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Bjorn Otto, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

This is a curious year. Many of the top athletes have gone into hibernation, waiting for the World Championships. If one looks at it, for some, they have been competing hard since 2007. If one is European, then since 2007, you have had a championship each and every year. Americans had 2010, but that was a banner record year.

The 2013 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, held this coming Saturday, February 2, 2013 should have some huge marks. The men's 3,000m, women's two mile, women's pole vault and both miles should be very fast. And we did not even speak about the 60 meter hurdles. Even without Aries Merritt, it should be very quick. 

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Janji is a running apparel company that is doing several good things. Making high performance running clothing, where runners everyday running apparel helps fund something important-water and food issues, for example, in Haiti and Kenya. 

We encourage you to check out the www.RunJanji.com website and learn more about this exciting company and idea. One day, two friends came up with the idea about how daily running could help those in need! Read on! We found a short piece on their site about Janji's beginnings:
Aries Merritt, photo by www.PhotoRun.net

Aries Merritt has pulled out of the 2013 Boston New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, with a concern over a potential injury he had yesterday. Track athletes have to concern themselves with such matters, especially during a World Championship year. 

Mutasz Barshim, London 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

Alessia Trost, photo by PhotoRun.net

Alessia Trost and Mutasz Barshim jumped World Leaders at the final stop of the 9th Moravia High Jump Tour on Tuesday night, January 29. 

The excitement for the 2013 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix continues to grow. The meet has sold out. However, fans will be able to watch the meet LIVE on ESPN 3, from 5 pm to 8 pm EST on Saturday, February 2, 2013. On Sunday, February 3, 2013, before the game between the Harbough brothers, the real track fan will be watching a two hour recap, slightly different than the live event we are told, at 2 pm EST!
kingsofroad.jpgJeff Benjamin, a long-time writer for American Athletics, and American Track & Field, provided this review of Kings of the Road. The book will be available on April 13, 2013. We have provided a link below, if you have interest in the book. 

SEIGEL Max_2944 RT EJC with logo.jpg
Max Siegel, CEO, USA Track & Field, 
photo courtesy of USA Track & Field

Max Siegel has been CEO of USA Track & Field since May 1, 2012. A seasoned sports and music marketing executive, Max possesses the unique skills needed to move USA Track & Field into a more visible position in the global world of sports and sports entertainment. 

2012 was a whirlwind year for Max (actually, six months). An Olympic Games where the US medal haul was 29 track & field medals, including medals in all 4 relays and a 4 x 100m womens relay world record gave the US lots of positive media. 

We reached out to Max Siegel yesterday with seven questions, and thanks to Max and Jill Geer, communications director, we received them back by the end of the day. As you can read, Max Siegel does not want USA Track & Field to sit on its laurels. Siegel realizes that the sport will grow only if he can identify the strengths of the sport and communicate them to potential partners. Max Siegel is focused on that endeavor at this time, and we wish him much success.
SKECHERS is a $2 billion brand that knows how to make popular footwear. "We make family shoes", noted one insider. Two years ago, they embarked on an even more rarified journey: making performance running shoes.

With the help of Meb Keflezighi, 2004 Olympic silver medalist, they began to work on lightweight running shoes. SKECHERS has had some good luck: they picked one of the most popular and respected American athletes of his generation. Meb has run personal bests two times in SKECHERS, and won the Olympic Trials, plus took fourth in the Olympic Games, with much fanfare.

Deena Kastor is one class act. Not only have we seen her grow from a fine high school runner in Agoura, CA, we watched her run well in college. But, Kastor really took off under the watchful eyes of Joe Vigil and Bob Larson, and later, Terrance Mahon, who helped her grow from a 10,000 meter runner (and AR holder) to a fine cross country runner, and a fine marathoner (and AR holder). 

Andrew and Deena Kastor, 
photo by www.PhotoRun.net, 2006

Deena has put much back into the sport. She and her husband Andrew, are seen with their daughter, at events all during the year. Last year, after giving birth saw Deena place sixth in the Olympic Trials marathon, and run a 15:22 and 31:49 for the 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters. If not for some un lucky injuries just before the Trials, Deena Kastor would have been there as well.

 Deena Kastor, 2012 USATF OXY Perf Meet, 5,000m, 
photo by www.PhotoRun.net

Ivan Ukhov, London 2012, 

Mutasz Barshim, London 2012, 

Jesse Williams, London 2013, 

Dwain Chambers, 

The indoor season is in full swing. Runblogrun will be at the 2013 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix this coming weekend. I would love to be in Ostrava tomorrow to see the final stop of the Moravia High Jump Tour. It sounds like a great competition, and with the likes Jacek Wazola, 1976 gold medalist and Dick Fosbury, 1968 gold medalist in the high jump, just sitting in the background would be alot of fun! 

Still getting over the fine running this past weekend. I think the Karlsruhe meeting will have some screaming running events. Some good sprint races coming as well.

I am looking forward to the 60m hurdles in Boston this Saturday. We will see what kind of shape that Aries Merritt is in! 
Jenny Simpson, Josh Rowe, 2010 NB Armory, 

RBR caught up with Josh Rowe, a week before his New Balance Games (January 26, 2013) and two weeks out from the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix. Josh Rowe has been a long time player in the sport. Rowe and his good friend John Truax were the spirit behind the Nike Border Clash way back in 1998-1999. 

Rowe was hand-picked by Tom Carleo, VP of Running Product at New Balance, to handle the marketing of running. Their sponsorship of Jenny Simpson resulted in Simpson's gold medal in the 1,500 meters in the 2011 World Championships. 

Recently, New Balance signed a long term deal with Disney's running events. In the last few weeks, NB signed on Kim Smith, the Kiwi marathon star. 

Here is the interview we did with Josh Rowe. Josh Rowe is proud of his brand and the efforts New Balance has made in the sport. And like most of the players in sports marketing and running product at the top level companies, he has a bit of the competitive spirit, which comes out in his comments. 
This is the 2013 New Balance Games photo gallery, which highlights the fantastic meet at the NB Armory T&F Center this past Saturday, January 26, 2013. 

There were several highlights, but especially Mary Cain's fine mile high school record this past weekend! 

Special thanks to Chuck Bartlett, Web Director for www.RunningNetwork.com.
Photos courtesy of www.PhotoRun.net
A jubilant Mary Cain after her HSR Mile, 

Mary Cain, post mile record, 4:32.78, with media, 

The young women above, Mary Cain, made history on Saturday, January 26, 2013. She broke two records, the 1,500 meter high school for American girls, (Lynn Jennings, 1978, 4:18.9), and the high school record for the mile for American girls, (4:38.5h, Debbie Heald, 1972). This was iconic! 

Thousands watched the race, thanks to Flo-Track and BU and the Armory. Millions should have been able to watch it. The digital world has given track and field and road running a new life, and helped them reach out to a young audience. Track & Field magazine circulation (Track & Field News, Athletes Only, American Track & Field, Youth Runner) is up, thanks to all of those magazines's effective websites. 

In the London 2012 Olympics, we covered each session LIVE off our curated Live blog site at www.RunBlogRun.com. We had never seen bigger numbers, from our live coverage, and post event follow up on www.runblogrun.com and the RunningNetwork.com. If you present the sport in an interesting fashion, the fans will come. 

