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Inside the Games is one of the most important sources on the global sports movement. It should be read every day.

This piece on the Canadian Olympic President is a developing story.

More to come.

Sanders15159_2-98.jpgKimpton Hotels, courtesy of Kimpton

Kimpton Hotels is a collective of 60 boutique hotels and 70 restaurants and bars across the U.S. The hotels and restaurants provide the traveler a chance to experience the local cultures and community. We noticed the following press release on the Kimpton hotels in NYC's program with the Mile High Run Club. A great idea to combines a nice weekend of fun in the Big Apple, workouts over two days and some fun meals and perhaps, cocktails, in a very cool bar, as well as two nights in the unique hotels that are the Kimpton Hotel group!

Write us and tell us what you think of this program at

 Left to right: Jim Weber, CEO of Brooks Running; Alex Bennett, VP of Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series; Dan Sheridan EVP of Brooks Running; and John Smith, SVP of CGI at the 2015 Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon.

The RNR Series started with RNR San Diego in 1998, I believe. Hard to imagine the growth and the continued interest. It is staggering. Brooks and RNR have been partners for several years now, both brands have grown with the other. 

This is a fine example of how relationships continue to be key in the growth and success of our sport. 
David Hunter wrote this fine piece about how a relationship forged over years of working together with an event, in this case, the Akron Marathon, continues to build benefits as brands and events look at additional ways to impact a market and a community!

David Hunter is resting up, as he will be joining RunBlogRun in Beijing for our daily coverage of the World Champs (which we have covered since 1995 in Goteborg). 


Goodyear Senior VP Paul Fitzhenry [dark blue shirt] in conversation with Race Series Executive Director Anne Bitong [hands behind her back], Race Co-Founder Jeannine Marks [hands in front of her] and Race Co-Founder Steve Marks [forward right]

The running footwear business, at the performance level, takes no prisoners. At this time, our RN footwear editor, Cregg Weinmann tracks over 48 brands in performance running. To be a player in the performance running business, one must make consistently great product, have great consumer service, have a team that understands that their most important work is done on the weekends, at road races and track meets around the globe, and support the sport. 

Under Armour is getting that. Their first steps into running resulted in some very tough lessons. But, in this commercial, and with recent additions to their team, UA is showing that they get it. The commercial featuring UA athletes Natasha Hastings and Manteo Mitchell, with the alway fun Jamie Fox, is memorable. 

Why? Because UA has communicated their mantra in a setting that is real for runners, track athletes and sports fans alike. Jamie Fox uses humor and focus to show that those aspirations you have, whether on the dirt track in San Jose, California at the local junior high, or at the 200 meter indoor track at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston, when the USA Indoors are on the line, and all place in between, your goals are important to Under Armour. 

Nicely done, Under Armour. 


Now in it's forty-first year, California Track & Running News is the official publication of the four associations of USA Track & Field in California & Northern Nevada. 

We have embedded the issue, our first of five this year. We deliver a print version as well as a digital version. USATF members get the magazine as part of their yearly membership. Others who want to subscribe can write for info to 
Sergey Bubka, photo by 

On January 28, Sergey Bubka announced that he was making a bid for the IAAF Presidency which will be vacant in August 2015 with the departure of Lamine Diack. Sergey Bubka joins Sebastian Coe as candidates for what looks to be a very hotly contested position. Here is what Mr. Bubka sent us on why he should be considered for the IAAF Presidency. 
Here is the video supplied by Race News Service on the exciting 2015 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, which was held on Friday, January 23, 2015. For those of us who can not stay up all night, here is a highlight tape of the Dubai Marathon. An amazingly exciting women's race, and a surprise ending in the men's marathon are to be enjoyed! 

Dear readers,

My brother, Brian, started me on in 2007. I was apprehensive at first, and then, it became more. Thanks, dear brother. 

Brian told me to write about my experiences, my thoughts, my love of the sport. Several times a day, I do just that. 

During those seven years, I have learnt about you, our readers. I know that you care about our sport, and in this world overly saturated with media options, you read RunBlogRun & the Running Network. 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ArcadiaXC NXN.jpg
NXN Photo, photo from Nike communications 

I thank you on behalf of the 36 publishers in Fortius Media Group, Running Network, RunBlogRun and the Shoe Addicts. 

In May 2013, I walked myself to an emergency room, and spent nearly two weeks in the hospital. After some testing, the hospital figured out I had diabetes. I had to pull my head out of the proverbial backside, and change my diet, walk every day, and start taking care of myself. But, it was my family: my parents, my son, Adam, my brother, Brian and my sisters, who encouraged me to take care of myself. 

In January 2014, I went into business with my brother and my son. Fortius Media Group represents our former partners in the RunningNetwork, and fourteen other publishers, print and digital (you can find our list of publishers on

In August 2014, we purchased the assets of the RunningNetwork. That just completes the circle of what we do with our partners.  

After 18 months, I am off insulin and diabetic medications. I walk each day, eat six times a day (watching carbs), have lost weight, and feel better each day. I also received notes from many of you, encouraging me to walk and take care of myself. 

In your honor, we are making a donation to Rainbow Hospice in Wisconsin, a cause supported by my late friend and former CFO, Tom Mack. Tom was a very special friend, who taught me much about running a business, who died this past August. His jokes, and his kindness are what I miss most about him. 

We also have made donations to two food banks, one in Wisconsin and one in California. 

And, over the holidays, we also do random acts of kindness, donating footwear, backpacks and clothes to those who need some kindness. 

Thanks to you, our readers, for your support over the past seven years! 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Holidays! 

Bernard Lagat and his fans, USA Indoors 2014, photo by

Lagat 40 and with record plans

PHOENIX (USA): Bernard Lagat will turn 40 on Friday, December 12, but he won't let that stop him pursuing his goals on the track, report RunnersWorld. Lagat will open his 2015 season at the Great Edinburgh Cross Country over 4km on January 10, followed by the two mile at the Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix on February 21. During that race, he may try and take down the master's world record of 8:01.44. Eamonn Coghlan's indoor mile mark of 3:58:15 and Anthony Whiteman's outdoor record of 3:58.79 are two other records he may look to challenge. An assault on the master's indoor mile record could come at the Millrose Games on Feb 14.

(Editor's note: Bernard Lagat has been one of the best middle distance runners of his era. As he hits 40 years of age, watch for him to challenge our preconceptions of age. Lagat has raced from 800 meters to 5,000 meters. I asked him last year if he would try the 10,000 meters, and I am not sure I got an answer. 

One thing for sure. One of the most likable athletes in the sport will set some masters records this coming year! ) 

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