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Abeba Aregawi, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The 2013 season has shown us so far, that major meets up to Moscow will be full of surprises. The Birmingham DL meet was full of surprises. 

Mo Farah, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Mo Farah ended the Sainsbury Grand Prix the way Birminghamd DL fans love it: with a win for Great Britain! Mo Farah took control with less than 800 meters and was victorious over Hagos Gebrhiwet and Yenew Alimarew. In fourth place, back five seconds was Ibrahim Jelian, the defending champion in the 10,000 meters from the Daegu World Champs! 

Mo Farah had this to say about his victory: 

"It was important that I won the race. The conditions were tough today.


It was a tough field so I'm really pleased I came through it with a victory. It's important that I keep working hard now and get ready for the World Championships.


Training is going well so I'm quite confident now.


I got a massive roar from the crowd which was good. It reminded me of the atmosphere at the Games, I've got great memories from London so that was great today." 

         Mahledine Mekhissi Benadbbad, London 2012 Olympics, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mahledine Mekhissi Benadbbad ran an excellent 2,000 meters in Riems, in 4:56.85, as this issue catches us up from around the world! 
The Birmingham DL is in a few hours. The meet in Birmingham has been sold out for some time, and the crowd waits to see Mo Farah versus the world. Here is the preview from Alfons Juck: 

Mo Farah, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Alain Mimoun was one of the classiest athletes of the 20th century. The late Emil Zatopek told me the story about Alain Mimoun waiting for him at the finish of the 1956 Melbourne Marathon. Emil's eyes twinkled when he spoke of Alain, with the respect that ONLY someone who has raced against the other can understand.

Alain Mimoun won three silver medals in Olympic Games behind Zatopek and four European titles silver medals behind Zatopek. It was only in the 1956 Olympic games, at the age of 35, that Alain Mimoun won his first Olympic games gold medal. He waited the five minutes for his friend and rival, Emil Zatopek to finish sixth. Zatopek took his hat off to give Alain a military salute. Mimoun told reporters that Zatopek's salute was more important to him than a gold medal. 

As for the comments on his nationality found on the Guardian newspaper site,  Mimoun, fought like many against the Fascists in WW2, in the Free French Forces, including members of the later Algerian resistance. One must not, I was taught judge someone by the standards of today, but of the standards of his time. 

Alain Mimoun nearly lost his foot in the battle for Sicily. In Paris, after WW2, Alain changed his name from Ali to the French Alain. Mimoun was already a fine runner before the second World War. 

Alain Mimoun won over 80 French championships, the last one in his seventies. He won his last marathon French champs at age of 46. Until the age of 90, Mimoun ran every other day. 

Alain Mimoun was a man who had seen the worst and best in man. Zatopek spoke of Mimoun with affection in his interview with me (1991), for nearly an hour. When I asked him about Alain, he said that Mimoun was a tough competitor, and always a gentleman. 

Mimoun was and is loved by French sports fans and real track fans. His lesson about taking five Euro and Olympic medals before winning his first gold is a lesson for all about perseverance. 

Pat Butcher, one of our favorite writers, wrote a monograph about Alain Mimoun. It is fitting that we publish Butcher's tribute to Alain Mimoun here. (Please subscriber to www.globerunner.org). 

The battle for Moscow from August 10-August 18, 2013, for local Moscowvites may not be Usain Bolt and the Jamaicans versus Tyson Gay and the Americans. More than likely, it will be Yelena Isinbaeva versus Jenn Suhr in the pole vault (and Anna Chicherova versus the world in the high jump). 

In this thoughtful column, Jenn Suhr, en route to Birmingham for the the Diamond League meeting on Sunday, June 30, has some comments on the upcoming World Championships, and how children see star athletes, especially if the star athlete is their aunt, Olympic gold medalist Jenn Suhr.....

Jenn Suhr, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

This is a fun video previewing the 2013 World Youth Championships, to be held in Donetsk, Ukraine 10-14 July 2013. Runblogrun.com will keep you informed, courtesy of the media team of IAAF Communications! 

 Enjoy the video and remember to check in on the new stars of global athletics!

Remember to check at www.iaaf.org often!

Long time Shoe guru Cregg Weinmann, Footwear and apparel reviewer for the Running Network, has developed www.runningproductreviews.com, where he waxes poetically on all things in the footwear and apparel world. 

This is a fun, well edited video on the Track & Field offerings for 2013. We hope that you like it! 

Tyson Gay, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Tyson Gay was one of the most welcome revelations for American sprint fans in years, on the men's side. The Osaka 2007 100m, 200m gold medalist is healthy, fit and most importantly, confident. 

Here is Elliott Denman's column on Tyson Gay being healthy and what he could do in Moscow 2013. 

Okay, I almost made it to Ostrava this year, except there was this little thing about getting sick and no travel for six weeks. So, I will have to make it there for the 53rd. 

By all indications (I was viewing the global feed), the crowd was strong and the performances were strong as well. Sally Pearson opened her season with a good win. Lavillenie showed who is  le roi de la pole vault. 

The Ostrava Golden Spike puts together some fantastic fields. The men's 5,000 meters showed a tremendous field, as did the women's 1,500 meters. Not really fast, but some good chances to see fitness levels of some of the key players in the battle for Moscow, coming in August. 

