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Asbel Kiprop, photo by

Justin Lagat wrote about how excited that he is to read over the Nike Pre Classic Entry List. Meet Director Tom Jordan (who rightly gives credit to Nike's sport marketing team, lead by John Capriotti, organizes this amazing two day event.

For only the third time in the last 30 years, I will not be in Eugene, as I am sitting in a hospital. Enjoy the thoughts of Justin, who wrote this on Tuesday from Kenya! 

(Note: David Rudisha has pulled out with bone bruise and Mo Farah has moved to the 5,000m). 

Blanka Vlasic, 2012 adidas Grand Prix, 
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Here are the European Results from May 22-26, compiled by Carles Baronet of Track In Sun, done for

Sergei Bubka, 
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Sergei Bubka has announced that he will stand for the IOC Presidency position. This is a fascinating development, as the 35 time world record holder and ten time world indoor and outdoor champ and Olympic gold medalist should see where his support is for such a goal. We wish Sergei 
Bubka success as his new heights. 
This week, David Hunter wrote his column on Beth Alford-Sullivan, Penn State's head track & field coach. As David Hunter points out, Beth Alford-Sullivan, is a true track & field pioneer. 

Beth Alford-Sullivan is an example, once again, of the great people we have in this sport. 

Tirunesh Dibaba, 
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Tirunesh Dibaba is rounding into great shape, as her 30:49 for the Bupa Great Manchester Run can shows! Dibaba is racing the Pre Classic 5,000m on June 1! 

Tyson Gay, 
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The adidas Grand Prix Meet, held on Randall's island, and featuring the new speedy track, made of MONDO- Super X, at the Icahn Stadium, rose above cold and blustery conditions, to showcase some exceptional performances. 

This writer, sitting up on the top row of the Icahn media area, spent six hours freezing and being blown around from the cold and windy conditions. Despite that, now that my body is thawing out, I can happily remember the number of fine performances today. 

The sun came out just at the end of the meet, as the Jamaican high school girls 4 x 400 meter was run. This proves, once again, that god is not only Jamaican and also a women. 

Here are the highlights, in my mind, of the meet:


Tyson Gay wins the 100 meters, photo by

Blanka Vlasic clears six heights on six attempts, wins, 
photo by

Ryan Whiting, wins, again, 
photo by

Brittney Reese, Jenn Suhr, Blanka Vlasic, 
photo by

David Rudisha, 
photo by

Tyson Gay, 
photo by

Sherone Simpson, Sanya Richards-Ross, Veronica Campbell-Brown, 
photo by

It is early on Saturday morning in New York City. Most of the athletes have crashed, and downstairs at the Grand Hyatt, some coaches, managers and agents are talking track. The staff for the adidas Grand Prix has just finished up getting athletes from the airports and the team working on the meet is still working. Tomorrow will be an early meet, starting at 9 am with the discus and ending at 3.45 PM. will be there from the first discus throw to the last relay. Even with possible tough weather, it should be a fantastic meet. If you are at home, please watch it on TV, follow us on twitter, FB or live. Support your sport.

We have fantastic athletes, who not only run, jump and throw, but are positive role models in their communities. Many support programs to give something back to their community. 

Support the adidas grand prix NYC tomorrow, it should be a great meet! 

Billy Nelson, 2012 Oxy High Performance Meet, 
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Carles Baronet compiles both USA and European weekend results for each and every week, and for that, we are grateful. 
Ben True has set personal best at 1,500 meters, 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters in the past year. His World Cross Country race, where Ben lead four US men in the top 20, showed that his training is going well.

What was fascinating to me was the confidence Ben True showed in how he is handling his training, understanding the need for recovery, and working with Mark Coogan at Dartmouth. Chris Lotsbom, associate editor at Race Results Weekly, provided RBR with this piece! 

So, seriously, who inspires Tyson Gay, the American record holder in the 100 meters? Well, Tyson Gay brought his inspiration to the adidas Grand Prix press conference: Adam Getliff. Here is the story by our long time correspondent, Elliott Denman. 

Adam Getliff, Tyson Gay, 
photo by

Thumbnail image for Bolt-Powell-Rome11.jpg
Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Golden Gala 2011, 
photo by

Asafa Powell is not going to race again until the Jamaican Trials. Lots of sprinters already hurt this season, already. It is very hard to race well three seasons in a row, and that is what is happening. Mortal engines need time to recover...

