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And he goes, Dennis Kimetto breaks away from Emmanuel Mutai, photo by

Yes, there were pace makers, but for the first time in years, there were four men in Berlin who could break the world record. Emmanuel Mutai chasing Dennis Kimetto was a part of the reason the world record was broken. 

Watch for more of our coverage later this evening. What an amazing race! 
Paul Koech, Doha 2012, photo by

The sweepstakes for the 2019 World Outdoor Athletics Championships are on, and the bidders are Barcelona, Doha and Eugene. 

The bids are all quite different, and Barcelona, which was the host of the 1992 Olympic Games, has the support of the LOC and government, in a country that is battling tough economic times and a separatist movement much older and stronger than what we saw in Scotland this past summer. 

Doha wants the World Championships very bad. The Qatari government sees the World champs as a very reasonable way to promote their country and promote goodwill. With a new global airport being developed, and hotels going everywhere having an insane price on a cooling unit or units for the World Champs is a small price to pay for this country for global respect. Their biggest issue may be the current world stage, especially in Syria, Iran, Iraq. How many Europeans and North Americans will want to venture to Doha? The support by Qatar of the current Allied program to decimate ISIS or ISIL is a huge barometer change for Qatar (although it remains to be seen how ISIS/ISIL evolves or de-evolves). 

Eugene is a curious bid. The World Junior Champs, while being hailed as a huge success, was not in any way a test for the World Championships. Open complaints on availability of an international airport, hotel rooms, and stadium seating 40,000 are only the top challenges to TrackTown USA. 

The positives? Autzen Stadium, which could be retrofitted with a track to house the World Champs. A complete rebuilding of Hayward field, funded by the house that Phil Knight has built, and the absolute focus of Vinn Lananna, and the meet management savvy of Mike Reilly should not be discounted. One key observer opined that Nike was willing to spend $50 million to refit Hayward Field to make the event work. The volunteers, and the enthusiasm of the fans are key intangibles for the Eugene bid. 

The intangibles? The IAAF has recently signed an extension with Dentsu as its global marketing agency. This agency is responsible for sponsorship contracts and advertising. Most of the current sponsors are Japan based sponsors, with adidas being the major European sponsor. Dentsu has not seemed to have any luck bringing in American companies into the IAAF. 

For the IAAF to grow, a complete change in approach to presenting meets, athletes and our sport needs to be accomplished. 

The IAAF can change. Their approach to media, social media and content has given them a website second to none in the sports federation sweepstakes. That was the result of many people and interests working together for a common goal: promoting our sport. 

The lack of terrestrial television, make that free terrestrial television (where in North America, less than 1 in five Americans have access to Diamond League), hurts global athletics. Cable TV is not available to everyone. Streaming video is key for 14-29 crowd, and track meets, anytime on mobile units is key as well. 

I am an optimist. 

I want to see our sport grow, and see all three sites with positive reasons to host a World Championships. It is, however, important for global athletics to thrive, that a World Championships be hosted in the United States. The IAAF will have to take a deep breath and just improvise on some things, but, in the end, a World Champs in the US in the next five to six years makes a ton of sense. 
In this final piece by Alex Mills, a frequent contributor to RunBlogRun, Alex provides some of his favorite moments from the Diamond League in 2014. How do you note the best moments of the year? Alex gives it a very good try. 

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Let's make this perfectly clear.

I want to see a World Championships of the Outdoor persuasion in Estados Unidos. The challenges right now are the differences between the basic requirements from the IAAF and what the Eugene bid will offer.

The World Juniors were quite successful, however, they are not a World Championships. The Eugene bid will show how creative Tracktown can be and how much support the company that Phil Knight built will support the bid. Without Nike's support, the University of Oregon, and USA Track & Field, the bid would not be possible. 

For the success of the bid, all of those groups mentioned above have to work well together. 

However, with the rumored changes at Hayward, to develop a complex for track & field second to none, the Eugene bid may have some legs.

The decision between Eugene and Doha will be made in late November 2014. 