Story that was picked up in the press is that Asafa Powell won the 100 meters twice. Apparently, the first final was a false start, but Asafa took off and won the race in 9.97. Once the race was called back, Asafa Powell won the second final, and ran 10.06. Wonder if that sub ten second 100 meters will count to his list of sub ten second 100 meter races? 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Powell_AsafaPC-Lausanne11.jpg
Asafa Powell, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Matt Tegenkamp, photo by PhotoRun.net

Matt Tegenkamp, one of the top American distance runners of his era, will be debuting in this coming fall's Bank of America Chicago Marathon, it was announced today. Tegenkamp is the two mile American record holder (8:07.7), and was a three time World Championship team member (Osaka 2007, Berlin 2009, Daegu 2011), and two time Olympian (London 2012 and Beijing 2008). His focus has been on the 5,000 meters and 10,000 meter distances. It was at the 5,000 meter distance that Matt Tegenkamp placed fourth in the Osaka World Championships in 2007. 

Matt Tegenkamp has run a few road races, where he has had success from 5k to 20k. We wish him good luck in Chicago and are looking forward to his debut. 
One of the coolest things that the IAAF does are these amazing statistic handbooks for those lucky enough to journey to the events or who are writing about the events. For the past several years, the IAAF has offered a download of the books. My suggestion-download them, if you are track fan, as they come in handy (I keep all the pdfs in my apple cloud account and drop box as back up). 

Well written, chock full of information and minutia that a real track fan or a soon to be converted track geek (like a parent, uncle, aunt of young athlete) will love, the World Youth Handbook will show you why President Lamine Diack believes that the World Youth Championships is one of the most important ventures of the IAAF. 
The IAAF World Youth Championships was my first youth champs. It was eye opening. Held in the beautiful city of Lille, the championships should be on the list of all real track fans. It is a wonderful chance to see the superstars of tomorrow. Fascinating performances, in historic venues, with great enthusiasm, what more can a track fan ask for? 

Runblogrun will keep our readers updated on the daily performances at the 2013 IAAF World Youth Championships, from Donetsk, Russia, via twitter, FB and daily updates on Runblogrun.com, thanks to the IAAF. 
Duane Solomon, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Duane Solomon lead his race from the first step, and won the 800 meters in 1:43.27, the fastest time of the year for an American. Representing Saucony, Duane races in the Endorphin MD4. The exploits of Duane Solomon and his team mates, Molly Huddle, Queen Harrison and Ashley Higginson are written about in the release below from Saucony. 

This video was done in April, from two days of observing Aries Merritt, the world record holder in the 110 meter hurdles and London 2012 Olympic gold medalists. The media tour, organized by the IAAF, gave a group of international media, Getty photographer Doug Pensinger and the video team of the Shoe Addicts. 

Aries Merritt made the team for Moscow 2013 this past weekend. Merritt told the media during the A Day in the Life tour that he wanted a World Championship. Moscow is less than two months away. 

Stephen Sambu, B.A.A. 10k, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Mamitu Daska, B.A.A. 10k, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The B.A.A. 10k is the second of the three race B.A.A. race series, with a 5k, 10k and half marathon and $100k on the line for the top scorer in both men and women's race series. In the second race of the series in year three, Stephen Sambu and Mamitu Daska won the men and women's races this past weekend. 

Russia was the big winner for the fourth European Athletics Team Championships, with Germany less than eight points behind and Great Britain in third. 


Jenny Simpson winning USA 5,000m, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

This release came from New Balance to celebrate the success of their women distance runners at the USA Outdoor Champs. 
Nicole Bush, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

This is the Day three photo gallery of the USA Outdoor Championships. Photos are from PhotoRun.net and the gallery was produced by Chuck Bartlett, web director for the RunningNetwork.com

Justin Lagat wrote this piece earlier today and sent me a note with it to please get it posted today as Conselsus Kipruto is racing in Ostrava. I had hoped to be in Ostrava this year, as my friend Alfons Juck is the meet manager and I had promised Alfons that I would be there. Getting sick, I am home until the end of July, so I will have to watch Conselsus Kipruto run from afar! 
Here is Justin's feature on Conselsus. 

Conselsus KIpruto, 
photo by Justin Lagat

The USA outdoor Championships are over, but the results will be discussed all week long. Saturday, June 22 was a day that saw four ARs, and a WL in the high jump. Alfons Juck gives us more details on the third day of the US championships, and the American records set that day.


This is the photo gallery celebrating the second day of the 2013 USA Outdoor Championships. Photos are from PhotoRun.net and gallery was produced by Chuck Bartlett, web director of the RunningNetwork.com.
Dathan Ritzenhein leads the 10,000 meters,
 photo by PhotoRun.net

The first day of the 2013 USA Outdoor Championships were captured by the cameras of PhotoRun.net. Chuck Bartlett, the web director for the RunningNetwork.com, put this photo gallery today. We hope that you enjoy it. 

