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Guliyev_RamilFV-Oslo18.jpgRamil Guliyev, 200 meters, Oslo Bislett, June 7, 2018, photo by

This is report number 20 on European Athletics, from Carles Baronet. Our friend from Catalonia has updated, compiled and edited result reports for RunBlogRun since 2012. We thank him for his support and love of athletics.

Very fast 100 meters in Madrid. Bingtian Su ran 9.91 in the final, a new Chinese NR. The big result was Filippo Tortu, who became the first Italian man to break 10 seconds, breaking the NR of the late, great Pietro Mennea, by running 9.99 for the 100 meters, taking second! A fantastic new Chinese NR and Italian NR at Meeting de Madrid today!

Thursday was a great opening day for the 2018 USATF Outdoor Championships. Here are some of the highlights:

The weather was foreboding, with some rain, and lots of humidity. The fans stayed and cheered and were rewarded with some fine performances!

Kara Winger wins her 8th javelin championships!

Winger_KaraW-Pre17.jpgKara Winger, photo by

Kara Winger destroyed the American record for the javelin on June 25, 2010. Kara did it in Des Moines, Iowa, with a throw of 66.67 meters/218-8. Now, eight years later, Kara wins her eighth national championships in the javelin, with a throw of 62.88 meters/206-8. Kara has the best throw by an American this year. Kara was asked if she will be back for a ninth championship attempt. Not surprisingly, she replied in the affirmative. For your information, Kara Winger won her first javelin title in 2008, and her name then, was Patterson.

Epic battle in Triple Jump!

Orji_KenturahW-USAout18.jpGKenturah Orji, photo by

Franklin_Tori1b-USAo18.JPGTori Franklin, photo by

Kenturah Orji, former AR holder in TJ, leaps 14.34m on her first attempt, setting a MR and Stadium record. Tori Franklin, current TJ holder for US, reponds with 14.48m, breaking the meet and stadium records. On her third attempt, Kenturah Orji gets serious and leaps 14.59 meters, 47'-10.5", to take the lead. Try as she might, Tori Franklin tries three more times to get past Kenturah. On her sixth attempt, the current WL in the TJ hits 14.52m, winded aided, but is still 7 centimeters shy of Orji. When was last time you saw American women in 1rst and 4th on the TJ world list?

Women's Discus won by Stanford's Allman

Allman_ValarieQW-WC17.jpgValarie Allman, photo by

Valarie Allman, Stanford discus thrower, won the discus in 2018. She did it with an American leading thow of 63.55 meters, or 208-6. Such was Allman' domination, that she won by eight feet, with second place Maggie Ewan at 200-7, or 61.13 meters. Valarie took third in 2017, and has a best of 64.69 meters/212-3.

Rounds of 100 meters

Rodgers_MikeQ1b-USAo18.JPGMike Rodgers, photo by

Fast times in the 100 meters.

Mike Rodgers ran a legal 9.89, to take over the world lead. Isiah Young and Cameron Burrell ran 9.93s in the first rounds, with Noah Lyles running a wind-aided 9.92. On the women's side, Ashley Henderson ran 10.91 to lead the women sprinters. Jennifer Prandini ran 10.95 for her heat win. Alea Hobbs ran 10.97 for her win and Dezerea Bryant won her heat in 10.99.

10,000 meter battles

Huddle_MollyFH-USAout18.jpGMolly Huddle wins 10,000 meters, photo by

Molly Huddle has tried to win 14 titles at the 10,000 meters, and she won four straight now. That was her 27th US title for Molly Huddle. Huddle took the field apart. Hitting the halfway in 16:14, Molly Huddle lead Marielle Hall, Stephanie Bruce, Molly Seidel, Emily Sisson, Sarah Pagnano. Huddle is brutal, and she wanted this race, very bad. Over the last three laps, Huddle ran 72 seconds, 71 seconds, and then, a final 64.5. Her last 800 meters were run in 2:13.5. Her 10,000 meter title was won in 31:55.32.

Lopez Lomong wins his first 10,000 meters

Lomong_LopezFV1-USAout18.jpGLopez Lomong wins 10,000m, photo by

Lopez Lomong won his first title in the US Champs in 2009, over 1,500 meters. In 2010, he won once again. One of my favorite races to watch Lopez was at Payton Jordan, where, miscalculating laps, Lopez stormed a lap in 53 seconds. Figuring he had one more lap, Lopez ran a 63 second lap, and ran a 13:11 for 5000 meters. The guy has tremendous speed.

This race was slow, and Lopez Lomong bid his time. Waiting until the last 100 meters, Lopez Lomong went by Shadrack Kipchirchir and put one second on the second placer in the last hundred meters. Lopez won his first 10,000 meters in 28:58.38.

This is report 24 on the USA-Canada results for 2017-18. Each report is compiled, edited and producted by Carles Baronet for the readers of @runblogrun. Carles also manages the European reports for runblogrun. We thank our friend from Catalonia for his labor of love on these reports.

Morris_SandiR-Stockholm18.jpgSandi Morris, Bauhaus Galan Stockholm 2018, photo by

Baker-Coleman-PrescodFHL-Pre18.JPGRonnie Baker wins Pre Classic 100 meters, photo by

Lyles_NoahFH-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles blazes the 200 meters at 2018 Pre Classic, photo by

Here's report 23 for the USA-Canada results, from Carles Baronet, Track in Sun. Carles edits and compiles all of our results for @runblogrun. We are grateful each week.

A fairly modest meet by past year standards, but some strong performances. Ronnie Baker won a strong 100 meters in 10.00. Elaine Thompson won the 100 meters in 11.06. A WL hammer throw from DeAnne Price.

Baker_Ronnie1-MillroseG18.jpgRonnie Baker, photo by

IMG_2633.jpgJosephus Lyles, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

This is the 20th report on USA-Canada result for 2017-18. It is compiled and edited by our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet. Carles has a fantasic blog, track in sun, blogspot. Thanks Carles!

IMG_7617.jpgKeni Harrison, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts


This is report 19 on USA-Canada, 2017-18. All our stat reports are compiled by Carles Baronet. Carles works very hard to give you, our @runblogrun readers, the most complete results on a weekly basis (4 USA and one European, until European high season). We hope you enjoy and thank our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet, for his labor of love for our sport.

Crouser_RyanR1-Brussels17.jpgRyan Crouser, photo by

Oh, Congrats to Ryan Crouser on his 22.01 meter win against sleep deprived Tom Walsh. I love those two guys. Big guys who throw a sixteen pound orb over 22 meters! Dear god! Nice to see Ryan back in groove and Tom getting some competition. I predict new WR for shot put with these two guys (also a few others out there who can push it).

This is the fifth report on the USA and Canada, courtesy of our great friend, Carles Baronet. Carles has compiled and edited these for many years now for RunBlogRun and we are thankful to our Catalan friend.

Kerley_FredQ-USOut17.jpgFred Kerley, photo by

Fred Kerley has opened his 2018 season. I have to credit Fred with one of the finest quotes at the London World Champs pressers. He noted, "Track & Field athletes are gladiators, we have to battle at our best each and every reace." I like that.

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