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Jodie Williams, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is the story of Jodie Williams, the star junior sprinter, who is now growing up and competing on the senior level. If  her race in Glasgow at the Commonwealth Games is any indication, Jodie Williams is poised for greatness. 
Blessing Okagbare won the 100 meters on Monday night, going away, running 10.85, her best time of the year and one of the premier performances of the Commonwealth games so far! Okagbare had a fine start, but it is her drive phase that separates the fine Nigerian athlete. Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica, stayed close the longest, and finished in 11.03. Kerron Stewart ran 11.07 for the bronze. Asha Phillips, England, ran her PB of 11.18.

Blessing is tall and statuesque. It is her speed and her fine form that separate her from the pack. Her win in the 100 meters was by .18 of a second! 

Her response to the BBC sports interviewer? "A win - I'm just happy I was able to pull it off. After 70m it just felt easy." Blessing had also produced a seasons' best with the screamingly fast 10.85. 

Blessing Okagbare, London 2013, Anniversary Games, photo by PhotoRun.net

On Thursday night, 31 July 2014, Blessing Okagbare had another fine start, and came off the turn in complete control. In fine form, her arms pumping, her hands textbook sprinting style and her amazing stride, eating up the track with each step, and ran, once again, a gold medal performance.

Blessing Okagbare ran 22.25 for her gold medal. Coming from fifth to second, and running one of her best races EVER, was Jodie Williams, the junior British phenom, who set her second PB in less than a month (a 22.60 at the Glasgow DL). Williams came off the turn in sixth, move to fifth and moved over the final ten meters from fifth to fourth, to third, and finally, at the finish line, to second, running a pb of 22.50! Her teammate, Bianca Williams, coming back from the 100 meters, ran 22.58 for her  200 meters, taking the bronze. Bianca had run a PB as well. And, coincidently, the English runner in fourth, Aniyka Onuora, who ran 22.64 also scored a PB!

For Blessing, there is one more series of races for the fine sprinter and long jumper. 

Blessing Okagbare, photo by PhotoRun.net

I am looking forward to seeing Blessing Okagbare try the long jump once again. 

Her talent is amazing her double medals here portends well for Beijing in 2015, and the World Championships! 
Purity Kirui, World Junior 2010, photo by PhotoRun.net
Faith Chepng'etich Kibiegon, photo by PhotoRun.net

Laura Weightman, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kate Van Buskirk, photo by PhotoRun.net

In an absolutely exciting 1,500 meters, there were many surprises and not the least was Hellen Obiri's rough race, and Kate Van Buskirk's gutty third place. Laura Weightman is coming into her own, as she stayed on her feet with ninety meters to go, and kept the composure to sprint like mad and take the silver. 

Faith Chepng'etich Kibiegon, who ran 3:56 for 1,500 meters last year and 8:23 for 3000 meters, is the real thing! 

Here is Justin Lagat's fine piece on the women's 1,500 meters from Wednesday night, 30 July 2014. 
Kirani James, photo by PhotoRun.net

Valerie Adams, photo by PhotoRun.net

Derek Drouin, photo by PhotoRun.net

Wednesday night, 30 July 2014, was an excellent night of track and field in Hampden Park! Here is how various media groups saw it, courtesy of EME News and www.Insidethegames.biz. 
I am on this journey to see as many Diamond League meets, World and Global Championships as I can in 2014. This is my remembrances of things, both good and not so good. This was, at first, not so good, then, a very nice week in Menton. 

I took this picture about five minutes before my wallet was stolen, 
photo by Larry Eder
Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Seven, Day Four, Thursday, 31 July 2014: 

Thursday: 1-mile warm up, 7 hill repeats (run 200 yds uphill, turn, jog downhill to start. Repeat six more times, no rests); 1-mile easy cool down. #500saucony

This story blew my mind. Steve Way is 40 years old and was overweight (16 stone-224 pounds), smoked, drank and overate. 

He has a revelation one day, starts running and after seven months of running runs 2:35:06 for the marathon! 

Running changes his life. He gets enamored with 100k races, and with 130 miles a week of running, he transforms himself. 

Last year, in the 2014 London Marathon, Steve runs a 2:16.24 marathon, and qualifies for the English team for the Commonwealth Games!

On 27 July, twenty minutes into the Commonwealth Games marathon, Steve Way ends up leading the marathon for a bit. He finishes tenth, in a new English record for Masters' runners, of 2:15.16! Only Steve and the winner, Mike Shelley score PBs in running in Glasgow on Sunday! 

