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Deena Kastor, 2011 NYRR Mini, photo by

Deena Kastor, 2004 Olympic bronze medalist in the marathon and 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials champion, has signed an agreement with Mars Chocolate North America, LLC, to be a spokesperson for their brand....
What does it take to be a world class athlete? What does it take to be the gold medalist at the 5,000 meters and silver medalist at 10,000 meters? Here is a video on Mo Farah, where one can begin to appreciate the attention to the details that Farah, his coach Alberto Salazar, and UK Endurance mentor Ian Stewart, insure Mo Farah is ready on race day....
Geoffrey Mutai won the 2011 BAA Boston Marathon, set a course record, and an all time, all conditions world best, just not a world record. Then, Geoffrey Mutai comes to the 2011 ING New York City marathon, running against the best field, in our mind, assembled at the Big Apple, and crushes the course record and the field. The shoe addicts did this video in homage to Geoffrey Mutai's brilliant run at the 2011 ING New York City Marathon. We hope that you enjoy it!

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BoysLead1km-FLNE11.JPGEdward Cheserek, 2011 FL NE Regionals, photo by

Dear Readers,

As I head to the USATF Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, 11/30-12/3 and NXN (12/3), I found several stories that make sense for you to check out, so here are the links and my comments:

How do you become the World's Best? Mo Farah on Channel 4.
Face it, Mo Farah, after his gold at the 5,000m and silver at 10,000m in Daegu has risen to the very top of the distance food chain, here is a good piece on his attention to detail:

adidas to produce shoe in India that will sell for $1

adidas is focusing on the largest market in the world. This writer quotes adidas management on a shoe that will sell for $1 in India's many small regional areas. Fascinating.

Nike 2011 NXN Champs, December 3, 2011

Here is the official site for the NXN in 2011, run by our friends at We encourage you to check it out, as they have tons of video, results and great photos! RBR will see you there and be twittering the event live!

NXN Official site

FootLocker Nationals, December 10, 2011

The oldest champs in high school sports, the FootLocker XC is in its 33rd year. Check out the Footlocker XC site for all of the regional action and updates. RBR will be covering that event live as well, see you there!

FootLocker Cross Country Official Site

Ryan Hall, 2011 BAA Boston Marathon, photo by

Ryan Hall, the defending champion from the 2008 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, has partnered with VIZIO, the #1 ranked LCD HDTV company in the U.S. for a promotion that will highlight his upcoming marathon at the U.S. Team Trials in Houston, Texas on January 13, 2012....
2011 AO Summer .png

Matt Centrowitz, Jr., with his wins at the NCAA 1,500m, then, the USA Outdoor 1,500m, and finally, the bronze medal at the 2011 World Champs 1,500 meters, cemented himself as one of the most sought after athletes in the United States. Is he staying at Oregon? Was he going pro? Inquiring minds wanted to know.

Well, Matt Centrowitz, Jr.,  answered that question with this press release. A nicely toned release, Matt thanks his coaches, teammates and staff at the University of Oregon, and announced that he was going professional and foregoing the last year of NCAA elgibility. One surmises that Mr. Centrowitz will be worth a hefty number of Benjamins.

Matt Centrowitz, Jr. will be represented by Pace Sports Management's Ricky Simms, who represents Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, and a host of others!

Well, our friends at the University of New Hampshire, in a new study show that you can run for many years and running economy stays good as well!

Ed Whitlock, ScotiaBank Toronto Marathon 2011, photo by

Ed Whitlock, all of 80, just ran a 3:15:01 marathon. Now, not all of us will do that (or run a marathon at the age of 100), but, the UNH study suggests that older runners, over the age of sixty will continue to gain benefits from running and exercise!

The largest grass roots running organization in the U.S. is the Road Runners Clubs of America. With over 1,300 clubs and 177,000 members. Here is a release on their new Director of Coaching Education, Randy Accetta, Ph.D.

updated 11.29.11


Council for Responsible Sport (

Marissa McGilliard has been named New Board Chair and Keith Peters is the new Executive Director for the Council for Responsible Sport. Marissa has been the Executive Director for the Council for Responsible Sport for three years and has championed the cause of thoughtful green running and running events with much success.

Marisa1-150x150.jpg                                             Marissa McGilliard

Keith Peters, for those who do not know, is the man who virtually invented Nike's coverage of major events in the digital world, starting with the 1995 Goteborg World Champs, going to the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and through the Olympics in 2000. He was also Nike's PR man for running in the golden era.
Under his skillful eyes, Nike PR provided amazing content and assets and daily interviews (done by Steve Miller) in a Nike Press center, with key athletes, that has been the standard to this day. The Goteborg experience, which has been my first experience with digital support/ and sponsored media space gave the media info that they needed and a brand a space that did not overcome media with corporate messaging. It was, the best of both worlds.

Keith Peters has taken those skills, honed at the Swoosh from 1985-2001 and developed a very thoughtful public relations business as well as his advocacy for green running events. Keith will be the new Executive Director of the Council for Responsible Sport.

IMG_01351-150x150.jpgKeith Peters

The Council for Responsible Sports does many good things, we encourage all to find a way to work with them. I also think that forward looking track & cross country coaches might contact our friends and see if the Council could provide a guide for xc and track meets too!

Among the races on their certification lists are Nike Women's Marathon, Big Sur International Marathon, Big Sur Half Marathon, ING Hartford Marathon, AJC Peachtree Road Race, Under Armour Baltimore Running Festival, Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, Richard S. Caliguiri City of Pittsburgh Great Race, LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon and MCM Historic Half Marathon.

Many of the top races in the country are on board, why isn't yours?

(Photos courtesy of the Council for Responsible Sport website)

ASICS America continues to refine their team as they focus on their goal of a billion dollars in sales for 2015. Release dated November 29, 2011. Tracy Paoletti has been named the new Vice President of Sales, with three sales managers on her team. Tracy Paoletti's team will be comprised of Mike Mitchell, Senior Regional Director, West, Patty Kelly, Regional Manager, East and Mike Jensen, Regional Manager, Central...

Firehiwot Dado won the 2011 ING New York City Marathon. A three-time winner of the Rome Marathon, Dado had run three personal bests three years in a row. She was still not really on the short list of who could win the battle of the five boroughs.

Dado stayed with the chasing pack, as
Mary Keitany took off, hell bent, looking as if she would break the course record. Mary Keitany kept moving away from the chasing pack, building up a lead of nearly two and one half minutes. Buzenesh Deba and Firehiwot Dado cut that lead down, until, just before twenty-four miles, they caught Mary Keitany.

Over the next two miles, the lead changed several times, three great marathoners giving it their all, to see who would make it to the finish line first. Fourteen seconds separated the top three, with Firehiwot Dado taking first, Buzenesh Deba in second, and Mary Keitany holding on to third.

The following video, celebrating Firehiwot Dado's win, was created by the Shoe Addicts. 

Just a quick note. Edward Cheserek broke the course record here. Note that one of his predecessors on the CR was one John Gregorek, two time Olympian, coach and just great guy. The year John set the CR, he was named Track & Field News HS athlete of the year.

Edward is running at his own level. It will be fascinating to see who does what at the upcoming nationals! See you there!

Cheserek Breaks Course Record

Cheserek_Edward1d-FLNE11.JPGEdward Cheserek, 2011 FL NorthEast Regional, photo by

Angel Piccirillo of Homer City, Pa., and Edward Cheserek of Newark, N.J., won the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships (FLCCC) Northeast Regional today. In the girls' race, Laura Leff of Syracuse, N.Y., was in the lead at the first mile mark. At approximately two miles, Angel Piccirillo and Abbey Leonardi of Kennebunkport, Maine, caught up to Leff to pass her soon thereafter. Leonardi and Piccirillo ran together until the last 50 meters, when Piccirillo surged ahead to capture the title in 18:01 (third fastest time on this course). Leonardi placed second (18:05) for the third consecutive year and Leff finished fifth in 18:26. Piccirillo qualified for the FLCCC National Finals twice and Leonardi qualified three times.

Cheserek_Edward1h-FLNE11.JPGEdward Cheserek, 2011 FL NorthEast, photo by

Edward Cheserek, a junior at St. Benedict's Prep. in N.J., breaks the course record in 15:20. (Previous course record was held by Chad Noelle of Greene, N.Y. at 15:42 in 2010.) For the first mile of the race, a pack of runners remained together until Cheserek made his move, claiming the title 25 seconds ahead of Daniel Lennon, a senior at Peru Central High School, who finished second in 15:45. Tim Ball, a senior at Piscataway High School in N.J., placed third in 15:47.

Where: Saturday, November 26, 2011 Sunken Meadow State Park in Long Island, N.Y. 5,000-meter course; good race conditions; 59 degrees; clear and sunny skies.

BoysLead1km-FLNE11.JPGBoys lead, 2011 FL NorthEast, photo by

The top ten boys and the top ten girls in today's seeded races qualified to compete against runners from the South, Midwest and West Regional meets in the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships National Finals, on Saturday, Dec.10 at Morley Field, Balboa Park in San Diego, Calif.

The FootLocker South Regional is always a screamer. Fast times and great races....

Roper_Cali1-FLsouth11.JPgCali Roper, 2011 FL South Regional, photo by

33rd FootLocker South Regional 

Race Highlights:  
Cali Roper of Conroe, Texas, and Craig Nowak of Cypress, Texas, won the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships (FLCCC) South Regional today. The girls race was dominated by a tight group of runners, including Roper, Grace Tinkey of Macon, Ga., and Sophie Chase of Burke, Va. With 400 meters remaining, Roper overtook Tinkey and Chase to win the race in 17:02, marking her first foray at the FLCCC South Regional event. Chase, a junior at Lake Braddock Secondary School, finished second in 17:06, qualifying for the FLCCC National Finals for the second consecutive year, with Tinkey, a junior at First Presbyterian Day School, placing third in 17:08. Tinkey is a three-time FLCCC National Finalist.

Nowak_Craig-FLsouth11.JPgCraig Nowak, 2011 FL South Regional, photo by

The boys went out hard and fast with the lead changing hands several times throughout most of the race. Nowak, a senior at Cypress Woods High School, finally pulled away from the pack with only twenty meters remaining, to capture the Regional title in 14:37. Two-time FLCCC National Finalist Ahmed Bile of Annandale, Va., claimed second in 14:38, with Daniel Vertiz of San Antonio, Texas, placing third in 14:40.

