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Amy Begley was named Coach of the Atlanta Track Club, a perfect follow up after the ATC announced their multi year marketing and branding program with Mizuno USA. As part of the commitment to the Atlanta Track Club, Mizuno agreed to support the ATC as they provide an elite coaching program and support system to develop two team members for the U.S. 2020 Olympic team, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan. 

Amy Begley is an exceptional choice for this position. Her experience in racing and training at the Olympic team level, her experience in coaching and developing athletes gives her unique insights into the needs of developing elite athletes. 

We congratulate the Atlanta Track Club on their choice and their continued progress forward! 

Amy Begley was a very tough athlete. Her 2010 US champs comes to mind. With a lap to go, Amy went by Lisa Koll, who had tried to break her for some twenty-three laps. The Raging bull, aka Amy Begley went by and just churned away. 

We look forward to seeing Amy Begley coaching the Atlanta Track Club! 

Amy Begley, 2010 USA outdoor champs, photo by
Dwight Stones is one of the most accomplished Sports TV journalists in our sport. The two time Olympic bronze medalist parlayed those athletic skills with a keen understanding of the sport into a life long career spanning four decades. 

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Christian Taylor, photo by

Dwight came to RunBlogRun in September 2014 with an idea on a series to shake up the sport we love. Stones believes that field events do not get the enthusiasm that they deserve because of their presentation.

Prepared to be shaken up a bit. 

This will be the first of a many part series! 

Tell us what you think, send your emails to

His first column is on the presentation of the Long Jump and Triple Jump. 
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Valerie Adams, Queen of the Shot, photo by

MONACO (MON): World and Olympic shot put champion Valerie Adams has admitted that 2014 has been her most challenging season, inform IAAF. A knee operation preceded the season, then she battled with elbow and shoulder injuries during the season before undergoing two operations in October. Through all this, she remained unbeaten, while she has come out of the other side with a drive and motivation that is even stronger than before. The 2016 Olympics remain her ultimate goal. She is training hard in preparation for her coach, Jean-Pierre Egger's arrival in New Zealand on January 12. It is not clear when she would be able to start the season, it is expected in June. 

Valerie Adams, NYC 2014, photo by 

(Editor's note: If you truly want a treat, watch all six throws of Valerie Adams in her next shot put competition. Watch her focus, her facial expressions, her comments to herself. Valerie is one of the most competitive athletes you will ever see.

Valerie is also one of the most fun athletes to interview. She is funny as can be, an amazing combination of hysterical comments  and profane comments. One notes that Valerie is truly competitive, knows that there is a price to be paid for her level of competition, but also seems to relish it. 

Valerie Adams, Stockholm 2012, photo by

I finally met her this past Summer, and told her that she has fans in North America. Check out her twitter conversations, which are some of my favorites.

Best wishes Valerie with your recovery from surgery! We can not wait to see you out there throwing once again! )
So, who will the IAAF name as their Male Athlete of the Year?

David Hunter wrote this piece about the top five Male candidates for the IAAF award for 2014. Tell us what you think. Email us with your candidate! 

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The IAAF awarded the 2019 World Championships to Doha this afternoon, Monaco time at 2.30 pm (about an hour delayed). The delay kept up Vote Tracktown hopes , as they waited for the live announcement on IAAF You Tube.


The first round of votes was Doha 12, Eugene 9, and Europe 6. In the voting system used, Barcelona was then eliminated.

In the second round, Doha took 15, and Eugene 12. 

Eugene did better than expected, but the experience that Doha has had in world championships bidding, and their support won out. 

RunBlogRun had put the votes, yesterday at Doha 14, Europe 7, Eugene, 4. Tracktown USA battled until the very end, gaining support from Japan and Korea early in the morning hours. 

Kudos to the Tracktown USA team, USA Track & Field and their supporters. And a special shout out to Vinn Lananna, who battled until the very end, like the fine track and field coach that he is. 

Lots of respect there. 

While I am saddened that USA does not have a World Champs in 2019, I believe it will happen soon. 

Vote Tracktown. 

The two most important awards in North America for track and field (okay, the US, sorry Canada and Mexico) are the Jesse Owens and JJK Athlete of Year awards.

This year, Meb Keflezighi and Jenny Simpson are taking them home! And I have to say, fellow voters, a drink on the house! 

Meb has had a glorious year, from his Boston win to his gutty, gutty, did I say, gutty? fourth place in New York two weeks ago. Meb just shows that good people do actually prosper, well, sometimes! 

