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This is day 2 of the championship weeks as some of you build to NB Outdoors, AAU and USATF Juniors. For those not competing anymore in track, we have the soft launch of the HOKA ONE ONE Postal XC Training in next note. For those working on the championships, it is key that you get some rest, hydrate, warm up and cooldown well.

Hoka One One 1.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, to learn more about this fine brand, please go to

Tuesday, June 5, 2018: warm up, 4 times 400 meters, 400 meter walk in between, 400 meters at 800m race speed, 4 x 150 meter stride outs, cooldown.

As I await the rain, in lovely Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, I am writing another six deep thougthts column. I am in Wisconsin getting my physical, which is something that you all should do on a yearly basis. I am getting a full physical, diabetes tests, PSA test ( guys, if you are over 50, get it done every year, if you are 30 to 50, ask your doctor) and a full stress test. I am 59, and too many of my friends have had heart issues, cancer and other issues. It is the best way to show your spouse, family and friends that you care about them and yourself. Okay, off my high horse.

This is my six deep thoughts on the IAAF World Indoor Tour, and what we should learn from them! If you have questions, please email me at [email protected].

In deep thoughts, we are trying to focus on the positives on the sport. Any one can write about negatives, but we all know those. How do we focus on the big positive themes? Here we go!

Simpson_JennyFHL-NBind18.jpGJenny Simpson winning 3000 meters in Boston, New Balance Indoor GP, photo by

Merber_Kyle4xM1-OConnor17.jpgKyle Merber, second leg of WR 4x800m , shown from WR 4x1Mile Indoor from February 2017, photo by
Relay indoor WR at 4x800 m
BOSTON (USA, Feb 25): The Hoka One One New Jersey/New York Track Club set a pending 4x800m world record at Boston University Last Chance meet, timing 7:11.30 to get the narrow win over Atlanta Track Club which also got with 7:11.84 under the previous standard (7:13.11 US All-Stars from 2014). Joe Mcasey (1:49.03), Kyle Merber (1:47.11), Chris Giesting (1:47.43), and Jesse Garn (1:47.33) combined to set the new world mark. Also, a USA high school record was smashed in the 800m, as Josh Hoey (Pennsylvania) ran 1:47.67 to place second. Winner Christian Harrison 1:46.83. Hoey, who is headed to the University of Oregon in the fall, beat Robby Andrews's mark of 1:49.21. There were also fast times in the mile (3:53.40 for Izaic Yorks and 4:30.98 for Nicole Tully), and a world-leading mark in the 5000m for Emily Sisson (15:13.76). Ce´aira Brown posted 2:00.86 in the 800 m, new PB. Bolade Ajomale of Canada won the 60 m in 6.63 and 200 m in 20.67 indoor PB. Behind him national indoor records for Ghana (20.79 Martin Owusu-Antwi) and Montserrat (20.89 Julius Morris).

RunBlogRun opines: Torun, Poland is the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543). Nicolaus revolutionized astronomy and contributed to modern economics with his writings and discoveries. Mr. Copernicus was an astronomer, classics scholar, diplomat, economist, governor, mathmatician, physician and translator. Nicolaus had the degrees from the Universities of Krakow, Bologna, Padua and Ferarra. Okay, in my day, we would called this man a genius! Today, we might call him a rocket scientist.

His book, De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On the revolutions of the celestial spheres), was published near his death in 1543. Copernicus proved (as Aristarchus of Samos had done in 300 B.C.E.) that the Earth was not the center of the universe. In fact, the Earth revolved around the sun. Back in the Reformation, and Renaissance, there were great moments of discovery and the brutalness of ignorance. Copernicus faced the wrath of ignorance on the political and religious level oin his contemporary world. Sounds a bit like today, n'est-ce pas?. This man changed our world. Kind of cool that the Copernicus Cup exists.

TaLou_Marie200SF1-WC17.jpgMarie-Jose TaLou ran 7.14 in 60m in Torun, photo by

So, how could the meet director not name the meet after Torun's favorite son, Mr. Copernicus? Hence the Copernicus Cup, now in it's fourth year, shined with the athletic stars of Poland, the Slovak Republic, Great Britian and the Cote D'Ivoire, among many.

Piotr Lisek, the European Indoor Champion (Belgrade 2017) and silver medalist at the World Indoor, cleared 5.91 meters, the world leader and a meet record. Jan Vulko, the Slovak star, ran 6.57 NR in a tight win with Andrew Fisher, who ran 6.59. Adam Kszczot entertained the Polish fans as the European champion won the 800 meters in 1:46.75.

Bukowiecki_KonradQW-WorC17.jpgKonrad Bukowiecki threw 22.00 meters even, and BOOM! European U23 record and Polish NR Indoor! photo by

Konrad Bukowiecki threw 22.00 meters, a new European U23 and Polish record! Tomas Stanek was at 21.80m, having already won the shot put wild card! He will be in Birmingham.

Lasitskene_MariaQ-WC17.jpgMaria Lasitskene clears 2.00 meters, her 36th win in a row! photo by

On the women's side, Marie Jose TaLou won the 60m in 7.11 over Dina Asher-Smith in 7.14. TaLou is numero deux on the 2018 List behind fellow athlete from the Cote'd'Ivoire, Murielle Ahoure. Maria Lasitskene cleared 2.00m, and tried 2.05 meters, winning her 36th event in a row!

