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The long run is one of the key workouts of your workout week. Long runs are best when you get a few friends together to share the workout. Find a course through varying terrain, with hills, some grass, dirt trails, always looking for a safe place to run. 

Shay XC, courtesy of Saucony Running 
It was learnt late on Friday evening, August 30, that CGI, aka the Competitor Group, a group of 83 endurance events in North America, ten in Europe and Asia and several endurance media platforms, has eliminated their support of elite athletes in North American events. This includes appearance fees, travel and lodging. In doing this, CGI had made a strategic business decision that the 240,000 plus participants have little or no interest in the front of races and that the estimated $475,000 could be better used elsewhere within in their business group.

Meb Keflezighi winning RNR San Jose 2011, 
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RunBlogRun appreciates the need of businesses within the sport to be run like businesses. However, many successful events and programs in North America and Europe support elite athlete development in their events and are also highly successful and profitable events. It is in a long term approach to the development of the sport, and keeping running both a sport and an activity that presents the challenge. 

There are no easy answers. RunBlogRun is truly saddened by the new approach taken by CGI and hopes that consumer outrage may challenge them to reconsider. 

So, I asked all of our columnists from Moscow to write about their experiences and their top ten, top five, ratings of Moscow, or all of the above.

Here is Dave Hunters' top ten moments. 

I think that you will like it. 

For me, going to Moscow was part of a dream for thirty-eight years. In 1972, I was offered a trip to a collective farm in Soviet Russia. I was fourteen, and full of wanderlust. My mother told me at the time that she wanted to keep me until eighteen. I had, at twelve, tried to convince her to work on a kibbutz in Israel. Marilu Eder, my mother, declined on that one as well. 

I had forgotten my requests, when, a text came from my mother just as was boarding the flight to Moscow. She reminded me that she had not allowed me to go to Russia in 1972. She was glad I finally made it. I was glad, that with a parent's love and foresight, she kept from going in 1972. I smiled in recognition of the challenge I had been to my mother and father. I think that they smile about it now. 

So it goes. Life is full of moments of sadness, happiness, splendor, joy, beauty, emotion and utter amusement. At fifty-four, I have had all of those. For me, going to Moscow was more special because I shared it with my son, Adam, and his business partner, Mike Deering. 

And of course, you, dear reader...thanks for supporting my journeys!

Usain Bolt, Warren Weir, doing the Bolt, 
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Abdi Abdirahman is one of the most popular of American distance runners. Abdi has been around for a long time, and that is fit again, ready to roll in the 20 kilometer in New Haven this coming Monday is fantastic.

Fresh from his ten days of writing in Moscow, Elliott Denman covered the USATF Press conference with Abdi on Thursday, August 29 for us. Here is the article he wrote on Abdi and the famous New Haven 20k, which, coincidentally, are both 36 years old! 

Thumbnail image for Abdirahman_AbdiWide-USOlyT12.JPG
Abdi en route, 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials/Marathon, 
photo by

Wesley Korir, 2012 BAA Boston Marathon, 
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The most iconic marathon of them all, the Boston Marathon will open its registration for 2014 on September 9, 2013. Check the website,, for complete details. Bank of America Chicago Marathon has instituted some smart security measures, mostly common sense, and we suggest you go to to read those. 

I have not really written much about the Boston bombing, more than anything, because, I did not want to give the murderers any more publicity. As someone who has run every major marathon in the US but Chicago, and has visited up to twenty marathons a year, I believe that marathons are safe. But, one must use common sense. In this day and age, no place is perfectly safe.

I also believe, that if one does not go to major events such as marathons because of fear, then the jerks win. 

The Weltklasse lived up to its reputation as one of the finest meets of the year in 2013 once again. With Usain Bolt having to fight for his 100 meter win, Nicky Symmonds running a from the front 800 meters, and winning, Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce winning the 200 meters, and the event of the night, the women's 5,000 meters, living up to its hype.

The women's five thousand meters pitted Tirunesh Dibaba, world record holder at 5,000 meters, and a women who has won all eleven 10,000 meter races in her career, versus Meseret Defar, World Champion in 2005, 2007, and 2013, plus Olympic champion over 5,000 meters in 2012. 

To say that they are competitors, is, well, an understatement. The BBC noted, last night, that Dibaba and Defar will not fly on the same planes, will not train with each other, and infrequently race against each other. Zurich Weltklasse is one of few meets that has the financial capacity to bring those two together, which is why the 5,000 meters was such a treat for athletic fans. 

The race became quicker and quicker as the race went on. With two laps to go, it was down to Meseret Defar, Tirunesh Dibaba and Mercy Cherono. The penultimate lap was run in 67 seconds, and as the final lap started, Mercy Cherono was off the back. 

Tirunesh Dibaba lead, with Meseret Defar on her shoulder, relaxed, poised to react. Dibaba took her long, swift stride and began to accelerate with three hundred meters to go. Defar waited. Dibaba increased the pace at 200 meters, the look of fury on her face as she put her speed down on the track. Defar waited. As Dibaba and Defar entered the final straight, Defar came up on the side of Dibaba, and there was a moment when one wanted to know who would react. Defar went by, putting 1.4 seconds on Tirunesh Dibaba before the finish line. 

Meseret Defar finished the 5,000 meters in 14:32.83, winning by 1.99 seconds in the last 80 meters over Tirunesh Dibaba. Their record now has Meseret Defar at 14 victories over 11 victories for Dibaba. The battle goes on...

Meseret Defar defeats Tirunesh Dibaba, August 30, 2013, 
photo by

The summer is coming to an end as we relax over the Labor Day weekend. Soon, high school cross country will be in full bloom and the majority of the 500,000 high school boys and girls will come into the season, out of shape, gasping for air and in old shoes. 

But you, the thoughtful cross country runner, have been following your daily Saucony RunBlogRun Summer Mileage progam for nine weeks now. You get your updates, daily, via Facebook, via twitter, off RunBlogRun or perhaps Or, perhaps you even read the copy of Athletes Only (don't tell anyone you are reading print, as the media says its dead-it will be our little secret). 

You and your friends have been training. You have two new pairs of training shoes, you wear clean socks, and you have been doing your long runs. And while you think the tempo runs I suggest are: a) daft, b) dumb, c) stupid or, d) all of the above, you have done them. 

You kind of like the hill workouts, and you find my sometimes references to modern social phenomenon mildly amusing for a man of my age bracket. 

Have no fear, cross country budding star! You will be able to read and see the workouts for the next eight weeks, thanks once again to the far-sighted folks at Saucony running, who remember cross country and love cross country (they make the Shay XC and the Carrera XC, which RunningNetwork gave its best XC shoe for Fall 2013). 

Enjoy the weekend, cross country runners, and remember, run with a friend. And, if you read my notes each day, the folks at RunBlogRun may continue to pay for my morning coffee in London!  If you have questions about cross country, live, social media, music, or just want to chat, email me at [email protected] or send me a note on Facebook: RunBlogRun! 


P.S. If you get tired of a) stealing, b) absconding, c) liberating, or d) just borrowing your coaches copies of American Track & Field, just go to the site, and sign up for free digital subs of said magazine (and also Athletes Only). Tell your friends. Then, we can charge more money for advertising and the staff won't have to eat cat food any more(well, those little anchovies I put on the eggs do look like cat food). 


Saucony Carrera XC, photo by Saucony Running
Eunice Sum surprises in Moscow, photo by

Eunice Sum won the gold medal at 800 meters in Moscow, foiling Mariya Savinova from defending her 2011 title. Sum has stayed on the roll after Moscow, and won tonight's Zurich Weltklasse event as well.

On Sunday, September 1, Eunice Sum will be racing the 1,500 meters at the 72nd ISTAF Berlin meeting! How will she do? You will have to wait a few days! 
Bohdan Bondarenko, photo by

Teddy Tamgho, 
photo by

Brianna Rollins, photo by

Three amazing performances in 2013! Bohdan Bondarenko clears 2.41 meters in the high jump, Teddy Tamgho takes the triple jump title in Moscow with 18.04 meters and Brianna Rollins hurdles a 12.26 AR in Des Moines! Just good is amazing to contemplate. All three performances are the best in their events in thirteen years! 

It just hints at the possibilities with these three athletes. Bondarenko is flying, Tamgho is healthy once again and Rollins has been shaking it up all season! 
Coaching Athletics Quarterly is now doing a monthly ezine. This issue was our first, in June and we will be posting the July issue next week. The publication is free and if you go to, you can sign up for a free subscription. 


