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Haile Gebrselassie, posing in Athens, 2003, photo by adidas communications

Haile Gebrselassie just missed the record by 1.5 seconds!

Happy New Years! See you in 2010!

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A Happy New Years to all!

There are many New Years Eve Races that have great histories. The Emerald Nuts NYRR New York Midnight run, started by the late Fred Lebow and team, the Sao Paulo, Brasil is in its 85th!

I had personal experience with the RW Midnight Run, which, in the 70s, 80s and 90s, was a highlight on the West Coast. Some may remember, Craig Virgin, Rudy Chapa and Alberto Salazar, all in college, dueling to a world best of 22:08 ( I think Alberto was third then). This was about 1975.

Bob Anderson, the founder of RW, had a National Running Week, and as one of the 1000 or so geeks, I got to meet the likes of Herb Elliot, Rod Dixon, George Gandy, et al. There was always a 15k-20k world record attempt on the track that week as well.

In the 1980s Peanut Harms, then head coach at Foothill College, brought the event to the Los Altos campus, until it passed a slow death in the late 90s. I do remember working with Joe Mangan about 1994-95, and having a lot of fun encouraging the 500 to 1000 runners to run the three miles around the campus! The cold air, with a hint of eucalyptus in the air (the trees were all over campus!).

Enjoy your New Years Eve with those you love, but do it safely! Happy New Years to all!

It has been a long, long year. That is why I take about a week off each year, to recharge my brain, my heart and my writing fingers. Bear with me as I close down from December 27, 2009-December 30, 2009, and from December 31- January 4, 2010 for a year end break. I am up with my family near Las Vegas for about two weeks, and am out walking seven miles in the desert most mornings, watching old movies and enjoying my brother-in-laws cooking (he's a French Chef), and my family.

I thank you once again for supporting, and wish you a Happy New Years! Thanks again, and spend this time with someone or the many people that you love!

Two quick notes: Our RBR feed will continue to all who have signed up for it, and if you need a quick fix, check out, as Chuck, the webmaster, is upgrading some cool applications on the 23 sites!

Helping Trinity Gray, by Larry Eder



Trinity Gray was always one of our top 800 meter runners, one of those guys who, I believed someday, would make it to the top. Now, Trinity is fighting something much tougher than a runner challenging with 200 meters to go.

Trinity Gray is in the fight of his life, battling a brain tumor. He is out of work, with complications from the meds he is taking, and he needs our help. Mike Scott found the following link. Give up a six pack of beer this week, or perhaps a movie, and donate it to Trinity. The link is here:

A society is judged on how it takes care of its members, who, for many reasons, just can not take care of themselves.

For more on Trinity Gray, please click on


Since 1982, when I graduated from Santa Clara University, with degrees in European history and painting, I have made my living from the sport I love. My first job, at Runners World, was under the watchful, and humorous eye of Derek Clayton, an Irishman by birth, raised in Britain and emigrated to Australia. After that, it was Mike Perlis, who ran RW for a couple of years, and after that, it was George Hirsch. All three men gave me opportunities, to which I am very grateful. I have learnt to appreciate George Hirsch, the most, and find his thoughtful comments, and his recent marathon, at the young age of 75, to be most inspiring.

Brother to Brother, by Larry Eder



Larry Eder, Brian Eder, September 1977

This is a picture of myself (left) and my brother, Brian. It was September of 1977, and I had flown up for two days from the Novitiate (I was studying to be a Jesuit at the time). It was also the first time that I had ever run with my brother, which was very cool. Brian was a freshman at Bellarmine Prep, in San Jose, California. I had come up to visit my grandmother, Violet, who was visiting us from St. Louis, Missouri. Just for the geeks, I was training in my rebuilt Waffle racers (Jeff Sink did them),
and Brian was in Onitsukas.

In high school, I had gone from dead last for my first two years to running well at the end of high school. Brian was a talented soccer player, who became a very good runner in high school. After I left the Jesuits, I was fortunate to have coached him a bit and ran with him. Those are some of my favorite memories.

One of my editors observed that Brian and I are "connected by umbilical cords". I am the oldest and Brian is the youngest in a brood of five Catholic kids. Brian and I have worked together for the better part of twenty years now (many with his partner, Cherri Lakey).