Stuart Storey, the famed BBC announcer interviews Steve after his race! Stuart notes that Mr. Way gave up addictive smoking for addictive running, now using a positive addiction to change his life.  

Steve Way concurs! Way notes" If you run a marathon, you do not smoke for two hours and fifteen minutes!"

If you want to get inspired, snap on this link and see the four minute, six second video by the BBC on Steve Way. 

Get inspired!  Read Steve's results in the Commonwealth Games: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/commonwealth-games/2014/results/sports/athletics/mens-marathon

Ryan Vail runs 2:10:57 at London, photo by PhotoRun.net
Joyce Chepkirui, gold at 10,000 meters, Glasgow 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Florence Kiplagat, silver, 10,000m, Glasgow 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Emily Chebet, bronze, 10,000m, Glasgow 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

For Tuesday night, Justin Lagat was quite busy. He wrote this piece on the 10,000 meters and then, wrote about the 1,500 meters! Here is his piece on the 10,000 meters women's race, which was a sweep for Kenyan women! 
Laura Weightman celebrating her fine silver medal, 
copyright Michael Gillen for The Falkirk Herald (from Scribble/Twitter)

The women's 1,500 meters on Tuesday night, July 29, 2014, was one of the highlights of the Commonwealth Games so far. Here is Alex Mills column on Laura Weightman, and her silver medal...
I have been fortunate enough to observe Jordan Hasay compete from the very beginnings of her career. Her progress from high school phenom to college star to Oregon Project athlete has been fascinating. 

In this piece, David Hunter does what he does best: observe and translate those observations to us, the readers. We get to see his insights and the story below the surface. Jordan Hasay is an athlete in progress, and her progressions will be like a roller coaster, as are most progressions by athletes trying to challenge themselves.  

Jordan Hasay, Carlsbad 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Seven, Day Three, Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday: Warm up; 6-mile run (400 Mile: 5 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); 6x150 yards relaxed strideouts on grass, jogging back to the start after each, no rest between; cool down.#saucony500


Caleb Ndiku has had a fine year: 3000 meter title in Sopt, 5,000m win in Nike Pre and now, the Commonwealth Games 5,000 meters. In this column, Justin Lagat celebrates Caleb Ndiku's victory and gives credit to Zane Robertson, the Kiwi bronze medalist, for his hard training and well earned medal. 

Caleb Ndiku wins Sopot 3,000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

In the way that championship distance races are run these days, the first half goes by slow and the second half finishes with a blazing last kilometer. In such situations, spirited athletes, keying off the crowds, or, just perhaps having the day of their lives, challenge and sometimes surprise. This happened in the 10,000 meters. 

Joyce Chepkirui winning in Prague, photo by PhotoRun.net
Blessing Okagbare, Pre Classic 2013, photo by PhotoRun.net

(Glasgow, Scotland, 28 July 2014) Blessing Okagbare, Nigeria's finest sprinter, takes CG Gold in a CG record! 

Blessing Okagbare, the talented sprinter and long jumper from Nigeria not only won the 100 meters in fine fashion, but set the Commonwealth Games record in her fine exhibition of world class sprinting. 

Women's 100 meters-Blessing Just does it! 

A fine start, and Blessing Okagbare, NGR, takes the lead, and leaves the field, running 10.85 GR! Veronica Campbell-Brown, JAM, coming to silver, in 11.03, and Kerron Stewart, JAM, in bronze in 11.07, Asaha Philip, ENG, is fourth in 11.18, PB. #glasgow2014

Blessing Okagbare has a fine start, that is understood. But, what stood out on Tuesday night was her ability to accelerate from the mid-point of the race. Veronica Campbell-Brown ran a tough race, taking the silver in 11.03 and Kerron Stewart was the bronze medalist in 11.07. 

This was Blessing Okagbare's race, and she set a Commonwealth Games record, plus her own personal best. 10.85 is flying.  

With the knowledge that she had won, Blessing Okagbare exhibited a wonderful smile as she took in the acknowledgement of the crowd and the well deserved accolades on a race well-run. 

Blessing Okagbare won the bronze medal in the long jump in the 2012 London Olympics. In Moscow, last summer, Blessing won the silver in the long jump and the bronze in the 200 meters. 

But on Monday night, in front of 44,000 athletics fans, in the wonderful venue that is Hampden Park, Blessing Okagbare performed when she needed to perform. Okagbare had a strong start, and was in the middle of the battle mid-way through the race, battling with the likes of Veronica Campbell-Brown and Kerron Stewart. 

It was, however, Blessing's mid race surge that put the race in the proverbial bag, as an ecstatic Okagbare had a three meter lead at the finish, with no one within striking distance! 