The point is this though: in 1993, we presented a proposal on a weekly Track & Field show on cable. To this day, still not one on a network like ESPN. Funny thing is, ESPN considered, for many years, track and field broadcasting to be nicely profitable, why, just why is there not a weekly show on the sport? 
This is a piece, from Justin Lagat, on the Nike Discovery Cross Country Kenya 2013 championships, which Justin Lagat witnessed. Justin Lagat asked that we get this piece up today, as it was important for the world to see! 

Training Group of Emmanuel Mutai, February 2012, 

Galen Rupp, 

photo by www.Photorun.net


Mary Cain, 2013 NB Games, 

photo by www.PhotoRun.net

Thumbnail image for Cain_Mary-NBGames13 copy.jpg

Renaud Lavillenie, 

photo by www.Photorun.net


Anyone who witnessed any of the great performances this weekend see how exciting the sport can be. Watching the Flo-Track coverage shows, without a doubt, how captivating our sport can be in the right facility. From the BU Terrier Invite to the Armory TF in New York, one could go deaf in such a crowd! 

Galen Rupp, the talented Olympic silver medalist at 10,000 meters fulfilled his prediction from two weeks ago. Running mid-day, at Boston University's Terrier Invitational, Rupp ran a 3:50 mile! His exact time, 3:50.92 is, in fact, the second fastest all time for U.S. runners and fifth fastest all time indoor mile in the world! 

Rupp takes it! .jpg
Galen Rupp, Bernard Lagat, U.S. Oly Trials, 2012, 5,000m final, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Thumbnail image for Desisa_Lelisa-Ottawa10.JPG
Lelisa Desisa, 2010 Ottowa 10k, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Close finishes have happened before. I recall Kenny Moore writing about the Spartakiad marathon, a test for Moscow 1980, held in 1979, and three guys coming on the track with less than six hundred meters a go. Moore wrote then that he wondered if it was a view of the future. 

In the 1970s, there had been some close marathons, one where the late Brian Maxwell and John Bramley, duked it out until the final 400 meters, where Maxwell won, in 2:14:00. Maxwell was a pretty tough guy, and Bramley, like his training buddy, Pat Devaney, were that of legend. 

Close marathons were the marathoners nightmare. I recall having to run my fastest mile of the day to take third in a small marathon in the Santa Cruz mountains. I was pleased with my finish, but not happy I had to run so damn fast over the last mile (well for me). 

So, yesterday, was a close finish for the ages. Five men together, with 1,000 meters to go, before Lelisa Desisa, in his debut, puts it to them, and runs a 2:04.45! 

Ethiopian marathoners took four of the top five places in the men's race, and six of top six in women's race. 

Marathons have become fast track races, over roads. The challenge is, that, these fast marathons are nothing like a championship races. Marathoners, such as Meb Keflizighi, Stephen Kiprotich, possess skills different from successful city marathon runners. 

Dubai Marathon is a precursor. What will 2013 bring in the marathon?

I am, speechless....

Cain_Mary-NBGames13 copy.jpg
Mary Cain, 2013 New Balance Games, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mary Cain is rewriting the High School Girls record books, and this writer believes that she has just gotten started! 

Her brilliant charge over the last 300 meters of the Nike NXN course left her several seconds short of the crown, but several eye witnesses told RBR that it may have been the best high school girls cross country duel EVER. 

On January 12, 2013, at the UW Seattle Opener, Mary Cain ran 9:02.10 for 3,000 meters on the 305.7m indoor track. Too large for indoor records, Cain's 9:02.10 is, in fact, the fastest time EVER, indoor or outdoors for an American Junior (9:16.7), and in fact, eclipsed the 9:08.6 from 1975, run by Lynn Bjorkland! 

And now, two weeks later, Mary Cain, by finishing third in the NB Games mile, in 4:32.78, has destroyed the 40 year old high school record in the girls high school mile, set by Debbie Heald, way back in the USA vs USSR meeting in 1972! 

En route, Mary Cain ran 4:16.1, breaking the previous record, set by Lynn Jennings, way back in 1978, of 4:18.9! Mary Cain already has the American junior record for the 1,500 meters outdoors, of 4:11.1. Her splits: 67.3 at 400 meters, 2:16.7 at 800 meters, and 3:28.0 at 1200 meters. 

Mary Cain is under the watchful eye of Alberto Salazar. Alberto, who has had  much success recently, with Mo Farah, double Olympic champion and Mo's training partner, Galen Rupp, Olympic silver medalist at 10,000 meters, plus Matt Centrowitz, bronze medalist in the 2011 WC, has been coaching Mary for a very short time. 

We wish Mary Cain much success. 

Next weekend, Mary Cain will be running, on February 2, 2013, at the New Balance Indoor Games, over two miles. The current HS Federation two mile record is 9:55.92, set in 1991 by Melody Fairchild. 

Mary Cain, 2012 US Olympic Trials, 800 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

RBR predicts a time under 9:40. 

For more on today's mile record, please read the excellent piece from the Armory website: http://www.armorytrack.com/News/Post/mary-cain-just-wow

Thumbnail image for Solomon_DuaneFL1-OlyT12.jpg
Duane Solomon, 2012 US Olympic Trials, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Duane Solomon started 2013 off in the right way, setting a new AR at six hundred meters. Breaking the twenty-six year old AR of Chip Jenkins, Duane ran 1:15.70 for six hundred meters, defeating Dai Greene, European Champion (2010), World Champion (2011), for 400 meters. Dai ran 1:16.22, setting a British record as well in the battle. 

Solomon was fourth in the London 2012 Olympic 800 meters, just missing the 800 meter AR set by Johnny Gray way back in 1992. Duane Solomon was third in the US Olympic Trials in 2012, and broke his PB at 800 meters twice in 2012. 

We can't wait to see him race over 800 meters outdoors this season! 

Duane Solomon, 2012 US Indoor Champs, 800 meters, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Solomon's race was part of the Glasgow International today, where Five Nations dueled over the day. Here is the feature from the IAAF, by Mark Wood: 

David Hunter has focused his weekly column on Ken Sparks, a former top 800 meter runner, who was mentored by the great Dr. Costill, and came back and set Masters records. We think that you will enjoy this column on Dr. Ken Sparks. 

Mutai & Tsegay battle, 2012 Virgin London, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tirunesh Dibaba, London 2012, 10,000 meters, 
photo by PhotoRun.net 

The Virgin London marathon announced BEST FIELD EVER on the press release. Well, I have to say, I agree. Not since the post 1984 London Marathon, have I seen a field so complete and intense. 

The men's field, with the likes of Geoffrey Mutai, Patrick Makau, and Stephen Kiprotich, and not to forget Wilson Kipsang, is built to run fast, very fast. 

And, on the women's side, I only mention one name: Tirunesh Dibaba. My feeling on Dibaba is, with her slight frame, light running pattern, IF, and this is a big IF, she can handle 26.2 miles, she will be running 2:15 very soon. Rennee Metevier Baillee, who ran 2:27.17 for her debut in Chicago, could take that down to the 2:23 range. 

I always got a kick out of David Bedford, the long time race director of the London marathon note that we were at the "greatest marathon in the world". London has got a hang of running this marathon thing, and 2013 Virgin London Marathon, with some help from Mother Nature, could be a real flyer! 
California Track & Running News was established in 1977 as the guide to road running, track & field, race walking and marathoning in California. In 1998, Shooting Star Media combined California Track & Running News, Pacific Athlete and The Runners Schedule into one title. CTRN is available in print, digital, mobile and through social media. 

 With the support of Tim Murphy, who had just started RNR San Diego, California Track & Running News went state wide in 1999. With the support of John Mansoor from the Pacific Association, California Track & Running News negotiated a program with the four USATF associations in California and Northern Nevada, to be their official publication, also in 1999. 

