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The Diamond League is a collection of some of the best track and field meets in the world. I went ten of the fourteen in 2012, and will see how many I can visit in 2014. Last year, I was able to visit the Belgacom Van Damme Memorial this past fall. The crowd of 50,000 fans, the great races and the music show were fantastic! 

Make sure you hit the Pre and NYC in US. I love Paris, the AREVA meet, and DL Galan in Stockholm. Each meet has its' own special appeal, that is the beauty of the DL. This year, I am hoping to see Shanghai and Zurich, two that I have missed so far! 


Here is the info on the 2014 schedule....
The results of the South Foot Locker regional top ten boys and girls are right below. If you would like more information on the FootLocker Champs, please go to
Please find the top ten from the Midwest FootLocker Regional. This regional is always one of the best and one of my favorites to watch! For more info on FootLocker go to
Below are the top ten Boys and Girls from the NorthEast Foot Locker Regional, held in Van Cortlandt Park today, November 30, 2013. For more info on the FootLocker 35th national champs, go to


Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, photo by

Today is your big day, so stay focused, run your race, and focus on passing runners until you  get through the finish line. 

Kevin Borlee, photo by 

The 2014 Diamond League is being announced. The little changes and additions to last year's league make sense in fine tuning. The League needs a sponsor, which could take it over the top. A savvy global marketer, non-footwear, probably software or auto, could make a lot of sense for the League. 
Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, courtesy of Saucony Racing 

Tomorrow is the FootLocker Regionals, NXN regionals and California State Cross Country meet. Good luck to all competing! Keep it easy today. 
2013-04-24_huddles eyes-570x379.jpg
Molly Huddle smiles on Thanksgiving, Duane Solomon in background, 
photo by Saucony Racing 

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with your family and friends. And remember, get a gentle run in today, with some strideouts, and run with your friends. 

Luzhniki Stadium, from IAAF.jpg

Luzhniki Stadium, picture courtesy of the IAAF

Elena Dyachkova is freelance writer from Russia, who had been working for the ARAF and organizers of track and field events in Moscow for several years, and a big fan of the sport . This is Elena's first piece for RunBlogRun, and she will be writing columns twice a month on Russian athletics. 
So, what is a more efficient use of the marketing dollars? Sponsoring of single athletes or the sponsorship of federations? Most the major sport players, Nike, adidas, ASICS, to name a few, use both federations and athlete sponsorships in their sports marketing portfolios. 

New Balance is sponsoring the Olympic council of Ireland, which gives NB  great access to the thirty-six sports supported by the council. 
Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, photo by Saucony Running

An easy run is part of the training week. Your easy days are nearly as important as your hard days. 
The story of the 2013 ING New York City marathon was one of redemption. A city that was trying to recover in 2012 was now ready to celebrate, memorialize, honor and set an amazing record. 

The men's and women's races were epic, Geoffrey Mutai and Priscah Jeptoo ran races for the ages. And 50,400 plus finishers in the Big Apple set a marathon record. How fitting for the 2013 ING New York City Marathon to have fifty thousand plus runners on a such a blustery New York fall day! 

The Shoe Addicts, as they have done for the past three years, did this salute to the 2013 ING New York City Marathon....

PHOTO: Edward Cheserek (457) and Kemoy Campbell (33) follow Kennedy Kithuka (632) near the 4-kilometer mark at the 2013 NCAA Division I Cross Country Championships (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly)


PHOTO: Kate Avery leads Abbey D'Agostino and Emma Bates at in the final two kilometers of the 2013 NCAA Division I Cross Country Championships (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly)

The NCAA Cross Country Champs, held last Saturday, was cold, windy and tough footing conditions, or, real cross country conditions. Here is David Monti's coverage of the race.....
Molly Huddle, Shalane Flanagan, 
photo courtesy of David Monte, RRW

Today is a pretty simple tune up workout. One of my favorites was a two to three mile where we would jog the turns and sprint the straights. It is a great workout for turnovers. 
This is Justin Lagat's feature on Anti-Doping campaign in Kenya and how athletes should be involved in the anti-doping campgaign....
The Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 2013 was a barn burner. First, Dennis Kimetto set a new course record and showed the world just how good he is-which is, amazing. Then, Rita Jeptoo ran sub 2:20 on the fast course through the Windy City.

As they have done the past three years, the Shoe Addicts salute the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon and its record setting 37,000 plus marathoners! 

This is three weeks before the FootLocker Champs and two weeks before the NXN, and one week before the California State Meet. The season of cross country is coming to an end. Over the next few weeks, keep dry, and keep your pace under control. Do exactly what is asked during the end of the season workouts. 

Duane Solomon and Molly Huddle, 
photo by
We checked in with Galen Rupp and Jordan Hasay, who were signing autographs to their many fans at the Nike Border Clash 15. This is, truly, my favorite event of the year. I have hit 14/15 and the night setting on a cool, clear Oregon evening was a fine setting! 

Galen Rupp, photo by

Galen Rupp is comfortable in his own skin, and that shows. That he was the fourth best in the 10,000m this year and not second best, I believe, shows just how tough the 10,000 meters is and how amazing Mo Farah is, in his development and racing skills.

Alberto Salazar and Jordan Hasay, with her Nike Oregon Project jersey, 
photo courtesy of Nike 
Then, we have Jordan Hasay. Jordan was a fine high school runner, a prodigy many might say. She had a fine career as a Duck, and there were ups and downs. Now, under the watchful eye of Alberto Salazar, Jordan Hasay has the chance that many do not: to truly see, what she can do with her running. 