Brianna Rollins runs 12.24 AR in 100m hurdles, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

In a weekend where four American records were set, what became clear is how strong the US team is for the World Championships. Tyson Gay is back, and blazed over 100 meters and 200 meters. Brianna Rollins ran 12.24, the fastest time since 1988! Michelle Carter put herself in the shot put medal hunt with her AR. Amanda Bingson broke the hammer AR twice, making her third best thrower in world in 2013. 

Brilliant 800 meter races, amazingly tactical middle distance and long distance races, and 38 year old Bernard Lagat wins the 5,000m. Mary Cain came within ten meters of winning the 1,500m until Treniere Moser won the race, less than a year after she had considered retiring from the sport! 

We will be analyzing this meet all week, but for now, right here, check out the results. See who finished sixth in the 1,500 meters, see who ran the 1,500m and 5,000m finals (Shannon Rowbury and Katie Mackey). 

Most of all, consider all of the athletes who ran, jumped and threw this weekend in Des Moines! 

David Hunter, in his feature for Day three, wrote about Super Saturday, a day where 4ARs were set, one in the women's shot put, women's 100m hurdles and twice on the women's hammer throw! 

Brianna Rollins, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

LaShawn Merritt, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

In Elliott Denman's column for Day three, he focuses on the improved chances for the US males at 400 meters, thanks to the return of one LaShawn Merritt to a high level of fitness....

Mary Cain, Treniere Moser, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

In a wonderfully slow and tactical 1,500 meters, Coach Alberto Salazar coached two athletes, who ran their own races, and achieved their goals. Mary Cain took the lead with 300 meters to go, running a swift 43 seconds for the distance. Treniere Moser increased her speed over the last 300 meters, but did not get within striking distance until the last twenty meters, as Moser fought, step by step for her fourth title at 1,500 meters. 

Nicole Bush, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Nicole Bush took a big risk, and after four years of waiting, won the USA steeplechase title and will be going to Moscow. Ashley Higginson took second and made her first international team. Shalaya Kipp, who was third on the Olympic team last year, took third this year. This is how Chris Lotsbom, Associate Editor of Race Results Weekly, saw this amazing race...

A crazy weekend of track and field, from Des Moines, Iowa, to Gateshead, England to Nairobi, Kenya. Germany has lead in the European Athletics Team Championships. Mo Farah ran 50.8 last lap to win the 5,000 meters...some interesting results from Kenya Championships. 

Mo Farah, photo by PhotoRun.net


Kate Grace, in back of photo, by David Monti, Race Results Weekly

David Monti wrote this piece on two athletes, Kate Grace and Mike Rutt, who are coached by the legendary coach Frank Gagliano, aka Gags....
Tyson Gay runs 9.75 for 100 meters, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

David Hunter's column on the Day of the Sprints, day two of the USA Champs, gives you an insider's view of the highs and lows of the USA Champs....A world or national champs, properly orchestrated, is like an Italian opera, with great moments of pathos, highs, lows and events that carry the fans for the entire performance. This championships is getting more and more fascinating.

English Gardner reminding Mt.SAC fans she was a Duck, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Elliott Denman wrote his day two column on English Gardner, for whom he has both high praise and high expectations.....

My father once told me, " If you believe your own bullsh#t, then you are really in trouble". Sports has its own subterfuge. But, to be an elite athlete in track and field, one must live in the world of reality, day after day. One is only as good as their last competition. 

The level of the 800 meters in the US has drastically improved over the past six years. Nick Symmonds now has even more difficult competition than in the past. The difference is, Nick Symmonds gets that, and seems to welcome that. He spoke recently about his need for speed, needing to get his 400m down in the 46.2 range, like one Sebastian Coe.

Here is Chris Lotsbom's piece on Nick Symmonds. We think that you will enjoy the piece from Race Result Weekly's Associate Editor. 


A tale of two cities. Kingston and Des Moines. Banged up Jamaican sprinters, Bolt wins in 9.94 and Powell is seventh in 10.22. Blake not running. Tyson Gay runs 9.75 and English Gardner runs 10.85. 

That USA Track & Field is pushing the digital envelope with their fifty hours of digital coverage, which is operating at B+ level, is admirable. That the national TV coverage on ESPN2 and NBC Network (Universal is not national, as major cable providers do not carry it) is strong as well. The Friday night two hours on ESPN2 was one of best programming coups for coverage of US track & field. Multi event coverage. Would sure like to see some of the 10,000m, but the coverage of the 100 meters, the 800m rounds was fantastic. Commentating by Ato Boldon, Tim Hutchings, Lewis Johnson and a very on Dwight Stones, who did was he was best at, commentating on field events, was superb. 

Have been observing Coach Robert Johnson of Oregon this year. Met him at indoor meet where English Gardner was running. I like his quiet confidence. He keeps his cards close to his chest, which a smart coach, and one who has dealt with media should do. Was able to observe him with his sprinters in Hayward, and sure impressed with his work with English Gardner.

Also, you never hear Tyson Gay giving Usain Bolt or Jamaican sprinters any verbal warfare. He lets his 9.75 do the talking. And that is some serious talking.