Stay tuned. 
Alex Mills provides us his second part of a three part feature on the Fourteen plus magic moments of the 2014 Diamond League.

I went to Eugene, NYC, Paris, Glasgow, Monaco, Stockholm, Birmingham, and Zurich this year, and found amazing events in each city. I have to say that Monaco blew my mind in terms of the amazing performances and Zurich was as wonderful as everyone had said. (Next year, Doha and Shanghai are top on the list).

My championships, from USA Outdoors, to World Juniors, to Commonwealth Games, to European Games and then, Continental Cup were also lots of fun, and would be highly recommended by me. I loved the Commonwealth Games just for its atmosphere and the Europeans show is one that must be seen. The World Juniors were fantastic this year! 

Enjoy Alex's comments on events seven to ten in this past track season, as we begin to wonder about how fast Berlin will be this coming weekend! 

Bohdan Bondarenko, Rome 2014 Golden Gala, photo by
Bondarenko soars over 2.42m, adidas GP NYC, photo by PhotoRun

The 2014 Diamond League season is over. Fourteen meets and as many great moments. We asked Alex Mills to countdown his fourteen favorite moments at the 2014 Diamond League fourteen events. Here is events 1-6.

Updated from EME News, September 20...

INDIANAPOLIS (USA): USATF has announced that top US sprinter and World medalist Wallace Spearmon has received a three month suspension due to a positive test for a banned substance. The three time World 200m medaIllist tested positive for the corticosteroid Methylprednisolone at the Edmonton International Classic meet on July 6. The 29 year old said "I was not trying to cheat, I made a mistake," and promised to give as much information as possible about the case. He said that the drug was administered by his physician, Dr Mark Bonner, to help him deal with seasonal allergies and sinus infections. He said that the drug was administered on June 10, but it was not detected by a doping test at the USA Championships on June 29. He said that he thinks that the increased use of his inhaler before the Edmonton race caused the positive reading.

Wallace Spearmon's fascinating series of tweets a week ago, noting that he will upset some of his fans and he was sorry about it has been answered with this USADA release,which showed up at end of day on Friday, September 19.

Sources note that said athlete perhaps had not provided USADA with prescription note for drug used to relieve pain with allergies. Without note, sanctions come quickly from USADA and WADA, the guardians of all things clean in athletics. 

Lesson number 106: If elite athletes don't want sanctions, follow the ever increasing amount of protocols from USADA and WADA. 

Wallace Spearmon, photo by
Kara Goucher speaking to fans at the 2014 Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half-Marathon race expo (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly)

(Editor's note: Kara Goucher is one of the most popular athletes in our sport. Her bronze medal in the World , two times competing in the Olympics, and marathon pedigree have made her quite popular with elite and citizen runners. That is why there was so much interest in Goucher when she left Nike, finally signing with Oiselle and Skechers. 

This past July, in Glasgow, Scotland, I met Mark Wetmore, the college coach of Kara Goucher, and last year, Kara began working with Wetmore once again (and Heather Borroughs). Kara is training with Jenny Simpson and Emma Coburn, who both finished their best seasons ever. 

Wetmore told me in July that Kara was training well and would be fine in the fall. The measure of a good coach is the confidence he or she gives to an athlete, besides their athletic performances. 

In the following piece on Kara Goucher,  by David Monte, editor of RRW, one sees a more mature athlete and thoughtful athlete, who seems poised to return to marathon racing this fall. )
One of the best races of the Continental Cup was the women's 100 meter hurdles. Tiffany Porter battled Dawn Harper-Nelson to a near photo finish, where Harper-Nelson runs 12.47, setting a Championship record, and Tiffany Porter runs 12.51, a new British record, and moving her way up in the always competitive, 100 meter hurdler food chain. 

Alex Mills wrote this piece on Tiffany Porter and her fine race in Marrakech. We thought you would like it....

harper, porter.jpg
Tiffany Porter battles Dawn Harper-Nelson, 
photo by Mike Deering/Shoe Addicts

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