With Yohan Blake being cautious, the 100 meters at the adidas Grand Prix will be Tyson Gay versus a strong field in the 100 meters at the adidas Grand Prix. Tyson expressed interest in little wind, no rain: nice, warm sprint weather. Would love to see that happen, so I will do the normally required homage to the weather gods: a goat on a spit, near Grand Central Station. My guess is that, it could provide quite the interest in the Big Apple. 

Thumbnail image for Gay_TysonFH-ParisDL.jpg
Tyson Gay, AREVA Paris 2012, 
photo by

Anyhow, Tyson Gay looks fit, and more confident than we have seen him in five years. His racing this weekend, with a little luck, could give him a great build up to the US championships! 

In Manchester, England on May 26, Dwain Chambers will take on Christophe Lemaitre, the French Flash, over 150 meters in their BUPA Manchester Great CityGames and Great Run. Allyson Felix is also racing there, fresh off her 200 meters in Beijing, China!

Dwain Chambers, photo by

Carles Baronet, of Track In Sun, compiles a weekly list of results for European events, for and its readers. We hope that you enjoy it! 

Christophe Lemaitre, in front of 12,000 adoring fans, Euro Indoors 2011, 
Photo by
Should you consider becoming a professional runner? How do find an reputable agent or manager? How to you find a sponsor? What are the differences between being a collegiate runner and a pro runner? And how do you deal with the media? 

Those are just a few of the questions that campers who attend the camp, sponsored by the Road Runners Clubs of America, will learn about! The site was recently acquired by the RRCA as one of their outreach programs.  

The RRCA is holding a 2013 runPro Camp! highly recommends this program and this website!,
Tyson Gay, adidas GP press conference, 
photo by

Sporting a neatly trimmed beard, and hair giving Tyson Gay the suggestion that Richard Roundtree, the famous actor who portrayed cult detective Shaft in the 1970s movies, Tyson Gay took questions from a fascinated media. 

Tyson Gay is healthy for the first time in six years. When asked how he felt during the 100 meters in Kingston on May 4, when he ran the world leading 9.86, Gay, straight-faced, commented, " I was racing for my life, like I always do." 

Ashton Eaton, Brianne Thiesen, Harry Marra, A Day in the Life, April 11, 2013, 
photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images/IAAF

Ashton Eaton is not competing in Gotzis this coming weekend, due to a small issue with his hamstring. Harry Marra, Eaton's coach, told us this past April that, with the decathlon and pentathlon, it is all about managing the injuries. 
This is the final piece on the Big Ten Outdoor Track & Field Championships by our columnist, David Hunter. Pay particular attention to how Dave places the Big Ten in the firmament of conferences. I like how Dave described Beth Alford-Sullivan and her focus for her teams and her university. Ms. Alford-Sullivan is one of the good ones. I only see her in passing, at USATF Convention or perhaps a championship. 
I admire the coaches who obviously enjoy their vocation and avocation.

Women in black, photo by (2009)

Vivian Cheruiyot, Kenya, February 2012, 
photo by

Vivian Cheruiyot will not be able to defend her 5,000m and 10,000 golds from Daegu, Korea at the Moscow 2013 World Championships, as she is expecting a baby early in the new year, per the following release from Ricky Simms. 

shanghai birds nest crowd .jpg
Beijing World Challenge, May 21, 2013, photo by

50,000 Chinese fans were treated to a superb track meeting today in Beijing, China. Justin Gatlin won his second 100 meters of the season, with a 9.91. Allyson Felix won the 200 meters in 22.36. Anna Chicherova won the high jump in a world leading 2.02m  and David Oliver, on the same track he won a bronze Olympic medal in 2008, won the 110 meter high hurdles in a world leading 13.16. 

li jinzhe.jpg
Li Jinzhe, note bandage on his arm, 
photo courtesy of

Li Jinzhe, the Chinese long jumper who won the Shanghai DL with an 8.34m, won in Beijing with 8.31m, and injured his arm during one of the jumps. More details to come....

This interview with Shannon Scott was done just prior to their annual sales meeting, during the middle of May. Shannon Scott has been at ASICS for 24 plus years. In the running business, Shannon is one of the longest enduring marketing people at any footwear company and one of the longest veterans in ASICS.

We asked Shannon to give us some insights into ASICS America's business in 2012, where they are going in 2013 and an update on some new products....


Yelena Isinbayeva at Shanghai, May 18, 2013, photo by

Yelena Isinbayeva won on two jumps in Shanghai, with a sore leg. Here is the story about her injuries and how she will prepare for Moscow 2013....Lots of injuries so far this season. Not sure on the severity of Wallace Spearmon. Asafa Powell had issue again in small race in Jamaica. 

