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BMW Berlin Marathon, photo by

The World Record in Berlin on Sunday was the eighth world record on the course in the past 15 years! Wilson Kipsang ran the last 2.2k in 6:11, after having put himself back on World record pace after a 29:01 10k from 30-40k. 

Next weekend is the Lisbon Half Marathon, on October 6,  and they have a fantastic field! 
This is the first day of the week, and it is a pretty relaxed day. What did you learn about your race this past weekend?

Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, photo by Saucony Racing
Wilson Kipsang, en route to a World Record, photo by

The eighth world record in the past fifteen years was set by Wilson Kipsang, who not only told the media at the pre event press conference, but told his training partners in Kenya that he would achieve the world record, before he left Kenya for the race. 

Here is David Monte's story on the World record run in Berlin earlier today...

Renaud Lavillenie, Moscow, photo by

Here are the results from around Europe for the week of 9-15 September, 2013, courtesy of Carles Baronet. 
Wilson Kipsang begins the long run home, photo by

Wilson Kipsang, making history, photo by

The BMW Berlin Marathon gave up its eighth World record in the past fifteen years. Wilson Kipsang did not have an easy day. By 30 kilometers, the WR pace was off by 28 seconds. 

Wilson Kipsang took up the challenge, and ran 14:35 for 30-35k. From 35-40k, Kipsang ran 14:36. And his last 2.2 kilometers put icing on the cake, setting a new record by fifteen seconds. 

This is how Pat Butcher, the globe runner, saw the race from Berlin: 
Sunday is our traditional day for long runs. But, as with all training, commons sense must apply. If you are sore from your race on Saturday, slow down the Sunday pace first, and then, get on soft ground and thirdly, shorten the run. 

Saucony Kilkenny, 
photo by

Wilson Kipsang about to make history, photo by

There is a place in every race where the athlete has to make the decision: race, go into an area not been before, or just run another race. At 30k, as the world record chance was going away, Wilson Kipsang took off and made history, running 2:03.23. Here is how we learnt about the race, from globerunner Pat Butcher. 

Shay XC, photo courtesy of Saucony Racing 

This is the first big cross country invitational weekend of the year! Cross country invitationals are festivals of races, with race upon race, and a chance to see friends at other schools. Good luck in your race. In cross country, make sure you get out well and try and move up through the field. Remember to finish hard! 
Sweden is track and field crazy. The new stars of track & field in Sweden are under huge pressure to perform. Swedish media compares the young stars to the stars of the past: Carolina Kluft, Christian Olsson and Stefan Holm.

Kluft may be the second greatest heptathlete of all times. Her domination of her era should not be underestimated. However, Kluft has chastised the Swedish press on comparing young stars to the golden stars of the past. She is worried about the stress it puts on the new stars. 

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Kelly Sotherton, Carolina Kluft, Birmingham 2007, 
photo by 
PHOTO: Jake Leingang (l) and Edward Cheserek celebrate after finishing second and first, respectively, at the Coast-to-Coast Battle in Beantown cross country meet in Boston's Franklin Park (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)

Jake Leingang and Edward Cheserek at Coast to Coast, showing their schools! 
photo by Chris Lotsbom, Race Results Weekly

Cross Country is here. Chris Lotsbom gives us the birds' eye view of the Franklin Park battles, the Coast-to-Coast Battle for Beantown! Watch for our coverage of the Stanford Invitational tomorrow! 

Footwear companies have found strong support from the running community for supporting programs that support cancer awareness, and the program between ASICS America and Christina Applegate is a fine example of such support. 

ASICS American continues to expand their awareness programs, in September, October and November, with programs that bring awareness to childhood cancers, breast cancer and prostate cancer. 


In this feature, Justin Lagat writes about the real feelings athletes have when they pull out of a major race or track meet. He focuses this on Patrick Makau and his withdrawal from the BMW Berlin Marathon. 

Thumbnail image for Makau_PatrickFVWR1a-Berlin11.jpg
Patrick Makau on a better day, BMW Berlin Marathon 2011, 
photo by 
Wilson Kipsang, February 2012, photo by 

Wilson Kipsang is fit, and he is on a mission: to break the World Record for the men's marathon. The field in BMW Berlin for Sunday's race could give us World records on the men's side.

How fit is Wilson Kipsang? Remember, he has run 2:03.42, and he is very fit. We will have to wait until Sunday, but know this: he has deep competition in Berlin and fantastic pacers! 

Here is the release sent to us from Berlin for the men's press conference today! 
Good luck to all who are racing this weekend. Lots of great invitationals around the country! Remember to warm up and cooldown before your races! 


Andrea Lalli in Cinque XC, photo by 

Andrea Lalli, the SPAR European Cross Country Champion, and a 1:01.11 half marathoner, will be debuting over the marathon at the 38th Venice Marathon on October 27, 2013.

Phil Minshull wrote the following piece for the IAAF site on Lalli and his debut....

There are three candidates for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Team Trials, and they are: Houston, Cincinatti and Los Angeles.

The LA Marathon LLC rolled out the red carpet to greet the USA Track & Field officials who are doing the site tour. 

The ASICS LA Marathon team would be the host, with the idea of hosting the Marathon Trials the day before the ASICS LA Marathon in 2016.

ASICS involvement the past two years has helped put the ASICS LA Marathon on strong footing for continued growth. And the big question is whether the 2016 Trials win would be a dress rehearsal for LA's all out bid to get the 2024 Olympics? Well, that is an affirmative. 

Deena Kastor winning 2008 US Olympic Trials marathon, photo by

If Los Angeles rolls out the charm wagon, it is a hard site to beat. It would be sure nice if the LA Coliseum could actually put a track inside and keep it this time, as a legacy to the absolute hotbed of prep athletics that Southern Calfornia has been for the last hundred years. 

Houston did a fantastic job in 2012, and they want it again. Cincinnati would be interesting pick as well. 

But the word has been out for some time that LA would make it quite clear that the financing for the event (about $ 1 million with very little chance of sponsorships, as the USOC owns that) is there as well. 

More details to come! 

kip, cherop, davila, mikitenko.jpg
Florence Kiplagat, Sharon Cherop, Desi Davila, Irina Mikitenko, 
photo by

The BMW Berlin Marathon is one of the fastest courses in the world. The race is always an early sell out, and besides the marathon, it has a unique roller blade competition as well, that is sell out! 

The course this year is only as good as its superb field, and the women, as this piece by our global runner, Pat Butcher, will inform you, is tres bien! 
Saucony Carrera XC, photo by Saucony Running 

Day Four has been a hill day. We offer another option this week, of four to six 800 meters at 5k mile pace. Remember, be careful, when you race, you need to give your body recover time between races and hard workouts. 
Jenny Simpson may be running the USA Cross Country Championships, to be held in Boulder, Colorado, in February 2014, per EME News. The gold and silver world champion medalist at 1,500 meters, Jenny Simpson has been a huge supporter of national championships. 

Jenny Simpson, photo by
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Ryan Hill, photo by

Ryan Hill will be coached by Jerry Schumacher starting this fall, per this report by Race Results Weekly...
Desi Davila, 
photo by

Desi Davila, after 18 months of dealing with injuries, is healthy once again. Her first 10k back, Desi ran a 33:21. David Monti wrote this piece two weeks ago, about Desi running the BMW Berlin Marathon on September 29, 2013. 

Nick Symmonds took the silver medal in the 800 meters in Moscow. Running the smartest race of his career, Nick Symmonds stayed with the field, moved when he needed to, and kicked like hell down the final straight. Think about how Symmonds could do, with his leg speed, in the 1,500 meters, if the Moscow Nick Symmonds showed up! 