Three years ago, Brian convinced me to devote one hour a day, wherever I was in the world, to He felt that I had a voice, and I should use it. I miss a week a year, at this time, but the process of learning how to use this media is fun and, at times, challenging. Brian puts time into this after running an art gallery and, with Cherri, gently building a vibrant art scene in San Jose, California.

I wanted to thank my bro, Brian Eder, for getting me on, and you, our readers, who give us a reason to continue on this journey. Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hannukah to all!

And thanks to Victah & Lisa at, who provide with its photos!


My day job is at the Running Network, LLC and Shooting Star Media, Inc. And I thought, our readers here would enjoy the card created by Alex Larsen, my production manager at the Running Network. Happy Holidays! For more on the sport of running, please check out the

Bolt_UsianSF1a-WC09.jpg Usain Bolt, WC Berlin 2009, photo by


Sanya Richards, WC Berlin 09, photo by

The bible of our sport, Track & Field News, announced their Athletes of the Year, Usain Bolt and Sanya Richards. Congrats to both, who ran fantastically this year! More on the their wins by Alfons Juck, EME News:


Steffi Nerius, Berlin 2009 WC, javelin, photo courtesy of Steffi Nerius upset at the Berlin 2009 World Champs is still in the mind of the German media as the year ended. Robert Harting, the discus champion from Berlin 09, finished third in the sportsmens title!

Ian Dobson and Erin Donahue are to be featured in the Emerald Nuts NYC Midnight Run, one of the oldest in the country. Good luck to both!

News from New Zealand courtesy of Murray McKinnon, and News from Japan, courtesy of K. Ken Nakamura.....


March 27-28, 2010


The logo of the Oakland Running Festival, resurrecting a great running tradition in Oakland....

I first ran the marathon in Oakland in 1981, taking twenty-one minutes off my best. In 1983, I broke three hours for the marathon there. And in 1984, I ran 1:15.45, breaking my half marathon best by over a minute. I loved the Oakland Marathon, the course, the competition, the timing! The race disappeared a few years later, and the running community missed it...

Gene Brtalik, Oakland's race director, is a new transplant to the Bay Area. Breathing in the air in the Bay Area, checking out some of the successful events, Gene had some ideas, and now, after a twenty-five year hiatus, the Oakland Running Festival is happening in March 2010! RBR caught up with Gene, after meeting him at the Nike marathon start giving out applications, and asked him to provide our readers with his thoughts on the race, and linking back to such a great tradition.....

What is fascinating to me is that both LA and Oakland look to be back with energy, March will be a busy month in California!


ING NYCM 2009, Meb Keflezighi in foreground, Ryan Hall in background, during the battle for the five boroughs...

What a great Christmas gift! The two top Americans will run the 2010 BAA Boston Marathon! And both men, as racers could not be more different.

While Ryan Hall has run faster times, his challenge will be to control his spirited drives, to focus on one thing: being there with two miles to go, and putting that 13:15 5,000 meter speed to good use. Ryan Hall is very early in his career. Ryan just needs to be careful with how much he takes on building up to Boston; unfortunately, a runner must be selfish, travel all of the time, speaking engagements, all take a toll. Ryan has great coaching, under the watchful eye of Terrance Mahon, Ryan is learning that a marathoner's development is not linear-there are good times and tough times...

Meb Keflezeghi is the archtype of the championship racer. Meb has the confidence in himself to stay out of trouble early, and to gauge the fitness and challenge that a competitor can mount. Meb's race at ING NYC was brilliant. His relationship with Bob Larson, and Terrance Mahon give him the confidence that he can be a major player on the challenging Boston course. Most of all for Meb, he earned his stripes the hard way-good races and bad races!

It will be fascinating to see how the race plays out! Stay tuned for April 19, 2010!