Justin Lagat wrote this piece about his experience with the National Mazingira Run, in anticipation of World Enviromental Day, which is June 5, 2013. Please read it and pass it along....

Emmanuel Mutai, February 2012, Kenya, photo by

Robert Harting, 2012 FBK Hengelo, 
photo by

Robert Harting opened his season on Sunday, May 19 in a special meeting for discus in Wiesbaden, Germany. Harting came out with a win, his 34th in a row and a world leading throw in 68.31m. Gu Siyu, the Chinese women discus thrower, threw 67.86m throw-now Sandra Perkovic has someone to battle this year! 

A Happy Mary Cain, photo by Peter Abraham, 
from 2013 Oxy High Performance Meet

Kirani James, Shanghai DL, 
photo by

The past two weekend showed one of the newest trends in our sport: the youthfulness of some of the sport's rising stars. Hegos Gebrhiwet wins the 3,000 meters in Doha and turns 19 the next day. Kirani James, who won in London at the ripe age of 19, runs 44.02 to lead the world in the 400 meters, and Mary Cain, all of sixteen, runs an AJR to not only get the Moscow A standard but take second in the Oxy High Performance 1,500 meters. 

Again, is the trending youth of our sport good or bad? Exceptional athletes will rise to the top in our sport by pure effort and talent, but, the truth is, athletics, with participation in over 210 plus countries (about 300 countries on our planet at last count), shows that we have a true global sport. The key in near future: how to communicate our sport to eight billion sets of eyeballs? 

Kirania James, just making sure TFN knows his ranking: Numero Uno, 
photo by

Yelena Isinbayeva, clears 4.70m on her second jump, 
wins Shanghai DL, 
Photo by

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce runs 10.93 WL,  
photo by

The Shanghai DL gave us seven new World Leaders, five Meet Records and some great rivalries. Fraser-Pryce runs 10.93 WL with Jeter taken away on stretcher. Jason Richardson wins hurdles, Aries Merritt stops after third hurdle. Warren Weir wins 200 meters, with Wallace Spearmon's time at 80 seconds? Inquiring minds want to know! 

Well, you will have to wait until I write up the meet, on Sunday! 

adidas Grand Prix NYC, the third stop on the tour, is May 25, and will be there! 
Evan Jager and crew warming up,
May 17, 2013, Oxy Perf Meet,
Photo by Peter Abraham

Men's Steeplechase, 
May 17, 2013, Oxy Perf Meet, 
Photo by Peter Abraham

An ebullient Mary Cain, 
post American Junior Record run of 4:04.62
May 17, 2013,
photo by Peter Abraham

a smiling Alberto Salazar, 
May 17, 2013, 
Oxy Perf Meet, 
photo by Peter Abraham

We thank the RBR readers who followed the FB and tweet interchange
 between Peter Abraham, on field at Occidental College and myself last night. It was a super meet, and there was much to see and observe. I have posted four of the photos Peter Abraham took during the meet last night. If you want to see more, just go to #OxyInvite and you will find our tweet coverage (
Here are the complete results from the 2013 USATF Oxy High Performance meet. Kudos to Rose Monday and Dixon Farmer for making this meet not only so special, and a true gem on the athletic circuit, but also keeping it relaxed and focused on what it is: giving athletes a chance to run real fast.

Highlight of the meet was Mary Cain destroying the American Junior Record of 4:09.10, set by Suzy Favor Hamilton, in 1987, with her second place run of 4:04.62! 

More details to come! 

Mary Cain, smiling after her AJR, May 17, 2013, 
photo courtesy of Peter Abraham

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, how will she do over the 100 meters?
Photo by

Thumbnail image for Defar_MeseretPC-Rome12.jpg
Meseret Defar, is she ready to roll? 
photo by

With the Shanghai meet tomorrow, these and many other questions will be answered. Just below my bon mot, Alfons Juck makes comments on all events from Shanghai! My pick on time in 110m hurdles for new WL? 13.05! Let's see! 
Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, changing shoes, April 13, 2013, 
photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images/IAAF

The weekend is awash in track and field. From the Oxy Performance meet this evening and the Atlanta Grand Prix, to the Shanghai DL tomorrow. Here is the last minute updates, our man in the world, Alfons Juck provided. We hope it helps you enjoy the coverage of the major weekend events. Watch for on twitter and Facebook, with our global coverage, thanks to key correspondents around the world! 
"A cloudless night in Palo Alto, Payton Jordan 2011," 
photo by

The season gets hotter each week, here is part two of the USA Weekend results, compiled by Carles Baronet, Track in Sun. We are most grateful for his hard work! 