Chris Lotsbom wrote this piece for Race Results Weekly on Nick Symmonds and his future in the mile! 

Thumbnail image for Symmonds_NickFH1-London13.JPG
Nick Symmonds, photo by
Sports Gene Front Cover Final_Epstein.jpg

Updated 25 September 2013

One of the most provocative and thoughtful books in many years, The Sports Gene is David Epstein's journey to understanding, the complicated relationship between heredity, sports talent, hard work, and how it is seen on the sports field. 

Many will know David Epstein as the thoughtful writer on sports science for Sports Illustrated. We were lucky enough to have David answer questions for us. Special thanks to David Epstein for his time and patience.

RunBlogRun highly recommends The Sports Gene. The book can be found at This book should be read by every coach, trainer, athletic director and parent of a young athlete. Well done, well researched and a great read! 

The other point I would like to make on David Epstein's writing: Epstein proves once, and again, that we need critical, not cynical observers, of our sport and the sporting world. 
You are now racing a couple of times a week. Remember, each time you race should be counted as a hard workout. Be careful, cool down and stretch after each race, and change out of your wet clothes as soon as possible. 


Usain Bolt & CEO Bjorn Gulden, photo by PUMA communications

Usain Bolt has continued his long term relationship PUMA, where he has been since he was a teenager. For the most visible and popular athlete in the sport, Bolt will continue competing until 2017, per his most recent comments. 

For PUMA, this is about smart business. Usain Bolt transcends his sport activity, and he exemplifies the PUMA sports lifestyle. 
Jenny Simpson flies, photo by

Nick Willis kicks to victory, photo by

The Fifth Avenue Mile, as presented by Nissan, was held on the first day of Fall. It is also, the unofficial ending of the global track season. Many of the top middle milers in the world were at the meet, and there were two fantastic races! 

Here is Elliot Denman's eye witness view of the Fifth Avenue Mile! 

The tempo run continues to help get you ready to race. Don't forget this workout! It is a great one to use the entire season! 

Saucony Carrera XC, photo from Saucony Racing
Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, photo from Saucony Racing

You are now in week thirteen. The training programs for the next four to six weeks. Remember, as you race, you will get tired. Focus on your Tuesday and Thursday sessions and your long runs. If you need to cut back on morning runs, do so. Take the time to cool down and warm up. 

Consider two pairs of training shoes. One for long runs and recovery days and one for fast days. 

Always have dry clothes with you, and water and a snack. A great snack is the Larabar Uber bar-low sugar, nice carbos and protein, for those who can eat nuts. One top coach told me he has his team have a powerbar and low fat chocolate milk! Whatever works for you! But, do it and be prepared. 
Chiba XC 2008, lots of racing 

The following links are for the review in 2013 for Cross Country Racing Shoes, from Cregg Weinmann, the Running Network Footwear review Editor and one of the most dialed in shoe geeks in the business. Cregg provides the 29 websites of the RunningNetwork with daily reviews of running product and commentary on the business of running footwear....
Catherine Ndereba is one of the great women marathon runners in our sport's history. As Justin Lagat found out recently, Catherine is far from wanting to retire from the sport that she both loves and excels at, after so many years. 

Here is Justin's story on Catherine Ndereba....

Catherine Nderiba, photo by

The true end of summer and beginning of fall is the Fifth Avenue Mile, presented by Nissan. Jenny Simpson ran a blazing 4.19.3 and Nick Willis won a swift mile in 3:52.9 for this celebration of all things fast and all things mile, as six thousand plus New Yorkers ran miles in various divisions, and enjoyed sixteen men under four minutes and fifteen women under 4:30 for the mile distance! 

This venerable event continues to grow, and encourages other cities to run a mile event, giving young and old a chance to run the distance and also watch some very fast people run the distance as well! Fall is here! 

Jenny Simpson after her win on Fifth Avenue! photo by
Meselech Melkamu, photo by

The BMW Frankfurt Marathon will celebrate its 32nd year in 2013 in style. An example of how strong management and support from sponsors can build an event, the BMW Frankfurt marathon now boasts 15,000 starters and two of the fastest men and women's course records in the world. 

This release boasts on the strong women's field challenging Melkamu on October 27, 2013....
Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, photo by Saucony Racing

Today is Monday, September 23. It is a 45-50 minute run day, plus stride outs. Strideouts help keep you with some leg speed and are great the day after a long run to help loosen you up. After such a workout, a nice, relaxed cooldown and stretching is key. I know distance runners, as a species, do not like stretching, but please, put some effort into it, as it keeps you healthy and gives your muscles some relief, especially after a workout. 

Molly Huddle won the CVS 5k on Sunday, September 22, 2013. The CVS 5k, held in Providence, Rhode Island, is the US 5k road championships. Huddle is not only a fine road runner, track runner, but an excellent cross country runner. She has supported the World Cross Country Trials and team for several years. 

Have a good day of running! 
PHOTO: Fernando Cabada wins the 2013 Cow Harbor 10-K in 29:32.11 (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)

Chris Lotsbom wrote this piece about Saturday's event, Cow Harbor 10k....
Sorry for the delay in these results, I just got behind with the travel. Here are the end of the season results that we should have caught up with! 

Photo below: Julia Fischer, discus, Moscow 2013, 
photo by


Sunday is the long run day. If you are sore at all from the 5k or 8k, then make it an easy run! 

Thumbnail image for 2013-04-24_huddle, solomon-570x379.jpg
Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, photo by Saucony Racing

Steve Sambu, photo by

Stephen Sambu is showing his talents. This morning he ran a race in Alton, Illinois, where he ran a very fast 5k at the Miles for Meso 5k! Special thanks to Karen Locke, Sambu's manager. Stephen broke the course record by 27 seconds!

Sambu crushes 5k field in Alton with Personal Best

Alton, Illinois- A strong field assembled to  race the Miles for Meso 5K. The men's 2011 course records of 13:48 was shattered by (:27 sec) Stephen Sambu with at 13:21. "I frankly never thought the course record would go below 13:30. The spectacular men's field had 7 athletes go under 14:00. The times are very impressive on a course with hills, some brick streets, and several turns, said race director, Mike Weaver."

All results for both Elite and Age Group race at:

Molly Huddle stretching, photo courtesy of Saucony Racing

Racing is where it is all supposed to come together. However, runners search for the perfect race their entire careers. Cross country courses differ, and unless you get on the same courses, it is hard to compare efforts. 
The cross country season, for most of the country, is in week two. While many have trained all summer, the racing season starts getting hot over the next couple of weeks. If you are racing two to three times a week, count those as hard days. Consider, after cooling down from your race, doing eight times a 150 stride out, quick, but gentle on the legs, and then, a gentle mile cooldown. Make sure your days between racing are easy, so your body can recover. 


The U.S. Athletic Trust is a organization looking at new ways to fund athletic development. The following piece, written by Nathan Ikon Crumpton of the US Athletic Trust. It is a fascinating piece on how the USOC funds US athletes. If the figures are correct, just over ten percent of USOC money goes to actually helping athletes. Quite disturbing...

Meb Keflezighi, Ryan Hall, Abdi Abdirhaman, 2012 Olympic Trials, 
photo by
At the very end of the World Indoor Championships in 2010, Teddy Tamgho broke the the world indoor record in the triple jump. In 2011, Tamgho was injured, and it took eighteen months before he was back.

Teddy Tamgho came back well. In Moscow, Tamgho dominated the triple jump. He had won the triple jump, and on his last jump, Teddy Tamgho just flew, over 18 meters. Eighteen point zero four meters! The longest jump since 1996. 