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This, dear readers, is a work in progress. We look forward to your comments! 

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Please enjoy the issue! 

Lelisa Desisa, Ottowa 10k, 2010, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tirfi Tsegaye, 2011 BAA Boston Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

The fourteenth version of the Dubai Marathon showed just how dominant of a force the Ethiopians are in the marathon. With the top four in the mens race and the top six in the women's race, Ethiopia may not have the most elite marathoners, but they surely have many of the fastest marathons. 

Five men under 2:05 today! 

Here is how our global correspondent, Pat Butcher, saw the race from Dubai very early this morning! 

Toni Reavis makes a great point in this column. It is not that something is missing from our sport, it is how we promote the sport. So, Reavis gets Bob Bright, the former Chicago Marathon impressario, to suggest a mutation of Dancing with the Stars and a handicap race-hence, Racing with the Stars?

It is not as crazy as it sounds......

Suzy Favor Hamilton, photo by PhotoRun.net
Robby Andrews, 2012 adidas GP NYC DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Robby Andrews has been on many people's short list for several years now. A strong high school runner, a World Junior medalist, Andrews was considered a serious contender at the 2012 Trials. But, as we know, one is only as good as their last race. 

Elliott Denman caught up with Robby Andrews, who is living with his folks, and training under the thoughtful workouts of Jason Vigilante. Elliot thinks Robbie should get a mile PB this weekend in the Armory, what do you think? 

Mary Cain, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 2013 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix is less than ten days away! One of the big draws is the Junior Miles and the Junior Relay Squads. The best prep milers of the New England area, plus their relay teams will duel on the 200 meter MONDO Super-X indoor track, to see, who gets the bragging rights for the 2013 NB Indoor Grand Prix. 

Mary Cain, the high school phenom who ran a fine 9:02.10 for 3,000 meters less than two weeks ago, runs a mile in New York on January 26. After that event, Mary will run the two mile at the NBIGP. 

If you can get there, buy tickets NOW, at www.nbindoorgrandprix.com! Don't miss this meet! 
Etonic is a name with much tradition in the early running boom. Anyone who ran in the 1970s or 1980s remember Etonic. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Etonic fought to stay in the business, but the business had changed.

Recently, an investment group purchased Etonic from Lotto Group. The new Etonic Holdings, LLC, has announced that Mark Sheehan is their new VP Of Product Development for Footwear and GM of the Running Division. 

Sheehan has street cred in the running biz. His most recent tenure at K-SWISS, where he developed a product line from scratch, with a team of three, had to be seen to be believed. 

The key for Etonic? Developing key product, that is embraced by run specialty, and the consumer. Developing consistent key product, which is harder done than said. 

We wish Mark Sheehan much success! 
As Under Armour continues its attempts to develop a performance footwear line, long time footwear industry pro Gene McCarthy has resigned from Under Armour. McCarthy was at, among other places, Reebok. Under Armour presented new product to the running industry at the Running Event in December 2012. 

Under Armour developed its iconic status over its performance apparel, which was adopted by many athletes, young and veterans. UA has worked to move into the performance footwear business with very limited success. 

At this time, Kip Fulks, COO, will take over Gene McCarthy's responsibility over Footwear.

This is just another example of how difficult it is to transfer success from apparel to footwear and, from footwear to apparel. Two totally different businesses, with a very small group of industry professionals who appreciate each business and understand the challenges. 
Ajee Wilson set a recent World Junior Record at the 600 meter distance. The World junior gold medalist recently announced, through a twitter note from Ray Flynn, manager at Flynn Sports, the she had taken Flynn on as manager. Ajee Wilson will be running for adidas.

Ajee Wilson, photo by PhotoRun.net
Edward Cheserek, Gatorade National Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year, 

Edward Cheserek is the two time FootLocker Cross Country Champion. Edward was awarded the presitious Gatorade National Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year award today. He was surprised by Dathan Ritzenhein, three- time Olympian and former 5,000m AR holder, who presented the award to Edward.

Edward has had a tremendous season, defending his FootLocker National title from 2011, and also winning the FootLocker Eastern Regional Cross Country title. 

Gatorade recognizes Boys and Girls Cross Country Players of year, state by state. To see the state winners, please click on here: http://www.gatorade.com/poy/winners.aspx?sportcode=BC

Brooks Running Company made the decision, way back in 1999, to follow its own drummer. In 2000, Brooks dropped a large channel distributor, who was, in the final analysis, costing them more money than they made. They ventured into reaching out to the high school part of the sport (which many companies still don't get, high school kids buy an average of five pairs a year and ARE your future consumers), making not good product, but consecutively producing excellent product, and remembering that each and every day, Brooks makes running shoes and needs to sell running shoes, one consumer at a time. 

Thumbnail image for RNSR_SP12_brookspure(up1).jpg

The competition has tightened up, and, in the end, the consumer is rewarded with great product. 

How will 2013 go? RBR sees Running as continuing to grow. Run Specialty is a rarified area, and as some brands have told me, it seems that some in run specialty do not seem to appreciate how lucky the channel is. Some brands will pull out, and some brands will do, what everyone tries, try to take authentic product and go broad, expecting that core runners will just accept the product as a fait accompli

Brands come and go in Run Specialty. The brands that stay around, and or, prosper, are brands who understand, that in Run Specialty, and core running, they are working with the ten percent who influence the ninety percent. As 2012 can attest, Brooks is one of the brands that truly gets it. 
The deaths of Samson Kimobwa, former World record holder at 10,000 meters (1977) and WSU runner, and Abderahim Goumri, Moroccan marathoners, were announced by the IAAF. I remember Kimobwa, who ran with Josh Kimeto and Henry Rono at WSU. The NCAA and Pac-Ten (then) was held on Stanford cross country course. I remember helping Kimobwa get to his team corral before a race. We had Oregon on one side (Rudy Chapa, Don Clary, Steve McCheseny, Alberto Salazar) and WSU on other (Rono, Kimobwa, Kimeto), as I was at SCU. 

I remember Samson Kimobwa from the TFN cover in September or October 1977, after his WR. Samson went on to coach and teach in Kenya. He had complained of a stomach ailment, went to the hospital on Monday and died on Tuesday. 

Abderahim Goumri was a very promising marathoner, who also had run 12:50 for 5,000 meters. I would see him in London for several years, and would speak to him in French. He was always very nice and seemed to enjoy talking, although he was very quiet. Abderahim Goumri succumbed from injuries he sustained in an auto accident last week. 

Please keep both men in your thoughts and prayers. 
Brett Gotcher, photo by PhotoRun.net

Brett Gotcher is an example of how American distance runners, if developed and supported, can become world class. Gotcher was a fine high school runner, coached by Dan Gruber, a former co-worker at Runners' World in the 1980s and a top runner in the 1970s and 1980s in the state of California. Gruber, who coaches at Aptos High, has developed a steady stream of fine runners off a novel plan: spending the time to figure out what works for the athlete, and not putting too much on them early. 

Brett ran well in college, coached by Vinn Lannana, and when he graduated, he started training for the longer distances. His 2:10.36 debut in 2010 Houston was a tremendous race. He learnt about the roads and marathon training with Greg McMillan, again, a coach who gets it. McMillan has developed a strong training group, and has given a generation of athletes a chance to develop. With his sponsor support (adidas, among them), Greg builds his runners over the years, and Brett developed under his tutelage. 

