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Verrazano Bridge, ING NYCM 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Hurricane Sandy that spread havoc across the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. will not stop the ING New York City marathon from happening on Sunday, November 4, 2012, per Mayor Bloomberg himself. The Mayor, who has been all over his city during the past week, believes that the Marathon gives something back to the city, and that the small businesses that are supported by the marathoners and their families need the Marathon now more than ever. More details to come. 
The 2012 ING New York City Marathon will go on, per the Mayor himself. Mayor Bloomberg noted that, while some have expressed concern about the marathon being held less than a week after Hurricane Sandy and the use of city services, the Mayor countered that many, including small businesses across Manhattan, rely on the marathon for economic survival. 

ING NYC Marathon, 2011, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

This is the most recent update, posted at 8 am on October 31, 2012.  From some friends of RBR who have sojourned to Manhattan from Boston, we were told that highways in CT were pretty open-no one was on the highways. Once they got to Manhattan, the area around the Hilton and Sheraton, mid-town, was pretty clear. We will have some reports on the Park tomorrow. 

You should note the tone of the notes from NYRR. There has been some grumblings among the running community and observers of the running community about the ethics of running a marathon at a time when so many people are struggling for basic services. We will update our readers on those making thoughtful arguments on both sides. 

RBR will head out tomorrow, but as all who follow Runblogrun know, there is not a travel time with me that does not succumb to some crisis. As La Guardia is closed, and one has as much of a chance of seeing a small bull shark swimming around as a plane from Chicago landing tomorrow, I took a suggestion and re routed to Westchester (White Plains, NY). Found the last seat on an 11.10 am flight out of Chicago. 

With a site that is tons easier to navigate, and embracing social media, the IAAF's new website should be a huge success. Having results of all major and most not so major athletic events in one place is also pretty impressive. This is the first day that the new IAAF website is open to athletic fans, so spread the word! 

I like the visuals: great photos, easy ability to share stories and photos. Twitter, You Tube and Facebook friendly, the site gives you the world of athletics that is easy to digest and easy to navigate. 

The database management system gives the reader access to over 25,000 stories on the first day and thousands of photos. In the press release, the IAAF is talking about a mobile app soon. 

We look forward to the 101rst year of the IAAF. 

Yohan Blake, Usain Bolt, photo by PhotoRun.net

Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt started training for 2013 yesterday, Monday, October 29, 2012. That same day, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the US with a ferocity not remembered by many observers. And so, the staff of the ING NYC Marathon are juggling much, as they try to prepare for the five boroughs marathon that started all the city marathons, while not endangering the recovery of their community from the continuing natural disaster. It is not a decision that many people are capable of, but a decision that several other Major Marathons have had to look at over the past half decade. Mother Nature takes no prisoners, and demands respect.  
Sebastian Coe has sold his firm, Complete Leisure Group, to Chime Communications, and looks, per InsidetheGames.biz to be worth over 12 million pounds sterling. Chime Communications is a company owned by Alan Pascoe, a 1976 Olympian who saved British athletics in the late 1990s from ruin, and made them the poster child of a successful national athletics federation. As part of the deal, Sebastian Coe will become the chairman of Chime and Alan Pascoe will become president. 

Sebastian Coe is recovering from eight years of being the face of the London 2012 Olympics, and a successful Olympics it has been. Not since Peter Uberoth and the 1984 LA Olympics has an Olympics done so well financially. Recent reports suggest that the London Olympics will be nearly 600 million pounds under the proposed budget. 

Sebastian Coe with Sergey Bubka, IAAF Gala, 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net
2011 ING NYCM, cross the Verrazano Bridge, photo by PhotoRun.net

Hurricane Sandy has ravaged the Mid-Atlantic. Most hurt is the infrastructure, from subways, to trains, to electrical power. Updates are coming hourly, and we wish the ING NYC Marathon team the very best in such trying conditions. More details to come...
Mo Farah, photo courtesy of PhotoRun.net

Jessica Ennis, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mo Farah & Jessica Ennis were named British Athletes of the Year on Friday, October 26, 2012, by the British Athletics Writers Association. I applaud BAWA for their decision, as they had some great British performances in 2012.  While there were some superlative performances by British athletes in 2012, including Greg Rutherford's long jump win, Robbie Grabberz bronze medal and British record in the high jump, Farah and Ennis had the most to loose and, in turn, the most to win.

Farah came into London with gold medal in the 5,000 meters in Daegu and a silver medal in the 10,000 meters in Daegu as well. That silver medal, in my mind, gave Mo Farah, and his coach, Alberto Salazar, and his mentor, Ian Stewart of UK Endurance, much to consider. And consider, they did. 

Using tactics that dated back to the 1972 Olympics, Mo Farah drew his fellow competitors into races that he controlled, kilometer after kilometer. Using negative splits, and a killer last thousand meters in both races, Mo Farah fatigued his competitors so much that Farah's finishing, touch, a 52 second last lap finished them off. The 10,000 meters had me on my feet the last two kllometers, and the 5,000 meters, well that was a race that I thought might be over Mo's ability--how wrong I was. Mo Farah finished off the best kickers in the world in both races. Farah was prepared to race, his competitors were not. 

The funny thing, is that Ian Stewart had told this writer, since the end of 2011, that there was nothing to worry about, Mo Farah would do fantastic in London. When I would ask him for more information, he would just smile, knowing that Mo Farah was coming along just fine, thank you. After Farah's win at the Prefontaine over 5,000 meters, Stewart told me, " He is not ready yet, but he will ready come time for London."  Alberto Salazar told this writer that Mo Farah and Galen Rupp were perfect training partners way back in February 2011. Farah and Rupp draw the best out of each other, which was so obvious during the racing in London. Nice to see the Anglo-US alliance working so well. 

I have to say that I believe no athlete that I have witnessed in London had the pressure of Jessica Ennis. I saw her take the silver in Daegu and Istanbul. She handled it with grace and was composed. I wondered to myself, How does she stand it? 

But stand it, Jessica Ennis did. Her British record in Gotsiz in June 2012 was the bell weather. In London, Ennis had several chances to blow it, but she kept herself together. Her first day showed that she was in London for one thing: to win. Her coach, Toni Minichiello, helped Jessica Ennis focus, with more media attention on her than any athlete should ever have to consider.  

Toni Reavis did this column this morning about how the City of New York handles the cards it is dealt with aplomb. 

2011 ING NYCM, first water stop, photo by PhotoRun.net

2011 ING NYCM, photo by PhotoRun.net

We have posted a note from Mary Wittenberg, CEO of ING New York City Marathon, regarding the ongoing decision on how to manage the 2012 ING New York City Marathon in the continuing wake of Hurricane Sandy and its path of destruction. We will update with information as it becomes available on this page

Updated October 30, 2012, 5:35 PM EST. 
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Makau on a mission, 2011 Berlin Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Lance Armstrong fiasco is just another example of how far we have come from celebrating athletic performance as part of one's life, instead of, in todays' lexicon of reality shows and celebration of the notorious, making sports performance the end all and be all. Sports athletes have become personalities, which is both good and bad. 

As a child, I was a huge baseball fan. I loved stories of Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. I even tried to catch one handed like Willie Mays. In 1967, going to see Cardinal games, with my Aunt Patty, I saw Bob Gibson, Curt Flood among others play. In 1972-73, I remember going to games with my Mom, with most of the games being extra innings. Baseball was amazing. 

Years later, learning about Babe Ruth and his carousings, made him more of a real person to me: a great athlete, with the failing and travails of a normal human. 

This past weekend, while having a beverage of an adult nature with a few friends at one of my locals, I was asked by an American football fan what I thought about Lance Armstrong. I told him, that while I was sad, for the sport and society, I had little sadness for Mr. Armstrong. I have a hard time shedding a tear for Mr. Armstrong as, while his cheating was hugely complicated, at some point in one's life, one must pull their head out of their proverbial backside and put a line in the sand. At some time in one's life, one must "Man up", to use the vernacular, and take responsibility for the bad and good one has done. Armstrong did not do that: USADA, WADA and UCI brought him back to reality. 