Molly Huddle is the American record holder at 5,000 meters. She is US champion at 5,000 meters several times. A former high school record holder at two miles, Molly Huddle was a college star at Notre Dame. 

As a professional athlete, you see Molly on the track, in cross country, and sometimes, on the roads. Competing over 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters, Molly set personal records at 1,500m and 3,000 meters this season.

In Moscow, at the World Championships, Molly Huddle took sixth in the final for the 5,000 meters, not only first American, but the best performance by an American women in the event. Also note that three Americans finished the final, a first for American women. 

The Shoe Addicts produced this video on Molly Huddle. We think that you will like it! 


The most iconic and historic marathon in our sport, is, without a doubt, the Boston Marathon. And the registration for the highly anticipated 2014 edition will open on September 9! Please read the release carefully and if you have questions, direct them to the site! 

I am not going to give the vile thugs who murdered runners and fans in 2013 any more publicity. The Boston Marathon in 2014 will be, like all marathons around the world, a celebration of life and the community of man and woman. No more, no less. Shame on anyone who defiles such gatherings. 

Qualifying for Boston is something most runners aspire to in their careers. It is the geekiest event in our sport, full of tradition, history and community. 

Johnny Kelly, the Younger, in 1957 BAA Boston win, 
photo courtesy of BAA
How do you run hills in races? That is a good question. Do you charge them all, and just recover down hill? One tends to find that hills need to be mastered. Hill workouts give one the strength to run up a hill well, but what if your competition beats you on the downhill? 

Racing hills tends to be more art than science. Early in a race, work the hills, but also start testing on the downhills. At a specific part of the race, if there is a hill that you can run over, and then push down for strategic advantage, then, consider that! 

huddle, solomon.jpg
Molly Huddle, 5,000m AR, Duane Solomon, 800m US champion, 
photo by

Valerie Adams and Ryan Whiting set meet records on Wednesday at the special shot put competition for the Zurich Weltklasse. Weltklasse has a superb shot put competition, like many of the meets in Europe, the day before the major event, showcasing the shot! (Remember, the late Paul Banta at the adidas Oregon Classic was one of first to employ that showcasing in the mid 1990s). 

The Weltklasse will be Thursday evening and RunBlogRun will provide event by event updates and complete results! 


The 45-50 minute run is a staple in this workout series. The addition of the stride outs keep you limber, and work on your leg speed in a gentle manner. 

Have fun on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you are a senior in high school, you might consider a morning run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, of thirty minutes. College runners might consider 35-40 minutes in the mornings. 

Saucony Shay XC, from Saucony Running 
Thumbnail image for Dibaba-Defar-OlyGame12.jpg
London 2012: Dibaba versus Defar: how will Zurich play out? 
photo by

Tirinesh Dibaba, newly crowned 10,000m gold medalist, and Meseret Defar, the newly crowned 5,000m champion, will be racing over 5,000 meters on Thursday night in Zurich! 

That is just one of the fabulous events that the Weltklasse will be hosting on Thursday, August 29, 2013. Watch for coverage from in near live fashion! 
The Tempo Run is our Tuesday workout. As you get closer and closer to the season, you should consider increasing the quality of your tempo run. This is about a perfect workout for callousing you for the upcoming cross country season. 

Remember, do hard workouts with a friend. 

Ben True, 5k/10k and Ashley Higginson, steeplechase, Team Saucony, photo from Saucony Running 

American Track & Field has started to publish a monthly e-zine. The Special Report will come out monthly and will be sent to all subscribers of American Track & Field magazine. If you are a head or assistant high school or college cross country or track and field coach, just go to and sign up for your free subscription, it is just that easy! If you are a track fan, you an also get the monthly e-zine plus pdfs of the magazine if you sign up at


Teddy Tamgho, 
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It was first noted in an article in Sports Illustrated in 1996. The man who said it, Sebastian Coe, the double gold medalist at 1,500 meters, and double silver medalist at 800 meters,  was paying homage to Jonathan Edwards, the  world record holder in the Triple jump. 

Coe had told Kenny Moore, the long time feature writer for SI and chronicler of all things athletics, that the most physically demanding event of our entire sport was the triple jump. You remember it, the hop, skip and jump from your childhood. 

It was in an article speaking of the virtues of Jonathan Edwards, who, in July 1995, had broke the world record not once, but twice in one competition. His jump of 18.29 meters was, well, Beamonesque. I was in the stadium and watching the event from the middle of the stands on the finish line side, when Edwards burst down the runway. His first World record was amazing. On his second, the crowd went wild. 

Now, move ahead seventeen years...It is August 2013, and you are in Moscow, Russia, in the famous Luzhniki Stadium, watching the final round of the triple jump...

Teddy Tamgho had already won the event. Many, in his position, would wave run a bit and not even take the last jump. But, the French triple jumper, who had been away from the sport for nearly two years, was not about to give up an opportunity to show his stuff. 

Teddy Tamgho had already had a close foul that was eighteen plus meter territory. So, when I looked up to watch his last jump, I was not sure what Tamgho would do. Teddy is fast down the runway, but it, is in his transition, from second phase to third phase that he, well soars. 

Eighteen point zero four meters, 18.04 meters, or 59 feet, 2.21 inches later, Teddy Tamgho had given the 50,000 assembled fans the best jump seventeen years. Not since August 1996, when Kenny Harrison jumped 18.09 meters, to win the gold medal in Atlanta, had the world seen a jump of this stature. 

Naturalement, RunBlogRun chose Teddy Tamgho as the Best Event of Day Nine! 
The word had been out most of the college season; Brianna Rollins was fast! At the NCAA Championships in Eugene, it was astounding, and by the time she hit the track in Des Moines, the announcers on TV were whispering about an American record. 

Her first couple of races in Europe were lackluster for her, good for all others. Then, she came around. 

In Moscow, Brianna Rollins was supreme. 

Her victory over the past two Olympic champions and World champions was so complete, that many have not grasped the significance; we have a new hurdle star, and it is Brianna Rollins. 

Brianna Rolllins, photo by

Stephen Kiprotich, photo by

Anyone who viewed Stephen Kiprotich's masterful victory in hot and humid Moscow, Russia last week in the World Championship marathon knows that they saw a champion. Kiprotich surprised many with his victory in Moscow, as well his victory last August 2012, when he won the London Olympic marathon.

But, how does Uganda receive their current gold medalist? Well, last year, Uganda's President Museveni rewarded Stephen with a new home, that he gave to his parents. This year, President Museveni gave the gold medalist a brand new Mitsubishi auto, sH10,000 (Uganda schillings, worth about $4000), and a new house built just for Stephen Kiprotich.

The Ugandan President also promised the Ugandan Athletic Federation the funding needed for a new training centre, and the money needed to sponsor the All-Africa Cross Country championships in 2014. The sponsorship funds needed to sponsor All-Africa Cross Country will be approximately $100k US or sH350k. 

Stephen Kiprotich's victories have many benefits for Uganda, including highlighting the country as a site for travel as well. The Uganda Tourist Board is seeking additional promotion dollars because of Stephen Kiprotich's victory and the potential interest in visiting Uganda. 

The article compared Kiprotich's benefits to John Aki-Bua's brilliant 1972 gold medal in the 400m hurdles, as both have promoted Uganda.  President  Museveni also praised Kiprotich and Aki-Bua in their promotions of their country. 

Per an article on

WEEK 9: Here Comes the Cross Country Season!

High Schoolers, you'll start school within a couple of weeks, while college runners have a month to go. HS juniors and seniors can handle the 2 or 3 easy morning runs. College runners, depending on your standards, should be able to handle 3 morning runs a week.


Molly Huddle, 3,000 meters, London DL, 

photo by

Tero Pitkamaki, 
photo by

Maria Abakumova, 
photo by

A busy Sunday of track and field, with World leaders in the javelin, and some great performances in Warsaw, Poland and Eberstadt, Germany. 

This was Mary Nicole Nazzaro's final column on the World Championships. I asked NIcole to give me her top five moments from Moscow. Here is her response, and it is thought-provoking! 


Mo Aman, Nick Symmonds, in Moscow 800 meters, 
photo by

Mo Aman, the winner of the 800 meters in Moscow during the world championships, has announced that he will be moving up to the 1,500 meters next season. Aman handled some pretty challenging racing in Moscow, having been boxed in from 600 to 700 meters, and winning down the final stretch. 

Gene McCarthy starts as President of the Merrell brand, starting on August 26, 2013. It was announced at the end of last week via a Wolverine press release and comment from our sister site,

Gene McCarthy has a long and colorful history in the business of performance footwear. From his time at Nike, to a long period at Reebok, and recently, launching the footwear line at Under Armour. 