Photo courtesy of


Brett Gotcher, US 20k champ, training in Flagstaff, Arizona,( photo by Marissa Dunston Photography, courtesy of McMillan Elite), Brett is debuting at the marathon at the Chevron Houston Marathon, on January 17, 2010.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Jenny Barringer won the inaugural Bowerman Award from the USTFCCA. In 2009, Jenny established NCAA records in the mile, 3000 meters and 5,000 meters indoors. On the outdoor scene, Jenny set NCAA records at 1500 meters, 3,000 m steeplechase and 5000 meters. Her run at the Nike Prefontaine Classic, where she ran 3:59.90, the third fastest ever by an American women, opened many fans eyes. But, in my mind, it was her run in Berlin, where she stayed back the first three laps in the women's steeplechase, and then just flew over the last 4.5 laps, breaking her own AR by ten seconds and missing a medal by less than two seconds, running 9:12.50, finishing fifth overall. Her desire to run cross country this fall, probably cost her a few drakmas. A bad race at the NCAA championships just showed that she is human, and we look forward to seeing Jenny Barringer run some exciting races in 2010!

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Congratulations to Galen Rupp for winning the inaugural Bowerman Award, from the USTFCCCA. Galen showed a healthy sense of humor, and some genuine class, thanking his coaches, his family, even his academic advisor during his acceptance speech. Galen had an amazing senior year, leading his team to the NCAA cross, the NCAA indoor, a second at the NCAA outdoor, winning the 10,000 meter at USATF and placing eighth in the World Championships 10,000 meter final in Berlin! A great year! We can not wait to see how he races in 2010! Oh, check out the award, Tinker Hatfield did an fantastic job!

Video courtesy of, who did a fantastic job at the USTFCCCA convention!

For more coverage of the USTFCCCA convention, please click on

Congrats to Carrie Tollefson and her husband, who are expecting their first child in April! Carrie has always been a tough competitor, and I spent some time talking to her husband about redesigning houses, RBR sends them best wishes. Jillian Schwartz, the pole vaulter, will now be competing for Israel, so congratulations to Jillian as well.....


For many years, coaches in track & cross country have been minimalized. The USTFCCA is all about changing the perception of the coaching profession, and helping coaches understand their value and the power of working together. Runblogrun encourages coaches to join the USTFCCA. Sam Seemes has developed a tremendous organization that champions coaching, and a convention that celebrates the importance of the profession of track & cross country coaches. John Beynon, of Beynon Sports Surfacing, praised the event last week at the ASBA convention, noting that the event has become a "must-be" on the convention circuit for coaches of track and cross country! Beynon Sports Surfacing is a major sponsor of the USTFCCCA convention this year, make sure you thank them for supporting our sport!

In the past, I have traveled to the event on behalf of American Track & Field magazine and Coaching Athletics Quarterly, the two coaches titles published by Shooting Star Media, Inc. We have provided the USTFCCCA space in the past to promote the organization, and will do so again in 2010.

If you can not make it this year, you can follow the USTFCCCA convention on RBR hopes to be there next year, just way too many deadlines this year!



Sammy Wanjiru taking the streets of London, 2009, photo by

In David Bedford, one finds a man driven. Beneath that mustache and fashionably long hair, one also finds a man confident, let's redo that, completely confident that he is directing the absolutely best marathon in the world. Best field, best financed, best managed, period. No other superlatives needed. And, he just might be right. In 2010, the Virgin London Marathon will have a field arguably superior to the Beijing Olympic or Berlin World Championships. This, dear reader, is not by accident, but shear force of will. Oh, yes, and sponsors who totally support your cause also helps.

Mikitenko_IrinaFV-LondonM09.jpg Irina Mikitenko winning 2009 Virgin London Marathon, photo by

After her surprising last gasp victory, Megan Goethals told the announcer that she had to give it her all. Megan knew that Chelsea was a great runner, and she just had to see how close she could come to her. Well, Megan Goethals is now the poster girl of never giving up until after one crosses the finish line!

Take a few moments and savor the upcoming four pictures from, as Megan Goethals makes her gutty dash over the last two hundred meters!


Megan Goethals catches Chelsea Sveinsson, photo by


Hayley Yelling wins the SPAR European XC Champs, photo by

The SPAR European Cross Country Championships welcomed Hayley Yelling, the 35 year old school, who started training seriously at the beginning of November! Yelling won the champs, with Spain's Rosa Maria Morato in the silver position and Adrienne Herzog taking the bronze from the flagging Jessica Augusto. Augusto lead the Portuguese women to the title, with 25 points, with Great Britian in second with 51 points and Spain in third, with 58 points!

