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Start of 2013 RNR San Jose Half Marathon, photo by

Medals of the 2013 RNR San Jose Half Marathon, photo by

The RNR San Jose Half Marathon will be held in San Jose, CA on Sunday, October 5, 2014. Running through some of the most beautiful neighborhoods of San Jose, the course is also the fastest in half marathon in the state. 

Here is the list of elite men and women who will be competing on Sunday! RunBlogRun will be there to cover the event live. 
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Mutasz Barshim, photo by

Fascinating to me, that the high jump this year, has captured many fans. Barshim and Bondarenko compete against each other, all of the time, and in NYC, Birmingham, and now Brussels, it has been magic. 

This season, the distance races that have been the most exciting have been the 1,500 meter for men and 1,500/3000 meter for women. Great races, epic confrontations, and thrilling finishes, the races are building personalities for the sport. 

Too bad that, in most of North America, one can not see 12/14 DL live unless one has a cable connection. Not the way to build a fan base in the largest athletic market in the world. 

Check out the numbers on You Tube replays of meet and events, and know that fans in US will actually watch Track & Field, like they will across the globe, if they can see it. 

Understand needs to make revenue, but also long term growth, chances to reach non-footwear sponsors, the huge dollars, means millions and millions of track fans. 


Ernie Bullard's celebration of life memorial service will be held promptly at noon on the USC campus in Town & Gown Center (665 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0871: E-6 on linked campus map)on Saturday, September 13.  Reception will follow memorial service.

For information contact Larry Knuth

(Editor'note: Ernie Bullard helped keep track & field alive in the South Bay in the 70s and early 1980s, and it was not an easy task. Many have fond stories of Coach Bullard, feel free to send them to me at We will publish some of them in an upcoming issue of California Track & Running News. )

David Rudisha, photo by

David Rudisha is running the 600 meters in the Birmingham. This is his first time racing the distance. " I want to out in high 46 point or low 47 point for the 400 meters."

Valerie Adams is going for her 55th straight win in the shot put. When asked what other event she would like to do. Jokingly, she noted, " the marathon." Actually, Valerie Adams and her sister played basketball as juniors.

Lots of great matchups in only a few hours!  

galen rupp.png
Photo of Galen Rupp and his twins, photo courtesy of Alberto Salazar (first appeared on

In case you missed this last week, we thought our readers would enjoy this story: 

Congrats to Galen Rupp and his wife, Keara Rupp, who announced the birth of their twins, on Tuesday, July 29, 2014. This was first reported at in the story

Coach Alberto Salazar provided pictures of the twins, which first appeared on Saturday, August 2, 2014, of the new twins of Galen & Keara Rupp. Their names are Grayson and Emmie. The picture, first posted on

Galen Rupp is the 2012 Olympic silver medalist at the 10,000 meters. He is the American record holder at 10,000 meters, set on May 30, 2014. Indoors, Galen Rupp has ARs at the 3000 meters and 5,000 meters. 

Recently, in June, Galen Rupp won the 10,000 meter US national title in Sacramento, CA on June 27, 2014. On July 5, 2014, Galen Rupp ran  for 5,000 meters, finishing fourth, in an exciting 5,000 meters in the Stade de France near Paris, France. 

Galen Rupp is coached by Alberto Salazar. A fine high school distance runner, Galen Rupp developed as an athlete at the University of Oregon. He has been a professional athlete, sponsored by Nike, for six years. Galen Rupp made history in 2008-2009, winning six NCAA championships in one year: The 2008 NCAA Cross Country, the 2009 Indoor titles at 3,000 meters, 5,000 meters and distance medley. Outdoors, in 2009, Galen Rupp won both the 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters. At the 2008 Olympic Trials, Galen Rupp took second at the 10,000 meters. In the 2012 Olympic Trials, Galen Rupp came of age, winning the 10,000 meters, and in a gut wrenching battle with Bernard Lagat, Galen Rupp came back from a deficit and won the 5,000 meters as well. 

Galen Rupp is one of America's most popular distance runners. 

Keara Rupp is a former UO distance runner. The twins Emmie and Grayson are the Rupp's first children. 

RunBlogRun wanted to wish the new parents best wishes! 
xchero.jpegSaucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Six, Day Four, July 24, 2014:

Thursday: 1-mile warm up; 6 hill repeats (run 200 yds uphill, turn, jog downhill to start. Repeat five more times, no rests); 1-mile easy cool down. #saucony500
Dave Hunter decided to take a shot at explaining some of the strategies in the vertical jumps with passes of heights, and what happens, when you have one attempt left? Do you use it at the height you are at, or do you move up and take a shot a winning or absolutely crashing?

A fascinating insight into what goes into the minds of  jumpers.....specifically into the mind of NCAA 2014 pole vault champion, Shawn Barber. 

Shawn Barber, in a more tye-dyed age, photo by
The Meeting Herculis was one of the best track meets that I have ever seen. In a meet where the high level of performance gave viewers apoplexy, why would one suspect that a young, promising middle distance runner who run down, in the final straight, the unbeaten superstar in her event? 

They, you need to know more about Ajee' Wilson. 

Ajee' Wilson, Sacramento, June 2014, photo by
RunBlogRun gave Molly Huddle our RBR American Athlete of the Month for June 2014. The USA Outdoor 5000 meter final was one of the most exciting distance races that we have watched in many a year. 

Molly Huddle, Shannon Rowbury, battling to the tape, photo by

You had Molly Huddle pushing the pace, and breaking one athlete in the field after another. Except for Shannon Rowbury. Shannon, a fine 1,500 meter specialist who has moved up to the 5,000 meters, in many eyes, has an amazing kick. Her speed is something to behold, and she knows how to use it, and when to use it. 

As in many of her races, Shannon Rowbury took off with 250 meters to go, and by the final straightaway, had a meter or two on Molly Huddle. Molly Huddle had other plans. She had not come this far to take second and, with a strong effort, a strong, gutsy effort, Molly Huddle lunged by Shannon Rowbury in the final inches, to take the title. 

For that gutty effort we give Molly Huddle the June 2014 RBR American Athlete of the Month award!

We would like to thank the Shoe Addicts, our digital partners, for making the video. 

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