Brett's fifth place in the Olympic Trials was gutty: in no-mans land, but focused, Brett learnt much from that race. 

Brett Gotcher is now focused on the Rotterdam Marathon. One of the fastest and most famous marathons in Europe, Rotterdam has screaming fast winning times. As Jon Gugala, in this exclusive for Runbogrun.com and www.Runningnetwork.com, tells us, Brett wants to get under two hours, ten minutes. 

We wish him luck! 
Olga Kucherenko, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is an update of the highlights of January 20, 2013, from Alfons Juck. The indoor track and field season is under full swing. Ajee Wilson set the World Junior Best for the 600 meters this past weekend as well....

The team at Shoe Addicts LLC, our digital partners, provided us with this playlist of videos developed around adidas iconic global athletes. We hope that you enjoy them....
What a great event! The Bupa Westminster MIle, to be held May 26, 2013, is a great way to get runners, soon to be runners, of all ages to compete and try the magical distance of the mile! More info to come on this event! 
Jeff Benjamin is one of our longest tenured writers at American Track & Field. He has written for RunBlogRun.com for the past several years. Jeff sent this piece to me last week. As you can see, Jeff is quite exasperated with athletic heroes, or former athletic heroes getting busted for drug use, or, as was the case with Lance Armstrong, admitting to deceiving the world. 

Thumbnail image for Armstrong_Lance-Boston08.jpg
Lance Armstrong, photo by PhotoRun.net
Suppose you had thirty of the best Kenyan distance runners running a cross country race in Kenya, and no Kenyan media paid attention to it? In fact, the 7th Kenya Weekend XC , in Kericho, Kenya, will be read more about in the US and Europe than in Kenya. Our correspondent, Justin Lagat, writes about the race, and why there was so little national coverage in Kenya....

John Mwangangi, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Manteo Mitchell, 2012 World Indoors, 4x400m, 
photo by Photorun.net

Manteo Mitchell ran a leg of the 4 x 400 meters, breaking his leg mid-race and gutting it out to the hand-off, allowing the US men's team to make the London Olympic final. His story was the most viral story of the day on may sites, and had over 60,000 views on our FB site that day! 

The good news is that Manteo is healthy once again, and just tested himself this weekend, running a 60 meter race in 6.80 and taking second in the 200 meters in 21.37. That is two weeks ahead of Manteo representing the US team in Glasgow, Scotland in an international match. We wish Manteo much luck this year and respect him for his gutty run last year! 

Manteo Mitchell, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Harting_RobertWide-OlyGame12.jpg
Robert Harting, photo by PhotoRun.net

Robert Harting has won world championships in 2009 and 2011. In the 2007 World Championships, Harting took the silver. His 2009 World Champs victory is that of legend, on his sixth throw, in second place, Harting unleashed a huge 69 plus meter throw to take the lead. Piotr Malachowski could not respond and Harting won, in his home city in front of his crowd. 

In 2012, Harting won the European Championships and then came back and won his first Olympic gold medal, in London. 

Harting is 6-7, and 280 lbs, competes for SCC Berlin and has been coached by Werner Goldmann. Goldmann was the coach of German great Ulf Timmerman. 

I have been lucky enough to watch Harting throw and speak to him about his view of the discus and competition. Robert Harting is looking for that perfect throw, and also is very critical of his own throwing. For Harting, it is not about just winning a competition, it is about reaching his goals in terms of distances and consistency. In 2011, at FBK Hengelo, Harting was not happy after his throwing. 

In 2012, Harting reached 70 meters for the first time, with a throw of 70.31 meters, in May in Germany. After his 2012 season, with 34 discus wins in a row, Harting had surgery and is planning for the 2013 season. 

Will he defend his title in 2013? It will be a fascinating battle....
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Wariner_JeremySF-OlyTr12.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, 2012 Olympic gold medalist, and Fabiana Murer, 2011 World Champion gold medalist, won the Pole Vault summit competitions at 5.83m and 4.60m, respectively.

Jeremy Wariner, 2004 Olympic gold medalist, 2008 Olympic silver medalist, ran 20.98 for 200 meters today. Wariner is showing that his fitness is coming back. 

Thumbnail image for Merritt_AriesFH-Brussels12.jpg                                           Aries Merritt, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tirunesh Dibaba, photo by PhotoRun.net

Thumbnail image for Farah_MoFV1d_Pre12.jpg
Mo Farah, photo by PhotoRun.net

Three of the most exciting athletes in our sport, are shown here: Aries Merritt, Tirunesh Dibaba, and Mo Farah. 

Aries Merritt moved us into hyperspace with his brilliantly hurdled 110 meter race in Brussels last September. 12.80 seconds! And the only man to break a WR by the amount, Renaldo Nehemiah, (first to break 13 seconds), believes that Aries is the only guy who can do it right now. 

Tirunesh Dibaba is, in this day, one of the top two distance tacticians in women's athletics. Her 10,000 meters at the London Olympics was nearly a perfect race. Her 5,000 meters, was even more of a surprise, as she was in the fight for gold until the last  sixty meters, playing her cards so close to chest that Meseret Defar had to look back twice after she passed Dibaba, to make sure that it had happened! 

And then, Mo Farah. What can one say? His 10,000 meters in London had 80,000 screaming fans, out of their minds, as Mo Farah held off all of the best in the world, running a text book race ( from the 1972 Olympics). His 5,000 meters should go down as the best tactical race perhaps ever. Farah willed himself to win that race, he gave every competitor a chance, and they just did not get it. How a man who put so much into that 10,000 meters less than a week before, could hold off men who have run much faster showed why Mo Farah and his team understand tactics! 

That fans will be able to see them all in February is pretty special! 

David Ezra, courtesy of Berger, Kahn

We received such a strong response on David Ezra's comments on Lance Armstrong before the first Oprah interview, that we sent David five questions on legal questions surrounding Mr. Armstrong. David Ezra, writer of the book, Asterisk, provided us with his thoughts on the Lance Armstrong interview, and drugs in sports: 
The following column is the modest proposal from Elliott Denman, a 1956 Olympian, on how to deal with drug cheats such as Lance Armstrong. Tell us what you think! 

Here's a hint of what Elliot is up to, where could we put the likes of Lance Armstrong and other notorious drug cheaters? 

Lance Armstrong, photo by PhotoRun.net
Thumbnail image for Dibaba_TiruneshH-Reebok10.JPG
Tirunesh Dibaba, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 2013 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix announced today that Tirunesh Dibaba will take a run at the indoor two mile record and Matt Centrowitz will be running the mile, adding to an already superb night of track & field at the Reggie Lewis Center on February 2, 2013. 
John Hancock Financial, who have sponsored the BAA Boston Marathon for the past 27 years, enters year 28 with the announcement of a great field! The depth in the American and international sides is very good. 

The week surrounding the Boston marathon is one of my favorite weeks of the running year. The press conferences always pull together some of the great historical figures as well as build the interest toward Patriots Day, when nearly 25,000 runners will leave the start for the journey into Boston on one of the challenging courses of any major marathon. 
Gabriele Anderson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Brooks Running has renewed their support of Hansons-Brooks ODP and they are also starting a new club, based in Seattle, their soon to be new home city. Brooks is an example of a company, in the performance running business, who keeps their focus and just gets it. If one is a running company, then one supports, to the best of their ability, their sport. 

Fascinating that all of the 29 Olympic medalists were supported by footwear companies, as were most of the Olympic track & field team members. At this time, footwear companies support everything from race numbers to elite athletes. Part of the challenge, as we try to grow the the sport, or better yet, reposition the sport on a global level is to find a way to give the long time supporters of the sport value as we bring in non-running related companies, those that, on a global level, can benefit from the universality of running and walking. 

