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Craig Masback, photo courtesy of

_61787353_ovett3.jpgSteve Ovett, photo courtesy of BBC

Craig Masback was a fine miler, used his love of the sport to build a media commentating career. Steve Ovett, an Olympic champion, an a mile WR holder, used his love of the sport, his sense of humor to build a career in sports commentating on the other side of the pond.

In this short review, Jeff Benjamin writes of their styles and attention to detail that make them popular sports commentators in the sport of athletics.

Runners World has been the focus of many in the running community since its inception. Somewhere in my archives, I have the first issue. I have always been grateful for my time at Runners World, 1981-1987, as it opened my opportunities in the media world.

1971may.jpg1971 cover of Runners World, courtesy of RW

My affection for the magazine has grown over the decades. My respect for the absolutely hard work of keeping a media culture vibrant and successful goes for Runner's World and Rodale Press.

A serious running publication in its early days, the average RW reader today is a woman, who sees running as a daily act of living. As the age demographic goes up, how does RW attract young runners, and more performance based runners? Former editor, Amby Burfoot once told me that we did not publish the magazine for ourselves, we published it for our readers. Sage advice for then, and now.

2014october.jpgOctober 2014, a recent redesign

But, how do you breathe new life and new growth into a cultural icon? That is Betty Wong Ortiz's job as Editor in Chief for RW. Her picks of Matt Gross Marissa Stephenson and Brian Dalek shows the level of professionalism that Ms. Ortiz considers in rebuilding her new challenge.

The media world is in an evolutionary spin right now, and so is Runner's World and Rodale. At RW, Betty Wong Ortiz, the new Editor in Chief, is bringing in key people to build the RW culture. Where will the magazine go in the future?

Stay tuned.

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