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Huddle_Molly1a-Baa5k17.jpgMolly Huddle, photo by

Posted originally on November 3, 2017

Reposted December 13, 2017.

Molly Huddle will run her second marathon at the 2018 Boston Marathon. We thought that this piece from November 2018 by Caroly Mather, the long time writer for Running Journal and Racing South, on the focus on Molly Huddle.

Molly Huddle is one of the finest American distance runners of her era. Totally focused, Molly Huddle has developed her racing skill set from 5000 meters to the marathon. Her future, obviously, is with the marathon. Molly told me yesterday that this next year is about learning more about the 42.195 meter distance.

Carolyn Mather caught up with Molly Huddle on November 1, 2017. We thank Carolyn for her writing and Molly for her candor.

Hasay-3.jpgJordan Hasay, photo from Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Originally posted October 10, 2017

Reposted on December 13, 2017

Jordan Hasay has found her perfect distance. She was made for this event and her focus, her training, her spirit is in this event. Her gutty run in Chicago blew me away. I have to admit that Jordan has been one of my special athlete focuses since she was 15. Watching her run, speaking to her high school coach, and watching her handle her ups and downs have been quite emotional. Watching Jordan, Shalane, Desi and Molly run in April 2018 will be an amazing day on the streets of Boston!

The 2:20:57 run by Jordan Hasay in Chicago on Sunday, October 8, 2017 was historic. Jordan Hasay ran 2:23:00 in her marathon debut and shocked many. Truth is this, Jordan Hasay was made for the marathon, and Alberto Salzar knew that. Jordan Hasay is one of the guttiest runners I have ever seen, and she does not give an inch. In college racing she had great races and not so great races. She was not a happy camper when she did not do well, but that is okay.

As a professional athlete, Jordan raced over 5k and 10k, and she battled in every race. In 2016, she began her evolution into road running, but one wonders if that was Alberto Salazar's plan for the entire time.


Shalane Flanagan, Molly Huddle, Desi Linden, running with John Hancock employees, Boston, MA, December 11, 2017, photo from BAA

The U.S. elite fields announced on December 11 for the 2018 BAA Boston Marathon by elite field sponsor John Hancock were exciting! From Galen Rupp, Abraham Abdiraham, to Dathan Ritzenhein on the men's side. The women's side, with Shalane Flanagan, Des Linden, Jordan Hasay, and Molly Huddle are pretty impressive. RunBlogRun is calling the American women's field for Boston 2018 as a race for the ages!

(video and more commentary in second section)

Well, the Chicago Marathon picked its 2018 field on December 12. The notes on who made it go out immediately. Note on the press release that there will still be some charity opportunities to run.

2017-Chicago-1154.JPGGalen Rupp, Chicago 2017, photo by David Wearn

Well, before you hyper ventilate, read the entire press release. RunBlogRun will be highlighting some of the great battles that could unfold later today! As Tom Grilk noted, he could not remember a better field. I am not sure there was ever a better American field, but lets' just enjoy the moment!

Kirui-Rupp-Boston17.jpgKirui versus Rupp, Boston 2017, photo by

Hasay_Jordan1c-Peachtree17.jpgJordan Hasay, photo by

Flanagan_ShalaneFV1a-Baa10k16.jpgShalane Flanagan, photo by

Huddle_MollyH1-BAA5k16.jpgMolly Huddle, photo by

Sponsor John Hancock announced that the 2017 winners of Boston, Edna Kiplagat and Geoffrey Kirui, will be returning for the 2018 Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is less than five months away, and the top marathners around the world are in training for this iconic race. Here's the press release and video on the race.

Kirui_GeoffreyFV1c-BostonM17.jpgGeoffrey Kirui, photo by

Kiplagat_Edna-WC17.jpgEdna Kiplagat, photo by

Kipchoge in London2018.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by

Eliud Kipchoge will be running in what David Bedford and Hugh Brasher call, "the World's Greatest marathon" in April 2018. Mr. Kipchoge is at the top of his marathon powers. His training and focus are fantastic and his racing skills are intuitive. Looking forward to seeing this race! Special thanks to Rosemarie Smit of Global Sports Communications on this story.

Kipchoge_EluidFV-Berlin17.jpgEliud Kipchoge, photo by

This is the finest marathoner in the world. Of course he would end up at the Virgin Money London Marathon. The VM London Marathon is the most well funded marathon on the World Marathon Major circuit. This race should be amazingly exciting in 2018!

unnamed.jpgThis is what I like about London Charitable Trust. The Trust provides money to help build sporting opportunities in their communities. Here's the list of support projects for 2017, and we salute the London Marathon Charitable Trust for their support. This is a great idea.

Desisa_Lilesa-NycM17.jpGLelisa Desisa, photo by

Lelisa Desisa is one of the toughest marathoners that I know. I watched him win Boston in 2013 and 2015. His races in NYC show that he wants to win in the Big Apple in a big way. Here is a Sabrinna Yohannes' article on Lelisa and his dream of winning in NYC.

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