This is Alex Mill's second piece for RunBlogRun. Alex is a uni student in UK who loves track and field, but most importantly, understands the value of the written word and well-crafted story telling. His piece here, focused on silver medalist in the men's 100 meters, Adam Gemili, adds to the patina surrounding the 2014 Commonwealth Games. We hope that you will like it! 

Adam Gemili, from 2012 World Juniors, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Seven, Day Two, Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday: 1-mile warm up, 20-min. tempo run, 1-mile cool down. To de- termine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: if you currently run 18:50 minutes for a 5K, that's 6:05 pace. Add 30 seconds and your tempo run pace is 6:35-per-mile. Recalculate your pace as your fitness improves, perhaps once a month., #saucony500


Overcoming a sub-par start, Kemar Bailey-Cole of Jamaica, won his first global title, taking the 2014 Commonwealth Games 100 meters in 10.00. Adam Gemili, England, took the silver in 10.10 and Nickel Ashmeade, gave Jamaica their second medal in the 100 meters, when he took the bronze in 10.12. 

The start of the Men's 100 meters, 
photo courtesy of Ricky Simms/PACE Sports Management
Dawit Seyaum, photo by PhotoRun.net

Dawit Seyaum has a few medals on her wall. In 2013, Dawit took silver in the World Youth Championships. Her next medal was gold, when she won the 1,500 meters at the African Junior Championships. 

In 2014, Dawit Seyaum broke four minutes, for the first time. On June 8, 2014, in Marrakesh, Morocco, Dawit ran 3:59.53 for the 1,500 meters, the new Ethiopian Junior record. 

Thumbnail image for Lananna_Vin-Eugene14.JPg
Vin Lananna, photo by PhotoRun.net

Vin Lananna had lots to be happy about at the conclusion of the World Juniors. He did not expect, nor should he, that four Ethiopians would disappear from the World Junior Championships. This may be speculation by me, but in several events, Ethiopian athletes have left to seek asylum, which could be the case here. 
Mike Shelley, photo by PhotoRun.net

In this column, Justin Lagat points out a few things about viewing the Commonwealth games from Kenya. 

Here is Alex Mill's first piece for RunBlogRun! Alex will be writing a piece each day on the Commonwealth Games for us! This piece is on the 5,000 meters! 

Thumbnail image for Ndiku_Caleb-Pre14.JPG

Michael Shelley improved on his silver medal from New Dehli and upset the form charts in the marathon. Shelley is coached by Dick Telford. Dick worked with Rob De Castella back in the 1980s. (I remember quite a memorable workout with Dick, 8 x 400 meters in 72s as Rob was doing 8 x 400 in 62s in front of us, with 40 second 200 meter jogs in between). 

Filomena Cheyech won the women' marathon, the winner of Toronto Scotiabank Marathon. And Caleb Ndiku, with his gold dyed hair, took gold in the 5,000 meters, using a 1:54 for the last 800 meters! 


Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Monday, July 28, 2014, Week Seven, Day One: 
Monday: Warm up; 6-mile run (400 Mile: 5 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); 6x150 yards relaxed strideouts on grass, jogging back to the start after each, no rest between; cool down. #saucony500
The World Juniors are a celebration of young promise in our sport. That does not mean, however, that success as a World Junior guarantees success at the senior level. Elliott Denman looks at the numbers. An interesting perspective....

Machel Cedenio, photo by PhotoRun.net
Ethiopia's Degefa Biruktayit Eshetu wins the 2014 Eugene Marathon in an event record 2:33:14 (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)
Shamier Little, photo by PhotoRun.net

The World Juniors was six days of some fantastic track & field. One of my favorite performances was Shammier Little in the 400 meter hurdles. Ms. Little just dominated the event! 

Kudos to the US 4 x 100m relay teams. Although a couple of the hand offs were a bit ragged, they juniors got the batons around the track the fastest. 

We asked Justin Lagat, our correspondent in Kenya, to update us on all performances of Kenyans in the Commonwealth Games. Here is his first piece on the women's marathon! 

Filomena Cheyech, photo by PhotoRun.net
Yomif Kejelcha, photo by PhotoRun.net
Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Six, Day Seven, your long run, Sunday, July 27, 2014: 

Sunday: Easy 9-mile run on grass or dirt with friends (400 Mile: 8miles/300 Mile: 7 miles). #saucony500

Molly Huddle, photo by PhotoRun.net

Molly Huddle is on a four race winning series. She won the US 5000 meter title on June 27, then, won a mile in a PB in Ireland (4:26.81) on July 12. On July 18, Molly broke the American record (her own) at 5,000 meters in 14:42.64. 

