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Valeria Adams, Sopot 2014, photo by

Adams and Walsh wins
WELLINGTON (NZL, Mar 29): Shot put highlights during second day of New Zealand Championships. First Valerie Adams got ther 13th national title with good 20.46 and three other 20+ attempts. It is also her 46th consecutive victory since 2010. Tom Walsh then confirmed his top shape with New Zealand All-comers record 20.79 and clear win over Jacko Gill who competed for first time since 223 days with 19.93. Stuart Farquhar got his 14th javelin title with 74.69. Solid women races Angela Smith in the 800 m 2:01.53 and Rosa Flanagan in steeple 9:57.47.

(Editor's note: Valerie Adams has now won 46 straight competitions. That is dominating. Adams is a consummate competitor, and possesses the speed and control like few of her competitors. She deserves much more respect. Fascinated to see how Tomas Walsh develops. )

After the World Championship race, I grabbed dinner and Vesuvio's and then crashed for four hours. Waking up at 1 am, I thought I would walk through the downtown, checking out the nightlife in Copenhagen. And I found it. Bar after Bar, including my favorite name, the Drunken Flamingo. 

Needing nourishment, I found a Shawarma house, with wonderful babaganoush and tabouleh. But, for me, the most fun is meeting new people and chatting with the staff, as they got a charge out of my American accent. 

Here is my audio piece on jet lag. 

This is my fifth day on the road, and it was spent covering the 2014 IAAF AL-Bank Half Marathon Championships! A great day! 

The front pack of elite women, Copenhagen 2014 WHMC, photo by 
Here is the audio report I did on the 2014 IAAF AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday afternoon, after the race. A spectacular event, well-managed and produced, various runners told me how much they loved the event. A runner who came from Dubai said it was the best event he had ever run in! 

The first four minute mile has always been more than an athletic achievement. While it is that, Sir Roger Bannister and his teammates, the late Chris Brasher and the late Chris Chataway, and their advisor, the late Franz Stampfl, did much more. They inspired a war weary country and enthralled a cynical world. 

KIMbia Athletics' Tom Ratcliffe desires to tell this story and is using Crowdfund (see piece below). The five minute film on this project so inspired me that I donated to the cause. Give up a six pack a week of your favorite beer for one month and you have $50. This is a great project! Read on! 
Leonard Komon and Abraham Cheroben (both Kenya) at the finish of the Vattenfall BERLIN HALFMARATHON. Copyright: SCC EVENTS/Camera4
Dejen Gebrmeskel, photo by

Julia Bleasdale, photo by 

Gebremeskel and Bleasdale

CARLSBAD (USA, Mar 30): Ethiopian World and Olympic medalost Dejen Gebremeskel won the Carslbad 5000 in fast 13:11, fourth win here for him. Second Bernard Lagat achieved new US road record 13:19 improving the previous of Marc Davis in 1996 by five seconds (13:24). Third Augustine Choge 13:22 and fourth Edwin Kipyego 13:26. To note Tariku Bekele 7th in 13:45. In women race surprise British win for Julia Bleasdale 15:06 (road PB) over Kenyan Betsy Saina 15:21 and Ethiopian Etalemhu Habtewold 15:23. Close fourth 800 m world medalist Brenda Martinez 15:24 big PB as top US runner of the day. Fifth Amy Van Alstine 15:30

Lagat_BernardFV1318-Carlsbad14 copy.jpg
Bernard Lagat, photo by 

Jordan Hasay and Gabe Grunewald, photo by

This is the third in a series of short interviews with Lance Brauman, one of our country's top sprint and jump coaches. In this video, Lance speaks about finding talent for sprinting in other sports and how a coach can determine talent. Makes interesting viewing and some provocative discussions among coaching staffs. 

Thanks to Lance Brauman and special thanks to his sponsor, adidas. 
Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworer wins 2014 WHMC, photo by
The B.A.A. (Boston Athletic Association) launched the Boston Marathon World Run app on February 5. The Boston Marathon World Run  that virtually connects runners around the world and their social networks with the 2014 Boston Marathon. The mobile app, available on Apple and Android, and website allows runners to participate in the athletic spirit of the event regardless of ability or geography.
Participants, whether individually or in teams, will be logging miles alongside past champions and elite athletes and can achieve their self-determined running goals by April 21 to receive bib numbers and digital training and finisher badges.  Boston Marathon World Run encourages runners to contribute to One Fund Boston through voluntary online contributions, which will be updated in real time.
In support of the Boston Marathon and the B.A.A's new digital platform released today, Boston Marathon World Run, adidas invites the world to unify with Boston. Leading up to the marathon, official race partner adidas is rallying around the cause by sharing personal stories and uniting cities around the world  in the spirit of Boston through graphics of iconic landmarks.  adidas wants to hear from you - from your journey to the starting line, fight to the finish, how you connect with Boston and why you'll run in support using #WeAllRunBoston.
The Conquest is a new shoe with a Hoka spin. At home on the roads, the new Conquest sports some new solutions, and for Hoka fans some familiar characteristics. The upper is two layers of mesh: open air mesh on the inside and stiff minimesh on top. The layers of mesh sandwich synthetic leather supports and no-sew overlays create a full rand that connects to the eyestay and is thin, light, and flexible. - See more at:
Gladys Cherono, photo by
Wilson Kipketer is Danish royalty. In 1995, when he won the 800 meters in the World Championships, Carlsberg Beer named a beer, Black Gold, after him! I remember interviewing Wilson back then, and have spoken to him over the years. It was only in the past few years, that I truly appreciated the quality of the man, not just the athlete.

Wilson Kipketer loves his country, Denmark, but he also loves his event. He wants to help runners become better over the 800 meters. In this interview, the first of several coming to RunBlogRun, Wilson speaks of the importance of rhythm in the event. 

Wilson ran 1:20:43 for the half marathon in Copenhagen. He was quite enthused afterwards, telling us that he would like to run 1:15 next. 

The 2014 IAAF AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships was a wonderful success on so many levels. Great elite performance from Gladys Cherono winning the women's half and leading Kenya to a 1-5 sweep. Geoffrey Kipsang won the mens race as Eritrea took the mens' team . 

I had tried to do an audio piece of the top performances (you will hear that tomorrow), but this gives you a bit of the flavor of what the runners heard upon their finishes. Heard lots of good things from the 30,000 runners who ran the half course through downtown Copenhagen. 

One correction on the tape, it was done on March 29, but somedays, I am not sure where I am or what day it is. I think that was a song by the band, Chicago? 

By all standards, the 2014 IAAF AL-Bank Half Marathon World Championships was a huge success! Here is the piece sent to publishers from the media department at the WCHM! 

Gladys Cherono wins WCH 2014! photo by 

Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworer wins WCH 2014, photo by
The 2014 IAAF AL World Half Marathon Championships was a huge success today. For the Danish Athletic Federation, they sponsored the largest running event EVER in Denmark, with 30,000 runners in the half marathon, and 202  elite runners in their first World Championships of Athletics in Denmark. For the IAAF, their "bold experiment" should be de rigeur for all of their athletics events: a peoples' race  and road championships could be part of every and any championships. 