We thank both of them for their time and answers to my probing questions. In all honest, most track athletes are a true joy to interview. Galen and Jordan are in that category. 

Molly Huddle, photo by
WILDFANG is a brand about and for women who like to have fun, are active, enjoy fashion, do not trifle with being categorized and know what they like. The approach is unique, the brand is fresh, and the video captures the attention of the viewer. 

Creating brand videos is a messy business. There is always too much to say in too short of a time. Editing and leaving somethings to the imagination, keeping the viewer curious, is key to a brand video's success. Ms. McIlroy does that here. 

After a stint at Nike, Emma McIlroy founded WILDFANG. As the CEO and founder of WILDFANG, she is on that exciting journey of self-discovery that comes with building a brand from scratch. Her enthusiasm is contagious. That is exemplified in this video.

I have always admired Emma McIlroy's creative approach, unwavering enthusiasm and eclectic sense of fashion. To be successful in any endeavor, one must have the "vision thing", as someone once called it. Emma has that, and, so does WILDFANG.  Emma directed this video for her brand, WILDFANG. 

I love the music, but the images, and killer copywriting make this over the top.  "Some things we will never grow out of, somethings we never want to."  I love that. 

It is an example of how excellent brand videos should be done: Get the viewer involved, give them your theme, and keep them intrigued. 

We wish Emma McIlroy and her team great success! Go WILDFANG!

Edward Cheserek winning FL 2012, 
photo by

In cold and muddy conditions, Edward Cheserek, a freshman from Oregon, charged passed Kennedy Kithuka at 8,000 meters and never looked back, running alone for 2k, to take the win in 29:41.1. On the team side, Colorado took the win with 169 points, followed by Northern Arizona University in second, Oklahoma State in third, BYU in fourth and Oregon in fifth! 

Edward Cheserek won the FootLocker Cross Country champs last year, and now, has won the NCAA Cross Country title. That is the first time that was done since Bob Kennedy won the FootLocker and NCAA Cross in one year in 1987 and 1988, also as a frosh!

More details to come! 

Thumbnail image for Cheserek_Edward-FLbw12.jpg
Edward Cheserek, FootLocker 2012, photo by 
Usain versus the tortoise, only on ACCESS Hollywood, 
photo courtesy of ACCESS Hollywood

Usain Bolt is the most patient of men. I have watched the IAAF World Athlete of the year put up with the most inane questions in press conferences, racing Jimmy Kimmel holding a cake, but the picture above tops the cake. It is obvious that Usain has a strong sense of humor and knows that, getting on American television puts him in front of the audience that he wants to buy his new book, Faster than Lightning. 

For your viewing pleasure, here are few more pictures of note....
The NCAA Division 1 Championships are in Terre Haute, Indiana, and the rain of the last two days has made the course a wonderful excuse for real cross country running. Cross country is about strength, endurance and guts. It is not a track race on nicely cut grass. 

Here is a great tune up piece on the NCAA Cross Country by David Monte of Race Results Weekly! 

men picture-17.jpg
NCAA Cross, 2011,
photo by Patrick Holleran
Here is a nice Stanford preview of the NCAA Cross Country, for your viewing pleasure. I am a man conflicted. I spent twenty plus years in California and fifteen years in Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin and Stanford (and anything Santa Clara University). Good luck to Stanford and Wisconsin in Terre Haute today! 

Hats off to the Associate Sports Director at Stanford, David Kiefer, who always keeps RunBlogRun informed. Others should consider, just send all of your track stuff and cross country stuff to [email protected]

Molly Huddle and Sara Hall, photo by

The big championships are upon us. The NCAAs, NXNs and FootLocker, plus California state meet. The focus of twenty-one weeks of training, the big races are now here. How will you run? No more workouts that really make a lot of sense, just fine tune and then, race hard. Good luck! 
Foot Locker Cross Country is synonymous with cross country season. It is the chance for high schoolers, from schools big and small, to compete on an even playing field, to be one of the ten boys and girls who make the FL nationals in the four regional races.


" The FootLocker Cross Country has been the meeting place of many young American distance runners. For many, it was their first elite high school race!" noted Deena Kastor, the 2004 Olympic bronze medalist in the marathon, and AR holder in the marathon, in a conversation during the ING NYCM weekend in early November.

The Foot Locker Cross Country series, for over three decades now, have given tens of thousands of high school cross country runners a chance to see just how they stack up against the rest of American high school distance runners. 

Don't miss it! 
bc finish lo res.png
Nike Border Clash 13, November 2011, photo courtesy of Nike communications

For me, Thanksgiving week truly begins with the NCAA cross country championships and the Nike Border Clash. In the past fifteen years, I have missed once, and there were several times, due to flight delays, that I just made it (an long night of revelry for Jan Johnson's birthday in Atascadero provided one close call). 

It is a day or night to say hello to friends, and enjoy our sport in its purest form. Cross country is part of the oldest traditions in our sport. 

This weekend, there will be the NCAA 1,2 and 3 Championships and the Nike Border Clash, the unique battle for Pacific Northwest supremacy in high school cross country between the states of Washington and Oregon. The brainchild of Josh Rowe and John Truax in the late nineties, this is, for me, an example of all that is good with our sport. 