I am firmly convinced that Lance Armstrong was a tremendous athlete, perhaps a cyclist who was a once in every fifty years phenomenon. Without any drugs, he might have won three or four Tour de France titles, a tremendous feat. However, we will never know now, as UCI, WADA, USADA, in showing him that he is responsible for his actions, played into the little ignorant secret that is thought worldwide: Drugs made Lance the best. Drugs did not make Lance the best, they gave him the recovery to train at a level never seen before. He got this, HOWEVER, from cheating. He was a tremendous athlete, using EPO and a drug cocktail, put him into super human status. 

I am reminded of a skit on Saturday Night Live during the 1980s, where the All-Drug Olympics skit was shown. A skit highlighting a former Soviet bloc weightlifter who was, per the announcer, using every drug available plus some animal tranquilizers, had both of his arms torn off trying to life some ungodly weight. A funny skit, but gets one to thinking, how close are we to this? I must get a note a month about just throwing out all bans on drugs and let sports fall where they may. I believe that is the wrong approach. 

In the case of Patrick Makau, I am disturbed. In this day and age, anyone who sets a record in the sport I love, track & field, is considered, at least for a moment, to have used some type of enhancement. 

Like Toni Reavis, I will be greatly surprised if Mr. Makau ever tests positive for an illicit drug. I will find great sorrow in such a result as well, because, Mr. Makau obviously possesses huge ability and huge drive. His performances have inspired us, and I hope, will inspire us in the future. 

Here is a column from Toni Reavis sent just before the Hurricane hit New Jersey and New York City. Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends, family and fellow Americans along the Mid-Atlantic. 

Delmarva is important to me, having lived in Wilmington, Delaware area in 1987-1988, and Allentown, Pennsylvania enivrons from 1985-1988. I actually lived in Newark, Delaware and our summer weekends were spent on the Eastern shore of Maryland and in the Baltimore harbor. 

I would like to suggest that anyone who wants to help send a $10 donation to the RedCross via www.redcross.org
Peter Eriksson, photo courtesy of  UK Athletics

The UK Athletics continues to prepare for Rio 2016 and WC 2017 with their announcement of an Olympic Head Coach. 
Meselech Melkamu, photo by PhotoRun.net

Patrick Makau, photo by PhotoRun.net

While Patrick Makau did not come near the world record, his 2:06:08 gives him four years in a row of sub 2:06 marathons (Haile has run six years), and an average for his top five marathons of 2:05.05. 

We are becoming spoiled as a 2:06 no longer seems fast (115 times plus under 2:07 or better). That disturbs me. 
Here are the results for NCAA Division 1 Results, by Walt Murphy. Please be careful during Hurricane Sandy! 

Haile Gebrselassie, Seven Hill Race, 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net
This is the cross country results from Walt Murphy for NCAA Division 3 conference meets. 

A quick update on the BMW Frankfurt Marathon, from Pat Butcher...
Günter Netzer, Executive Director, Infront,  and Klaus Wowereit, Governing Major, Berlin, photo credit:  BMW BERLIN MARATHON/Camera4

In Germany, marathon running is healthy. BMW Berlin sold out for 2013 in three and one half hours, and BMW Frankfurt will be a huge success tomorrow. In this release, BMW Berlin hired a new group to sell sponsorships. 
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Farah_Mo5KFV-Olympic12.jpg
Mo Farah, Will he move to 10k and Marathon for Rio? 

Alberto Salazar commented that Mo Farah will consider, for RIo, a double with the 10,000 meters and the Marathon. That makes a lot of sense for a runner such as Mo, who is moving up in distance. Frank Shorter did it in 1972, setting ARs in the 10,000 meters and then, winning gold in the marathon. 

Four years is a long time....
Here is the first set of results for a very busy weekend of cross country! 

FootLocker, 2009, photo by PhotoRun.net
Joe Moore, his driving came under some criticism

The third day of the Karhu Originals Tour reminds one of the trials of the biblical hero, Job. Or perhaps, from Greek Mythology, the challenges of Odysseus. Anyhow, in his third installment, Jon Gugala relates some scary driving in the Luke's Locker parking lot. Not only does Luke's Locker support many of the runners in the area, seems like its parking lot is a training site for NASCAR. 
Makau Frankfurt12.JPG
Patrick Makau, photo by PhotoRun.net

Daska-Melkamu-Bekele Frankfurt12.JPG
Matmitu Deska, Meselech Melkamu, Bezunesh Bekele, photo by PhotoRun.net

I have a sneaking suspicion that Patrick Makau is going to put the marathon record down to 2:03.20 this weekend. Makau ran a ten mile race in 45:51, with a 2:38 last kilometer. Pretty impressive. 

Makau had to be frustrated when he was not named to the Kenyan Olympic team-this run is about showing who he is and how good he is. Watch for some fast results on Sunday! 
Christian Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Fascinating to me that UK Athletics continues to see how fantastic coaches are in the US. Most recent case in point is Rana Reider, who has moved to Loughborough and will be coaching a group of British athletes as well as gold medalist Christian Taylor, the US triple jumper. 

The way it works in our sport is that coaches, who have spent most of their adult lives learning their crafts, work with talented, dedicated athletes, help those athletes develop the skills to compete on the global track & field stage. All the accolades, all of the medals come from the success that coaches and athletes have in communicating, 345 days a year (20 days off), two hours a day, for ten to fifteen years. Nothing in this sport comes easy. 

Making it look easy, whether on TV, or in print or digital media, is a disservice to the sport, coaches and athletes. Telling the story is difficult, unless someone knows what they are talking about, and can describe the process, the work, the competition to the reader. 

A former CEO spouted out a few years that 30 medals would be a strong goal for Olympic and World Championships for the US team. The 29 medals that came in 2012 was due lots of hard work, and that was from athletes, coaches, trainers and officials. Sometimes the smartest thing is to stay the hell out of the way, one seasoned coach told me. 

Rana Reider was Nike's Coach of the Year recently. Nice to see that UK Athletics appreciates Mr. Reider's value. Sure hope that USATF sees that we are exporting great coaches before it is too late. 

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Alan Webb, 2012 Olympic Trials, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

In a story written by Doug Binder, published on www.armorytrack.com, Alan Webb will be looking to the marathon as a distance that he sees as his next challenge. Webb, all of 30, is the current American record holder in the men's mile and the high school mile. Webb has had moments of ecstacy when it comes to running. 

Updated 25 October 2012:

Alan Webb told RunnersWorld.com that his comments about running a marathon are idle comments. He will probably move up to the 5,000 meters-10,000 meters before venturing to the marathon. "It was just an idle comment." 

As our Airstream living journalist, Jon Gugala opens his second day, the Airstream is engulfed by sophisticated ant colonies. Gugala and his two partners, Joe Moore and Jyrki, had to cull thousands of ants, before they could do much in the day. Nature always reminds us that it still rules. 

2012-10-24 16.19.09.jpg
Joe Moore, Ant Killer....

USA Juniors, 2009, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here are the most recent Coaches Polls for Collegiate Cross Country, thanks to Walt Murphy of X-Country X-Press. 

Thumbnail image for Cain_MaryQ-OlyT12.jpg
Mary Cain, photo by PhotoRun.net

We wrote about earlier in the week. Alberto Salazar, the man who told TAFWA writers several years ago that he wanted to give American distance runners a fighting chance at medaling in the World Champs and Olympics has decided to coach, via long-distance, Mary Cain. 

Mary Cain is the young phenom who wowed all of us in Eugene in the 800 meters. Think of these personal bests: 2:03.34 for 800 meters, 4:11.01 for 1,500 meters, and 4:39.28 for the mile. And those were run at the age of sixteen! 

Okay, the LoLo Jones update. Here is my deep thoughts: LoLo worked the digital world pretty well. She picked up 329,000 or so, last time I checked twitter followers. Her fans are pretty loyal. That she took 4th in an Olympic final, when many of us thought she might not make the final was pretty amazing. So, she is fourth in the world, not 1,2,3. Her sponsorship value has gone up, continues to do so. The bobsled journey is an example of just how good 100 meter hurdlers are-the are some of the best athletes in sport.  But the next time I see some tweet that says she choked taking fourth in an Olympic final, I will shake my head and wonder,  how can you be serious? 