 Tyson Gay, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

USA Half Marathon was well attended in Duluth, with kudos from elite athletes. Adriana Nelson won the women's race, and Mo Trafeh won the men/s. Nice to see Desi Davila running back. Thanks to Brendan Reilly, who provides us updates from races around the world. Photo courtesy of Jill Hilliard. 

adrianna nelson.jpg
Adriana Nelson, photo by Jill Hilliard
Tyson Gay, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Tyson Gay is healthy for the first time since 2007. He is also fitter than he has been since Osaka. But most importantly, he has regained his confidence. In New York, Gay's coach, Lance Brauman told me that Tyson no longer has to run crazy fast in workouts to build up his confidence. Now, Tyson Gay runs the workouts needed to put him the place that gets him fit. And with his running is Des Moines last night, Tyson Gay is very, very fit. 

English Gardner, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

English Gardner gave up her last year of college competition at the University of Oregon to go pro. Looks like she made the right decision. 
Brandon Johnson, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Brenda Martinez, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Friday, June 21 was a tremendous day at the USA Championships, and Chris Lotsbom and David Monti of Race Results Weekly wrote the following piece on the distance and middle distance races. Here is their take on Friday: 


Shalane Flanagan lead the whole way, 

photo by PhotoRun.net


Rupp, Derrick, Ritzenhein, after the break, three laps to go, 

photo by PhotoRun.net

David Hunter wrote this piece about Day One's 10,000 meter races and gave us some insights into Mary Cain and Treniere Moser....

What a first day of the senior champs! USA Champs in Des Moines are starting well. Hot, humid conditions make it runs for the win in the 10,000m. Galen Rupp used a 2:03.45 last 800 and 61 last lap to take over from Dathan Ritzenhein who busted the race wide open with five laps to go! 

Shalane Flanagan wanted the win and took the win. She made her dream the reality. Jordan Hasay gutted out a fine last lap to take second and Tara Erdmann took third. Hasay and Erdmann need to get A standards or Amy Hastings and Kara Goucher go, who both have A standards. Shalane Flanagan won her 15th US title-time for some respect. 

Thumbnail image for Flanagan_USA_10000m_2013_Leading_Lotsbom.jpg
Flanagan dominates, photo by Chris Lotsbom, Race Results Weekly, used with permission.

Tyson Gay, Justin Gatlin and Mike Rodgers advance in the 100 meters. LaShawn Merritt, Josh Mance and Tony McQuay advance in the 400m, with Tony having the fastest time of 45.22, but Jeremy Wariner and Bershawn Nellum did not advance. 

Duane Solomon and Nick Symmonds looked like the two in the 800 meters. In the 1,500m, Centro, Manzano, Leer, Fleet and Batty looked very good. Mary Cain followed Treniere Moser with Gabby Anderson and Katie Mackey looking good in the 1,500m heat. Morgan Uceny made it, but barely. 

Alysia Montano and Brenda Martinez had exact same times in their respective heats, 2:01.96. 

That is the way World Champs Trials go....
Galen Rupp, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Galen Rupp won his fifth USA title at 10,000 meters last night. Using a swift last 800 meters of 2:03.4 and last 400 meters of 61 seconds, Rupp moved away from the field, to take his win, and move on to Moscow in August 2013. 

This is how Chris Lotsbom, writing for Race Results Weekly, saw the men's 10,000 meters last evening....

Shalane Flanagan leads 10,000m, June 20, 2013, photo by Chris Lotsbom, RRW, used with permission.

The women's 10,000 meter was a classic championship race in hot and humid conditions. This is how David Monte, editor of Race Results Weekly, saw the race....
RunSanDiego 5-5-13  1034.JPG
Pretty Sporty Photos, by Cheryl Treworgy

The first day of the USA Champs had few surprises, but some very strong impressions. Mary Cain and Treniere Moser was one of them, with their run from the front with 600 meters to go, take no prisoners running in their heat of the 1,500 meters. Here is how RRW's Chris Lotsbom saw the first day: 
RunSanDiego 5-5-13  0692.JPG
Duane Solomon, photo by Pretty Sporty Photos, Cheryl Treworgy

Nick Symmonds, Olympic Trials 2012, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Elliott Denman, after observing the 800 meter heats, wrote the following column about the lack of success on the global stage at 800 meters....what do you think? 
The first day of the USA Outdoor Champs was hot and humid in Des Moines. Missing were Carmelita Jeter and Ryan Bailey, who are both injured and have pulled out of the US championships. 

The USATFTV was launched today. Some snafus, but Runblogrun.com would give them a B plus ranking for the first day. Runblogrun.com watched the programming on iphone, ipad and ibook and when the programming worked (85 percent of time), it was pretty good. 

Key things to improve on: keep the announcing top notch: Hutchings and Zarnowski were very good. As they add cameras, such as when they covered the heptathlon shot put and the 800 meter heats. 

My impressions from afar: Sanya Richards-Ross has improved a lot in one month. Jeremy Wariner had not. Galen Rupp just opened up and moved in the 10,000 meters, and Shalane Flanagan just willed her win. 

And, Jordan Hasay impressed me. 


Thumbnail image for Drake.jpg
Drake Stadium, 
photo from Drake Relays

Luzhniki Stadium.jpg
Luzhniki Stadium, 
Moscow, courtesy of IAAF.org

A release on the MONDO surfaces used in Drake Stadium and Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, for the US and World Championships....