A fantastic event! How do you not put the Copernicus Cup on the bucket list? Congrats to IAAF on an excellent broadcast via FB and twitter, the present and future of our sport broadcasting.

Here is the report number 8 for the 2017-18 European Athletics results. This report, like all others, are compiled and edited by Carles Baronet, the editor of Track in Sun Blogspot. We encourage you to check out his blog! Please enjoy this report, done the week before the major European indoor national championships.

Sprunger_LeaQ-London17.jpgLea Sprunger, photo by


Marcin Lewandowski, photo by

Obiri_Hellen-CampaccioXC18.jpgHellen Obiri, photo by

Asher_DinaSF-Oregon14.jpgDina Asher-Smith, photo by

The Copernicus Cup will be happening on Thursday, February 15. Here is some news, from our friends at EME News, regarding Hellen Obiri, Marcin Lewandowski, and Dina Asher-Smith. Hellen Obiri is considering the double in Birmingham, which would be awesome! Marcin Lewandowski, who I met when we shared a taxi from Amsterdam to Hengelo in 2011, is a fun guy, and it has been great to see him develop from the 800m to the 1,500 meters. Dina Asher-Smith? Was fortunate to chat with Dina after a meet. What a relaxed, charming person, who is patient with the media.

Truth is, there are very few athletes that, if you do some research, one can not find something fascinating about. Their journeys to finding their limits are all worthy of contemplation and consideration. That is part of the reason why we love our sport, and that is part of the connection.

The 2018 IAAF World Indoor Tour has been living up to the hype. Provide a series of intimate halls or stadiums, build the meets around strong rivalries, reach out with streaming video and vibrant social media, and we have a great season upon us!

With the wild cards from the IAAF World Indoor Tour (one of my favorite points), and the World Indoor coming to Birmingham from March 1-4, 2018. The Copernicus Cup, held in Torun, Poland. The Polish indoor meet circuit is very good, and it is on my bucket list.

Thanks to EME News for their fine pre view of the meet series.

Lisek_Piotr1-World16.jpgPiotr Lisek, can he win the Tour PV in Torun?, photo by


Maria Lasitskene, can she extend her winning streak to 36 events? photo by

Stanek_Tom-RomeDL15.jpgTomas Stanek, this Czech star is at top of his game photo by

Ed Cheserek is a special being. If you get a chance to speak with him, you understand that he is the wonderful combination of Kenyan and American culture. Ed has been in the U.S. for many of his formative years, and his talent as a high schooler was evident. Under Andy Powell's guidance, Ed Cheserek honed his racing skills.

Kidder-Piazza-Cheserek-Hemery18.jpgBrannon Kidder, Drew Piazza, Ed Cheserek, photo by

For some reason, I had some who would like to say that Ed was a fine college racer, but, could he go to the next level. For Ed Cheserek, he showed that he was human at the end of his senior year, with some injuries.

Then, Skechers Performance picked him up, and with Steve Haas, Ed Cheserek is beginning to train as a professional. The young man obviously has great talent. But, this guy has some racing skills. Consider this past weekend.

Cheserek_Ed1g-Hemery18.jpgEd Cheserek, 3:49.44, photo by

On February 9, Ed Cheserek ran a 3:49.44 mile, the number 2 all time indoor mile EVER. Ed Cheserek put it all over the last 400 meters as he ran to his limit, for the day. On Saturday, February 10, 2018, Cheserek battled an Olympic bronze medalist (Gebrehiwet) and silver medalist (Gebremeskel), and won the 3000 meters at the New Balance in 7:38.74.

Engels_Craig-Sander18.jpgCraig Engels, photo by

BOSTON: During second day of David Hemery Invitational Craig Engels won the mile in 3:53.93, Sam Ellison 1:46.49 in the 800 m and Christian Herrison 1:02.19 in the 500 m. In sprints Juander Santos of Dominican Republic 46.52 in the 400 m and Guyana´s Winston George 20.76 in the 200 m, national record.

Oakley-EngelsFHH-Sander18.jpgOakley and Engels, photo by

Coleman_Christian-NBind18.jpGChristian Coleman, photo by

Kinsey_Erika-NBind18.jpGErika Kinsey, photo by

Westaway_JennaFH-NBind18.jpGJenna Westaway, photo by

Richards_Jareem-NBind18.jpGJareem Richards, photo by

What makes the Reggie Lewis Center so magical? For over two decades, the New Balance Indoor GP has been hosted at the Reggie Lewis Center. I love walking onto the track during the final set up, and from the media section, I watch the stands fill.

Over about an hour, the place goes from dead quiet to standing room only. And there is this rhythm in the Reggie. The meet focuses on the middle distance races, but the high jump, the sprint and sprint hurdles get the fans attentnion. Then, each year, all hell breaks loose. A surprise race, a close finish, and finally, the mile, the 1,500 meters and the 3000 meters.

With a great final race, the fans go out talking and are already looking for the next year. That is the magic of the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix.

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