4555%20copy.jpg Alemayehu Bezabeh won the SPAR European Mens XC title today, photo by

Athletes from 30 countries competed in the SPAR European Cross Country Champs on December 13, 2009. Alemayehu Bezabeh duked it out for seven kilometers with Mo Farah of Great Britian, before Bezabeh broke loose.


Lukas Verzbicas wins 2009 FL Boys Champs!, photo by

The 5,000 meter cross country course in Balboa Park, San Diego, California has been the host to some of the best distance runners in America for the better part of the past thirty-one years. Elite athletes from Molly Huddle to Meb Keflizighi, our ING NYCM champ and Olympic silver medalist, and Jorge and Eduardo Torres, all FL alums, were there to cheer the current class of athletes. This race has given birth to many top American distance running careers. As the race has faced challenges over the past few years, a groundswell of support has developed. Saucony came in and supported the race the past two years, when a former sponsor pulled out of the event.

Even with the rain, the mud, the hills, the fans, coaches and stars were fetted to two great races. While the crowd was still worshipping Megan Goethals and her surprise win, sophomore Lukas Verzbicas gave them a history making race to watch! And in the end, Verzbicas was the star of the boys race!


Megan Goethals sprints by Chelsea Sveinsson, photo by!

When the rains came.....

XC XPress publisher Walt Murphy called it a "very un-San Diego like day." Walt was right. Cross country in chilly weather with rain? Sounds like the Midwest or East Coast.

In the 2009 Foot Locker Cross Country Nationals, the word of the day was perseverance. And that word was used by both the the apparent winner and the suprise winner.


The growth of the sport of cross country at the prep level is inspirational. What is also inspirational is that, after 31 years, the FootLocker Cross Country series, still has resonance. It is the Horatio Alger story of championships, meaning, no matter what small town or school you are from, if you run well in one of the four regional championships, then, you can run in the Final! And, if you can keep your head during the final, and stay close to the front, and kick like a person possessed, you might have a chance!

Adam Goucher, Bob Kennedy, Suzy Hamilton, Todd Williams, Julia Stamps, Deena Kastor, Jorge and Ed Torres, Alan Webb all ran there. The race course in San Diego is hallowed ground, and the fans who watch the top runners will be enthralled by some tremendous racing!

My picks? Emily Sisson from Missouri looks good to me. Craig Lutz and Caty Flood, last weekend's NXN champs, look good, and for teams, I say, Midwest rules! (My spoiler is Shane Moskowitz, from Washington, the Border Clash champ!)

We will twitter the races LIVE on Saturday!


Wade Meddles is one tough runner. The Garderville, Nevada harrier took the lead early and did not give up the lead until within view of the finish. His plan was simple: Crush the competition, keeping the kickers way behind him and above all else, qualifying for the final. Well, Wade qualified for the final!

Brian Shrader, from Flagstaff, Arizona, had pretty good confidence in his kick. Staying in the wading crowd of early leaders, Shrader worked his way through the top runners, only reaching Meddles with two hundred meters to go, and let it rip on the Mondo track of Mt. San Antonio College, running a fine 15:25 for the victory. Wade was second in 15:29. In thirdy, Cody Helbling of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho was third in 15:32. In fourth, Matthew McElroy of Huntington Beach, California ran 15:34. Shane Moskowitz, the Nike Border Clash winner, was fifth. Moskowitz, who is from Bremerton, WA and was his state champion in cross country, ran 15:37. Conner Peloquin of Gig Harbor, WA finished in sixth, one second behind Moskowitz, in 15:38-just as he had done at the Border Clash! Steve Magnuson of Oro Valley, Arizona was seventh in 15:40.


Wade Meddles charges to lead, FL West, 800 meters, photo by


Video Map of LA Marathon course 2010, courtesy of

The LA Marathon was purchased just over a year ago. In the past year, under the management of Russ Pillar, Peter Abraham and the help of many others, Pillar has lived up to the promises he made a year ago: a new course, a new date.