Teddy Tamgho, Moscow gold medalist, Triple Jump, 
photo by

2013-04-24_huddles eyes-570x379.jpg
Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, 
photo courtesy of Saucony Racing

Hill workouts are part of an effective program for building for cross country success. The truth is, there are many ways to get to a successful season. The program that I have suggested for the past twelve weeks is a program that has worked for my teams, my athletes and has been considerably tested and fine-tuned. 

There will be things that work for you, and things that won't. Your job is to find what works for you. 
CTRN-SeptOCT2013_ 1.jpg

Now in it's 39th year, California Track & Running News has digital and print readers, as it has for many years. We are just offering you the embed of the digital version right below the cover shot. With a second part on Women's Marathon history, as well as the Fall Shoe Review, and Mark Winitz on the happenings in the Golden state, there is lots to digest! Enjoy! 
First, don't try this at home, sprinters. 

Well, unless you have oxygen. 

Oh, dear god, where do we start? Apparently, James Ellington and Kim Collins decided to duel over a mile in Newcastle. Kim Collins, the grand daddy of sprinters, and James Ellington, a fine British sprinter in his own right, not so long in the tooth, took the challenge of running a mile. Kim Collins did not bring his cane for this competition. 

The mile is, well, 16 times their normal distance, so some laughable moments must have ensued. And, yes, there was some walking as well... 

Kim Collins celebrating his bronze in the 100 meters in 2011, 
photo by

Kim Collins won the match over Mr. Ellington, with an official time of 8:00.34 minutes. This writer would have expected the duel to last about twenty minutes.

Now, the funny part is Christine Ohuruogu, trying to interview the two sprinters, both out of breath, both considering the bold thing that they had done, still having a sense of humor. Christine is laughing through most of the interview.

We thank British Athletics TV for saving this gem! 

I can see it now: Sprinters Gone Wild: the mile series. 

The sponsor could be? a) a Fish and Chips chain, b) Pizza Hut, c) Taco Bell, or d) Guiness?

Tell us! Email me at [email protected] with your vote for best sponsor! 
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce showed her talents in Moscow, Russia from August 10-18, 2013. Winning the 100 meters, then, the 200 meters, and then, anchoring the 4 x 100 meters! Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce has explosive speed, and then, she wills herself into contention, taking on all comers. 

For her three golds, but especially, for her brilliant relay running, the Shoe Addicts made Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce winning the 4 x 100 meter relay, their Event of the Day for Day Nine! 

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce anchoring the Jamaican 4 x 100m relay, 
photo by 

Cross Country season is here. A fine writer, Joe Henderson, once noted that cross country was the meeting place of the marathoner and the miler. In international races, that is true. Frank Shorter, the 1972 Olympic gold medalist at the Marathon and silver medalist in 1976, won four straight US cross country titles, as well as four Fukuoka Marathon titles (that, was, the de facto World Title in the 1960s and 1970s), less than two weeks after each title. 

How is your season going? Send me a note to [email protected]. Cross Country is about getting out and running, and most of the time, running is a lot of fun. Make sure you have some fun. And, oh yes, listen to your coaches. They do this because they love the sport. 

2013-04-24_huddles eyes-570x379.jpg
Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, photo courtesy of Saucony Racing

Shannon Rowbury is moving to Portland, Oregeon to be coached by Alberto Salazar and to run with the Nike Oregon Project. Shannon Rowbury is one of the best American women at 1,500 meters and 5,000 meters, and she wants to be ready for the Olympics in Rio in 2016. 

Rowbury has the wheels and the endurance to medal in World Championships and Olympic Games. What Alberto Salazar gives her is an attention to the detail of racing. Racing at the world level in athletics is a whole different world, and the attention to detail is key. 

Shannon Rowbury is represented by Ricky Simms of Pace Sports Management. Simms represents Galen Rupp, Mo Farah, Matthew Centrowitz, Shannon Rowbury, Christine Ohuruogu, and this Jamaican sprinter you might have heard of, Usain Bolt. 


What is it about Usain Bolt? Really, why do we care so much about this tall, fast, and fun, Jamaican? 

Usain Bolt does not make it look easy, he makes it look fun. Whether he is running the 100 meters, the 200 meters, or the relay, Usain Bolt uses his athletic talents to run very fast, and, with style. 

Perhaps it is the fun that Usain has afterwards. But, most of all, I believe, it is in the races where, Usain Bolt has to work hard to win, he has to pump those arms and lift those knees, and where, for those brief seconds, he runs at an other worldly pace, that makes fans catch their breath and look at each other in amazement, as the fastest man alive wins not once, not twice, but, three times, in Moscow. 

Of course, The Shoe Addicts were going to do a video on him. This is the Shoe Addicts salute to Day 8! 

Usain Bolt celebrates on Day Eight, 
photo by

Aleksandr Menkov saved his best for his home crowd. Long jumping in Luzhniki Stadium, Aleksandr Menkov went over 8.50 meters twice in one competition. His 8.52 meter jump won the competition, and his 8.56 meter jump destroyed the competition. 

Aleksandr Menkov is the Shoe Addicts Event of Day Seven. We think that you will like it. Menkov soared in Moscow on Day seven. 

Aleksandr Menkov, won the long jump, 
photo by

Shay XC, 
photo by Saucony Running

The Tempo runs prepare you for racing. By giving you the time to run over a time period that is not racing, but is uncomfortable, the callousing gives you the ability to endure the challenging parts of a cross country race. 

Do your tempo runs with some of your team mates. and understand one thing: if you want your team to win races, you need seven strong runners. So, encourage your team mates. Work with them, help each other. 

Ben True, Edwin Soi, Rieti, Italy, September 8, 2013, 
photo by 

This is a big week for you. Twelve weeks into the program, cross country season is under way. A week into the high school season, racing is starting now, and most of the runners you see are in the same place you are: they did some running this past summer, but are trying to get into the early races, and that can be difficult. 

Racing takes time to perfect. The more you race, the more you feel some comfort in racing. High school schedule is crazy, sometimes with two to three races in a week, and that is way too much. 

Use those early season races to get into racing shape. Use the races to hone different skills: running up hills, running down hills, finishing hard. Use those races to get ready for the important races. 
The Great North CityGames were a huge success once again. The dream of Brendan Foster, former British record holder, former world record holder, to build a tremendous event in his hometown, has come to fruition, with both the CityGames and the BUPA Great North Run. The fields in both the City Games and the Great North Run were tremendous, and then, 55,000 runners and walkers competed in the largest half marathon in the world. 

London gold medalist and Moscow silver medalist showed that her form has come back, with a fine win over the 100m hurdles, then an epic battle over the 150 meter distance, to the distinct enjoyment of the fans and Ms. Pearson. 

Enjoy the meet report from the IAAF's Jorg Wenig. 

Sally Pearson, Rieti 2013, photo by
The Decastar is the ending of the multi-event season on the global world for 2013. Just like Gotzis is the place you go to make a statement at the beginning of the season, Decastar has its' traditions and history.

This year, Ashton Eaton was hurt on day one, but, the WR holder and London and Moscow champion kicked back and watched his wife, Brianne Theisen-Eaton compete in the heptathlon. 

Damian Warner of Canada capped off a fine season as did Hanne Melnychenko, with her win in the heptathlon. 

Decastar Poster, courtesy of Decastar Facebook site
Thomas Bach, photo courtesy of

Thomas Bach was elected to be the eighth President of the International Olympic Committee, one of the most prestigious and important positions in the world of global sports. Bach, a gold medalist in fencing from 1976, will take over the IOC at a time when it has much prestige, strong financial support and many challenges. The biggest challenge, voiced by many, is how to encourage the youth of the world to see the value and beauty of the Olympic movement, while curbing sports betting and the controlling the scourge of drugs in sports.

We wish Mr. Bach the very best. 

