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DSC_1754.jpgDonovan Brazier wins USATF 800m, photo by Brian Eder for @runblogrun

The last few weeks of June had some amazing performances in the US. The results in this report have been compiled by Carles Baronet. Thanks, once again to our Catalan friend for taking the time to edit these reports and compile them as well!

Vin Lananna and Mike Reilly have put on a three meet series in the U.S., with sponsor support, some media support and the enthusiasm of the athletes. It was a good start. RunBlogRun covered each meet (Steve Ritchie for Palo Alto, Lori Shotz on Portland/Gresham, and Jeff Benjamin on New York).

IMG_9262.JPGRobbie Andrews, after his A standard of 3:35.25, photo by Jeff Benjamin

There will have to be an increased presense, media buildup and terrestrial TV support to make the series work in 2018. That will mean increased support for athletics media in the U.S. Great to see Beynon Surfaces (buy their tracks, finely made and good company) support the TrackTown Summer Series. Beynon is an example of a company that puts back into the culture of athletics. Beynon has been like that for many years.

The apparent belief, on all things track and field in the US is that the athletics media has nothing better to do but cover domestic meets. The absolute lack of support for media priot to Sacramento affected the crowds terribly, and truth is, athletics media can do much to support events, from email blasts to banner ads, to several month build up, but most domestic meets have little or no involvement or appreciation that media, either print or digital, cost money.

At RunBlogRun, we have been fortunate to find support through key advertisers. They realize that the running culture that they benefit from was created by many media groups around the country. For photographers, writers and technical people to provide the content you love on RunBlogRun, we seek advertisers. Funny thing is, road racing, for the most part, supports track & field content more than the members of track & field advertisers. A strange situation, but, it has been that way for a decade.

Here is Jeff Benjamin's coverage of the running events at TrackTown Grand Finale. We will provide coverage of the field events in another article.

Korir_Leonard-Houston17.jpgLeonard Korir, photo by

Tuliamuk_Aliphine1d-USAxc17.jpgAliphine Tuliamuk, photo by

The battle for Atlanta was won today by Leonard Korir and Aliphine Tuliamuk, as the largest 10k in the world continues its sway over runners from around the world. The US 10k champs were won by Leonard Korir, US Army and Aliphine Tuliamuk, a naturalized US citizen, on the most important day of the US year, July 4, our Independence day. As a nation of immigrants, it is nice to see that both races were won by two people who showcase the power and diversity of our country.

The official press release is below....

Okay, it is conversations of Larry for Day 4 from Sacramento. I do a rant on the poor quality of the audio system, which could have been fixed in hours if someone cared, but was not. This was not good for Sacramento as they bid for the 2020 Olympic Trials. The heat had played down by day four, and while warm, the races were good, but the fans were few. As there was little or no promotion of the USATF champs in the athletics media, many did not come, and the heat kept many away. Sport commissions still have not figured out, if you want people at any sports event, you need to promote to the serious fans and use them to reach the many people on the line. Still, some believe that, if you put on a track meet, people will just show up.

DSC_1754.jpgDonovan Brazier takes his first title, photo by Brian Eder for RunBlogRun

Hey sports fans! Conversations with Larry back, and here's my deep thougths day three for USATF Outdoors. We focused on the 1,500 meters, shot put for women and men's pole vault.

Kendricks_Sam1b-USAout17.jpgSam Kendricks defies gravity, photo by

I have a confession. In 2014, I went to Lille, France for the Championnets de Francaise, the elite French championships. I went to see Jimmy Vicaut, Christophe Lemaitre, who were fantastic. But the highlight was the 110m hurdles. The French have five 110m hurdlers who are among the best in the world.

Darien_GarfieldQ-Poland14.jpgGarfield Darien, World Indoor 2014, photo by

At this time, Garfield Darien is the world leader, at 13.09 in cold weather in Ostrava on 28 June. We spoke with Garfield in a wide ranging presser on Friday, 30 June, was amazing. Garfield is coached by his father, and he explained that relationship, which is complicated as any father/son relationship is, but also refreshing.

Most of all, Garfield Darien is well grounded, and relaxed. His training is coming along quite well and he looks to be in the thick of it in London 2017.

Elliott Denman was an Olympic race walker. He gets it. He knows what it is like to make an Olympic dream a reality. Trey Hardee just won his fourth USATF title, fourteen years after his first title.

"You make 4.90m look like 4.80m" - @jcoover #dieseldudestorm 🌴⌚️

A post shared by trey hardee (@treyhardee) on

Pretty darn amazing.

Trey should get some solace that Wikipedia had him listed as retired. Well, that's nice.

Here's Elliot's story on Trey Hardee!

Friday at the USATF Outdoors had so many amazing moments, but, the 100 meters were two important events. Tori Bowie won the 100 meter women's race, going away. Justin Gatlin used his experience and observation skills to defeat Christian Coleman. Two very different races, and two wonderful events to observe!

You know, there are weekends of track and field and there are Wonder weekends. Last weekend, dear readers, was a wonder weekend. Each day of the US Champs had great moments, but consider the shot put. Consider the sixth round and the last two throws.

Joe Kovacs was sitting in second place, with a throw of 21.93 meters. Ryan Crouser had been leading since attempt one, where Ryan had thrown 21.82 meters. In attempt three, Crouser cranked a 22.02 meters, and in round five, threw 22.01 meters. He was looking pretty darn good.

Joe Kovacs had throw 21.93 meters on his fifth attempt.

But, the fireworks began with two throws left in the competition. Joe Kovacs puts the shot 22.35 meters! Kovacs goes nuts, the shot put fans cheer, and a very emotional Ryan Crouser gets into the ring. The announcer makes sure everyone knows that this is the very last throw, the very last attempt for Ryan Crouser, and that Kovacs may have stolen the title from Crouser with his last 22. 35 meters.

Ryan Crouser responded with a 22.65 meters, the farthest throw in fourteen years, taking the title on the very last throw. Crouser was quite effusive after the throw, and the crowd went nuts.

This, kind readers, is why I love field events such as the long jump, triple jump and shot put. One athlete does his or her thing, and the last attempt is upon them, how does the athlete react? That is a champion. Kovacs and Crouser are amazing performers, and when the shot put gets its due, and the athletes are ready, you see performances like Sunday in Sacramento, Fast and Furious in the Shot Put Ring.

Here's how Brian Eder caught the moment:

As I was posting this story on Monday night, I recieved a text from Jeff Benjamin. Jeff wanted me to change Paul Chelimo's run to the best performance of the entire meet! "After rewatching the coverae, I believe Paul Chelimo had the best performance of the entire meet!

Chelimo_PaulH-USAout17.jpgPaul Chelimo runs a fearless 5000 meters in hot weather, photo by

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