We interviewed Peter Abraham back in July of 2009. and then, I had a senior moment. I am presenting his interview now, as some of his answers were quite prophetic: the new course is amazing, and the new date, March 21, 2010, has runners excited!

I met Russ and Peter working their expo booth in the Chicago marathon Expo last October 2009. They were very upbeat about the new date, and were finishing the race course. What these guys have done is amazing. To reach out to the City of Los Angeles and get support for change so quickly is pretty amazing. Their pace is not the way normal American big cities work--speed is not in a normal city offices vernacular. A tip of the hat to the City of LA for supporting all of these exciting changes!

Your blogger ran the first two LA marathons while working for RW, and found it a fascinating race. My last visit to LA Marathon had to be about 1998-1999, so I am very curious to see how Peter Abraham and his team will manage the 2010 race! Enjoy the interview!


Jessica Ennis, gold medalist, heptathlon, Berlin 2009 photo by

Jessica Ennis started her race to win the hepathlon in 2012 with her brilliant win in Berlin in August 2009. British sports journalists voted
Ennis as the Sportswomen of the Year for 2009! Congrats to Jessica Ennis!


Brett Gotcher, 2009 Aramco Houston Half marathon, photo by In January 2009, Brett Gotcher, the former Stanford All-American, took third at the Aramco Houston half marathon. He opened a few eyes. In September 2009, Brett ran 58:57, to take the U.S. 20k title, his first title. Now Brett, with some good training behind him, is going to debut at the marathon at the Chevron Houston marathon in January 2010. We wish him a great debut!


Shalane Flanagan, en route to her 5,000m AR indoors, Feb.2009,
photo by

Shalane Flanagan, American record holder at 3k, 5k, 10k, will debut at the half marathon distance at the Aramco Houston Half marathon on January 17, 2010. The 2008 bronze medalist from Beijing at 10,000 meters has been rumored to be considering moving up in distances.

Last winter, Flanagan traveled to Mexico for high altitude training, for several weeks, to prepare for the 2009 season. Rumors have been going for most of the year about whether the American record holder would move up to the half marathon and marathon. We look forward to seeing how she takes to 13.1 miles!

It was less than three weeks ago that Angela Bizzari won the the NCAA Division 1 cross country championships, running a brilliant race over the last half of the 6,000 meter course, capturing her victory in the last four hundred meters! Congrats to Angela on winning the Honda Sports Award!


Angela Bizzari en route to her NCAA Champs Cross Country win, November 23, 2009, photo by


Tsegaye Kebede, (shown in London 2009), photo by

This is road racing season. It is also the start of the indoor season, and cross country season. This past weekend was the USATF convention, Nike NXN, RNR Las Vegas, Fukuoka and ASBA convetion. Yours truly was at three of those events...

Tsegaye Kebede, defending his Fukuoka title from 2008, crush the opposition with his personal best, 2:05:18! Luke Kibet defended the Chartered Bank Singapore Marathon, and set a new course record, in 2:11.25. He won by eight seconds, with a mad sprint to the finish, due to achilles re-injury, which affected him about 30k into the race (we are not sure how serious).


Caty Flood, runner up in 2007, is back! photo by Kirby Lee

Cross country is our sport at it's most pure. The day started with fog, and it ended with a nearly clear sky! Cross country is also about dreams dashed and dreams found. Hard work and determination win out, year after year.

Success in athletics is not linear. There are good times, bad times and plateaus. Caty Flood was runner up in 2007. In 2008, she grew four inches in one year! 2008 was not a good year. But in 2009, Caty Flood came back, with an obvious mission.

Caty Flood is Katie Flood, corrected title on Dec. 12, LE


Craig Lutz takes the hard fought win over Elias Geydon (second) and Joseph Rosa (third), photo by Kirby Lee/Images of Sport for NXN

In the sixth version of the NXN, the individual race was almost as fascinating at the team race! A pack featuring Craig Lutz, Elias Geydon, Joseph Rosa, his twin, James Rosa, Sherod Hardt and Zack Wills took off, hitting the mile in 4:41. Joseph Rosa took off pretty hard, with Lutz, Wills and Geydon in hot pursuit, hitting the three kilometer mark in 8:59 and the two miles in just over 9:33. The leading pack was dropping-first a group of ten, and now down to five and seven following, five seconds back. The fog that held a strong presence over the Portland Meadows Raceway, gave the race an extra aura. The footing was good, soft yet not dripping. This was cross country weather!