Where: Saturday, November 26, 2011 McAlpine Greenway Park in Charlotte, N.C. 5,000-meter course; good race conditions; sunny, cool; 42 degrees

The top ten boys and the top ten girls in today's seeded races qualified to compete against runners from the Northeast, Midwest, and West Regional meets in the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships National Finals, on Saturday, Dec.10 at Morley Field, Balboa Park in San Diego, Calif.

GirlsPack-FLsouth11.JPgGirls pack, 2011 FL South Regional, photo by

The Midwest regional for FootLocker has been one of the top regionals for the entire duration of the series. The likes of Bob Kennedy, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Dathan Ritzenhein, Jason Hartman, and yes, Lukas Verzbicas, have all come from the Midwest Regional. So, how good are the Midwestern qualifiers in 2011? RBR thinks that they are one of the best ever!

Seidel-FinnH-FLMW11.jpgMolly Seidel and Erin Finn, 2011 FL Midwest Regional, photo by

Seidel and Zeinasellassie Capture First Place Titles in 33rd Annual Foot Locker Cross Country Championships Midwest Regional


Molly Seidel of Hartland, Wis., and Futsum Zeinasellassie of Indianapolis, Ind., won the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships (FLCCC) Midwest Regional today. In the girls' race, Seidel, a senior at University Lake School, made her move after the mile-mark, breaking away from a lead pack of runners who were dominating the 5K course. With Julia Bos of Rockford, Mich., closely at her heels at mile two, Seidel never surrendered her lead and went on to capture the Regional title in 17:08. Bos, a junior at Grand Rapids Christian High School, placed second in 17:14, with Erin Finn of West Bloomfield, Mich., finishing third in 17:34. Finn is a two-time FLCCC National Finalist.

Zeinasellassie_Futsum1a-FLMW11.jpgFutsum Zeinasellassie, 2011 FL Midwest Regional, photo by

In the boys' race, the entire field of runners set a hard, fast pace hitting the mile-mark in 4:55. Zeinasellassie, 2010 Midwest Regional Runner-up, returned strong, taking the lead at mile two and capturing the Regional title in 14:58. Jake Leingang of Bismarck, N.D., placed second in 15:09, with Michael Clevenger of Decatur, Ill., finishing third in 15:10. Zeinasellassie is a three-time FLCCC National Finalist.

When: Saturday, November 26, 2011 UW-Parkside in Kenosha, Wis.
5,000-meter course; good race conditions; overcast and cloudy with a temperature in the low-50s.

BoysLead2km-FLMW11.jpg2011 FL Midwest Regional, lead pack, 2k, photo by

The top ten boys and the top ten girls in today's seeded races qualified to compete against runners from the Northeast, South and West Regional meets in the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships National Finals, on Saturday, Dec.10 at Morley Field, Balboa Park in San Diego, Calif.

Ennis: Yes for 2012 Indoors, photo by

Tamgho_Teddy-Lausanne11.jpgTamgho: Non pour 2012 Indoor WC, photo by

The 2012 Indoor World Champs will see Ashton Eaton, Jessica Ennis in multi-events, but no Teddy Tamgho, who is focused on the London 2012. My guess is that we will see some fascinating battles in Istanbul, but, it has to be part of the athlete's plan for the complete year.

Indoor Track & Field, on a global year, is truly in transition. Four major events in Europe have gone away and the US season is a Potemkin village. I have been approached by several parties asking if certain events in Manhattan will actually happen. I find that sad, however, I do understand the questions.

One has to look at it from a business perspective. I know of one quite successful sports magnate who only launches businesses in tough economic times. One gets more for one's money, and if one can survive the bad times, then, one can survive in the good times.

Track & Field, on a global level, has to figure out what makes it unique and how to approach the local community. What currency does one have in the market? That is the essential question that we are not answering, dear readers. Remember that it is the essence of sports: running, jumping and throwing. Youth tie ins, family discounts, perhaps family packages. We will find posters, and magazines for meets anywhere, if you give us enough time. The bigger the pie for our sport, the better for all.

We received this note from Cal Track & Running News editor Christine Johnson, and agreed to pass it along...CTRN-OctNovDec11-CVR-LORES.jpg

In the United States, the last week has been one of cross country championships, Turkey Trots and this weekend held three FootLocker Cross Country Regional Champs and several NXN Champs. It has been a huge weekend around the world for our sport, as the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon had over 30,000 and the BLOM Beirut Marathon had 32,000 in its several races! On top of that, a survey of the 15 largest Turkey Trots across the U.S. showed just over 155,000 participating.

Later this week, from Wednesday, November 30 to Saturday, December 3, the national convention for USA Track & Field will be held. Many topics are simmering, including the furor that Nick Symmonds has created with his Facebook page and comments on the dearth of sponsoring logos on track uniforms. There will be also several other subjects of interest, including the lack of a new CEO, the direction of the Board of Directors, London 2012, and the amazing success of Team USA with the on then off search for the CEO.

RBR will be visiting the USA Track & Field convention and we look forward to updating our readers on the machinations of the governing body of the world's best track team.


                     Joseph Ebuya, 2011 Campaccio XC, photo by

Ebuya_JosephFH1a-CampaccioXC11.jpg                                        Joseph Ebuya, photo by

Joseph Ebuya, 2011 World XC Champ,  duked it out with Imane Merga over the 9.95 kilometers that is the  22nd Cross de'L'Acier (EA Permit). Le Cross de'L'Acier is held in Leffrinckoucke, France. Ebuya put 25 seconds on Merga over the undulating course, showing that he has to be considered, not only for his cross country prowess, but also for his potential over 10,000 meters for next summer....And some thought the Kenyan marathon team was tough, my guess is that the men's 5,000m and 10,000m team for London 2012 will have extra scrutiny on team members...

Asafa Powell, photo by

Asafa Powell, the only man to break ten seconds for the 100 meters 76 times, and former world record holder at the 100 meters, plans to run indoors this season. The 2012 World Indoors in Istanbul, Turkey will again be an event where some of the younger athletes will get a chance to excel. Some stars will attend, and some will, noting how Olympic years take so much out an athlete, race sparingly in the indoor season.
Sheila Reid defends her title, Jordan Hasay (467), Sheila Reid (686),
photo courtesy of Patrick Holleran /Shannon Photography

Women's cross country continues to thrive, at both the high school and college level. Each year, the NCAA Division 1 Cross Country championships gets tougher and tougher. This year, ten women were under the 20 minute barrier.

Like last year, Sheila Reid was able to defend her title. Like last year, it came down to her and a few of her closest competitors. In 2011, Jordan Hasay of Oregon gave it all she had. Sheila Reid just had a bit more, winning over the 6,000 meter course, 19:41.2 to 19:41.8. For Reid, it was a bit of redemption, as she had lost to Hasay over 3,000 meters last spring. In third place, just one second back, was Abbey D'Agostino of Dartmouth, running 19:42.8, the best run by a cross country runner, male or female, in Dartmouth school history.

" I came here to win, " noted Reid after her hard-fought victory. Unfortunately, Sheila did not achieve the second of her goals: the team championships. Her team, Villanova had won the last two women's team titles, settled for third () behind Georgetown (162) and, in second, Washington (170). At 181 points, Villanova took third and, in fourth was Florida State (189), the number one ranked team all season.

The Georgetown team persevered.
Emily Infeld was fourth, running 19:44.3 (Infeld is very tough runner). Claire Richardson was 50th in 20:37.2, Emily Jones was 54th in 20:40.5, Kirsten Kasper was 64th in 20:45.3, and Katrina Coogan, who finished 67th in 20:46.3.

In all of my years watching cross country races, I can not remember seeing many teams with only 62 seconds between first and fifth (and nine seconds between second and fifth) not winning. Coach Chris Miltenberg, Georgetown's coach, deserves a tip of the old hat for his runners' performances at Terra Haute.

The fact is that, over six thousand meters, it came down to ten runners with five hundred meters to go. With 100 meters to go, Sheila Reid and Jordan Hasay, athletes who have had experiences with the drawn out battles that distance races can become, put it all on the line. Six tenths of second separated Reid and Hasay. And less than one minute later, five Georgetown Hoyas, were all in, surprising Villanova, Florida and Washington just a bit.

The level of women's cross country is this: off your game by a few seconds and someone will push you back. The lesson in the 2011 NCAA Cross Country Championships is that teams push back too. With the closest team title since 2003, one wonders what 2012 will be like!

For links to the full story and results, plus links to Divisions 2, 3, pleaseclick below:

katie knight.png
Katie Knight, 2013 Nike Border Clash, photo by

Cross country is a democratic sport. It is also an honest sport. Reputations mean nothing. It is, perhaps too simply, she or he who gets from point a to point b, overcoming natural challenges and human challenges as well. In her third try, Katie Knight overcame all to win the Nike Border Clash 13 in a fine time of 15:44.

On a perfect day for cross country racing, Katie covered the 4,387 meter course fourteen seconds faster than than second place finisher, Amy-Eloise Neale, who finished in 15:58. The Washington girls shut out the Oregon Girls, 15-48, as Washington went one-five (Katie Knight, Amy-Eloise Neale, Jordan McPhee, Alexandra Ephraimson,  and Maddie Meyers). Oregon's top five, who finished 6, 9,10,11 and 18 ( Sara Tsai, Erin Clark, Ashley Maton, Megan Fristoe and Gracie Todd), also ran well, knowing that they have a year to plan their new battle against Washington's finest.

Sunday, November 20, 2011 was a day that Katie Knight, who won her Section 3 A State cross country championships in Washington, won't soon forget. A strong field, a beautifully sunny and cool day, gave Katie a day to remember. For Katie Knight, the third time really was the charm. What will she do next year?

Olinger_Brian-NYRR5k11.JPGBrian Olinger, 2011 NYRR 5k, photo by

Brian Olinger & Sally Kipyego won the prestigious Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving Day. The Manchester Road Race has been one of the top Thanksgiving Day road races in the US for many years.