Keen observers noted that this may be the most profitable event in IAAF history. One thing for certain, combining championship athletics events and mass participation road running makes both promotional and financial success! 

iaafhalf champs.jpg

Thumbnail image for Bolt_UsainPC1-Rome12.jpg
Usain Bolt, Rome 2012 Golden Gala, photo by

Bolt back to training next week
MUNICH (GER): Sprint star Usain Bolt left Munich with good feelings after two weeks of treatment and special training. He should be back to full training next week. "After first weeks we will see how he will progress in training. Currently his confirmed meets are Ostrava on June 17, Paris on July 5, Malmo on August 5 and one more meet later in the season," said his agent Ricky Simms for L´Équipe. Normally he needs 6 to 8 weeks for good training before the competition season. 
This is day four of my month of travel to Copenhagen, Paris, London and Boston. Today, I am in Copenhagen, the day before the World Half Marathon Championships. 

Kariku Bekele, Dejen Gebrmeskel, Bernard Lagat, San Diego, CA, March 28, 2014, photo by

Thumbnail image for Tadese_Straneo_Kiprop_Petersson_WHM_2014_Monti.jpg
Zersaney Tadesse, Valeria Straneo, Wilson Kiprop, Brigit Petersson, WHM 2014 Press conference, photo by David Monti, RRW

Wilson Kiprop was interviewed by the IAAF at the 2014 IAAF AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships press conference in Copenhagen. We thought that you would like to see this interview, as the race is only five hours away right now.

Wilson Kiprop defeated Zersanay Tadese in 2010. Tadesse has won the race five times and taken the silver once time. The race should be between Tadesse and Kiprop tomorrow, although, as we all know, it is all about how you run on race day! 
Andreas Thorkildsen is the 2004 and 2008 Olympic gold medalist in the javelin. Add to that his European medals and World Championships medals, and you have a man who knows his craft. Thorkildsen has thrown since he was 14 and has Age group world records. Watching him throw and compete, when he is on, is great sport as Thorkildsen is a fine competitor. Andreas had a tough last year, but as he told us in this interview, his Winter training has gone quite well. 

Andreas also loves his event. I remember an interview a few years ago about how much he enjoyed the javelin and how US high schools should get more behind the event. 

Andreas Thorkildsen, along with Kajsa Berquist and Wilson Kipketer, are the IAAF ambassadors for the IAAF AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships. 

In this quick interview, Andreas Thorkildsen speaks about how to find young talent in the event, and when to get them started. 

Bohdan Bondarenko, Moscow WC 2013, 
photo by

Ukrainian team to train elsewhere, from EME News

KYIV (UKR): Current situation in Ukraine made huge changes in the preparation plans for the summer season for the Ukrainian national team. "All our training camps for spring and autumn preparation were located in the Crimea. Because of safety of our athletes and coaches we had to refuse from using this traditional training places including the altitude Russian training camp as Kislovodsk," president of Ukrainian athletics federation Ihor Hotsul explained to EME News. He also noted that because of difficult financial situation in the country all preparation of national athletics team was in jeopardy but FLAU partially found the way out. "Mostly all our first team prepares in Turkey now including middle and long distance runners who are training in mountains. For some elite athletes we found means for preparation in other countries. For example, high jump world champion Bohdan Bondarenko is training in South Africa currently. Moreover, we already conducted negotiations with Romanian athletics federation to have possibilities to prepare in their altitude training camps. In the same time, we are in search of special places in Ukraine where weather conditions should be similar to Crimea. Most probably, our new training camp will be located in Zakarpatye (Uzhgorod region - the most west region in Ukraine)," says Hotsul. He also announced that all national competitions that usually were held in Crimea in May and June were moved to other cities according to decision of FLAU's executive committee. 

Howard Schmertz, photo courtesy of

Howard Schmertz and his father managed, protected and developed the Millrose Games for over half a century between the two. Howard Schmertz, at the age of 88, has died. A champion of indoor track and field and all things Millrose until his death, Howard was friend of athletes, coaches and media. 

Here is a fine piece from the on Howard Schmertz, a real friend of the sport: 

Remembering Howard Schmertz
The IAAF AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships is, as David Monte of Race Results Weekly noted, " a bold experiment." Jakob Larseon of the Danish Athletics Federation noted, "that a success can have many fathers". We applaud the IAAF's bold move, and want to see it in more events. Most notably, we salute the 2014 World Juniors and 2016 World Indoors in the U.S. Tracktown USA has worked hard for them.

But the big prize for the IAAF and the US is for the US to host the World Outdoor Athletics Championships. In this audio clip, yours truly suggests that, the benefits for the IAAF and the sport are huge. But, it takes bold leadership and another bold move! 

The 2014 IAAF AL Bank World Half Marathon Championships is the first time the IAAF has ventured seriously into mass running. A truly creative event; a mass audience event inside of the elite race, this half marathon will have 30,000 people running alongside the elite runners from 57 member federations. 

In a very thoughtful article, David Monte of Race Results Weekly makes the point that the IAAF is conducting a bold experiment with this event. Truth is, for the sport to prosper, the IAAF will be doing many bold experiments in the future. Let's applaud this weekend of creativity! 

Eritrea's Zersenay Tadese, Italy's Valeria Straneo, Kenya's Wilson Kiprop and Denmark's Jessica Petersson in advance of the 2014 IAAF World Half-Marathon Championships in Copenhagen (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly)
In this audio diary, you are walking 5 kilometers with me, your fearless observer, as I walk the streets of Copenhagen on Thursday, March 27, 2014. Special thanks to my brother, Brian, who makes this stuff work. 

The journey from New York to Zurich, then to Copenhagen was uneventful. SAS, like British Midlands, charges for everything but the air on their flights. Oh, they do give tea and water away, but that is about it. 

My focus on day three was getting to my hotel, The First Hotel Excelsior, a little gem in the center of Copenhagen. 

Kasper Hjolt and his TESLA, photo by Larry Eder
Lauren Kleppin and Tyler Pennel two days before the 2014 IAAF World Half-Marathon Championships in Copenhagen (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly)

One day before the World Half Marathon Championships, here is a nice piece from David Monti on two of the American performers. Copenhagen is cool, on Friday morning, as we head to the first press conferences. 
Renaud Lavillenie, Paris DL, photo by

Air Lavillenie back to training
CLERMONT FERRAND (FRA): Pole vault World record holder Renaud Lavillenie made a painless return to pole vault training on Thursday after more than five weeks on the sidelines with a foot injury. The injury kept Lavillenie out of World Indoor Championships in Sopot, where he was favourite to defend his title. On Thursday, Lavillenie started training again with an eye on this summer's Diamond League series of meetings and the European Athletics Championships in Zurich in August, results wise he wants to clear at least 610 cm. He made some 50 vaults, up to a height of 535, and will now likely compete at the end of April Drake Relays. Agencies are informing.

(Editor's note: Renaud Lavillenie was able to enjoy the World Indoors as he allowed his foot to recover from an injury that came from his attempt at 6.21m after setting a new world record in Donetsk. Just how high can he go? You tell us at [email protected]). 
This is the second day of my one month long odyssey around the world to see the World Half Marathon Champs, Paris, London and Boston Marathons. Day two was spent in New York and then, in the evening, it was off to Zurich, then Copenhagen.  