Saucony Carrera XC, photo by

Mondays are the start of our training weeks. After a race on Saturday, and a long run on Sundays, Monday is always a pretty relaxed day. Find a friend, get the run in and then, perhaps, jump on the track and do your 150 meter stride outs. Speed is key in all parts of your season. Stride outs just remind you to run fast at the end of races. It loosens you up a bit and adds some variety to your program. 

Have any questions? Send me a note at [email protected] . Anytime. 

Oh, and one more point. It is important for you to communicate with your coach. Tell him or her when you feel well, don't and when, you are not sure what you are getting out of a series of workouts. It helps them understand what you need and how you are progressing. 
Jessica Beard, photo by

Dave Hunter wrote this piece about Jessica Beard, a fierce 400 meter runner, whose time came in Moscow 2013, with her firs leg of the 4 x 400 meter relay.....

The Philly Half Marathon has been around for 36 years. In my era, it was the place to go to run a fast half marathon before one ran a Fall marathon. It still is. 

This year, even with the CGI elimination of elite support in North America, many of the elite athletes who had already purchased their airline tickets, and could not get them reimbursed, showed up and raced. 

Stanley Biwott defended his title with a time of 59:36. Lyudmyka Kovalenko ran 1:08:59 for the women's win. There were 22,000 runners and walkers in the City of Brotherly Love.

Nice to see that Matt Turnbull, former manager of Elite athlete development for CGI, at the race, supporting both the athletes and the event. 

Stanley Biwott en route to victory at RNR Philly Half 2013, 
photo by 
Kenenisa Bekele winning Pre 10,000 meters, 
photo by

I love this sport. Kenenisa Bekele is, in fact , the world record holder at 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters. Surely someone must have taken him seriously today. Well, at the BUPA Great Run, just past halfway, Kenenisa Bekele dropped behind Haile Gebreselassie and Mo Farah, feigning, perhaps a lack of fitness. 

Haile and Mo kept pushing the pace, wearing themselves out. However, Kenenisa Bekele saved his energy for a huge push downhill at the mile 12 mark. Bekele built up a lead and Mo Farah gamely went after Bekele, in full speed for the last 400 meters, but, Bekele had out played Farah today, with Kenenisa Bekele finishing in 60:09 and Mo Farah in 60:10. Haile Gebrselassie took third in 60:41, and set a new Masters' World record! 

NOVA put together arguably the best men and women's elite fields for a half marathon ever assembled. Kenenisa Bekele took the gamble, won and now will have a career in the marathon. Mo Farah made an error, which he will  not do again: give Bekele any distance at all on a road course. 
huddle, solomon.jpg
Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, photo from Saucony Running

During your season, long runs are important, but they need to be used with some personal discretion. After a hard race on a Saturday, the long run should be run on soft ground, and slowed down, over say 50-70 minutes. 

Consider your race the day before. Stretch well afterwards, keep the pace relaxed. Drink lots, and I mean lots of water. If the First Lady can suggest that we drink one extra glass of water a day, then, I shall say eight glasses of water a day. 
Cross country has begun across the land. Besides high school runners and college runners, cross country is huge among open and masters runners. The reason why cross country continues to attract? It is the beauty of running in parks, the natural challenges of the courses, the team and club atmosphere. For many us, if it is Fall, then, it is cross country. 

Congrats to Garrett Heath, a Saucony runner who races the mile to 5,000 meters, and was a fine cross country runner in college, who won the road mile at the City Games in NewCastle, England today. 

Garrett Heath, 
photo by
Bohdan Bondarenko, like Yelena Isinbayeva, woke up the crowd in Luzhniki stadium, with his brilliant jumping and his emotional celebrations. It is as if Bohdan is trying to reach for the stars-and he nearly made it! 

Setting a national record of 2.41 meters, which was also the meet record, and world leader, Bohdan Bondarenko became the high jump winner and the Shoe Addicts video focus for the Big Event on Day six! His attempts at 2.46 meters blew the crowd away! 

Fly Bohdan, Fly! 

Bohdan Bondarenko, 2.41 meters, 
photo by

Robert Heffernan was 4th in both the 20k race walk and 50k race walk in 2010 in the European Championships. In 2011, Ireland's best race walker flew home from Daegu, when his mother was tragically injured, missing his 50k event. In 2012, Robert Heffernan finished fourth in the 50k race walk. A popular athletics columnist gave Ireland's best the moniker, "Mister Fourth Place". 

In Moscow, Robert Heffernan battled both the Russians and the elements to give Ireland not only it's first medal in the 50,000 meter Race Walk, but also, its' first gold medal outside of the 5,000 meters (Eamon Coglan in 1983, and Sonia O'Sullivan in 1995). 

Robert Heffernan, a good natured man if there ever was one, toured the streets of Moscow in heat and humidity for 31.06 miles to take the gold medal. 

For his feat of strength and endurance, a medal that made all of Ireland proud, The Shoe Addicts salute Robert Heffernan's victory over the longest event in the World Championships schedule, as the Day Five Event of the Day! 

Robert Heffernan, gold medalist, 50k Racewalk, 
photo by

Yelena Isinbayeva is a classic competitor. She has dominated the pole vault for more than a decade now, and while she may be coming to the end of her career, one sure would not have known that in Moscow. 

With 45,000 cheering Russian fans, Yelena Isinbayeva made Day four of the World Championships in Moscow special! She won one for the home team. Her competitive instincts were on fire that night, as she dominated the competition from early on!

The Shoe Addicts salute Yelena Isinbayeva winning the pole vault as their Event of Day 4 of the 2013 World Athletics Championships! 

Yelena Isinbayeva wins the battle for Moscow, 
photo by
Let'sRun quoted me as noting that CGI spent approximately $475,000 US on elite support. I believe that, with more current information, I was under estimating the support. More accurate estimates are $1 million US on elite support in past year.

Julia Mallon, RNR San Jose 2011, 
photo by

CGI is a for profit business. It's success rises and falls with the support of its core consumer. For a capitalist society, the true power lies with the consumer. Don't like a product? Don't buy it! Don't like a store or event? Don't sup
port it. It is that simple. 

For the hundreds of thousands of runners who support CGI events, that is their ultimate power. CGI provides a service that is acceptable to the consumer in running, or they would not attend. 

RunBlogRun loves the diversity in our sport, from local 5ks to cross country invitationals to all comers track meets to 40,000 in the RNR San Diego Marathon and half marathon. There are places for all in the sport. 

The question was asked to me by an Olympic medalist, after hearing about CGI's decision: " Why do the Federations allow just anyone to put on races and events in our sport? It would not happen in any other activity in the world. Our sport and activity should not all be about profit, there has to be some support of the greater meaning of athletics." 

Enough said. 

Good luck this weekend as your race! Remember to observe and save something for your finish. Early season races are about learning and not making the same mistake twice. Remember to cool down afterwards.

Saucony Kilkenny XC, photo by Saucony Running 
Jenny Simpson, photo by

Nick Symmonds, photo by

The Fifth Avenue Mile, presented by Nissan, is the most historic road mile in the world, and signals the true end of the summer and fall track season, and the beginning of the fall road race and marathon season. The NYRR assembles tremendous fields, from Bernard Lagat and Nick Symmonds to Jenny Simpson and Hannah England. 

FBK Hengelo, May 2012, photo by

One of my favorite events to attend is the FBK Hengelo Games. The facility, which would be fantastic as a dual purpose site, for football and athletics, may be turned into a football only facility by the Municipality. This is quite short-sited. 

One of the most historic meetings in the athletics world, the FBK Hengelo Games, is under threat. The Municipality is considering a football ONLY stadium, thereby destroying not only a historic tradition, but the opportunity for both young and old to continue the sport of athletics. The FBK Hengelo staff will have a press conference on Friday, September 13, to publicize this sad state of affairs. 

