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1975_MARfin_Rodgers,Bill-thumb.jpgBill Rodgers en route, 1975 Boston, photo by BAA

The most iconic of marathons, Boston, has been postponed....

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We all wanted to see Eliud Kipchoge battle Kenenisa Bekele, but that, alas, is not to be this spring. Eliud Kipchoge was rather diplomatic. This is his comments post London announcement.

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The release below announces that the open registration begins for the 2020 AJC Peachtree road race, which begins March 15, 2020-March 31 2020. The world's largest 10k is scheduled on July 4, 2020. The management team at Atlanta TC has just hosted the Olympic Trials and the PUBLIX Atlanta Marathon.

The Boston Marathon, the most iconic of marathons, has been postponed until September 14. Kudos to the B.A.A., city of Boston, all towns and villages along the historic course, and all city services, and sponsors, on finding a date and keeping the history alive.

This was leaked 48 hours ago, but we did not respond until the official word comes. Please note that we will keep all updates coming. Looking forward to seeing you all in Boston on 14 September!

BAA.jpg2020 Boston Marathon course, from B.A.A.

This was no surprise. What is not being taken into consideration is the unknown territory we are now in. One thing to cancel an event. Another is to postpone and reschedule.

Remember, 40,000 people is like four towns of the size I live in, moving for six to eight hours. In the release below, Hugh Brasher thanked all of the villages and townships along the London course in the release noted below.

Keep running, wash your hands, hydrate and keep training!

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RunBlogRun opines:

The COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting all aspects of our lives. In Italy, in the past 72 hours, the Prime Minister first announced schools and universities closed until March 15, now it is April 3. Then, he announced 1/3 of the Italian population would be in quarantine. In the last 24 hours, Prime Minister Giusseppe Conte announced the all of Italy will be quarantined, going from 16 million Italians to 60 million Italians. Cafes close at 6 pm. No large gatherings. The Catholic church halted daily mass in some parishes. The quarantine is the largest in Europe in a non wartime era.

New York is the media capital of the world. Eleven million people live in the metro areas. City services will be challenged with the COVID-19 coronavirus. The NYRR, after consulting with the city and state, came to the right conclusion. It is difficult, but they had to cancell the United NYC Half.

nyc half .jpg

The release is below.

Kudos to the NYRR. This had to be a difficult decision. This writer asks readers to go back to Hurricane Katrina in 2012. The NYRR and Mayor Bloomberg told the already assembled marathoners that the race would go on. Then, it was cancelled. The NYRR recieved much negative comments in the media and it hurt the reputation of the club.

Kudos to the NYRR. When you have 25,000 people running and walking, many services that could be used to control the COVID-19 coronavirus, will be able to be used to control the coronavirus.

NYRR gets an A on this one!

barcelona maratone .jpgBarcelona Marathon, photo by

The coronavirus is affecting large events. Many are being postponed, many are being cancelled. This is just the beginning. The next month will be quite difficult as goverments, WHO and CDC comes to understand what we are dealing with. This is our centuries' 1919 Philadelphia flu. Many will get sick, many will be quaranteened and we will question all of the assurances of modern life.

The coronavirus is making the fall of 2020 even busier. A half dozen global events have now changed dates from Spring 2020 to Fall 2020! Tens of thousands of global runners will change their training and travel plans due to Paris Marathon, Tokyo Marathon, Paris Half, and World Half postponing or outright cancelling their events.

What do you do if you won the World Half, and the NYRR NYC Marathon? Well, if you are Geoffrey Kamworor, you have to make some decisions.

48736919807_95262b2a86_k-1024x683-300x200-thumb-500x333-51857.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by

928e01b0-6ff5-4fa8-9251-0bf121daeebc.pngRunBlogRun OPINES: This was a difficult decision to make for the LOC, Mayor of Gydnia, and World Athletics. This was the right decision. The corronavirus is an example of the challenges of a global society and Mother Nature.

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