Gene McCarthy was a fine athlete, one of the now 400 Americans who have broken four minutes for the mile. His knowledge of the business and real experience in the sport, combined with his relaxed manner have made him a success in this business.

Wolverine continues to show its commitment to their brand development, with the placing management who knows the business and how to grow the business. 

We wish Gene McCarthy the very best at Merrell.
The long run is one of the most important parts of your training week. The late, great Arthur Lydiard believed long runs were important all year long. They help build your endurance and prepare you for the long cross country season ahead! 

Saucony Carrera XC Racing Flat, 
from Saucony Running 
I have been thinking about this piece for the past several weeks. Then, yesterday, one of my closest friends in the sport noted that "Track & Field is poorly presented, and it just has not changed its approach in the past three decades." This person should know. Having left the sport for a decade, he is now back in the sport, and sees few changes. 

So, I now ask you, how do we change our sport? 

Luzhniki Stadium, 
photo by

An easy day is important, and this is your easy day. Enjoy it. Go see a movie, or relax and read an actual book, or, update your Facebook page (just not too much information). But, relax! 

Saucony Kilkenny XC, photo from Saucony Running
This is the program for week eight. Sometimes it is nice to see a week in full impact. The eighth week of training is the end of two months of training! Nice job! Keep focused. 

huddle, solomon.jpg
Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, 
photo courtesy of Saucony communications
The runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday are as important as the hard sessions. The 45-50 minute runs and strideouts are key in your development. All sessions play a part in a complex training program. Follow the program, and watch yourself develop. 

Saucony Carrera XC, photo by

Meseret Defar wins Moscow 5,000 meters! 
photo by

Meseret Defar ran a world leading 3,000 meters in the cold and windy conditions that prevailed in Stockholm this evening. The much heralded stadium built in 1912 for the Olympics, the track that Paavo Nurmi ran on, continues to be home of the DN Galan Games. 

The first meeting after the Moscow World Championships shows, once again,  that the sport has great athletes, and grand performances, but, needs a shake up in terms of how meets are presented and where the sponsorship dollars come from. 

Who should be a major sponsor of track & field? Tell us, write to us at [email protected] and give us your idea on who the next great track & field sponsor should be....
The DN Galan meeting is one of the most prestigious meets in the world. Held in the 1912 Olympic stadium in lovely Stockholm, the history of the meeting place adds even more prestige to the event. Add on that, a knowledgable crowd, a cool, crisp Swedish summer evening, and great athletes, and that adds up to a magical evening.

A keen observer noted tonights meeting was "better than last year", but lacked the excitement and sophistication of the former meet directer Rajne Soderburg. Soderburg, the long time DN Galan director, will be debuting a new event in Malmo, Sweden in 2014. 

Some key performances this evening, with LaShawn Merritt and David Oliver, recent World Champ winners, still in great form. Aleksandr Menkov also won the long jump, having to put it all on the line in his fifth and sixth attmpts

Eunice Sum, on the women's side, battled Alysia Montano in the 800 meters and Zuzana Hejnova won the 400 meter hurdles, just as she did in Moscow. 

Next major meeting is the Zurich Weltklasse, to be held next week, on August 28, 2013. 

Meseret Defar, photo by
Teddy Tamgho, photo by

Mary Nicole Nazzaro finishes her features on the World Championships with an honest rating of the event. What do you think of her points, do you agree? Let us know, send me an email to [email protected]

The hill workout has many benefits. It builds strength, it builds speed and it builds confidence. A cross country course will have challenges, both up and down and rough footing abound. One of my favorites was Crystal Springs in Belmont, California. 

In the seventies, we would race there for three consecutive Thursdays, and the races were fantastic. The 2.9 mile course had a downhill start that was a brutal challenge up to the first mile and then had some challenging hills, finishing up with a 300 meter rush to the finish. 

I remember seeing Mitch Kingery run 14:39 on a course where fifteen minutes was exceptional. Kingery was one of the toughest runners in northern California, but also a supremely nice guy, patient with the less than stellar questions that would come from young sophomores and juniors who were in awe of his running talent. 

Saucony Carrera XC, photo by Saucony Running 
Women's 800 meters, 
photo by

Elliott Denman gives the Moscow World Champs a grade on several factors. He should know, as he has been to every outdoor World Champs since 1983! 

Kim Conley leading women's 5000 meter final, 
photo by

Kevin Mangan wrote this piece about some of the surprises in Moscow that we should see in the future...

As you get closer and closer to the Fall cross country season, make sure that you are focusing on  your runs, making sure your shoes are in good shape and getting the rest and nutrition that you need.

Make it a point of running the long run, tempo run and hill runs with friends, as it keeps the hard workouts a bit more relaxed. 

Make sure that you warm up and cool down, taking the right time to do both. Races are won by inches, not miles and the attention to detail is key in your success. 

Saucony Carrera XC, photo by Saucony Running 

Consider, for a moment that 206 countries had sent athletes to Moscow. Then, 396,000 fans watched them over the nine days. 

Consider then, that 39 countries had medalists in 2013, and of those countries, nineteen had gold medalists, where one could hear the countries' national anthem.

We have seen a true global championships, a true world sport. The key is, after five billion people will see the World Champs in one form or another, how to grow the sport? How to communicate the excitement of the sport of athletics? 

That is our challenge, now and in the future. 


Mo Farah wins the 5,000 meters, Moscow 2013, 

photo by

So long, from Moscow! 

LaShawn Merritt, Kirani James, Tony McQuay, midway in the 400 meters, 
photo by

Elliott Denman wrote this piece about the amazing responses many athletes give, just after a race. A place, called the mixed zone, where athletes, completely spent from the event just finished, let the media, if they are lucky, know how they truly feel. Elliott Denman has written about the sport he loves for over fifty years, and we are quite lucky to have had his thoughts and comments in Moscow. 

Aleksandr Menkov, photo by

Aleksandr Menkov had developed a reputation as one of those few jumpers who can put it together in the big meets. In a field that included legendary Dwight Phillips, the only man to compete in six World Championship long jump finals, and win four and take a bronze in a fifth, Menkov won the competition with a superb jump of 8.52 meters. Then, he came back, and improved on it, to 8.56 meters!

For that, Alexsandry Menkov, received the mighty roar of the Muscovite crowd! And he also is our RunBlogRun Event of Day Seven! 
Bohdan Bondarenko, photo by

Bondarenko was the man on day six of the world championships in Moscow. His gold medal performance and the hint of what he can do in the future made him RunBlogRun's Event of the Day! 

Tirunesh Dibaba, gold medalist, 10,000 meters, photo by

Meseret Defar, gold medalist, 5,000 meters, photo by

Usain Bolt, Warren Weir, 200 meters, gold and silver, 
photo by

The Zurich Welklasse, will feature nineteen World Championship gold medalists! The DN Galan meeting is to be held on August 22, 2013 and the Weltklasse is one week later! The medalists are everywhere.

There will be eleven World Champs medalist at the Athletics Bridge meeting, in Dubnika, SVK on August 21, will feature several interesting bouts. Christian Cantwell, just returning to Europe, will compete with Dylan Armstrong. Milcah Chemos will go for the world's best time at 2,000 meter steeplechase and Kim Collins and MIke Rodgers are looking for a sub ten second 100 meters. 

The web site has rated the 2013 World Champs as the highest level of performance for a World Champs since 2001 Edmonton! 
The Tempo Run is one of your most important training elements. Note how I used the term, elements. For an athlete to be successful in the middle and long distances, they must train themselves to handle the tension and stress of racing. They must know when and how to react, and most importantly, they must be confident enough in their system and their coach, to stay alert in each racing situation, which is unique.

Tempo workouts callous you for the hard times ahead. Embrace tempo workouts. 

Saucony Kilkenny, photo by
Eunice Sum, who did not make it out of the 1,500 meter heats, won the 800 meters in Moscow, as the last medal won by Kenya in the World Champs. Justin Lagat reviews her fantastic race in this column.....

Alysia Johnson-Montano leading on the back stretch.JPG
Alysia Montano leading Eunice Sum in the 800 meters, photo 
by Pretty Sporty Photos

If you are really a track geek, you can download here, all of the rounds, results from the 14th World Championships in Athletics, just held in Moscow from August 10-18, 2013. 


You can download the Final Results booklet via this link (400 Mb)
You are now starting week eight, you have two to four weeks before cross country officially starts at high schools and colleges around the country. Focus on the workouts, and prepare yourself for the return to your programs. Eight weeks of training should have you on your way for a strong cross country season. If you are like many and are four weeks into training, four weeks is better than going in with no training, so stay focused and prepare for some tough weeks. 