There is absolutely no reason why football and athletics can not complement each other in the same facility. I see them all over the country and world when I travel. 

We hope that the Municipality comes to its senses on this facility. It would seem better to give both the local footballers and athletics participants a place to compete and train than only one. 
The hill workouts continue to be important to your success in this Fall cross country season. Continue to focus on these sessions....

Carrera XC, photo by 
2008 and 2012 Olympic champion Tomasz Majewski won the shot put in the Francophone Games with a throw of 20.18 meters. Phil MInshull of the IAAF fills us in on one of the last major events of the summer season...

Thumbnail image for Majewski_Tomasz-London12.jpg
Tomasz Majewski, photo by
One of the most creative events in our sport is the CityGames concept. The idea, quite simply, is to put a track meet in the center of a major city. I witnessed the CityGames in NewCastle, UK last September and was quite impressed. 

The CityGames is a perfect idea for the U.S. CityGames could be rolled out in NYC, Boston, LA, Chicago, SFO, Portland, among other cities. The combination of bringing the excitement of elite track to downtown major metropolitan areas and city runs could go over well in the U.S.

It will be interesting to see the success of the CityGames in London. 
Tommie Smith changed his life in 1968, when he participated in a protest showing his support for the plight of African-Americans. He was kicked out of the Olympic village and off the US Olympic track team. He was treated poorly for much of his adult life for the decision he made to protest treatment of African-Americans. Now, many have forgotten his act of defiance, but the cost was real to Tommie Smith and his family. 

In a thoughtful response to questions from Gary Anderson regarding the new Anti-Gay laws in Russia, Tommie Smith reminds the reader that acts of defiance have real, personal costs. 

Responses to the Anti-Gay laws in Russia, which are supported, per surveys, by 80 percent of the Russia people, have gone for talks of boycotts of Sochi 2014, to boycotts of various Olympic sponsors products, to boycotts of possible Russian vodkas. 
Cross season is in it's first week. As I was returning back from Brussels, and driving through Cambridge, Wisconsin, I saw the local cross country team out for their workout. It was 91 degrees and the guys and girls were, well feeling it. 

Remember, in hot weather, wear light colored clothing, including a hat. Drink before and after workouts-water and diluted sports drinks. By sports drinks, I mean real ones, like Gatorade, not the other carbonated junk. Diluting Gatorade and keeping it cold allows your body to absorb it faster. 

Great snack suggestions: celery and peanut butter, powerBar and low fat chocolate milk, diluted Gatorade and serving of almonds, peanuts, or, an apple. Make an apple better? Add some peanut butter. Fuel the mortal engine! (That means eat well so you can run well!). 


Molly Huddel, Shalane Flanagan, photo by 
This is a great opportunity for a high school coach or young college coach! 

Track and Field Technical Certification Course

November 15-16, 2013
De La Salle Institute,  Chicago, IL

Dates & Times
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Friday, November 15
8:00 am - 7:45 pm Saturday, November 16

Site: De La Salle Institute, Bansley Alumni Hall, 3434 So. Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60616

Cost: Cost for the course is $135 when registering at least 10 days prior. Late or on-site registration is $155.

Instructor: Course Instructor will be Boo Schexnayder, former LSU and Olympic coach and veteran Track and Field Clinician.

Registration: Register online at

For More Information: Contact Mike Corn at [email protected] or (504) 599-8903

Develop Your Coaching... Experience the TFTC

The TFTC  is a  15 hour course in the coaching of Track & Field. Certification by the USTFCCCA is granted for successful completion of the course and evaluation. The curriculum covers all key aspects of technical coaching. Each section is illustrated with pertinent, animated take-home video created specifically for this course, to enhance clarity and understanding. Topics included in the course are workout planning, administration of training, techniques, and teaching techniques for all commonly contested Track and Field events.
Coaches should always be open to learning. Coaching education allows coaches to see and learn new ideas. Learn more about the shot and the discus. 

Coaching Education Series


Coach Gary Aldrich
Associate Head Track & Field Coach, Carnegie Mellon University
  • 2013 UAA Men's Indoor T&F Champions
  • 2012 USATF Men's World Juniors Throws Coach
  • 2012 Mid East Men's Indoor and Outdoor Assistant Coach of the Year
  • 2010 USATF Men's NACAC Under 23 Throws Coach

Topics: Shot and Discus, Sunday October 6, 2013 2-4PM

Location: University of Pittsburgh, Wesley W Posvar Hall rm 1700
Fee: $10

Please email Chuck Davis at [email protected] if you intend on attending this amazing opportunity
This is a unique opportunity for coaches who live in the Midwest! Joe Vigil, Jonathan Dugas, Peter Thompson, Bill Leach and Sage Rountree! 

For Distance Runners and Coaches of All Levels, Ages and Abilities

The Running Summit comes to the Chicago area for the first time as Running Summit Midwast, November 2-3 at the Naperville Campus of DePaul University. This event follows in the foot steps of highly regarded and well attended Running Summits in New Jersey (August 2012 and 2013) and California (February 2013). The event will bring together five top coaches and authors in the sport to share their expertise: Joe Vigil, Jonathan Dugas, Peter Thompson, Bill Leach, and Sage Rountree. The Running Summit will feature two lectures by each presenter as well as a Q & A Roundtable. Participants may also choose to eat lunch and/or dinner with the individual presenters. Find our more about this limited seating opportunity by clicking here. Eligible coaches can earn CEU credit for USATF Level 3, USAT, and NSCA. The event is open to all coaches and runners regardless of their previous experience or certification level. Participants just need to be willing and eager to learn.

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This is a great opportunity for coaches to learn more about the sprints and development of speed! 

For Coaches and Athletes of All Levels and Abilities

Coaches of all sports, as well as conditioning and speed coaches are welcome.

The Speed Summit Midwest 2013

On October 5th & 6th, The Speed Summit will feature talks by legendary coaches, running, and speed development experts: Vern Gambetta, Gary Winckler, Mike Young, Brad Deweese and Peter Weyand. Speed is a skill which can be taught. How to teach speed is a skill that can be taught as well. To that end we have brought together many of the top speed experts in America and the World to talk about how to make track athletes in particular, and all athletes in general, faster. These experts will lecture and then answer questions, both individually and in a panel question and answer format. Additionally for an additional charge you can choose to dine with one of the these legends and pick their brains in a small group discussion, over lunch and/or dinner. Click here to learn more.

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In this column, Dave Hunter tells us the story of Terre Haute's cross country course and how a dream was made a reality....


The Olympic movement has a new leader and Thomas Bach is his name. Jacques Rogge announced that it took two votes for Bach to be elected. Details on the vote are below, courtesy of Alfons Juck.

The Olympic movement is in sound financial footing and the interest in the 2016 and 2020 Summer Olympics, as well as the Winter Olympics, continues to grow. 


This morning, in the Financial Times, Michael Payne, a former IOC marketing head, spoke about the challenges for the new President: attracting the young to the Olympic movement, keeping drugs, sports betting at bay, controlling the size of the movement, and making the Summer Olympics a bit more edgy to appeal to the youth of the world. 

Thomas Bach, like Jacques Rogge, was an Olympian. Bach was a fencer in the 1976 Montreal Games. We wish Mr. Bach the very best as he leads the movement of global sports into a new era.  I hope that Mr. Bach sees the opportunities with  youth that athletics, our sport provides, and continues to give athletics more visibility. 
It is a hot day across the US today, so make sure that you hydrate. The tempo run will feel much harder today, so be careful, drink lots of water before and after the run today and cooldown. 

Saucony Carrera XC by Saucony Running 
Here are the results for August 19-25, 2013, courtesy of Carles Baronet for Europe....