Kipyego-FlanaganH-Payton11.JPGSally Kipyego, 2011 Payton Jordan /Kim McDonald 10,000m, photo by

men picture-17.jpg
2011 Bill Dellinger Invitational: Wisconsin Pack of Reed Connor, Ryan Collins, Elliot Krause, Maverick Darling,and Mohammed Ahmed, © Patrick Holleran, Shannon Digital Imaging

November 21, 2011. Terre Haute, Indiana.

Nothing says team work like cross country team championships. The NCAA Division 1 Men's race was a case in point. The Wisconsin Badgers were ranked number one all year, but the Oklahoma State team, the defending champions, wanted to challenge, and try as they might, the Badgers used that bulls-eye on their backs and ran brilliantly, scoring a mere 97 points!

The Wisconsin Badgers, winning their first title since 2005, showed their competition how it should be done, at Terre Haute, Indiana on November 21, 2011.  Lead by Mohammed Ahmed's fifth place finish, the Badgers scored 97 points to surprise the Oklahoma State team, who were the defending champions.

The Badger cross country team, coached by Mick Byrne, had run well all season, with a great opening at the 2011 Bill Dellinger Invitational (photo shown above).

Mohammed Ahmed finished fifth in 29:06. Elliott Krause (second Badger), was seventeenth in 29:41, Ryan Collins in 23rd in 29:52, Reed Conner in 36th , Maverick Darling in 46th. Sixth man for the Badgers was Drew Shields (112th) and Michael Brice (240th).

The times and splits show one part of the race. The other part is not so apparent. Mick Bryne is in his 24th year as a coach, having taken teams to the NCAA champs three other times. In his fourth year as Badger cross country head coach, Mick has lead his team to the super bowl of NCAA cross country: the team championships.

Cross country titles are won on the day, but months of training go into the championships. It is on that day, standing up to the tension, keeping one's head and heart going during the race and telling oneself to get that next runner, all the way to the finish. It is in the details, those last three hundred meters, that could mean the difference between winning and losing.

In the articles, the team spoke about their year long mantra: win the cross country champs. Mick Byrne noted that, as the favorites, they did have the proverbial bulls eye  on their backsides, and they delivered.

Former Badgers from Chris Solinsky and Matt Tegenkamp showed their support on twitter and on the course.

Congrats to Coach Mick Byrnes and his Badger team on their fine victory!

For complete results on NCAA Division 1 as well as links to Division 2, and 3 cross country, please click below:

my virtual office, Daegu.jpgVirtual Office, Daegu 2011, photo by Larry Eder

Media money rules the sports world. That the IAAF has signed a contract for 2014-2017 means that some in Monaco can let a nice sigh of relief loose, noting that, whatever the value, Euros will be flowing into the IAAF during that time period.

 Nice to see Craig Mottram running well again. He just won the Australian 5,000 meter title and will be running the Zatopek 10,000 meters in December. The Zatopek is the Australian 10,000m title and is one of the most famous 10,000 meters in the world, named in honor of the great Olympian & Czech patriot, Emil Zatopek.


One of the biggest surprises in Daegu was the lack of medals by the men's U.S. 400 meter hurdle squad. The man who took the gold, Dai Greene, who had also won the 2010 European Championships at 400m hurldes as well well. Greene told British media that he believes more British athletes should consider Greene's focus. Dai Greene admits that he wants a third gold medal to go with his gold medals from the 2010 Europeans and 2011 World Championships. Greene is focused on adding another gold to his collection. Only time will tell, but Mr. Greene has to know that he has a huge bullseye on his back now that he has won major championships two years in a row. More than most, Dai Greene knows that only a few things matter: get one'self to the championships, run the rounds well so one gets into the final, and then, run a great race in the final! 

Robles_DayronPC-Lausanne11.jpgDayron Robles, photo by

Dayron Robles will be running the World Indoor Champs in Istanbul, Turkey in March 2012, he announced earlier this week. We also noted that Steve Mullings, the Jamaican athlete, has been now banned for life. That is most unfortunate, but that, is also the rule of our sport.

A happy and belated 40th birthday to Nike shoe creative, Tony Bignell. Bigsey, as his friends call him, worked on Nike running, then Nike soccer (football), then lead Nike running,  and is now in the Innovation kitchen. A better man would be hard to find. Bigsey loves his friends, his family and his job. We wish him a relaxing break over his holiday and a happy, belated birthday. wants to wish all of our readers a Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 24. It is my favorite holiday in the United States. For my family, it is the day when my five brothers and sisters, four grandchildren and mes parents spend the couple days around the holiday together.

I wanted to thank you all for reading Runblogrun and supporting the RunningNetwork. We feel fortunate to be able to chronicle the happenings, the events and the stars in our global sport. In the end, it is about running, jumping and throwing. Activities that give so many happiness. See you on the roads soon and on the track next spring!

Nike Border Clash 13, photo courtesy of Nike communications

The Nike Border Clash 13 had the best weather that I have recalled in the past decade. The 4,387 meters that the best 40 boys and girls from Washington and Oregon traversed was pretty good footing for this time in November. It is a deceptively tough course. However, there are few times in the past 13 years when runners have been this close! In fact the first three boys were within a second!

The strength of the Washington boys was something that just had to be seen! The first eight runners were from Washington.

And the top finisher was Anthony Armstrong, who bidded his time, and made his final surge with less than one hundred meters to go. " I did not go out with them, I stayed close, but I felt that they had gone out too fast, " noted Armstrong after the race. " I started to move during the second mile (they hit mile 1 in 5:05, and two miles in 10:13).

The constant surging of Izaic Yorks and Nathan Weitz continued to break down the front pack, until, with less than 1,000 meters to go, it was down to three.

Yorks made his move as the runners hit the final 300 meters, with Weitz and Armstrong right behind.

bc finish lo res.pngAnthony Armstrong (122) wins, Isaac Yorks (160) second, Nike Border Clash 13, photo courtesy of Nike Communications

Keeping one's cool when
one is under pressure from two competitors, with the end in sight means one cool competitor. Anthony Armstrong kept to his race plan. He made his last surge, which was what it took, with less than thirty meters to go. The race was so close that Anthony Armstrong's 13:48 was the same time as Izaic Yorks. At 13:49 was Nathan Weitz.

"I tried to keep my finish until the last turn, I have raced against both of the guys and I knew I had to hold off until the end of the race! " noted Anthony Armstrong. When asked how it felt to win the Nike Border Clash, Anthony kept it simple, " It feels great!" His huge smile insuring that all knew that Mr. Armstrong's hard won victory would be enjoyed!

The Nike Border Clash started back in November 1999, when, at the time,  two Nike employees, Josh Rowe and John Truax, convinced some Nike executives that a race pitting the top high school boys and girls from Washington and Oregon made sense. The race was to determine who had the best cross country runners? Oregon or Washington.
bc xc 2102.pngNike Border Clash 13, photo courtesy of

The question of who was the best cross country state in the Pacific Northwest dates back to the battles between Gerry Lindgren and Steve Prefontaine. Their battles were part legend, part poetry. Lindgren and Prefontaine virtually ran, six straight miles, with no more than a step or two separating the two cross country icons.

Several generations of Nike employees have been involved in putting on the race. From policing the course, to making the event something that many put on to support the sport that is at the core of Nike: running. It is a yearly reinforcement for many on the Nike campus and a perfect use of the beautiful campus, which is full of some wonderful natural stretches of wetlands and the superb wood chip trail which surrounds much of the campus.  

Cross country running is about one being as close to nature as one can be. It is about challenging natural obstacles and one's own sense of limitations. It is, as eight time US cross country champ and Olympic bronze medalist Lynn Jennings once said, " Becoming one with the mud."

From the first year, the race was a huge success and showed off the new Nike campus. Each year, improvements were added and the crowd of Nike e
mployees who came to view it, also grew.

Eight years ago, Galen Rupp ran the race and won it. Alberto Salazar, Galen Rupp's coach at the Nike Oregon project, told RBR about Galen winning the race, and heading over to the track for another workout.

The Oregon and Washington battles for cross country supremacy did something else. It also showed Nike employees a well run event, featuring running and high school athletes. High school athletes are some of the most positive athletes in the sporting world!

From the Nike Border Clash came the NXN, the Nike cross country championships, which gives the top teams around the US a chance to compete for the bragging rights of who has the best cross country team in the country! From two states to from "sea to shining sea".

This year was a bit lop-sided, as the state of Washington clearly had the top boys and girls, but Oregon, do not despair, we understand that over the next couple of years, the battle for cross country supremacy should be much, much closer!

Haile Gebrselassie, 2011 BMW Berlin, photo by

Haile Gebrselassie continues his return to fitness after the Berlin marathon debacle, and is focused on the Tokyo Marathon, which will be held at the end of February. He needs a fast one there to be selected for the Ethiopian marathon team for London 2012.

At the Yokohama marathon, the first of four Japanese Olympic trials selection marathons, Ryoko Kazaki won in 2:26.32 over Yoshima Ozaki, the favorite, who ran 2:26.49. Mara Yamauchi, the British marathoner who resides in Japan, ran a fine 2:27.24 to get her Olympic qualifier, the temperature was quite warm (22 Celsius, 71.6 Fahrenheit).

The 13th Nike Border Clash, held today at the Nike Global campus, had the state of Washington boys and girls cross country teams dominate the Oregon boys and girls over the 4,387 meter course around the Nike campus. Details to come..
Sebastian Coe, Sergey Bubka, IAAF Gala, photo by

Sergey Bubka congratulated Sebastian Coe on London 2017's victory for the World Championships 2017 host, to the surprise of some media viewers. Actually, the surprise should have been to no one.

Bubka and Coe are the heirs to Lamine Diack's leadership of the IAAF, and Bubka knows that the best thing for the IAAF right now is to show a common front. Both are very good sports politicians and Mr. Bubka was just stating the obvious.

In the lead up to the vote, Mr. Bubka was one of the toughest critics of the London bid, due to the questions about the London Olympic stadium, which had sunk earlier British bids.  In the end, Sergey Bubka noted that both Beijing and London showed the power of the Olympic Games and the importance, for the World Championships, of having the events in major cities

In digging into the battle for the 2017 World Championships, it has become quite clear that the competition, was, at the very least, robust! London and Doha pulled out all of the stops, and the decision could have gone either way. Sergey Bubka was right, London winning the bid was the right thing for the sport at this time!

