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LeMaitre_Christophe200R-RioOlyG16.jpgLemaitre thanking either Napoleon or the French gods of sport, (hey, he's French), photo by

GENEVA (SUI): Christophe Lemaitre has entered the 100m and 200m at the Geneva International Meeting on 9 June, informs organisers. Other leading entrants across the programme include France's Wilhem Belocian in the 110m hurdles and former European champion Kariem Hussein and Mamadou Kasse Hann in the 400m hurdles. Lea Sprunger has entered both the 400m flat and 400m hurdles.

RunBlogRun opines: I love going to meets in France and Switzerland, especially the smaller event. . I totally enjoy Lemaitre and Vicaut, the top French sprinters. For a few years, I went to the French elite championships to see Christophe and Jimmy in their natural settings. My friends in Agence France Presse and L'Equipe are some of the hardest working journalists, and most knowledgable about our sport. Truth is, they also make me laugh at the major meetings. But, truth be told, Lemaitre is so much fun to observe. He totally looks in pain before he races. When he looks in pain, just before the blocks, that is, in my opinion, when he races his very best. His race in Rio is a prime example. That last fifty meters is so amazing to watch as Lemaitre flies past tiring competitors. Just go on You Tube and check. Prior to Rio, he looked like he was giving birth. Amazing talent and his coach is tremendous.

Thiam_Nafissatou800m-WC17.jpgNafissatou Thiam, photo by
Thiam to decide about the indoor season
MONACO (MON): World and Olympic heptathlon champion Nafissatou Thiam will decide if she will compete in the pentathlon at the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham after a training camp in Tenerife in January, informs IAAF. Thiam said breaking the 7000-point barrier in Gotzis "gave her a lot of confidence" and believes she is still capable of improving her best times in the track events. "Since I was a kid I remember not being really strong in [the running events] and I really want to limit the loss of points in those events and improve the points I get in my strongest events. Already in the 800m over the last few years I improved quite a bit. I can still do a bit better in the 200m," she said.
Thiam_NafissatouHJ1-WorC17.jpgNafissatou Thiam, photo by

Lea Sprunger has had a colorful career in athletics. Her formative years were spent as a heptathlete and as she moved into the sprints, and then, the 400 meter hurdles, the strength and speed from her early carear has made a huge impact.

sprunger_lea_langenthal_freude_2017_atx-1024x768.jpgLea Sprunger, courtesy of Swiss Athletics

At La Chaux-de-Fonds, Lea Sprunger recently set the Swiss record for the 400 meters, an epic one, and took the new record to 51.09. Her indoor 400m best is 52.24, and her 400m hurdles best is 54.63.

With that fine 400 meters, and her hurdle technique, I asked when we will see her under 54 seconds. Lea noted, " I believe I can run under 54 seconds, perhaps this year, perhaps next year. On Thursday night, Lea Sprunger will run in the 400m hurdles against Dalilah Muhammed, the US champion, and with her time of 52.64, the fastest 400m hurdler active today. We wish Lea much luck as she runs the toughest event on the track, the 400 meter hurdles.

Philip_AshaQ-Sopot14.jpgAsha Philip, Sopot 2014, what a difference two years makes! photo by

Asha Philip stayed poised and in control of her emotions before the start of the 60 meters. With all of the challenges she has had, Asha Philip put everything together, at the right moment. And for Asha, the right moment was in Belgrade, Serbia.

Stuart Weir makes me smile. I see him at major championships and when I am allowed out of North America. His life long viewing of the sport comes into play, as this article about the new gold medalist, an athlete who had made 4th places her near permanent position.

For years, I have been frustrated with the lack of knowledge that I have about performance apparel. That lack of knowledge translates into a lack of appreciation of all the consideration that goes into building fine running performance apparel. This is part two of a series of comments from a discussion I had with Craig Vanderoef at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials. Special thanks to the Shoe Addicts for editing and producing this series.

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