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IMG_0023-1200x900, Danielle Shanahan.jpgDanielle Shanahan, photo courtesy of HOKA ONE ONE

Danielle Shanahan finished 14th in her first US Championships as a professional athlete. Danielle ran the 5000 meters in 16:09.56 in Des Moines, Iowa on Sunday. Danielle is now running HOKA ONE ONE Northern Arizona Elite.

361 sprinject.jpg361 Spinject, $110, photo courtesy of Running Product Reviews

The Spinject is a new shoe from 361 which veers from their previous offerings in several ways. The upper is the first 361 shoe to offer a knit construction, here with little stretch, which offers a measure of support, the heel being a more standard engineered mesh with welded overlays merging the two halves (rear quarter and vamp) together.

Hoka One One 7.jpgHOKA ONE ONE, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Here's five exciting shoes that The Shoe Addicts, our digital partners, have filmed for 2018. The Shoe Addicts are the digital partners of RunBlogRun, and they meet with many of our brand partners. We asked them to pick five shoes that they found interesting for 2018.

Here you go!

Five Exciting Running Shoes:

1.Saucony Ride ISO
2.Reebok Floatride Run
3.Brooks Levitate
4.Puma Netfit
5.Hoka One One Clifton 5 (one of the new updates in this video)
To research running shoes, check out our partner,

Reposted April 24, 2018

The Reebok Floatride RunFast Pro was battle tested on Monay, April 16, 2018 and came out with flying colors. Tyler Pennel (4), Nicole Dimercurio (6) and Joanna Thompson (10th in elite race, 11th overall) all were top ten finshers in elite races at the Boston Marathon, wearing this exciting new shoe. Here's a video on the new Reebok racer, featuring Jessie Petersen, Reebok PLM and a Syracuse track standout. This is a shoe that you must see.

Posted April 2, 2018

The Reebok Floatride RunFast Pro is one of the key new perfomance running footwear coming from Reebok in the next several months. Reebok, the oldest running brand on the planet, is coming back into the sport of performance running. The new product is quite impressive, and here is a video on the racing shoe.

Okay, for those of you under 30, Reebok has been in the sports leisure market, and over the past few years, they have done an exception job in CrossFit. Truth is, the Reebok brand, orginally under the J.W. Foster and Sons, way back in 1895, in Manchester, England. The name Reebok came about in 1958, as a subsidiary of J.W. Foster & Sons.

Reebok 2.jpgReebok Floatride RunFastPro, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Paul Fireman purchased the Reebok brand from the J.W. Foster family in the early 1980s. The Reebok approach was global, and they were an IAAF (global governing body of track & field) sponsor as well as an Olympic sponsor. The PUMP shoe series was gimmicky, but ahead of its time. Their marketing program, in 1992, built around Dan and Dave, a program pitting and teasing Dan O'Brien and Dave Johnson, two of the top decathletes of the era, may have been the best sports marketing of all times.

Brooks Logo HB.png

110269_406_A_Levitate_480px.pngBrooks Levitate, Men's color, photo from Brooks Running

Reposted on April 5, 2018

Check out the new color wave from Brooks on the Levitate! And find a local dealer carrying the new color waves on the Brooks Levitate !

Updated March 24, 2018

Check out the new Brooks Levitate! Some great colors and a strong product from a fine company. Finally, Brooks is supporting RunBlogRun and our editorial, support them, please with your purchases!

The Brooks Levitate is a new running shoe from Brooks. The DNA AMP technology is about to be introduced into several other shoes in the Brooks line. What is cool about DNA AMP? It is about bringing new customers to the Brooks brand. Here is the second video that our digital partners, The Shoe Addicts did on the Levitate. We hope you like it!

Reposted December 11, 2017

Original post December 7, 2017

As Brooks is one of the sponsors of this blog, and our network, we encourage you to give the Brooks Levitate a test run! To find the place near you to check it out, just go to the next section of this post and find your local Brooks dealer!

Brooks int 1.jpgBennett Grimes and Larry Eder, photo by Mike Deering, for The Shoe Addicts

Bennett Grimes is Brooks Running Product manager. We met with Bennett at the 2017 Running Event. At the TRE, RunBlogRun and The Shoe Addicts meet, interview and film key brands, key players and influencers in our running culture.

Brooks Logo HB.pngBrooks_Levitate_Peek_pileA.jpg

Reposted March 31, 2018 (Sponsored)

This is a fantastic shoe. I have worn it everywhere, and love it on my long walks and short walks. A departure for Brooks from their normal fare, and it should bring new runners to this iconic brand, now 104 years old!

Reposted March 29, 2018 (Sponsored)

Check out the newest color waves for the Brooks Levitate! We have all the key running stores that are carrying Brooks Levitate below! Check out the video from the Shoe Addicts posted below!

Brooks Levitate from testing group, photo by Brooks Running

The Brooks Levitate is a brand new shoe from Brooks Running. It features the new DNA AMP midsole techonology, which will be introduced into upcoming Brooks products. The ride of the Brooks Levitate is unilke any other product that you have run or walked in from Brooks. A lush feel, the shoe is stable and will be a welcome addition to the Brooks line.

We have also included a new video on Brooks from the Shoe Addicts, plus links to Brooks dealers all across the U.S.


The SonicSprint Elite is the latest iteration of ASICS' pinnacle in sprint performance footwear. Elite athlete feedback has driven the advances to the shoe resulting in this update. The upper is a durable and supportive closed mesh, which breathes well thanks to subtle venting over the midfoot, with ultra-thin welded overlays adding support along with a smooth interior.

A sueded midfoot and ankle collar offers comfort, while the reinforced heel anchors the foot to the plate. The thin EVA midsole provides enough cushion over the plate for effective sprinting. The six spike plate is a full-length molded Pebax nylon, shaped with plenty of stiffness in the forefoot, balancing its light weight with a springy return of coiled energy. The result is a no-nonsense elite sprint shoe aimed at top performance.

Updates the SonicSprint Elite
Sizes unisex 6-13,14
Weight 5.5 oz. (w/spikes, men's 11)
Spikes 6, replaceable
Upper minimesh with fused no-sew overlays and synthetic suede interior
Midsole full-length EVA
Outersole full-length nylon (Pebax) spike plate
Recommended for sprints through 400m; on synthetic surfaces

To read more from Cregg Weinmann, and see this review in its original form, please go to:

Jim Gerweck has written for many of the finest magazines and websites in the sport of running over the past three decades. He is also a member of a semi iconic media secret society called Slap Central (Paul Merca, Jim Gerweck, Larry Eder) founded in the early hours of a Chicago morning, a decade ago.

NB 890.jpgNew Balance 890 version 6, photo by Jim Gerweck

Jim texted me that he was going to the NB relaunch of the NB 890 and we asked our slappy friend to write a bit on the shoe, New Balance, and perhaps, the meaning of life.

NB 890 2.jpgNB 890 version 6, photo by Jim Gerweck

The NB 890 write up is quite good, we will give Jim some more space to write on the meaning of life, in the near future.

Stay tuned.

Also, nice job, New Balance. In between sponsoring New York City Marathon and London Marathon, we are sure glad that you remember that, at the end of the day, running shoe companies are remembered for making fine running shoes.

20161202_095119.jpgSimon Bartold and Larry Eder photo by

We have been speaking with Simon Bartold and the Salomon team about their evolving running shoe line. The idea of evolving needs of runners as they gain fitness makes this line unique. Here's our first video on their 2018 line.

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