Thumbnail image for wilsonkiprop1.jpg
Wilson Kiprop and his many medals, photo by Justin Lagat, March 2014
Bernard Lagat, 39, recently won the silver medal for the 3000 meters indoors in Sopot, Poland. This coming weekend, Bernard Lagat will try and break the nearly eighteen year old AR at 5000m on the roads, 13:24, set by Marc Davis! The following story was written by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly. 

Thumbnail image for Lagat_BernardKids1-USAind14.JPG
Bernard Lagat, and his fan club, February 2014, photo by
This is going to be a travelog of my next month on the road. From March 25 to April 23, I will be on the road, with one suitcase, and one back pack. My goal is to visit several events, manage our business and keep my health and sanity while living on the road. You will be the judge of how I do.....
Saucony Glide 7.jpg

The Guide is Saucony's most versatile shoe because of fit, stability, and cushioning. Round 7 represents the most effort toward dialing in all aspects. The upper has  a similar open mesh and traditional overlays, efficiently securing the foot over the sole. The midsole has been significantly retooled, keeping the 8 millimeter geometry, the segmentation and molding are placed to optimize the touchdown and transition

(Editor's note: Cregg Weinmann has been providing the publications and websites of (now represented by Fortius Media Group ) with reviews of the finest in running footwear and apparel since 1998, when he began doing reviews for California Track & Running News. Cregg Weinmann tells me, at least once a day, that the near perfect shoe is out there for just about everyone, if you take the time to look for it. And as always, Fortius Media recommends that you go to your local running store for that research and purchasing. Research globally, buy locally.) 
Wilson Kiprop, 2012 Nike Pre, photo by

COPENHAGEN (DEN): The IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon championships will be held this Saturday in Copenhagen. At 12.30 women will start and 25 minutes later the men (12.55). The same time (12.55) also the Mass race will be started. Interesting connection of the elite championships race for prize money (individual and teams) with mass participation race. The obvious question is how many medals will be left there from the 12 (6 individual and 6 teams) for other countries than African (mainly Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea). Last time in Kavarna, Bulgaria in 2012 only one medal was not for an African country, the women team bronze for Japan.

(Editor's note: The IAAF/AL Bank World Half Marathon is a great idea. A combination of an elite championships and a people's race, the race will cover much of Denmark and give the IAAF it's most clear entry into the world of running.) 
This is the second of Lance Brauman's series of seven videos directed to coaches on developing sprinting talent. 

Deena Kastor set two American masters records for ten miles and 20k, en route to her half marathon victory in Dallas, Texas on Sunday, March 24, 2014. This was her first race since the World Championships last August in Moscow! 

Thumbnail image for Kastor_DeenaH-Pasadena13.jpg
Deena Kastor, RNR Pasadena, photo by

adidas SMART Run, photo courtesy of adidas

Congrats to adidas on their award from Red Dot for the design of the adidas SMART RUN ! Nicely done! 

Lance Brauman coaches some of the finest sprinters and jumpers in the world. Two weeks ago, in Sopot, Poland, one his newest finds, Marvin Bracy, took the silver medal in the 60 meters in the World Indoor Championships. In this first episode, Lance Brauman talks about a talent that all successful coaches have, finding talent. 

This is the first of seven questions we asked Coach Brauman. The Shoe Addicts produced this video. Special thanks to Lance Brauman and his sponsor, adidas. 
Caleb Ndiku, photo by

EME News sent us the following results from last weekend. The results are road racing and track and field! 
Sally Pearson, 2014 World Indoors, photo by

Sally Pearson opened her outdoor season well, doubling in the 100 meters and 100 meter hurdles, with two wins. LaShawn Merritt won the 400 meters, David Oliver won the 110m hurdles and Duane Solomon won the 800 meters. A nice day of athletics in Melbourne! 
Thumbnail image for Kastor_DeenaH-Pasadena13.jpg
Deena Kastor, RNR Pasadena, 2013, photo by

Deena Kastor, the 2004 Olympic bronze medalist at the Marathon, and the American record holder at the marathon, is running well as a Masters runner and now, helping manage the ASICS Mammoth Track Club. Our friends at spoke to Deena recently on her training, racing and running life. 

New Balance has been investing in the high school market for several years now. Instead of working with established media in the high school market, NB has gone it's own way. RunTheLoop is a well-done publication, with fun information, well-designed and well-written. 

We found RunTheLoop on Let's run in a New Balance ad display. We found the magazine a welcome addition to high school sports media. They key is, how does one keep such a pub going? That will be the challenge for New Balance. 


The previews of the New Balance National Indoors, and the people behind the scenes are just the type of content high schoolers might find of interest. The images, design, and content are first rate. 

We wish them well. To see the first issue, please check the link below.
(Editor's note: The journey that Kara Goucher has taken, from good, but injured college runner, to packing up and moving to Portland, Oregon, to a bronze medal in 2007 Osaka 10,000 meters, to half marathons, marathons, a son, and now, a new journey, is fascinating. Her honesty and emotion is unique as well. 

Like you, I am fascinated with Kara Goucher's journey back to Colorado, and her conscious decisions to take some chances and find a real fit for her talents. Kara Goucher is not only a fine athlete, but an athlete with the charisma to have a career long past her elite running career. Sally Bergeson, the CEO of Oiselle is a very smart marketer: she let Kara Goucher pick Oiselle, and that is why the relationship could work. )
Kara on Rock Web Image.jpg
Kara Goucher, photo from Oiselle

(Editor's note: After twelve and one half years with Nike, Kara Goucher is focusing her strong social media skills, appreciation by the running community and business savvy on Oiselle, a very innovative company in the running apparel business. 

Kara Goucher and her husband, Adam, get it. While a running career at the elite level is limited, the ability to develop a brand, and a positive one at that, in our community, allows the savvy elite runner to develop a long time career.) 

The Lugano Trophy is one of the most prestigious races in Race Walking. The results for 2014 races are below:

This is a program on Pole Vault Skill Development. And it is the right price! It is FREE! So, get your staffs to take it and get the word out! The Pole Vault, properly taught and coached, is a very safe event. And it is a great way to get skateboarders, gymnasts into our sport. 
Leonard Barsoton, Kenyan Police XC, February 2014, 
photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this piece about the great victory that Kenyan had in the African Cross Country Championships,ewhich happened last weekend. 

This is a video on the IAAF/AL-Copenhagen Half Marathon, which will happen in Copenhagen, Denmark, and will happen on March 29, 2014. The elite race will have the elite in road racing from over seventy countries. There is also a people's race in Copenhagen, Denmark, with 20,000 people the same weekend. Watch for coverage here! 
Wilson Kiprop, photo by Justin Lagat

This morning, as I was getting ready for my walk, Justin's story came in about Wilson Kiprop, and his desire to win the World Half Marathon Championships, in Copenhagen, March 29. Justin Lagat visited with Wilson Kiprop about his desire to win the half marathon. 
Brandon Bethke, photo courtesy of Athletic Recon

Nice to see a cutting edge sport apparel brand sponsor Brandon Bethke. On a side note, nice to see a company appreciate what it takes to run a four minute mile. 
Matt Tegenkamp, 2009 USA Outdoor 5000m title, photo by

In the five years since the picture above was take, Matt Tegenkamp has moved up to the 10,000 meters, then, debuted over the marathon, and now, is finding a home in the road distances. As the US champ last summer over 10k, Tegenkamp will be defending his title at Peachtree, with their newly improved prize purse!
Dejan Gebrmeskel, photo by 

Bernard Lagat, photo by

Bernard Lagat and Dejan Gebrmeskel, the silver and bronze medalists from 2014 World Indoors 3,000 meters, will be dueling at the Carlsbad 5000 meters! 
CLERMONT-FERRAND (FRA): Pole Vault World record holder and Olympic winner Renaud Lavillenie will be back to training next week. That is good news after his injury in February in Donetsk. The flying Frenchman plans his first competition already end of April at Drake Relays in Des Moines. Informs L´Équipe. 