For more on the story, please read:

2010 Nike Border Clash, photo by Nike Communications

The Nike Border Clash, now in its 13th year, is one of our favorite events of the year. The event was the brainchild of two cross country geeks who worked at Nike, John Truax and Josh Rowe. Over the years, it has grown into a key event in the sport and a prime example of how to innovate in our sport.

Runblogrun will be covering the event tomorrow, as we have done for the past 13 years! We hope to see you there!
Security is part of any and all events of any size or stature. It is, unfortunately, just part of modern life.

2012 London Olympic stadium.jpgLondon 2012 Stadium, (August 2011), photo by Larry Eder

We have attached a short video that we found from the app Taptu, which I use on my iphone to keep track of various news feeds.

When RBR was in London this past summer for the AVIVA Meeting, we were fortunate to visit near the London 2012 stadium site. At that time, one of our friends explained that the security around the London Olympics has been there since the first concrete was poured on the stadium. Not only are there various security groups from UK, but also US, Interpol, and others. As the video notes, there are other threats besides terrorism. Protests from various groups and plain old thievery are two of the groups that the local police and security forces have to consider.

As the focus of world attention for three plus weeks, (actually about 114 days, when one adds in the ParaOlympics and related events), one has to be careful what one wishes for.  Gaining media attention when 10,000 media representatives will be coursing around London next summer will not be that hard.

Yet, it is one of the lesser known areas, and least appreciated areas of putting on a major event.

Here is the video we were suggesting that you watch:

Usain Bolt, IAAF Gala, photo by

Usain Bolt is thinking about his future, a few years from now, say, 2017? He intends to end his career after that, and would consider focusing on one event in that year. That is a long way off, but it must make sponsors happy and TV broadcasters that one of the most famous athletes in all sports will be around for a few more years!

RBR is heading out to the Nike Border Clash, the battle for cross country supremacy between the high school cross country stars of Washington and Oregon. The event, now, in its 13th year, was founded by John Truax and Josh Rowe, and has been one of the key cross country events for us each year. Always held on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Nike gives it some real attention and the gods of weather have given it real Oregon early winter weather for the 4,000 to 4,250 meter course. The race is held November 20, on the Nike campus in Beaverton, Oregon. If you are nearby, get there, as it is a sight to see!
Paula Radcliffe, 2011 BMW Berlin Marathon, photo by

This has been a great week for Paula Radcliffe. Earlier in the week, the IAAF announced that her 2:15:25 would rightly be the World record, and on Thursday, it was announced that Paula would be the first GB athlete named to the AVIVA GB team for London 2012 in the sport of athletics!
Peter Abraham is a keen observer of sports marketing, the digital world and branding, among other things. Peter was behind the superb digital program that the Honda City of Los Angeles Marathon did through the race in March 2011. He is now consulting on branding, sports marketing and marketing.

HIs blog puts most of the concerns of athletes and their marketing, into one document. He has links to Nick Symmonds famous Facebook page, and Toni Reavis' comments as well.

We highly recommend Peter Abraham's blog, which can be found, with the complete article at

RBR understands that USATF is putting a panel together to discuss logos, branding of athletes and the like at the upcoming USATF convention.

What do you think? Send us a note at [email protected]

Meb Keflezighi is the 2004 Olympic silver medalist in the marathon. Five years later, Meb won the 2009 ING NYCM.

Meb is the American dream. His parents moved Meb and his brothers and sisters first to Italy, then to the United States. Meb first ran in junior high, then became a fine high school runner in California. In college, Meb came under the perceptive watch of Bob Larson.

His Olympic marathon was run in the very humid conditions of Athens, Greece. " I knew I had a chance when we were down to four or five, then, it was just me and Stefano Baldini. I went for it, but Stefano ran 4:28 for that last mile. I wanted a medal."

At the 2011 ING NYCM, Meb was quite busy, speaking for his new footwear brand, SKECHERS, as well as UCAN, his sports nutrition company. Meb told us in the interview that he hoped for a personal best. Well, running a very smart race, Meb ran a personal best by two seconds, all the while having dealt with some stomach distress (think full blown Linda Blair after 23 miles), and yet, Meb continued to battle on.

This video features Meb speaking just before the marathon. Special thanks to the Shoe Addicts, who have captured Meb's ability to
communicate his love for the sport and his affection for the ING New York City Marathon.

Bernard Lagat, 2011 Fifth Avenue Mile, Photo by

The response to the Millrose Games moving to the New Balance Armory is now not a rumor. USA Track & Field has started the U.S. Open at the historic Madison Square Gardens.

The Millrose Games will be in its' 105th year. For 98 years, it's home was the Madison Square Garden. This time, under it's new owners, it will be run at the New Balance Armory, which is the host to over 65 indoor high school and college track meets with a very fast MONDO indoor 200 meter track.

The new U.S. Open will mean that, for the 99th year, an indoor meet will be in the Madison Square Gardens.
The MSG has had the likes of Paavo Nurmi, Willie Ritola, Eamon Coghlan, Marcus O'Sullivan, Mary Slaney, Sergey Bubka, Diane Dixon-all competed at the Gardens.

There is something about the Madison Square Garden. Perhaps, it is the closeness of the crowd. Perhaps, the traditional events. Perhaps, it is the tight track, and the various relays, sprints and throws. The press release from USATF suggests that, perhaps, the meet will showcase a tighter schedule, which has been one of the challenges of any event in the MSG.

In promoting the event, USATF announced that Bernard Lagat will be running the U.S. Open, which will be held on Saturday, January 28, 2011. Lagat, the recent World Champion silver medalist at 5,000 meters, has won eight indoor miles at the MSG.

The VISA Series for 2012, will be the U.S. Open on January 28, 2011, the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix on February 4, 2011, and the US Indoor Champs, on February 24-26, 2011 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

LoLo Jones is a two-time World Indoor Champion at the 100 meter hurdles. A graduate from LSU, a native of Des Moines, Iowa, LoLo is one of the most colorful athletes in track & field. She also picked one of the toughest events in the sport, the 100 meter hurdles, to excel at in the U.S. The level of competition in the 100 meter hurdles is fierce, and Jones competes against the likes of Danielle Carruthers, Kelly Holmes, Gini Crawford and Dawn Harper, to name a few. LoLo agreed to an interview with Runblogrun, with the video being produced by the Shoe Addicts, at a recent event for ASICS America, her sponsor. This is part one of a multi-part series on the hurdler...
Lewis_Carl4-IAAF07.jpgCarl Lewis, photo by

Carl Lewis, nine time Olympic medalist, is a house hold name in the US. Face it, the guy was an amazing athlete. His prowess over the 100 meters, 200 meters, 4 x 100 m relay were the stuff of legend. My belief is that his ability over the long jump was even at a higher level than his sprinting. His gold medal in 1996 in Atlanta, in my mind, was one of the Olympic's shining moments.

It is in that light of those facts and feelings about Carl Lewis that I am a bit taken back by the slamming of the London 2017 bid team's victory. Essentially, (, Carl Lewis said that while London is a great site and the London team are nice guys, that the deal was cast early on and that a backroom deal was done to get London the victory. Excuse me for using the vernacular, but, Huh?

Thumbnail image for IAAF Evaluation Commission on athletics track at Olympic Stadium.JPGIAAF Evaluation team for the 2017 World Championships, photo by

 To the best of our ability, our news sources believed that the bidding process was the most straightforward it has been, in any sport, in years. The evaluation team was well represented and Bob Hersh, IAAF Senior VP and a man of real integrity, lead the evaluations. In reading, which is on my daily reading list, it was clear that the seesaw effect was happening: one day, Doha 2017 looked good, the next day, London 2017 looked good. That is indicative of a bidding process where the strengths and weaknesses in a bid come to the forefront, over time. 

Truth is, Lord Sebastian Coe, and the many people involved in the bid for London and the team for Doha did their best to win evenly and fairly. Were meet directors worried about the heat in Doha? Heck, many were! But many of our key athletes and coaches supported Doha as well. London's bid was well coordinated, between the Ministry of Sport & Culture, UK Athletics, London 2012, and the City of London. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, even twittered his support out through the social media digital highway and bi-ways.

Coe-Bubka-IAAFgala11.jpg Sebastian Coe, Sergey Bubka, photo by

Lord Sebastian Coe is a closer. This ability makes him a daunting competitor in a bid process. He feels it, he understands what is at risk and he closes the deal. It is a wonderful gift, and I would never bet against a team including him. Just does not make sense. 

In the end, Carl Lewis's real concern, about the reliance on equipment for the technical events, and the lack of genuine coaching and long term focus, which is needed to get great jumpers and throwers, is a very valid point. Yet, his "backroom" comments just muddied the waters. It makes for gripping reading, until one notes that Mr. Lewis tends to get to his real concern at the end of a discussion. Unfortunately, the lowering of standards in the long jump will be lost in his slamming London. 

Lewis_Carl-Monaco07.jpgCarl Lewis, photo by 

 There are enough issues with the IAAF as they look forward
-how do we save the sport of cross country?, is changing citizenship for sport something that should be tolerated?, and how do we take the obvious strengths of our sport and give athletics an even higher place in the global pantheon of sports? I just am not sure what Mr. Lewis's real intention was here. 

London 2017, for many reasons, was the site that should have hosted 2017. Doha had a tremendous bid and they will host a major championship.
I am also not sure why one would slam an evaluation process and bidding process that was under such intense scrutiny. Enough other issues to focus on that Mr. Lewis could help publicize. 