And on Saturday, July 26, Molly Huddle won the BIX 7 miler, in 36:15, on a very warm and humid day. Oh, and Molly Huddle ran the fastest time EVER by an American woman! 

On the night of 22 July, Angela Tenorio had her future in her own hands. She had been disqualified for a false start in the 100 meters, and her manager and coach had protested the false start. 

The IAAF allowed Angela Tenorio, after the 10,000 meters, to sprint by herself and see if she could run faster than 11.77, which would mean she could move onto the semi-finals. 

After much delay, Angela Tenorio, the pride of Ecuador, ran, by herself, the second fastest time of the rounds: 11.28! 

Angela Tenorio, photo by PhotoRun.net
Bailey Roth, photo by PhotoRun.net

I remember when Jeff Hess ran the HS steeplechase record! Someone wrote a piece in Runner's World about his experience of running 8:50.1. Hess went to South Eugene High school, a major powerhouse in track and field. They had won the two mile postal competitions and had 4x1 Mile relay times that were just, well, extraordinary.  A few years ago, I met Jeff Hess at the Nike Border Clash. He was coaching track and cross country! 

I wonder how he feels about his record lasting through the tenure of six U.S. Presidents 
As part of our coverage, Larry's Excellent European adventure will continue in thirty-six hours, as I fly from Eugene, Oregon to Glasgow, Scotland to cover the Commonwealth Games. I will be there through August 3 and then, it is off to San Francisco for a few days and the Outdoor Retailer trade show, and then, the European Championships (August 11-17). 

This is our preview of the Commonwealth Games. Watch for daily reports from the RunBlogRun team: a daily from the site at Hampden Park, a view from Kenya and a view from Ireland as well! More to come! 

Some Great battles to come from Scotland! And RunBlogRun will be there for you! 

William Sharman, can he take the gold in Glasgow? photo by PhotoRun.net

Rest days are as important as the hard days. Today is an easy day. Enjoy it. Watch the World Junior Athletics Champs today from Eugene, Oregon, on Universal Sports, usatf.tv or iaaf.org today and get inspired! 


Machel Cedenio, photo by PhotoRun.net

Machel Cedenio is the 2014 World Junior Champion in the 400 meters, where he ran 45.13! Here is our adidas moment on this fine athlete, for Friday, July 25, 2014. 
Trantevius Friday winning his 400 meters on Friday, photo by PhotoRun.net
Alexa Efraimson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Dawit Seyaum, photo by PhotoRun.net
Mary Cain, riding the storm out, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mary Cain running away from the field, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mary Cain, the thrill of victory, photo by PhotoRun.net

In a world class junior field that allowed the race to come down to 200 meters, Mary Cain gave it to them, and won her first global title. A wonderful quote from Alberto Salazar to David Monti of RRW: "If they want it to come down to a 200 meter race, then, we will give them a 200 meter race!"

Well done, Mary Cain, and congrats to coach, Alberto Salazar. 
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Farah_MoFans-Pre11.JPG
Mo Farah after his masterful 10,000m at Pre, June 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net

Farah out of CG
GLASGOW (GBR): Double world and Olympic champion Mo Farah has withdrawn from the Commonwealth Games, inform Athletics Weekly. The Briton was hospitalised with abdominal pains earlier this month and this has affected his preparation too much. "Training is getting better here in Font Romeu but I need another few weeks to get back to the level I was at in 2012 and 2013," explained Farah. "I really wanted to add the Commonwealth titles to my Olympic and World Championships but the event is coming a few weeks too soon for me as my body is telling me it's not ready to race yet. Best wishes to my fellow athletes in Glasgow."

(Editor's note: This should be no surprise. Mo Farah is not going to go to the Commonwealth Games not prepared when every distance runner in the world wants one victory over the guy, whether he is healthy or not. 