Dave Hunter is one of my stalwarts: I send him to the tough places, and he then, buys me a cold adult beverage on our next meeting. The following story, the first of three parts, is on last weekend's Big Ten Outdoor Championships. 

Dave Hunter is a life long track fan who is now combining his avocation with his vocation. He tells stories well, the most needed quality of any sports journalist. Hunter weaves a knowledge of the events, the importance of competition and a contemporary knowledge of the players and battles that make our sport so exciting. 

I hope you enjoy this piece. It is a few days late due to yours truly coming down with food poisoning, upon my return to the States, but that, dear readers, is another story...

photo from Brooks PR Invite 2011, 
photo courtesy of BrooksRunning

This is the day two of the Big Ten Outdoor Track & Field Championships coverage from our columnist Dave Hunter. Dave has taken on the role of the traveling observer, giving RBR readers his view of how the meets play out. Conference meets are like chess games, one must keep track of all the moving parts or face checkmate....

Drake Stadium, photo courtesy of Drake Relays
Oslo 2010, 5,000 meters, finish, photo by

The Diamond League just opened last weekend and once again, it is all about the competiton. Brittany Reese, Ryan Whiting, Hagos Gebrhewit, Asbel Kiprop and of course, Abeba Aregawi started the season off with 11 World Leaders and 7 Meet records, what will happen in Shanghai? 
FinishLynx, courtesy of SPIRE Academy

Here is part one of the results from USA this past weekend, May 9-12. Results are compiled by Carles Baronet, with Track in Sun, for
Thumbnail image for Bolt_UsainShoes1_OlyGames08.jpg
Usain Bolt, Beijing 2008, photo by

Usain Bolt will run Zurich DL. That is a fact and as many meets know, if one can get Mr. Bolt, and added that to good fields, then one is pretty well assured of a great crowd.

Usain Bolt is one of the biggest global figures in sports, period. It is not just his amazing athletic ability, but that he is able to communicate that persona, that excitement and zest for life. While I find the "Legend" story a bit much, Usain Bolt has developed into a global phenomenon. 

How to market that, as a recent WSJ article noted, is problematic. The truth is, no one athlete will build a shoe company (ask Nike or adidas), but Usain Bolt, if used effectively, could influence product sales. Keys are effective product and a marketing campaign that reaches out to his audience. And as we all know, those things are easier said than done. 

Watch for more on this topic tomorrow. 

Bjorn Otto, 
photo by

Here are the compiled results from across Europe, courtesy of our friend, Carles Baronet, who publishes Track In Sun. This covers May 6-12, 2013. 

tyson special cover.png
Tyson Gay, then with short hair, but a fine suit, 
courtesy of SPIKES magazine

Tyson Gay has now run 9.86 and 19.79w on consecutive weekends. Needless to say, Mr. Gay is in the best shape that he has been in since 2007. Healthy, thoughtful and confident, Tyson Gay lets his running do his talking, and right now, Tyson Gay is looking pretty amazing. 

We understand that he will run at the adidas Grand Prix and then, perhaps one more race, before his double at the US championships. Speaking for, we can not wait! 
Bernard Lagat, Galen Rupp, Chris Derrick, plus Canadian Cam Levin and British superstar Mo Farah will be racing at the Nike Pre Classic. Lagat, Rupp, Derrick, Levin will be dueling in the 5,000 meters. Mr. Mellow, Mo Farah, will decide the week of the event whether he is going 12 1/2 laps or 25 laps! 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Lagat-RuppFHH-OlyT12.JPG
Bernard Lagat, Galen Rupp, 2012 Olympic Trials 5,000 meters, 
photo by

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Farah_Mo5KFV1-Olympic12.jpg
Mo Farah, 2012 Olympic 5,000 meters, 
photo by

Our sport is decided by hundredths of seconds, and or, who has something left in the final fifty meters of a distance race! Mo Farah, in two Olympic finals, out lasted and out raced the best distance runners in the world! Galen Rupp came within nano seconds of gold, taking silver in the 10,000 meters and Bernard Lagat, in finishing fourth in 2012, knows he has something unfinished in the 5,000 meters-Lagat realizes, no, believes, that there is a medal with his name on it. So do Rupp and Farah and a few others.That is the brain of a championship athlete. No matter how many are in a final, it comes down to three, perhaps four, who have it that day, and who are willing to risk it all during that 13 to 27 minutes, to take a medal home. 

Who will it be in 2013? Over the next few weeks at the Diamond League meetings, we should get a pretty good glimpse of who is moving towards the medal stands in Moscow, Russia during the August 10-18, 2013 time period of the World Championships! 