Again, nice job Brooks! 
David Ezra, author of Asterisk: Home Runs, Steroids, and the Rush to Judgment, had some comments on the upcoming mea culpa by Lance Armstrong. I thought you, dear readers, might find them interesting in light of tonights Oprah fest with Lance Armstrong, today's biggest sinner. 

Lance Armstrong, Boston Marathon 2008, photo by PhotoRun.net

This reader believes that Lance Armstrong's fall from grace will scare a few would be cheaters. Truth is, most who cheat with Performance Enhancing Drugs are pretty sophisticated. Lance was. The level that he orchestrated the delivery and implementation of his drug protocols, per media reports, was nothing if not astounding. 

At the end of the day, his world has come crashing down around him. He will be the poster child for athletes who cheated and thought that they could get away with it. 
Merima Mohamed, 2013 Chevron Houston Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Thumbnail image for Worku_Bazu-Houston13.jpg
Bazu Worku, 2013 Chevron Houston Marathon,
 photo by PhotoRun.net

Sometimes, the marathon distance of 26.2 miles, which is a challenge enough on certain days, becomes the lesser of the day's challenges. In Houston, Texas on January 13, Mother Nature more than gently reminded the 30,000 plus runners that they can overcome just about anything. 

Thanks to the volunteers and Houston Marathon organization, now in its 40th year, the race ran to perfection once again. 

A big thanks to Marathonguide.com, who, once again, puts their money where their mouth is, and supported the first American finisher awards in the marathon. Andrew Carlson and Tera Moody were the benefactors of the marathonguide.com support! 
gore tex.jpg
design by Shoe Addicts

The Shoe Addicts visited the Running Event this past December. Two of the Shoe Addicts, Mike and Adam, donned GORE-TEX gear and footwear and went into the Clima Tank, where they were subjected to some harsh weather conditions. This is the video is all about GORE-TEX and their move into running footwear and apparel, for warmth, comfort and for challenging weather conditions. 

Here is what they said about their video and their visit with GORE-TEX:

Published on Jan 17, 2013

"This past December at The Running Event in Austin, TX we met up with a handful of companies who were there to show new products and technology coming out now or in the future. When we saw to the GORE-TEX display, Mike and Adam offered to take part in the product demonstration. So dressed head to toe in GORE-TEX gear, they entered the mini rain/wind tunnel and after a few wet minutes stepped back out to find themselves nice and dry under that Gore Tex protection."

Featuring Music from: Matt Appelt

The USTFCCCA has been promoting the sport of collegiate athletics (cross country, indoor and outdoor track & field) since Sam Seames reinvented the group nearly a decade ago. This weekly newsletter, the Warm-Up Lap, is a fine example. Kyle Terwillegar, the USTFCCCA communications assistant has put together weekly rankings, news, and with a level of professionalism that invites fan, media member, coach and athlete to give it the attention it deserves. This is a a very good read! 

For more info on the USTFCCCA, please check www.ustfccca.org
Toni Reavis' blog is something that should be read over and over. Reavis has an appreciation for language that few others do. An example of his writing, descriptive and elegant, is his tribute of the great John Thomas, who died on January 15, 2013, at the age of 71. Reading the tribute, one can almost hear Reavis reading the piece on the radio, and seeing the great high jumper compete. 

Thomas, the 1960 Olympic bronze medalist, and 1964 Olympic silver medalist,  was one of the great icons of the sport. Thomas' duel with Valeriy Brumel, who took the gold in 1964 (silver in 1960), lasted five hours before Brumel took the gold. In the following blog, Toni Reavis gives the reader a beautiful picture of the competitions, and the differences in the styles between Valeriy Brumel, and John Thomas. It is wonderful reading. 

I truly wish I had written this one. 

Please pass this one around, it should, like John Parker's Once a Runner, be read out loud. 

Taoufik Makhloufi winning 1,500m in London, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Taoufik Makhloufi will be doubling in the 800 meters and 1,500 meters in Moscow for the 2013 World Outdoor Championships. Makhloufi suggested that he would medal in the 1,500 meter in the Olympics in June. That will be much more difficult this year, as Makhloufi will have the entire world of elite middle distance runners watching his every move. One does not win an Olympic gold medal and go unnoticed, especially in the 1,500 meters! 
Jessica Ennis has confirmed for European Indoors in Goteborg, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Sergey Bubka, Renaud Lavillenie, 2011 Euro Indoors, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Micah Kogo, 2012 Bupa GreatRun Birmingham, 
photo courtesy of Nova International 

Jessica Ennis highlights the multi eventers for Goteborg as she has confirmed her participation in the Euro Indoors. Renaud Lavillenie is vaulting in Europe and US during this indoor season. 

And Micah Kogo will be debuting over the marathon distance at the 2013 BAA Boston Marathon! 

Fionnuala Britton, 2011 Euro Cross Country, photo by PhotoRun.net

Fionnuala Britton, winner of both the 2011 and 2012 SPAR European Cross Country Championships, is taking athletics one step at a time. Her focus on cross country right now is part of her build up for Moscow 2013, where she wants to be in under 15 minute shape for 5,000 meters, with the goal of making that final. 

Jacko Gill, the NZ junior shot putter has been recovering from dog bites to the face as he broke up a dog fight between his dog and another. 

Mary Cain, the US high schooler coached by Alberto Salazar, will be moving up from the 3,000 meters to the slightly longer two mile at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix meeting on February 2, 2013. 
Dave Hunter, one of our most popular columnists is back for 2013. Here is his first column for 2013. Dave has focused on all of the promise he sees for American Track & Field in 2013! We think you will agree he has provided much food for thought! 

After 2012, Kenyan athletics fans are very optimistic for 2013. Who will be the big surprises in 2013? Justin Lagat has his ideas on who will excel, from Kenya and other parts of the world in 2013...

Wilson Kipsang and training group, February 2012, 
photo by PhotoRun.net
Mohammed Merima, 2013 Chevron Houston champion, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Bazu Worku, 2013 Chevron Houston Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Mamitu Daska, 2013 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Feysia Lilesa versus Dereba Merga 1/4, 2013 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Lilesa versus Merga, 2/4, 2013 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Feyisa Lelisa on the move, 3/4, 2013 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net 

Feyisa Lelisa, 4/4, wins the 2013 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Aaron Braun, 2013 Aramco Half Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Luke Puskedra, 2013 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Ben True, 2013 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Lisa Uhl, 2013 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Lanni Marchant, 2013 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The Chevron Houston Marathon and the Aramco Houston Half Marathon, in their 40th year, were trials of miles, and trials of wind and rain. The marathon and half marathons were dominated by men and women from Ethiopia. In the challenging weather, elite and citizen marathoners are pretty much the same: both groups have to deal with Mother Nature! 
Mary Cain, 2012 NB Indoor Champs, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Mary Cain displayed her tremendous talents once again this weekend, as she ran 9:02.10 for the 3,000 meter distance. In her first race of 2013, the high school phenom ran the fastest time EVER run by an American high school girl or junior girl. She eclipsed the 9:08.6 run outdoors in 1975 at the US vs USSR meet by legendary Lynn Bjorklund. 

