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Rotich_CarolineFV-Boston15.jpgCaroline Rotich, Boston 2015, photo by

Caroline Rotich won the 2015 Boston marathon in a rough and tumble battle over the last six miles. The very next day, Mizuno, her sponsor, renewed her contract, and did a congragulatory ad for her in key running magazines.

Caroline returns to Boston on Sunday, October 11, 2015. This time, Caroline Rotich will race the B.A.A. Half marathon!

Please enjoy this story of Chris Lotsbom, for Race Results Weekly, one of our partners. This article, we use with RRW's permission.

careyandjoan.jpgCarey Pinkowski and Joan Benoit Samuelson, photo by David Monti, RRW, used with permission.

Way back in 1977, in the predecessor of Outside magazine, Mariah, there existed a wonderfully thoughtful writer named John Jerome. He wrote a piece on Frank Shorter, who, after having won two Olympic medals, a gold and a silver, had brought much focus on the marathon distance in the U.S. Men and women were putting on their running shoes, buying copies of Runners World (went from 50,000 subscribers to 400,0000), and running one of the big city marathons (New York, Chicago, LA then).

In that article on Frank Shorter, the late John Jerome wrote one of the most prophetic lines about a marathoner ever: " In putting 26 miles together at five minutes per mile, Frank Shorter invented running." I always thought that Jerome had encapsulated the first running boom in that one sentance. I was, and am, so in awe of that line.

Now, move, dear readers, to the present. Joan Benoit Samuelson has been not only a beacon of running, but a beacon of promoting opportunities for women in sport and championing her sponsor, Nike, and its realization of the opportunities in athletics with women.

Joan Benoit Samuelson is celebrating her 30th anniversary of her epic victory in Chicago over Ingrid Kristiansen, in an American record that lasted 18 years. Joan Samuelson was not about fun running, nor was this about finishing. Joan Samuelson, on the shoulders of runners such as Nina Kusick, Jacqueline Hansen, Christi Vahlensheck and Lorraine Molller, built up the focus around women's marathoning. Samuelson raced hard, no quarter given, no quarter asked.

Joan Benoit stole the Los Angeles Olympic marathon, and while naysayers commented on TV, Joan won the first Olympic title. Her battle in 1985 against Kristiensen was a gut wrenching battle where two fine athletes red lined the pace for 21 plus miles before the Mainer stubborness of Joan Benoit Samuelson overcame the stoic Norgwegian Kristiansen.

Watching Joan now, I still see that stubbornness. I wonder how Scott, her husband, and a keen observer of this sport, has been able to help her focus her drive and energy.

Here is the piece by David Monti, written on Thursday for Race Results Weekly. We use this piece with permission.

Jager_Evan1a-Paris15.JPGEvan Jager, photo by

Evan Jager had a tumultuous year in 2015.

Moments of clarity, moments of frustration, moments of grandeur. We asked Cathal Dennehy to catch up with America's finest steeple chaser. For Evan, there is now time for rest, then, the long build up, observed by his coach, Jerry Schumacher and their team, as Mr. Jager builds for Rio de Janeiro.

Thumbnail image for Mutai_EmmanuelPC-Berlin15.JPGEmmanuel Mutai, 2015 BMW Berlin Press conference, photo by

Emmanuel Mutai is one of the fastest marathoners in the world.

He is also part of the same training group with Eliud Kipchoge. Emmanuel Mutai and Eliud Kipchoge workout together three times a week.

Kipchoge has lost one marathon, and that was to Wilson Kipsang. He then defeated Kipsang in London. Mutai has placed well in most of his marathons, winning only one.

Will this be the race where he really puts the pedal to the proverbial metal?

Here is the interview done by Andy Edwards at the pre Berlin Marathon interviews. Andy Edwards does the interviews for his company, Race News Service.

Kastor_DeenaM-Dallas14.JPgDeena Kastor, photo by

Deena Kastor took off fast this morning in San Jose. I arrived at the finish line of 5k to see the top two men, 15:42 and then, 15:44, and then, Deena Kastor in 15:48.

Deena recovered quickly and we chatted for a few minutes.

This is the interview I did right after the race.

Pippig-HahnerPC-Berlin15.JPGUtta Pippig and Anna Hahner, Berlin Press Conference, photo by

Andrew Edwards interviewed both Utta Pippig and Anna Hahner at the 2015 BMW Berlin Press conference. Hahner and Pippig represent different eras of German distance running.

Mutai-Kipchoge-MutaiPC-Berlin15.JPGEmmanuel Mutai, Eliud Kipchoge, Geoffrey Mutai, Berlin Presser, September 25, 2015, photo by

This is how Justin Lagat considers the field for the 2015 BMW Berlin Marathon. Let's see how our friend from handicaps the race.

Mutai-Kipchoge-MutaiPC1-Berlin15.JPGEmmanuel Mutai, Eliud Kipchoge, Geoffrey Mutai, 2015 BMW Berlin Presser, photo by

The 2015 BMW Berlin Marathon will be held in Berlin on Sunday, September 27. On one of the fastest courses in the world, some of the world's fastest and fittest marathoners will be racing. RunBlogRun will be covering the race, LIVE around

Here is Cathal Dennehy's feature on the Men's Berlin Presser, which happened, on September 25, 2015.

Mutai_GeoffreyPC-Berlin15.JPGGeoffrey Mutai, September 25, 2015, Berlin Interview, photo by

This interview of Geoffrey Mutai was done by Andy Edwards of Race News Service. Geoffrey is one of the fastest men EVER over the marathon distance. His run in Boston, on a non record course, surprised many, but should not have. Mutai is a marathon road warrior.

Enjoy the interview from our global partners, Race News Service. Geoffrey Mutai has had a series of sub par marathon performances, but is hoping for a fast one.

Kipchoge_EluidPC-Berlin15.JPGEliud Kipchoge, photo by

Our Kenyan correspondent, Justin Lagat, tells the story of some young students, not familiar with Eliud Kipchoge, watching him do repeat 1000 meters and noting the "electricity" of his running.

This writer remembers asking Eliud in Chicago why he was smiling after 35k in Chicago in 2014, when he decimated the field.

What shall we see in Berlin tomorrow? A smile and electricity?

We shall have to wait just less than a half a day!

Here is the interview of Eliud Kipchoge by Andy Edwards, done this week!

Andy Edwards did this interview for Race News Service, our global partner in covering the marathons of the world.

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