Hammer car from Moscow World Champs! 
photo by

The high school season is upon us. 500,000 high school cross country runners are training, racing and wondering, why am I doing this? 

Good question.

However, well trained cross country runner, you are, ready to roll.

You are a harrier, a true cross country aficionado. You love the hills, the bigger the better. You love to sprint when your lungs are burning and your eyes sting from the dust! 

You have followed the Saucony RBR Summer Mileage program, now Saucony RBR Fall Cross Country program and you are fit. Now is time to get your racing shoes, so consider the Carrera XC and the Shay XC as well! Most of all, find the right shoes for you! 


Shay XC, photo by Saucony Running

Sebastian Coe is a two time silver medalist at the 800 meter distance and two time gold medalist at the 1,500 meter distance. For most of the past eight years, Sebastian Coe was the spokesperson and leader of the 2012 London Olympics. That the event was a resounding success should not have been a surprise. Coe is single minded when he needs to be, and he truly loves the sport. 

In his final address to the IOC on London 2012, Sebastian Coe offered some advice to the incoming IOC president: prioritize youth, those under 30, and get them involved in the Olympic brand, in general and the world of sports, in particular. 

Sebastian Coe hit the proverbial nail on the head. The Olympic movement will either thrive, or falter on the support of youth. 

Seb Coe, at the 2012 IAAF Gala, photo by
I first met Josh Cox early in his career at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Josh was part of the FILA Discovery America program. He had run a 2:13 marathon and live looked grand. Now, four Olympic trials later, a 50k American record, Josh is one of the busiest athletes on the circuit, with sponsors such as PowerBar. Josh Cox can be seen on twitter, writing about the sport and encouraging athletes. 


Josh Cox wrote this piece about the Competitor Group's decision to remove elite funding, which happened over Labor Day weekend. RunBlogRun broke the story, and some tremendous pieces by Race Results Weekly, and Toni Reavis followed. 

Josh Cox's piece, and view, is unique. It explains why he is so visible for his sponsors and why he helps them more than the average elite athlete. Cox gets it: for sponsors, how he influences sales is key in his long term success. For CGI, there was no sales reason to keep their elite sponsorship program alive. 

The $1 million will hurt races around the country and athletes. But, CGI is a business and they believe that their risk taking, in the end, is better for their business. 

What do you think? Let us know. You can email me at [email protected].

I still believe that CGI has the right to make business decisions, and that this strategic decision is probably more about the current over saturation of events in the sport and lack of sport plan than anything else. How will other races respond? How will elite athletes and managers respond? 

Quick, what do athletes Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, Christine Ohuruogu, Galen Rupp, Matt Centrowitz all have in common? 

They are managed by Ricky Simms. 

In this piece, by Joel Campbell of the Voice, you get a pretty good idea of the level of the mild mannered Irishman's intensity.....
The Rieti Meeting, now in its' 43rd year, has a great history and tradition of great late season performances. In this, the forty-third edition, there were four meet records and some amazing distance races! Thanks to Alfons Juck, EME News, for his coverage! 
Mohammed Aman, leading at Nike Pre Classic, June 2013, 
photo by

This was my first time to King Baudouin Stadium, truly a perfect cathedral of sport. 47,500 fans loved their two plus hours of competition. There was lots of cheering for Usain Bolt, Dafne Schippers, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, and others. During the 5,000 meters, the crowd went nuts, when, in French, the announcer noted that Belgium was leading Scotland in World Cup soccer qualifying! 

Renaud Lavillenie took a Sergey Bubka meet record away, but the race of the night was Dylan, Jonathan and Kevin Borlee all in the 400 meters. The story book ending would have been Kevin Borlee winning, but Kevin and Martyn Rooney ran 45.04 and Rooney got the nod. 

Needless to say, one agent was overheard saying, " Well, Rooney will not be racing here again."  Yes, that was tongue in cheek.

What was not tongue in cheek was the quality of the meet and the way the Van Damme Memorial meet celebrates and entertains! 

What a fantastic meet! 
Justin Lagat wrote his column this week about the highway that many training groups use for their long runs, and a very competitive 20 kilometer run the past weekend....

eldoret-k highway.jpg
Eldoret-Kapsabet Highway, by Justin Lagat
That Tokyo has won the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics is fact. How they won it, with competitors such as Istanbul and Madrid, is what makes it an intriguing story. Alan Abrahamson is at his best when he is writing about the politics within the Olympic movement. His understanding of the terrain, and his ability to help us understand is what what makes this piece so important. 

The proposed 2020 Tokyo Stadium, design courtesy of Olympics twitter

Teddy Tamgho came back in style in Moscow on the last day of the world championships, when, having already won the triple jump title, he jumped 18.04 meters! 


Teddy Tamgho, ready to fly, 

photo by

The jump was not only the longest jump in seventeen years, but Tamgho became only the third performer over 18 meters! This put Tamgho, the bad boy of French athletics, back on the global map. 

Observers of athletics know Tamgho: he set the world indoor record in 2010, and played with 18 meters for a year. But, since the European Indoor Championships in 2011, Tamgho has had injury problems and some legal issues, which were covered, not only in French newspapers, but the global athletics media. 


Teddy Tamgho, jumping 18.04 meters, 

photo by

The truth, is this: if Teddy Tamgho can stay motivated and focused, the young, talented French jumper can challenge the world record. Tamgho is very articulate, and knows what he has to do. As a child, Teddy Tamgho had a tough life, right out of a soap opera or crime novel. Tamgho knows what he has to do. 

My bet? Watch a healthy Teddy Tamgho in 2014 take a real shot at Jonathan Edward's Triple jump world records. That, as many know, does not mean that Teddy Tamgho will get it, but the Frenchman, with the Americans, Christian Taylor and Will Claye,  look like the three who could give it a real challenge.


Teddy Tamgho, gold tastes the best, 

photo by

The Triple jump, is as, some have observed, a difficult technical event. Tamgho has great form. If he can increase his speed, and still control that speed, the triple jump record could be challenged.  

PARIS (FRA): World Triple Jump Champion Teddy Tamgho of France says that he must "improve a lot of things" in order for him to challenge Jonathan Edwards' world record of 18.29, reports "Specifically, I have to work on my run up and final jump. During my last jump in Moscow, I didn't run at 100 percent" said the 24 year old who took gold in Moscow with a jump of 18.04 (0.3). Tamgho added, „The key to a good jump is speed. It's that component that I didn't use to 100 percent in Moscow. To go very, very far, you have to hit the board at top speed". Tamgho says that his main goals are the world record and an Olympic title. Tamgho admits that he hasn't done much training since the Moscow final.

Tokyo Marathon 2012 start, photo by

On Saturday, September 7, in Buenos Aires, Tokyo was awarded the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. Several things were curious about this vote. 

The support was overwhelming, and required only two votes. In the first vote, Istanbul and Madrid tied for second at 26 votes each. Madrid, which had bid for the Olympics three straight times, lost in the tie breaking vote. Istanbul's team then erupted in cheering, thinking that they had won the Olympics. 

Au contraire. 

Tokyo 2020 would be the winner, with a vote of 60 in support of Tokyo and 36 in support of Istanbul. 

This gives some small indication of how strong the Tokyo bid actually was. That the Japanese Prime Minister, who took on the Fukushima crisis head on, was noted as key to the Japanese success, should be noted. While the Turkish PM and Spanish PM were there, it was Japan's head on response to the atomic energy issues in Japan that seemed to influence the vote.

Japan is the first Asian city to host the Olympics twice now. The athletics events will be held on the site of the 1964 Olympic stadium. The celebrations in Tokyo, as shown on BBC, were loud and ecstatic. 