Shay XC, photo by Saucony
Mo Farah, Moscow 2013 World Athletics Championships, 
photo by

Carles Baronet has prepared the following results for the week of 5-18 August 2013, covering results all around Europe. 
A fantastic performance by the US team in Moscow! What a great group of veterans and young athletes in Moscow. We were quite impressed with the performances, but also how the American athletes comport themselves in World Championships. The women's 800 meters today was a case in point. Brenda Martinez takes the first medal by an America women in the 800 meters since the late Kim Gallagher won a medal in 1988. With Alysia Montano in fourth and Ajee Wilson in sixth, three U.S. women had made the final, something never done before. 

Congrats to the staff of the U.S. team and the athletes who did the U.S. proud. 

Brenda Martinez, 
photo by

Nixon Chepseba leading, with Asbel Kiprop and Centrowitz following, 
photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this column on Asbel Kiprop defending his 1,500 meter title from Daegu, Korea....


Alexandr Menkov, photo by

Mary Nicole Nazzaro has written columns for us each day of the Moscow World Championships. This is her column on the Russian athletes and how the Russian Federation fared....

Murielle Ahoure, Blessing Okagbare, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, 
100 meters, photo by

David Hunter spent a lot of time in the mixed zone, here is his second column from there.....

Curtis Mitchell, photo by

Curtis Mitchell took the bronze in the 200 meters, with a fantastic run  over the last 100 meters! Curtis was in sixth with forty meters to go, and finally leaned his way into the bronze medal! Here, Elliott Denman writes about our newest American star over the furlong....

Mercy Cherono, photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this piece about the brilliant silver medal winning run in the 5,000 meters! Here is the view from Kenya....

Luzhniki Stadium , photo by

Here is Mary Nicole Nazzaro's feature on the women's high jump, from Moscow, Russia....

Moscow 2013, Luzhniki stadium, photo by

The long run is a key element, like tempo and hill work, in most distance runners' workouts in the modern era. For those under 19 years of age, I suggest an upper limit of 70-75 minutes a week, with, perhaps, 90 minutes once a month. 

For college athletes, I suggest building up to 1:30 to 1:45 once a week. Add on at five minutes a week, and make sure you stretch before and after, especially after. 

huddle, solomon.jpg
Molly Huddle, 5,000m finalist (sixth), Duane Solomon 800m finalist (sixth), 
photo courtesy of Saucony
Brianna Rollins, photo by

Brianna Rollins won the gold medal today, leading the US team to four medals in Saturday at the World  Championships! We love the quotes that USATF gets from American Athletes on each report....

Brianna Rollins, photo by

Brianna Rollins is the new American record holder in the 100 meter hurdles. This Saturday afternoon, in Russia, Brianna Rollins won the gold medal in the 100 meter hurdles, after having won the US champs and NCAA! 

Dave Hunter wrote this piece on Saturday about Brianna Rollins. I think that you will enjoy it! 

Stephen Kiprotich, photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this column this afternoon, just after Stephen Kiprotich from Uganda won the World Championship Marathon, followed by two Kenyans medaled, which shocked many Kenyans....
Jenny Simpson, Abeba Aregawi, 
photo by

Mary Nicole Nazzaro wrote this feature on Jenny Simpson, and her thoughts about racing, winning the World Championships and living the live of an elite athlete....

Luzhniki Stadium, August 2013, photo by

James Dunaway continues his series on Looking back at Moscow 1980, with some comments on records set in the Moscow Olympics....

Mo Farah, photo by

Justin Lagat has come to a realization: Mo Farah can not be beat, for now. Farah has out thought and outraced  everyone who has tried to race him in London and Moscow. He has won the double/double-the 5k/10k double at the Olympics and the Worlds! 
Today is an easy run. Enjoy it, you had some hard days this past week! 
Saucony Kilkenny, photo by
Mo Farah, photo by

M. Nicole Nazzaro watched the men's 5,000 meter run, won by Mo Farah after he had won the men's 10,000 meters last Saturday, in the stands with friends. Here is how she saw the race....

The women's 1,500 meters was an exciting race: great battles, a grueling last 300 meters and an exciting fight for the World Championship medals. The women's 1,500 meters is our RunBlogRun Event of Day Five. 

The truth be told, each day has had several fantastic races and events, and we have picked events that we truly enjoyed from our vantage point in the Luzhniki Stadium.

 Abeba Aregawi, Jennifer Simpson, Hellen Obiri, Moscow 2013, 1,500 meters, 
photo by

Robert Heffernan taking the gold in the 50k Race walk, 
photo by

Ireland had won two gold medals in World Championships (outdoors) in the past, and both at the 5,000 meter distance. In 1983, Eamonn Coghlan won the inaugural 5,000m in the first World Champs in Helsinki, Finland. In 1995, Sonia O'Sullivan won the 5,000 meters in Goteborg, Sweden. 

On August 14, 2013, Robert Heffernan gave Ireland it's third gold medal, and at a new distance....

The women's heptathlon came down to the final event, the 800 meters. In that event, the medals were still up for grabs. Brianne Theisen-Eaton  could gain the gold medal if she beat Ganna Melichenko by 4.5 seconds or more. Katerina Johnson-Thompson had to beat Daphe Schippers by three seconds! 

The third section of the heptathlon 800 meters added on to the exciting two day battle that heptathletes had in Moscow, on August 12-13, 2013. 

Brianne Theisen-Eaton, Heptathlon 800 meters, photo by
Hellen Obiri, Abeba Aregawi, Jennifer Simpson, photo by

The 1,500 meters for women showed how global the sport truly is: gold medal for Sweden, silver medal for U.S. and bronze medal for Kenya. Justin Lagat talks about how important this medal is to Kenya and how tough the women's 1,500 meters truly was. 
Mary Cain, 2013 Moscow, 
photo by

Elliott Denman wrote this thoughtful commentary on the challenges for young athletes to make it to the elite level in this sport. Mary Cain, who finished tenth among the best in the world, Elliott Denman suggests that you take it slowly and observe to avoid the potholes that many young, enthusiastic runners have found during their journeys to the top. 

Thumbnail image for Merritt-James-McQuay-Moscow13.JPG
Merritt, James, McQuay, photo by

The U.S.A. won the 4 x 400 meter relay, which was D. Verburg, T.McQuay, A.Hall and L. Merritt, won the 4 x 400 meter relay tonight. The USA defended the realm, just as Dave Hunter predicted that they would! 
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, the Queen of the 100 meters, 
photo by

The women with the red hair extensions, making her look like a back up singer with George Clinton and Funkadelic, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, did her thing in the 100 meter final, running a world leader and taking the gold. The women's 100 meters in our RunBlogRun Event of Day three. 

James Dunaway was one of the few Americans to witness first hand the duel between Seb Coe and Steve Ovett over the 800 meters and 1,500 meters. Here is his first hand account of one of the most iconic races in middle distance running: the men's 1,500 meters from Moscow 1980! 

The stadium is the same. Close your eyes and you can imagine the crowd and the field.....

Seb Coe, Jurgen Straub, Steve Ovett, 1980 Moscow 1,500m, 
photo courtesy of

Day three was an epic day and night: Shelly-Ann Frayser-Pryce in the 100 meters, David Oliver in the 110 meter hurdles and Christine Ohuruogu in the women's 400 meters, due to it's very exciting finish! 

Ohuruogu takes the 400 meter at the finish! photo by
RunBlogRun gives Usain Bolt winning the 100 meters as the RBR Event of the Day for Day two. It was a tough decision as Tirunesh Dibaba's eleventh straight win at the 10,000 meter distance is huge. But, Usain Bolt continues to build his iconic relationship with the sport, and this 100 meters had much significance. 

Usain Bolt, photo by

Jeilian, Farah, Tanui, Rupp, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Photos, Cheryl Treworgy

Progressive training is all about building you up over a period of time. This Saucony RBR Summer training program has been tested for over a dozen years with high school, college and club athletes. 

Remember, if you are a college athlete, you may add morning runs three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday to the program of 30-35 minutes. 

Ben True, one of Saucony's brand ambassadors, has had  a great season, finishing fourth in both the 10,000m and 5,000m at the US champs this year. He scored a big 5,000m pr in July (13:12) and then took second in Falmouth last weekend! 

Ben True, photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this piece about the Kenyan success in the men's steeplechase. Justin Lagat gives you his feelings on Ezekial Kemboi's success, who took his third gold medal in the World Championships....

