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Week 3: Getting the Habit Started

Make sure you're doing your runs on a variety of surfaces--dirt, grassy fields, sand, road, track. It's good for the feet and helps you use your feet in a healthy variety of ways. You'll be a little sore this week as your body adjusts. Drink your liquids, sleep, eat well, and hang out with your friends.

This is our summer cross country training program. If you want to be a success in the fall, you have to run over the summer. Get some friends, give us an hour each day and we will get you in shape (you do have to run yourselves). 

Week Three, Day Four, July 2, 2015, Thursday: 1-mile warmup; 3 hill repeats (run 200 yds uphill, turn, jog downhill to start; repeat twice more, no rests); 1-mile easy cool-down.


The end of the race: 2014 BUPA Edinburgh Cross Country, photo by Dan Vernon, Vernon Photography

The 2015 USATF Outdoor Champs will be remembered, I believe, for the emergence of several athletes and the departure of some as well.

Cragg, Huddle, Flanagan, Infeld, in Women's 10,000m, photo by

That is the excitement of our sport; athletes put all of their hard work for the last year or more, on the line, to finish in the top three in the US Champs. Make the top three, or you do not go! 

Yet, there are more stories to our hallowed championships. Here are the complete results of the USATF Outdoor Championships, from rounds to finals, courtesy of USATF. 

I found myself very fortunate this year to be able to watch the championships, and know that a seat in the media section had been reserved for the late James Dunaway, who wrote so eloquently about this meet for over fifty years. 

Dr. Frank Zarnowski, aka "Zeke", the dean of the decathlon, photo courtesy of  USATF.TV

If one had been to a decathlon competition in the past forty years, then, one had heard the thoughtful, lucid voice of Zeke, aka Dr. Frank Zarnowski. The guy knows so much about the decathlon, and his preparation for announcing multi events sets the standard, quite frankly, for how athletics should be covered. 

In 2012, his announcements on Ashton Eaton's WR Decathlon was one of the highlights of my 42 years of watching or running in track meets. 

Elliott Denman, working in that hot, humid, virtual Turkish bath that was the Media tent in Eugene this past, week, told me about his idea of a piece on Zeke. I loved it. 


The Skechers Performance story is fascinating. 

The GoRun product was developed around one athlete at the beginning-Meb Keflezighi. When Meb told me in 2012 that he was training without orthotics, I knew he had found something that worked for him. 

Skechers had many challenges getting into running. Run Specialty is suspect from day one of anyone new and one with their own retail chain makes it even harder on the Skechers sales team. 

Rick Higgins.jpeg
Rick Higgins, SVP, Merchandising/Marketing, 
Skechers Performance Division

GoRun product and GoWalk (which is one of the largest selling shoes in North America), have opened many eyes. When one of our most critical observers noted, "Hey, Skechers GoRun is not that bad. I can run in it." I almost fell on the floor. 

Skechers signed a deal with Kara Goucher, one of the most recognizable women elite athletes, who has support via social media as well and looks to have a long and interesting career in the world of fitness after her racing career ends. 

So, in early May, we sat down with Rick Higgins,  SVP - Merchandising/Marketing, Skechers Performance Division, at the Skechers offices in NY. We wanted to get Rick's view of why Skechers is doing so well, about their long term commitment and about where he sees the brand going. 

Rick oversees Skechers Performance. Their involvement in races, athletes, retail programs, and communications are where he excels. The evolution of Skechers over the past five years has been fascinating, and we thought it was time to get some of Rick's views in an interview. 

Special thanks to Rick Higgins for his time on a very busy day and for Jolene Abbott, Communications manager, for her kind assistance! 

PHOTO: Nick Symmonds (left) just about to pass Erik Sowinski (purple) Cas Loxsom (yellow) and Duane Solomon to won the 2015 USA 800m title at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly)

The distance races on the last day (800 meters, men's steeple and both 5,000 meters, plus the women's 1,500 meters) were tremendous races and extremely riveting. None more in the riveting category than the men's 800 meters, where Duane Solomon went from first to last in a few meters. 
Here is the feature by David Monti and Chris Lotsbom. David and Chris did wonderful work all weekend, and we thank them for their coverage! 
Molly Huddle, Shalane Flanagan, photo by

The conditions were warm, and humid. Not the kind of weather one would order when one is racing 25 laps of a 400 meter Beynon track. 

Yet, the fans stayed, and they cheered, and they screamed and they worshiped their heroes. 

And for sixty minutes, the world was a good place.....
Just in case you forgot, here is the recap of the 2015 USATF Outdoor Champs, Day three, as done by our resident Kiwi, Roy Stevenson.

Roy Stevenson braved those stands each day to provide you the day to day updates on this fine competition! 

Matthew Centrowitz wins the 1,500 meters, photo by

Ben True calling on his inner sprinter, with David Torrence, Ryan Hill, Garrett Heath, Galen Rupp, photo by Brian Eder/RunBlogRun

The 5000 meters today were supposed to be hot and humid. Instead, they were overcast, cooler than the last several days, and yes, humid. 

The women's race was much faster, and full of surprises. The men's race, extremely tactical, was full of its' own intrigue and challenges. 

Murielle Hall, Emily Infeld, Dabby Dagastino, Nicole Tully, off to the finish! photo by Brian Eder/RunBlogRun

Here is how Chris Lotsbom and David Monti saw both races, and we thank them for their insights! 

Trey Hardee, photo by

Trey Hardee scored 8725 to take the 2015 USATF Decathlon title. Interesting enough, the 2015 is the 100th anniversary of the decathlon national championships. 

David Hunter provides us with a birds-eye view into the two day challenge and with some of the athletes who have devoted their lives to pursuing the ten eventer. 

So, the Decathlon is a two day journey into the cold corners of your mind. As the late Bob Mathais would tell me, " the decathlon is ten opportunities to make mistakes." And the 1948 and 1952 Olympic champion would know. 

Trey Hardee, photo by

Covering the decathlon forensically, we asked David Hunter to comment on the day by day breakouts of the competition, so be patient, dear readers. 

This is the recreation of day one and next will be the final day and how the decathlon plays out. 

This is the 100th anniversary of the Decathlon in the US championships, and we are honored to write about the iconic event. 

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