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This is the special color version of the SKECHERS GOmeb Speed 3, that Meb Keflezighi will be racing in Houston on Sunday, January 17. SKECHERS has shown that, by improving the quality of their product, focusing their sports marketing on two highly visible athletes and doing key events with focus, traction can be gained in running specialty. Funny that, four years ago, I listened to store owners ask if SKECHERS would stay in the sport. I believe that they are giving running stores their answer with their presence in Houston. 
adidas 2015 Offical Boston Marathan Anthem Jacket.jpg
adidas presents the 2015 Boston Marathon collection, 
courtesy of adidas communications

The adidas sponsorship of the Boston Marathon has been one of the most enduring in sports marketing in North America. Boston apparel can be seen anywhere in the world, as the iconic race is THE marathon that most serious marathoners must run before they end their careers. 

adidas product has nearly sold out for many years at the iconic marathon. The 2014 product line was one of the best selling in the history of adidas sponsoring the event. adidas product, adidas signage, and adidas presence in Boston is one of the most well managed sports marketing programs in the world. 

Many observers believe that, for adidas to go to the next level in North America, the key will be to use the positive response that adidas receives from Boston to a wider audience and put more people in the adidas BOOST product line, the best product adidas has produced in several decades. 

The opportunity is there, we will have to wait and see what adidas does with that opportunity. 

TopoAthletic's Fly-Lite

Max Lockwood interviewed Tony Post of TopoAthletics, and tried the new shoe, Fly-Lite. Here is the piece that he wrote about speaking with Tony and trying his new creation....the TopoAthletics FLY-LITE.

HI RES FLY-LITE.jpgUpdated January 12, 2015

adidas mi coach .jpg
photo from adidas communications

The adidas MiCoach product has been providing the athlete inside us all motivation to run, jump, throw for several years now. Most of the marketing has been focused on adults. Now, adidas teams with IHT to reach out to the scholastic market, where fitness needs to be quantified, to make an unique impact. 

RunBlogRun will be meeting with adidas and IHT later today at the CES Show to find out more about this initiative. Until then, please check out the press release below. Great applications for the grade school, high school, junior high, college and club athletes. 
I have said it many times before: the few people who are talented enough to manage, product and develop consistently great running product can fit into a grade school classroom. Mark Sheehan would be one of these people.

Mark Sheehan is one of the finest human beings that I know. This guy loves running footwear, but more than that, he loves his family and friends. His rise through the ranks of this business, from Nike to PUMA to Reebok to K-Swiss, and now, to Mizuno, just shows how amazing a talent that Mark is in this business.

We look forward to seeing Mark Sheehan as the new VP of Running Production Management at Mizuno USA. A fine person joining a fine, iconic brand. 

His skills will be of great use at Mizuno. 

mizuno logo.png

We asked Max Lockwood to reprise The Running Event 2014. In this second part of Mr. Lockwood's coverage, he discusses the presentation by Finish Line. This was, by all accounts, perhaps the most controversial programming of the show. 

Finish Line Presentation, 
photo courtesy of 4 Media

In speaking with several RSG owners, many are offended by the very presence of the Finish Line group. Some do not consider them a part of the specialty channel. One key observer noted to me: "  The Finish Line group is not running specialty, period. The biggest issue is that they do not even understand what real running stores do." 

RunBlogRun understands the concerns and comments from traditional RSG stores. But, in order to appreciate the changes in our channel, one must understand the economic forces and perception of the running channel. Mark Sullivan of Formula 4 Media should be congratulated for bringing in the Finish Line team. 

At the end of the day, it will be a seminar that is not soon forgotten. 

Updated on January 5, 2015
At the end of 2014, Cregg Weinmann, the Running Network Footwear and Apparel Review Editor since 1998, decided to name the Top Ten Running Shoes for 2014. Here is his top ten list, with his commentary and links to his original reviews. is Cregg's site. If you go there, you can find a new review or comment on running shoes and apparel. (Like Runningproductreviews on Facebook please, or follow Cregg @ShoeMann on twitter). 

You can read Cregg's features in the twenty-six publications of the Running Network, in January, March, May, July, September, and November, or daily on his website,
Caleb Ndiku: Four medals in 2014, photo by

Mercy Cherono, photo from Claus Andersen/Andersen Photography

We asked Justin Lagat, our Kenyan correspondent, wrote this piece about the SafariCom Sports Personality of the Year Awards, coming up in Kenya on January 16, 2015. 
Jim Dion speaking at TRE 2014, photo by Jana Birchum

Max Lockwood wrote this series for us on The Running Event. TRE is the single most important event for the running trade in North America. The Formula 4 Media crew put all on the line in 2006 when they started this show, and they have created an icon. This event is a living, breathing entity. What Formula 4 gets most of all that this business is a community. From runs to parties to seminars, TRE is something to be experienced for those in the business of running. 

This is part 1 of Max Lockwood's series on TRE and his experiences and observations in Austin, Texas during the December 2-5, 2014 conference. 

This is one of the best videos that I have ever seen about a brand. Taking an iconic moment, the 1983 NYC Marathon, where, in the final, agonizing steps of the New York City Marathon, Rod Dixon, an Olympic bronze medalist in the 1,500 meters in 1972, who caught Geoff Smith, who would go on to win two Boston Marathons. 

The story of this marathon was personal for me. I had been at Runners World for two years by then, and when Saucony's Harry Friedman wanted to run an ad spread saluting Saucony's Rod Dixon winning the marathon, our production department was in chaos. Remember, this was years before desktop publishing. The ad was beautiful, showing runners crossing the Verrazano Bridge, and a small picture of Rod Dixon celebrating his victory, with Geoff Smith laying on the ground at the finish. It was one of the highest points of the first running boom. 

Saucony was a strong brand then, and could have been the biggest brand in running in the early 1980s, but, due to a lack of understanding by Saucony's management, they missed their opportunity. An iconic brand, they did not battle as well as Nike, New Balance and Brooks. 

Saucony, now owned by Wolverine, provided this vide0, showcasing their history of product and their legacy. It is fascinating to look back at product development, and how Saucony's team built the story with this video. Saucony is in a tough battle with four other brands for running specialty marketshare. 

The key with this video is to get it out to local running stores, and help the staffs build enthusiasm for the brand. This video can help build enthusiasm for the Saucony brand. We applaud the work of the video team and hope more runners get to enjoy the video as we have. 

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