Ezekial Kebmoi, photo by

Jenny Simpson, 
photo by

Jenny Simpson, silver medalist in the 1,500 meters lead the way in the middle distances on Thursday. Here is the update from USA Track & Field. 

Ibrahim Hussein wins 1988 BAA Boston Marathon, 
photo courtesy of BAA Boston Marathon

Mary Nicole Nazzaro came by our work area in the media tribune in h stadium and she was quite excited. She had just met Ibrahim Hussein and wanted to write about the three time Boston Marathon winner. Ibrahim was quite modest in his day. He then took his winnings and invested in his country, Kenya. 

Mary Nicole met Ibrahim in the Sub Media Center as he was looking to take a picture of himself in the media center. We think that you will enjoy this piece.....

In this piece, Dave Hunter looks at English Gardner, one of our most promising and exciting new professional sprinters, who won the NCAA 100m title and USATF 100m title before taking fourth in her first World Championships. 


Robert Heffernan (Green uniform) battles in the 50k, 
photo by Gary Morgan

Elliott Denman wrote this piece about Irelands' third gold medalist in the World Championships ever, after Eamonn Coghlan in 1983 (5,000m) and Sonia O'Sullivan in 1995 (5,000m), now Ireland has the golden walker, Robert Hefferenan, who battled back from serial fourth places and tragedy to the gold medal in Moscow! 

This is the first of three videos for the Find Your Strong cross country program, sponsored by Saucony. Ashley Higginson is a steeplechaser, who made the US team for the World Championships in Moscow. Ashley is a law student at Princeton and a fine runner. " My goal this year was to make the team to Moscow, " is what Ashley told We wish her luck in the future and look forward to seeing her in the upcoming cross country season. 
Dave Hunter provides us a behind the scenes of the mixed zone, on Tuesday, after a tremendous night of track and field.....

Luzhniki Stadium, photo by

Harry Marra, A Day in the Life, April 11, 2013, 
photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images/IAAF

Harry Marra has devoted himself to coaching for most of his adult life. Harry Marra is also a former decathlete. He gets it. He is now coaching Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton, and he is as happy as a coach can be, now with athletes who have won gold in the decathlon and silver in the heptathlon. 

Here is Elliott Denman's excellent piece on one of our favorite coaches, Harry Marra. 

Aleksandr Ivanov winning the Moscow 20k Race Walk, 
photo by 

Elliott's column today is a homage to the 20k and also race walking and, when presented well, encourages fans to participate. Aleksandr Ivanov, the young Russian winner at the 20k, will be a rock star after his gold medal in Russia! 

Christophe Lemaitre, photo by 

Christophe Lemaitre has a 5 centimeter tear in his hamstring, and is out for the rest of the season, per confirmations close to the Lemaitre group. Christophe surprised many making the 100 meter final, however, his best event, was the 200 meters. 

Moscow is clouding today, on Thursday, August 15, 2013. There are about 30,000 people in the stadium, in a stadium that seats 80,000. The performances are great, as is the enthusiasm of the crowd. Unfortunately, the creativity of the Russian Federation, in terms of offering free tickets, bringing in children to witness a new sport, has been put to the test by hosting this massive event. 

Especially after seeing this event, I am completely confident that the US could host a World championships and put 30-40,000 people in the stands each and every day. 
Saucony Kilkenny, photo by Saucony Running

Today is day four of week seven. It is a hill workout day. If you run a typical cross country course in the US, there are hills. If you run one of the really tough courses, they your hill workouts will help you even more. 

Hill workouts are great ways to develop strength, speed and endurance. If you are a middle distance runner, you should have time each year where you do hill work. Arthur Lydiard, the famous coach, had a time each year dedicated to hill workouts, just before the athlete switched to the track. 

The hill workouts here are progressive and you are getting to the point in the summer season where eight hills can wear you out pretty well. That is what they are intended for. 

Focus on the hills. You will be a better cross country runner because of it. 
James Dunaway retells the story of a masterful race, the 800 meter for men in 1980 Moscow....


Moscow 1980, courtesy of Australian Olympic committee
Aniysa Kirdyapkina, 
photo by

Mary Nicole Nazzaro writes today about the Russian love of race walking and their tremendous success at the men's 20k, men's 50k and women's 20k.....

For the first time in athletics history, Kenyan women won the women's steeplechase. Here, Justin Lagat celebrates that Milcah Chemos Chewya and Lydia Chepkurui went 1, 2 in the steeplechase! 

Lydia Chepkurui, silver medalist in Moscow steeplechase, 
photo by

James Dunaway wrote his piece on the 1980 Olympics about the great Miruts Yifter. In my day, he was called, "Miruts the Shifter" due to his tremendous kicking ability. How would Miruts have battled runners today? Yifter was third in the 1972 10,000 meters, did not go to Montreal due to a boycott and in 1980, won the 10,000m and 5,000 m. 

This is one of my favorite columns......


This is week seven, about four to five weeks until the season begins. Keep up on your workouts, sleeping and eat well. Having junk once in a while is okay, but make it the exception. Juice instead of soda, and water and green tea are best.

Check your shoes, make sure that they are okay and consider two pairs of training shoes, a light one and a more cushioned model to trade off the days.

Shay XC, courtesy of Saucony Running

The 5,000 meter rounds on Tuesday morning are the focus of this column by Dave Hunter. Bernard Lagat, Ryan Hill, Galen Rupp and our honorary Portlandian, Mo Farah, were the focus on Daves' column. 

The final will be Friday night, and with a stacked field, it should be wondrous! 

Mo Farah and Galen Rupp, August 13, 2013, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Photos, Cheryl Treworgy

The battle for the victory in Moscow, for Yelena Isinbayeva, started last August, when the Russian superstar managed a bronze in London, after only a short , injury-free training period. In listening to Ms. Isinbayeva last year, one was convinced of one thing: If Yelena Isinbayeva was healthy, she was going to win the Moscow World Champs pole vault.

And that she did this evening, to the absolute delight of the Russian crowd, there to see her, and see a piece of history. 

M. Nicole Nazzaro, one of our columnists here, was in St. Denis in 2003 when Yelena won her first World Championship title. It is fitting that Nicole, who speaks Russian, wrote this piece on a superb pole vault competition. We think that you will like it...

Isinbayeva_Elena-Olympic12.jpg                                            Yelena Isinbayeva, London 2012, 
                                                   photo by

David Oliver gets the Quote of the Day, photo by

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price, Performance of the Day, 
photo by

Pawel Fajdek, Surprise of the Day, 
photo by

Wow, Day three, was, well fantastic. The women's 100 meters was superb, and David Oliver winning the 110 meter hurdles in such a tough field was a testament to his talent. David Oliver had two just absolute years where he would not have been blamed if he hung up the spikes, but, well that is not how David Oliver rolls, or hurdles either. 

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price should be congratulated for her brilliant running, and world leading time in winning the 100 meters. The Jamaican sprint goddess also adds hair that would make her a great back up singer for George Clinton and Funkadelic. 

And then, a non-Hungarian wins the hammer throw? Well, Pawel Fajdek did just that as the Polish hammer stud willed his hammer over 81 meters to take the victory! 
Evan Jager was a fine high school runner, who came to Wisconsin to be coached by Jerry Schumacher, then UW's head cross country and distance coach. When Schumacher got the offer of a lifetime, to be one of the Nike Oregon Track Club coaches, Even Jager left college to come West and run for the Swoosh. 

His move from a pretty darn good miler to one of the best steeplechasers in the world was not an accident-Schumacher does not work that way. But it was a team effort: Jerry Schumacher, Pascal Dobert and the assets brought by the Nike athletics program. 

Dave Hunter, one of Moscow team of correspondents, wrote this piece on Evan Jager. Evan will be running the steeplechase final on Thursday. The race, should be, well, stunning. 

The best in the world will be in the race, and Evan is looking to the race, with anticipation. 

So, Evan Jager, are your fans. 


Evan Jager, August 12, 2013, steeplechase semi-finals, 
photo by 

In a brutal race, Duane Solomon and Nick Symmonds battled Mohammed Aman and Ayanleh Souleman, and Nick Symmonds won the silver medal, battling Mo Aman to the final steps. For Mohammed Aman, it was the first 800 meter gold EVER for Ethiopia. For Nick Symmonds, it was the first medal at 800 meters for an American male since 1997, when Rich Kenah, now a partner at Global Athletics & Marketing, one of the top meet and athlete management firms in the US, took the bronze.

For Nick Symmonds, this is a long time coming. The American runner stayed close to the front and ran his race, battling Mohammed Aman to the tape. For Duane Solomon, who finished sixth, this was a tough race. Solomon will have his day, as American fortunes are looking up in the 800 meters.

