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Hunter_DrewFHH-BosOut18.jpgDrew Hunter, adidas Boston 2018, photo by

Drew Hunter will be advising young athletes as an instructor at the The Armory Indoor Track & Field Camp at The Armory New Balance Track & Field Center this coming weekend. We just recieved this release, featuring an interview with this fine young athlete.

The AAM had its annual meeting last week in Boston. It is one of the most important gatherings of the year in the sport. Managers and agents do much more than negotiate contracts for their athletes. For media, some of the best ways to reach out to athletes and coaches is through their agents. And for agents & managers, one of the best ways to get the story out about their athletes is through attentive media.

As the numbers of athletics media become smaller, the need for communications between the AAM and media become event more important.


WXC19 Aarhus - Moesgaard Museum ELITE MEN - FOTO LARS MØLLER.jpgAarhus WXC, photo by IAAF

Because agents and managers know that, if the sport does not promote itself, that sponsors, federations, athletes, coaches and yes, agents and managers, will all suffer.

Lyles_Noah1-Monaco18.jpgNoah Lyles, photo by

Our big questions from the meeting:

We are curious what the AAM thinks about the new Diamond League announcements. We are curious to see what sponsors and managers think about the future of the sport.

Stay tuned. I am sure that we will have news soon.

Keitany_MaryFV1-RAK15.jpgMary Keitany, photo by

True_Ben-USAxc19.JPGBen True, photo by

The nature of cross country is that one must take on all the challenges that nature provides. In that light, hills and creek crossings can make it fun and tough. Be prepared!

Thursday, October 31, 2019: 20 minute warm up, 6 times 100m hill, jog down, 10 minute jog, 30 minute fartlek, 10 times 2 minute, 5k pace, 1 minute easy, 20 minute cooldown

John Brant's thoughful writing style, in his piece, "Why I Still have Faith in Alberto Salazar", took me back three decades. John and I worked at Runners World during one of the golden ages of running. I was there in 1981 and left in 1987. The staff was an amazing amalgamation of writers, designers, marketing people who had helped make a tiny magazine the most popular global publication in the sport. Bob Anderson was a first class showman, a guy who took what he loved and made it into a multi million dollar business and lead an industry.

Surviving there was brutal. It was a daily example of Darwin's survival of the fittest, and it was also a highly dysfunctional family. I have to admit that I loved it, after I figured that I could be fired daily. I just decided to take it one day at a time, get my ad production work done, get in 2 runs a day, with my fellow RWers, Tim and Danny Gruber, and try to stay out of trouble. rr

14min-panel-1571924873.jpgSalazar with Brant, 2012, photo by Runners World

The time at RW changed my life. One of the reasons were people like John Brant and Danny Ferrara. Both fine writers, they allowed me to write goofy little pieces in the regional editions of RW. In the next 3 decades, I developed a media business with my then wife. In my current reincarnation, I publish a blog with my brother, and work in a video development business with my son and his partners.

John Brant is one of the finest writers that has been my pleasure to read. John's piece on Salazar is not the work of an apologist. Brant has seen Salasar in many times in his life and his comments are honest and considerate. Brant does ask himself if he was snowed. He does not think he was, and neither do I. John Brant, and we have seen each other, mostly in passing at RW booths over the years, is not someone who would give himself an easy out. He was prone to self analysis of his writing and the accuracy of it was well. rr

Brant gets it. He understands what has made Alberto Salazar tick for decades. ? Pay particular attention to the comments by David Frank, a man who coached with Salazar at an Oregon high school.

Agaiin, a nicely done piece and an important read on the relationship of a writer with his subject.

Lasitskene and Sidorova shared bonus

Sidorova_Anzhelika1c-Doha19.JPGAnzhelika Sidorova, photo by

Lasitskene_Mariya-Lausanne19.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by

MOSCOW (RUS): World champions Mariya Lasitskene and Anzhelika Sidorova have decided to share their 10 million rubles bonuses (around 150 000 USD) which were awarded to them by the Russian Boxing Federation (RBF) with their Russian teammates who also competed at the World Championships in Doha, informs TASS. "We [Lasitskene and Sidorova] decided to share this award with all medalists and participants of the [2019 IAAF] World Championships. All those, who went to Doha, will receive a part of our prize money. I hope they will be happy and grateful," said Lasitskene.

RunBlogRun opines: This is one of the class acts of the year. Both athletes showed their respect of their fellow athletes. They both competed well in Doha and I just liked their actions.

The 110m hurdle final in Doha was, well, carnage. Two veterans and one first timer took medals. The bronze medalist was France's Pascal Martinot Lagarde, who, instead of a 'chocolate medal' took the bronze medal. In silver, Sergey Shubenkov ran his race and took the second position. And in gold, was the one and only Grant Holloway. Orlando Ortega, after the protest, was given third place (a second bronze in one race).

What was the same about the medalists? In each case, as Omar McLeod, who hit the last 4 hurdles and obstructed Orlando Ortega, Grant Holloway focused on being the first guy to get across the line. That is the name of the game. Shubenkov came close as did Martinot Lagarde.

Holloway-Ortega-McLeod1g-Doha19.JPGBefore the carnage, Grant Holloway pursues his gold, photo by

The day belonged to Grant Holloway, who, capped the 42 events he did in 2019, with a win in the big one, the Doha World Championships.

Grant Holloway was the focus of much interest as manager John Regis found the amazing athlete a sponsor. adidas wisely invested in the young Gator grad, and this writer believes that they got their money's worth. Grant Holloway is the 'real thing' (sorry Coca-Cola).

Holloway_GrantChomp1-Doha19.JPGGrant Holloway keeping it Gator, photo by

Who is Grant Holloway? The most talented, spirited and focused hurdler that we have seen in a generation. Grant thanked his competitors and noted that he would not be there without them. The lessons this young man teaches by example are endless. He thanks his parents, coaches, his girlfriend. Meeting his smiling parents prior to the interview at the adidas HQ in Doha was memorable. This young man is loved and he shows it.

Enjoy the interview. Grant Holloway has miles to go before he retires. He has dreamed of Olympic gold since he was a child. Special thanks to Manager John Regis, who always makes me both laugh and think, Spencer Nel, adidas, who signed the athlete, for supporting the young man, and my son, Adam Johnson-Eder for getthing me there on time, and recording the video (posting soon). Audio Production was done by my dear brother, Brian Eder, who, like my son, has been on this journey for much of our lives.

Listen to this interview close, as there are big lessons for coaches and athletes.

Grant Holloway is one of those athletes who reminds me that the biggest assert of our sport is our athletes.

Bolt_UsainQ1b-WC17.jpgUsain Bolt, photo by

Coleman_ChristianQ-USAo19.jpgChristian Coleman, photo by

Usain Bolt is one of the finest athletes in global athletics history. He transcended athletics because he obviously enjoyed what he did. He had confidence in his ability and his fitness. Bolt lived off the fan energy, and the fans lived off Bolt.

Bolt has picked Coleman as the next big thing in sprinting. Christian Coleman is not Usain Bolt. He never will be. And that is okay.

For Christian Cole

Rypakova_Olga-Lausanne19.jpgOlga Rypakova takes gold in TJ, photo by

Hassan_Sifan1-Doha19.JPGSifan Hassan taking gold in the 10,000m, Doha WC, photo by

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