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Sally Pearson, 2014 World Indoors, photo by

Sally Pearson opened her outdoor season well, doubling in the 100 meters and 100 meter hurdles, with two wins. LaShawn Merritt won the 400 meters, David Oliver won the 110m hurdles and Duane Solomon won the 800 meters. A nice day of athletics in Melbourne! 


Our friends at SPIKES Magazine wrote a piece featuring the best quotes and pictures from Sopot 2014. It is a fun read, with great photos and wonderful quotes. SPIKES captures much of the excitement from the Sopot, Poland World Champs! 

Here is the link:
Renaud Lavillenie is, now the number two vaulter of all times, under any conditions. His 6.08 meters is second only to Sergey Bubka's 6.15 meter World Indoor Record. 

Lavillenie, the London Olympic champion and European Champion indoors and out, will next compete in Donetsk, for the Night of the Pole Vault Stars, on February 15, 2014. How high will he jump? 

Renaud Lavillenie, Reno Pole Vault Summit, 2013, photo by
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Renaud Lavillenie, Goteborg 2013, photo by 

Renaud Lavillenie, 2013 Pole Vault Summit, photo by 

Renaud Lavillenie had one of those glorious days, that, if one is lucky, one might have had one in a career. Lavillenie had one such day last year at the European Indoors, then, finished, shooting for the stars, with a tough call by the officials. 

Today, however was different. In Rouen, France, Lavillenie got in his safety jump, a first clearance at 5.67 meters. Then, two times at 5.83 meters, and a first attempt at 5.93 meters. Both 5.83m and 5.93m were WL for 2014! 

Then, Renaud Lavillenie soared, going for the stars, and reached them today, clearing 6.04 meters on his first attempt. Our reports say the crowd went crazy, as they watched Lavillenie, and were treated to not only a French indoor record, but also a British indoor record as well! 

Sergey Bubka and Renaud Lavillenie, Euro Indoors 2011, 
photo by 

But today was for le roi de le perche, Renaud Lavillenie, who is now, only behind Sergey Bubka and Steven Hooker on the all time indoor performance list! 

Congrats, Monsieur Lavillenie, France and the athletic world tip a beverage to you on your fantastic performance! 
Duane Solomon, photo by
Wesley Korir, 2012 BAA Boston Marathon, 
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The most iconic marathon of them all, the Boston Marathon will open its registration for 2014 on September 9, 2013. Check the website,, for complete details. Bank of America Chicago Marathon has instituted some smart security measures, mostly common sense, and we suggest you go to to read those. 

I have not really written much about the Boston bombing, more than anything, because, I did not want to give the murderers any more publicity. As someone who has run every major marathon in the US but Chicago, and has visited up to twenty marathons a year, I believe that marathons are safe. But, one must use common sense. In this day and age, no place is perfectly safe.

I also believe, that if one does not go to major events such as marathons because of fear, then the jerks win. 

Galen Rupp, Peter Tanui, Mo Farah, 10 August 2013, 10,000 meters, 
photo by

We visited Mo Farah and Galen Rupp, along with Matt Centrowitz and Cam Levin, in April. On April 13, 2013, thanks to the graciousness of Alberto Salazar, we spent a day observing and asking questions. 

On August 10, 2013, Mo Farah defeated his nemesis, Ibrahim Jeilan over the last 200 meters to win the 10,000m title that had eluded him in 2011. Galen Rupp finished fourth after fighting a tough battle for third, improving from his sixth in Daegu. His fourth place improved the highest finish by an American in the 10,000 ever (his sixth was the best before). 

Mo Farah and Galen Rupp are training partners. Here is the second A Day in the Life, Mo Farah & Galen Rupp, part deux, courtesy of the IAAF. This video was prepared by the Shoe Addicts, the digital partners of
Mary Cain, photo by

The morning session of Day three is finished and the U.S. continues to put key athletes in the next round. A cloudy day in Moscow, with high humidity. The evening session starts at 6.45 pm local time and we will be sitting with our friends at USATF and the IAAF right behind the finish line! 
So, I was having my coffee on Friday morning, and Kevin Mangan, about six thousand miles away, sends me his predictions on the World Champs and suggests that perhaps (he was trying to be nice), we should post our predictions.

The challenge, as they say, was on! So, below, please find Kevin Mangan, intern at American Track & Field and and Larry Eder, American Track & Field and

Big differences with this process: Kevin takes this seriously, well as I, as many know, only use reality when it benefits me. Nothing makes me smlle more than an email such as the following:
"Hey Larry, if you could get the crack pipe out of your mouth, maybe your medal picks would be more, ahem, realistic..." 

So, enjoy dear readers.... time for me to go to bed....

Merritt versus James, Pre 2013, photo by
Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, London 10,000 meters, photo by

Dear and Gentle readers,

On this, the eve of the greatest eight days of track und field every two years, I am wakeful in anticipation of how the races will go, who will win, who will surprise and if the line for my espresso and tomato juice will be too long. 

Don't fret dear readers! The IAAF, the governing body of the sport, has provided you, with a plethora of information to make your experience in Luzhniki stadium, or, if you are one of the lucky 150 million in the US who neither have Universal Sports access or who have been totally jerked around by the Peacock network, who would give more coverage to professional snipe hunting that they would to the world's oldest (and to some, world's only) true sport.

But, hey, I digressed. Enjoy the links below and remember to get up early (nine to eleven hours difference in USA), turn on the computer and watch as I pontificate on Live RunBlogRun, or read the thoughtful words of the six columnists we lined up. The links below will make you a track expert, the conversationalist at your next cocktail party, or, perhaps you could run for political office in the U.S. say the Whig party? 

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