For Kenya, the race was a disaster, as Justin Lagat relates in this timely piece.

 Mo Aman, Nick Symmonds, Ayanleh Souleman, the 800 meters, Moscow 2013, August 13, 2013, photo by

The #Celebrate Running Contest, sponsored by ASICS and FootLocker, gives you a chance to win one of four entries into this years' ING New York City Marathon. So, first, enjoy the following film on the contest from the Shoe Addicts, then, click on the link at the end to enter the contest. Hurry! The contest closes on August 18, 2013! .

Sign Up for Your Chance To Win Online Now!

Moscow 2013, the women's 10,000m on August 11, 2013, 
photo by

Here is James Dunaways' thoughts on how the middle distances were affected by the boycott. I saw Seb Coe yesterday, walking around the stadium. We spoke for a second as I gave him a greeting from Mr. Dunaway.
Walking through the media center, I saw Steve Ovett.

Somehow, if you close your eyes, you can see Seb Coe and Steve Ovett racing her, some 33 years ago. 

Tirunesh Dibaba, photo by

Here is David Monte's updated feature on the women's 10,000 meters, winning her third title at the distance! 
Saucony Carrera XC, photo from Saucony Running 

You are now into week seven of the Saucony RBR Summer mileage program. We hope that it is of benefit to you and your team. The key in building strength and speed for cross country is consistent training that callouses the athlete for the upcoming season. We have a long run, a tempo run, a hill workout and moderate training runs with stride outs several days a week. If you are a college athlete you can add three 30-40 minute morning runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 
Jenny Simpson, Drake Relays, April 2013, photo by

David Monte, editor of Race Results Weekly, wrote this fine piece about Jenny Simpson, the 2011 World Champion, who has regained her fitness levels in Daegu, Korea and is looking good in the first round in Moscow. How do you think she will do? 
110m hurdles.jpg
110m hurdles, photo by Pretty Sporty Images, Cheryl Treworgy

This is the US report on the USA Track & Field team on 12 August 2013. USA Track & Field provides daily updates on US performances for the morning and afternoon sessions in Moscow. Here is the USATF report on the evening session on August 12, 2013. 

Usain Bolt wins the 100 meters, photo by
Luzhniki Stadium, by

M. Nicole Nazzaro wrote this piece for us, the non-Russian speakers, on a few helpful terms, in Russian, while you are at a track meet. We hope that it helps you! 

Nick Symmonds, Moscow 2013, photo by

Dave Hunter interviewed Nick Symmonds for this story. Hunter's excitement over this column was palpable. Nick Symmonds is one of our favorite athletes for many reasons. One, he is from a Div 3 university, and as Coach Bob Sevene once said, "we don't get kids from Div. 3 winning many national titles". 

Adam Johnson-Eder is a partner in The Shoe Addicts, our digital partner. A student of history, Adam asked us about writing a piece on the recent discussions on Russian anti-gay legislation and the world reaction. 

The late American president, Harry Truman, in his final interviews in 1971, suggested that people who do not study history are damned to repeat it. 

Luzhniki Stadium.jpg

Race Walkers in the mister, August 11, 2013, 
photo by

Day two in the World Champs featured finals in the 20,000m walk, 10,000m run for women, women's long jump, Decathlon and women's discus. Here are some of the stories that Alfons Juck of EME News was researching...
You are now entering week seven. The workouts get harder, the need for rest and good nutrition increases. Make sure that you warm up and cooldown. Eat well, nap, and enjoy the last month of summer! 

Kilkenny Cross Country, photo from Saucony Running 
Alfons Juck, the meet director of the Ostrava Golden Spike, among the meets he manages, is also the man behind EME News. Known by the key players in the sport for several years, RunBlogRun worked an agreement to publish key pieces from his daily newsletter on our blog. Now, he is one of our most popular daily content.

One of my favorite assets is Alfons's reports at World Champs. Here is Day 1 Quote of Day, Result of Day and Surprise of Day! 

Valeria Straneo, silver medalist, Women's Marathon, photo by
As one of the handful of American reporters in Moscow in 1980, James Dunaway had a clear view of the Moscow Olympics and how they were affected by the American boycott. In this column, Dunaway argues that the cost to American sprinters and hurdlers was quite high....


The women's 10,000 meters was a tremendous race last night. Tirunesh Dibaba, aka the baby faced destroyer, unleashed her formidable kick over the last 300 meters and the race for gold was over. In fact, most believe it was never in question. In those circumstances, Justin Lagat's joy over Gladys Cherono running so well is understandable.

Here is how Justin Lagat saw the women's 10,000 meters: 

Can anyone defeat Tirunesh Dibaba? 
photo by, from Paris DL 2013
Mary Cain, photo by

The morning session of Day three is finished and the U.S. continues to put key athletes in the next round. A cloudy day in Moscow, with high humidity. The evening session starts at 6.45 pm local time and we will be sitting with our friends at USATF and the IAAF right behind the finish line! 
Carles Baronet prepares European Results for RunBlogRun and its readers. Today we are offering it as a pdf to you plus posted in our blog here. We hope that you enjoy! .

TRACKINSUN (pdf download)
European Athletics Results, Week July 29 - August 4, 2013

Pierre Ambroise Bosse, 800 meters, August 11, 2013, photo by

The rebranding of ASICS from Onitsuka has been one of the most successful evolutions in sports marketing history. The logo is unmistakable and ASICS focus on finding brand ambassadors who do more than just run, jump and throw for the brand. Here is a release that gives you some insights into how ASICS looks at the global sports world. 

FINAL_ENG_ASICS_Spiral_aug_6_eng.jpgThe "a" in the ASICS motif instinctively embodies agility, vitality
and limitless potential for athleticism.

ASICS Maximizes Brand Visibility
With "ASICS Spiral" on Sponsored Teams and Athletes

ASICS Corporation (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan; President: Motoi OYAMA) is
introducing the usage of the "ASICS Spiral" on apparel and accessories worn by its
sponsored teams and athletes. The decision is part of a strategic plan to increase brand
awareness and equity in order to further improve ASICS's competitiveness in global

The use of the "ASICS Spiral" will broaden ASICS's customer base by heightening
brand recognition.

The use of a simple and unique "ASICS Spiral" amidst the fast action of sports will not
only leave a more lasting visual image in the minds of spectators but will also impact
wider audiences across countries and age groups.

By creating quality lifestyle through intelligent sports technology, ASICS will continue to
offer valuable products and services.

In Salt Lake City, the Summer Outdoor Retailer  (July 31-August 4), was the location for a fascinating launch of a new shoe for Brooks. In one of their most ambitious media launches yet, Brooks marketing Heather Snavely built a fun evening, with a gospel singing group, a short presentation, great food and adult beverages, to launch the Brooks Transcend, a new direction for Brooks Running. 

Preceeding that, Brooks PR sent out a report detailing the research that they had done on the need for this shoe. 

Brooks launches their products well. While other brands can outspend performance running brands such as Brooks, in most cases, they are just not as effective. Brooks invited the most serious running geeks as well as the fashionistas, not concerned that serious reviewers of the product might ask them questions that they a) were not ready for, b) did not want asked. In allowing the healthy discussion of ideas and product, Brooks has a relationship with running media that does not exist with some of their larger competitors. 

Brooks Runnings' Heather Snavely gets it: keep it fun, keep the geek stuff short, but provide it for the media to read at their leisure. Run Happy, one of the smartest branding programs ever for a running brand, continues to breathe life into an expanding Brooks Running brand.

What should other running brands learn from Brooks? Focus on human capital, focus on great product, and make sure that the consumer, run specialty and running media understand your message. Encourage questions and criticism, and learn and evolve. If the consumer, run specialty and running media understand that your success is their success, then you have won the battle. 

M. Nicole Nazzaro is one of my favorite writers. She wrote for us for many years, and has now returned to cover the Moscow world championships. Nicole sees the world a bit differently that other writerss, part of that is because of her relationship with the country of Russia. A writer who can communicate such complicated messages, but also communicate her love of the sport and a deep comprehension of how insidious drugs in sports can be and its affect on the sports culture, is unusual. 

In this piece, M. Nicole wants you the reader to not only consider Mo Farah and his global lifestyle as one of the best distance runners, if not the best male distance runner in the world, but also realize how it feels for those chasing that dream, such as Sarah Brown.

We hope you like this one, we surely did....