Mary Cain, 2011 NB Outdoor, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Cain can be compared to Mary Decker Slaney, Melody Fairchild and yes, Mary Shea. But, Mary Cain has the benefit of having Alberto Salazar as her coach. In order to conform to NCAA rules, Mary Cain's parents have to pay Alberto Salazar as a coach, per media reports. Cain is a classic middle distance runner: she can run over 800 meters to 3,000 meters. Her 4:11.01 high school American record, her new 3,000 meter personal best shows that Mary Cain has the endurance and the speed to race well as a global junior. Just watch where she will be this coming summer! 

Mary Cain, 2012 US Olympic Trials, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Per the release below, Mary Cain will be running the two mile distance at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix on February 2, 2013. The current high school record is 9:55.92, set in 1991 by Melody Fairchild. From her 9:02.10, Runblogrun thinks she can bring the record under 9:40. 

Remember, get those tickets for the NB Indoor GP! 
Motion-Mumbai10.jpg                                      Motion, photo by PhotoRun.net

The AllState  Life Insurance LA 13.1 half marathon and 5k, now in its fourth year, had over 3,500 runners competing, with celebs from the world of reality shows, running and the wonderful world that is LA itself. 

More Than 3,500 Runners Compete in 4th AnnualAllstate Life InsuranceSM Los Angeles 13.1 Marathon® and 5K through Los Angeles and the South Bay


Santa Monica Track Club's Tonny Okello wins men's division; Karolina Jarznska finishes first among women runners


LOS ANGELES, January 13, 2013 - More than 3,500 runners lined up on a chilly morning to run, and walk, today's Allstate Life InsuranceSM Los Angeles 13.1 Marathon® and 5K this morning.  International stars, and close finishes, were the order of the day. 


Tonny Okello, who competes for the Santa Monica Track Club, surged at the finísh to defeat Jordan Horn, of Pórtland, OR,  by two seconds, 1:06:10 to 1:06:12, to win the men's division.  Karoline Jarzynska of Poland, who currently resides in Alamosa, CO, , finished in an impressive time of 1:12.43. She pulled away in the race's late stages to win by nine seconds over Kenya's Risper Gesabwa.


"The course was flat and fast. The freezing conditions made it difficult and it was windy at times," said Allstate Life InsuranceSM Los Angeles 13.1 Marathon® winner, Okello.


"It was windy out there and the competition was tough.  There were some hills and I won the race today by pushing the last mile," said Jarzynska.



Allstate Life Insurance and non-profit organization Give Your Sole collected more than 400 pairs of gently used shoes from race participants to benefit Union Rescue Mission, which benefits homeless men, women and children in the Los Angeles community.. Donations were collected at packet pick-up  and on race day, and runners who donated the shoes off their feet at the Finish Line Festival were provided with a free pair of flip-flops to wear home.


Several hunded racers, while training with local team groups, ran as part of the official benefiting charity, Team World Vision, to raise funds for clean water projects in Kenya and Malawi.  For more information on Team World Vision please visitwww.worldvision.org.


Celebrities participating included Deborah Ann Woll from HBO's True Blood, who helped pace legally blind boyfriend, E.J. Scott, in the Allstate Life InsuranceSM Los Angeles 5K. Scott  ran blindfolded due to being unable to tolerate bright sunlight because of the genetic eye disease Choroideremia.  He shocked spectors and other runners by placing in the middle of the pack in the Allstate Life InsuranceSM Los Angeles 5Kwith a time of 44:25.  Scott ran to raise money for the Choroideremia Research Foundation.   Local runner Andy Lavin served as E.J.'s guide during the race. 


Boxing great Victor Ortiz, 25, of Encino, CA, proved he was also a fine runner by placing in the top 50 in the 4th Annual Allstate Life InsuranceSMLos Angeles 13.1 Marathon® with a time of 1:28.47.  He finished  three minutes ahead of top ranked boxer, Diego Magdaleno.  Both boxers were paced by elite marathoner Milena Glusac, of Del Mar, CA.


Other celebrities competing in the 4th AnnualAllstate Life InsuranceSM  Los Angeles 13.1 Marathon® included reality TV stars raising money for World Vision.  These included:

Alex Boylan  (Greatest Race) 

Parvati Shallow (Survivor)

Jeff Schroeder (Big Brother)

Brennan Swain (The Amazing Race)

Ken Andrews and Austin Andrews  (Biggest Loser)                                      



Allstate Life InsuranceSM 13.1 Marathon® is the series of half marathons serving America's top running communities with a stand-alone half marathon for locals to embrace and visitors to experience.  The Los Angeles stop will kick-off the 2013 calendar for the series.  Following the Los Angeles race will be events in Miami Beach (March 8), New York City (March 23), Chicago (June 8), Boston (September), Atlanta (October 6), Dallas (October 26) and Fort Lauderdale (November 10).


US Road Sports & Entertainment Group is a health and wellness company dedicated to the production of world-class endurance events. The mission of US Road Sports is to offer an unparalleled participant sports experience that showcases host communities and endures as a deeply valued local asset through events that are a part of the city's culture, identity and brand. For each participant, US Road Sports strives to offer events that allow participants of all skill levels the opportunity to improve their physical and mental health and accomplish life-altering goals while having fun. US Road Sports provides sponsors and municipalities highly effective exposure to help maximize their presence and message in the community.

4th Annual Allstate Life InsuranceSM Los Angeles 13.1 Marathon® top three, men and women



1. Tonny Okello, Santa Monica Track Club (Santa Monica, CA / Uganda), 1:06:01
2. Jordan Horn, Pórtland, OR, 1:06:03
3. Aaron Sharp, Port Hueneme, CA, 1:06:2

1.Carolina Jarzynska, Alamosa, CO (Poland), 1:12:3
2. Risper Gesabwa, Marietta, GA (Kenya) 1:12:43
3.Bronwyn Crossman, Eugene, OR (Billingham, WA), 1:17:42

Full race results are available at www.131losangeles.com.


This is Jon Gugula's column on the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon. Rough weather at today's event, with some very strong performances...
Renaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net

Holly Bleasdale, photo by PhotoRun.net

The indoor season is in full wing now, as the Armory, and all up and down the East Coast and much of Europe, indoor season is full of promise. Mary Cain, the newest addition to Alberto Salazar's athletic group, just ran a fine 9:02.10 for 3,000 meters indoor on the oversized track at the UW (Seattle). That is the sixth best time ever for a high school girl. 

In France, Holly Bleasdale cleared 4.62m and Renaud Lavillenie cleared 5.83m. Lavillenie will be competing in Reno next weekend at the US Pole Vault Summit, one of most unique events in the world! 

Tomorrow is the Chevron Houston Marathon and the Aramco Houston Half Marathon, and there should be some very fast times, despite the rain! 
Dawn Harper, Brianna Rollins, 2012 Olympic Trials, 100m hurdles, semi-finals, 
photo by Photorun.net

Brianna Rollins has opened the 2013 Indoor season in style, with her screaming 7.78 for the 60 meter hurdles! Alfons Juck provides us even more results for January 11-12 in this update! 

Dayron Robles, Golen Gala Roma 2009, photo by PhotoRun.net

In a copyrighted story today by the Associated Press, the coach of Dayron Robles, the former WR holder and 2008 Olympic gold medalist in the 110 meter hurdles will sit out the 2013 season, not from injury, but as a form of protest against the Cuban officials who manage track & field athletes. 
This is official list of elite athletes for the 2013 Chevron Houston and Aramco Houston Half Marathon, per Vicky Oddi, communications manager for the Houston Marathon. 