(Editor's note: We saw Renaud in Sopot, Poland, where he was enjoying the meet, speaking to media, and enjoying some of his well deserved accolades for his historic vault. Lavillenie's agent told us that Lavillenie's foot was healing well and that he would spend much of April in the US training, before he heads to Drake Relays, his opening outdoors this season.) 
 LeMaitre_ChristophePC-Rome12.jpg                            Christophe Lemaitre,  photo by 

AIX LES BAINS (FRA): European 100 m champion Christophe Lemaitre will start his international outdoor campaign in Japan. He will run the 100 m at the IAAF World Challenge meet Seiko Golden Grand Prix in Tokyo on May 11. The weekend before he will test his shape at the Interclubs meet on May 4, events to be determined later. Lemaitre will have in next weeks training camps in Tenerife and Palma de Mallorca. Confirms his agent Rene Auguin.


Kim Smith, photo by

NEW BEDFORD (USA, Mar 16): Race Results Weekly informs that as has become her tradition, New Zealand's Kim Smith uses New Bedford Half Marathon (37th) as her London Marathon tune-up, winning the women's contest by more than two minutes in 1:11:09. Former Boston University runner Andrea Walkonen ran a very solid personal best of 1:13:13 in second place. Ruben Sanca as the best man clocked 1:05:52.



Albuquerque, New Mexico

The final day of the NCAA Division One Championships gave us some exciting battles as Oregon won both the men's and women's titles.


 Nia Ali, photo by


          Sally Pearson, Nia Ali, 2014 World Indoors, photo by

MELBOURNE (AUS): World Indoor 60mH champion Nia Ali has pulled out of the much anticipated rematch between her and World Indoor silver medallist Sally Pearson at the Melbourne World Challenge meeting, report Her withdrawal came only 24 hours after she was announced as a headliner for the meet on March 22.


Galen Rupp, Mo Farah, photo by

The 40th Nike Pre Classic will be held on May 30 and 31rst. Here is the list of events for the 2014 version! I love the Friday night added to the Pre. Some fantastic races in the past and 2014 will be no different! 
Mo Farah, 2014 NYC Half, photo by

ERGO Arena, with MONDO indoor track, Sopot, Poland
 Alexa Efraimson (Camus, Wash.) after winning the mile at the 2014 New Balance Nationals Indoors (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)
 Christian Brothers Academy TC after setting a new national indoor high school record for the 4 x Mile relay (l. to r.) Fran Bogan, Blaise Ferro, Tom Rooney, and Mike McClemens. (Photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)


Our friends at SPIKES Magazine wrote a piece featuring the best quotes and pictures from Sopot 2014. It is a fun read, with great photos and wonderful quotes. SPIKES captures much of the excitement from the Sopot, Poland World Champs! 

Here is the link:

A very cool contest! The Atlanta Track Club holds a contest for the t-shirt for the largest 10k in North America. Voting for the 2014 AJC Peachtree Road Race T-shirt design is open untilWednesday, April 30, 2014 at
Shalane Flanagan, London 2012, photo by

Shalane Flanagan set a new AR in the USA 15k championships. Ben True won in a strong battle with Chris Derrick, 43:03 to 43:16. Story from USATF release. 
Tessa Barrett, 5,000m AR high school, 16:11.85, by Chris Lotsbom, RRW
PHOTO: Mo Farah at P.S. 1 in New York City doing the MoBot with the children. New York Road Runners president and CEO Mary Wittenberg is on the left. (Photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)
Albuquerque, New Mexico, courtesy of USATF

The NCAA Division One championships are being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico this weekend. For great coverage, check out our friend at Below are highlights from yesterday, Friday, March 14, thanks to EME News. 
Yohan Blake, photo by

Bohdan Bondarenko, photo by

Jenn Suhr, photo by 

Sally Pearson, photo by

Yohan Blake, Bohdan Bondarenko, Jenn Suhr and Sally Pearson are the first adidas stars to be announced for the adidas Grand Prix NYC, on June 14. The adidas GPNYC is one of my favorite DL meets each year. 
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Farah_MoFV_NYCH11.Jpg
                Mo Farah winning 2011 NYC Half Marathon, photo by

This feature was done for RunBlogRun on Thursday, as Mo Farah gave the media access before the 2014 NYC Half. Thanks to Elliott Denman for this piece! 
Don't miss the fantastic preview on the NCAA Division one from the
The idea in our industry, supported by most of the key players in this sport, is to support the sport that provides your livelihood. ASICS release below is about their ASICS Mammoth TC runners Lauren Kleppin and Gabe Proctor were the first Americans at the ASICS LA Marathon. Lauren, who we wrote about a few months back, improved over 13 minutes and for Gabe, his debut was a nice run, providing him a positive experience with his first marathon. What was nice too, is that both runners run for the ASICS Mammoth TC! 

Lauren Kleppin, photo by 

Caleb Ndiku, photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this piece for RunBlogRun on the two medals that were won at the World Indoors, one by Caleb Ndiku. Here is how Justin Lagat saw Kenya's rough showing in Sopot, Poland: 
Eric Ashe, photo by Eyder Peralta

NPR has done a series on the 2014 Boston marathon by following a group of athletes, with disparate backgrounds, performance levels and wants, as they train for the 2014 Boston Marathon. 

This is the story of Eric Ashe, an athlete caught up by his own demons and dreams, as he pursues the goal of qualifying for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for the Marathon. Eric just missed qualifying for the Trials, and at his level, the clock is a constant reminder of how seconds, in this case, truly matter. 

I liked this piece because it is honest, and brutal. For runners such as Eric, who pursue the goal of being the best they can be, there is no sponsor, yes, as the old Nike advertising noted, NO FINISH LINE. This is the way distance running was in the seventies, and early eighties. For me, there is some solace that the loneliness of the long distance runner (novella by Alan Sillitoe) still exists. 

To read Eyder Peralta's fine story, please go to:
Top Performance: Global: Ashton Eaton, photo by

Best Performance, European: Pavel Maslak, photo by

Alfons Juck prognosticates on our three days in Sopot, Poland. Best performances? World Records? We have them all! 

Also, hats off to the local organizers of the 2014 World Indoors. The ERGO arena was perfect, our seats were the best we have had in a world indoors, and the area had reasonable hotels, great and inexpensive food, and very nice locals. We would come back to POLAND for an event anyday! 
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, photo by

The third day of the 2014 World Indoor Championships was full of finals and the emotional highs and lows that come with a great event, loaded with the top athletes in the world. Alfons Juck helps us see a little deeper into the only global championships of the year. 

