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5bd5bb93-5fb0-4177-8876-06bab6e12e00.jpgTokyo Stadium, photo by Japan Sport Council (copyright)

This is the statement from World Athletics on the change of dates of the Olympic games.

Paris 2024 also affected


2024_1.png.jpgParis-2024-banner.jpgThe postponement of the 2020 Olympics will affect the athletic calendars for many years. The 2024 Paris Olympics is an example...

The qualification for the Games is the stickiest part of the postponement of 2020 to 2021 Tokyo. How do you qualify without track & field meets? Seb Coe is looking at this and trying to make an honest appraisal of the situation. I hope he speaks to some outside of World Athletics, about meets, and what athletes can do with such restricted training.

The challenges abound....

sebcoenewstalk.jpgSeb Coe, photo by

RunBlogRun opines:

My first interview with Seb Coe was in 2001 at Edmonton WC. I did a small interview for Nike at an event, and Seb was fun to interview. We talked about his athletics, and his views on the sport since his retirement. Charming, self depricating, Seb, then, as now, has a bit of concern dealing with media, but since I was not a member of the British media, we were fine.

Move ahead to 2015, in Beijing, before the stench of the Diacks hit the fan. Seb was conducting his first presser, and Seb was looking ahead with the promise of the future and trying to be nice to Lamine Diack.

I wonder sometimes, if Seb Coe had the ability to move into a parallel universe (think Philip K. Dick, and Man in the High Castle), if he would have taken this position.

It will not get any easier in the next 2 years. This is a note from EME News, on the challenges that the sport has to face in the upcoming years.

The storm clouds are gathering, please stay inside and practice social distancing.

sebcoearabianbiz.jpgSeb Coe, photo by

1289892_G08_W01.jpgPiotr Malachowski, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

Piotr Malachowski, like many veteran athletes, are extending their careers one more year to compete in Tokyo 2021. This piece was posted on the European Athletics site.

Dafne Schippers is a medalist at the 100m and 200m in World Championships, with two golds, one silver and two bronzes. Dafne took silver in the 200m in 2016 Olympics. She is in light training, hoping the the Paris 2020 EAA Champs happen.

dschippersr.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by World Athletics

1173570e-c2a8-4be7-8fdd-ec14820cf752.jpgTokyo Olympic Stadium, photo by South China News

We live in uncertain times. Each day has changes in the world. The Tokyo Olympics were moved from 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus. 11,000 athletes now need to come to grips with an extra year of training.

Veronica Campbell-Brown is a fascinating athlete. Having first spoken to her in 2004, and knowing her long time manager, Claude Bryan helped in future meetings in the UK and at Olympic and World Championships. VCB is a tough athlete and did not give an inch or centimeter, to anyone. I always enjoyed the battles between VCB and Allyson Felix, which began in 2003.

In this piece, Stuart Weir writes of her interest in Tokyo 2020, but, the challenge now of 2021, with a growing child, and the complications of training in the time of the coronavirus.

20120806athletics-48.JPGLondon 2012, photo by Martin Bateman

Felix_Allyson_082016_1200x300.jpgAllyson Felix, photo by

The postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is concerning 11,000 athletes. Track & Field athletes take many years to achieve the level to get to a World Champs or Olympics. Allyson Felix has made 4 Olympic teams and eight World Champs. Can she add another year to her career?

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