For some reason, track fans love results. So, for your viewing pleasure, the complete results from the PAC-12 Championships, which were held May 4-May 12, 2013. Special thanks to David Kiefer at Stanford...


Nick Symmonds, OT 2008, photo by

Here's a piece that I saw while I was traveling, but wanted you all to see. Can Nick Symmonds make the Bachelor? We shall just have to wait and see! 

If one speaks to some of the former elite athletes from the seventies, they wonder how someone can just focus on sports training and racing. If one speaks and observes athletes today, one wonders how they can fit in anything BUT training and racing. 

Nick Symmonds is a bit of an anomaly: he is obviously a talented athlete, who seems to need outside stimuli to keep him on his toes. We all just have to wait and see....

Thumbnail image for awhg_DSC0799.jpg
Abeba Aregawi and Hagos Gebrhiwet enjoy the accolades of the crowd, Doha DL, 
photo courtesy of IAAF, and Laurel International Management

The Doha DL meeting on Friday, May 10, 2013 was a success on so many levels. A great season opener for global athletics in 2013, some fantastic performances, and a crowd that was very into the meet. 

Here are a few photos courtesy of the IAAF that give you a great view of the excitement of Friday night! 
Loren Seagrave is one of the few coaches I go to when I have a question on technique, and training. In plain English, Seagrave gets it. His ability to develop athletes, and more importantly, to help elite athletes who have reached a plateau, or can not seem to surpass challenges, is that of legend. 

The US is fortunate to have some of the greatest coaches in our sport. For Seagrave to have a facility like this, and now in a college preparatory setting, is fascinating. 

This new facility, developed for Loren Seagrave by IMG, is serious. If we want to see our young athletes develop to a higher level and learn proper technique, then, this is the kind of program that we need in this country. 
Our friend, Justin Lagat wrote this piece after watching his countrymen and women do so well in the first Diamond League Meeting, held in Qatar on Friday night, May 10, 2013! 

David Rudisha wins in Doha, 1:43.97, photo courtesy of IAAF, Laurel International Management
RunSanDiego 5-5-13  0559.JPG
Women's elite mile, May 5, 2013, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Images, Cheryl Treworgy

A very creative event, held in San Diego, where the track meets the road, gave road racers a chance to see some fast track racing! Here is a quick review of the major events of the RE RUN San Diego. Runblogrun thinks this is a great idea! 
Thumbnail image for Reese_Brittney1c-OlyGame12.jpg
Brittney Reese, London 2012, 
Photo by

Ryan Whiting, 2013 USA Indoors, 
photo by

Thumbnail image for Aregawi_Abeba-Zurich12.jpg
Abeba Aregawi, Zurich DL 2012, 
photo by

The rule is supposed to be, that in the opening meet of the elite season, there might be some strong events, and many not so strong events. The rule used to be that athletes would race themselves into shape. Not any more. Athletes came to Doha to perform, many at the top level and many with World leaders.

A harbinger for Moscow 2013? Perhaps. Know that the level of competition in the World Championships will be at one of the highest levels in years. The stronger testing programs, especially, athlete passports, is catching drug cheats and helping clean up the sport. Athletes who had tough years in 2012, are working so that 2013 helps them forget 2012.

Ryan Whiting, Brittney Reese and Abeba Aregawi opened 2013 with huge performances. Here is how Alfons Juck saw it: 

Doha DL, photo courtesy of IAAF (and Laurel International Management)

On a warm, somewhat windy night, a crowd of seven to eight thousand track h enjoyed the first Diamond league meeting of the year, held in the Qatar Olympic Club, in Doha, Qatar.

The big performances were Abeba Aregawi's 3:56.60 for the 1,500m, Ryan Whiting's massive 22.28m shot put and Brittney Reese's iconic 7.25m long jump! What an opener! 

The Kenyan and Ethiopian fans, chanting, blowing horns and clapping, made the crowd seem even larger. From the exciting women's 1,500 meters, where a Swedish national record, Kenyan National record and World Leaders and Meet records were set, as Abeba Aregawi of Sweden set a WL and MR, as well as new Swedish record, Aregawi ran 3:56.60 to Kenya's Faith Chepngetich Kipyegen's 3:56.90 NR and the pb of 3:57.74 by third placer Gezene Dibaba of Ethiopia! 

Asbel Kiprop's WL 1,500m of 3:31.13 and David Rudisha's 800m WL of 1:43.97 showed the fans just how fit both of these great athletes were. The battles over the men's 100 meters (Justin Gatlin) and women's 200 meters (Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce) showed just how veteran athletes could hold off young, talented and enthusiastic athletes. 