His win in Boston was the stuff of legend. Taking the lead early, and no one went after him, until a 2:05 guy charged to within twelve seconds and Meb put it away? At a time when most of us would fall to the ground, go into fetal position and sleep for a bit, Meb held on and won Boston! Spectacular! 


Jenny Simpson won the 2011 World Champs, then, suffered through London, as some called it a fluke. In 2013, Jenny Simpson took the silver in the 2013 Moscow World Champs and proved many wrong. In 2014, Jenny ran a 3:57.22, taking second in Paris to Sifan Hassan, and then, in the final two races of the year over 1,500 meters, clocked everyone in the fields.

AO FC.jpg

Jenny Simpson has had a pretty amazing 2014 year as well! Here 1,500m pb, her 3000m pb, and her gutty racing! 

So, nice job, USA Track & Field, as we have two worthy Athletes of the Year for 2014! 

A Day in the life, Brianne Theisen-Eaton, May 12, 2013, 
photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images/IAAF

Brianne Theisen-Eaton, the 2014 Commonwealth Games champion in the heptathlon, gave this interview to Alex Mills in support of the Eugene 2019 bid for the World Championships. 
Cait Chock wrote this piece a few weeks ago for RunBlogRun, and we thought it was quite appropriate this week as the winter weather has hit the Midwest, cross country is coming to its championship season and the fall marathon season is coming to an end. 


In the 1970s and 1980s, running 100-140 miles a week, I watched sugar and white flour, but ate everything else. It was only when I stopped racing, and watching my diet that I had weight issues. 

I remember an article in the Runner magazine, where Nancy Clark reviewed Bill Rodgers' diet for a week. She was mortified. Bill, and this was in 1979-80, was eating whatever he could put into his mouth. From pickle juice (that was actually good for hydration and minerals) to lobster, to mayonnaise on cold pizza. As Frank Shorter noted, Bill Rodgers was an anomaly in many ways. 

Then, Americans became obsessed with food. And, not in a good way. If one spends time in Europe, as I did this year, one notes that portions are much smaller, food is healthier, on average and that somehow, people find out how to get the right foods inside them. The countries that have the biggest challenges with diabetes: US, China and India, are undergoing changes in how food is collected and junk calories seem to be the name of the game. 

Cait Chock's message here, after interviewing athletes is to figure out what your goals are, and set up a plan, but also, eat some fun things once in a while. It is the combination of fitness and nutrition that will keep you healthy for a long time to come. 
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Kudos to Alys Martinez, KEYT - KCOY - KKFX Producer/Reporter,, who did this fine piece on the deterioration of the U.C.S.B. facility. The students of UCSB voted to provide a $2 million renovation to the historic facility. 

UCSB has had one of the finest programs in the nation for many years. Under the watchful eyes of Peter Dolan, Head Coach for Cross Country and Track (and former classmate of this writer at Bellarmine Prep in San Jose), many promising athletes have come from the program. UCSB was also the training site of several generations of decathletes under the late Sam Adams, who oversaw the UCSB program in the 60s and 70s. 

Peter Dolan has developed some fine middle and long distance runners during his tenure and I always enjoy seeing UCSB high in the cross country results. 

It is nice to see the University responding to the needs of the athletic program. I remember the late Sam Adams taking me aside one time (and scaring me half to death, but, that was Sam Adams), and noting, " and remember, Coaches are Educators first! " 

It is nice to write about good news for track programs once in awhile. Kudus to UCSB and their student body for recognizing the good that the track provides for the community and how it is a vital asset to the University. 

This is the second part on Bob Larsen by Cathal Dennehy, one of our new favorite writers, who will be gracing the pages of and several of our pubs. 

Meb, Coach Larsen with the Bible of the Sport, TFN, 
photo courtesy of UCLA newsroom

Cathal Dennehy truly enjoyed meeting with Bob Larsen, as would any track fan. Larsen has been a long time coach and thoughtful developer of American middle and long distance talent. It is the relationship that he has with Meb Keflezighi, that sparks so much interest. Now 39, Meb Keflezighi just finished fourth in the TCS New York City Marathon, running down Stephen Kiprotich, the Olympic and World Champion from Uganda, and Geoffrey Mutai, one of the fastest marathoners under all conditions. 

"Why didn't Meb just wave it in in sixth or fifth? He had to run that last 800 meters very hard to get fourth place" a beaming Bob Larsen asked me, already knowing the answer, in the New York Road Runners Media area in New York. 

Well, Coach Larsen, it is because of you, that Meb is still running. That relationship should be analyzed and copied by coaches and athletes around the country. 

In this second part of the two part interview, our Irish friend, Cathal Dennehy, gets into the geek stuff to illuminate Coach Larsen's methods. 

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