Girls in lead pack, 800 meter mark, FootLocker Western Regionals, December 5, 2009, photo by

One week after the CIF state cross country meet, California girls showed that they surely had recovered. On the rough and tumble Mt. SAC cross country course, Molly Grabill of Poway, California prevailed, winning in 17:55.

Grabill lead eight of the top ten from California. Grabill won in 17:55 on the tough Mt. SAC course. Megan Morgan of Del Mar, CA was second in 17:59 and Karlie Garcia of Roseville, CA was third in 18:02. Theresa Devine was fourth in 18:05 (from San Rafael, CA), with Jessica Ton, from Paradise Valley, Arizona, being the first non-Golden Stater in the field, running 18:07 for fifth place!


Doug Logan, courtesy of

During my whirlwind tour of the USATF Convention, which took place after a late arrival on Thursday evening, and ended with a flight out Friday evening, I was struck at the price of revolution. Revolution is what is happening in USATF. While I felt that last year's lack of battles surprised me, I had an inkling of a possible floor flight on the by-laws. That was only natural, as groups, and individuals who have concern about their power bases evaporating, or who have a clearer view of the upcoming changes, would be looking for concessions.

NXN, Version Six, by Larry Eder



Nike, Goddess of Victory statues, which are given out to top teams and individuals at the NXN, photo courtesy of

Okay, get your warm coats on, dry shoes, and be ready to see the top teams and individuals for prep cross country duke it out at the sixth edition of the Nike NXN! Great coverage from, and linked to www.runningnetwork. com and!

RBR will cover the meet live on twitter, with updates on teams and individuals, and then, on Sunday, our normally, thoughtful and insightful banter will fill up your email....

Nike Cross Nationals - 12.05.09
Portland Meadows - Portland, OR

9:00a: Open Race
10:05a: Boy's Championship Race
11:35a: Girl's Championship Race
Read more:

To see our multi platform coverage, check out f="">

For more information on our sport, please click on


Haile photo courtesy of adidas communications...

Haile Gebrselassie will try and run 2:47 a kilometer for 8k road race on New Years Eve...Nike NXN is tomorrow, December 5, 2009...Lynchburg started indoor season on Dec. 2 with first indoor meeting of 2009....Cal International numbers up, Luis Luchinin debuts, Josh Cox should run 2:15-2:16 (Good Luck to John Mansoor, PAUSATF chieften and CIM race director, Las Vegas has strong numbers (good luck to my neice, Tess Henric, who is jogging the half marathon, her first), and an early happy birthday to my three sisters, Mary Lou Henric and Mary Beth Wikle are twins, and Kathy Eder was born on their first birthday! December 5 was a busy day in our house!


SPIKES magazine, Autumn 2009 cover, Illustration of Philips Idowu, Berlin gold medalist, triple jump

In my mind, SPIKES is the future of athletics media. Less than two years old, SPIKES magazine is the work of IAAF and the Haymarket Network in the UK. Haymarket is one of most creative custom publishing houses in the UK, with clients such as top performance auto companies, etc. The IAAF hired Haymarket Network to make a unique athletics title, for the non-athletics fan, but for sports fans. They have truly succeeded, winning this year, two of the most prestigious global custom publishing awards, including the award for Best Editor.

Curious, I visited the Haymarket Network at their Teddington Studio offices this past July. I took the train to Teddington from London Centre and visited the Haymarket offices, where I met Nikki Kiernan, the publishing manager and David G. Hall, the editor.

SPIKES is as if ESPN magazine decided to give athletics real coverage. Keep it light, make it fun, make you question what you know about our sport! While most of the coverage is UK/Euro centric, it is this writer's belief that U.S. readers and global readers will go stark raving nuts over the publication. That is why I began speaking with Haymarket about a year ago!

