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  JIm Spivey, USA Outdoors, 1991, 
photo by Victah Sailer/ 

Jeff Benjamin reached out to one of America's finest milers, Jim Spivey right after the Millrose Games. Now a manager at ASICS America, Jim has served the sport as an athlete, coach and in management at footwear brands. 

In this piece, Jim Spivey provided us with some thoughtful advice for young milers who are coming up through the American system. Spivey knows all about that. In his early career, Jim was a well respected rabbit in European races. When he got better, the meet directors remembered how fine he had run for them, and it was one of those intangibles that helped Spivey in his career. 

Jordan Hasay is having a super indoor season. Starting with a two mile win at the Armory Track Invitational, Jordan Hasay has run a fine mile in NYR MIllrose and ran a huge PB of 8:50 at last weekend's Sainsbury's Birmingham Indoor GP.

Jordan Hasay, Carlsbad 2014, photo by

Jordan Hasay did this interview with me at the NYRR Media morning on February 13, 2015. Special thanks to David Monti for putting the interviews together. 

Jordan Hasay is coming into her own, and racing well early in 2015. We wish her the very best this season. 

Early adidas track spike, courtesy of adidas Communications

(Editor's note: The following piece is on a new and innovative club in New Jersey, the adidas Garden State Track Club. We thanks Jeff Benjamin, a long time contributor to RunBlogRun, American Track & Field, and yes, even, American Athletics. )

Updated February 24, Last name is Schneekloth.

The Garden State Track Club
By Jeff Benjamin

In today's complex athletics world, it is difficult for post-collegiate American athletes to find a club willing to support it's endeavors, particularly those who are just below the cusp of regional and national levels. Coach Gagliano's NY-NJ Track Club has filled the void for many of the elites of the sport in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut tri-state area.area. 
However for an aspiring athlete performing below that level, there is a place--the Garden State Track Club. It's President and founder Chuck Schneekloth has now attempted to fill that void  . Setting standards of team camaraderie and inclusiveness throughout the state, the Garden State Track Club has emerged as a rising club in the area, filling a much-needed void.

I had the opportunity to interview Chuck recently--
Greg Rutherford, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Greg Rutherford did a fantastic interview at the Sainsbury's Birmingham Indoor GP Presser on Friday, February 20. 

Rutherford, the 2012 London Olympic Games champion continues to add to his resume as one of the finest jumpers of his era, but also one of the most relaxed interviewers in sport. With his wife and new son, Milo, at the meeting, Rutherford would set four PBs during the next day's meeting, finally winning the long jump with a final leap of 8.17 meters, after leaping 8.03m meters, 8.08 meters, and 8.10 meters. 

In his only competition of the indoor season, Greg Rutherford told us afterwards that he is now off to Phoenix and the World Athletics Throw Center for some winter and spring training. His focus in 2015? The World Championships in Beijing in August. 

The pressers at the Sainsbury's events, managed by British Athletics, are some of the best in the sport. A group of Britain's finest sports media, along with yours truly, were assembled around a table as Mo Farah sits on the other side. 

Galen Rupp, Mo Farah, A Day in the Life, April 2013, photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images/IAAF

Tape recorders, old school and digital ( I use and an app on my iphone), are marked on as it is announced that we have fifteen minutes with Mo Farah. Part of the marketing deal between elite athletes and British athletics events is two hours of media time, broken up for photos, TV interviews and pressers such as this. 

The media from various organizations agree on an embargo time on many of the interviews, out of respect for newspaper deadlines, and we are off.

I found Mo Farah quite relaxed. He spoke openly on his training and his social media issues with Andy Vernon. I thought that his response on the twitter war was well done, and should be the model for other athletes who letter their tweeting get them in a bit of trouble. In the end, Mo took his hit and explained his issue with Andy Vernon. Mr. Vernon did not come off as good, and he was lambasted in twitter world and British press. 

Note that while Mo Farah talks about wanting to get a PB in the two mile, he was careful to talk about a World Record. Forensically, I found out that the World record attempt had been in the plans for two weeks. A British pacer was found and Paul Koech was found to help the pace through 2 kilometers. 

Mo Farah is well liked by most of his competitors. Bernard Lagat noted that Mo Farah was quite clear with him that he would go with six laps or if the pace dawdled, Mo would go earlier. Bernard noted that most athletes are not like that. 

Mo Farah is a special one....

After seeing Nick Willis and Matt Centrowitz battle at the Millrose Mile, I am convinced once again, that we have the best sport in the world! The job of AAM, the Association of Athletic Managers, is to represent the finest athletes in the world. 

The Association of Athletics Managers is nearly eleven years old, having been founded in November 2004. Their most recent meeting was in Lisbon, Portugal, right after the New York City Marathon. 

We provided questions to the board in November 2014 and they responded in December 2014. We encourage all elite athletes to find a registered athletic manager. After reading this interview, please go to for more information. 

Willis and Centrowitz in a thrilling mile! photo by

The answers below are quite politic at times, and also quite honest as well. The AAM is one of the key players in the athletics community. As the sports looks at some important changes over the next several years, AAM should be playing a real part in those changes. 

RunBlogRun thanks the AAM for their consideration and support. 
            Jeroen Deen with Aselefech Mergia and Lucy Kabuu 
in Dubai,
photo by Justin Lagat
Laura Roesler, TrackTown14, photo by

Sarah Barker wrote the following piece on 800 meter specialist and 2014 Bowerman Award winner Laura Roesler. Laura is now training in Texas as a professional runner after a career at Oregon that saw Roesler named All American seventeen times and win five NCAA Championships! 
How does a great athlete retire, and when? Does one go down fighting or, leave at the zenith of their career? 

Terrence Trammell, Moscow 2006, photo by

Terrence Trammell has been part of the American hurdle scene and World scene for nearly a decade and one half. 

In this piece, penned by Elliott Denman, Terrence Trammell speaks of his career as a tapestry of a period of his life: his joys, his frustrations, his wonderful letter from the great Harrison Dillard. 

A wonderful tribute to such an amazing athlete. 

We wish you best wishes on the next part of your journey, Terrence! 

Terrence Trammell, US Olympic Trials 2008, photo by
Thumbnail image for Coburn_Emma1-Stockholm14.JPG
Emma Coburn, photo by

At the beginning of 2014, Emma Coburn won the Shanghai DL in 9:19, with most of her competition wondering if she was a rabbit. At the US Championships, Emma Coburn won in the heat of Sacramento, again with a sub 9:20 time. 

Across Europe, Emma Coburn race gallantly and brilliantly, dropping her pb from 9:24 at the beginning of the season to 9:14 in Paris, then, 9:11.42 in Glasgow. In the heat of the moment, someone did not remind Emma that a doping test was needed for an AR. That USATF just notified her of it this week is pretty normal bureaucracy, but it does not make the pain of the fine race going unrecognized any less frustrating. 

I am the person who asked Emma Coburn her thoughts on the non ratification. Emma respectfully declined to respond. That is her prerogative. She wanted to focus on the race this weekend. 

Kudos to New Balance who paid Emma Coburn her AR bonus, not because they had to, but because, it was the right thing to do. 

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