One enthusiastic athlete was Ryan Whiting, who, in his fifth attempt blew the show out of the water, with a throw of 22.38 meters, a WL, MR and personal best! 

There were battles in the pole vault, high jump and men's 3,000 meters. Bohdan Bondarenko won the high jump at 2.33m, in a titanic battle with Qatar's Mutasz Barshim, who finished second in 2.30m, with a great following from the fans. Konstadnos Filippidis won the pole vault, setting a Greek record, Meet Record and World Leader of 5.82m. Malte Mohr of Germany, had the same height, but finished in second in the pole vault. 

The 3,000 meters, the last event of the Doha meeting, came down to 53.8 seconds as Hagos Gebrhiwet runs 7:30.36, a new world leader.

The next stop for the Diamond League is Shanghai on May 18, 2013. 

Updated May 11, 2013.

We are less than six hours from the start of the Doha DL, the opening of the fourth season of the Diamond League. The 14 meets show us that the sporting world loves global competition and track and field continues to develop fans. How do we bring in the huge global sponsors to our sport? That will be part of the challenge as we try to communicate the excitement and the power of athletics competition! 

AO COVER-Rudisha.jpg

The IAAF Communications Department gets it. The new website, the new fan's group and the enthusiasm of their staff gives track fans invaluable information on our sport. The Doha DL is a case in point. Just below my deep thought (not deep thoughts, as that would require complete use of my brain at this time, which is somewhere over Budapest, I believe), the IAAF has provided a dozen excellent links to stories, previews and resources to help you enjoy the sport! 

Thumbnail image for KJ002578.JPG
Doha DL, 
photo courtesy of Laurel International Management for the IAAF

So, after your run this morning, grab that coffee or tea, download the links and of course, check out the Doha DL coverage on as well! 
Doha, Qatar, photo courtesy of IAAF (from Laurel International Management)

The IAAF has done an excellent event by event preview of the first of the 2013 IAAF Diamond League Meetings. This should be a fantastic event. So, grab your coffee, and check out the preview. 

My two favorite events look like the women's 400 meters and the men's 1,500 meters, but the men's shot put is loaded as is the women's 100m hurdles! What a fantastic way to start off the 2013 Diamond League season. 

I have had my first double espresso of the day, so the juices are starting to flow, the brain waves are moving and we should have a superb meeting tonight! 

Here is link to IAAF Preview of the Doha DL: 

Doha DL, photo courtesy of the IAAF (and Laurel Management International) will, as it has done the past two years, provide a live, curated feed to the Doha DL meeting. provides the viewer with live coverage of the Doha DL from up to five different viewpoints, including video and photography. It also includes live comments from viewers and gives the fan a unique viewpoint into the major events, including commentary from's team. 

If you are unable to wake up in time, note that, by going to the link, you will also have access to the archived meet, just as it happened live, for your enjoyment later. 

Here is link for Runblogrun's live coverage of Doha, at 9 am EST,8am CST or 6 am PST,

Thumbnail image for Bolt_UsainPC1a-Rome12.jpg
Usain Bolt, Rome 2012, 
photo by

Sounds like Usain Bolt had kind of a bumpy start, but ran 10.09 for a win on Wednesday, May 8. Carmelita Jeter ran 10.95 for the Wl and Orlando Ortega of Cuba hurdled a nifty 13.17. Can not wait until Doha! 

RunSanDiego 5-5-13  0692.JPG
Duane Solomon winning Re Run San Diego, May 5, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Images, Cheryl Treworgy

The weekend of May 3-5, 2013 is another example of how the season is heating up, just one week before the opening of the Diamond League! 
Thumbnail image for Tamgho_Teddy1792-EuroInd11.jpg
Teddy Tamgho, L'enfant terrible of the TJ, is back! 
photo by

Mo Farah to run Bupa London 10k on May 26, 
photo by

Tirunesh Dibaba running 10k on May 26 an 5k on June 1 at Pre, 
photo by

Teddy Tamgho has already jumped 16.46m, he is healthy once again. Mo Farah has Bupa London 10k on May 27, Tirunesh Dibaba running 10k on Bupa Manchester on May 26, and Nike Pre 5,000m on June 1. 

The season gets hotter by the day! 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Defar-CheruiyotFH-Doha12.jpg
Doha DL, 2012, Defar battles Cheruiyot, 
photo by

Thumbnail image for Rudisha_David-Doha12.jpg
David Rudisha, 2012 Doha DL, photo by

As I am called to my first flight, Chicago to Frankfurt, here is the most immediately available news on the Doha DL. Looking forward to covering the meet for our readers! 