Nia Ali, 60 meter hurdles champion, USA, photo by

Ayanleh Souleiman, 1,500m champion, DJI, photo by

Pavel Maslak, CZE, 400 meter champion, photo by

Ashton Eaton, Heptathlon champion, USA, photo by

The second day had two sessions at the World Indoor Championships. Thanks to Alfons Juck, we have some of the less than obvious information on this fantastic indoor championships. 
Francena McCorory, 400 meters, USA, photo by

This is the final results for Day three, of course, with all of the disqualifications...
Mutaz Essa Barshim, QAT, photo by

In a fantastic final day to the World Championships, jumps, middle distance races, sizzling sprints and really close 4 x 400m relays reminded this writer what our sport is all about! A great facility, (3 meter base so we all could see the track better), great Polish crowds, and a well presented global meet showed a healthy indoor sport. 

Katarina Johnson-Thompson, GBR, photo by

While the wired internet worked well, after the first couple of hours, I humbly request that if the IAAF Media group wants more media and more coverage for our sport, excellent wifi, and free wifi should be de rigeur for all IAAF events. 

Marvin Bracy, USA, photo by
Social media was king again at these championships! I followed not only my US stalwarts, but friends across the world in several languages. IAAF apps and various ways to communicate the excitement of the sport is succeeding--this is a wise investment! 

Valerie Adams, NZ, photo by

I have just posted a quick synopsis of all events on Day Three, with results I compiled, so I beg  your indulgence on the misnomers. 

Watch for some event by event coverage later in the evening! We are taking a break tonight and touring Gdansk tomorrow. 
Abeba Aregawi, SWE, photo by

Here are the full final results from each event on Saturday, March 8, with all of the Disqualifications included...
Nadine Broersen, NED, photo by

Nadine Broersen and Ryan Whiting were the two gold medalists on Friday, March 7, 2014, for the pentathlon and shot put, respectively. The results are below! 
Ashton Eaton comes oh so close, Sopot 2014, photo by

Ashton Eaton won the Heptathlon, but narrowly missed his own World record, showing once and again, that WRs are few and far between. Saturday, Day two of the Champs was a long and exciting day. Here are the events of the day, as they happened. More analysis later. 

So, Elliott Denman was so excited about Ryan Whiting's win, he wrote this piece on the Shot Put star and his ties to the state of Pennysylvania. Tell us what you think! Without a doubt, Ryan earned his gold on Friday night, as he fought back two times to take over the lead. Congrats to Ryan Whiting! 

Ryan Whiting, 2013 Shot Put Champion, World Indoors, 
photo by

Saturday came early for those of us from the Estados Unidos. But, the meet has been so compelling, and the crowd so excited, that we have ignored our jet lag to bring you this event by event coverage, just as I saw it! 

IAAF Technical Delegate David Katz told RunBlogRun that the "Sopot facility is the best indoor track & field facility that I have ever seen." With fine seating, great lines of view and a track three feet above the floor, the MONDO facility is fantastic and great viewing experience! 
Augustine Choge, Galen Rupp, March 7, 2014, 3,000m heats, photo by

Our Kenyan correspondent, Justin Lagat, is concerned about the medal prospects for Kenya over the coming two days. 
Ryan Whiting, Men's Shot Put Final, photo by

Alfons Juck of EME News provides his session by session analysis of the news most of us love, but have absolutely no clue how to procure it. Lots of things going on Friday night, March 7, 2014. 
The Brooks Beasts Track Club, photo courtesy of Brooks Running

Caitlin Chock is one of our new writers at RunBlogRun. Watch for her a couple of times  a month now. A clear voice in the sport, Caitlin wrote about Brad Hudson's move to Boulder and his treadmill training programs for last month. This piece is on the effect that the Brooks Beasts TC is having on our sport, another example of how giving young, elite runners an opportunity to grow and train together is good for the sport. 
Alfons Juck is one of our key partners with RunBlogRun. Alfons' service, EME NEWS provides us and you, our dear readers, with athletics enthusiast tidbits each and every day. Translated, Alfons Juck gives us the geek stuff. Enjoy his views of session One, Day One. 


Ergo Stadium, Sopot, Poland, photo courtesy of IAAF/Getty Images

The IAAF has added several new digital opportunities to view the World Indoors, so that, as one IAAF source noted, "it is like you are right there." From apps that work for Apple and PC based products, to strong social media programs, and now, to the addition of our friends at SPIKES magazine to the IAAF website, the IAAF is reaching out more than ever before to bring global track & field to you, the sports fan. Here is the feature from the IAAF on their new programs and apps:
The first session of the 2014 World Indoor Championships went off with few hitches. The wifi and wired internet connections are problematic, but seemed to work better as time went on. A fine facility to watch indoor track and field, an appreciative crowd and athletes ready to run, jump and throw, should make this a superb World Indoor Championships. 


The Sopot 2014 World Indoor Championships begin in just over twelve hours now. Below is the handy daily schedule of events, session breaks. For the next three days, RunBlogRun will provide you info on how the 600 athletes who run, jump and throw here do in their competitions! 
John Mulkeen wrote the following piece for the We encourage you to check the site each and every day for updates on the sport, especially on their excellent coverage that they bring to focus on the IAAF World Championships. 

IAAF President Lamine Diack, 6 March 2014, photo courtesy of
Ergo Stadium, home of 2014 World Indoor Champs, photo courtesy of IAAF

Mondo sent out the following press release on the Mondo portable indoor facility in use in Sopot, Poland. We thought you, our geek readers (which we say with all due respect), would find it of interest. 
Here is all you need to know about title defenders, Moscow winners, Oldest and Youngest athletes in the 2014 IAAF World Champs, starting in less than twelve hours...


President of the IAAF, Lamine Diack, speaks to media, 06.03.2014, photo courtesy of IAAF

PRESIDENT DIACK: IAAF head Lamine Diack spoke to the press ahead of the IAAF World Indoor Championships. "The World Indoors is the climax to an outstanding indoor season and we expect excellent results over the next three days," said Diack. "Sadly, world record-breaking pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie is injured, although he will be coming to Sopot as a spectator. But in the women's 1500m we will have multiple world record-breaker Genzebe Dibaba as well as high jumper Ivan Ukhov, who just missed Javier Sotomayor's world indoor record, and Ashton Eaton, who set one of the two world records in Istanbul 2012. I am confident that these stars, and the rest of the field, will be highly competitive."

(Editor's note: President Diack spoke to media today just prior to the IAAF World Indoor. We will post a complete piece by Jon Mulkeen for the IAAF later this evening.) 


Sally Pearson, 2012 World Indoors, photo by

AUSTRALIA: Sally Pearson is confident before her Sopot participation: "I am confident with my form after a good couple of weeks of competition, first with the hurdles in Perth and then last weekend in Berlin. I've done the work to be here and now I am just excited to get the championships underway, and to make every effort to defend the title I won in Istanbul two years ago. I know that Nia is running very fast at the moment, and so is Janay DeLoach so it will be interesting to see how they perform after good runs at the US Trials. I've been keeping a pretty close eye on everyone because you never know who might have a bit of a breakthrough, and from what I can see it is going to be a tough competition," Pearson added.

