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Joshua Cheptegei, Elvis Cheboi, the battle is on, Jr Men's 10,000 meters, 
photo by

The first day of the World Juniors had one final. That final was the men's Jr 10,000 meters, and true to form, the fastest man in the world won the race. He did not get the title easily, as Joshua Cheptegei had to battle, among others, Elvis Cheboi, who was hell bent on winning the title. 

The 5,000 meters was hit in 14:35, with much of the first 5,000 meters being led by two Japanese runners, Nagatani and Kesuki. Elvis Cheboi, then Joshua Cheptegei lead the chase pack, and as they got near the leaders, the pack drastically quickened.

Nagatani, Keisuke make go for the 10,000 meters, photo by

Over the last 5,000 meters, run in 13:57, Elvis Cheboi and Joshua Cheptegei battled. Cheptegei used a last lap of 59 seconds to take the win and give the first medal in the Word Juniors to Uganda! 
Yes! The same woman who won the World Junior 10,000 meter Race walk this morning in a new World Junior record, also took the bronze in the Prague Half Marathon! photo by

We asked our own Mr. Ubiquitous, Gary Morgan, a 1988 Olympian at 20,000m Race Walk, to write a piece about his past couple days, including the 10,000 meter race walk, won by Anezka Drahatova, who also races in cycling and on the roads as well! 
 NB: Photos from right Nicholas Leong (Kenyan Riders), Jean Paul (Director Kerio View Hotel), Brother Colm (Rudisha's Coach) and Jeroen Deen (Physio from NED)

Sahily Diago, photo by

SPIKES magazine prepared this issue especially for the World Junior Championships. Enjoy the issue, as it is chock-full of great anecdotes and stories about our sport. One of the wonderful things about SPIKES magazine is the quality of the design, stories and just unique, fun approaches to our sport! 

Pass it around to your friends! 

Leo Manzano is an Olympic silver medalist. Repeat that, Leo Manzano is the 2012 Olympic silver medalist. So, out of all the milers in the world, on the right day, in an Olympic final, Leo Manzano put it all on the line and delivered. 

Leo Manzano, Sacramento, June 2014, photo by

That is something special. An Olympic medal is one of those things that you just can forget. 

Move now to 2014. Leo Manzano is having one of his best seasons in years. He won the Pre International Mile on May 31. He won the USA Outdoor title on June 28. A week later, Leo runs 1:46.12 for the 800 meters. And in Glasgow, on July 12, Leo Manzano ran 3:34.40. After that race, we interviewed Leo for this piece. He told us how happy he was, with his training, his life, his coaching and sponsor relationships. He knew he would run faster. 

Well move to a week later, on July 18, in Monaco. At the Meeting Herculis, Leo Manzano runs 3:30.98, his fastest EVER. Leo and I chatted after the race, and he noted, " with three more races, I think I can run really fast." As in really fast meaning under 3:30. 

Well, Leo Manzano will spend the next several weeks back in the US, much of the time with his new coach, John Hayes. Manzano will train over the next month as the Commonwealth Games and European Games, back to back, give US athletes little chances to race at the elite level again until August 20 or so. 

Here is our interview with Leo Manzano, who is having an epic year. We can not wait to see how fast Leo Manzano can race in August! 

Tori Bowie, Rome DL, June 5,  2014, photo by

So, who is this skinny flash who is blazing down the tracks from Doha to Monaco? Well, it's Tori Bowie, and her 10.80 for the 100 meters is wicked fast, but, sports fans, Tori Bowie has a ways to go yet, before she gets to her top speed! 

Iceland's Anita Hinriksdottir focuses before winning her heat in the 800m at the 2014 IAAF World Junior Championships in Eugene, Ore. (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly)

Anita Hinriksdottir, photo by David Monti, RRW
Elvis Cheboi, Kenyan Jr Trials, photo by

Thanks to, here are some of the young stars that you will see this next week in Eugene during the 2014 World Junior Championships. 
Lamine Diack, IAAF, photo by David Monti, RRW

The World Junior Championships coming to Eugene has been a huge coup for Tracktown USA. Vin Lananna, the man with the vision thing on this event, is getting the credit that he deserves. The World Indoors will be in Portland in 2016, added to the portfolio of events that Lananna has brought to Oregon. 

Vin Lananna, remember, as coach at Stanford, brought US Championships to that famed campus and put the Payton Jordan Invitational on international footing. The big dream is still ahead: can the US host a World Outdoor Athletics Championships? 

This piece, by David Monti, of Race Results Weekly, puts the World Juniors hosting in the light it deserves: a huge coup for the US, and a huge feather in the hat of one Vin Lananna and his team. 

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