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FRANKFURT (GER): Frankfurt Marathon has a new title sponsor, energy supplier Mainova AG. The cooperation (should last until 2018) will be visible already this year on October 30 in the 35th edition of the race. Part of the event will be also German Championships.

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NEW YORK (USA): informs that Procter & Gamble Co. signed one of the world's fastest women Allyson Felix to help pitch Bounty, the paper towel brand touted as "the quicker picker upper." The Olympic gold medal sprinter suffered a minor injury in advance of a major promotion planned. She could not participate because of this and those who attended were to get a chance to compete virtually against Felix via green screen.

Landry_ChristoFV-Peachtree14.jpgChristo Landry, photo by

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COLUMBUS (USA, Apr 30): US Half Marathon champions are Tara Welling 1:10:25and Christo Landry 1:02:52. They were clear winners ahead of Desiree Linden 1:11:06and Brianne Nelson 1:11:24. On the men side second Scott Fauble 1:03:06 and third Scott Bauhs 1:03:15 ahead of Shadrack Biwott 1:03:19.

gallery_display.jpgCallum Hawkins, photo courtesy of London Marathon

Larry Eder responds on LME press release below:

Somehow, in the myriad of compelling road racing dramas that shaped up in London on Sunday, April 24, the British Trials were shown and given the respect due. Callum Hawkins and his brother, Derek, plus Tsegai Twelde ran the races of their proverbial young lives. Chris Thompson, with six weeks of training, used muscle memory to run a 2:15, showing respect to both his sport and himself.

On the women's side, Alyson Dixon and Sonia Samuels ran excellent races, proving once again, that they should be the focus of the British selectors, and they were.

I wanted to commend London Marathon Events on their training grant donations to the five British athletes for their last few months expenses for training for Rio 2016.

John Disley was the 1952 bronze medalist in the Olympic steeplechase. In 1955, he paced his friend, Chris Brasher, to the Olympic qualifier for the steeplechase, en route to breaking the British record for the steeplechase. His friend, Chris Brasher would go on to win the 1956 Olympic race of that distance and name. Disley and Brasher co founded the London marathon in 1981. That year, 7000 ran, and in 2016, nearly 39,500 started. The memorial service held for Mr. Disley on April 14 gave me just an idea of how full and rich his life was, from his mountaneering to his involvement in orienteering, as well as a husband and father. Here is my take on one of the men who founded the London Marathon. John Disley is, as one vicar noted, "The Welshman who got all of Great Britain running."
How do explain that moment? For Jemima Sumgong, her hard fall was painful, and she had every reason to stay down. But, she got up, ran to the front and battled on. Winning by the smallest of margins over 2015 winner, Tigist Tufa, Jemima Sumgong solidified her position for possible selection by the Kenyan selectors this week. This conversation was done in the Guoman hotel, deep into the night and early morning of April 25, 2016.
In this new series, Conversations with Larry, I speak about the legacy of Eliud Kipchoge, after his superb victory in the 2016 Virgin London Marathon. This was filmed in London on the night of the marathon win, and produced by our digital partners, the Shoe Addicts. Please let us know what you think of this new series and pass them around to your friends!

Eliud Kipchoge is the finest marathoner in the world for his era.

In six of his seven marathons, Eliud Kipchoge has come out on top. In perhaps, his finest performance in his career, Eliud Kipchoge battled Stanley Biwott, NYC Marathon champion, Wilson Kipsang, former world record holder, Gemhre Ghebreselassie, World Champion, Dennis Kimetto, current world record holder, plus the current world record holder at 5000m and 10,000m, Kenenisa Bekele.

Eliud Kipchoge covered every move that his competitors attempted. His level of confidence comes from his coach, Patrick Sang, his training partners, and his training.

One more thing must be said! Eliud Kipchoge is an absolute pleasure to interview, as Eliud gets it: there are no secrets but hard, hard work. His pleasure at winning a tough race is obvious.

This interview was done on April 25, 2016, by Larry Eder at the final presser for the Virgin London Marathon. Eliud Kipchoge, obviously exhausted from the phone calls (1200 messages on his iphone) and messages, gave us a wonderful view into his racing and his love of the sport.

Jemima Sumgong has been one of the finest marathoners in the world for the past half decade. In that time, she has paled second in New York, Boston and Chicago.

On April 24, 2016, Jemima Sumgong won the Virgin Money London Marathon, after a difficult fall, where Jemima virtually jumped from the ground and ran to the front.

This interview was done on Monday, April 25, 2016, right after the final presser of the London marathon. Jemima Sumgong told me that it took her some time to realize that she had actually won! Soft spoken, Jemima Sumgong, like many of the most successful global runners, speaks English well and gives you, the reader, an inside view into her racing.

Thanks for Frederico Rosa, Jemima's manager, for his support in this interview.

Guy Morse was the first Executive Director of the B.A.A. Boston marathon in the professional era. This interview was done by Larry Eder, on Thursday, April 14, after the John Hancock presser introducing the champions and elite fields of the Boston Marathon.

In this fascinating interview, Guy speaks about John Hancock's first involvement, adidas coming in as a sponsor and Gatorade's involvment. All three of those sponsors came in on Guy Morse's watch. Fascinating to hear how many worried that, after the 1984 race, whether the 1985 race would even happen!

Special thanks to Guy Morse for his time and thoughts.

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