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1283358_G08_W01.jpgEuopean Athletics Championships, 2019, photo by EAA/ Getty Images

The 2019 EAA XC Champs featured 500 plus athletes from 39 countries and ANA in Lisbon, Portugal on Dec. 7, 2019. The following is the review of the event, courtesy of EME News.

Ivana Spanovic to end career in 2022


Spanovic_Ivana-Worlds18.jpgIvana Spanovic, photo by

This is a fascinating piece. The US champs have a tendency, except in Eugene, to be a quarter to half full. Imagine if there would be some promotion, and guess what can happen.

Well, in the UK, British champs, to be held June 21-22, is nearly sold out in November of 2019!

Check out the fine piece below by Alicia Turner for Newschain :

PA-45689914.jpgHolly Bradshaw, GBR's top pole vaulter, photo by

The amazing high jump by Yaroslava Mahuchikh in Doha was so exciting. It is fantastic that the young high jumper wins the World Athletics Rising Star award!


Sidorova_Anzhelika1-Doha19.JPGAnzelhika Siderova, photo by

If you have not seen Laura Muir compete indoors in the UK, you have truly missed an amazing experience. The fans, especially in Birmingham, have gone nuts over Laura. In Glasgow, Scotland, the home crowd is even more boisterous, as their favorite athlete churns up the Mondo 200m track and the Emirates facility.

Muir_LauraSF1d-Doha19.JPGLaura Muir, 2019 WC 1,500m, photo by

2019 was a bit strange for Laura Muir: she won the 1,500m/3,000m at the European Indoor in March, and then, in mid Summer, as she rounded into shape, Muir injured a leg, and even with that, she took 5th in the second best time of her life, 3:55.76.

Laura Muir is coached by Andy Young, a fine coach, who continues to develop the fine Scottish athlete. Muir has much pressure on her. Can she medal in the global championships? I think so.

Golden Tracks 2019-5.jpgKarsten Warholm and Mariya Lasitskene, photo by European Athletics

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the Golden Track awards night at the European Athletics Convention. EA had some challenging decisions on the women's side, as the mens' decision was pretty apparent.

EA Convention in Tallinn, Estonia


AH_29311_2019100590950005_20191005093346.JPGSifan Hassan takes 10,000m/1,500m double, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

European Athletics has had a fine year. The convention helps celebrate the amazing year of 2019 and look to the year of 2020.

_13I8809_2019093054701927_20190930105750.JPGKarston Warholm, 2x WC, 400m hurdles, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

_D9I9150_2019100540130570_2019100554130188_20191005111215.JPGSifan Hassan, 10,000m/1,500m double gold, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

Mihambo.JPGMalaika Mihambo, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

AH_10362_20191004124625257_20191004010958.JPGKaterina Johnson-Thompson, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

Stuart Weir felt we needed to know something on the European nominees for EAA Athlete of year...

Quite frankly, few people have the love of the sport, the enthusiasm and the geek ness of Jeff Benjamin. Jeff began writing for us in 1990 or so, when American Athletics was launched. He was with us in 1994, when American Track was launched. And, in 2007, Jeff was with us, when my brother Brian and I launched RunBlogRun. Jeff writes about running, the sport he loves. A history teacher, Jeff adds a special feel to his pieces.

The 8 question (or 9 question interview) is one of the special contributions from senior writer, Jeff Benjamin.

BL_24611_2019082542416366_20190826112836.JPGLiz McColgan, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

This interview is with Eilish McColgan. A fine athlete from 1,500m to 10,000m, Eilish McColgan is the daughter of a World Champion, 1991. Liz McColgan, who had won Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth gold. Eilish is coached by her Mom.

Eilish McColgan possesses a huge finish over the last kilometer. McColgan has impressed from the 10,000m down to 1,500m. I recall watching Eilish McColgan race the 10,000m at Stanford. She had dropped back between 8 and 9 kilometers, Eilish came alive, and moved up three places, that huge, ground capturing finish is totally impressive. It also makes her dangerous in any championship race. Eilish McColgan is one of those athletes who will surprise the heck out of you. Do not discount Ms. McColgan.

Eilish McColgan just doubled at The Match in the, 1500 and 3000m. taking bronze in both. How will she do in Doha? Just a few days to see!

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