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Renaud Lavillenie, Valerie Adams, 

IAAF Male and Female World Athlete of the Year, 

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MONACO (MON): For first time ever female thrower is the World Athlete of the Year, the New Zealand shot put queen Valerie Adams. She was awarded the title along with 100 000 USD prize money at the traditional World Athletics Gala in Monaco at an non-traditional place, Chapiteau de Fontvieille. „I am humble and honoured to get this award. It is very special for me, my country, all the throwers. First of all I want to thank you my coach Jean-Pierre Egger," said Adams. She was unbeaten this season and continues with the current longest winning streak of 56 competitions. Other finalists were Genzebe Dibaba and Dafne Schippers. French Pole Vault flying artist Renaud Lavillenie won after European trophy also the World Trophy as first male pole vaulter and only second jumper since Jonathan Edwards in 1995. „It is a dream come true for me, I could not expect more. Next year I want to win the World Championships gold as I do not have it in my collection." He plans fully compete already indoors, whereby Adams after two recent surgeries thinks about return in June. Other male finalists were Mutaz Essa Barshim and Dennis Kimetto.


Valerie Adams, 2014 IAAF's Women World Athlete of the Year,

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(Editor's comments: I have not been so pleased in picks on awards in years! First, the US picks Meb and Jenny, and now, two of our favorite global athletes, Valerie Adams and Renaud Lavillenie are Female and Male athletes of the year. Bravo!

Valerie had a tough season, even thought 56 straight wins don't show it! Fighting pain in each competition, Valerie kept her sense of humor (which makes press conferences with her a riot, put her and Greg Rutherford together and you have a lot of fun. )

Renaud Lavillenie, is, well, a superstar as well. His vaulting is superb. His ability to comprehend his event is fascinating, and his athleticism is, well, what makes him the French Bubka. 

I have to say, my respect for Renaud went up with his disappointment in Gothenburg in 2013. He knew that he would go higher, and in 2014, in one short month, he did!)


Renaud Lavillenie, 2014 IAAF Male Athlete of the Year, photo by

Genzebe Dibaba, IAAF Studio, photo by

MONACO (MON): Genzebe Dibaba's main goal for the 2015 season is to win the World 5000 m title in Beijing, inform IAAF. The 2014 World Athlete of the Year candidate also has high goals for the indoor season, where she hopes to break the world indoor 5000m record in Stockholm before racing the mile in Birmingham.  Serving as an interpreter for Genzebe was her 18 year old sister Anna, the latest in the line of the Dibaba dynasty, which also includes Olympic silver medallist Ejegayehu. Anna started training last year, while her 16-year-old sister Melat may also be a name for the future.

Anna and Genzebe Dibaba, photo by

Renaud Lavillenie, King of the Pole Vault, photo by

MONACO (MON): Pole vault World record holder Renaud Lavillenie said: "One thing I haven't won is the World Championships, so that still carries me forward. I have an opportunity next year. But then if I win one I want to win two, and if I won two I want three. I have three European titles and I now want four. I want my trophy cabinet at home to be the biggest one of all. To do this would be so difficult if I didn't love the sport. I am so lucky to have found a sport that I love and this is the core of my motivation." He plans full indoor season next year. 

(Editor's note: Renaud Lavillenie may be one of the most daredevil athletes in our sport. An accomplished motorcycle racer, a decathlete, a pole vaulter , Lavillenie is competitive and wants to achieve. All the things needed to be a great athlete and fine pole vaulter. 

Renaud is one of the candidates for the World Athlete of the Year for 2014). 
 Genzebe Dibaba, photo by

Dennis Kimetto, photo by

MONACO (MON): Names of Athletes of the Year 2014 will be revealed during the traditional World Athletics Gala on Friday evening at the Chapiteau de Fontvieille. The World of athletics will see new names taking the honors. Men finalists are Renaud Lavillenie, Dennis Kimetto and Mutaz Essa Barshim and women Valerie Adams, Genzebe Dibaba and Dafne Schippers. Only the Dutch sprinting European champion is expected to miss the Gala evening. Never a male pole vaulter or high jumper won the award, actually only Jonathan Edwards with win in 1995 is a previous winner as classical jumper. On the women side never a thrower won the trophy. 
Beijing August 2009.jpg
Beijing, August 2009

We will be in Beijing next summer. I am looking forward to returning. 2008 was an amazing Olympics, and I truly enjoyed my time in China. The official qualification standards for Beijing 2015 have been approved and the new website for Beijing 2015 has been opened! 

This week in Monaco proves to be quite busy! It was not enough to decide on the four championship venues on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are full days of meetings, plus the Athletes of the Year on Friday and the IAAF Gala.  

A very busy day in Monaco, with some happy people and some unhappy people. Such are events where championships are chosen: there are winners and losers. 

Stockholm 2014, DN Galan, photo by

The most anticipated announcement was for the 2019 World Athletics Championships. Doha had done their homework, and won out in the end. It was not, thought, without a fight from Tracktown USA, the US bid. In the first round, Eugene surprised Barcelona, 9-6 with Doha at 12. In the final round, Doha won with 15 votes to 12 votes by Eugene. 

This was Doha's second attempt, and Eugene's first. Eugene overcame many of the aspersions held against it: lack of international airport, lack of hotel rooms, small stadia. 

Ostrava won the right to hold the 2018 Continental Cup, while Kampala will host the 2017 World Cross CountChampionships and Nairobi will host the 2017 World Youth Championships! 

Congrats to all cities that bid on hosting an athletic event! 
Watching Desi Linden in New York was both exhilarating and nerve wracking for those watching the tough American distance runner. Desi Linden ran a 2:22:38 at Boston in April 2011, coming within steps of winning. In 2012, she made the Olympic team, then injured herself and has been on the comeback trail for the past eighteen months. In Boston in April 2014, Desi Linden ran 2:23:58, finishing tenth in the super fast Boston race. 

The 2014 TCS New York City Marathon was to be a litmus test for Desi Linden. Could she come back to her 2011 level of fitness? 

Des Linden, NYC Marathon 2014, photo by

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Rita Jeptoo, 2014 Boston Marathon, photo by

New York, New York . Friday, October 31, 2014

Updated on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. 

In an exclusive to RunBlogRun, trusted sources have confirmed that, at the end of September 2014, Rita Jeptoo tested positive in her A sample test for a banned substance in an out of competition testing. The out of competition testing procedure was done in Kenya. The testing was done by a urine sample. 

The complete story is published below. 
The marathon, as many have said before me, is a cruel mistress. Some of the most fit athletes can show up and have bad days, then, some of the most fit athletes can loose by a short margin, and be haunted for the next year about their performance. 

Consider, if you will, the story of Mark Kiptoo.

Updated 4 pm Sunday, October 26, with photos and more trivia. 

Mark Kiptoo is, relentless, 2014 BMW Frankfurt Marathon, photo by

We asked Jeff Benjamin, a long-time contributor to American Track & Field and RunBlogRun, to review the magnum opus of our sport, Athletics-A History of Modern Track and Field Athletics by Roberto L. Quertecani.

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