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The world Marathon book, Christina Neal, London, Carlton, 2018, photo by Stuart Weir

ISBN 878-1-78739-059-1

This is a book review by Stuart Weir, The World Marathon book, by Christina Neal, and published by Carlton, the purveyor of fine coffee table books. Let us know what you think, as we have several more reviews.


Marilu Diaries: Stan & Marilu


13699942_10205992099870964_2375851239538718629_n.jpgMarilu and Stan Eder, circa 1957 (the baby bump is moi)

Reposted May 13, 2018

This is the second Mother's Day since we lost my Mom, Marilu Eder. Marilu lived, and died with an amazing dignity and sense of love. She instilled in all five of her children a sense of adventure and the belief that they should try and live their dreams. I miss her daily, and think about her daily.

Updated May 14, 2017

This is the first Mother's Day since my Mom, Marilu has died. She passed away at home on September 20, 2016. My father had been caring for her for 18 months. She went into hospice two weeks before her death. She last spoke the week before her death. I remember the day like it was yesterday. At the time, we wanted her pain to end. I think of her each day and the lessons that she taught my brothers and sisters and our children are immense. My father is doing pretty well now too. I thought you might like to read these two stories about my mother, a women of strength, intelligence and beauty.

This story was written on September 16, 2016, four days before her death.

The picture above is from New Years Eve, 1957. My parents had been married in November 1957. Nine months, ten days later, I was born, so the tiny baby bump tells the observer that I was already stating my presence.

My parents met 62 years ago and have been married nearly 58 years. My mother is in hospice now, and I wanted to share a few memories of this magnifcent women, whom I call Mom.

PUMA .jpgPuma has merged technologies for their fastest sprinters with the evoSPEED NETFIT Sprint. The upper is unique, as it features a knit booty surrounded by a mesh net.

Posted April 1, 2018

I am in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, working through a couple weeks of medical exams. It is Easter and I am going to spend the afternoon with some dear friends. This is one of the few Easter Sundays that I am not with my family. I found this story I wrote on my mother, Marilu Eder, who died on September 20, 2016. She was a hell of a woman, thoughtful, funny, loving. Marilu and my father, Stan, were married nearly 55 years. Dad is still kicking, and thankfully, healthy and stirring it up as he always does. I thought Mom and my family would like this story on this important holy day.

Originally written in July 2017, never published, around the Weltklasse Meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland.

It is late in the evening in Lausanne, Switzerland. I have had a long day, but, an enjoyable one. I took the train from Gare de Lyon, a train station in Paris, to Lausanne, Switzerland today, a quick four hours of beautiful countryside. The TGV train was very nice, but my large bag, which could have held that North Korean ballistic missle that was launched yesterday, was probably too big to travel with over the time I am here.

IMG_8953.JPGMarilu's favorite city, Paris, photo by Larry Eder

During the evening, I took a walk along the lake and it was quite enjoyable. Kids playing, couples coupling, teenagers smoking. The weed smells the same here as in California is an initial observation. People smile back at you when you say "Bonsoir" and smile. I have this habit of smiling and saying 'Hello' wherever I am in the world. In some places they smile back, in others places, they think I am a complete loon. As Mr. Vonnegut would say, So it goes.

I thought, for a few moments, how my Mom, Marilu Eder, would have loved Lausanne.

RunBlogRun introduces: The Breaking 2 coverage last May was a paradigm changer. For me, staying up in Doha to watch it was fantastic. Also observing the twitter world during the live coverage, and then my twitter comments had bigger numbers that I would have expected (Nike had huge numbers, RunBlogRun, during the live broadcast, had 275,000 viewers).

The new IAAF World Tour put several of the meets on Facebook Live. They were fantastic. The interaction with young viewers, the global connections and the amazing clarity and coverage of the meets was exceptional.

I asked Mike Deering, partner with Adam Johnson Eder and AJ Felice at the Shoe Addicts, to comment on his viewing of Karlsruhe.

Here is what he had to say.

7e61909b-fb89-4991-b2a5-fe1cca746b53.jpgCindy Roleder, Karlsuhe presser, photo courtesy of Getty Images/IAAF

9e498411-86e9-491a-9da7-599409fc88ec.pngKeni Harrison, Karlsruhe Meeting, photo by

This book should be on the desk of all coaches, athletes and fans of cross country. I have read several of the race reviews and loved it! It will be my read on my way to RAK half marathon next weekend. I loved the way Andrew brings the races alive: he allows the races and their character to speak to the reader.

I asked Jeff Benjamin to review the book and our man about Staten Island loved it! Here is his review!

bookxc 1.jpeg

mw cover.jpgThis is the cover of Mel Watman's new book, "My Life in Athletics". It is reviewed by Elliott Denman, who has known Mel since 1958, the year I was born. Mel has covered every Olympics since 1960 and worked at Athletics Weekly since 1952 (he retired years ago). Every time I hit a track meet in London or Birmingham, Mel is there, along with his good friend, Stan Greenburg. I have learnt so much from these two men, reading Mel's coverage and asking them questions about our amazing sport.

Read the review, then, buy this book, and read it. You will become a better track fan!

virgin territory .jpg

Jeff Benjamin did this review of the Virgin Territory, a book on Craig Virgin by Randy Sharer. Craig Virgin was a fine high school athlete, fine college athlete and fine elite athlete. Benjamin speaks about all of those areas discussed in Sharer's book.


New Balance XC 900v4 $90

The XC 900 has been New Balance's top tier cross country racer. It has been a nice upgrade for the high school or collegiate harrier - sleeker material than entry level without breaking the bank, and round 4 is a top down revamp.

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