Drake Stadium1.jpg
Drake Stadium, Thursday, June 20, 2013, 
photo by Chris Lotsbom, Race Results Weekly

Chris Lotsbom warns us about the role that heat and humidty will play in Des Moines this weekend in all of the events. 

Charles Denson, NIKE Brand President since 2006, a 34 year veteran at Nike, has announced his retirement for January 2014. Trevor Edwards will be replacing Charles as the NIKE Brand President in a move that has not surprised many keen NIKE watchers. 

Denson's reputation as thoughtful, respectful, and at same time protective of the brand he oversaw is a bit different from his replacement. Trevor Edwards, a former footballer, could be best described as mercurial, with a strong sense of humor and sense of where the Nike brand should go. 

Fascinating to see Tom Clarke, former Nike Prez, and a man who understands footwear, is heading innovation. 

Gary Stefano, 31 year Nike career, will retire July 29, 2013 as president of Global Operations. Elliot Hill will become President of Geographies & Sales. 

Eric Sprunk will be the new COO, and Jayme Martin, formerly VP & GM of Global Running, will be the new VP & GM of Global Categories. 

Big changes for NIKE. More comments to come once I digest this release. 

This is the first piece by Caitlin Chock, former American high school record holder at 5,000 meters. Caitlin is developing her journalistic skills and concentrating on health, sports and fitness pieces. Well-written, thoughtful and full of good information for parents, coaches and athletes, this piece addresses the phenomenon of young elite athletes. Caitlin uses Emily Sisson, a fine high school runner, now running at Providence.

Mary Cain, 2013 Nike Pre, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

I asked Caitlin to write this in the spring, after watching Mary Cain race and enjoy it. I wanted to have someone who had experienced some of the same expectations, but also who had some perspective. I am happy to have found Caitlin and her point of view. Caitlin's theme is to keep it fun, and keep the expectations down. I like that. 

You will be seeing several pieces from Caitlin over the next few weeks. 

Emily Sisson, 2010, photo by PhotoRun.net

Silas Kiplagat wins Bowerman mile, photo by PhotoRun.net

In one of the most exciting moments in track and field on TV, Silas Kiplagat literally won the Bowerman mile in the last inches. Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the stunning race while I was sick, so I missed it. I hope you enjoy it! 

Drake Stadium,  
courtesy of Drake Relays

The 2013 USA Championships are about to begin, and David Hunter, along with Elliott Denman, will be on the ground in Des Moines, updating us on the doings in Des Moines. Here is his first column from Des Moines. 
Meb_HoustonTrials 2012 Win.jpg
Meb Keflezighi, 
photo courtesy of SKECHERS

SKECHERS Performance Division has signed a sponsorship agreement with one of the premier marathons in the US, the Houston Marathon. Houston hosted the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials, where Meb Keflezighi, a SKECHERS sponsored athlete, won the men's Trials. 

Performance running shoe companies who want to show the community that they are investing in the sport sponsor running events. If managed properly, such events provide great research, allow brands to develop relationships with retailers and the running consumer. 

SKECHERS entered the running business less than four years ago. Meb Keflezighi has done much for SKECHERS recognition in the sport. The SKECHERS running product and walking product is seeing some success, with the walking product continuing to be one of the best selling products in all sports shoe categories. 

How does one succeed in running business? Provide consistent evolving running product that is embraced by both the retail community and running consumer. Much easier said than done. 

The Houston sponsorship is a smart move for SKECHERS. 
Alberto Salazar with Jordan Hasay, 
photo courtesy of Nike Oregon Project

One of the most distinguished high school runners from California, Jordan Hasay, moved to the University of Oregon and upped her game, becoming one of the most distinguished women distance runners at the U of O. 

Now, Jordan Hasay has gone big time. She selected Ricky Simms as her manager (PACE Sports Management). Jordan Hasay was selected by Alberto Salazar to run for the Nike Oregon Project, the dream of most young American distance runners. Alberto Salazar picks and chooses the athletes in his team, and it says alot about Salazar but also about his confidence in Jordan Hasay and her future as an American distance runner. 

We wish Jordan Hasay a great future in elite distance running! 
Kevin Mangan sent me this piece on one of the athletes he admires, Jesse Williams, the 2011 WC in the high jump. Kevin thinks Jesse Williams will be one of the athletes to watch in Des Moines. Jesse has had some injury issues in 2013, but this guy knows how to compete. 

While I was in Eugene, Oregon in April, writing about Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen, I observed him working out a bit in Eugene. Always a class act, Jesse Williams is the defending champion in the high jump from Daegu, Korea. 

Jesse Williams, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Dawn Harper-Nelson, LoLo Jones, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The coming weekend will give US and European fans a chance to truly experience the USA Champs and European team champs. Digital video, which has been embraced by our sport for the past five to six years, is coming into its own. 

Veronica Campbell-Brown, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Veronica Campbell-Brown, through her management team, made a statement in response to the JAAA announcing that VCB was the athlete who had an Adverse Analytical Finding at the Kingston Invitational. Stay tuned, as this story is still incomplete. 