This year, I heard that Nike was putting the races on in the evening. This should be fun, and again, highlight the largest sport in high schools across the US-athletics, with cross country in the fall (465,000 runners in 2012) and track in spring (1 million plus), athletics is king in U.S. high schools! 

Enjoy a night of cross country if you are near Beaverton tomorrow! 
The big races are this week and the next two weeks. Focus on your racing and relax on your easy days. 

2013-04-24_huddle, solomon-570x379.jpg
Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, photo by Saucony Running
Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, photo by

Today, run fast when you have to and run really slow during your warm ups, jogs and cooldowns. You have a race in two days, so focus! 
Rob Heffernan, photo by 

Rob Heffernan, the gold medalist in the World Championships 50k at this most recent Moscow Worlds, is the Irish Athlete of the Year. As only third gold medalist in a World Champs from Ireland (Eamonn Coghlan, 1983, Sonia O'Sullivan, 1995, both at 5,000 meters). 

Rob had some tough luck in 2011 and 2012, and now, Rob Heffernan is a gold medalist! 
Katie Mackay is one of the amazing athletes in the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 5k. The men and women's fields at the Turkey Trot 5k have made the SV Turkey Trot one of the largest and most exciting holiday races in the country! 

San Jose has a great running community and the work and support of the sponsors and race management team prove that, with hard work, and the support of the city, sponsors and race community, great races are made, not born. 
Thumbnail image for Kastor_DeenaH-Pasadena13.jpg
Deena Kastor, photo by

Molly Huddle, photo by

Molly Huddle and Deena Kastor voiced their support of Mary Cain's decision to run professionally. This piece, by Chris Lotsbom, gives some thoughtful comments from two of the most experienced women distance runners on Mary's decision. 
Millrose Games, photo courtesy of Millrose Games

The New Balance Armory Track & Field Center is one of my most favorite of venues to watch and experience a track and field meet. Sometime, I want to spend a weekend, just watching the relays and speaking with the coaches, fans and athletes on why they love The Armory so much.

The Millrose Games now has a title sponsor in the New York Road Runners. Congrats on NYRR doing this wonderful example of road running and track and field coming together. For over a hundred thousand teenagers a year, The NB Armory is their sanctuary of sport, a place to savor our sport, friendships and goals achieved and missed. 

The Millrose Games has found a new home. And the New York Road Runners have, by sponsoring the Millrose Games, shown by example, how our sport could and should work together.

I think that the sponsorship by the New York Road Runners of the Millrose Games would make the late Fred Lebow, NYC Marathon founder,  smile...
The runs are getting faster without you even trying. That is fitness. Now, however, is the time to control all of that. Focus the big energy on the racing! 

2013-04-24_huddle, solomon-570x379.jpg
Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, photo by Saucony Racing 
Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, photo by Saucony Racing

The NCAA Champs are this weekend for Divisions 1,2 and 3. The Nike Border Clash is on Saturday, and the FootLocker regionals are on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Focus on the big races now! 
As we get closer to the most important week in run specialty's business calendar, the Running Event, December 3-7, 2013, will be providing a series of interviews of key players in the business, for your reading pleasure and edification (this lessens the frustration of lots of time spent in airports over November and December). 

Craig Heisner, courtesy of Newton Running

Craig Heisner is the President of the Newton Running company. Craig started at New Balance in the 1990s, with Joe Preston, then went to Reebok. After Reebok, Craig worked with Brooks, and then entered the brand consulting world. Last spring, Craig Heisner was named President of the Newton Running Company, one of the more fascinating cult brands in our sport.

Craig calls the followers of Newton, the tribe. It makes sense, as the devotion of this consumer is well known. 

With investments from Paul Fireman, former owner of Reebok and his son-in-law, Dennis Baldwin, Newton Running is looking to bring in new consumers: and that is Craig Heisner's job:  to keep the tribe interested and grow the tribe, all at the same time! 

We hope that you enjoy the interview! 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Jeptoo_RitaFH-BostonMar12.jpg
Rita Jeptoo takes 2013 B.A.A. Boston, photo by

The Boston Marathon in 2013 is a series of memories for me.  That the B.A.A. has increased the size of the field and is now offering the remaining entries to those affected by the 2013 event seems like the right thing. What has been comforting to many of us who cover the sport is to see how the events in Boston have brought the sport together for some reconsideration of how we manage and promote our sport. That is, as one of my favorite publishers once noted, " a good thing." 
Patrick Makau winning BMW Frankfurt in 2012, 
photo by

I was pleasantly surprised that David Hunter's feature this week was on one of my favorite people, Creigh Kelly. I spent years watching Creig announce a plethora of events, including the WDW events. But, I have also watched Creigh put in countless hours helping build the sport, behind the scenes. 

Creigh Kelly, is, as my Jesuit influenced educational background would attest, as one of the highest of tributes, " a man for others."  His experience in the sport, from an athlete, to coach/agent, to advisor, gives his words of wisdom even more clout. 

Creigh Kelly, from Running USA 

The season is down to state meets, NCAA champs, and the final big events of the year in cross country. Relaxed days like today are key, as you get longer into the season. We will start championship training weeks next week. 

Molly Huddle, photo by
Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce are the 2013 IAAF World Athletes of the Year. Alberto Salazar is IAAF Coaching Acheivement Award winner and Mary Cain is the IAAF Rising Star award winner. The awards were given out yesterday in Monte Carlo, Monaco. 

As one keen observer said, "Bolt was the best. Sprinting is hard. Usain had a whole bunch of races and lots of chances to screw up, and he did not. That is why he is the World Athlete of the Year. " Enough said. 