Truth is, Mo Farah has just showed, that like us all, he is human. The big difference, besides just the most amazing kick in the 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters right now, is that he makes a few more bucks than most of us. We hope Mo gets healthy and fit soon, as I sure love to watch him race! )
World Junior 10k Racewalk, photo by Gary Morgan

Our race walk pieces were written by Gary Morgan, associate editor of Michigan Runner and 1988 Olympic 20,000m RW team member for USA. Gary Morgan is also known as Mr. Ubiquitous and for his 2012 attempted climb and fast return down Mt. Hood. We are glad our friend is okay and pacing over two dozen half marathons and marathons this year across the U.S. On Sunday, Gary Morgan is running the Eugene Marathon and writing about it for Michigan Runner. 
Alexa Efraimson, photo by PhotoRun.net

This piece was written on Thursday night. I did not post until today, AFTER Alexa made it through the 1,500 meters in brilliant fashion! 
Alemitu Heroye and Alemitu Hawi, go 1, 2 in 5,000 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net
Skechers continues to have strong growth. With over 3000 SKU's, the performance division really was started less four years ago. Meb Keflezigihi's sponsorship by Skechers has proved to be a huge boon to Skechers, in many cases, Meb's use of Skechers has opened doors for the brand into specialty running stores that are not positive about the brand's family shoe focus. Kara Goucher's new sponsorship with Skechers, as a combination with Oiselle, hopes to capitalize on Goucher's reputation in the running community and likeability. 

In a time when the retail footwear dollar seems to be tightening up in run specialty and in the large channels (DSG has had some challenges over the summer), something that gives a brand some social media visibility can help, but, in the end, it always, always comes down to the shoes. 


Wilhelm Belocian, 110m hurdlres, WJR, photo by PhotoRun.net

Machel Cedenio, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mary Cain, photo by PhotoRun.net

An amazing 90 minutes of track and field finals last night! 

Mary Cain's race, among US high schoolers, may have been one of the most anticipated events of the week here! That she won was pretty impressive, because, on the world level, this just does not happen for American women. 

That she did it in the style she did, with the finesse, control and final kick that she did is a product of her coach, Alberto Salazar, showing her how to win races. 

Mary Cain, USA Outdoors, June 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net
Anezka Drahotova is one of the most versatile athletes in the world. She is a world Junior record holder at the 10,000m race walk, she is a world class cyclist, she has run 10:10 for the steeplechase and she ran a 1:14 half marathon with little or no specific training for the road racing world. 

In August, Anezka will compete as a senior in the European Championships in Zurich at the 20,000m distance. In September, she will be in Spain to compete at the World Cycling Championships. 

Jiri Sykora won the decathlon the hard way yesterday: he gutted it out, with a nice big PB in an event he is not especially fond of; the 1,500 meters. With Tomas Dvorak and Roman Sebrle texting you between each event, Jiri had huge support from his country! 

The 10,000 meters is a classic distance event. Twenty-five laps around the track, it is a moving chess match. ChristTurner, the IAAF communications manager said it best, " a classic"--and it was. Here is how I saw the race. 

Joshua Cheptegai begins his run to victory, photo by PhotoRun.net
Anezka Drahotova, World JR champion, Record holder, 10,000m RW, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Jiri Sykora, Decathlon gold, Men's Jr Worlds, photo by PhotoRun.net

Just a fantastic second day! In the rain, Anezka Drahotova, one of the most amazing athletes in athletics, set a World Junior record in the 10,000m RW. Jiri Sykora shows, with his come from behind gold, that he is in the tradition of the great multi eventers from the Czech Republic: Tomas Dvorak and Roman Sebrle, to name a few! 

The 100 meter finals were exceptional! Diana Asher-Smith was tremendous, with her amazing win. On the men's side, Kendal Williams surprised himself almost as much as Trayvon Bromell, who lost that race in his first five steps, and spent the rest of the race trying to catch up. 

xchero.jpegSaucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Six, Day Four, July 24, 2014:

Thursday: 1-mile warm up; 6 hill repeats (run 200 yds uphill, turn, jog downhill to start. Repeat five more times, no rests); 1-mile easy cool down. #saucony500
Joshua Cheptegei, Elvis Cheboi, the battle is on, Jr Men's 10,000 meters, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

The first day of the World Juniors had one final. That final was the men's Jr 10,000 meters, and true to form, the fastest man in the world won the race. He did not get the title easily, as Joshua Cheptegei had to battle, among others, Elvis Cheboi, who was hell bent on winning the title. 

The 5,000 meters was hit in 14:35, with much of the first 5,000 meters being led by two Japanese runners, Nagatani and Kesuki. Elvis Cheboi, then Joshua Cheptegei lead the chase pack, and as they got near the leaders, the pack drastically quickened.