Kenny Moore, photo courtesy of Constance Johnson

For most of the seventies, the only man worth reading, in my estimation, in Sports Illustrated was Kenny Moore. The 1968 and 1972 Olympic marathoner, who placed fourth in 1972, and an US record holder in the marathon, was legit. Moore had been trained under Bill Bowerman, and his development from a two miler to a marathoner were classic Bowerman. 

Moore first started writing for SI in the 1971, and wrote a piece on cross country. I particularly remember his pieces on Lasse Viren, and Sebastian Coe. In 1979, when his compilation book, Best Efforts came out, I read it cover to cover. That book was re read by myself and others on the long road trips to cross country meets, or when you were too tired to read something else. Like Once a Runner, I memorized Moore's writing. 

When Moore wrote the definitive biography on Bowerman, I was impressed. Lots to get in. His movie collaberation with Robert Towne on Without Limits was touching and honest, as was his work in Personal Best, Towne's movie in 1980 (where he acted). 

It is fitting that Kenny Moore, one of the keenest observers of our sport ever, is receiving the George Hirsch Journalism Award. George Hirsch was, and is, a champion for running journalism. His launch of the Runner elevated running journalism. George Hirsch's time at the top of Runners World gave the brand two decades to evolve from a national to a global brand. I am not sure of anyone else who could have done that. George Hirsch got that content was king long before it became a buzzword on the digital highway. 

 NYRR did a nice job in developing this award. It is one of the few award ceremonies that I am sure to attend. 
Toni Reavis' commentary on the Lance Armstrong affair is on point. The truth is, sports federations had the chance to stop drug cheating in the seventies. It was not until post 1988 that drug testing was taken seriously. 

Reavis wonders, is it too late for cycling? What do you think? 
Jon Gugala, is on tour with the Karhu Originals Airstream. Here is how his first day went, as they started this week in Texas. Today's column is a bit of a meditation on bats, getting lost on a run, time zones, and of course, the joy of being on the road with your own Karhu Airstream. 

2012-10-23 16.35.39.jpg

David Hunter outdid himself last week on his suggestions for the female athlete of the year. Hunter is right, how does one pick the most extraordinary women in an extraordinary year? I would have added Tirunesh Dibaba into this group as well, but I understand why our columnist stuck to his guns. 

Enjoy the column.

The Shoe addicts have been taking their cameras, their note pads and their inquiring minds around the marathon majors for two years now. Here is the video list that they have completed for 2011-2012. We hope that you enjoy! 
Cam Levins, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sheila Reid, photo by PhotoRun.net

Two of Canada's premier distance runners, Cam Levins and Sheila Reid have gone professional and have signed long term contracts with Nike, per their management group, Flynn Sports, Inc. 

Levins and Reid, both NCAA Champions, were versatile distance runners, with success in cross country, indoor track & field and outdoor track & field. In this post-Olympic time period, footwear companies are only looking for the best of the best to sponsor. RBR wishes Cam Levins and Sheila Reid the very best as elite professional distance runners! 
The videos here span the world of marathons to the world of track & field. adidas athletes from 2011-2012 include marathon champions, Olympic champions and world record holders. We hope that you like them, and please pass them along. 

David Rudisha, photo by PhotoRun.net
Here is the complete list of Nike athletes that the Shoe Addicts has developed videos for in 2011-2012, with links to Runblogrun introductions as well. Some very fun videos saluting some tremendous athletes! 

Kara Goucher, design by Algernon Felice, Jr. 
Original photo by Photorun.net

The Shoe Addicts are: Algernon Felice, Jr., videographer, Michael Deering, copy writing, social media, Adam Johnson-Eder, voice over, media. 
karhu airstream outside.jpg
The Karhu Airstream, photo courtesy of Karhu

The Karhu Airsteam tour honors the tour of Finnish athletes across the US in the spring of 1975 to compete in a series of track meets promoted by the late Steve Prefontaine. I remember Karhu as it was the brand that San Jose City college track athletes wore in 1977. Orange, with the Karhu logo, and fast. They were fun. 

The Airstream is the Mercedes of trailers. Jon Gugala, one of our fearless writers, will be joining the Karhu Tour for the week of October 22-29. Here is his first colum. Please follow him, it should be pretty humorous! And if you are in the area, visit the Karhu Airstream. It will be unforgettable. 
This is a short interview with Chelsea Reilly. Questions were sent day of her second place run at Tufts 10k, where she ran 32:41, winning the US title and taking second overall. Chelsea Reilly is a recent graduate of UC Berkley. Chelsea is another example of the quality of young American women distance runners coming through the ranks. She is coached by 2008 Olympic team member, Magda Lewy Boulet. This was Chelsea's first 10k, road or track! 

Chelsea Reilly, photo by PhotoRun.net
Thumbnail image for Hesch_ChristianPushUp-Providence12.JPG
Christian Hesch, RNR Providence Half, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The Trailer just released part one of two parts on Christian Hesch, confessed doper. For those who want to check it out, see below: 
Motion stairs, Chiba XC 2008, photo by PhotoRun.net

As John Gugala and J.T. Service develop the Trailer, a new series of blogs and podcasts, RBR becomes more and more fascinated. Here is their series, done last week, on the Oregon Track Club Elite team. Here is " OTC Elite Week": 
Walt Murphy has a story plus links on Mary Cain, the 800 meter phenom. Mary is not running for her high school and will be coached by Alberto Salazar from long distance. Mary is a unique talent, and I recently compared her to Mary Decker, now Mary Slaney. 

Mary Cain, 2012 Olympic Trials, 800 meters, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

How does one develop a young talent like that? How does one allow them to have the life that a young women should have and place the challenges of being an elite athlete in that life as well? That is part of the mix. 

Mary Cain, 2012 Olympic Trials, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

We wish Mary the very best. And we look forward to seeing her in Foot Locker this year. 
Dellinger Invite, Women's race, photo by Patrick Holleran/Shannon Digital Imaging
The TCS Amsterdam Marathon was the fastest marathon of the weekend, with Wilson Chebet running 2:05.41, a three second course record and Meseret Hailu, who ran 2:21:08 CR. Over the weekend the 111th, 112th, 113th and 114th runs under 2:07 were performed. Pretty amazing is it not? Ethiopians were amazing in Amsterdam this weekend. 

Wilson Chebet, photo by PhotoRun.net
FL 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net

Cross country conference meets were this past weekend. For most collegiate athletes, this marks the end of the season. For some this marks the beginning of the championship season. 

Bill Dellinger Invitational, Eugene, Oregon, 
photo by Patrick Holleran/Shannon Digital Imaging

Here are the conference results for Division 2, NCAA Cross Country, Div 2, courtesy of Walt Murphy. 
One of the most iconic marathons in the world, the Marine Corps Marathon, will have a book published about itself, celebrating it's 37 years in photographs, in February 2013...
An interesting read. Justin Lagat spoke to an athletes manager on his perceptions of Kenyan running success and why running does not get the really big bucks...


Bolt in his natural state, 2012 London, photo by PhotoRun.net

After seeing Usain Bolt race this summer, I have to admit, I think the guy can do about anything he sets his mind to. The reason why the world finds him fascinating is that he has fun, and makes few egotistical demands as many professional athletes do. That relaxed approach, his obvious speed and talent and his entertaining post race celebrations keep many on the edge of their seats. I have witnessed Bolt stand and autograph for fans for up to ninety minutes after an event. 

If he say 9.4 for the 100 meters and 19 seconds for 200 meters, get ready sports fans! 
Thumbnail image for Phillips_DwightR-World11.JPG
The modest mouse of the long jump, Dwight Phillips, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Dwight Phillips, four time World Champ gold medalist, is training once again, but without a coach, as Rana Reider has moved to the UK. Reider, the former Nike Coach of the year, was obviously recognized by UK Athletics as a talented coach. Does USA Track & Field have a program to keep our best coaches in US? Perhaps they should. Reider, in my observation, is one of the keenest observers of technical athletics that I have witnessed. A humble man, he helps develop great talent. 

Charles Van Com_1.jpg
Who replaces Van Commenee? photo from UK Athletics

UK Athletes still has not made a replacement for Charles Van Commenee, who resigned as head coach of UK Athletics. One keen observer, in speaking of Van Commenee noted, "Charles put a line in the sand, and while his team did extraordinary, he did not reach his stated goal. He has shown unusual class in the circumstances. He should hold his head up high."