Kelly Sotherton, Carolina Kluft, 2007 Euro Indoors, photo by

Kelly Sotherton has decided to focus on the heptathlon once again. The Olympic bronze medalist and World Champs bronze medalist is focusing on London 2012......We wish her much luck!
The 2011 ING New York City Marathon may have been the most spectacular display of the promise of the marathon that we have ever seen. From the crushing victory of Geoffrey Mutai, to the sensational last ditch win of Firehiwot Dado, the elite races kept TV viewers enthralled. From Jennie Finch passing 30,000 of the field of 46,000 to raise over $30k for charities to Jack Waitz, having run only once the week before the marathon, asking his late wife, Grete Waitz, winner of nine New York City marathons, for help. Those are just a few of the 46,000 plus stories that were and are the 2011 version of the New York City Marathon. We asked the Shoe Addicts to give us there view of the Big Apple and the race through five boroughs. Here is what they came up with:
We received this press release today, seems someone besides Competitor Group was considering a marathon in New York! This one sounds fun, pretty low-key and in a park. Nice way to get something going! Anyone who runs it, send us pictures and let us know what you think!
Brittany Reese, 2010 AREVA Paris DL, photo by

I have been fortunate to interview Brittany Reese twice this year. She is a tough competitor and she enjoys her event. She also is a just a class act. Like many of our athletes in our sport, Brittany thinks globally and acts locally. This year, for Thanksgiving, Brittany is donating 100 turkeys to those who might not be able to afford a Thanksgiving dinner.
Abdelkerim Boubker, 2011 Athens Marathon, Photo by

Abdelkerim Boubker surprised the experts, by winning the 2011 Athens marathon, one of the toughest courses in the world. Not only did Abdelkerim win the marathon, he also broke the course record! What follows is Pat Butcher's observations on the 2011 Athens Marathon.....
Yohan Blake, 2011 IAAF Gala, photo by

Just as this year is celebrated, can one even fathom the finals in next year's London 2012 Olympics in the 100 meters and 200 meters? And then, think about the men and women's hurdle races? Add on that, a shot put final where several global stars who were shut out of Daegu? Well, a 200 meters with Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt in the final could be a crowd pleaser!

And over in the former colonies, if you do not think that Tyson Gay and Walter Dix, among others, are working each day to insure that they will be in that final, insuring that a sprint race with no absentees, no excuses and one simple goal: all finalists will intend to win the race.

Be it the 100 meters or 200 meters, all finalists will be wanting to be victorious in front of a TV audience that could surpass three billion.  That is why, dear readers, that the price on the streets for the finals for the 100 meters and 200 meters will be quite high.

One of the reasons why the 200 meters will be so highly anticipated is one Yohan Blake, World Champion at 100 meters and the second fastest 200 meter runner of all times. 19.26 is, well, scarily fast....

Yohan, Usain, one world, IAAF Gala, photo by

Cheruiyot_Vivian-IAAFgala11.jpgVivian Cheruiyot, 2011 IAAF Gala, photo by

Diack-PrinceAlbert-Bubka-IAAFgala11.jpgLamine Diack/ President, IAAF,  Prince Albert of Monaco, Lord Sebastian Coe, IAAF Congress, photo by

Coe-Bubka-IAAFgala11.jpgSebastian Coe, Sergey Bubka, IAAF Vice Presidents, 2011 IAAF Congress,
photo by

Our photo team,, was busy this past weekend. Here are a few photos from the IAAF Congress and just prior to the IAAF Gala, held in Monaco, November 10-12, 2011. These were shot just after the Athletes of the year were announced and before the IAAF Gala.

Sally Pearson, Usain Bolt, 2011 IAAF Athletes of the Year,
photo by

Sally Pearson, the 2011 World Champion at the 100 meter hurdles, dominated her event in 2011. Usain Bolt, crashed in the 100 meters, then dominated the 200 meters, and anchored the world record setting Jamaican 4 x 100m relay team! Great picks for the IAAF Athletes of the year!
The decision was made on Friday, Monaco time, and that decision went in favor of London 2017 as the winner of the 2017 IAAF World Championship sweepstakes. Lord Sebastian Coe congratulated Doha2017 on their bid and Doha2017 team showed their class and congratulated London on their victory and noted that the decision and bidding process was good for both candidates.

Miles to go before London 2017. Nice to see Jodie Williams, UKA's future sprint superstar, involved in the bidding presentation
. Kudos to many, and Lord Sebastian Coe made a point of thanking all involved, reminding all that the devil is in the details, and the tiniest of details can spoil a bid. One thing for sure, this observer would not get into a bidding contest with the London team, as they are 2-2 now, with London 2012 and London 2017. Much was on the line for all involved.

We show Jodie Williams here, the young British sprinter who shows such promise, as she was involved in the bid presentation in Monaco. Nice to see young athletes who will be competing in 2017 involved in the process....

Jodie Williams, 2010 World Juniors, photo by

The wait is over. By a vote of 16 to 10, the IAAF has selected the host of the 2017 World Championships as London....

Farah_Mo5kR1-WorChp11.jpg2011 WC 5,000 meters, Mo Farah, Bernard Lagat, photo by

On November 10, the IAAF, showing admirable common sense, noted that Paula Radcliffe's brilliant 2:15:25, the Bob Beamonesque moment of women's athletics, will stand as the Women's Marathon Record. Hats off to our friends in Monaco...but the real kudoes go to Paula Radcliffe, a women who has shown us how the human heart, and feet for that matter, can overcome many so-called limits...

Paula Radcliffe, 2:15:25, 2003 FLORA London Marathon, photo by

This piece, I believe, puts the 2011 ING NYCM marathon into its' proper perspective. This piece was penned by one of our newest writers, Jon Gugala, who helps us consider what we saw in the battle of the five boroughs, on November 6, 2011. We hope you like Jon's feature as much as we do....

Fred Lebow Statue, photo by
la26kristin burns5x8-large.jpgLA26, photo by Kristin Burns/LAMarathon

In a story in the November 4, 2011 edition of the Los Angeles Times, Frank McCourt, embattled owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is looking at offers to sell the Los Angeles Marathon. McCourt just filed divorce papers, dated November 3, 2011, where his ex-wife gives up an rights to the Dodgers or the marathon for a settlement of $131 million.

geneti rain, by rich cruse-large.jpg Markus Genuti, 2011 LA Marathon: rain, photo by Rich Cruse/LAMarathon

McCourt, who has been hung, drawn and quartered in the Southern California media over his handling of the beloved Dodgers, had picked up the LA marathon three years ago and with a strong marathon management team, had really upped the quality of the event. This past spring, as McCourt's issues were made public, much of the race's management were dismissed.

flea, by Kristin burns-large.jpgflea, photo by Kristin Burns/LAMarathon

Pricing for the illustrious Los Angeles Marathon? Word has it that somewhere between $10 and $20 million.

The simple fact is that the Los Angeles Marathon should be one of the crown jewels of the global marathon movement. Over the past three years, McCourt's team, through a new course, incredible social media and strong communications with the city and the local running community, had reversed much of the negatives noted on the previous marathon administrations.

The late Fred Lebow, former NYRR leader, had noted the obvious opportunities of the LA marathon. Again, it shows that making a great race is not as easy as some may think. We hope the LA Marathon finds a new home, and new owners who appreciate the value of the event to the city of Los Angeles and the sport in the Golden State. 

To read the entire story, please look at:,0,7789534.story

loganOregon150.jpgDoug Logan, photo by

Doug Logan, the former CEO of USA Track & Field, received $1.095 million in deferred compensation, which should be read as the settlement between Mr. Logan and USA Track & Field upon his dismissal in September 2010.

The complete story also notes the compensation of acting CEO Mike McNees and Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, Director of High Performance.

The board has put the search for a new CEO on hold as USA Track & Field comes out of the best World Championships that the US team has had in some time and builds towards an epic Olympic Games, to be held in London 2012.

Some frustration was felt by observers of the sport over the lack of progress over a new CEO. Some attribute it to the partisan nature of the USATF board. Some suggest that actual candidates were concerned with the active nature of the USATF board. Whatever the reason, much money and time were spent, and no results were had. During the process, some potential candidates' chances were scuttled with public discussions of their candidacy. All in all, the process does not seem to be working. Perhaps the CEO job is actually two persons' jobs.

Some serious discussions need to be made on the direction of the sport by those invested in the sport, from athletes, coaches, sponsors, agents, media. Runblogrun would welcome hosting such a discussion.

The USA Track & Field convention, to be held in St. Louis, Missouri, November 30-December 3, 2011, should hold some interest for keen observers of the sport.

To read the AP story  by Eddie Pells, please follow this link:

Finally, the folks at NBC have decided that the Marathon Team Trials warrant some dedicated coverage. One has to go back to the 1980s for true coverage of the Marathon Trials. This should be well received and inspire another generation to look to the marathon...
2012 London Olympic stadium.jpg
London 2012 Stadium, photo by Larry Eder (August 2011)

The final conversations are going on in Monaco today, as both the team from Doha 2017 and London 2017 battle for the undecided votes. Who will be the host of the 2017 World Athletics Championships. London 2017 has been sending releases out each day for the past few weeks. Doha 2017 has upped the ante on support of the event. The IAAF has a difficult decision to make, I believe.

If they want to build on the 2012 London legacy, then London 2017 makes huge sense. With World Champs in Osaka in 2007 and Daegu in 2011, an event in Europe would make sense for 2017 ( Beijing has 2015, Moscow has 2013).

The judicious decision would be to offer London 2017 and Doha 2019, giving the sport time to build to each event. However, this time, the IAAF has decided that only 2017 is on the block. We will be looking to the decision in the next 48 hours.

The man who ushered in the sub four minute mile, Sir Roger Bannister, has announced his support of the London 2017 bid to host the World Championships in 2017....

Hall_RyanLeds5mile_Houston11.JpgRyan Hall, 2011 USATF Half Marathon Champs, photo by

Updated November 9, 2011

Nicely done piece by our friends at Trackfocus ( on what should not have be an issue.

I was there when, I felt, Phil Hersh went over the line. A superb journalist, sometimes, Phil gets a bit too involved in the story. What he was trying to say was that, in the world of 2:03 and 2:05 marathons, a 2:08 marathon with someone as talented as Ryan Hall is just not indicative of what Ryan can do. Instead, it came out as a bit of a dig. His recent comment on Ryan Hall not being Meb Keflezighi is just continuing a line of action that should not be acceptable behavior between a journalist and an athlete. 

Here is my take. Ryan Hall is one of the most talented American marathoner we have ever seen. The guy can run a 2:03, perhaps a faster, if and when he gets it all together. The big question is whether he can put it all together on his own. The coaching with a group of colleagues, including one named God, is not a joke. For Ryan, it may work out.

My worry is this: Many elite athletes who dumped or lost coaches at the height of their careers have told me that, in retrospect, they needed someone there to help guide them. Ryan seems to find someone to run with, accompany him with his training and his relationship with his view of the higher being is not to be trifled with. From my time in the seminary, it might be called discernment. Self discovery through good and bad training days can be fruitful. I just don't want those days of self discovery, for Ryan Hall, to be at an Olympic Trials or Olympics. 