In Des Moines, Iowa, besides making the top three, there are several events where US athletes need to still make the standards. Kevin Mangan, our intern for Runblogrun.com and American Track & Field, takes a look at some of the more challenging events! 

B standard means at least one person can go, A standard hit by three athletes means that we can send up to three athletes and any 2011 World Champions (who get a bye). 

Thumbnail image for Rupp-Farah-PreC13.jpg
Galen Rupp, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Curtis Beach, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

What do you do if you are a decathlete, but injured? Well, if you are national class at the 800 meters and long jump, you pick the long jump! 

Thumbnail image for Drake Stadium.jpg
           Drake Stadium, 
            photo courtesy of Drake Relays

USA Track & Field is doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing, and offering fifty hours of digital TV coverage of the US Championships. This year, USATF, working with Runnerspace.com, has branded USATF.TV.com  to highlight the performances of the junior and senior athletes in Des Moines.

Runblogrun.com will be viewing the coverage and provide you, our readers, daily reviews of this new coverage. 
On the eve of the USA Track & Field Championships, we have this piece from David Hunter, one of our key columnists. 

David did this piece on Mary Cain, one of the most exciting athletes to come into our sport in years. His feature on Mary Cain hitting the US championship stage is right on the mark. Mary Cain does have what it takes to make the team in the 800 meters and 1,500 meters. And with Alberto Salazar as her coach, Mary Cain is focused on the prize! 

Mary Cain, Alysia Montano, photo by PhotoRun.net
Renaud Lavillenie, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Renaud Lavillenie, the London Olympic gold medalist, will be competing, along with Christophe Lemaitre, in Monaco Herculis. 

Thumbnail image for Frazier_WesleyFHL-NBind13.jpg
Wesley Frazier, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The 2013 New Balance Outdoor Nationals will be remembered for many things, but, the Welsey Frazier triple will be one of the highlights. Watching Wesley race over the past several years has been fascinating as the young athlete developed her racing skills. 

Wesley Frazier's triple victory over the NBN weekend was high level and highly impressive; a 5,000m win in 15:55, a two mile win in 10:07 with a 65.4 last lap and a fine 4:39 mile. Wesley Frazier looks like she is made for NCAA racing. We wish her luck and look forward to seeing her race in the future. 

The New Balance Nationals finish day two and Wesley Frazier looks to be headed to a possible three titles, after winning the 5,000 meters on Friday and two mile on Saturday. The New Balance Nationals is the de facto American high school athletics championships, with fields better than any other high school meet in the country. The NSAF, the founders of the meet and managing team of the event, put together amazing fields. 

Here is Chris Lotsbom's piece on Day two of the NB Nationals! 

Wesley Frazier, NB Indoors, March 2013, photo by PhotoRun.net

Congrats to Lauren Fleshman on the birth of her baby boy, Jude Eiger Thomas, who was born on June 10. Lauren Fleshman has more ideas in one day than most people have in a lifetime. The co-founder of Picky Bars, Lauren was a top collegiate runner, and elite Nike runner for much of her career. Lauren was also featured in one of the best ads EVER by Nike: Objectify me. 

We congratulate Lauren and her family and wish them the very best. 

Lauren Fleshman, USA Outdoors 2010, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Bolt in Rome, photo by PhotoRun.net

Defar in Shanghai, photo by PhotoRun.net

Usain Bolt, while short of the fitness that he may want at this time, woke a few people up with his WL furlong in 19.79. The scary thing is that Usain Bolt is probably two, perhaps three weeks away from being very fit, and he runs the 200 meters like he was made for it-and he was! 

Speaking of being made for a distance, Meseret Defar ran 14:26.90 in Rome, winning by seven plus seconds. Defar is the queen of the 5,000 meters, and while, of course, she will have formidable competition in Moscow, Meseret Defar is as close to a sure thing at 12 and one half laps as there can be. (Just don't tell Tirunesh Dibaba, who seems to be rounding into shape as well, from her race at Prefontaine. )


Abebe Aregawi winning in Doha, May 10, 2013, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Aregawi has been running around the world winning. Her recent sub two minute 800 meters just builds the case for Abebe Aregawi as the top 1,500 meter women runner in the world. Here is the major European marks of the week, courtesy of Carles Baronet of Track In Sun. 

The New Balance Nationals are, in fact, the outdoor high school championships for track and field. The care and attention to detail that New Balance and the NSAF put into the meet is what draws the best athletes year after year.

One example of that is that Chris Lotsbom, the Race Results Weekly associate editor, provides well written, thoughtful pieces on the NBN and NBI each year, giving our readers a birds eye view into one of the most important events in our sport! 

Wesley Frazier, 
photo courtesy of New Balance Nationals

To get more information, please go to New Balance Nationals facebook page! 
Kenenisa Bekele, Imane Merga, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Ethiopian federation has named two to the 10,000 m team for Moscow: Kenenisa Bekele and Imane Merga. That will be a very tough team....

Usain Bolt, Rome Golden Gala, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Meseret Defar, Shanghai DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

The story of the ExxonMobilBislett Games comes down to two performances: Usain Bolt and Meseret Defar.