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is one of my favorite athletes. The pocket rocket just flies down the track and is a joy to behold. I loved watching her in Brussels just blow the field away. 

Alberto Salazar, I have observed as both athlete and coach. He has come a long way. One keen observer said this, " Alberto Salazar teaches his athletes how to race, which is something other coaches do not get."

Mary Cain, the 17 year old dynamo, is the IAAF Rising Star. She has gone pro. Mary is a gutty runner who has made Alberto Salazar smile when I asked, " Just how good is she?". Alberto will be smiling for some time. 

Thumbnail image for Bolt_UsainSF-OlyGame12.jpg
Usain Bolt, by Photo

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, 
photo by

Alberto Salazar, IAAF Coaching Achievement Award Winner

ao cover.jpg
Mary Cain, IAAF Rising Star Award
Carter Cloyd sent us this fine piece on the NCAA III championships, to be held next Saturday, November 23, 2013 at Hanover College!

NCAA Cross Country Champs, photo by 

Thumbnail image for Komon_Leonard-CampaccioXC09.JPG
European cross country results, 
photo by

This is the second week of the European cross country results, provided to us by our friend, Carles Baronet. Carles provides us weekly results for cross country from Europe.

The cross country season is in high season in US, with NCAA, NXN, state high school meets and soon, FootLocker. 

Aaron Braun leading the pack, 
photo by Chris Lotsbom

Aaron Braun has been moving up the American distance running food chain for several years. Now, Aaron Braun is a national champion at 12k. Chris Lotsbom, RRW associate editor and one of our favorite writers, wrote this fine piece today on the men's race....
Molly Huddle and Shalane Flanagan, 
photo by Dave Monte, RRW

Molly Huddle and Shalane Flanagan have raced twice in the past three weeks against each other. Running in tandem through 11k, the race went down to 300 meters from the finish. 

Molly Huddle and Shalane Flanagan both broke Deena Kastor's AR and the listed WR for 12k. 

Dave Monte wrote a fantastic piece on the .US racing championships. 
Long runs are always one of my favorite workouts of the week. It is the time to get together with friends, tell stories and work together. Make sure you do your long runs with your friends. 

Congrats to Molly Huddle, one of Saucony's runners, who set a world best today over 12k at the US 12k champs. 

Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, photo by Saucony Racing
Mary Cain's announcement that she will turn pro, and forgo running in US collegiate ranks, was the news on Friday. Responses on social media were mixed. Many were supportive and some were wondering if she should go pro yet. 

The truth is, the decision is hers and her parents. Mary Cain is a bright, thoughtful and uniquely talented young women. With the support of Alberto Salazar, her manager Ricky Simms, Mary Cain will have opportunities that few other athletes are afforded.

How will she do? That is part of the intrigue in this story. At seventeen, Mary Cain looks poised for great things. Know this, Alberto Salazar has access to just about any athlete whom he would want to coach: Alberto picked Mary Cain out among the other 500,000 young American high school women who run track and cross country in the U.S. 

My guess is that Mary Cain will be around for us to watch for the next decade or more....

Mary Cain, photo by
Mary Cain has decided to turn pro. The release is how we learnt about it with the PACE Sports Management, early on Friday morning. I will write about the decision by Mary Cain on Saturday. It is a pretty monumental decision by such a young, talented athlete. But, in her mind and in her parent's mind, it is the decision that is right for her. We wish her great success. 

ao cover.jpg

Molly Huddle photo by Saucony Racing

The NCAA regionals were being held this weekend. State meets abound and some athletes are already training for FootLocker, AAU, USATF and NXN. If you have a race this weekend, good luck! 
istanbul track.jpg

The IAAF Council meetings were held November 14 and 15 in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in conjunction with the IAAF Golden Gala. Here are the notes for the 14th of November. 

Teddy Tamgho, photo by
The season is coming to the big stuff: state meets, regional meets, NCAA regionals and NCAA meets are fast approaching! Stay focused. Twenty weeks is a long time to be focused on anything! Good luck! Stay strong! 

Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, photo by Saucony Racing
Lukas Verzbicas Photo.jpg
Lukas Verzbicas, photo courtesy of Don Franken

Lukas Verzbicas is one of the most talented athletes on the planet. In high school, he won the famed FootLocker Cross Country series on two occasions. He broke four minutes for the mile and also 8:30 for two miles in the Nike Pre Classic. After a year in college, Lukas focused on the triathlon and was terribly injured, with the medical staff telling his parents that he might never walk again. 

Verzbicas is running the Oceanside TurkeyTrot. In this piece, written by Don Franken, former promoter of the famed Sunkist Games, and FootLocker cross country series, we see how far Lukas has come. Follow Lukas as he continues his journey to make a U.S. Olympic team. 
Duane Solomon, photo by
The war on drugs is a constant battle. IAAF has delivered a strong message to WADA: while congratulating them on their four year ban, the IAAF wants to make sure that WADA understands that the battle over drugs in sports will continue to be complicated and complex. 

Blocks, photo by
So, we headed over to the ING NYC Marathon expo, as adidas' Mike McManus told us that the team who worked on the adidas miCoach SMART RUN would be there. And they were. The Shoe Addicts spent time with Tony Hope, who lives, breathes and sleeps the adidas miCoach SMART RUN.

adidas has something here. The SMARTRUN puts all of the former moving parts of the adidas miCoach project into a watch: pulse monitor, GPS, music, training! Tell us what you think! 