Lord Coe, Paula Radcliffe, 2007 IAAF Gala, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Lord Coe will be named to BOA Chairman. The 1980/1984 Olympic gold 1,500m and silver at 800m, was the face and spirit of the London 2012 bid and event. Hats off to Lord Coe. Coe has to take a bow as one half (other was former PM Blair) of the final presentation to the IOC for London 2012, and for enduring some remarkably dry chicken dinners over the past eight years as he talked up the London Olympics. The remarkable thing is that Coe delivered with class. Must have been all of those 1,500 meter races...

Why do I like this picture? Ariane Friedrich, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Ariane Friedrich, the German high jump goddess, had shoulder surgery, and is recovering as well as training. Bob Tahri, French steepler, will focus on 5,000m and 10,000m in 2013. Watched him run a 27:29 at Stanford, I seem to recall. 

My first visit to the Bill Rodgers Running Center did not come until 1985. I could not leave for a bit, as much of my life was on those walls. All the athletes that I worshipped, stalked and read about were on those hallowed walls. 

Thumbnail image for 1975_MARfin_Rodgers,Bill.jpg
Bill Rodgers, 1975 BAA Boston, 
courtesy of Boston Athletic Association

Bill Rodgers brought a ferocity and niceness to road running. His 1976 win in New York just gave a hint of what was to come. The new wave of sponsorship, running stores, shoe contracts, mass races and yes, major marathons began. Rodgers raced, in 1978-1979 over 38 times, and won 32 races, I believe. His one hour American run, never given the AR status, hinted at his talent. His 25k WR and AR at 30k, done in 1979 in Saratoga, California showed how tough Rodgers was. Runner, businessman, entrepreneur, Rodgers was all of those and so were those who were around him. The Bill Rodgers Running Center came out of this maelstrom.

Okay, I must. Here is an aside: one of the best pieces ever done in Runners World was by Rich Benyo on Bill Rodgers (my nomination for best piece, pre John Brant, was Bob Wischnia's feature on Duncan McDonald, about 1977) in 1980. 

The Bill Rodgers Running Center in Fanueil Hall, was, as Toni Reavis notes, the center of the running universe. For me, in 1978, that was Ryan's Sporting Goods, Santa Clara, California, where I would go for runs with Gary Goettlemann, and learn the lore about the sport. I read my first Track & Field News (June 1974, still have it on my bedstand) there. I became a runner there. Race entries tacked on the walls, the smell of new running shoes, stories about local races, local stars, one could just smell the reality of running. And, in 1978, there were not many of us, well, yet. 

Enjoy the touching tribute to a run specialty store ahead of its time, and now, knowing its' time has come and gone, closing up shop after thirty-five years. 
David is right on with his observations of the Athlete of the Year. What do you think? .

Spikes, Foot Locker XC, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Foot Locker Cross Country Championships have given three generations of American distance runners chances to reach the pinnacle of American prep cross country running. Simple in style: get to the regional race, finish in the top seven and move to the final. That simple, that straight. Good old fashioned cross country racing, the soul of our sport. 

FootLocker 2011 CC, photo by PhotoRun.net

ASICS America has become presenting sponsor for the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships. This continues to show ASICS America's focus and recommitment to the varied cultures within our sport. If one purports to be a performance running brand, sponsoring events and athletes is part of the complex picture that gives meaning to a brand. The great brands get that notion. 

Clare Carroll, FL 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net

From the ING NYCM marathon to Big Sur Marathon, to the Foot Locker Cross Country, ASICS has picked properties that show their commitment to the sport. It is also interesting to note that ASICS athletes like Ryan Hall and Sara Hall were all past competitors in Foot Locker Cross Country. 

Numbers, Foot Locker XC, photo by PhotoRun.net

Suzi Favor Hamilton, Bob Kennedy, Todd Williams, Adam Goucher, Alan Webb, Kara Goucher, Meb Keflezighi, Dathan Ritzenhein, to name a few, have run at Foot Locker. 

And every kid there, all 10,000 of them, know that they are racing in the foot steps of great American distance runners. They want to be the next great one. That is the Horatio Alger part of the Foot Locker Cross Country. 

If a kid from North Dakota shows up at the regional, after months of great training, and finishes in the top seven, they are going to racing in San Diego in the Foot Locker Nationals. Enough said. Months and months of training, and years of dreams. 

Karlie Garcia, FL 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net 

When the series started as the Kinney in 1979, few knew that the Foot Locker would become the longest continuous prep cross country championship series in our sport. 

That is the power of the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships...

ArcadiaXC NXN.jpg
Arcadia High, NXN, photo courtesy of Nike Communications

Here are the Cross Country Coaches polls for the week. Note that the polls are part of how the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association support our sport and give fans more to read about cross country! 
October 14, 2012, ASICS Grand 10, Berlin, Germany 

Leonard Komen is the world record holder for the road 10k at 26:44. On the Berlin course, Komen has run 27:12, then 27:15, then 27:46 in blustery conditions this year. In his third straight win, Leonard hit the 5k point in 13:34, then it was running into the wind! The twenty-four year old has promised to come back, he wants that course record to be much lower! 

Here is link to the IAAF story: http://www.iaaf.org/news/newsid=67970.html

Leonard Komen, 2011 Healthy Kidney 10k, photo by PhotoRun.net

The news came today. Nike had severed its ties with Lance Armstrong, previously a seven-time Tour de France Champion. Nike had insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong had deceived Nike for more than a decade, using performance enhancing drugs as part a systematic program in his bicycle racing. While they would support the Live Strong program for cancer survivors, Nike would no longer support Lance Armstrong. 

KingLear by Barron Storey.jpg
King Lear, by Barron Storey, 
from my recent visit to ANNO DOMINI Gallery, San Jose, CA

Toni Reavis is one of my favorite writers. I wish I had written this one. Culture in America? Just say drug culture in America. Lance Armstrong has lost two of his biggest sponsors today....
"Wonder & Amazement",
Wesley Korir, 2012 BAA Marathon Champion, photo by PhotoRun.net

The battle fought on the streets of Boston in April 2012 was hot, humid and horrific. Welsey Korir somehow stayed together and won the race over a tremendous field. In Chicago, Wesley ran in the coolest conditions of his career, and, while not winning, ran a personal best of 2:06.13. 

Thanks to his manager, Karen Locke, we sent Wesley five questions about his racing, his life and his philosophy of running. 
This is the video preview, prepared by Cregg Weinmann and David Saldana, for the 2012 Cross Country Racer Review, published by the Running Network, courtesy of Running Product News. Watch for the reviews on RunningNetwork.com sites and runblogrun.com over the next ten days!
Christian Hesch, Five Push Ups for EPO? photo by PhotoRun.net

Christian Hesch has admitted to using EPO, in training, from May 2010 to nearly the present. He has come clean, well, sort of. A member of his club, Nike Team Run LA, found an empty vile and confronted him. The Club then confronted Hesch and insisted he admit his cheating to USADA.

Here are the facts: Hesch used 54 injections of EPO. During that time he ran 74 races, won $40k, and took money from athletes who would have otherwise won without using drugs. He was also, in those 74 races, per the NYT article, not drug tested. So much for drug testing in modest size races. 

The piece in the New York Times is rather thorough (we have linked to the NYT piece below). However, here is my beef: the ban by USADA may not stick, if Hesch's civil rights were violated. We are assured that they have not, but I feel that must be addressed. 

Here is the skinny: We do not know how the club mate found the empty vial. Was it out in the open, or did the athlete go through Hesch's personal property? Ever heard of search and seizure laws? 

ASICS GEL-Excel33 2, courtesy of ASICS Communications

The ASICS GEL-Lyte 33 and GEL-Excel33, version 2, will have the new FluidAxis Technology, per the release below. ASICS America is focusing on what they do well: brand evolution with subtle tinkering. Generations of ASICS runners expect that: shoes continuing to be improved, evolved, yet keeping many of the characteristics that ASICS users have come to know and love.