Lusapho April breaks course record at 2013 TUI Hannover Marathon, 
photo by

Olena Burkovska sets CR at TUI Marathon Hannover, 
photo by

Despite warm weather, Lusapho April and Olena Burkovska set course records at TUI Marathon Hannover and lead 16,000 runners across the line! Here is the story provided on the May 5, 2013 event! 

As I lumbered off the red eye this morning from Los Angeles to Chicago, I went to a little Greek restaurant by Gate f7 in Ohare, grabbed my coffee and checked email. There was Justin Lagat's piece for this week, on David Rudisha. Just what I wanted to read! I hope you enjoy Justin's coverage of athletics in Kenya. It seems, many weeks, like we are just there with Justin on his runs and at his races....
Eaton, Hardee, World Champs 2011, 
photo by

With less than 95 days before Moscow 2013, the athletes of the world are coming out of hibernation, or long training. The Doha League is less than four days away and the battles that will be fought there will be eye opening. and the  will be there to witness the opening of the 2013 Diamond League season. 

In the next four weeks, we will see Doha (May 10), Shanghai (May 18), adidas GP NYC (May 25) and the Pre Classic (June 1). That is four weeks of great global track & field! 

KD wins in Rome, 2011, 
photo by

I was in the press area in the Stadio Olympico in Rome, when I saw Khadevis Robinson charge to the lead. I thought, perhaps, he was a rabbit, but not so. KD just kept running and won in Rome in May of 2011. Many of us thought he was over, but not true, KD had miles to race before he slept.

In this fine piece about one of our most enduring athletes, Dave Hunter gives the reader insights into what keeps a man going after a crushing defeat. KD kept going and ran a superb final in the Olympic Trials in 2012. Here is KD's story: 

Suppose one goes to Jamaica and Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Asafa Powell are not running? Well, then Tyson Gay runs 9.86, Nickel Ashmeade goes 20.00, Antwon Hicks hurdles 13.26 and Ryan Whiting throws 21.74m for world leaders! And to top that off, VCB runs 11.01 to win the 100m and Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce runs 22.38 for the 200m win! Season is starting to get hot, hot, hot! 

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Tyson Gay grows his hair, runs 9.86! Coincidence? 
We sure don't think so! (photo from adidas GP)

Tyson Gay opens his season at the Jamaica Invite, running a smooth 9.86, coming from behind and just blowing the field away! Check out the video! Can not wait to see Tyson run on May 25, at the adidas Grand Prix! 

We do think it's the hair, just so you know! 
Here is our friend, Carles Baronet's Track in Sun special update for on European results. We hope you enjoy and also appreciate that a lot of work goes into compiling results. We ask you to pass the links around so we can keep track of the traffic and show potential advertisers that Track & Field fans are, well, the best athletics fans of all.

2013 European Indoors, 3,000m (OLionaird, Carvalho), 
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Lusapha April wins TUI Marathon Hanover, 
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Olena Burovska wins TUI Marathon Hanover, 
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As I was walking in Albuquerque, New Mexico yesterday with our RN webmaster, Chuck Bartlett, results from around the world were arriving on my iphone. The health of our sport is amazing and the grass roots grown would surprise anyone who follows it.

The Road Runners Clubs of America convention ended on Sunday, May 5 and the 59th convention is already in planning stages. Gary Morgan, Mr. Ubiquitous, a man more well travelled than I, has left Albquerque, as he pursues his goal of visiting 50 national parks. On Saturday night though, Gary video taped and I interviewed Tom Fleming, one of the most successful and colorful runners in our sport. A perfect ending to a fantastic convention and RN publishers meetings.

Watch for a new mobile app from the Running Network over the next month, with all 28 of our websites, social media links, and digital issues as well as websites of our 23 titles! It will be free to you, our readers. 

Since 1986, the Running Network has been the clearing house for running information. Our goal today is quite simple: give you, the runner, informed content when you want it, how you want it and where you want it. 

Technology moves on, but at the end the day, man and woman are to use technology, in my mind to make life better and bring people closer. Social media is part of that attempt, but at the end of the day, nothing is a like a walk in Old town Albuquerque, or a run around Stevens Creek Dam in Mountain View. 

The adidas Grand Prix NYC meet, the third stop on the IAAF Diamond League in 2013, is happening May 25, 2013. Held in Icahn Stadium on Randalls Island, in the center of New York City, the adidas GP brings elite track & field to the Big Apple. 