(Editor's note: Sally Pearson is back. Her fitness is back and most importantly, her racing form is back. Her battle will be with Nia Ali and Janay DeLoach, who both could hamper Pearson's goal to defend in Sopot). 


Meseret Defar, Tirunesh Dibaba, Zurich DL, 2013, photo by

Defar pregnant

ADDIS ABABA (ETH): Olympic and world gold medalist Meseret Defar will miss the 2014 season. The reason is a happy one. She is pregnant and expects the birth by the end of June. Defar plans to be back for the 2015 season.

(Editor's note: Meseret Defar has had excellent 2012 and 2013 seasons, putting her back on her pedestal. Defar has had a tremendous career so far, and we look forward to the next chapter.)

Thumbnail image for ATF-SpecialReport-FC-Eaton.jpg
ATF Cover, Summer 2013

Alfons Juck, our man on the ground everywhere, believes that Ashton Eaton and Ivan Ukhov are in world record shape. Read all of Alfons' prognostications on the upcoming Worlds, just under 24 hours away! 
Thumbnail image for Lagat_BernardFV1-Worldi12.jpg
Bernard Lagat, defending his 2010 win, Istanbul 2012, photo by

Here is how the IAAF sees the large U.S. team that is in Sopot, Poland for the World Indoor Championships...
Sopot 04
Old lighthouse building Sopot, july 2005, Poland (photo: M.Minderhoud)

This is the Sopot Diary column I wrote last night, on my flight to Gdansk, Poland...

Look at the image above. Mizuno's ad agency, McKinney, came up with the ad campaign. The info graphic was created by The Brand AMP. It is a light, but well executed social media campaign that took the idea, "What if everybody ran," to it's logical conclusion. 

Over the past six years, Mizuno running has been re-inventing itself. Under the leadership of Fritz Taylor, a long time running footwear professional, who spent his early career in Europe and US for Nike, Mizuno Running is developing new product, which attracts news users and keeps its key influencers happy at the same time. 

Mizuno has been a darling of the Run Specialty business for the past fifteen to twenty years. Great product, with an attention to detail, Mizuno is the quiet giant of the Japanese running footwear world. 

We think that this campaign is gaining supporters because of the way that Mizuno has implemented it: a social campaign, now three years old, with product samplings, and focus on making running better for the runner. Sometimes, simple works, and in this case, Mizuno Running is on the right path to brilliant running. 



PRIZE MONEY: Remains the same as at last editions of IAAF World Indoor Championships. In total it is 2 464 000 USD offered. Winners will get 40 000, going down to 6th place with 4000 USD. In relays the same amounts but per team. There is also a 50 000 USD bonus for any athlete setting a new World Indoor record.

NETHERLANDS: Sifan Hassan who is in top shape is entered in both 1500 m and 3000 m. She reportedly would opt for the longer distance, because she has done insufficient speed of work. Dutch media are writing. Hurdler Gregory Sedoc will not compete in Sopot as he strained his hamstring in one of his final training sessions ahead of the World Indoors, reports The 32 year old won the European indoor crown in 2007.

UKRAINE: Ukrainian Athletics Federation (FLAU) addressed the World Athletics community. The statement says among other: "In a couple of days we will be visiting the World Athletic Championship in, Poland, a country which has common border with Ukraine. We appeal to you with a request to use your influence on the government of your country and NGOs to prevent the escalation of the conflict and maintain peace in Ukraine and worldwide." 

SWEDEN: Sweden's top medal hope Abeba Aregawi who arrived to Gdansk has been divorced from her husband and coach Henok Weldegebriel since last May even though she has said on several occasions since that period that they are still married, reports She still remains coached by him. 

SPAIN: Spanish indoor shot champion Borja Vivas will captain the Spanish team in Sopot, reports The 29 year old, who won his 6th consecutive Spanish title in Sabadell, said, "I welcome the captaincy with great enthusiasm. Never thought it would come this far."

GERMANY: Despite balancing a demanding career in law with her sporting pursuits, German hurdler Nadine Hildebrand is having a very successful 2014 and she hopes for it to continue in Sopot where she aims to make the final, reports After a coaching change in 2013, the 26 year old has improved her 60mH best from 8.00 (which she ran in 2010) to 7.91. This new level of performance has given her great confidence as evidenced by her new attitude; "No matter what name beside me, I need have no fear."

RUSSIA: Russian long jump gold medal hope and World champion Aleksandr Menkov is still struggling with slight groin injury: "Maybe I should not talk about my shape and just wait for the start. This season, I competed only twice and both times it was difficult for me. Problems with the groin, unfortunately, are still not solved. As a result I could not train as I wanted. So for the moment I m not sure about my shape for Sopot," he said for Russian media. Russian athletes spent last days of preparation in the new hall of Novogorsk and on Tuesday also Russian Sports minister Vitaliy Mutko visited the team before their departure to Sopot.

UAE: United Arab Emirates will be represented by two female runners. Alia Saeed Mohammed is entered for 3000 m and Betlhem Desalegn for both 1500 m and 3000 m. Other 35 countries have also only women representatives in Sopot. Interestingly also Bahrain, Croatia, Finland, Ghana, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Senegal and Switzerland among others. 

(Editor's note: It is 10 AM local time in Gdynia, Poland. We are 5k from Sopot and staying in a very reasonable, beautiful hotel in a quite neighorhood, called Hotelu Kuracyjynm. People come here for health spa weeks, but we see a few savvy business people who are staying as well. Large rooms, elegant breakfast buffet and superb coffee. Now, for a walk in the neighborhood.)
                                                            Sopot, Poland's Ergo Stadium

UKRAINE: Ukrainian Athletics Federation (FLAU) addressed the World Athletics community. The statement says among other: "In a couple of days we will be visiting the World Athletic Championship in, Poland, a country which has common border with Ukraine. We appeal to you with a request to use your influence on the government of your country and NGOs to prevent the escalation of the conflict and maintain peace in Ukraine and worldwide." 

(Editor's note: As I sit in my hotel room in Gydnia, the 38 TV stations that I have access to, in French, German, Russian, Polish and Lithuanian, all are focused on the Ukraine Crisis. I have to admit, much better presented and seemingly accurate than CNN. There is also a fascinating station, Russia Today, RT, which is available in US as well. Think if Fox News in the U.S. became a mouthpiece for the Russian Federation. Amazingly slanted stories on US, some with good points to make, but the coverage of Ukraine is fascinating.

This morning, we saw news of 10,000 supporters of new government of Ukraine and 2,000 supporters of Russian involvement were separated in square in Donetsk. Nearby, 200 Russian supporters raised flag on government building. Remember that less than three weeks ago, Renaud Lavillenie set a new WR in the Donetsk hosted Samsung Pole Vault Stars meeting.)

Elana Dyachkova writes for RunBlogRun about two times a month. We are fortunate for her persective. Here is a piece on the phenomenal Renaud Lavillenie and what Russia's top vaulting minds think about Renaud's future! 

Elana writes for RunBlogRun on Russian views of athletics. She will be translating for Russian speaking athletes in Sopot this coming weekend! 