Nagatani, Keisuke make go for the 10,000 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Over the last 5,000 meters, run in 13:57, Elvis Cheboi and Joshua Cheptegei battled. Cheptegei used a last lap of 59 seconds to take the win and give the first medal in the Word Juniors to Uganda! 
Yes! The same woman who won the World Junior 10,000 meter Race walk this morning in a new World Junior record, also took the bronze in the Prague Half Marathon! photo by PhotoRun.net

We asked our own Mr. Ubiquitous, Gary Morgan, a 1988 Olympian at 20,000m Race Walk, to write a piece about his past couple days, including the 10,000 meter race walk, won by Anezka Drahatova, who also races in cycling and on the roads as well! 
 NB: Photos from right Nicholas Leong (Kenyan Riders), Jean Paul (Director Kerio View Hotel), Brother Colm (Rudisha's Coach) and Jeroen Deen (Physio from NED)

Sahily Diago, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is a video, from adidas about the new, customizable adidas Energy Boost ESM! We received this release earlier today, July 23, 2014. 
SPIKES magazine prepared this issue especially for the World Junior Championships. Enjoy the issue, as it is chock-full of great anecdotes and stories about our sport. One of the wonderful things about SPIKES magazine is the quality of the design, stories and just unique, fun approaches to our sport! 

Pass it around to your friends! 

Dave Hunter decided to take a shot at explaining some of the strategies in the vertical jumps with passes of heights, and what happens, when you have one attempt left? Do you use it at the height you are at, or do you move up and take a shot a winning or absolutely crashing?

A fascinating insight into what goes into the minds of  jumpers.....specifically into the mind of NCAA 2014 pole vault champion, Shawn Barber. 

Shawn Barber, in a more tye-dyed age, photo by PhotoRun.net
Leo Manzano is an Olympic silver medalist. Repeat that, Leo Manzano is the 2012 Olympic silver medalist. So, out of all the milers in the world, on the right day, in an Olympic final, Leo Manzano put it all on the line and delivered. 

Leo Manzano, Sacramento, June 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

That is something special. An Olympic medal is one of those things that you just can forget. 

Move now to 2014. Leo Manzano is having one of his best seasons in years. He won the Pre International Mile on May 31. He won the USA Outdoor title on June 28. A week later, Leo runs 1:46.32 for the 800 meters. And in Glasgow, on July 12, Leo Manzano ran 3:34.40. After that race, we interviewed Leo for this piece. He told us how happy he was, with his training, his life, his coaching and sponsor relationships. He knew he would run faster. 

Well move to a week later, on July 18, in Monaco. At the Meeting Herculis, Leo Manzano runs 3:30.98, his fastest EVER. Leo and I chatted after the race, and he noted, " with three more races, I think I can run really fast." As in really fast meaning under 3:30. 

Well, Leo Manzano will spend the next several weeks back in the US, much of the time with his new coach, John Hayes. Manzano will train over the next month as the Commonwealth Games and European Games, back to back, give US athletes little chances to race at the elite level again until August 20 or so. 

Here is our interview with Leo Manzano, who is having an epic year. We can not wait to see how fast Leo Manzano can race in August! 

xchero.jpegSaucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Six, Day Three, July 23, 2014:

Wednesday: Warm up; 6-mile run (400 Mile: 5 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); 5x150 yards relaxed strideouts on grass, jogging back to the start after each, no rest between; cool down. #saucony500

Tori Bowie, Rome DL, June 5,  2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

So, who is this skinny flash who is blazing down the tracks from Doha to Monaco? Well, it's Tori Bowie, and her 10.80 for the 100 meters is wicked fast, but, sports fans, Tori Bowie has a ways to go yet, before she gets to her top speed! 

Iceland's Anita Hinriksdottir focuses before winning her heat in the 800m at the 2014 IAAF World Junior Championships in Eugene, Ore. (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly)

Anita Hinriksdottir, photo by David Monti, RRW
Elvis Cheboi, Kenyan Jr Trials, photo by PhotoRun.net

Thanks to PhotoRun.net, here are some of the young stars that you will see this next week in Eugene during the 2014 World Junior Championships. 
Lamine Diack, IAAF, photo by David Monti, RRW

The World Junior Championships coming to Eugene has been a huge coup for Tracktown USA. Vin Lananna, the man with the vision thing on this event, is getting the credit that he deserves. The World Indoors will be in Portland in 2016, added to the portfolio of events that Lananna has brought to Oregon. 

Vin Lananna, remember, as coach at Stanford, brought US Championships to that famed campus and put the Payton Jordan Invitational on international footing. The big dream is still ahead: can the US host a World Outdoor Athletics Championships? 

This piece, by David Monti, of Race Results Weekly, puts the World Juniors hosting in the light it deserves: a huge coup for the US, and a huge feather in the hat of one Vin Lananna and his team. 
Mary Cain at IAAF Press Conference, photo courtesy of Dave Monti, RRW

Here is Dave Monti's piece on Mary Cain and her upcoming race at the 3,000 meters in the World Juniors on Thursday morning, July 24, 2014. 


Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Six, Day Two: The Tempo Run

Tuesday: 1-mile warm up; 20-min. tempo run, 1-mile cooldown.To determine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: if you currently run 19 minutes for a 5K, that's 6:10 pace. Add 30 seconds and your tempo run pace is 6:40-per-mile. Recalculate your pace as your fitness improves, perhaps once a month. #saucony500

Thumbnail image for Kiprop-Kiplagat-Doha12.jpg
Silas Kiplagat versus Asbel Kiprop, from Doha 2012; same as it ever was? 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Last night, I asked Justin Lagat if he could give me his view of the 1,500 meters in Monaco from Friday night, July 18. Here is what he wrote: 
Cait Chock has more good ideas in one day than many prospective writers have in months. This piece, an interview with Matt Fitzgerald, is a case in point. Matt is one of my favorite endurance writers: thoughtful, well researched, plus a nice sense of humor. His themes on diet and sports culture are fascinating. His Diet Cults book reviews some of the true eccentrics out there in the diet kulturkampf. 

Cait asked some great questions of Matt. Fitzgerald loves to write and is really a nutritional agnostic. His approach allows you to make the right decisions for your needs. That, is the key. A little bit of commonsense in a world search for easy nutritional answers. Theme: work out with some thought, eat with some thought. 


Lugelan Santos, photo by Jean Pierre Durand for IAAF

This was Elena Dyachkova's final submission to us from her Caribbean Day in the Life series for the IAAF. It is on the 400 meter Olympic medalist Lugelan Santos. 
Elena Dyachkova is one of our most traveled correspondents. Her real job is working with the major international events in athletics, from translating to helping in crisis situations at major events. We look forward to seeing Elena in the World Juniors in twenty-four hours! 

Here is a piece that she did on the Jamaican High School Champs, held in late March every year! This gives you a view into why Jamaica is so good and why they will continue to develop super stars! 

Weir Handing In Medals.jpg
Warren Weir giving out awards, photo courtesy of Jean-Pierre DURAND for IAAF

xcsauconyheroshot.jpgThe Saucony 500 Mile Challenge is in it's sixth week now. The three key workouts are the long run on Sunday, the tempo run on Tuesday and the hill workout on Thursday. Truth is, if you have a better way to train for yourself and your team: do it! These are suggestions, as many out there have no one to speak to about training. 

Cross country is one of the oldest parts of our sport. It started in the mid 18th century in England with the hounds and harriers idea. A lead runner, the hound, would put out pieces of paper as a trail and the harriers would follow, for perhaps six to nine miles. History does not tell us, but my guess some eating and drinking was involved after. 

Cross country is a global sport. In 2014, over 500,000 boys and girls will race cross country in the fifty states. How wil you do? How will your team do? You have to train in the summer to race well in the fall! 

Bohdan Bondarenko, living la vida loca (well, for a high jumper!), 
photo by PhotoRun.net

This is report 25 of the European Athletics Season, 2013-2014, as compiled by our friend, Carles Baronet, of Track In Sun. We provide a complete pdf download of the entire report each and every week! 
This is the week surrounding the 4 July with selected European Athletic results provided by Carlse Baronet of Track in SUN for RunBlogRun. 

Pascal Martinot-Lagarde celebrates his win in Lausanne and PB of 13.06! 
photo by PhotoRun.net
David Storl, photo by PhotoRun.net

A fun weekend of track and field action around the world. Congrats to Nicole Bush who ran a ten second PB in the steeplechase for her win in Heusden, in 9:24.59. Congrats to Will Leer for getting two PBs in a row, a 3:51.84 mile and a 3:34.49 for the 1,500 meters! Still amazed by Molly Huddle in her fine 14:42.64. And nice pb (i think by 12 seconds) for Shannon Rowbury in 14:48.68! Nice PBs for Leo Manzano (3:30.98), Matt Centrowitz (3:31.09).

A nice tip of the hat to Nick Willis, 2008 Olympic silver medalist, who showed he's hot, hot, hot with his Kiwi record of 3:29.91! (Heck, I remember in 2005, when he got John Walker's NR from 1974! ).

So thrilled to see Pascal Martinot Lagarde set a NR of 12.95 in the 110m high hurdles and Pierre Ambroise-Bosse set NR for France in 1:42.53 for the 800 meters! 
Marvin Bracy, USA Outdoors, photo by PhotoRun.net

Nicole Bush, Stephanie Garcia (Bush on left, Garcia on right), 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Eusebio Caceres of Spain had probably the best day of all in Madrid with his 8.16 meter victory in the long jump. Lots of middle distance runners looking for a last fast race before Commonwealths and Euros. Lyndsay Sharp ran sub two minutes and Molly Beckwith opened my eyes with a 1;59.32 in Monaco on Friday and a 2:01 here on Saturday! Wow! 