The Shoe Addicts did this video for you, interviewing Tony Hope, who knows the adidas miCoach SMARTRUN like few others! 

The adidas miCoach SMARTRUN can be found at the


2013-04-24_huddles eyes-570x379.jpg
Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, photo by 

Molly Huddle set the AR for the 5,000 meters in September 2010. Her 14:44 for the 5,000 meters placed her ninth in the race, and she did not know she had set the AR until photogapher Victah Sailer told her afterwards. 

Molly was a good high school runner, setting the high school record for two miles of 10:01. During her time at Notre Dame, Molly continued to develop and it was after her college career, running for Saucony that Molly has developed in to the world class athlete that she is. 

But note where and how Molly races: cross country, track and roads. She focuses on big races and stays focused. Not that she does not have fun sometimes too! 
Katie Mackey had a very good year in 2013. She raced both the 1,500m and 5,000m in the US Championships this year. Her interview was done last Spring and her answers reveal alot about the character and drive of an elite athlete. Katie runs for the Brooks Beasts, a new club Brooks Running is supporting to develop elite athletes ! 

Katie was known as Katie Follett before her marriage to Danny Mackey, the coach of the Brooks Beasts. She ran big personal bests in the 800m on August 3, 2013 in Gent, running 2:02.00. Her 1,500 meters was run May 17, 2013, at Oxy, with her fine 4:04.60. Her, 3000m was run 8 September 2013, in Rieti, in 8:59.41, and her 5,000m PB was run on April 28, 2013, 15:23.65, at the Payton Jordan Invitational.  


The leaves have changed, and while I am walking in California and it is in the seventies, there was snow in Wisconsin, where my home is. Cross Country is about celebrating all that is fall, hills, changing of seasons, no breath left and then you have to kick with three hundred meters to go! 

Saucony Kilkenny, photo from Saucony Racing
Most running fans of my generation remember the 1983 New York City Marathon. In it, on national TV, Rod Dixon, 1972 Olympic bronze medalist at the 1,500 meters, caught Geoff Smith, who had been leading the marathon for twenty-six miles. The picture below says it all. It was a highlight of the first running boom, and a momentous moment for Rod Dixon, who was one of few elite distance runners with world class times from the 1,500 meters to the marathon. Dixon, now a fine coach and running speaker, was interviewed by Jeff Benjamin, a long time writer for RunBlogRun, American Track & Field and for those real old, American Athletics. 

I always have enjoyed speaking with Rod Dixon. He was the kind of guy you wanted to run with, have a beer with and listen to his many stories of racing around the world.

(For many years, Rod has donated limited edition paintings of his NYC Marathon win to select charities for auction. Now, for a limited number, we are making them available in return for $500 or $2500 in scholarships for KiDS

ROD.jpg src=.jpg
Ingrid Kristiansen was one of the top distance runners of her era. A world record holder at the 10,000m and the marathon, Kristiansen finished fourth in the 1984 Olympic marathon. At the Best Marathon Runner Awards dinner, the first of its kind, sponsored by AIMS. 

Here is the interview by Andy Edwards of Trackwise/Gloebrunner of Ingrid Kristiansen.

Justin Lagat, by Justin Lagat

Justin Lagat wrote this piece about his debut marathon in the first week of November. Here is his view of the marathon....
The tempo runs are part of most serious distance runner's regimens. They help you prepare for the middle sections of races. Little by Little, they help you improve. 

Feeling strong now? 

(Watch the first Rocky movie)

Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, photo by Saucony Running 
Thumbnail image for Lebid_SergeyBend-CampaccioXC09.JPG
European Cross Country, 
photo by

This is a new feature from Carles Baronet. Carles will provide us with European Cross Country results each week during the season, and then, he will provide us with European indoor results during season as well! I hope you enjoy them. 

In this column, David Hunter writes of Elmore Banton, who has experienced the sport from high school runner, to college to the coaching ranks. 

RPM2 showed RunBlogRun their training evaluation product, which help, through computerized insoles, their running and bicycling efforts. RPM2 signed a sponsorship del with USA Triathlon...

Thumbnail image for Hillary-Yego-Athens-13-Winner-by-Nick-Gomolis-ACM_640w.jpg
Hillary Yego, Athens Classic Marathon, 
photo by Nick Gomolis

Here are the results from last weekend, from marathons to cross country to road racing....
2013-04-24_huddle, solomon-570x379.jpg
Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, 
photo by Saucony Racing 

The Monday run is a day to consider what happened in the week before, and what is coming up in the next week. 
Thumbnail image for PUMA BOLT BILLBOARD - New York City.jpg
Usain Bolt outdoor advertising, NYC, September 2012

PUMA has a new CEO, Bjoern Gulden. Mr. Gulden gets it. Lesson number one about performance sports shoe companys: do what you are good at. PUMA has a long tradition in making fine running shoes and soccer boots. But, every brand that I have observed over the past thirty-five years goes through a crisis of faith: someone thinks that they can expand the business by making something close to a performance running shoe, and they get shocked when the shoes don't sell. 

PUMA has had the most visible athlete in track and field for nearly the seven years and yet, has not made a consistent approach to use him for footwear sales. Perhaps, Mr. Gulden will see that the history of PUMA in athletics and football is a good place to start improving PUMA's bottom line. 

Wanna-be athletes know what authentic is. They want brands to provide them with great product, with striking colors and at good pricing. If it was easy, anyone could do it. 

