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Here's the truth abou the running business. At the end of the day, for a brand to be successful, they must make great shoes, one season after another. Most brands complicate the situation by trying to change programs that were working, or they under value the human capital that made them a success. I reposted this video because of the Boston Marathon Expo. The line was outside the Hynes this year, per my observers, due to security. The huge reason why Boston Expo thrives is that the running community gets to talk and share ideas.

Watch for our updates on the industry later this week. But, until then, watch my Conversations with Larry video and consider how many brands are screwing up their running business because they do not listen to the consumer, or their staffs. Also note that the brands that do succeed normally have management who go to the shows and understand that talking to the community is good for business.

361 booth .pngThe 361 USA booth at 2018 Running Event, photo by The Shoe Addicts

361 USA announced the 361 USA Retailers Cup at the 2018 Running Event. This is the second video update of the series.

Meet Scott Dvorak. Scott Dvorak is a former elite runner, who with Scott Hichmann, founded the Charlotte Running Company in 2000. Scott also has an event company and is a keen observer of both the sport and industry.

Each year, at the Running Event, I would catch up with Scott Dvorak and ask him about the 1) top running shoes in his market, 2) top service by brands, and his thoughts on running in the past year.

Scott 1.pngScott Dvorak and Larry Eder, TRE 2018, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Scott Dvorak is the first commissioner of the 361 USA Retailers Cup. We met with Scott at the 2018 TRE event to speak about the 361 USA Retailers Cup, and how it benefits the staffs of local running stores. The Shoe Addicts shot this video of Scott Dvorak as I asked him about the importance of ther 361 Retailers Cup.

Check it out! And make sure that you sign your store up for the 361 USA Retailers Cup!

To learn more about 361 USA and their Retailers' Cup:

361 USA announces Retail Racing Cup

361 USA Retail Racers Cup video (sponsored)

unnamed.pngSeattle is a running city. The Seattle running scene has a newly updated Seattle Half Marathon & Marathon course. The release below shows the new course info through Seattle and over the weekend of June 7-June 9.

Gatorade-Bogota16.jpgA cool glass of Gatorade, photo by

Dan Sheridan is a prime example of the high quality of management in the industry. Now at Brooks for twenty years, Dan has experienced varied jobs within Brooks and has put thos experiences to good use. Most years, Dan and I catch up at the Running Event, the key event in the running retail trade calendar. In his new position, Dan Sheridan will help guide the digital future of the brand.

Dan Sheridan is a keen observer. He asks lots of questions and he listens well. A no B.S. kind of guy, Dan knows that we learn through the tough times and good times. Brooks has stayed focused on serving the runner, while other brands continue to loose their way. Staying focused when change is screaming at you from every media platform. Change is key, evolution is key, but what to evolve? what to change? That is what Dan Sheridan has focused his career on, for two decades, at the company of Run Happy.

If I were to put together an all star team to build and manage the dream footwear brand, Dan Sheridan would be on it. Dan understands that human capital is key in this business and that, unless one challenges the status quo, growth just can not happen.

Congrats Dan, best wishes!

F18_Dan_Sheridan_2018.jpgDan Sheridan, photo by Brooks Running

Skechers is the iconic Southern California brand of footwear, based in Manhattan Beach, CA. Founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg and his son, Micheal Greenberg, the company had sales of $4.64 billion in 2018. Skechers makes overr 3,000 different models of footwear. Their use of celebrity advertising has caught notice of many Americans as Skechers is now the 4th largest footwear brand in the U.S.

Screen-Shot-2019-03-21-at-10.46.24-AM-1156x640.pngSkechers LA Marathon special model, photo by Skechers

They began their journey into performance running with their signing of Meb Keflezighi, the 2004 Olympic silver medalist in the marathon. Since 2009, Meb has won NYC, took 4th in London Olympics and won the Boston Marathon in 2014. Meb signed with Skechers in December 2011 after the non renewal of Mr. Keflezighi's contract with Nike.

Meb began a second running career with Skechers. His fans waited in lines at any expo he visited. Selfies abound of Meb and fans, young and old. And this opened doors for Skechers. Seeing Meb in Skechers and, also Kara Goucher, opened the brand to runners, who are both creatures of comfort and habit. During his time at Skechers (who renewed his contract ), has used the well known athlete, as a draw to bring consumers to their booths.