Dave Hunter's piece on Sunday is on Jenny Simpson, one of the most likable and poised athletes in our sport. She is fiercely competitive and is the 2011 World Champion in the 1,500 meters. It was in Daegu, during the semi-final, when Simpson made this beautiful move on the final stretch, with little effort, but complete focus, that I first considered her as a medal contender. In the final, Jenny did not make an error and ran the field down. 

In 2013, Jenny Simpson is full of racing and that championship focus that gave her 2011 is back. Here is how Dave Hunter sees this amazing athlete!

Jenny Simpson, photo by

The long run is one of your most important workouts of the week. It helps build strength and endurance, and you should include a long run in your training every week. 

Saucony Carrera XC, photo courtesy of Saucony Running 
Galen Rupp, Moscow 2013, photo by

Galen Rupp ran a spectacular race last night, and finished fourth, here is how Dave Hunter saw the race and chronicled Galen's difficult night on the track. When lots is expected, one tends to put lots of pressure on oneself as well. 

Mo Farah, Ibrahim Jeilan, Galen Rupp, Paul Tanui, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Photos, Cheryl Treworgy
I have to admit, I love Deena Kastor. I was in Athens when she took the bronze medal in a gutty run in absolutely horrific conditions. I had remembered seeing how broken up Deena was at the 2004 Trials when she did not win the marathon in St. Louis. Her run, which featured the fastest last 10k of anyone in the women's marathon in Athens, is as inspiring today as it was in 2004.

Deena's run in Moscow was as gutty as she is. An ambassador for our sport, Deena speaks articulately, and lives the Olympic oath every day of her life. 

M. Nicole Nazzaro's piece today on Deena Kastor is worth the read at this early time on Saturday morning. 

Deena Kastor, photo courtesy of Mike Deering, Shoe Addicts

Justin Lagat is our man in Kenya. RunBlogRun asked Justin Lagat to watch the events and give us his thoughts on how his countrymen and countrywomen were doing! Here is his piece on the wonderful run of Edna Kiplagat. 

Kiplagat_Edna1c-Kenya12.jpg                                      Edna Kiplagat, Kenya, February 2012, 
                                                   photo by

M. Nicole Nazzaro, a long time writer for American Track & Field, is in Moscow and writing for RunBlogRun as one of our World Championship's daily columnists. Here are her ten storylines for Moscow, as considered today, Saturday, August 10, 2013:

Mo Farah takes control, August 10, 2013, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Photos/ Cheryl Treworgy              

Elliott Denman has an issue with the word, boycott. He makes a fine argument, using recent history and not so recent history, that boycotts have not really worked, when the Olympics are involved.

People have seemed to forget how unsuccessful the 1980 boycott actually was...
Nick Symmonds noted today, while he is in a country he respects their laws, and when he is in his country, he can utilize his freedom of speech...

Tell us what you think...

Nick Symmonds, photo by

Saucony Shay XC, courtesy of Saucony Running 

In fine tuning your training, the value of a coach can not be underestimated. As you get into shape, there is a fine line between under training and over training. If you have a concern that the week six of training is too much, then keep the Saturday run as a modest 30 minute run. If you would like to race, then, consider the race, but have objectives. Using the race as a hill workout and a good final finish practice is a great way to run a 5k or 6k race. Always remember, warming up and cooling down. 
This is James Dunaway's third column for our Moscow Diary. This one is about his experience as one of the few Americans at the Moscow Olympics. Dunawa is writing his experiences surrounding the 1980 Olympics...

newsweek boycott.jpg

Molly Huddle, Shannon Rowbury, London 2013 DL, 
photo by

Mary Nicole Nazzaro has written for American Track & Field since 2000. Her feature on Coach Fry was one of my favorites. She has covered the World Champs in 2003, 2005 and 2007 and now she is back writing for us once again! 

Mary Nicole Nazzaro will be writing for us each day of the World Championships on her view of the 14th World Championships in Athletics and her experiences in Moscow....

So, I was having my coffee on Friday morning, and Kevin Mangan, about six thousand miles away, sends me his predictions on the World Champs and suggests that perhaps (he was trying to be nice), we should post our predictions.

The challenge, as they say, was on! So, below, please find Kevin Mangan, intern at American Track & Field and and Larry Eder, American Track & Field and

Big differences with this process: Kevin takes this seriously, well as I, as many know, only use reality when it benefits me. Nothing makes me smlle more than an email such as the following:
"Hey Larry, if you could get the crack pipe out of your mouth, maybe your medal picks would be more, ahem, realistic..." 

So, enjoy dear readers.... time for me to go to bed....

Merritt versus James, Pre 2013, photo by
Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, London 10,000 meters, photo by

Dear and Gentle readers,

On this, the eve of the greatest eight days of track und field every two years, I am wakeful in anticipation of how the races will go, who will win, who will surprise and if the line for my espresso and tomato juice will be too long. 

Don't fret dear readers! The IAAF, the governing body of the sport, has provided you, with a plethora of information to make your experience in Luzhniki stadium, or, if you are one of the lucky 150 million in the US who neither have Universal Sports access or who have been totally jerked around by the Peacock network, who would give more coverage to professional snipe hunting that they would to the world's oldest (and to some, world's only) true sport.

But, hey, I digressed. Enjoy the links below and remember to get up early (nine to eleven hours difference in USA), turn on the computer and watch as I pontificate on Live RunBlogRun, or read the thoughtful words of the six columnists we lined up. The links below will make you a track expert, the conversationalist at your next cocktail party, or, perhaps you could run for political office in the U.S. say the Whig party? 
Yuliya Zaripova, photo by

Well, the old saying goes that, from ten days before a major championship, the only thing one can do is get injured, has been proven right once again! Yuliya Zaripova, the London Olympic champion, World Champion, European champion, should have been able to win the steeple in just about any situation. Well, except one.

Zaripova hit a steeple barrier and hurt both her knee and tore groin muscle. Ughh. 

The World Marathon Majors is an important and influential group within the world of marathoning. They have championed stringent drug testing and repurcussions for athletes who test positive, they provide the largest prize purse for such a series in the sport, and they have supported the IAAF World Marathon Championships.  

The women's marathon will be held at 2 pm on Saturday, August 10 and the men's marathon will be held at 3.30 pm on Saturday, August 17. The conditions are likely to be hot and humid.

Championship marathons are like no other event in our sport. It is a bit like cat and mouse, with slow pace early on and a gripping last 5-10k. 

I have a feeling that both races could provide us with some real surprises. 


The key to training during the summer is consistency. If you get in your runs, eat well, sleep well and stay healthy, you will get into shape and be ready for the fall. Consider the workouts building blocks. 

Remember to eat well. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two snacks a day, eat veggies, protein, like yoghurt, lean meat, fresh fish. Nuts are good snacks. Keep the soda to a minimum and drink water, green tea, snacks like celery with peanut butter or an apple slice with peanut butter is great! 

19001-1_1.jpg                    Saucony Kilkenny, photo by Saucony Running

newsweek boycott.jpg
The Olympic boycott, organized by the Carter administration, was one of the least brilliant examples of American statecraft in our storied history. James Dunaway, who was one of the few American journalists who was actually present in Moscow in 1980, discusses the ill-fated Olympic boycott.

And to think, some one in Congress even considered a 2014 boycott? The world gets sillier each and every day. 

Luzhniki Stadium.jpg
Luzhniki Stadium, photo courtesy of IAAF

The IAAF Congress, by acclimation, has decided that the IAAF will institute a four year ban on positive dope tests. 
About the same time I am posting this piece, we have found out, that it was not voted on, but by unanimous acclimation! The Four Year ban

If you want to show the world that you are serious about drug testing and drugs in sports, a four year ban is truly the only way to go. 

Nice to see this on the on the eve of the World Championships. It sends a message. 

Luzhniki Stadium.jpg
Our home for next ten days and nights, Luzhniki Stadium, courtesy of IAAF

Justin Lagat, our Kenyan correspondent

Justin Lagat wrote this column on the support that Safaricom, Kenya's major mobile phone provider, has given the sport of athletics in Kenya. Justin will be providing us columns during the World Championships from his view in Kenya. Justin has told us that he will be watching the Championships live and will provide columns with a Kenyan perspective. Justin Lagat has become one of our most popular writers, so thanks for your kind support, dear readers!
James Dunaway was first credentialed at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, when he started his company, Dunaway Ink and wrote for a series of newspapers in North America. James Dunaway has been to over 50 NCAA Championships and did not miss a Summer Olympics until London 2012. 

dassler track spike, circa 1928, courtesy of adidas communications

Dunaway has written for Track & Field News for five decades plus. He has been editor of American Track & Field for a decade and my mentor for much longer. Mercurial, hysterical, Dunaway is a rare sports journalist. He is rightly a member of USA Track & Field's hall of fame, and Dunaway, most importantly, has encouraged several generations of sports journalist to continue to cover our sport and to cajole, fight and write for it's continued improvement. 