Ryan Hall did something fantastic at Chicago-he stayed back and tried to run a conservative race. Ryan learned that for him, that may not be the way to race. He may have to engage, relax, engage, relax, engage. That is how Ryan Hall will run a 2:03. That is also how he could medal.

 Phil Hersh writes with his heart. He also, like many us, speaks with his heart. Sometimes, as well know, those kind of things get us into trouble. You have seen an example of that here. Whatever the case, it should be discontinued.

Phil Hersh is right about one thing:  Ryan is no Meb Keflezighi, and Meb, is no Ryan Hall. Thankfully, we have both in the sport. Ryan is one of our fastest ever. They are two different types of racers. Ryan Hall races like many of the Kenyans and Ethiopians. His ability to handle the up and down pace in a marathon will be the reason he runs a very fast marathon one day. His 2:04:55 was not a fluke.

Meb Keflezighi is the best championship marathoner we have had since Frank Shorter. Totally different make up  in Meb. His ability to run well in New York, with its tough course, and this year, the lack of pace makers allowed a championship type race to develop. His sixth place at ING NYCM, with a pb at 2:09:13, and his Linda Blair episode after 23 miles (reference to the Exorcist), should also be some kind of record. After the race, a bit, sore, Meb laughed and help his press conference.  

 Ryan and Meb are two of the best American long distance runners we have had. They have their co racers respect, and we should see both of them do well in the upcoming Trials races in Houston.

I always look forward to reading Phil Hersh's work, as when he is on, he nails it like no one else. This Phil/Ryan deal is not good for anyone, and it is not good for the sport. 

For Further information:
Carmelita Jeter, 2011 WC, photo by

Williams_JesseFL-World11.JPGJesse Williams, 2011 WC, photo by

Congrats to Carmelita Jeter & Jesse Williams, who are the 2011 Jesse Owens Award Winners, as named by USA Track & Field. The Jesse Owens award is the highest honor given to athletes by USA Track & Field, named in honor of the great Jesse Owens, one of our most remarkable athletes. Congrats to both Carmelita and Jesse who had superb 2011 seasons.

Nice to see Jodie Williams, Great Britain's sprint sensation, speaking to support London 2017 in Monaco later this week. The battle for the 2017 WC is very close, perhaps too close to call. We will know the site of London 2017 by the end of this week.

Jodie Williams, 2010 World Juniors, photo by


Sally Pearson, photo by

Sally Pearson won the 2011 World championships in Daegu, Korea after a flawless season. Now, she is dreaming of bringing the 2018 Commonwealth games to the Gold Coast of Australia....

EME NEWS (NOV 8, 2011)




MONACO (MON): The Gala's 600+ guests on Saturday, who will include many of the world's top athletics stars, past and present, will be entertained this year by Orquesta Broadway, a salsa, charanga dance band which for virtually 50 years has been at the forefront of the Latin Music scene in New York City. The band's name comes from 135th Street and Broadway in Manhattan where the founding line-up all lived. Informs IAAF.



MONACO (MON): IAAF informs that a three-day meeting of the IAAF Council, Wednesday 9 to Friday 11 November, which will conclude with the decision regarding the host city for the 2017 IAAF World Championships (also World Indoors 2014, World Juniors 2014, Continental Cup 2014, World Half Marathon 2014), will be the focus of a packed schedule of meetings which will be held around the Saturday´s World Athletics Gala. Gatherings of various IAAF Commissions, the IAF Council, the Samsung Diamond League Assembly and meetings between the IAAF and World Masters Athletics are among those that will be staged before, during, and immediately following the weekend.



LAUSANNE (SUI): The EA Council approved at its session in Helsinki the calendar for the outdoor one-day meetings in Europe. The 2012 series of European Athletics Outdoor Premium Meetings will include 12 meetings (four more than in 2011) while the Classic series will comprise of 11 meetings (two less than in 2011). The Internationales Hochsprung-Meeting in Eberstadt, Germany, which is dedicated to the high jump, has been given the status of a special Premium Meeting. In comparison to the earlier published calendars one of the oldest meetings in Europe, the Kusocinski Memorial will be at the end of the day in the Premium category (held in Szczecin currently). Also Spitzenleichtathletik meet of Luzern which had pending status will be as in 2011 in the Classic category. No more Greek meetings in this categories, they will have Area Permit status. The current calendar for 2012, EA Premium: Jun 2 Bydgoszcz and Nancy, Jun 5 Montreuil, Jun 8 Torino, Jun 9 Lille, Jun 11 Prague, Jul 3 Reims, Jul 7 Heusden, Jul 8 Strasbourg, Jul 10 Sotteville, Jul 21 Szczecin, Sep 4 Rovereto. EA Classic: May 25 Dessau, Jun 7 Huelva, Jun 9 Istanbul, Jun 14 Velenje, Jun 17 Zhukovskiy, Jul 17 Luzern, Aug 20 Linz, Aug 26 Dubnica, Sep 1 Terra Sarda, Sep 2 Padova, Sep 5 Milano, Sep 7-9 Eberstadt.



LAUSANNE (SUI): European Athletics has awarded to the Slovakian spa town of Dudince, which boasts a rich tradition of race walking, the 2013 edition of the biennial European Cup Race walking. Dudince will stage this event already for third time after 1998 and 2001. The Spanish federations' proposal to move the 2012 European Cup 10000m from Palafrugelle to the city of Bilbao has also been accepted by European Athletics. The annual event will now take place on 3 June 2012, while in 2013 the event will be staged in the Bulgarian city of Pravets.



KINGSTON (JAM): Information reaching is that Veronica Campbell-Brown is changing coaches. This means Claude Grant, the man who conditioned her for the last year, during which she won her first 200m World title, is no longer the athlete's coach. Grant is the third coach working with Campbell-Brown in three years. Previously the Jamaican athlete was coached by Anthony Carpenter and Lance Brauman.



BEOGRAD (SRB): Serbia continues in long term plans with athletics after Belgrade was awarded the European CC Championships in 2013. General secretary of the national federation and former 400 m runner Slobodan Brankovic is optimistic about the Belgrade bid to stage European Indoor Championships in 2015. The multifunctional hall Arena is close to the airport and offers enough space for athletics. Brankovic hopes that the city will cover the costs of the new track which will be needed. Other bidders are Istanbul (with the planned experience from World Indoors 2012) and Prague (with 02 Arena where already a succesfull one day meet was held in winter of 2009 with participation of Yelena Isinbayeva and 2 miles world best by Meseret Defar).







MONTREAL (CAN): Priscilla Lopes Schliep, the Olympic Bronze Medalist and former World Number one at 100 m hurdles, will be addressing more than 200 University students from across Canada on November 12th at the 16th Annual John Molson school of business Sports Marketing conference. Lopes-Schliep who will discuss the parallels of what is needed for success in both business and in sport will be making her first public appearance since giving birth to Nataliya Ava Schliep in mid September. She slowly returns back to training and plans to compete in summer 2012.


NEW YORK (USA): Lauren Fleshman has had a bit of a traumatic pre-race experience when she debuted at the ING New York City marathon last weekend. The multiple US 5000m national champion had temporary tattoos of her own company Picky Bars on her body but was forced to take them off just minutes before the race as it is against the rules of the World Marathon Majors. Many USA athletes have supported Fleshman and her attempt to promote her own company by speaking up on Twitter or the internet.


LONDON (GBR): Daley Thompson is happy to add his voice to the cause to bring the 2017 World Athletics ­Championships to London. The IAAF meets in Monaco this week and will vote on Friday as to where the Championships are staged. "We have a fantastic chance. It is going to be very difficult in Doha because it is so warm," said Thompson. "They are having to make adjustments like running the marathon in the middle of the night - which is not going to be fair - and they might struggle just to get people to come and watch it." Thompson was quoted by the Daily Express.


SYDNEY (AUS): World 100m hurdles champion Sally Pearson says that winning the 2011 World Athlete of the Year award and helping the Gold Coast bring home the 2018 Commonwealth Games would be the icing on the cake to a sensational year. The 25-year-old hurdler was this weekend named in the final three for the 2011 World Athlete of the Year, along with shot putter Valerie Adams (NZL) who was undefeated all season and set an Oceania record at the IAAF World Championships, and Kenya's Vivian Cheruiyot, who added 5000m and 10,000m gold medals to the world cross-country title she won earlier in the season. Pearson will also know this weekend whether it has won the right to host the Commonwealth Games in 2018. As an ambassador to the bid Pearson has been actively involved throughout the campaign and she admits a home Games will be the incentive she needs if she is to continue competing for another seven years according to athletics australia website.


NEW YORK (USA): Emmanuel Mutai of Kenya and Liliya Shobukhova of Russia have been crowned champions of the 2010-2011 World Marathon Majors series, and both were presented $500,000 USD for their respective accomplishments on Monday personally. „The World Marathon Majors are the best events and have the strongest fields," said Emmanuel Mutai. „The series includes races over a two-year period, and to earn the most points over that time and win the series is very difficult so I am proud of my achievement. I came to New York [this weekend] in the lead for the series, knowing that I needed to be at least among the top 3. When I realized that I would be second in the race, I knew this meant that I had won in the final standings. Yes, I was very much thinking about the World Marathon Majors during the race." Female winner Liliya Shobukhova: „I want to thank the World Marathon Majors for its great idea to raise awareness of the sport and its top athletes. The series has helped both to identify talented runners and to place attention on marathon running. I don't think I would have achieved such heights in marathoning without the series, even after many years in the sport. Also, the World Marathon Majors has helped the best marathoners to focus on the best events, which adds to the competition and which surely will help anyone in their preparation for the Olympics."


WATTENSCHEID (GER): Pole vaulter and Daegu fifth placer Malte Mohr is changing his clubs and says he wants to compete indoors and outdoors in full mood and quality for the top events in Istanbul, Helsinki and London. Another goal for him is to clear six meters. His best is 590 on the square, 586 indoors and 585 in classic stadiums outdoors. In 2012 he will compete for TV Wattenscheid and is leaving his current club LG Stadtwerke Munich. Chauncey Johnson remains his coach.