                             Blanka Vlasic, photo by PhotoRun.net

The high jump is an elegant event. When done correctly, it looks effortless. When an athlete like Blanka Vlasic is at the top of her form, her jumps capture the entire crowd in a stadium. 

The high jump, well, is a bit sadistic. One jumps as high as they can, and then, finish with a miss.

Blanka Vlasic is making great progress in her training, but, getting back to a world leader takes time, much time, and patience. Vlasic will use the indoor season to get back to the form she showed in 2011 for 2013. 

At RBR, we are looking forward to that day! 

Luke Puskedra, dodging raindrops, 2012 Olympic Trials 10,000m, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Lisa Uhl, is she ready to roll? 
photo by PhotoRun.net

So, Jon Gugala, being the observant sort, and covering the 2013 Houston weekend, which includes the Chevron Houston Marathon and the Aramco Houston Half Marathon, opines on the fields for both the full and the half. Gugala believes that Puskedra and Uhl might be able to pull off some strong performances in the half. What do you think? 


Felix Limo, on his tea plantation, in Kenya

Felix Limo, one of the sports' most colorful athletes for over a decade, has decided to retire. This press release gives a thoughtful history of his career.          

10 January, 2012

Felix Limo announces international retirement

Hulst, The Netherlands - The well-known Kenyan distance runner Felix Limo announced his international retirement on Thursday, after a top-level career that spanned more than a decade.

Now 32, Limo first came to prominence when he ran 27:04.54 for 10,000m for second place at the 2000 Van Damme Memorial meeting in the Belgian capital of Brussels.

However, Limo quickly found that his forte was racing on the roads. 

On 21 November 2001, he ran 15km in 41:29 at the Seven Hills Run in the Dutch city of Nijmegen, famously beating Haile Gebrselassie. The time was the inaugural standard for the distance when the IAAF ratified road running world records at the start of 2003 and stood as the best time ever until November 2010.

Limo ran his first marathon in 2003 when he finished second in the Amsterdam Marathon in 2:06:42, at the time the second fastest debut ever.

The following year, he was the fastest man in the world over the classic distance when he won the 2004 Rotterdam Marathon in 2:06:14. Later in 2004, he won the Berlin Marathon in 2:06:44.

Between 2004 and 2006, he won four out of his five marathons, his other victories coming at the 2005 Chicago Marathon and 2006 London Marathon, the latter in 2:06:39.

Although those three years can be considered to be the pinnacle of his career, and he was arguably the number one marathon runner in the world during that period, he remained close to the top of his profession until the end of 2012.

At the end of last year, I had some tough decisions to make. I had some back problems which meant I could not train as well as I would have liked, which lead to me dropping out of the Toronto Marathon last October," reflected Limo.

"In fact, I have had back problems for a number of years. They have never been serious but were the reason why I also dropped out of the Chicago Marathon in 2007 and they have become a little worse in recent years. 

"I feel confident I could still run marathons in 2:09 or 2:10 but I can't do the intensity of training that I was able to do seven or eight years ago. I also have to be realistic, those times are not going to get me into the top three of the best marathons these days," added Limo, with a smile on his face.

"In addition to obviously spending more time with my family, I'm looking forward to being able to devote more of my energies to my business affairs away from athletics as I have interests in real estate, dairy farming and tea plantations.

"However, I will always run, I love the sport. I would like to thank the man most responsible for my success, Patrick Sang, who coached me throughout my career and adidas, who supported me for many years. 

"I would also like to thanks all the race organisers I have dealt with over the years. They were very kind and generous to me," commented Limo.

For further information, please contact Michel Boeting (Felix Limo's Athlete Representative) on: 



Christophe Lemaitre, photo by PhotoRun.net

Christophe Lemaitre is in Japan, visiting ASICS, his sponsor. ASICS is also sponsoring the French Athletics Association. Lemaitre is in pretty good shape, per his coach, and will be racing four times indoors this season. 

Felix Limo, Chicago and London marathon champion, has decided to retire. Dayron Robles is not sure what he wants to do, citing a lack of motivation after his injuries in London this past summer. 

Chevron Houston Marathon should be pretty impressive this weekend. 
Felix Limo, one of the most dominating road racers of his era, has retired. Toni Reavis, one of the top bloggers on the sport of running, and more prominently, one of the key TV announcers for road running, has written a humorous recollection of his friend. 

Felix Limo, 2006 Virgin London Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net
Adam Nelson, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Adam Nelson is one of my favorite athletes. His enthusiasm, his drive, his ability to dig into those recesses of the soul where one must go to get that extra centimeter, was always fascinating. One has to be without a heart to not get into a competitive shot put. Nelson's medals were hard earned, with athletes throwing a sixteen pound ball of steel as far as their body could will, on that day. 

Adam Nelson, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Nelson is also a man who sees the future. Well educated, Nelson sees that, for track and field to grow and prosper, a new approach to renumeration has to be considered. Like Lou Brock, the St. Louis Cardinal who paid dearly for his stand on free agency, Nelson has given up some strong paydays to make a statement about the throws and about his role in the sport. 

Adam Nelson, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

I for one, will be looking forward to seeing Adam Nelson throw this year, his farewell year to throwing. 

Adam Nelson, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The WDW Parks and Resorts are one of the premier series of events in the running world. New Balance continues to focus on grass roots events that promote their core product and philosophy. New Balance now has a series of road races in a key destination area that makes sense for its brand. 

NewBalance 860DIS.jpg
NB860DIS shoe, photo courtesy of New Balance communications
In an exclusive to RunBlogRun.com and Runningnetwork.com, American Distance Project's Wendy Thomas has withdrawn from the 2013 Chevron Houston Marathon, due to injuries. Here is the story from Jon Gugala, who will be covering the event live for Runblogrun.com and the Runningnetwork.com


This story is almost too hard to believe. Jon Gugala brought this to our attention. Check out the video as well!  Here is the You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRiskQQzVqk

Meb Keflezighi joins 2013 Boston Marathon elite field, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ryan Hall will be running the 2013 BAA Boston Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

Jason Hartman will be running the 2013 BAA Boston Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

Fernando Cabada will be running the 2013 BAA Boston Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Stephanie Rothstein is running the 2012 Boston Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

Serena Burla will be running the 2013 BAA Boston Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Kara Goucher & Shalane Flanagan will be running the 2013 BAA Boston Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

John Hancock Financial Services, the long-time sponsor of the BAA Boston Marathon, announced their US field today. 

RunBlogRun.com is very happy that JHFS and the BAA Boston Marathon have focused on such an extensive US field. We believe that all US marathons should (and many do) provide such a strong opportunity for US elite marathoners to race against the best in the world. 

John Hancock revolutionized the Boston Marathon with their sponsorship in 1986, and now, 28 years later, their long term sponsorship of the iconic Boston Marathon is a litmus test of the health and strength of the sport. 
Two London 2012 Olympic medalists, Jenn Suhr, and Galen Rupp were announced today to be competing in the 2013 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, which will be held at the famed Reggie Lewis Center, in Roxbury, MA, on February 2, 2013. 

Jenn Suhr, 4.88m AR, 2012 NB Indoor Grand Prix, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Jenn Suhr, the second women over sixteen feet in the pole vault, is the 2012 Olympic gold medalist in the pole vault. She was the silver medalist from Beijing in 2008. Suhr is considered to be one of the most talented women pole vaulters, with multiple American records, both indoor and out. Her most recent indoor AR was set at the 2012 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix. Watch for Suhr to some out to the Reggie Lewis, looking for a big height. 