That is the battle on the floors of run specialty stores across North America--how much change is good? Some brands have done 20 plus models of shoes with a different shoe every year, much to the chagrin of their users. ASICS America CEO Kevin Wulff told us last summer that ASICS America was back to focusing on improving the support of run specialty and doing what they do best, making great running product. 
2012 Dellinger Invitational, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is the Men's results from the weekend of October 16, 2012, courtesy of Walt Murphy's X-Country X-Press. 

Chase, Moye, Ortiz, FootLocker 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is the week five results for high school from Walt Murphy's X-Country X-Press. NXN races, FootLocker regionals, state meets are not far away! 

2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, front pack, 
photo courtesy of Bank of America Chicago Marathon

The Shoe Addicts visited the Windy City during the week of the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. This year's race set records on many levels, from the number of starters (38,553) to a new course record for the men. 

What does the Bank of America Chicago marathon mean to you? A fast course? Great support? Thousands of fans, great weather and lots of personal bests? 

Here is how the Shoe Addicts see the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon: 
Thumbnail image for Johnson NXN.jpg
NXN, photo courtesy of Nike communications

Here is week five, women's results, cross country, courtesy of the publisher of X-Country X-Press, Walt Murphy. 
Dathan Ritzenhein, 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, 
photo courtesy of Bank of America Chicago marathon

Dathan Ritzenhein had a superb end to 2012: he placed ninth with a two minute and five second personal best at the Bank of America Chicago marathon on October 7, 2012. Running a very calculated race, Dathan Ritzenhein ran 2 hours, seven minutes and 47 seconds, placing ninth. His two minute plus improvement gives just a hint of the talent that Ritz has in the marathon. Ritz told us that both he and his coach, Alberto Salazar, are now convinced ,  that due to his relatively light training and his 2:07:47,  the marathon should be a focus for him in the years to come. 

Ritzenhein has been running fast since he was a sophomore in high school. His college years, spent at the University of Colorado were challenged by injuries. His post collegiate career, under the watchful eye of first, Brad Hudson, then, Alberto Salazar, showed moments of brilliance and moments of frustration. 

In 2012, Ritzenhein was fortunate to have an entire year of healthy training, and his racing showed it. From the tough 4th in the Olympic marathon trials to the third in the Olympic Trials, Dathan has had an extraordinary year.

It is all in the details. In this interview, Dathan explains how the Gatorade Sports Science Institute helped him with his nutrition and how this information is helping him achieve his goals. 
Firehiwot Dado, photo by PhotoRun.net

Firehiwot Dado, the 2011 ING NYCM champion, will not be defending her title. Her manager reported that Dado is dealing with a very nasty blister that has stopped her from preparing for the 2012 race. Details are below...
Walt Murphy's X-Country X-Press continues to be the source for cross country results. This section is CCC Preview, Drews Neubauer and Bronco Invitational. 

Bobby Mack, St. Louis, USA XC 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

The week five early results, with Oshkosh-Brooks, Chile Pepper and Pre Nationals, Division 1, compiled by Walt Murphy, X-Country X-Press. 

2012 USA XC, photo by PhotoRun.net
Dickson Chumba, photo by PhotoRun.net

This was a big weekend for marathons around the world. Dickson Chumba ran 2:05:46 to break the course record at the Eindhoven Marathon.  Records were also run at Koln today. 

Jessica Ennis, in her award speech, noted that in 2013, her goal is the World Champs in Moscow. In 2014, Jessica Ennis, noted that her focus is on the European Championships. 

Steve Hooker, photo by PhotoRun.net

Steve Hooker, the 2008 Olympic champion and 2009 World Champion, has had three years of hell. Hooker has decided to change coaches. Hooker is in the process of moving his training venue to the U.S. 
Thumbnail image for TadeseLeads-WC09.JPG
Zersaney Tadese, WC 2009, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tadese will be running the Bupa GreatRun Birmingham 10k, which will be held on October 21, 2012. RBR visited the GreatRun in Newcastle, and we were very impressed with the event and the quality of the event.

Blanka Vlasic is having some trouble with her return to training. Her surgery last January is still causing her some issues. We hope she has a full recovery soon. 

Motion, photo by PhotoRun.net

David Hunter wrote his weekly column about Connie Gardner, the American record holder for the 24 hour run. Hunter captures how what drives a championship athlete. Gardner is fascinating, and we have David Hunter to thank for this look into Gardner's life. 
The Trailer's most recent feature is on Carlos Trujillo, who ran a 2:14.21 at Bank of America Chicago, a huge pr for the former Duck. Here is the story and the link to the The Trailer...

Patrick Rizzo with Carlos Trujillo, 
photo courtesy of The Trailer
Thumbnail image for Makau_PatrickFL1-Berlin11.JPG
Patrick Makau, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mutai, Kimetto, photo by PhotoRun.net

Moses Mosop, photo by PhotoRun.net

Since 1969, when Derek Clayton broke two hours, ten minutes, for the first time, writers have waxed poetically about the two hour marathon. Like Brutus Hamilton, who in 1939 wrote that no human could run under 4:01.5 for the mile, writers who say that there will never be a sub two hour marathon, are, well, limited in their thinking. 

Here is Toni Reavis on the sub two hour marathon....
Here are some stories and video that Walt Murphy, the publisher of X-Country X-Press, thought that you might find of interest! 

Thumbnail image for Ritzenhein-RuppMonsoon1-OlyT12.jpg
Rupp, Ritzenhein, True, in Olympic Trials Monsoon, photo by PhotoRun.net
Here are the cross country coaches polls for the week of October 8-12, 2012. They were compiled by Walt Murphy of X-Country X-Press. 

Thumbnail image for Eyestone-Porter-Williams-USxc93.jpg
Cross Country, 1993, Ed Eyestone, Pat Porter, Todd Williams,  photo by PhotoRun.net

Alicia Shay ran 61:15 this past weekend at the Medtronic 10 miler. She is on her way back from several years of hell. This is a piece on Alicia Shay by Jon Gugala. We hope that you enjoy this one! 

Alicia Shay, photo by PhotoRun.net

Anna Chicherova, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The Moscow 2013 ticket sales are about to be available, for the October 15, 2012. The World Championships in Moscow should be one of the greatest World Championships ever. And for many, a chance to see the historic city of Moscow and learn more about Russia! RBR will see you there! 

Jamaican 4 x 100m relay, Bolt, Blake, Carter, Frater, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Usain Bolt is not moving up to the 400 meters for Rio, he has confirmed that we will see him at the 100 meters and 200 meters in Rio 2016. Anna Chicherova is tired, she needs a break and will miss the indoor season. Martin Lel is running ING NYCM. And that is just a bit of the news from the Global world of running for Tuesday, October 9, 2012! 

DN. Galan Stockholm, Anna Chicherova, photo by PhotoRun.net
London Olympic Men's marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

After a frustrating Olympics, Athletics Kenya has come out swinging. In this piece by Toni Reavis, he reveals that Athletics Kenya, through a press release on October 3, 2012, has announced a six month period before Rio where Kenyan marathon candidates will not be allowed to race marathons, thus cutting out London, Boston and Rotterdam. 

(Make sure that you sign up for Toni Reavis's tomes at www.tonireavis.com.
Ed Eyestone, Pat Porter, Todd Williams, USA XC 1993, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

(Dear readers, we  updated and reposted Jon Gugala's piece with photos from USA XC 1992, 1993 with Pat Porter). 

I was stunned when I saw the update about Pat Porter's crash on July 26, 2012. I was on my way to London for the Olympics. 

My mind went back to the 1984 Olympic Trials, watching Pat make the 10,000 meter team with Craig Virgin and Paul Cummings. He made it again in 1988. And from 1982 to 1991, he dominated American cross country. It took Todd Williams to wear him down in 1991, I believe. 

I also remember a funny bit from 1992. In the Trials in 1992, in lovely New Orleans, Pat Porter was in the 10,000 meters. There were heats, and I believe one of our photographers, made it clear to Pat that he could jog the heat as there were only eight guys left, so why kill oneself? I believe that the heat was run in something like 31 minutes, 08 seconds. Pat did kick back a bit, as the humidity was terrible in New Orleans that night. 

Well, the officials were not happy and noted photographer had to leave the stadium for a bit. It was my first Olympic Trials as a magazine publisher and I had just had an incident with my other photographer at the time, who had used a commonly known four letter word on the local police captain, who had sent him packing from Tad Gormley. 