On Saturrdary, March 23, 2019, Meb signed autographs and took selfies with his fans and Skechers consumers. Watch for the RBR interview tomorrow with Meb.

Skechers completed their fifth year as a sponsor with Chevron Houston in 2019, and completes their 4th year as LA Marathon sponsor on March 24, 2019.

true-5_0.jpgWe at RunBlogRun have been telling you that what UA was launching in 2019 would be exciting! Our partner, Running Product Reviews, reviewed the HOVR Sonic in Spring 2018. In two short videos, produced by our partners at the Shoe Addicts in early December 2018, we reminded you once again. Well, the Under Armour HOVR Infinite is here, having launched on Friday, February 1, 2019. The press release from UA is below, along with a good video on how Under Armour listened to the performance runner as they developed the new HOVR footwear collection.

DSC05016.jpgThe 361 USA Racing Cup, photo by The Shoe Addicts

The performance running business has at least 48 brands. The competition is fierce, as local running stores battle to stand out in a running culture that wants performance at a good price. How does a brand stand out in such competition? Well, the team at 361 USA has come up with a unique approach-The 361 Cup Retail Racing League.

At the recent 2018 Running Event in Austin, Texas, the brand 361 USA announced a unique approach to building attention and respect for the brand within the staffs of the local running specialty stores: The 361 Cup Retail Racling League. The competition is open to local running stores in the USA and Canada. Teams consist of four runners, two men and two women. Each team may have a local elite. The teams run 5k distance on a certified course, and the best 2 times for each team are used to develop a best average time. Sign ups are now through June 2019, and racing time is June 2019 to December 2019, with the top regional teams (five in USA and one in Canada) named in January 2020.

IMG_8565.jpg361 USA, photo by The Shoe Addicts

In March 2020, the teams will put their bragging rights on the line, racing in an established 5k road race, with the top team winning $50,000. We have provided a video below to explain the 361 Cup Retail Racing League.

To learn more about the Racing Cup, please go to:

To learn more about 361 USA and their fine product, please go to:

Last year in Dubai, four women broke 2:19. Race Director Peter Connerton stated at the presser this past Wednesday, that the superlative performrances of 2018 would be goals for many in upcoming years.

Then, along comes Ruth Chepngetich. A relative new comer to the ranks of marathoning, Chepngetich shocked many in November 2018, by taking 4:01 off her PB for the marathon at the Instanbul Marartrhornrr, defending her 2017 title. With a PB of 66:12 for the half marathon, and only three marathons under her belt, many thought she would play a big part in the race, but gave the win to Worknesh Degefa, with a PB of 2:19:53.

How wrong they were, as Ruth Chepnegetich not only dominated the race, but reminds many that she may be one of the few athletes who can challenge Mary Keitany for marathon global domination.

Ruth Wins 2019.jpegRuth Chepngetich wins Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, photo by Giancarlo Columbo

Guy Adola.jpgGuye Adola, photo from Dubai Marathon

There is magic in Dubai. Last year, we were treated to the deepest finishes in men's and women's marathons, with seven men under 2:05, NEVER DONE BEFORE, and four women under 2:20, NEVER DONE BEFORE! The competitiveness, the weather, the course, and the prize purse all add up to encouraging fast running on a wonderfully designed course.

Guy Adola is a fine athlete with a PB of 2:03.46. With his health returned, can he take advantage of the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon magic?

Watch for our coverage of the Dubai Marathon, starting January 23, Live from Dubai. Check our coverage of the Dubai Marathon on runblogrun.

Original post, February 1, 2012

RePost, January 18, 2019

A look back to 2012!

The New Balance Indoor GP has been around for 24 years now. One of the finest events on the circuit, NB Indoor GP will be held January 26, 2019, at the Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA near Boston, MA. This is the ONLY stop of the IAAF Indoor World Circuit in US, and you should not miss it! Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at or by calling 1-877-849-8722.

The Reggie Lewis Center, which has been the host facility for the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix since its inception, has seen some amazing races. In our sport, it is really about the competition, not the records, but you would never know!

In the end, he or she who can put it all together, who can run, jump or throw, faster, longer or farther than the competition is the winner. Who can put it all on the line, with five thousand cheering, clapping fans, encouraging you to pull that extra bit of energy, that extra centimeter, that extra kick over the last lap to make the difference

Simpson_Jen1c-NewBalGP11.JPGJenny Simpson, 2011 NB Indoor GP, photo by

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