What gets me is that why do companies, who are doing well, change things that work? 

George Sheehan was one of the first true philosophers of our sport. In the mid 1970s, I would read everything and anything by Sheehan. As a teenager, I totally respected a guy who broke five minutes for the mile in his mid sixties. I loved his quotes on philosophers. In the late 1980s, when I helped him with a few speaking gigs, I was able to spend some time with him while he was dealing with cancer, which would eventually kill him. 

I go back to the Twin Cities Marathon, when Sheehan spoke to the assembled marathoners. I believe it was 1986, and it was something special. George was a natural man, and reading this book will be a major treat. 

Elliott Denman has written the review of The Essential Sheehan. Please enjoy it! And please buy the book! George Sheehan must be read. 
Joan Rotich won the Athens Classic Marathon today, in tough conditions and on one of the toughest courses in the world. Andy Edwards of Trackwise and GlobeRunner did this interview after the race this morning. 

Hillary Yego conquered not only the Athens Classic Marathon course, but the warm weather and a tough field, in his debut marathon. After his momentous victory, Andy Edwards of Trackwire and Globerunner interviewed Hillary Yego. 

We hope that you enjoy this interview. 

Alysia Montano is one of the most fearless middle distance runners in American track & field. She has won five US championships at 800 meters, and just missed a medal at the 2013 World Championships.

Alysia Montano sees athletes such as herself as artists. In this video, by the Shoe Addicts, Alysia speaks about why high school athletes should run the FootLocker Cross Country series in 2013! 

Alysia Montano, 
photo by 
The marathon is always a race, and the classic Athens Classic Marathon was no different. Raymond Bett, the defending champion, had stomach issues and dropped out past halfway, leaving the battle to be determined. Debut marathoner Hillary Yego won the mens and Joan Rotich won the womens race in very warm conditions. 

Hillary Yego wins Athens Classic Marathon today, November 10, 
photo by by Nick Gomolis ACM
Molly Huddle, NYRR Dash to the FinishLine, photo by

Run your long run today with your friends. Relax, warm up and cooldown and remember to change your wet clothes right after your run. The season is now down to the big races. Big efforts are needed. After some studying this afternoon, perhaps take a nap, and unwind. 
Julie Culley won the 2012 Olympic Trials in the 5,000 meters. It was her life long dream. Julie Culley is interesting as she took some time off, several years in fact, after running in college. 

In this video, done by the Shoe Addicts, Julie is speaking about why high school cross country runners should consider the FootLocker Cross Country series. 

For more information on the FootLocker series, please check


Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, photo by

You are cross country racers. 

Racers never waste a step, they run efficiently, knowing that they conserve up a hill and charge fast down a hill, and never, ever, stop passing people until they get through the finish shoot. 

And, never, ever, stop racing until you get past the finish line. 
Edna Kiplagat, who won the 2011 and 2013 World Championship Marathons was interviewed by Andy Edwards of Trackwire/Globerunner prior to the Best Marathon Runner Awards, which were to be held on Friday, November 8, 2013. 

In three years, Wilson Kipsang went from a fast runner to world record holder.

In 2010, Kipsang debuted in the Paris Marathon. In 2011, Kipsang won his second marathon, the Lake Biwa Marathon in Japan, in March. Wilson Kipsang ran his second marathon at the 2011 BMW Frankfurt Marathon where he ran 2:04.57. 

Wilson KIpsang had won the 2012 Virgin London Marathon in 2:04.44 and took third in the London Olympic Marathon in August 2012. In October 2012, Wilson Kipsang ran 2:03.57, 

Wilson Kipsang broke the world record for the marathon on September 29, 2013 at the BMW Berlin Marathon with his time of 2:03.23, by fifteen seconds. 

This interview was done by Andy Edwards of Trackwire/Globerunner, in Athens, Greece, before the Best Marathon Runner Awards. 
Priscah Jeptoo is the 2013 winner of the ING New York City marathon. Priscah Jeptoo won her first marathon, the Porto Marathon, In 2011, Priscah Jeptoo took the silver medal in the World Championship marathon in 2011, and came back, in 2012, to take the silver medal, in the Olympic marathon, only five seconds behind gold medalist Tiki Galana.

Priscah Jeptoo made up a three minute, 23 second deficit at the halfway point of the New York City Marathon, when she bravely too off, and chased down Buzunesh Deba and her training partner, Tigist Demasse, catching Demasse at 24 miles and Deba just before 25 miles. Priscah Jeptoo ran to a stunning victory on November 3, 2013.

This interview was done with Priscah Jeptoo by Andy Edwards of Trackwire/Globerunner on Friday, November 8, 2013 in Athens, Greece before the Best marathon runner awards at the AIMS banquet. 

Stephen Kiprotich won the London Olympic marathon in August 2012, giving his country, Uganda, their first Olympic gold since the late John Akii-Bua won the gold in the 400 meter hurdles in 1972. In August 2013, Stephen Kiprotich won the World Championships marathon in Moscow, Russia. 

On November 3, 2013, Stephen Kiprotich ran the ING New York City Marathon, where he was up front until 25 kilometers and began to fall back, with a sore back, where he finished 13th. This interview was done pre Best marathon Runner Award, by Andy Edwards/Trackwire/Globerunner. 

Sara Hall made the FootLocker Cross County series finals in her freshman, sophomore and senior year. In her senior year, Sara Hall achieved her high school goal of winning the FootLocker Cross Country Series. 

