel Belarussian Federation and the country of Belerus hosted the event! Fine new Mondo track, with all of the most modern techinical athletic equipment. We saw Doug DeAngelis, of FinishLynx, in Belarus, checking out new equipment and technology.

European Athletics did this right! I spoke with several US athletes who said that they would come back to Belarus for such a meeting. They just asked for strong wifi and more food selections. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

This podcast was produced by Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts for RunBlogRun.

The heroes of the event were the athletes, the fans, and the officials. The opening was Olympic quality and the enthusiasm was fantastic! We have been told that, by the end of day 1, Belarus made it very clear that they wanted to host another The Match!

GettyImages-1173150866.jpgKaterine Stefanidi and Thomas Rohler ham it up before The Match, photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

20190910_RO4596.jpgJohannes Vetter, photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

GettyImages-1173150866.jpgOur friends at EME News put this short piece together on the day 2 of the The Match.

The Match, by any standards, was a huge success. The Team Europe and Team USA athletes put their efforts into the meet and the fans loved it. The Dinamo stadium and staff gave The Match the authenticity that was desired and needed. And the event had big crowds, both nights. Belarus proved a worthy host.

Here are six deep thoughts on my An American in Minsk, column, part 2.

GettyImages-1173148031.jpgDinamo National Olympic Stadium, Minsk, Belarus, photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

oh_29094_20190910112747474.JPGYuliya Levchenko clears 2.02m, photo by Getty Images /European Athletics

This is the day 2 report from the IAAF's Bob Ramsak. We have a paragraph then link to the full piece on the IAAF site. It was a very impressive second day.

Bob Ramsak is a long time friend of the sport. As one of the key players in the IAAF communications department, Bob has written about the sport we love for over two decades. He is also a fine photagrapher. This is his piece on day one of The Match.

Maksim Nedasekau.jpgMaksim Nedasekau, photo by AFP/Getty Images, copyright AFP/Getty

Maksim Nedasekau.jpgMaksim Nedasekau, photo by the IAAF

This is the report by Alfons Juck for EME News on Day 1 of the The Match: Team Europe vs Team USA.

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