Galen Rupp is the 2012 London Olympic silver medalist in the 10,000 meters, the first medal at that distance by an American man since 1964! Rupp's training partner, Mo Farah took the gold, and the 1,2 run by training partners lit up the stadium. Rupp will be running the 3,000m in the Reggie Lewis center on February 2. Rupp has run at the New Balance Indoor Games several times over the past six year, last year he finished fourth after a mid race collision. 

Rupp_Galen-Reebok10 copy.JPG
Galen Rupp, 2010 Boston Indoor, photo by PhotoRun.net

The New Balance Indoor Grand Prix is the premier elite indoor meet in New England, having lead he way in terms of competitions and records since 1996. If you are in the area, this meet must be experienced once in your lifetime. 

To learn more about tickets, please go to www.newbalanceindoorgrandprix.com


Sergio Reyes, photo by PhotoRun.net 

The Chevron Houston Marathon is one of the most important marathons in the United States. That, is a fact.

In 2012, they produced a flawless Olympic Trials marathon for both men and women, giving us one of our best teams in many years. To say that putting on an Olympic Trials marathon is a labor of love is an understatement. To say that the labyrinth of rules on sponsorship, event management and Olympic Trials protocols can suck the absolute breath out of even the most energetic group would be an understatement. 

2013 is back to what the Houston Marathon committee does well: putting on fantastic events with an attention to detail for the citizen runner and elite runner as well. 

Runblogrun will be missing the race for the first time in about six years, but we will keep you updated on the event.

In that light, Jon Gugala has written this piece on the American men in the Chevron Houston marathon. We hope that you enjoy it...

Bev Kearney, who was put on administrative leave in November 2012, has resigned from her position as the Head Coach for Women's Track & Field at the University of Texas. Kearney, who put the UT program on the map, is one of the most decorated and respected coaches in her sport. 

Per a series of articles, most linked by Deadspin.com, Ms.Kearney was accused of having had a "consensual intimate relationship" with a former student-athlete in 2002. The former student-athlete, who has not been named by the University nor by Ms. Kearney, recently reported the incident after ten years. 

It is a tragedy on so many levels. In the interviews, Ms.Kearney has much praise for the University, her athletes and the program which she created. She does not name and goes on the record that she will not name the former student-athlete who spoke to the University. 

Kearney's lawyer noted that he believes that a double standard is in play here. He may have a point. In the end, a superb career has been tarnished. 


Dear and gentle readers. I spend much of my days (and nights) reading and viewing new ads, in many formats. In running shoes, ads are in about three categories: the loneliness of the long distance runner, running makes you cool and shoes that look like car ads. 

Well, here is a car ad. This is one of the most effective, if not most original, that I have seen in some time. Why? Well, dear readers, grab that first cup of coffee and let me explain...
Christophe Lemaitre, photo courtesy of PhotoRun.net

Christophe Lemaitre is a young European sprinter, with much talent, and a long way from his top form. His coach knows that, and reminds Christophe of that every day. He is also a white sprinter, and quite frankly, there are not many white sprinters in the top of the global battle that is sprinting. 

Lemaitre is pretty modest. He knows that he has years to go before reaching his top form and that his countrymen are always looking for a great race. Brooks Johnson, a keen observer of the sport of sprinting and hurdling tells young coaches that all kids can sprint, they just need to work at it, like any activity. 

That is the beauty and universality of our sport, track & field. The programs that USA Track & Field and the IAAF have been doing to introduce our sport to more kids is a step in the right direction. I believe, that track & field is the perfect way to get kids into life long sports, cut our health care costs and curb obesity. 

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Justin Lagat picture, courtesy of Justin Lagat

This is Justin Lagat's first column for the Running Network for 2013. Justin is training and writes for us about running in Kenya. This column is one that many of us will relate to, how to make 2013 better than 2012? 
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Aries Merritt, post WR, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Aries Merritt is the world record holder in the 110 meter hurdles. His 12.80 blew the record away and put a bulls eye on the back of the fastest hurdler in the world. Aries, who also is the 2012 Olympic gold medalist, 2012 World Indoor Champ and 2012 Olympic Trials champ, can handle it. He told RBR in Barcelona, Spain, that he thinks he can run faster. And so do his heroes, Colin Jackson, 92 champ and Renaldo Nehemiah, former WR holder and first hurdler under 13 seconds. 

Spikes magazine just did a nice piece on Aries where he had some great ideas about making the hurdles even more fun and more exciting. 

Aries wants a 200 meter hurdle race and thinks a 4 x 110m hurdle relay would be crazy fun! Runblogrun's comment? Bring it on! The 4 x 110m hurdles sounds like a great event! 

Oh, and if you want to see Aries Merritt, get yourself to the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix on February 2, 2013! Reggie Lewis Center! Be there! 

Aries Merritt, photo by PhotoRun.net
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Asafa Powell, photo by PhotoRun.net

For many of us, Asafa Powell is the grand sprinter of this era. A former world record holder, Asafa has the respect of his younger Jamaican countrymen. As Usain Bolt will tell you, Asafa has lead the way. 

Asafa had some tough injuries in 2011 and 2012. Now, he is healthy again and wants to run fast, very fast. 2013 is looking list a year of fast sprinting. 
Mary Keitany, photo by PhotoRun.net

Geoffrey Mutai, Dennis Kimeto, 2012 BMW Berlin Marathon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Mo Farah, winning the 5,000 meters, London 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

Justin Lagat, our Kenyan correspondent, wrote this column about the highlights of 2012. What was your highlight? Write us at [email protected] and tell us what your favorite moment in track & field was in 2012! 
How many times will Blake and Bolt race in 2013? 

Defar and Dibaba-roads or track in 2013, or combination? 

Who will battle for the team supremacy at Moscow 2013? USA vs Russia? 

Alfons Juck, our global correspondent, asked ten questions that would be answered in the 2013 track season! What do you think? What are you questions for 2013? Send us your questions to [email protected]
The Midnight run at Foothill College, was part of the RW Midnight run series of races that went on from the early 1970s to 1995. In some years, there was a world class 8 k race with the likes of Rudy Chapa, Alberto Salazar, Craig Virgin, and Brendan Foster, I believe. In the 1980s and 1990s, RW continued to sponsor it until about 1995. 

There was an elite race, managed many years by Peanut Harms and then Joe Mangan, and a people's race. My son Adam, would join me many years, helping us at two miles give out water and shouts of encouragement. It was a fitting way to start the new year. 

Imane Merga, shown above, won the 38th Bolzano, Italy Midnight race, this year. Many of the top runners in the world found races to run, all over the world! 

Nice to see races all over the world celebrating the New year. From Sao Silvestre to the Midnight Run in Central Park, runners know how to celebrate the new year! 

The men's mile is always a highlight of the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, to be held in Boston's Reggie Lewis Center on February 2, 2013. The 2012 mile race was very physical as Mo Farah went down and recovered, Galen Rupp and Mo going three and four. Right after the race, I watched Mo and Galen, under the watchful eye of Coach Alberto Salazar, run four miles in 4:50 pace, with some stride outs, as they prepared for 2012. They did pretty amazing in 2012. What will the 2013 NB Indoor GP tell us? Be there! Get your tickets now! Runblogrun will be there, will you?
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Justin Lagat, our correspondent in Kenya

Justin Lagat is our correspondent in Kenya. A smart writer, Justin has been providing RBR and RunningNetwork readers a view of the distance super power, Kenya. Here is a column from November 2012, that we are publishing for the first time. Justin speaks of running myths, as all runners look for universal good luck! 

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