It took two hours to get photographers back into the stadium. Ah, the good old days. 

Pat Porter was one of the great athletes coached by Joe Vigil. Porter was built to run cross country, and running in the high altitude climes of Alamosa, Colorado, Porter was near perfection. 

I asked Jon Gugala to speak to some of Pat's friends about Porter, his athletic abilities and his legacy. Please keep Pat's wife, Trish Porter, an Olympic high jumper, and their son, in your thoughts and prayers. 

The high school season is fast approaching the conference, invitational and major regional and state meets. Here is week numero quatro for high school cross country, from the man who kind of invented cross country (taken in same context of Al Gore inventing the internet), Walt Murphy. Really means that he does a lot for cross country, if one was not to take what I just wrote in a literal fashion, which is hard to determine. 

Nike Border Clash, numero 8, photo courtesy of  Nike communications
The women's cross country results for Week 4 was compiled by publisher Walt Murphy, who has published X-Country X-Press for over a hundred years. We hope that you enjoy it! 

Manilus finish NXN.jpg
NXN, Manilius finish, courtesy of Nike communications
Here is the fourth week of the season, the Men's results, courtesy of Walt Murphy, X-Country X-Press.

Motion, Chiba 2008, photo by PhotoRun.net
Sammy Wanjiru, Tsegeye Kebede, 2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Sammy Wanjiru, Kenya, Spring 2009, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Toni Reavis regales many with his admirers, readers and viewers with his comments about racing. Reavis puts life into our sport. He writes, with an attention to detail and a spirit found in few other places. This is a piece on his missing of the greatest marathoner who has ever run on the streets of Beijing, London, Chicago: Sammy Wanjiru and the spirit he brought to the marathon, and his competitors. 
Dee Dee Trotter is the Olympic bronze medalist in the 400 meters and the gold medalist member of the 4 x 400 meter relay. DeeDee's enthusiasm is infectious. She loves the sport, and loves talking to kids about. Robin Monsky, pr consultant for Saucony's Run For Good, was able to get Dee Dee on the phone between speaking to a charter school and then, a local high school in Chicago. Thanks to Dee Dee Trotter for her time and Robin Monsky for getting us together. 

Thumbnail image for Trotter_DeeDeeQ-OlyTr12.jpg
DeeDee Trotter, photo by PhotoRun.net
Allan Kiprono, BAA Distance Medley, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kim Smith, BAA Boston Medley, photo by PhotoRun.net

One of the biggest paydays ever in road racing, the innovative B.A.A. Boston Distance Medley, won by Allan Kiprono and Kim Smith. That should open some eyes for the elite distance community, with Kiprono and Smith winning $100k each for have best combined times over the three race series, which inclues  5k, 10k, and Half marathon events. Kiprono ran 13:48 for 5k, 28:37 for 10k and 1:01.44 for the half marathon distance. Smith ran 15:26 for 5k, 31:36 for 10k and 1:10:57 for the half marathon distance. 
Lawrence Kimaiyo and Helen Mugo destroyed the course records at the 89th Kosice Marathon, the oldest continuously run marathon in Europe. A busy weekend for marathons. 

Helen Mugo, photo by PhotoRun.net

Dathan Ritzenhein, Wesley Korir, photo by Karen Locke

Dathan Ritzenhein, coming off the best year of training he has had in years, ran a personal best of 2:07.47, a pb of two minutes, eight seconds. Hitting the half way point in 1:03.25, Ritz nailed it, running the second half in 1:03.22, with the 2:07.47 his true reward. 

Baysa Atsede, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

In the best weather in five years, the 2012 Bank of America Chicago marathon went back to it's more typical weather, when Steve Jones, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Khalid Khannouchi and Paula Radcliffe set records.

 Atsede Baysa ran a one second personal best, in 2:22.03, one second seperating Baysa and Rita Jeptoo, who ran 2:22.04 and set her pb by one minute and 34 seconds! In third was Lucy Kabuu, whose debut was a second in Dubai in 2:19.34, running 2:22.41 here. And in fourth, Liliya Shobokhova, who had won three times in a row in Chicago, up to this year, ran a fine 2:22.59 here.

As Joan Benoit Samuelson, the 1984 Olympic gold medalist and long time commentator and observer of the sport noted, nine women were in the pack at halfway in 1:11.15. Maria Konovalova, third here in 2010, took the lead from seven to 20k, where Liliya Shobukhova started to test the field. 

Shobukhova, who told the media later, " I just did not have the time between the Olympics and Chicago to properly prepare", threw in some short bursts, but she could not get any distance. Lucy Kabuu, Atsede Baya, Rita Jeptoo and Werknesh Kidane were running the show. Lucy Kabuu and Kidane hit the 25k in 1:24.26, with a pack of nine. Rita Jeptoo was three seconds back, with Shobukhova. 

Lucy Kabuu ran the five kilometers from 25k to 30k in 16:48, with Fatuma Sado right there, Caroline Rotich, who came up from way back in the pack, and Rita Jeptoo. Four seconds back was Atsede Baysa, biding her time. 30k was hit, by the leaders in 1:41.15.

Lucy Kabuu ran 16:41 for the five kilometers between 30 and 35k. But the real speedster was Atsede Baysa, who ran 16:37 to move herself up with Kabuu, both hitting 35k in 1:57.57. 

Then, the race got real exciting. Rita Jeptoo, Atsede Baysa and Lucy Kabuu had run the 5k from 35k to 40k in 16:47, with Caroline Rotich in fourth in 17:18. Liliya Shobukhova, who had fallen back to sixth, fought her way back into fourth by 40 kilometers. 

Rita Jeptoo and Atsede Baysa just increased the pace once again, as they hit 40k in 2:14.45. The race for first was on. Lucy Kabuu, who had looked so good all along, started to fall back. Jeptoo and Baysa just surged and surged, changing the lead three times between mile 25 and the finish. With 400 meters to go, Rita Jeptoo took a strong surge and grabbed the lead, with Atsede Baysa on her shoulder. 

With just over two hundred meters to go, Atsede Baysa took the lead, Rita Jeptoo right behind. The crowd was screaming, as no one really knew who would win! Could Rita Jepto call on her speed one more time? Could Atsede Baysa, who was looking back every few meters, hold off Jeptoo?

In the end, it was a near photo finish, where Atsede Baysa of Ethiopia won in a fine 2:22.03, with Rita Jeptoo of Kenya in second in 2:22.04 and Lucy Kabuu in third in 2:22.41. Liliya Shobukhova of Russia took fourth, with 2:22.59 and Caroline Rotich in fifth in 2:23.22. 

Renee Metivier Baillee, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

In eighth place, running the race of her life, was Renee Metivier Baillee, who ran 2:27.17, the third best debut by an American ever, and equal seventh best US women's performance. Glen Latimer, LDR for USATF, nominated her performance as one of the best of the entire marathon. " You are seeing the future of American women's distance running." 

Dot McMahon ran a stellar 2:32.11, taking ninth and Stephanie Pezzullo, also of the US, put three Americans in the top ten, with her fine 2:32.42. 

2012 Bank of America Chicago marathon, 1. Atsede Baysa, ETH, 2:22.03, PB, 2. Rita Jeptoo, KEN, 2:22.04, PB, 3. Lucy Kabuu, KEN, 2:22.41, 4. Liliya Shobukhova, RUS, 2:22.59, 5.Caroline Rotich, KEN, 2:23.53, 6.Maria Konovalova, RUS, 2:25.39, 7.Fatuma Sado, ETH, 2:26.09, 8.Renee Metivier Baillee, US, 2:27.13, 9. Dot McMahan, US, 2:32.11, 10. Stephanie Pezzulio, US, 2:32.42, #chicagomarathon

Tsegaye Kebede made Chicago his best marathon time, and set a course record in winning the 2012 Bank of America Chicago marathon. After several years of warm weather (five of last six), Race Director Carey Pinkowski should be smiling for the next week. 