Thumbnail image for LaVillenie_Renaud1i-Paris13.JPG
Renaud Lavillenie, Paris DL 2013, photo by 
sopot poland from masarek travel.jpg
Sopot, Poland, from Mazurkas Travel is the partner of Fortius Media Group.
Cregg Weinmann, the footwear reviewer and editor for for nearly the past two decades, and his thoughtful team of wear testers is the key part of the review process for our publications, sites and social media. 

In this video, Cregg Weinmann provides a teaser for the seven brands that are still committed to track and field. With 1.1 million high school boys and girls in the sport in Spring of 2014, and nearly 740,000 pairs of track spikes being sold from mid-February to mid-April, this is a category near and dear to our hearts. 

The Spring Shoe Review has just landed in the mail boxes of many of our 920,000 subscribers of our 23 pubs and 31 websites now. Digital versions of the reviews go out a bit after the print and digital pub versions of reviews. For a daily fix of footwear and other product reviews, may we suggest that you go to
ASICS America has announced that they are now the title sponsor for the esteemed Mammoth Track Club. This is part of the ASICS America plan to support the sport of running through meaningful and brand showcasing strategic partnerships. ASICS currently sponsors the New York and LA Marathons, the FootLocker Cross Country series and the Mammoth Track Club, to name just the biggest parts of their brand support programming. 

Here is a video on the Mammoth Track Club and why they are so important to the sport. 

The home of the 2014 World Indoors, Sopot, Poland, photo by IAAF

News from Sopot, with four days to go before the World Indoor Championships...
Moses Mosop, photo by

Moses Mosop has withdrawn from the 2014 Boston Marathon. This is the release from his management team, which arrived mid day on Monday, March 3, 2014. 
Thumbnail image for Hall-Keflezighi-Abdirahman1b-Kidney12.jpg
Ryan Hall, Meb, Abdi Abdirhaman, photo by 

Ryan Hall and Abdi are in, Moses and Dathan are out, so it goes with elite marathoners. The line between high fitness and injury is sometimes very close. 
Mary Cain, 2014 USA Indoor Championships, 
photo by

Mary Cain has withdrawn from the 2014 World Indoor Championships, per a release sent to media this morning, Monday, March 3, 2014. Cited was an injury of the lower calf. 
IAAF World Indoor Championships will visit Sopot, Poland this coming weekend, March 7-9, 2014. Watch for some historical info on Sopot and the area. Sopot and Gdansk are an industrial area of about one million people, located near the North Sea. The area has been part of Poland, Germany and Russia at various times in its history. RunBlogRun and the Shoe Addicts will share our visit to the area with you, our readers. We leave for Sopot on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 and return March 11, 2014. Watch for our updates and great pieces from our team of writers, photographers and you, our readers. 

The following updates are from Alfonz Juck, long time editor of EME News, meet director at the Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava, and one of the true keen observers of the sport. If you are following EME NEWS on twitter, you are missing out! 

Thumbnail image for Pearson_SallyR-ParisDL.jpg

Sally Pearson, photo by

Pearson 7.79 WL, Harting beaten

BERLIN (GER, Mar 1): The first ISTAF Indoor in the 02 World Arena before 10 500 spectators was highlighted by world leading 7.79 of Sally Pearson in heats of 60 m hurdles. She confirmed that shape with 7.80 in the finals. Second Nadine Hildebrand 7.98 and third Yvette Lewis who equaled Panama national record 7.99. Four German wins were another highlight for the crowd. Verena Sailer equaled her PB with 7.12 in in women 60 m ahead of Tahesia Harrigan-Scott of British Virgin Islands 7.17. World champion David Storl with only valid attempt dominated the shot put 21.20. Here second Bulgarian record holder Georgi Ivanov 20.40 and third Czech Tomas Stanek 20.33. Malte Mohr improved in the pole vault to 590 in third attempt, his indoor PB (outdoor he has 591). It is the second best in the World this year behind Renaud Lavillenie. Greek Kostadinos Filippidis and Czech Jan Kudlicka were 2nd and 3rd with 570. The event finished with first ever discus indoors in Germany at an international meet (after all events finished) and home star Robert Harting was not the winner. World and Olympic winner achieved 62.20 and that was enough for fourth place. Martin Wierig got 64.82 win. Second and third Poland guests Piotr Malachowski 63.73 and Robert Urbanek 62.27. The indoor all-time best of Gerd Kanter is 69.51 from Vaxjo in 2009. The men races on the straight were won by athletes who from different reasons will not be able to compete in Sopot next week. Kim Collins with 6.52 in the 60 m ahead of Berlin sprinter Lucas Jakubczyk 6.56 PB. Dayron Robles over the hurdles beat in 7.53 fresh US Champion Omo Osaghae 7.63 and Greek record holder Kostadinos Douvalidis 7.64. 

(Editor's note: Sally Pearson is ready to roll in Sopot, Poland.). 

This is track and field from around Europe for the weekend of 22-23 February 2014, courtesy of Carles Baronet. You will notice the the Ukraine had their national championships that weekend. 

Sopot, Poland, courtesy of the IAAF

Thumbnail image for Torrence, David-010-DG_1.jpg
David Torrence, Payton Jordan Invitational

Boston, March 2, 2014-
David Torrence lead the 1000 meters race after 400 meters. He split 1:48 at 800 meters and charged first to the finish line with a new American best indoor time of 2:16.76. Torrence's run eclipsed the old record set by David Krummenacker, 2:17.86. Canada's, Nate Brannen finished second place in a time of 2:16.76. Last month Torrence helped set a World record for 4 x 800 meters in Boston.

Nia Ali, 2014 USA Indoors, 60 meter hurdles, photo by

Here are results and highlights from indoor track events around the world this past weekend, mostly Saturday, March 1, 2014. 
Gabrielle Grunewald winning 3,000m at USA Indoors, 
photo by

Here are some of the top performances from the Collegiate conference weekend. For more results, go to 


  Mary Cain has started off 2014 in style. In January, Mary Cain broke the World Junior record for the 1,000 meters, and then, ran a scintillating mile, missing the World Junior Indoor Records for the mile by .01! 

 In February, Mary Cain became even busier! At the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix (February 8, 2014), Mary Cain ran 2:35.85, breaking her WJR by nearly four seconds, for the 1000 meters. At the Millrose Games (February 15, 2014), Mary Cain won the mile and showed that, at 17, she is a force in American middle distance running. On February 23, 2014, Mary Cain took control of the US 1,500 meter championships at the 1,000 meters and never looked back, winning in a swift for the altitude 4:07.05. Mary Cain used a near sixty second last 400 meters to defend her US indoor title. 

 For her February running, RunBlogRun salutes Mary Cain as our American athlete of the month for February 2014. Now on to Sopot! Special thanks to the The Shoe Addicts for the video.
NCAA Champ 6-7-13  0980.JPG
2013 NCAA, 
photo by Cheryl Treworgy/Pretty Sporty 

The is the best stop on the web for indoor track & field conference meets for NCAA 1, 2,3 and NAIA. More track and field than you can imagine over this weekend of March 1-2 as we build to the NCAA championships!

Here is the best link to find your indoor track and field fix:


Chris Derrick, 2014 USA XC Champs, photo by

The 37th running of the GATE River Run 15K on Mar. 15 is shaping up with another record year for participation, and the men's and women's elite fields are on pace to be among the strongest ever, according to Race Director Doug Alred.

