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Huddle_Molly-BAA5k15.JPGMolly Huddle, photo by

Molly Huddle has been on a roll this Fall. Winning the US 20k in New Haven (Sept. 7), then, the USA 5k in Providence (Sept. 21), and now the USA 10 mile title.

Sam Chelanga wins his first title after gaining US citizenship, with a very close finish.

Molly's next race is the Tuft's 10k on October 11.

Gary Morgan is the associate editor of Michigan Runner.

He is one of my great friends, and he is fearless. The man has traveled in more countries than I, and every day starts with a couple hour walk in areas that he travels. Gary has written a column of his travels for years, found at, one of our partner sites.

In 2008, we did the Gary & Larry Show at the Olympic Trials and in Beijing. I have to admit that those are some of my favorite memories.

Art & Jennie McCafferty, the publisher and editor of MIchigan Runner have championed digital video for the Running Network, Michigan Runner and Michigan Golf for nearly two decades. Art & Jennie understood the value of the web, and social media long before me.

Gary Morgan has a cult following, he is known as Mr. Ubiquitous.

His gentle camera focus, and his thoughtful questions come from a man who made the 1988 Olympic team the hard way-he earned it. Walking the 20k and 50k, Gary made the 1988 Olympic team at the 20k Race walk. A 2:35 marathoner, Gary Morgan learned to racewalk and pursued his dream.

Here is a collection of Gary's work, posted by my spiritual advisor, Art McCafferty as Gary Morgan sleeps on his crazy flights back from China.

I believe Gary Morgan is pace setting for a half marathon next weekend somewhere in America. He is a pace setter for about 30 races a year.

It is about fifteen hours since that sizzling 100 meters last night, and I am still talking about it. Better than talk about it, here is the column from Alan Abrahamson, for 3 Wire Sports titled:Usain Bolt: Still the 100 King . Enjoy it, it is a fun read on the 100 meter final, Usain Bolt, Justin Gatlin and the contorversy surrounding the race.

Bolt_UsainSF1a-World15.JPgUsain Bolt, photo by

Lost in the fanfare surrounding Usain Bolt's win were wins by Jessica Ennis-Hill and Joe Kovacs. So, with all due respect to Usain Bolt, here is a picture of Joe Kovacs, staying cool as he can in the qualifying on Sunday. The shot put lead changed five times, and was a fantastic event!

Here is Alex Mills' notes on the second session of Day two. In his first journalist role at a World Champs, Alex is doing a fine job updating us on the highlights of each session so yours truly can edit, chat and watch a World Champs. Thanks, Alex!

Kovacs_JoeUmbrellaQ-Beijing15.JPGJoe Kovacs, photo by

TrackTown-USout15.JPGTracktown USA, June 2015, photo by

USATF had a clean sweep of candidates.

That was an understatement as USATF went five for five in the elections.

Not known in past for getting respect in global sports politics, we at RunBlogRun have to hand it to USATF on their obvious work to devleop those relationships or the success just would not have happened.

Nice to see all of them coming in as Seb Coe takes the IAAF Presidency.

Sean Furey, photo by

On Thursday night, I was sitting in the stands, near the start of the 1,500 meters, and watching the javelin with some of my friends. I chanced to look up and watch Sean Furey, on his last throw, let er rip and that javelin stayed in the air for long enough to hear "oooooh" and "whoooooa" from the javelin geeks sitting in front of me. 

Sean Furey won the javelin on his last throw, with  PB of 83.08 meters and a English measurement of 272 feet, 8 inches. 

Sean Furey is sponsored by ASICS. ASICS Tony Herr told me that Sean was one of his fun finds. "Sean just wanted to continue throwing and needed some support." 

Nice how those things happen. 

For javelin throwers, Sean Furey is pretty normal. Throwers have big personalities, like Breaux Greer, or Tom Petronoff. Sean Furey emotes when he throws, willing the javelin to find a current of air and just stay suspended for that many more seconds. 

A long javelin throw can take one's breath away. 

Here is a fine piece by Elliott Denman on Sean Furey and his magnificent obsession with the javelin. 
Molly Huddle, photo by

Molly Huddle's 10,000m with, and her battle with Shalane Flanagan, and Galen Rupps battle with Ben True were two of the highlights of the Day One. Our resident Kiwi, Roy Stevenson, opines on day one and provides you a review of a fine night of athletics! 
Christian Taylor, photo by

Christian Taylor leaped 18.04 meters. I should know, I witnessed it! That day, Christian's coach, Rana Reider confided: " Christian needed that jump, now he can focus on the competition."

In Eugene, Christian Taylor will be jumping in the long jump as he has an automatic in the TJ to Beijing. 

Here is Elliot Denman's piece on our fabulous jumper. 
Ben True dueling Nick Willis, photo by

Ben True surprised a few people with his brilliant win in New York on June 13th! Sabrina Yohannes wrote this piece on Ben and his goals for the USATF Outdoors, this coming weekend! 
Guowei Zhang, photo by

On the 50th anniversary of the Exxon Mobil Bislett Games, there were some fascinating battles, some good fast times and some surprises.

In the year of the high jump, the javelin took the story in Birmingham, the pole vault in Eugene, the triple jump in Doha, and a nice high jump in Shanghai.

Is it Field and Track in 2015? I for one, love it. 

But, for me the story of Oslo is Chinese high jumper, Guowei Zhang, who took down Mutaz Barshim and Bohdan Bondarenko. 

Watch Mr. Zhang in Beijing. 

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