Here is the video, done by the Shoe Addicts on Sara's first experience made during the New York City Marathon weekend. 

We hope that you like it! 

To find out more about FootLocker Cross Country , check out

Sara Hall, photo by 
The long season makes for many chances to get sick, injured and just not be yourself. Days like Friday give you the time to recuperate and also build on your season. Tomorrow is a race day. Feel the strength come back as you focus on racing on Saturday. 


Raymond Brett, the defending champion of the Athens Classic Marathon, has vowed to break the Olympic course record of the historic course. Here is his pre race interview with Andy Edwards of Trackwise/Globerunner. 

We want to congratulate the European Athletic Association on keeping their largest sponsor, SPAR, the world's largest association of independent food retailers. This is good for the sport, and a good branding move for the SPAR group! I do like the logo, I have to admit! 

Thumbnail image for Britton_Fionnuala-EuroXC11.jpg

On Sunday in New York, when I spoke to manager Jos Hermans, Jos was still very concerned about the fate of the Hengelo meeting. Thank god that the City of Hengelo saw that keeping their stadium multi use was in the best interest of the city of Hengelo! 

We understand that Lord Coe, Haile Gebrselassie and Kenenisa Bekele all wrote and asked the City of Hengelo keep the FBK stadium and FBK Hengelo Games! 

Thumbnail image for Regassa-Medhin-Gebrselassie-Belete-Merga-Hengelo12.jpg
Haile Gebrselassie, photo by

Glad to see the FBK Hengelo Meeting has been saved! 
Kenyans Paul Kiprop, Raymond Bett and David Kisang (left to right) during a press conference in Athens. Please credit: ACM / Marathon Photo

The Athens Classic Marathon will happen this on November 10, 2013, and Raymond Bett wants to break the Olympic course record on this historic course. 
Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and Bohdan Bondarenko for the men and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Valeria Adams and Zuzana Hejnova are the IAAF Athlete of the Year nominees. I like the award picks as the fans, media and IAAF family pick the finalists. 

And that gives the sport a real voice....
Bohdan Bondarenko, photo by 

Dayron Robles, the 2008 Olympic champion, is training once again. As many will remember, he stopped training last year, frustrated with the Cuban federation and their propensity for taking most of the athletes money and controlling an athlete's careers. 

Dayron Robles is training for 2014, and no longer speaking about finding another country to hurdle for. We call that, rapprochement. 

Thumbnail image for Robles_Dayron1-Hengelo11.jpg
Dayron Robles, photo by
2013-04-24_huddle, solomon-570x379.jpg
Duane Solomon, Molly Huddle, photo by Saucony Running

Hill workouts are key to the your development as a cross country runner. Hills are part of the racing landscape. You can not win if you don't play. 

The adidas mi-Coach SMARTRUN was announced on October 16. The mi-coach platform had been introduced several years ago and was seen as a very technical and competent way of providing training information during workouts for runners, soccer players among others. The biggest deficit with the adidas mi-Coach was the number of moving parts. 


The adidas mi-Coach SMART Run has everything boxed in your smart watch: GPS, pulse, mp3 player, and linked to the adidas mi-Coach training website, and you are off! 

The product was sold at the adidas booth at the 2013 ING New York City Marathon and is available on the adidas site, where it began being sold on November 1. Watch for a roll out at Run Specialty over the next month.

RunBlogRun caught up with adidas Innovation's Paul Gaudio, and he filled us in the evolution of the adidas mi-Coach SMART RUN. 

Ryan Hall is one of the best runners ever produced in this country. A fine high school runner, Ryan won the California State Championships in the mile and came within two seconds of breaking four minutes for the mile in high school. 

 Ryan Hall went to Stanford for college and ran well in cross country and on the track. After college, Ryan ran a 13:16 for the 5,000 meters, but it was in 2006, when he broke the American record for 20k, held by Mark Curp for over two decades, that Ryan came into prominence. 

His run on the Boston Marathon course, where he ran the fastest marathon ever run, in all conditions by an American, of 2:04.55, to take fourth, in 2011, has kep him in the spotlight. Thumbnail image for Hall_RyanWells-Boston10.jpg                   Ryan Hall in Wellesley, MA, photo by

We ask Ryan Hall, the ASICS ambassador, what he would tell high school runners about the FootLocker Cross Country series, the place where America's best distance runners have raced for three plus decades!
"The adidas miCoach SMART Run gives runnners everyting they need in one device! "

That says it all. 

I used the first product, and while it was impressive, there was too much to put on for an hour workout. 

Evolution has come and the miCoach SMART RUN is here! You get all of the workouts from the adidas miCoach site plus GPS, Pulse monitor, MP3 and bluetooth, all in one device with a nice size screen that even with my 55 year old eyes, I can see and appreciate. 

I should have the new product shortly and will review it. For now, check out this release and the upcoming interview with Paul Gaudio from adidas.


Molly Huddle wins USA 5,000m title, 
photo by 

One of the most important keys to success in middle distance running is consistent training, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. To be a successful distance runner, one will spend ten to fifteen years at the endeavor. There are no short cuts to success. 
Geoffrey Mutai, photo by

The 2013 ING New York City Marathon was a huge success. New York City set records on starters (50,740) and finishers (50,430), and with huge races, both quite different in the elite men's and women's races. 

David Hunter wrote this week's feature on the 2013 ING New York City marathon and the importance of this year's success after the cancellation in 2012. 