Tsegaye Kebede, 2010 Virgin London, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

In perfect conditions, with weather at finish around 44 degrees, Tsegaye Kebede improved on his personal best of 2:05.18 at Fukuoka and (he also has 2:05.19, 2:05.20), to a fine 2:04.38 to take the win in 2012 Bank of America Chicago marathon. Not only did Kebede set the course record, he also lead the best top ten finish for men in Chicago ever. 

A pack of fifteen men hit the 10k in 29:55, and then the pace started to drop. Ten miles was hit in 48:07 and the second ten miles was hit in 47:08, so twenty in 1:35.15. With Tsegaye Kebede, Tilahum Rigassa, Sammy Kitwara, Feyisa Lilesa, Bernard Kipyego, Welsey Korir, and Samuel Ndungo all together at 35k, hit in 1;43.22. Tsegaye stayed back as Ndungo, Rigassa, Kitwara and then Kidane dropped the hammer. The half marathon was hit in 62:55, and the 30k was hit in 1:29.03, and the pack was under the course record. 

Miles were run in 4:33, 4:34, and 4:36, with a 5k of 14:19 between 30 and 35k. 

And then there were four: Kitwara, Kebede, Rigassa and Lilesa, as Wesley Korir went off the back around 35k. 

Tsegaye Kebede took the lead after 38k and just did not let up. Feyisa Lilesa did not give up until the finish, with Tilahun Regassa, who would finish his first marathon in two starts, very close. Two men under 2:05! Tenth place in 2:08.39!  Kebede took the second half in 61;43! Talk about negative splits! (first half was 62:55/ second was 61:43). 

Tsegaye Kebede won the Bank of America Chicago marathon in 2:04.38, with Feyisa Lilesa in second in 2:04.52, and Tilahum Regassa in third in 2:05.28. Sammy Kitwara, in his debut, ran 2:05.55! Fifth place was Wesley Korir, 2012 Boston winner, in 2:06.13.

Thumbnail image for Ritzenhein_Dathan-Philly12.JPG
Dathan Ritzenhein, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

In ninth place, Dathan Ritzenhein ran a pb of 2:07.47, a two minute, 8 second personal best. Nice to see Dathan run a great race, with a year's worth of fantastic training! 

2012 Bank of America, 1. Tsegaye Kebede, ETH, 2:04.38, CR, PB, 2.Feyisa Lilesa ETH, 2:04.52, 3. Tilahun Regassa, ETH, 2:05.28, 4.Sammy Kitwara, KEN,2:05.55, 5.Wesley Korir, KEN, 2:06.13, 6. Bernard Kipyego, KEN, 2:06.41, 7. Samuel Ndungu, KEN, 2:07.26, 8. Dadi Yami, ETH, 2:07.43, 9. Dathan Ritzenhein, US, 2:07.47, 10. Shami Dawit, ETH, 2:08.39, #chicagomarathon

Meseret Hailu won the IAAF World Half Marathon Champs in a big upset. Zersaney Tadese, who has won four before the year 2010, took silver in 2010, now wins his fifth World Half Marathon Championships. Might be his perfect distance! 


Zersasney Tadese leads, WC 2009, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mo Farah is the European Athlete of the year, for 2012, repeating from 2011. His amazing double, winning the golds in both the 10,000 meters and also the 5,000 meters, had London's Olympic stadium rocking for two days! 

What a year for the British master tactician! 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Farah_Mo5KFV-Olympic12.jpg

The GreatNorth CityGames, were held on the streets of Newcastle and Gateshead, UK on the 15th of September. 20,000 people watched the nine event competition and the two mile invitational. The photo gallery below was from Dan Vernon, shooting photos for Nova International, the producer of the Bupa Great North Run and the Great CityGames. We hope that you enjoy!
The Bupa Great North City Games and Great North Run, held on the weekend of September 15-16, was a fantastic event. And a unique event in my mind. Thanks to the BUPA Great North Run team, especially Andy Caine, and their photographer, Dan Vernon, we have the following photo gallery!  This first photo gallery covers a youth clinic that many of the elite athletes were involved in on Friday, September 14, 2012. 
The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, one of the most well run marathons in the country, is running its 31rst time on Sunday, October 7, 2012, the same time as the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. 

Twin Cities marathon has a different feel than Chicago. Both cities have their fans. Giving the running consumer a choice is what our sport is all about...
Leonard Komen, Campaccio XC 2009, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tirunesh Dibaba, Olympic 5,000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

It is Saturday morning in Chicago. I am up in the Palmer Hilton, catching up on my writing. Busy couple of days in Chicago. The build up to the Bank of America Chicago marathon is always a good indication on the health of the sport. The expo at the McCormick center is just crazed on Saturdays, when I go over. I like to check in on the expo booths and speak to runners, seeing how they are doing and where they are at with the sport. Is the economy effecting their running? 

This weekend, there are over 20 major marathons around the world. In MInneapolis, there will be the Medtronic TC Ten Mile and the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. And do not even county the 1,000 major cross country invitationals across the country!

One more point. Figuring out what is real and hyperbole in the sales of businesses is an art form. The Competitor group is up for sale, that is a fact.
Who will be purchasing the multi media company is anyone's guess. The owners of Tour de France were mentioned, but, per keen observers, up to four different global companies have looked at Competitor. Time will tell who will be the new owners of Competitor. 
Jessica Ennis, 2012 Olympic Games, photo by PhotoRun.net

Jessica Ennis, the 2012 Olympic champion in the heptathlon, lead one of the greatest evening in British Athletic history on Saturday, August 4, 2012. Her heptathlon gold, along with her British record in Gotzis, were major reasons why Jessica won the European Athlete of the year award. Congrats to Jessica Ennis! 
Justin Lagat provides us with a different view of the BMW Berlin marathon. In the end, we are reminded that a marathon run at the elite level is a crap shoot. 

Thumbnail image for Kimetto-MutaiR1-Berlin12.jpg
Geoffrey Mutai, Denis Kimetto at the 2012 BMW Berlin Marathon, 
photo by PHotoRun.net
Tim Murphy, the man who founded the Rock N Roll Marathon series, is on to new life adventures. His newest is the Haile Gebrselassie Marathon, to be held October 20, 2013. To learn more about the marathon named after the greatest distance runner of the 20th century, a man who has set 26 world records, read on!

Haile Gebrselassie in 2009 Berlin Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net
Early adidas track spike, circa 1928, photo courtesy of adidas communications

If you are anywhere near Barcelona from 13 October 2012 to 25 November 2012, then,  you should definitely check out the museum exhibit celebrating 100 years of the IAAF. Chris Turner, IAAF Web editor, has spent much of the last year, working to collect a varied group of sports memorabilia. We understand that there are some unique memorabilia from the past 100 years and hope to show you some of it in Runblogrun  over the next few months.  
This is part of the recent ASICS digital theatre, titled Black Belt. ASICS is using video to show off their technology and also their creativity. The video entertains, but also positions ASICS America as a brand that looks at technology out of the box, so to speak.

So, the Black Belt judo expert smashes a tower of bricks-no problem. Then, he tries to smash same tower, with a GEL-Nimbus 14 on top. Does not work. He tries again. Does not work. He looks at the shoe, places it down, bows in honor to a show that has vanquished him. 

ASICS ends the film, old movie style, and with Run Softer. Pretty cool, get the point? 

Humor works.
Wesley Korir, photo by PhotoRun.net

I do remember the first time that Karen Locke, one of the more excitable athlete managers, spoke about Wesley Korir. He had won LA Marathon and she thought he could walk on air. Then, someone who knew him from Louiseville told me about Wesley. Like Karen's comments, I kept the several other comments I had heard about Wesley in the flypaper part of my brain for future use.

Last Boston Marathon, in watching Wesley Korir navigate the course, but most importantly, find tactics that made sense for him, that day, against some of the best marathoners in the world, I was truly impressed with his racing ability. Afterwards, in speaking a bit with Wesley, I was even more impressed. 

And the next day, at the Boston awards ceremony and final press event, Wesley was sore, but jubilant. Wesley Korir was a Kenyan athlete who had some context with me. His story, told much better than I by Chicago's Phil Hersh, and his humanity, expressed so well in the story following, by Toni Reavis, will move you, like few others.

An athlete with context? When I first interviewed Haile Gebrselassie in 2006, at the RnR Arizona race, getting a feel for Haile, his likes, his dislikes, how he handled fame and stress, all added to the context of having watched him race for eleven years.  