"So far 2014 is on pace with near record growth with more than 15,000 entries to date, and our elite field is star-studded with the top American distance runners," Alred said.  He noted the elite field in the USA 15K Championship includes:

  • 5 Olympians
  • 4 past Gate River Run Champions including 2013 defending champions Ben True and Janet Cherobon-Bawcom (2012 and 2013)
  • Shalane Flanagan, Olympic bronze medalist and current American Record holder at 10,000 meters
  • Both 2014 US Cross-Country champions Chris Derrick and Amy Van Alstine
  • 6 of the top 7 men from 2013
  • 6 of the top 8 women from 2013
  • 15 competitive teams from 8 states vying for the TenBroeck Cup

Alred also announced a new finish line for the 2014 race due to construction at EverBank Stadium.  The race will finish at the Tailgate Zone on the south end of the Stadium in parking lot D. He also announced a new Wheelchair Division.

Race day enhancements include live streaming results at and on WJXT's, and the addition of the RaceJoy mobile app with access to key race information, instant results, and live tracking.

Last year more than 23,000 runners and walkers participated in the day's five events, making the event Jacksonville's largest participatory sporting event.  This popular Jacksonville tradition starts and finishes at the Jacksonville Sports Complex.  The event is hosted by JTC Running.

The top 5,000 runners will be seeded again this year to start in the front. The Equalizer Bonus will again award $5,000 to either the first male or female finisher to cross the finish line.  The Gate River Run is the site of both the men's and women's 15K American records and is a Runner's World 'Top 100 Event.'  A large post-race party will be held at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds.

Read more: USA Running Circuit - - USARC Official Site - News - Flanagan, Derrick Headline USA 15 km Championships

(Editor's note: Chris Derrick has been running well since early January. On January 11, 2014, Chris won the Senior Men's 8k at the BUPA Great Edinburgh Cross Country Challenge. On February 15, Derrick followed that up with is USA XC win. A few words with Mr. Derrick in Edinburgh noted that Chris' training was going well, how much he thinks of Jerry Schumacher, his coach and a quiet confidence for the Stanford graduate.

Shalane Flanagan is fit, or she would not be racing, period. Also coached by Jerry Schumacher, Flanagan is focused on her marathon training. On her twitter feed, Shalane noted that she should get a 15k PB in GATE as she seldom runs the distance. Watch for Shalane to fly this season.)

Ashton Eaton continued his preparations for the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Sopot, Poland, next month by setting a stadium record over 60m at the Athlone International GP.


Ashton Eaton: A Day in the Life, April 12, 2013, 

photo by Doug Pensinger/IAAF/Getty Images

The Olympic and world decathlon champion clocked 6.69 at the AIT International Arena on Wednesday, a time just three hundredths of a second outside his personal best for the distance.

But he could only manage third in the long jump competition with a best of 7.58m behind Daniel Bramble with 7.71m and Paulo Sergio de Oliveira with 7.62m.

The world decathlon record-holder, who also set a world indoor heptathlon record of 6645 points when winning the World Indoors two years ago in Istanbul, believes he can retain his world title in Sopot in just over a weeks' time.




True Sports Performance Brand Supports Premier Running Club

And Its Community of Elite Runners


 Andrew Kastor and Deena Kastor, Virgin London, photo by

IRVINE, CA, February 28, 2014 - This year, ASICS America builds onto its core running values and rich history by joining forces with the Mammoth Track Club, one of the country's most respected running clubs.  The club has hosted some of America's top distance runners, boasting 12 Olympians, 12 World Cross Country medals, 23 national records, 64 national championships, and two Olympic medals. The partnership between Mammoth and ASICS marks a historic time in the history of running, joining together two of the largest and most successful brands in the running community. 


The Mammoth Track Club is one of the most significant and accomplished distance running groups in the United States with a rich legacy of track all-stars and a supportive, winning communal environment. With a new high-performance, all-weather, 8-lane polyurethane track, Mammoth has gained another accolade as a premier, high altitude-training facility for world-class runners looking to train in ideal atmosphere conditions. In addition to all these accomplishments, Mammoth has a prestigious board of directors which includes Olympic bronze medalist, American record holder, and ASICS elite athlete Deena Kastor as the President and world-renowned coach Andrew Kastor as the club's Vice President, head coach, and ASICS running coach.


Through this sponsorship, ASICS demonstrates its support and commitment to the sport of running while helping Mammoth continue its legacy as the leading elite running club in the country. As newly titled sponsor of the Mammoth Track Club, the club will officially be renamed to the "ASICS Mammoth Track Club," and ASICS America will become the official supplier of athletic footwear, accessories, and apparel for the club.


"We are honored to expand our existing relationship with the ASICS America family under this new partnership," said Andrew Kastor, Vice President of Mammoth Track Club and ASICS running coach. "The brand's dedication to the sport and community is an ideal fit for the club and our mission to provide a platform for the athletes to continuously improve beyond their expectations. With ASICS's support, each athlete that comes to Mammoth will know they can better their best in this community of runners."


Over the past year, ASICS has fortified its leadership in the sport of running with milestones such as its second year as title sponsor of the ASICS LA Marathon, the continued sponsorship of the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships and the 2013 ING New York City Marathon. ASICS' sponsorship of the Mammoth Track Club emphasizes the continuous growth of the brand, and its dedication to elevate their level of support to athletes and runners across the United States.


ASICS Mammoth Track Club athletes will support ASICS events and races throughout the year, beginning with the ASICS LA Marathon on March 9, 2014. Two members of Mammoth, Gabe Proctor and Lauren Kleppin, will share their success skills and bring a new energy to the marathon on behalf of their esteemed club.

(Editor's note: Nice to see ASICS America continue their grass roots support of the sport. If one looks at the key players in performance running footwear, all of the successful ones give back to the sport, by sponsoring events, athletes and clubs. That close attachment to the sport is good for the brand. The key however, is to find the right events, right athletes and programs that make sense for brand goals. Nice to see Deena and Andrew Kastor building the Mammoth Track Club. They will do well. )

A Day in the Life...of Katherine Merry, by Katherine Merry, for Athletics Weekly


Katherine Merry, photo by Mark Shearman

It's been nearly nine years since I packed away my spikes, Lycra and medals and started working on the other side of the fence.

Retiring from athletics is a hard decision for some, but for me it was easy. I had suffered from so many injuries, relocated myself to another country and endured operations until one day I went to the track but decided to go home and never went back. The four-year injury battle of trying to get back to being a world leader and major medal contender was over.

I love sport. It has been my life and I comfortably now work in many sports, but athletics is the main one, which kind of makes sense as it has been in my life for 29 years! So I now happily work in sports broadcasting in many areas where talking is required.

One of the roles I perform is the infield hosting of sporting events, mainly in athletics and for many years have enjoyed doing this in the UK, Europe and America.


(Editor's Note: Katherine Merry is one of the best announcers of the sport of athletics. I have watched her at several of the UK athletics series over the past half decade and she keeps the fans up to date and knows the sport. Katherine Merry has been the onfield announcer at the Nike Pre meet. If you get a chance to see her, watch a consumate professional at work. Also, her twitter feed is hysterical.  )

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