To me, in the current global economic situations, hosting an Olympic Games continues to be an economic challenge. Tokyo's team, including the former chairman of the Mizuno corporation, had spent the last 24 months developing their bid, positioning Tokyo and then, with the crisis at Fukushima, battled back into the top position for 2020. 

This was a battle worthy of Olympic gods. 

In a tweet just after the awarding of the 2020 Olympics, the Tokyo 2020 committee showed class and professionalism by noting the quality of both Istanbul's 2020 and Madrid's 2020 campaigns.

Istanbul was hurt by the continued protests in the city, which actually were going on in Istanbul, as seen on europa as the vote was going on. Madrid's 2020 pre celebration ended in Madrid as the word went out that they were out in the first round of voting, which, many consider a slap in the face. There will be much recrimination in Madrid over the 2020 bid. 

More information to come. 

Most of the above information was gleaned from, and coverage in, and, as well as conversations with keen observers of the events. Thanks to all those involved. 

Tokyo wins 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, from,


Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, London 2012, 

photo by

RunblogRun notes: Puma had offered more for Arsenal than Nike would pay. Perhaps Nike UK looking for assets.

Neils de Vos, CEO of British Athletics, as is noted in official press release, did the deal. In effect, De Vos shopped British Athletics around, while speaking to adidas. That is what CEOs do. 

A lawsuit ensued between adidas and British athletics. adidas thought that they had an agreement in the works with British Athletics. De Vos did not believe that to be the case. To consternation of adidas, court sided with British Athletics.

While British athletics will be in Nike kit for world champs, international matches as well, adidas still had all British sport Olympic kit.

Fascinating battle in athletics does not even compare to money battles in football or soccer in the former colonies. 

De Vos has done much change in British athletics. He dropped Fast Track, the long time contracted sponsorship team for then UK athletics, brought all meet direction in-house,  let AVIVA contract expire, now move from adidas to Nike, and moved many successful people in British athletics out of their areas of influence, bringing in new blood. 

Change is good, but change for changes sake is not. 

Great managers know the difference.

Only time will tell in the case of British Athletics. In any case, de Vos is shaking things up in Birmingham, HQ of British Athletics. 

In terms of Nike, they now have USA Track & Field, British Athletics, German and Russian Athletics federations, among many others. ASICS has France and Italy, PUMA has the Jamaican Athletics Federation, adidas has Ethiopia, among others,  in terms of athletics kit federations. The IAAF, the governing body of the sport, is sponsored long term, by adidas. 

Kit sponsorships are a huge battle in European football. 

But the battles over kit, and medals for brands continue. In the most recent World Championships, Nike sponsored athletes, excluding relays, won 83 medals, up from 77 in 2011. 

The battle goes on....

Mo Farah winning NYC Half Marathon, March 2011, 
photo by

In a move that surprised many, British Athletics announced that they were partnering with Nike through 2020 for their official sportswear. This came as a shock to many as most thought that the adidas contract was long term. 

In fact, Neils de Vos, the CEO of British Athletics, had been negotiating with both adidas and Nike as he seeked a deal that he felt was most appropriate for his federation. 

The new kit deal covers all competitions, including the World Championships, with the exception of the 2016 and 2020 Olympics, which are under the jurisdiction of the British Olympics Association. Olympic kit will continue to be supplied, for all British sports federations, by adidas. 

Major brands see the federation sponsorships as important ways to guarantee use of their branding. And the battles between adidas, Nike, PUMA and ASICS, the key brands sponsoring federations continue, although the battles in athletics pail to the battles over team kit in European football. 
The long run was always my favorite workout of the week. It was the day I knew that my training mates would be around, and we would have a great conversation on the 90 minutes to two hour runs. 

Long runs are community runs in many areas. It is fun to get a group together and find a course that keeps the conversation going and sometimes, stops the conversation (as one goes up hills). 

Enjoy your run today. 


Saucony Carrera XC, photo from Saucony Running 

As you end week ten of the Saucony Summer RBR Mileage Program, you have a unique day-either an easy thirty minute run, or a 5k race. You choose. Enjoy that choice, as there are so many times during the season upon you that there are races you must do and workouts you must do. 

Cross Country is upon us. The next sixteen weeks in the Fall mean cross country for a half a million high school boys and girls in the U.S. 

Ben True wins BAA 5k, April 2012, 
photo by

Anyone who follows track and field knows about the house built to honor Ivo Van Damme. Van Damme was a talented middle distance runner in the mid 1970s, who could charge through the field at the end of a race like no one else. In Montreal, Ivo Van Damme won both the silver medals in the 800 meters and 1,500 meters. 

Usain Bolt, photo by

Unfortunately, in December 1976, driving back from a one week training camp, Ivo Van Damme died in a car accident. 

The Van Damme Memorial was developed in his honor. Members of his own club volunteered in the first year, which drew 45,000, to work at the meet. I met one gentleman who ran the high jump height board, when Dwight Stones and Jacek Wzola dueled, long after the other events were finished, to the delight of the fans. 

The King Baudouin Stadium is a positive sanctuary for our sport. 

And on Friday night, September 6, it was rocking. From meet record pole vaulting by Renaud Lavillenie, to Mo Aman setting National Records and World Leaders in the 800 meters, to Martyn Rooney and Kevin Borlee, he of the brothers Borlee, all three of them in the final race of the night, to the delight of the Belgian crowd. 

During the 5,000 meter race, where Bernard Lagat, by finishing second, showed, at 36, he is not done, and Galen Rupp, by finishing fifth, showed he has years to go, and Evan Jager and Chris Derrick, with their personal bests, showed that they are just beginning, it was announced that Belgium was winning its qualifying World Cup game over Scotland, the crowd went nuts. 

Such is this cathedral of sport.

And, it was great....
For the past several years, championships just had not gone well for Yelena Isinbayeva. The women who had dominated the pole vault for nearly a decade, winning everything in sight, and, setting 27 world records, had fallen.

In London, in 2012, with minimum training, Yelena Isinbayeva took the Olympic bronze medal. But, to those listening, Yelena Isinbayeva made it clear, that, if she could physically jump, there would be a battle in Moscow.

Yelena Isinbayeva wins the Battle for Moscow, 
photo by

And, a battle there was. Jenn Suhr, gold medalist from London, knew how tough Yelena Isinbayeva could be. And tough she was. Using her talent to full use, and with the support of nearly 50,000 Russian fans, Yelena Isinbayeva gave local fans one of their biggest nights. In honor of her great victory, the Shoe Addicts celebrated her victory with their Best Event of Day Four
As long as coaches have been around, they would tell young sprinters to run through the finish. The thing about Christine Ohuruogu is that, well, Christine starts her race just before the finish, or, that, at least, is how it looks. 

Christine Ohuruogu, photo by

Christine Ohuruogu is one of the deadliest finishers in the athletic battle that is the 400 meters. 

You see, any physiologist will tell you that the human body can sprint all out for about 30 second, and then, complete collapse. 

The 400 meters is a sadist race. One leaves the blocks with so much promise, then, and still, at halfway, one feels fast, and there is a feeling of hope as one enters the final turn. As one comes off the final turn, and as the body overcomes whatever training one has had, the final 100 meters can be pure agony. 

Somehow, Christine Ohuruogu embraces that pain, and holds most of her energy, and form for that last hundred meters. 

Coming off the final turn in Moscow, Amantle Montsho looked to most observers to be the sure winner. 

But, some of us watched Christine, as she seemed to awake from a deep sleep, and with fifty meters to go, came alive. Christine Ohuruogu sensed that Amantle Montsho was slowing down, and slowing down quickly. Ohuruogu pushed, and pushed, and the crowd noticed too as 45,000 Russians gasped. 