This homage to the adidas GP was produced by the Shoe Addicts for the adidas GP team. We hope you like it! Remember to check out the Facebook and twitter sites for the adidas Grand Prix !

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Amantle Montsho, 
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Allyson Felix, photo by

One of the tremendous clashes on opening meet of the Diamond league will be Amantle Montsho versus Allyson Felix! Doha DL has some tremendous opening competitions to get the best series in track & field going for 2013! 

Montsho and Felix are such different runners, at first glance, but both rely on rhythm and huge stores of endurance. Watching them come off the turn in Doha will be very exciting! Next to the women's 1,500m field, the women's 400m will be a barn burner. I can not wait! 

Lots of debate recently on Mo Farah running the first half of the Virgin London Marathon. I was not understanding the reasoning, until I watch Mo speak about it in Portland. When I arrived in London and watched the media frenzy around Mo, and his running the first half under 61 minutes, I could appreciate his need to give the event a run through. The elite marathoners in the London marathon were also sending Mo Farah a bit of a message: good luck in getting into our event. It will fascinating to see Virgin Money London next year! 

Wilson Kipketer, David Rudisha, IAAF Gala, November 2012, 
photo courtesy of and IAAF Communications

The track season is really starting to move. David Rudisha ran 45.5 for 400 meters in major meet in Nairobi. Rudisha will be racing at the adidas GP on May 25 and Nike Pre on June 1. 

Running Network publications are holding their national meeting in conjunction with the Road Runners Clubs of America. The RRCA, with just over 1,700 clubs, 250,000 members, is the largest grass roots running organization in the U.S. Modeled after the British Road Runners clubs, RRCA was founded in 1958 in New York City. 

In the 1970s, many astute high school coaches formed RRCA clubs for their athletes summer mileage programs and winter mileage programs. Watch for a program promoting that from RN and the RRCA. For more information on the RRCA, go to, and for more information on the Running Network, go to

Drake Relays, courtesy of Drake University

One hundred days to go to Drake and athletes are coming out of the woodwork. Watch for some hot performances this weekend and big ones as Doha opens the Diamond League next Friday! 

David Tarus, Mumbai, 2010, 
photo by

Justin Lagat writes about a race in Eldoret that was announced two days before it happened, and guess what? A tough crowd of elite athletes showed up to do battle over 10k. Here is how Justin viewed the race! 

(Updated May 3: GoTV sponsored the race, and is involved with digital TV in Kenya). 

Cloudless night at Payton Jordan, 2011, 
photo by

We asked Mark Winitz, long time correspondent for American Track & Field and California Track & Running News, to provide his eye witness account of the Payton Jordan Invitational this past weekend. Here is how Mark saw the tremendous performances: 

Payton Jordan 10k start, 2011, 
photo by

Drake Relays, courtesy of Drake University

Drake University hosted the Drake Relays last weekend, April 25-27, the same weekend as Penn Relays and on Sunday, April 28, the Payton Jordan invitational. Thanks to Carles Baronet, here are the compiled results from USA major and not so major events the weekend of April 25-28. 
Crushing a fantastic last lap, Kim Conley ran 15:22.07, to win the Payton Jordan Invitational from Katie Mackay and Julia Lucas in a hotly contested twelve and one half laps on Sunday, April 28, 2013. Kim Conley's swift run gives her the the 7th fastest time in the World in 2013. 

Kim Conley, 2012 Olympic Trials, 
photo by

Last July, Kim Conley caught Julia Lucas in the last steps of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials 5,000 meters and made the Olympic team by scant inches. The time, which gave her the A standard and allowed her to compete in London, was fast due to the tough pace that Julia Lucas put down during the middle of the race, and the pace that Kim Conley challenged herself to pursue. In the end, Kim Conley kept her composure and raced, out of her mind. That is, dear friends, the Olympic Trials. That is how you make an Olympic team. Third is as good as first, and sometimes, even better. 

We sent these questions to Josh Rowe, Marketing Manager at New Balance in late February. Josh passed the questions to John Evans, long time coach/advisor for Team New Balance. Kim Conley was one of the first to respond. 

We thought it appropriate that we post the World Leader at 5,000 meters interview tonight. (This interview was done in Mid March, just before Kim ran at the World XC). 
We have posted the digital edition of the April-June 2013 issue of California Track & Running News. We hope that you enjoy the new design and new departments. A strong piece on coach Jim Bush, one the most important coaches in our country. An excellent piece by Mark Winitz on USATF officials and why you should consider being an official!

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