We asked James to write a series of columns on the Moscow 1980 Olympics, of which he attended as one of the handful of US journalists. This is Dunaway's first column, on the USA versus USSR Track meets. 

We hope that you like it! 

Before the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Lasse Viren, who had won the 1972 Olympic 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters, was having some difficulty with his achilles. His coach, Rolf Haakola, kept Viren off the track until three weeks before the Montreal Olympics. His regimen was 800 meter hill repeats, which allowed Viren to develop his speed, without putting him on the track. Three weeks out from the Olympics, Viren ran a 5,000 meter time trial, changing speeds every 100 meters, and broke 14 minutes. Three weeks later, Viren did the same workout, and ran the same workout twenty-five seconds faster! His recover, determined by checking his pulse at end of workout and ten minutes later, had improved as well! Viren did double in Montreal, defending both titles and his hill workouts, devised by his creative coach, were a key part of the build up to his success. 

While hill workouts may not provide you a gold medal or two, they are a great way to get into shape. As a junior college coach, my wise head coach, Joe Mangan, would put our team through four weeks of hill running, which got the team in shape and ready for the tough four mile courses we had for JC races. 

Saucony Carrera XC, 
photo by Saucony Running
Mo Farah winning London 5,000 meters, 
photo by

Mo Farah thrilled a nation in London when he became the first British distance runner to double at the 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters. Under the watchful eye of Coach Alberto Salazar, in a joint project with UK Endurance's then mentor Ian Stewart, Farah and his training partner, Galen Rupp, went gold and silver in the 10,000 meters and Mo came back and won a tough 5,000 meters with a sug four minute last mile! 

How will he fair in Moscow? Here is Alfons Juck's predictions. Alfons Juck is our daily commentator on all the news on athletics that is fit to publish, and we thank the director of the Ostrava Golden Spike for his daily contributions. What you find below are Alfons's predicitons on Moscow. You will find mine in this very space on Friday, once I get my sea legs, so to speak, in Moscow. 

Three days a week, you are running 45-50 minutes, with 150 meter stride outs afterwards. Make sure that you cooldown and warm up well. 

Huddle leading the 3,000m, with Rowbury on her shoulder, 
photo by
Ashton Eaton, A Day in the Life, 
photo by Doug Pensinger, Getty Images/IAAF, April 12, 2013

There is always some intrigue in the transference of power in the world of global athletics. Lamine Diack, the President of the IAAF will not name who he wants his successor to be at this time. Who shall it be now? 

Lamine Diack and kids, New York, photo by

Luzhniki Stadium.jpg
Luzhniki Stadium, photo by

The IAAF Council meetings are in the headlines today, as they have met on August 5-7. RunBlogRun and the Shoe Addicts are on their way to Moscow! We arrive Wednesday night around 11 pm local time. Watch for us again on Thursday, nearly awake! 
ASICS America Group shows double digit growth in the first quarter of 2013. In speaking with members of the ASICS America team at the Outdoor Retailer, it is apparent that they have focused on staying aggressive and looking for growth.

The Outdoor retailer show is a prime example of the competition between the key performance brands: ASICS, Brooks, Saucony, and New Balance were all there. New niches (HOKA ONE ONE) are being opened. 

This is a challenging time for performance footwear brands. One must keep their eye on the ball. 

ASICS brand ambassador Sara Hall, 2011 USA Championships, 
photo by
Molly Huddle, Sara Hall, USA XC 2012, photo by

As you train this summer for cross country, the long run, the hill workout and the tempo run will help prepare you for a fall of successful cross country racing. Focus during this twenty minutes once a week. Feel yourself getting stronger and faster. And know that, this coming season, you will race better than ever! 
Ed Derse_Lo.jpg
Edward Derse, courtesy of Universal Sports

Edward Derse understood digital media years before many others. In 1996, Edward worked with the late Doug Speck and myself on the coverage of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, our first online coverage of an Olympic Games. It was crazy, it was fun, and it was new. Edward, at the time worked for the LA84 Foundation, a legacy of the 1984 Olympics. I remember, over the past two decades, a few occasions, when we met, having conversations on where sports could go with the the exciting changes in digital coverage.

Edward went on to develop many projects that opened track and field to a new generation of coaches, and helped promote the viewing of sports in new ways. It is exciting to see him at Universal Sports, one of the few ways that we in North America are able to view our global sport of track & field. 

How will Edward Derse affect the coverage of our sport and give more sports fans a chance to see sports in this digital age? Only time will tell, but, I believe, our sport and Universal Sports, will be the better. 
Julius Yego, photo by

Julius Yego is the best javelin thrower in Kenya. In this story by Justin Lagat, we learn about a man who has developed his craft mostly on his own, and has gained the respect of many of his countrymen and women. 

Usain Bolt, photo by

Usain Bolt is in Moscow. Usain Bolt is one of the most popular athletes in all of sports, not just track and field. His competition in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 4 x 100 meter relay will be three of the most anticipated events of the year. 
This is the week six of the Saucony RBR Summer Mileage Training Program. This program is developed for high school and college cross country training to provide the coach and athlete with twelve weeks of summer training and six weeks of Fall cross country Training. Here is week six. 

We will also post this daily on Face Book and twitter. If you have questions, email me at [email protected]

Molly Huddle, Sara Hall, photo by 
Tero Pitamaki, photo by

Tero Pitamaki threw a fantastic 86.13 meter throw for the javelin on August 3, confirming that he has returned well from his surgery. He will be a real medal contender in Moscow. Kim Collins, the 2003 World Champion, the 2011 Bronze medalist, will not be competing in Moscow after his federation did not include him on their team roster and a petition to get him competing in Moscow also failed. 
Zuzana Hejnova, photo by

Zuzana Hejnova has built a wonderful story in the 2013 season. Her NR of 53.07 is the current world leader. As a finishing touch on her Moscow preparations, Zuzana ran 38.16 for the 300 meter hurdles. Will she win the 400 meter hurdles in Moscow? 

We are grateful to Saucony for sponsoring our Summer mileage training program. This program will prepare you for twelve weeks of summer training and six weeks of in season training. 

Here is the first five weeks of the training program. We will post the weekly training program, and then, each day, on, FB and twitter the daily program.

If you have any questions, please send questions to [email protected]

Kilkenny XC 5, photo courtesy of Saucony Running 
Luzhniki Stadium.jpg
Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, photo courtesy of the IAAF

The World Championships in Moscow will begin in less than six days. From August 10-18, 2013, 206 countries will send athletes to the event to run, jump and throw. will be there and covering the action LIVE on, also via Facebook, via twitter, on LIVE blog as well as nightly updates! 
Jessica Ennis, photo by

We are most grateful to Carles Baronet, who is preparing European athletics results for once every two weeks. We hope that you enjoy the results! 

The long run is one of the most important workouts of your week. Arthur Lydiard, the great coach, noted that long runs build endurance, and strength. 

The long run should be included each week for a middle and long distance runner.

Kilkenny XC 5, photo by Saucony Running
So, today is a rest day, keep it easy, and relax. Take  a nap, watch Netflix and discover how cool BBC's Sherlock Holmes is (three episodes). 

I do not give you many rest days, so enjoy this one, an easy 30 minutes today. 

Saucony Carrera XC, from Saucony Running
Sebastian Coe, Sergei Bubka, photo by

Both Sebastian Coe and Sergei Bubka have come out strongly on repercussions for those surrounding athletes caught using banned substances. Bubka's recommendations are quite substantial...will they curb the use of banned substances? 

To be ready for cross country in the fall, you need strength, some speed, lots of endurance and
some focus. Give us 90 minutes tops a day, and you have 22 and one half hours to good off, uhm, I mean work or play computer games. 

Summer training is a great time to prepare for the coming year. Take a nap if you have time. And, dear readers, if you are in college, consider 30 minute easy runs in morning on Monday, 
Wednesday and Friday. 

Saucony Kilkenny XC, photo courtesy of Saucony running
The hill workout is held every Thursday in our program. The goal of the workout is to prepare you to run hills successfully. You will notice that we are giving you more hills and the workout is getting harder. 

Want to be successful running hills? Shorten your stride and pump your arms as you go up the hill. Do not look at the top of the hill,  look in front of you. Stay focused. The more you practice hills, the better you will become at running hills. 

10152-5_1.jpg                                                   Shay XC Racing Flat, 
                                    photo courtesy of Saucony Running


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