Usain Bolt, who has had a slow start this season, ran a fine 19.79 for 200 meters, in cool conditions for the win over 200 meters. Meseret Defar ran 14:26.90 for the 5,000 meters, the fastest time over 5,000 meters since 2011.

Bolt is a few weeks from real fitness, but seems to be racing himself into fitness. Meseret Defar, Olympic gold medalist at 5,000 meters, ran a superb time for the distance in Oslo, showing her competitors just how far they will have to improve to challenge Defar in Moscow.  



Jill Geer, USATF Chief Public Affairs Officer 
photo from Jill M. Geer

As part of our coverage of the sport of track and field, it is key, in my mind, that our readers know who is influencing their sport. Jill Geer, shown above after her Chicago marathon finish, is one of the key players in USA Track & Field. In fact, very few words, if any, come out of USATF without the careful eye or comments by Jill Geer.

Runblogrun and American Track & Field intern Kevin Mangan wanted to interview Ms. Geer, and she not only answered his queries, but provided a great view of the evolution of her position within the governing body of the sport. We thank Jill for her comments.

We think you will find the interview fascinating! 

Photo updated June 14, 2013

Harry Marra, A Day if the Life, 
Photo from Doug Pensinger/Getty Images, IAAF

Harry Marra has his dream job. He is coaching the best decathlete in the world and one of the best heptathletes in the world.  A life long coach, Harry Marra realizes that coaching is both art and science. In a mid April interview, Harry Marra told several media members that his most important job was keeping his athletes healthy. 

Recently, Harry Marra proposed that USATF provide byes to World Champs for Olympic champions. Sounds like an idea that should be considered by USATF....
Christophe Lemaitre, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Christophe Lemaitre knows that he continues to develop as a sprinter. For Lemaitre, his 100 meter race in Rabat must be a nice indication that his fitness is going in the right direction and that he is in the fight. 

For Justin Gatlin, who was 4/4 so far this season, until Rabat, his 10.02 for second is a good indication of where his strength is, and what he needs to do before Des Moines and the US championships. 

David Hunter provided us with this piece on the final day of the NCAA Championships, where the battle for the team titles took some twists and turns. 

NCAA Champ 6-8-13  0786.JPG
Brigette Barrett, photo by Pretty Sporty Photos

Dwain Chambers, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The Moscow Challenge was held on June 11. Big performances were Dwain Chambers winning the 100 meters, Ryan Braithwaite winning the 110m hurdles, and Olivier Andre winning the 800 meters over Yuriy Borzakovskiy. 

In the Meeting International Mohammed VI, on Sunday, June 9, held in Rabat, Morocco, there were some fun performances. Justin Gatlin, two days after his defeat of Usain Bolt, finished second to Christophe Lemaitre, 9.98 to 10.02. 

LaShawn Merritt has now won three races in a row, with his 45.22 win in Rabat. 

This meet continues to grow in stature and marks. It is on the Runblogrun bucket list for 2014. 

LaShawn Merritt, Rome DL, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Emma Coburn, 
photo courtesy of New Balance Running

NCAA Champ 6-7-13  1402A.JPG
Abbey D'Agostino, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Photos, Cheryl Treworgy

NCAA Champ 6-7-13  1392.JPG
Jordan Hasay, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Photos, Cheryl Treworgy

Here is David Hunter's feature on day three of the NCAA Championships...

NCAA Champ 6-8-13  1015 copy-1.JPG
Brianna Rollins, NCAA 2013, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Photos, Cheryl Treworgy

Brianna Rollins is one of the great stars to come out of the NCAA Championships this past weekend. Her 12.39, with a legal wind is the world leader at the 100 meter hurdles. 
Thumbnail image for Robles_Dayron-Rome09.jpg
Dayron Robles, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Dayron Robles ran his first race since last year, with a 13.82 in Torino on June 8. The five thousand fans at the Primo Nebiolo Memorial saw the Cuban superstar, while short of racing fitness, racing once again. Give him four or five more races, and he should be racing well...

NCAA Champ 6-8-13  0824.JPG
Kimberly Duncan, NCAA 200 meters, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Photos, Cheryl Treworgy

David Hunter wrote this piece on Day two of the NCAA Championships. It will give you a great feel to what was going on in Eugene that day. 
Usain Bolt, Rome, getting a massage, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Some of the news from around the world to get you caught up during the NCAA Championships....

NCAA Champ 6-8-13  1015 copy-1.JPG
Brianna Rollins, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Photos, Cheryl Treworgy

This is David Hunter's piece on Day one of the NCAA Championships. The Decathlon was set up in the first day for a great performance....
Golden Gala Rome 100 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

The biggest race of the year, the 100 meters, will make this season very exciting! It is all about the competition! 
Robert Harting, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Robert Harting has 35 wins and no losses in a row in the discus. His 69 plus meter throw in Eugene is the world leader. Robert will be throwing at one of my favorite meets in the world, the FBK Hengelo Meeting, which is June 7 this year. 

