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Pedro Pichardo, Numero UNO moment for first half of DL 2015 ! 
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We asked Cathal Dennehy to opine on the top ten moments of the first half of Diamond League 2015! Here is what he thinks, how about your ideas? Write to me at
Molly Huddle, Shalane Flanagan, photo by

The conditions were warm, and humid. Not the kind of weather one would order when one is racing 25 laps of a 400 meter Beynon track. 

Yet, the fans stayed, and they cheered, and they screamed and they worshiped their heroes. 

And for sixty minutes, the world was a good place.....
Mike Hartfield, photo by

I have been watching Mike Hartfield all spring. From a cold as hell day in Manchester, UK, to a series in Birmingham, England on June 8 that had me convinced that Hartfield is a giant killer. 

Well, on Friday night, June 26, Mike Hartfield had what we call "the sweet spot in time": on the right day, at the right time, Mike Hartfield called on something in himself, and there was an answer. 

A personal best that put him on the road to Beijing!

This story is written by Lindsay Rossmiller, a student in journalism at the University of Oregon's spring track journalism program, overseen by Lori Shontz. 

Lindsay Rossmiller has a voice, which some writers search for and never find. Her ability to reach out to the reader with a story of Mike Hartfield being able to visit his mother for the first time in a year catches one's heart strings. 

We look forward to seeing more pieces from Ms. Rossmiller. 
Emma Coburn, photo by

A wonderful third day of track & field in hot and humid Eugene, Oregon. The competitions are more than living up to the hype. 

Emma Coburn made her run from three laps out and set a new meet record with her 9:15.59 win. 

Matt Centrowitz took the race out at 600 meters and used a 51.95 last 400 meters to hold off fast charging Robbie Andrews and Leo Manzano. 

Here is how David Monte and Chris Lotsbom saw the middle distance races on the third day of the US Champs! 

Matthew Centrowitz, photo by

A compelling day of track and field on Friday, June 26, 2015. The weather, hot and blustery gave no respite for fan or athlete. 

The 100 meter races were full of fast rounds and finished with some new faces and some veterans as well. 

Roy Stevenson captures all of the action for you, round by round, with his first hand view of the national championships. 

His observations are hard one; as there was no cooling air in the media area either under the tent nor in the stands. 

So, we asked Chris Chavez to try some multi media work for us. Chris is writing a daily column (On Thursday, it was Galen Rupp, and one Friday, Casmir Loxsom). 

This project is on ESPN's Jill Montgomery, who spoke with Chris Chavez for just over a half an hour. 

Cheserek, Edward, Eric Jenkins, Will Geoghegan, William Kincaid, Kemoy Campbell.JPG
Robert Cheserek, Eric Jenkins, 
photo by Cheryl Treworgy, Pretty Sporty

Get in your run, grab a cold one (water, adult beverage), and listen to this provocative discussion. 

Jill Montgomery had some fine comments on the NCAA Outdoor Championships. Jill Montgomery is a renaissance women: she is a investment manager for Erik Kynard. 

Listen to this for five minutes and you will love Ms. Montgomery, she loves track and field and tells it like it is. 

Nice job by Chris Chavez and Pat Price. 

The journey of a young journalist is fraught with challenges. Finding the support to pursue one's profession is even harder in this day of media confusion. The major companies have no better idea of how the world of journalism will turn out than the small companies. Everyone has an opinion. 

Cas Loxsom, photo by

Sports journalism is no different. The world of running is a case in point. Few major organizations dedicate journalists to the world of athletics and running. 

That is Chris Chavez's dream, and he is fulfilling it. Chavez has recently signed with Sports Illustrated, and this summer, we are fortunate to have Chris developing several projects for RunBlogRun. 

During the USA Outdoors, Chris is doing a daily column and a podcast for us. 

Here is his column on Cas Loxsom, one of our most promising 800 meter runners. We think that you will like it as much as we have enjoyed reading it. Chavez has the ability to bring you into his story, and provide you with insights into his subject. 
Sean Furey, photo by

On Thursday night, I was sitting in the stands, near the start of the 1,500 meters, and watching the javelin with some of my friends. I chanced to look up and watch Sean Furey, on his last throw, let er rip and that javelin stayed in the air for long enough to hear "oooooh" and "whoooooa" from the javelin geeks sitting in front of me. 

Sean Furey won the javelin on his last throw, with  PB of 83.08 meters and a English measurement of 272 feet, 8 inches. 

Sean Furey is sponsored by ASICS. ASICS Tony Herr told me that Sean was one of his fun finds. "Sean just wanted to continue throwing and needed some support." 

Nice how those things happen. 

For javelin throwers, Sean Furey is pretty normal. Throwers have big personalities, like Breaux Greer, or Tom Petronoff. Sean Furey emotes when he throws, willing the javelin to find a current of air and just stay suspended for that many more seconds. 

A long javelin throw can take one's breath away. 

Here is a fine piece by Elliott Denman on Sean Furey and his magnificent obsession with the javelin. 
Matthew Centrowitz, photo by

Leo Manzano, photo by

One of the true battles that many are looking forward to this weekend is Leo Manzano vs Matthew Centrowitz. It is just one of the four that we asked Alex Mills, our columnist from the British Isles, to write about. 

Molly Huddle, photo by

Molly Huddle's 10,000m with, and her battle with Shalane Flanagan, and Galen Rupps battle with Ben True were two of the highlights of the Day One. Our resident Kiwi, Roy Stevenson, opines on day one and provides you a review of a fine night of athletics! 

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