Molly Huddle, photo by


In speaking to elite runners across the world, I an not surprised at how many use tempo runs to help get them into shape. 

World Indoors 2012, Instanbul, Turkey, from Larry Eder's iphone

The World Indoor Championships is a wonderful event. I went to the 2008, 2010 and 2013 events, and they are a wonderful showcase of indoor track & field. It is positive to see USA Track & Field and Tracktown USA, as rumored, bidding for the World Indoors in 2016. 

It is important that the world's most powerful and successful track & field federation bid and host World Championships. For some reason, many countries think our sport is near death or, on auto-pilot here. The truth is much more complicated. 

A very healthy high school sport, that gives the most diverse group of kids a chance to compete.

We have some great college programs, but we also have a system that battles with an over taxed and over emphasized sports culture, which elevates athletic activity over life long participation, life long search and thirst for knowledge. Where and how do we put sport in its proper place in our culture?

On the elite side we have a sport, sometimes, still mired in the 19th century, with some  groups all vying for little fiefdoms. Thankfully, we have some events, managers, athletes and groups working together, to find the big answers.

I see the positive actions, some very small, as the way of the future. A friend, out of the sport for a decade came back and chastised me, noting: "Nothing has changed." 

Hosting international events, supporting the successful events and building on them and asking the tough questions, that is how we lead instead of follow in the future. 

Some see the glass as half empty, I see the glass as full of opportunities. I salute Tracktown USA and USA TF for putting our sport on the global stage. 
This is day one of the nineteenth week of training for cross country. You are a well oiled running machine! You are strong, you are fit, and you are ready to race! Enjoy todays' running with your team mates and remember that the big races are here! 

Molly Huddle, photo by Saucony Racing
Deena Kastor, American record holder in the marathon, Olympic bronze medalist from 2004, talks about the FootLocker Cross Country series, which is sponsored by her sponsor, ASICS America. 

Deena Kastor, RNR Pasadena 2013, photo by
ING NYC Marathon 11-3-13 0131.JPG
Priscah Jeptoo, photo by Pretty Sporty Photos, Cheryl Treworgy

Buzunesh Deba gambled all and took second, for the second time in a row. Priscah Jeptoo gave up the comfort of the chasing pack and gambled on her finish, and caught Deba just past 25 miles! 

What a race! 
ING NYC Marathon 11-3-13 0205.JPG
Geoffrey Mutai, 
photo by Pretty Sporty Photos, Cheryl Treworgy

Geoffrey Mutai battled the best field assembled in New York in years, plus gusty winds and cold to win his second New York City Marathon title. 
The long run is a breath of fresh air, especially this late into the season. Check out your training log, see how much you have done in the past eighteen weeks. You are ready to race! 

Molly Huddle won the Dash to the Finish Line on Nov. 2, 2013, 
photo by

We wanted to add to your enjoyment of the World Marathon Majors events, so here is a page of videos from the Shoe Addicts on the races and athletes who make the WMM. 

Here is a link of the videos done by the Shoe addicts on World Marathon Majors events:

Lusapho April, Hamburg 2013, 
photo by 

Lusapho April knows his history of great South African marathoners as Elliott Denman notes. Will Lusapho April join Willie Mtolo, Josia Thugwane and Hendrick Ramaala as one of the great ones? Will tomorrow be his day in the Big Apple? 
Don't forget his name. 
In this interview of Vincent Kipruto, just before the BMW Frankfurt Marathon. This wonderfully done video, from the media team at the BMW Frankfurt Marathon, gives a more intimate view of the marathoner who would battle Mark Kiptoo, down to the twenty-six mile mark in one of the most exciting marathons I have seen in a life time of watching great races. 

The message, once again is the same, but it must be repeated: we spend too much time talking about records and forgetting how exhilirating a great foot race is! 

Molly Huddle sets CR at Dash to the Finish Line 5k, 
photo by

Nick Willis winning Dash to the Finish Line 5k, 
photo by 

Chris Lotsbom wrote this fine piece on both of the races today, the NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5k. The race again highlights the super strength of our young American distance prospects! Thanks to NYRR for highlighting these athletes once again! 
Dash to Finish 11-2-13 0119 copy.JPG
Nick Willis, photo by Cheryl Treworgy, Pretty Sporty Photos

Dash to Finish 11-2-13 0002.JPG
Molly Huddle, photo by Cheryl Treworgy, Pretty Sport Photos

The Dash to the Finish Like 5k adds another strong event to the New York Marathon weekend. The races this weekend showcase some of the best middle distance runners in the world, milers to 10,000 meter runners (and a few marathoners), as Nick Willis and  Molly Huddle set course records along with their wins. 
Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, 
photo by

Today is race day across the U.S. Cross Country, in high schools and colleges, have over 600,000 runners racing across the country! Good luck racing! Make your last eighteen weeks of training count! 
Meb Keflezighi interviewed at NYRR Media Center, 
photo by Chris Lotsbom for RRW

It has been a year since the unthinkable happened, the New York City Marathon was cancelled. Chris Lotsbom asks Meb Keflezighi, Ryan Vail and Jason Hartmann to reflect on that most difficult time. 

Kenenisa Bekele, with Jos Hermans, 
photo by 

Kenenisa Bekele's World records for 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters have been untouched for years. In this piece, Justin Lagat ponders just how fast the man can run over the marathon distance with his WR performances over the distance. 
Keep it relaxed today, think about your race on Saturday, and good luck! 

Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, photo by 

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