The marathon is such a gamble, but, deep in my heart, I want to see Wesely Korir and Dathan Ritzenhein in the top three. Might be dreaming, but, isn't that part of being a sports fan? 
Cameras used to film Apollo 11 moon mission, circa July 1969

NYRR needs to be applauded for putting its money where it's mouth is, and the newest case in point is On the Run. Moderated by Karla Bruning, this digital TV show has hi def feel and professional look. The first episode show a nice piece on the mile, and interview with SI writer on the mile, and a feature piece about Gabe Anderson. And that was in the first ten minutes. 

If we want our sport to succeed, TV shows such as On the Run are key. A nice theme goes through the show, and high level production, thoughtful announcing and interesting content are key! At runblogrun.com, we highly recommend that you watch On the Run! 
I visited the Akron Marathon in 2002, its first year and enjoyed the enthusiasm and interest in growing the city through running. Dave Hunter has provided this weeks column on his favorite city, the Akron Marathon, which he has witnessed grow like few others.

Bob Kennedy and his wife, Melina, have sold their interests in Blue Mile Running Stores, a chain of five stores in Indiana and Louiseville, Kentucky to their former partners, Ashley and Andrea Johnson. 


Bob Kennedy, Pre Classic 04, photo by PhotoRun.net

The terms were not disclosed, per the article in the Indianapolis Business Journal, but Kennedy did say that he and his wife, the former Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis, felt the time had come to look at new ventures.

Ashley Johnson a former prominent road racer and collegiate runner in the US, had previously worked at both the Portland Running Company (Portland, Oregon) and Marathon Sports (Boston, MA) for a decade, before developing the brand, Blue Mile, with Bob Kennedy. Andrea Johnson, Ashley's wife, was a former Nike marketing manager and then worked for USA Track & Field in marketing until 2007, when she took a marketing role with Blue Mile. 

Kudos from the local running community on the stores and their mile racing series, a series of summer mile runs which started at their stores and ran to a local brew pub. 

Run Specialty business continues to be strong across the US. IBJ.com reported that, per Bob Kennedy, the former AR in the two mile,  3,000 meters and 5,000 meters and two time Olympian (92,96), Blue Mile was up 20 percent in 2012. The Blue Mile group of stores has done quite well in their markets over the past twelve years, since developing from one store in 2000. 

The company has stores in Fishers, Indiana (2004), Carmel, Indiana (2006), Greenwood (2007), and two stores in Louiseville, Kentucky (2010). Blue Mile has approximately fifty employees. 

Bob Kennedy was a five time World Championpship finalist in the 5,000 meters (91,93,95,97,99), two time Olympian at 5,000 meters (92,96), first non-African to break 13 minutes (12:58.21), and former AR at 2 miles (8:11.59), 3,000 meters (7:30.84 ) and 5,000 meters (12:58.21). He should be considered one of the greatest American distance runners of all times. 

Kennedy_Bob-FV-USATF XC04.jpg

Bob Kennedy, USA XC 2004, photo by PhotoRun.net



Abdi Abdirhaman, 2012 US Oly Trials, 

photo by PhotoRun.net

Kara Goucher, 2012 Olympic marathon, 

photo by PhotoRun.net

Thumbnail image for Goucher_Kara-OlyGame12.JPG

Angelica Bengtsson, DN. Galan, July 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

The European Athletics Association named Agnelica Bengtsson, the junior world record holder in the pole vault, as the women's Rising Star for 2012. The IAAF Half Marathon Championships are being held on Saturday, October 6, 2012. Eliud Kipchoge and Shalane Flanagan will be there, in Kavarna, Bulgaria. 
Geoffrey Mutai, Denis Kimetto, 2012 BMW Berlin Marathon 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Geoffrey Mutai and Denis Kimetto ran 26.2 miles together on Sunday, September 30, 2012. Now, Toni Reavis has dusted off his historical reviews and found a not so surprising few other marathoners who, at the end of a well fought race, decided that the better part of valor was to run into the finish, together. 
Renaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sanya Richards-Ross, by PhotoRun.net

Ezekiel Kemboi, photo by PhotoRun.net

All the global track news that is fit to print tonight, courtesy of Alfons Juck! We hope that you enjoy! 
As usual, the web majordomo at the Running Network, Chuck Bartlett, a former 2:20 marathoner himself and prominent coach in the Northwest (he manages Club Northwest), came up with this idea. Place this lovely widget on your home page, anywhere you want, and presto!, you will receive weekly results from RN, and X-Country X-Press during the cross country season! Pass it around, we think that you will love it!

  Thumbnail image for ATF RedBlue.jpg


Dee Dee Trotter, US Olympic Trials, 400 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lauryn Williams, 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials, 100m, 200m, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Molly Huddle, Nike Pre 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

Three of Saucony's top elite women athletes showed up in Boston on September 26 to show their support for the Saucony Run Down Childhood Obesity program which, teamed up with Boston Moves for Health. This is an example of the kind of grass roots programs that shoe companies due to put something back into the community. Politics aside, healthy kids mean lower health costs in the future. That all schools do not set aside an hour of walking, jogging a day from Kindegarten to College is a mystery to me. 

DeeDee Trotter, Molly Huddle and Lauryn Williams are Olympians. In the US, and among kids, that is a mystical and important description. It means something to a seven year old. They will tell stories long into their lives about meeting an Olympic athlete. 

Nice job Saucony, city of Boston, Boston Moves for Health and Saucony Run4Good Foundation. 
The track season ended less than two weeks ago, and the road racing Fall season is in full bloom. In the next five weeks, two more Marathon Majors (Bank of America Chicago, Oct. 7) and ING NYCM (Nov. 4) plus BMW Franfurt (Oct. 28). Here is the round up from this past weekend, courtesy of our friend, Alfons Juck. 

Thumbnail image for Muriuki-Felix-Noguchi-Jeptoo-Lisbon12.JPg
The battle for Lisbon, Sept. 30, RNR Lisbon Half, 
photo by PhotoRun.net
One of the most provocative and intelligent bloggers in the running blogesphere is Toni Reavis. He has been quite busy today, with two posts. This is his second of the day. I am posting this blog, in its complete form. Please, please, sign up for Toni's blog at www.ToniReavis.com

Geoffrey Mutai, Denis Kimetto, 2012 BMW Boston Marathon, 
Photo by  jiro [email protected]
Here are the results of the Arizona Community College Championships, from Walt Murphy of X-Country X-Press. 
Martin Lel, RNR Lisbon Half Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Lisbon Half marathon had 20,000 runners on Sunday, September 30, 2012. A strong race for the top five on the men and top five on the women. Martin Lel won in 61:28. Olympic bronze medalist , Tariku Bekele took sixth in 62:59. 

Priscah Jeptoo, 2012 RnR Lisbon Half Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Priscah Jeptoo, the silver medalist in the marathon from London, won in Lisbon with a time of 1:10.32. Jeptoo won by a considerable margin, showing that she has recovered pretty well from the challenging London Olympic marathon battle. 

Results, Top Five, RNR Lisbon Half marathon: 

1.Martin Lel, 1.01.28
2. Albert Matebor, 1.01.38
3. Titus Masai, 1.01.49
4. Cybrian Kotut, 1.02.25
5. Cuthbet Nyansango, 1.02.26
6. Tariku Bekele, 1.02.59

Women elite: 

1.Priscah Jeptoo, 1.10.32
2.Margaret Muriuki, 1.11.28
3.Dulce Felix, 1.12.12
4.Mizuki Nioguchi, 1.12.20
5.Leonor Carneiro, 1.13.49
6.Sara Moreira, 1.19.18

This is week three of the Women's results from X-Country X-Press, by Walt Murphy. Used with permission. 

Cross country, Chiba XC, photo by PhotoRun.net
 This is issue three of the XC Xpress, Men's results, September 27-Sept 30, by Walt Murphy, used with permission. 

Photo from 2003 NCAA XC, by PhotoRun.net
Meddles_Wade1a-FLwest09.jpg                            FootLocker XC, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here are more results, courtesy of Walt Murphy, X-Country XPress. The Stanford Invitational and Greater Louiseville Classic: 

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