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Abbott continues to develop its global activations of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, of which it became Title sponsor in January 2015. 

The premier series of global marathons in the world, the Abbott World Marathon Majors features the Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon and New York City Marathons. 

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That Abbott saw the benefits of a global brand in the health and fitness world tying in with the WMM is fantastic. 

One of Abbott's initiatives is with fitness and Diabetes control and prevention, which we applaud. 

Another nice move by Abbott. 
David Hunter wrote this fine piece about how a relationship forged over years of working together with an event, in this case, the Akron Marathon, continues to build benefits as brands and events look at additional ways to impact a market and a community!

David Hunter is resting up, as he will be joining RunBlogRun in Beijing for our daily coverage of the World Champs (which we have covered since 1995 in Goteborg). 


Goodyear Senior VP Paul Fitzhenry [dark blue shirt] in conversation with Race Series Executive Director Anne Bitong [hands behind her back], Race Co-Founder Jeannine Marks [hands in front of her] and Race Co-Founder Steve Marks [forward right]

The ever popular RNR Chicago Half marathon rolls into town this upcoming weekend and 20,000 runners will participate this coming weekend as well! 

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Meb Keflezighi and family in San Diego, photo by
Andy Edwards of Race News Service interviewed Rene Kujan before his run at Mattoni Vary Half Marathon. 

Andy Edwards travels the world writing about global marathons, and provides audio interviews and sometimes video for our readers. We hope you enjoy this one! 

Race News Service caught up with Eunice Chumba just before she ran the Mattoni Very Half Marathon. Eunice is 21 years old and runs for Bahrain. She has run 32:27 for 10k in 2014, and was sixth in the recent Asian Games. 

Andy Edwards of Race News Service did this interview for RunBlogRun. Andy added in the notes, " Eunice speaks of her training parters in Iten, Kenya. They have no animosity for Eunice switching allegiances to Bahrain." 

Such is the life of some young runners who will never compete for their birth countries. 

Judi St. Hilaire wins the 1990 L'eggs Mini-Marathon 10-K (archive photo courtesy of New York Road Runners; photographer unknown)

Talk about a blast into the past. 

In 1990, we were in the first year of American Athletics, and explaining what that name meant, and John Hancock was in their fourth year of sponsorship of the Boston Marathon. 
The Oakley 10k on Saturday is a fun event to observe. Running from women has gone from being a curiosity to becoming the strongest social movement in running. 
I am on the press truck tomorrow and enjoy the elite race. Last years with Molly Huddle had me entranced. A battle for Huddle in 2014 that was exciting until the very end. 
Enjoy the piece by Chris Lotsbom, and see you out there tomorrow! 

Ben True racing in adidas GP in 2013, photo by

Sabrina Yohannes caught up with Ben True as he was preparing for the 5000m at the adidas GP on June 13. 

Ben True is preparing to run at the US Nationals, and has yet to decide which of the two events to run in Eugene, the 10,000m or the 5,000m? 

With an AR in the 5,000m on the road, and a US leader at 10,000m on the track (until Hassan Mead broke it), Ben True is one of the handful of  guys in real contention in both events. 

But, the big question is, does he double or focus on one event? 

Pat Peterson running 30:15, photo courtesy @TCSNYCMarathon

There was a time, in the late 1980s and 1990s when American distance runners who understood that one had to work hard, train hard and race hard were few and far between. In the lonely era, when 13:45 was a winning time at US Championships for a 5000m, Pat Peterson, like Buddy Edelen decades before, was truly a lone pair of feet, running the streets of New York, as an American marathoner who got it. 

Taken too early from his family and friend, Pat Petersen succumbed to pancreatic cancer over the weekend. His wake is Wednesday night, June 3 and funeral is Thursday, June 4. Please read the note at the bottom of Jeff Benjamin's fine obit from Mike Polansky. 

The Petersen family is having a terrible financial strain besides the horrible loss of their husband, father, and friend. Please help if you can. 
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Stephen Sambu vs Leonard Korir, NYC Half, photo by

The Healthy Kidney 10k, to be held on Saturday, May 30 in Central Park, in the Big Apple, will be an epic road race! Korir and Sambu duking it out with a very fit Ben True, and it could be a very fast one! 

Sabrian Yohannes wrote this piece on Mr. Korir and his chances tomorrow. 
I do not know how to explain Gary Morgan, except that he is my friend and travels more than I do. Perhaps it should be said,  to call Gary by the moniker, " Mr. Ubiquitous" just does not do the man justice. 

Think of the Gene Wilder character in Willy Wonka. & the Chocolate Factory. Gary Morgan is Gene Wilder if he were a race walker. A little eccentric, but, in a very good way. Gary is pacing a race nearly every weekend. 

The man has the ability to observe details that make his travels and travails universal. Enjoy a weekend with Gary Morgan, our man from Michigan Runner. 

Gary Morgan, photo by

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