Could the British runner catch Montsho? 

And here is where training comes in. 

Christine Ohuruogu has won numerous races in the last steps of a 400 meter race. Not only did Christine leaned at the finish, she leaped. Amantle Montsho stayed straight up, and only seemed to look, with some consternation at Ohuruogu, as if to say, how dare she! 

Well, dare she did, and with that dare, Christine Ohuruogu won the gold medal in the 400 meters! And for that, the Shoe Addicts salute Christine Ohurougu for the Best Race of Day Three!
Ashton Eaton is the world record holder and Olympic Champion in the Decathlon. He was a bit banged up in 2013, but, Ashton Eaton, with the help of his new wife, heptathlete Brianne Theisen-Eaton and their coach, Harry Marra, Ashton persevered. 

Ashton Eaton, World Championship gold medalist, photo by

On the first day, his 400 meters just showed that, even with new Decathlon star, Gunnar Nixon, Ashton Eaton was the man. 

On the second day, Ashton just built up a score that gave him the World Champs title: an upgrade from his silver in 2011. 

For Ashton Eaton, who loves to compete, it is all about the competition. For his superb victory in the eye of the challenges of injuries, and the challenges of just being a decathlete, The Shoe Addicts give Ashton Eaton the Event of the Day for Day Two award, and made this video to salute the World's Greatest Athlete, Ashton Eaton. 
Mo Farah had lead the 2011 World Championships 10,000 meters until the last 100 meters, when Ibrahim Jeilan went by and won the 10,000 meters in Daegu, and then, Jeilan performed his matador dance. 

Mo Farah, Ibrahim Jeilan battling over the 10,000 meters, 
photo by

The loss by Farah was probably the best thing that happened to Mo Farah in 2011. He won the 5,000 meters in Daegu, and in 2012, he won the 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters at the London Olympics, to the delight of the British fans, all 80,000 of them who cheered and cajoled their Mo to become the first British male to win the 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters in an Olympics.

In Moscow, Mo Farah wanted the 10,000 meters more than just about anything. This time, Mo Farah kept a bit in the tank for the last 200 meters. Over the last 1,000 meters, run in 2:26,  Farah kept winding up the pace, and Jeilan stayed right there. 

Jeilan made his move with 100 meters to go, but, this time, Mo Farah was ready and in full sprint, as he moved away from Ibrahim Jeilan, and this time, Mo Farah took the longest race on the track, and showed, once again, that you have to get up pretty early to surprise Mo Farah in a long distance race! 

Mo Farah is the Shoe Addicts' Event of Day for Day One in Moscow! Please enjoy the video below: 
Usain Bolt, Ostrava 2011, photo by

Wilfried Meert is the Meeting Director of the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme meeting. Wilfried has been the meeting director since the founding of the meet thirty-seven years ago. 

The story is that the late Ivo Van Damme, the silver medalist in both the 800 meters and 1,500 meters in Montreal had noted to Wilfried and other journalists how Belgian athletes had to leave Belgium to race at a world class level. In December 1976, on the way home from a week long training camp in the South of France, Van Damme was killed in a car accident. The incident has never been completely explained, but many believe Ivo fell asleep while driving.  

From the tragedy of loosing Belgium's most promising middle distance runner came the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme.

For me, this is hallowed ground. It is my first visit to the meet. We will cover it live this evening via Facebook and Twitter and then follow up with a story early on Saturday morning! 

Wifried Meert reminds me of Tom Jordan, at the Pre Classic. Wilfried, yesterday and today, went, event by event, discussing the fields for the media. Mr. Meert has the love of the sport, something that I find in all the major meeting directors! 

I hope you enjoy the meet as much as I am! 
The season is upon us. Cross Country will have over 500,000 high school boys and girls and nearly 160,000 college and university men and women, plus another 100,000 adults across the country! It is my favorite season. 

One of the benefits for middle and long distance runners is getting your mileage in over the summer and then, after cross country, in the winter. 

Molly Huddle is one of my favorites. Molly set the AR for 5,000 meters in 2010, and has been one of our most consistent five thousand meter runners for the past six years. In 2013, Molly finished sixth in the World Champs over 5,000 meters, the best finish EVER by an American women at that distance. 

Molly Huddle, besides having a fine sense of humor, is a fine cross country runner. Watch her at US XC champs, and also as she helps lead the World Cross team for the US, as she has done for several years. 

Thumbnail image for Huddle-Hall-Costello-USAxc12.jpg
Molly Huddle, photo by

Hill workouts, like fartlek workouts, are a great way to get into shape, and also are as individual as the athlete. 

The workout below was one of my standards in college and beyond, and also with my high school athletes. 

This hill workout is all about building your strength, so stay focused. The season is here! 

huddle, solomon.jpg

The press conference today was held in the Shereton Brussels floor one. The small, intimate space was good for the media interested in Renaud Lavillenie, arguably the best vaulter of his generation. 

Renaud Lavillenie will be jumping at the Belgacom Van Damme Memorial meeting tomorrow evening, September 6. In front of a sold out crowd of 47,000 fans, will Renaud reach the heights he has thought he would this season? 

Renaud Lavillenie, " Moscow was disappointing", 
photo by 

The Rio 2016 Olympic program was embarrassed when their drug testing facility was closed by WADA over the failure of a double blind testing procedure, from this most recent piece in :

The truth is, drug testing is working in our sports world, and vigilant testing is the key. The Rio facility has had some past issues (all addressed in the inside the games article), and these all will need to be addressed in order for the testing facility to be reinstated. 
I have to admit, Mo Greene has always been one of my favorite athletes. In his day, Mo Greene was showman, great sprinter and hugely talented and focused athlete. Now, Mo Greene is media mogul, track coach and Olympic champion. 

Dave Hunter interviewed Mo Greene for RunBlogRun, for which we have this superb read for today, September 4, 2013. Please enjoy! 

Mo Greene, photo courtesy of  PhotoRun/IAAF Communications

We have wrote about, all summer, and probably for you, ad nauseum, on the importance of progression in your workouts and the need for hard and easy days. That is even more important during racing season.

High School racing season is quick, get ready to race. There are times when you will have two to three races in seven days. Use those races as your hard days and race yourself into racing fitness. With the work you did this past summer, you will get racing fit much, much faster. 

Ben True, photo by
The tempo run continues to help you build towards the strongest racing season that you have ever had. Remember,as your race better, increase the pace and tempo of your run. Progression is key to your workouts! 

Ben True, photo by 
Well, Labor Day is over and most cross country programs around the country are starting up. Nearly sixteen thousand high schools, and 500,000 high school boys and girls will run cross country in the fall of 2013! Numbers will be up, once again, for the seventeenth straight year! 

Here is week ten, in its entirety, for your Summer and now Fall Training program. This program is geared to the high school and college athlete. We suggest that college athletes run morning runs three days a week of 30-40 minutes, as long as it does not hurt their afternoon workouts. 

If you have questions, send us a note to [email protected]. If you want the entire fourteen weeks plus the two championship week training schedule, then go to and sign up for the free ATF ezine subscription and we will send you the links.

The program is sponsored by Saucony, a company who cares about cross country and has supported our cross country programs for several years. We suggest that you check out their training and racing products. The Shay XC is one of the best selling cross country racing shoes in North America, and the Carrera XC won the Running Network's best Racing shoe for the 2013 Cross Country Shoe review. 

Enjoy week ten! 

Shay XC, photo from Saucony Running 
As we start week ten, you are heading back to school late this week.  You will find, that your summer training has put you ahead of many of your team mates. Continue to stay focused. And enjoy cross country.

But today, enjoy Labor Day! 

Shay XC, photo by Saucony Running 

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