VILNIUS (LTU): Legendary discus thrower Virgilijus Alekna will be an adviser for Lithuanian interior ministry. Local media are informing. The multiple olympic and world winner will be next year 40 but still plans to compete at London Games.


LONDON (GBR): writes that London fears its bid to host the world athletics championships in its new Olympic Stadium in 2017 is threatened this week by a GBP 5 million inducement from rivals Doha. Dailymail says that Doha is expected to offer to pay the IAAF's entire bill for prize money. London has not tried to match it, offering only to organise coaching and competitive opportunities for women officials from developing nations. Writes the paper. Ed Warner, chairman of UK Athletics, said: „It would not be possible for us to find a sponsor to pay the prize money because there is nothing to offer them in return. The IAAF already has major corporate sponsors whose names are displayed on athletes' bibs."


CHIBA (JPN): The organizers of the 2011 International Chiba Ekiden held a press conference to announce the teams for the Nov. 23 event. Teams from ten countries including Japan, Kenya and the United States will face off against the defending champion Japanese University Select Team and a team made up of top runners from hosts Chiba Prefecture over the six-stage, 42.195 km race. Each team includes three men and three women who will alternate stages in handing off the tasuki. Informs Brett Larner on his blog.







SYDNEY (AUS, Nov 6): Discus world champion Dani Samuels achieved 59.40 at a local meet.


ALGERS (ALG, Nov 1): Athletics International informs that the Algers Marathon on November 1 was held on a short course. That means also the Algerian record 2:09:11 by Slimane Moulay will not be approved.


KOSCIAN (POL, Nov 7): Arkadiusz Gardzielewski clocked 1:03:28 PB to win the 7th Half Marathon here. He was better than strong Ukrainian group headed by Vitaliy Shafar (1:04:06). But Olga Kotowska recorded the women win for Ukraine in 1:13:58 ahead of Svitlana Stanko (1:14:38).







NEW YORK (USA): Ken Nakamura offers thoughts about who is the best current marathon runner in the world. In a year which is the best for the quality of marathon results ever. Also all WMM events improved their men´s course records and interestingly no women course record was improved at this five marathons in 2011. Fresh NY winner Geoffrey Mutai has fastest "2011 Average" and second fastest "2010-2011Average." Both Geoffrey Mutai and Wilson Chebet won two marathon races in a row (won both races this year), while Wilson Kipsang won three marathon races in a row. Moses Mosop has second fastest "2011 Average." Largest "Average winning margin" is recorded by Wilson Kipsang. In the last two years Abel Kirui has not run very fast nor won any marathon except for the 2011 World Championships. However, Kirui, twice World Champion, is a supreme championships runner. Fast times means much more when recorded on the slower course. So 2:05:06 by Mutai is much more meaningful because it was recorded in New York, where top 10 average for the race is 2:07:32, more than two minutes slower than Berlin, Rotterdam or London.

For more on subjects above, please check:
Thumbnail image for Tamgho_TeddyR-EuroInd11.jpg
Teddy Tamgho, 2011 Euro Indoors, photo by

Teddy Tamgho, the world record holder indoors, l'enfant terrible d'athletiques francais, is playing it careful this indoor season. The man who has dropped 17.59m indoors is not competing indoors. His ankle injury this past summer held him out of Daegu. In Daegu, US phenom Christian Taylor and Phillips Odowu battled to an epic outcome, Taylor gold, Odowu silver. I can not wait to see how the TJ goes down in London 2012. Could be one of the top three events there.

Thumbnail image for Shobukhova_LiliyaFV-_Chicago10.Jpg

Liliya Shobukhova, photo by

Mutai_Emmanuel-LondonM10.jpgEmmanuel Mutai, 2010 Virgin London Marathon, photo by

Emmanuel Mutai and Liliya Shobukhova Claim Titles of 2010-2011 World Marathon Majors Series

NEW YORK CITY, November 7, 2011 -- Emmanuel Mutai of Kenya and Liliya Shobukhova of Russia have been crowned champions of the 2010-2011 World Marathon Majors series, and both were presented $500,000 USD for their respective accomplishments today in New York City.

Emmanuel Mutai accumulated 70 points over the two-year series with a win at the 2011 Virgin London Marathon and three runner-up performances (ING New York City Marathon in 2010 and 2011; Virgin London Marathon in 2010). The men's title came down to the final miles in the final event of the series -- yesterday's ING New York City Marathon -- as Emmanuel Mutai needed points from either a first or second place performance at yesterday's race when it became clear Geoffrey Mutai (no relation) would win the race. He was second.

"The World Marathon Majors are the best events and have the strongest fields," said Emmanuel Mutai. "The series includes races over a two-year period, and to earn the most points over that time and win the series is very difficult so I am proud of my achievement. I came to New York [this weekend] in the lead for the series, knowing that I needed to be at least among the top 3. When I realized that I would be second in the race, I knew this meant that I had won in the final standings. Yes, I was very much thinking about the World Marathon Majors during the race."

Shobukhova secured the women's title in October when she won the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and set an insurmountable 30-point lead in the standings. She finished the series with 90 points, also having posted victories at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 2010 and the Virgin London Marathon in 2010. She was runner-up at the Virgin London Marathon earlier this year. Shobukhova also won the 2009-2010 World Marathon Majors series.

"I want to thank the World Marathon Majors for its great idea to raise awareness of the sport and its top athletes," said Shobukhova. "The series has helped both to identify talented runners and to place attention on marathon running. I don't think I would have achieved such heights in marathoning without the series, even after many years in the sport. Also, the World Marathon Majors has helped the best marathoners to focus on the best events, which adds to the competition and which surely will help anyone in their preparation for the Olympics."

The World Marathon Majors series point structure:

1st place: 25 points; 2nd place: 15 points; 3rd place: 10 points; 4th place: 5 points; 5th place: 1 point.

The events comprising the World Marathon Majors are the B.A.A. Boston Marathon, the Virgin London Marathon, the BMW Berlin Marathon, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, and the ING New York City Marathon. In years in which the IAAF World Championships or Olympic Games are contested, the marathons from those events also may count towards scoring in the series.

World Marathon Majors series winners
Series Men Women
2010-2011 Emmanuel Mutai, Kenya Liliya Shobukhova, Russia
2009-2010 Sammy Wanjiru, Kenya Liliya Shobukhova, Russia
2008-2009 Sammy Wanjiru, Kenya Irina Mikitenko, Germany
2007-2008 Martin Lel, Kenya Irina Mikitenko, Germany
2006-2007 Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot, Kenya Gete Wami, Ethiopia

Emmanuel Mutai, Liliya Shobukhova

2010-2011 Series:



Media Contacts:

  • Boston: Jack Fleming +1 617.236.1652 ext. 2627
  • London: Nicola Okey + 44 207.902.0182
  • Berlin: Thomas Steffens + 49 171.933.4836
  • Chicago: Robin Monsky + 1 312.992.6630
  • New York: Richard Finn +1 212.423.2229

For more on the World Marathon Majors, please click on:


London 2017 is pulling out all of the stops in the last week before the World Champs 2017 vote, as Carmelita Jeter  (100m) & Vivian Cheruiyot (5,000m/10,000m) two of our more prominent global stars, announce their support of the London 2017 bid....

Jeter_Carmelita-Pre11.JPGCarmelita Jeter, 2011 Nike Pre Classic, photo by

CheruiyotLeadsH1-World11.JPGVivian Cheruiyot, 2011 World Champs, photo by


The London 2017 team has announced a Women in World Athletics initiative in support of the legacy for the World Champs! The vote for the 2017 world Champs is in Monaco on November 11, 2011.

Fascinating decision for the IAAF. The decision, in all truthfulness is paradigm shifting, in many respects. London 2017 makes sense for media coverage and the heritage of athletics. Doha 2017 is all about new parts of the world being franchised by the sport of athletics and the reputedly huge pocketbook that Doha possesses.
Geoffrey Mutai, 2011 ING NYCM Marathon, photo by

Goeffrey Mutai's brilliant victory in New York yesterday was a message on several fronts: Get over the Boston brouhaha-the course is downhill and uphill, perhaps not a record course, but BEST All Conditions, and Mutai running Boston and winning there in April 2011, crushing the course record and then coming to New York and decimating the course record. Geoffrey ran his race, negative splitting on a ruthless course, with one of the best fields ever assembled.

Mutai_GeoffreyA_NYCM11.JPg Geoffrey Mutai, 2011 ING NYCM, photo by

The World Marathon Majors winner for men was decided when Emmanuel Mutai moved ahead of Gebre Gebremariam, right after 24 miles, and took the lead for the WMM series from Geoffrey Mutai. Emmanuel, having competed in four races, won the series from Geoffrey, who had competed in three races, final score, Emmanuel 70 and Geoffrey 65. Now that is a competition!

WMM Logo
Header photos

Mutai and Shobukhova Split One Million Dollars as 2010-2011 World Marathon Majors Series Champions

Sunday, 06 November, 2011

First time in Award's Five Year History Men's Winner Was Decided in Final Race of the Series

New York (November 6, 2011)  Four athletes who toed the line for the 2011 ING New York City Marathon were in position to stake a claim to the 2010-2011 World Marathon Majors title  - and the decision was up for grabs until late in the race making it the most exciting finish ever when Kenyan Emmanuel Mutai finally emerged victorious. It was the first time in the WMM five year history the men's title was decided on the last race of the cycle - a situation that had presented itself twice before on the women's side.

When Kenya's Geoffrey Mutai made a move around the 35K mark, taking a lead he would not relinquish, it appeared he was set up to earn the $500,000 WMM bonus since the only other man who could catch a first-place Geoffrey, Kenyan Emmanuel Mutai, was far enough back he seemingly was not a threat.

Things changed quickly though as by the 24-mile mark Emmanuel Mutai appeared in third place just behind Gebre Gebremariam.  Motivated by the knowledge that if he could get by the Ethiopian and take second in NY he would surpass Geoffrey in the WMM standings, Emmanuel rose to the occasion and created a lead of 46 seconds over Gebremariam over the last 2.2 miles. So despite finishing behind Geoffrey Mutai at New York, Emmnauel's consolation prize was first in the WMM leaderboard with 70 points total to Geoffrey's 65.