Justin Gatlin, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The Golden Gala is the fifth of the Diamond League meetings for 2013. Biggest upsets were Justin Gatlin over Usain Bolt. Murielle Ahoure upset Allyson Felix in the 200 meters. In a titantic battle over the pole vault, Raphael Holzdeppe, one of Germany's fantastic pole vaulters, equaled his personal best of 5.91m, clearing on third attempt, to defeat Renaud Lavillenie. Brittney Reese won the long jump on her fifth jump, with a 6.99m, overcoming Janay DeLoach Soukup's 6.97m jump right before her! 
The NCAA Championships is four days of track and field nirvana. Runblogrun.com has Roy Stevenson, Dave Hunter and Kevin Mangan covering the championships for you. Here is Roy's first piece on the first day of the NCAA Championships....

This is Ryan Crouser in high school, NIN 2011, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Francine Niyonsaba, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Roy Stevenson did this round up of the Prefontaine Classic, women's action, for us. The Prefontaine this year was one of the best Pre's of the past three decades. Here are the highlights that Roy witnessed at Hayward Field. 
Shawn Barber, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Dave Hunter wrote this piece for Sunday on Shawn. I was still in the hospital, so I missed it. Shawn Barber, a frosh, ended up third. Matt Kendrick, another frosh, won the pole vault! Nice job David! 
Christina Obergfull, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Here are the results from Europe for last weekend, 30 May-2 June, 2013, compiled for Runblogrun by Carles Baronet, Track In Sun. 

Coach Bill Squires is one of the most enigmatic coaches in our sport. I first met Coach in the mid 1980s, through one of my training buddies, Kim Wrinkle. Coach took me in as one of his own, helped me with my training and also helped me apply for a coaching position. 

Bill Squires took a group of dedicated distance runners, found a program that worked for them and built them up from the inside out. Great coaches are also great salesmen. Bill Squires is one of the best coaches I have ever witnessed. 

Joe Reardon's piece was done in March 2013. Coach, now all of 80, is as crazy and lovable as he was in his mid fifties, when his crew of athletes, from Greg Meyer to Bobby Hodge, to Randy Thomas, to Bill Rodgers, were the best in the world...one coach with such a group of athletes, how could that happen? 

It's called hard work...

Bill Rodgers, April 1975, photo courtesy of BAA
Justin Gatlin winning Nike Pre 100 meters, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The Golden Gala Meeting in Rome is a tremendous experience. My visit there in 2011 was a real life experience. The 50,000 fans screaming the stadium as Usain Bolt raced was only challenged by Italian Andrew Howe winning the 200 meters that night! A wonderfully cool evening as track and field was celebrated in the Stadio Olympico is a wonderful highlight of the Diamond League. 

Some key events tomorrow! 

Jordan Hasay, 

Here is the event by event preview of the NCAA Championships, created by Chris Lotsbom. Chris did a very nice job on his preview. 

I was hoping to join our team for the NCAA outdoor, but I got sick a week ago. Runblogrun.com is fortunate to have David Hunter, Ryan Stevenson and Kevin Mangan covering the meet for us. This is David Hunter's opening piece on the NCAA! 

Ashton Eaton, Brianne Thiesen, Harry Marra, A Day in the Life, April 12, 2013,
 photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images/IAAF
Watching Mary Cain this past winter and spring has become one of my most enjoyable experiences of this past year. I enjoy her racing style, her relaxed and honest emotions after a good race, and her potential. 

Last Saturday, NBC announcer (and former 3:52 miler) Craig Masback, noted, that in a conversation with Alberto Salazar, Mary Cain's coach, Salazar called her the Michael Jordan of track and field. 

That is pretty high praise coming from a man who tends not to exaggerate. Alberto Salazar is pretty excited about Mary Cain. And, he should be, this young woman is a real talent. 

Mary Cain, May 17, 2013, Oxy Performance Meet, 
photo by Peter Abraham
Galen Rupp, Mo Farah, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is Roy Stevenson's write up on the Nike Prefontaine Classic. Sorry for the delay, but I am home recovering from a short hospital stay. Feeling better, but please bear with us this week as I catch up on some articles from the past few days. Kevin Mangan and Roy Stevenson will be covering the NCAAs in Eugene for us, so watch their pieces here, starting on Thursday. 

Bowerman Mile, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

This piece was written by Runblogrun.com  intern, Kevin Mangan, who is an example of nature and nurture. A life long distance runner, Kevin also grew up, with his brother, and my son, along the side of the track at Foothill College, where Kevin's father Joe, and I, coached together for six years. It was, for me, some of the best years of my life. 

Kevin's observation skills are quite good, and his love and understanding of the sport, plus his own unique observational skills add to his writing. I think you will enjoy this piece and Kevin's other writings. He can be seen daily on www.american-trackandfield.com
Our Kiwi friend, Roy Stevenson, wrote this piece on the Pre Classic International Mile, which has been a strong race in past Prefontaine meets....you will remember Roy from covering major Diamond League events for us in 2011, 2012. A great observer, Roy uses his past competitive life, strong writing skills and knowledge of the sport to give us a unique view of mile....watch for his piece on the Pre Classic. 

The Pre Classic International Mile, 
photo by PhotoRun.net
LaShawn Merritt versus Kirani James, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Here are the complete results of the Nike Pre Classic, held on Saturday, June 1, 2013: 

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