Coaching Athletics Quarterly sent a sample issue out to 5,000 coaches last month. The response has been tremendous, with coaches asking for several hundred copies to give out at clinics. Just today, I had a call from one of the top running footwear executives who said, "SPIKES is a global magazine!" Watch for upcoming announcement in this very column!
10,000 more titles will be sent to high school coaches in December.

David G. Hall is a brilliant editor.He is trying to challenge the traditional norms by which our sport is covered, which is, as we all know, pretty staid. I sent David several questions last week. I desired to give our readers a feel of SPIKES magazine ( David's answers are almost as good as the pages of his new publication. Read on!


Chelsea's Didier Drogba and U2's Bono, at the Lace Up, Save Lives launch for World AIDS Day, photo courtesy of Nike

HIV/AIDS kills thousands of 15-24 year old boys and girls, young men and women, in Sub-Saharan Africa each day. That is a fact. Buying Red shoe laces, which were available December 1, are a way of supporting the providing of medication for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV/AIDS education in Africa! Ignorance kills.

K-SWISS continues on a roll, picking up the LA marathon, with their major victories on the triathlon circuit, and now their first running store in U.S.:


As The North Face continues to build into a launch in running, they are picking up key assets for branding TNF in ultrarunning heritage...


Thanks to the hard work of, you will be able to watch the NXN Live, on Saturday, December 5, 2009. Make sure you use the link: f="">

Also note that RBR will be twittering the events LIVE, from Portland, Oregon on Saturday. (You can also watch our twittering on,,,,, or! You can follow us from your fave running mag site, Iphone or blackberry!

Jim Elias spent the last eleven years working at USA Track & Field. His roles have been CFO, Chief Operating officer, and recently, Managing Director of Business Affairs.

Eleven years ago, USA Track & Field was in a world of hurt. Some had made the argument, at the time, that the easier route might have been bankruptcy. Former CEO Craig Masback's responded by hiring Jim Elias to help bring USA Track & Field into the real business world.

What did Elias do? He had the governing body of the sport act as a real business: Business reports, budgets, negotiations, Elias did all of that and more. In being the heavy, Elias took more than his share of complaints. Changing years of poor management is not a simple process: it is evolution. Evolution, as I am want to say, is a terribly painful process, and in the evolution of USATF into a more modern sports business, Jim was an easy focal point. In truth, the changes were much more complicated than that, and Elias was the point guy on some difficult changes. It is not a job that most of us would have wanted.

I negotiated deals with Mr. Elias, and I worked with him on many projects. We had our differences, but we always understood that this was business. I also spent time with him on a casual basis, even watching a basketball game with Jim's mother-the archtyple professional basketball fan!

Jim Elias, a trained CPA, and a very competent runner, has left USA Track & Field a much better place financially, than he found it. We wish him and his young family best wishes in his next challenge....

Jessica%20Ennis%20and%20Jenny%20Meadows%20in%20Jaeger.jpg 2009 Berlin gold medalist, heptathlon, Jessica Ennis, and 2009 Berlin bronze medalist, 800 meters, Jenny Meadows, shopping at Jaeger Clothing, new four year sponsor of UK Athletics, photo courtesy of

For athletics to grow, deals like UK Athletics and the iconic style of Jaeger Clothing make tremendous sense! Brilliant move by Jaeger and UK Athletics on a four year deal! Approaching non-vertical brands is what will help the sport grow and prosper. We have posted the full story from our friends across the pond, at, below: site relaunched December 1, 2009


The RunningNetwork LLC is happy to announce the relaunching of the portal site for The site went live last night, and is the work of Chuck Barlett, Website manager for the Running Network and club running coach. "This is a work in progress, " Chuck Bartlett noted in a conversation with RBR earlier this morning. " We encourage our web readers to explore the new site and we are proud of several new innovations." noted Bartlett.

"With our Store Locator, Club Locator, new Calendar and relaunched homepage, we are very excited about Running Networks' new portal, " noted Larry Eder, President of the Running Network. Eder then added, "We are very excited about the creativity that Chuck Barlett has put into this site, and his running experience has provided the running reader and viewer new opportunities to enhance their relationship with the local running community."

Here are some of the highlights of the new site:

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