The 2011 BMW Berlin Marathon champion and world-record holder Patrick Makau had a tenuous five-point lead in the series going in to New York with 60 points followed by Emmanuel Mutai (55 points), Tsegaye Kebede (41), Geoffrey Mutai (40) and Gebre Gebremariam (35), setting up a race with a complicated matrix of possible WMM winners depending on the final finishes of the trailing four.

The two previous times that a WMM title came down to the last race of the circuit both involved the women. In 2007, Gete Wami secured the initial WMM title with a second-place finish at the NYC Marathon edging out Jelena Prokopcuka who finished third in the race. Those results gave Wami 80 points for the 2006/2007 cycle and left Prokopcuka with 65.

The following year, two women could have clinched the WMM title with a strong showing in the ING New York City Marathon: Gete Wami (65 points) and Catherine Ndereba (41 points). Not entered in New York, but also in contention, was Irina Mikitenko (65 points) however when neither Ndereba (5th) nor Wami (6th) clinched the victory, Wami and Mikitenko remained tied atop the leaderboard with 65 points. Under the rules of the WMM Series, the first tie-breaker is head-to-head competition however the two athletes each had beaten each other once. As a result, the champion was determined by a vote taken by the five race directors of the World Marathon Majors - and they unanimously decided that the winner of the 2007-2008 Series was Mikitenko.

The 2010-2011 women's WMM competition was won in October, when Liliya Shobukhova (Russia) broke the tape in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with a time of 2:18:20, and set an insurmountable 30-point lead in the standings to win the $500,000 prize.

Shobukhova and Mutai will receive their trophies and bonus prize money on Monday, November 7 at a press conference at Tavern on The Green in Central Park at noon. Both athletes will be in attendance and available for interview.

Final Men's Leader Board:
1. Emmanuel Mutai, Kenya, 70 points
·    1st, 2011 Virgin London Marathon - 2:04:40 - 25 pts.
·    2nd, 2010 ING New York City Marathon - 2:09:18  -  15 pts.
·    2nd, 2010 Virgin London Marathon - 2:06:23 - 15 pts.
·    2nd, 2011 ING New York City Marathon - 2:06:28 - 15 pts.

2. Geoffrey Mutai - Kenya - 65 pts.
·    1st, 2011 Boston Marathon - 2:03:02 - 25 pts.
·    2nd, 2010 -real, Berlin Marathon - 2:05:08 - 15 pts.
·    1st, 2011 ING New York City Marathon, 2:05:06 - 25 pts.

3. Patrick Makau - Kenya - 60 points
·    1st, 2011 BMW Berlin Marathon - 2:03:38 (WR) - 25 pts.
·    3rd, 2011 Virgin London Marathon - 2:05:45 - 10 pts.
·    1st, 2010 -real, Berlin Marathon - 2:05:08 - 25 pts.

4. Tsegaye Kebede - Ethiopia - 51 points
·    5th, 2011 Virgin London Marathon - 2:07:48 - 1 pt.
·    2nd, 2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon - 2:06:43 - 15 pts.
·    1st, 2010 Virgin London Marathon - 2:05:19 - 25 pts.
·    3rd, 2011 ING New York City Marathon - 2:07:13 - 10 pts.

5. Moses Mosop - Kenya - 40 points
·    1st, 2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon - 2:05:37 - 25 pts.
·    2nd, 2011 Boston Marathon - 2:03:06 - 15 pts.

5. Gebre Gebremariam - Ethiopia - 40 pts.
·    DNF, 2011 IAAF World Championships - 0 pts.
·    3rd, 2011 Boston Marathon - 2:04:53 - 10 pts.
·    1st, 2010 ING New York City Marathon - 2:08:14 - 25 points
·    4th, 2011 ING New York City Marathon - 2:08:00 - 5 pts.

The World Marathon Majors Point Structure:
1st Place - 25 pts. 2nd Place - 15 pts. 3rd Place - 10 pts. 4th Place - 5 pts. 5th Place - 1 pt.


After this race, one has a strong argument in noting that Geoffrey Mutai is the best male marathoner RACER in the world. His wins in the 2011 BAA Boston marathon and now, the 2011 ING New York City marathon reveal a man who is supremely fit and also supremely tactical. The next time someone says Boston is wind-aided, remind them who won Boston in the fastest time, all conditions, EVER and owned the New York City marathon course.

Geoffrey Mutai, 2011 Boston Marathon, photo by
The 2011 ING New York City Marathon had 47, 438 starters on a cool and blustery Sunday morning. The day would show the strength of Ethiopian women as the absolutely frightening depth of the Kenyan men.

Dado_FirehiwotFL-Rome11.jpgFirehwot Dado, 2011 Roma Marathon, photo by

And as we all know, a marathon is not over until one crosses the finish line!

Here is how we saw it: (For the complete live coverage, click on Live in the navigation bar).

In my job as the president of the Running Network, I gave Richie Woodworth, the President of Saucony their awards from the 2001 Fall Shoe Review, the 2011 XC Racing Review and the Youth Running Shoe Review. Richie, a long time veteran of the industry, spoke about innovation and the need for innovation in the highly competitive running footwear business!

Woodworth speaks for many in the industry: It is a business that most who are involved love, and they do things, like sponsor races, athletes and make racing shoes, where, it is not always obvious how it helps the business. But, any company that is in the performance running business supports our sport!

Thanks to Richie Woodworth and thanks to the Shoe Addicts for the video interview.

Thumbnail image for Kebede_Tsegaye-LondonM10.jpg
Tsegaye Kebede, 2010 Virgin London Marathon,
photo by

Gharib_Jaouad-LondonM10.jpgJaouad Gharib, 2010 Virgin London Marathon,
photo by

Kim Smith, 2010 Virgin London Marathon,
photo by

Runblogrun noted its picks for the 2011 ING New York City Marathon via tweetdeck on Thursday: Geoffrey Mutai, Gebre Gebremariam and Meb Keflezighi in top five.  Well, on the men's side, make sure that you watch Tsegaye Kebede and Jaouad Gharib-neither should be taken lightly.

On the women's side, most of the excitement is about Mary Keitany's potential to destroy the course record. I would also suggest serious consideration be given to Kim Smith. Kim is a serious contender! 

Oscar Pistorius, 2011 Milano, photo by

Bubka_Sergei1a-Youth09.jpgSergey Bubka, photo by

Gebremariam_GebreFV_B2B10.JpgGebre Gebremariam, 2010 NB Falmouth Road Race,
photo by

MutaiLeads-Boston11.JPGGeoffrey Mutai, 2011 BAA Boston Marathon,
photo by

What a weekend of sports! Cross country conference for colleges, and state meets for high schools across the U.S. The 2011 ING NYCM marathon, where Geoffrey Mutai and Gebre Gebremariam will duel and Mary Keitany should put the course record out of reach for woman. Great conditions should abound for Sunday as 40,000 plus marathoners brave the first Big City marathon (remember, the ING NYCM moved from five loops around Central Park, then, in 1976, became the race through five boroughs). Fred Lebow is smiling down from the spectator stands in heaven on his NYRR and wonderful marathon.

Sergey Bubka spent an emotional few days in Sarajevo with young athletes and coaches, visiting the site of the 1984 Winter Olympics. Oscar Pistorious must run another A standard to make the Australian Olympic team.

This is Jon's first contribution to Runblogrun. He has written for Running Times in the past and resides in Santa Cruz, California. We hope you enjoy his take on the Elite side of the 2011 ING NYCM Marathon, with a keen eye on the Americans....
Kim Smith, 2010 Virgin London Marathon, by

Kim Smith is an NCAA champion, a World Champs finalist, has battled the best in the world on cross country courses, indoor track, outdoor track and now, roads. In April 2011, Kim Smith stunned the world, as she lead Boston for twenty miles, until her soleus muscle gave out and she could no longer run.

Smith has run 2:25 for the marathon. She is a fierce racer, with world times from 5,000 meters to the half marathon. She is one of the small group of women who can go from 2:25 to 2:22 in one race. Will this year's ING New York City marathon be the race for Kim Smith? Many think the Kiwi from Providence, Rhode Island can win New York. Here is what she said in her interview on November 1:
Torrance-Wittenberg-LagatFlag-FifthAve11.JPGDavid Torrence, Mary Wittenberg, Bernard Lagat, 2011 Fifth Avenue Mile

A CEO knows no sleep during Marathon Week...Mary Wittenberg does not quit, or sleep, I believe! The week is non-stop as Mary and her team at the New York Road Runners give the marathon a week of global airplay....

Mary Wittenberg made it quite clear, in an interview Universal Sports that the New York Road Runners want to host the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. She followed that with a very well done interview for ESPN:
Marathon week in New York is in full swing. Here is your update on the world of athletics and also, the biggest question!

Wilson Kipsang, who missed Patrick Makau's record by four seconds is still not a definite for the Kenyan marathon team-can you believe that?

Looking forward to seeing who makes the Men's World Marathon Majors winner for 2010-11! We shall find out this weekend!

Thumbnail image for Makau_PatrickWR20238-Berlin11.JPGPatrick Makau, 2011 BMW Berlin Marathon, photo by

Deena Kastor, 2011 RNR LA 1/2 Marathon, photo by

Hall_Sara-USout11.JPGSara Hall 2011 USA Outdoors, photo by

A strong week for ASICS America, as ASICS athletes in wrestling and field hockey medaled in the Pan-Am Games. Deena Kastor won the 2011 RNR LA 1/2 marathon on Sunday and Sara Hall, wife of Ryan Hall, the top U.S. male marathoner, won the steeplechase gold medal at the 2011 Pan Am Games on Friday, October 28, 2011.

Each of the performance running footwear brands supports athletes in various sports and various events. It is how they support the brands support the sports that has given them so much.

A nice week long prelude to the 2011 ING NYC Marathon....

ASICS America is the official footwear & apparel of the ING New York City marathon. ASICS America is one of the seminal performance running companies in our sport. They are introducing some of their most creative marketing yet, with the Marathon Experience exhibit at Columbus Circle, in New York City.

3pieceDiorama_11.jpgASICS Three piece Diorama, 2011 ING NYCM, courtesy of ASICS communications

From the pictures and release below, it is obvious that ASICS America has gone all out to promote the marathon in the Big Apple. The 2011 ING NYCM is a key event for the brand, and they have pushed the digital and outdoor experience to a new level.

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