Caceres in a younger years, Moncton 2010, photo by PhotoRun.net

Spanish win for Caceres in long jump
MADRID (ESP, Jul 19): The 32nd Meeting Madrid (IAAF World Challenge at new track of Mortalaz Stadium) had some fine sprinting but aided by too much wind. For example the hurdles 13.18 (+3.0) by US Aleec Harris ahead of Shane Brathwaite of Barbados 13.32, Wayne Davis of Trinidad and Tobago 13.34 and Hungarian Balazs Baji 13.38 with German Gregor Traber 13.39. Even second from Herculis Orlando Ortega was there but did not finish the race. US Maurice Mitchell topped the 200 m in 20.47 (+2.5) over Mexican record holder Jose Carlos Herrera 20.49. More luck in first race for Bryshon Nellum 20.66 (+2.0).  Bahamian Latoy Williams was the fastest in the 400 m with 45.17 beating Renny Quow 45.36 and US Kyle Clemons 45.37. World leader Kaliese Spencer came from Monaco to win the 400 m hurdles 55.08 ahead of Ukrainian Anna Titimets 55.49. In women 100 m (+2.6) Barbara Pierre edged Jamaican Kerron Stewart, both 11.08. Jamaican Stephanie McPherson dominated in the 400 m with good 50.45. Briton Lynsey Sharp won the 800 m in her secod best of the career 1:59.72 over US Charlene Lipsey 2:00.91 PB. Kenyan Stacy Ndiwa confirmed top shape with 3000 m win in 8:48.30 PB. Men distances suffered with wind, Job Kinyor won the 800 m in 1:46.11 and Collins Cheboi both of Kenya the 1500 m in 3:36.49. In technical events good sign for home Eusebio Caceres winning the long jump with windy 816 (+4.1, legal 798) over Jean Marie Okutu 805 (+2.9) and favorites Tyron Stewart of USA 802 (+1.5) and South African Khotso Mokoena 800 (+1.4). World indoor champion Ryan Whiting comes into shape with 20.91 shot put win over Jamaican O´Dayne Richards 20.33. Tajikistan´s Dilshod Nazarov produced excellent 80.51 to win the hammer (part of IAAF Hammer Challenge) ahead of Egyptian record holder Mostafa Al-Gamel 78.23 (best result outside Egypt). Women winners Tina Sutej of Slovenia 440 in the pole vault and Ukrainian Natalia Semenova 60.27 in discus.

xcsauconyheroshot.jpgSaucony 500 Mile Challenge, Sunday, July 20, 2014, 

Week Five, Day Seven, the Long Run

Sunday: Easy 9-mile run on grass or dirt with friends (400 Mile: 8 miles/300 Mile: 7 miles).

Long runs are important to your overall training. Find some friends, and explore a park for the seven to nine miles you are doing today. Remember to stretch, before and after, and always, always bring water and a dry t shirt for after the run. 

And , as we are in week five, have you checked your training shoes? 

The Meeting Herculis was one of the best track meets that I have ever seen. In a meet where the high level of performance gave viewers apoplexy, why would one suspect that a young, promising middle distance runner who run down, in the final straight, the unbeaten superstar in her event? 

They, you need to know more about Ajee' Wilson. 

Ajee' Wilson, Sacramento, June 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net
RunBlogRun gave Molly Huddle our RBR American Athlete of the Month for June 2014. The USA Outdoor 5000 meter final was one of the most exciting distance races that we have watched in many a year. 

Molly Huddle, Shannon Rowbury, battling to the tape, photo by PhotoRun.net

You had Molly Huddle pushing the pace, and breaking one athlete in the field after another. Except for Shannon Rowbury. Shannon, a fine 1,500 meter specialist who has moved up to the 5,000 meters, in many eyes, has an amazing kick. Her speed is something to behold, and she knows how to use it, and when to use it. 

As in many of her races, Shannon Rowbury took off with 250 meters to go, and by the final straightaway, had a meter or two on Molly Huddle. Molly Huddle had other plans. She had not come this far to take second and, with a strong effort, a strong, gutsy effort, Molly Huddle lunged by Shannon Rowbury in the final inches, to take the title. 

For that gutty effort we give Molly Huddle the June 2014 RBR American Athlete of the Month award!

We would like to thank the Shoe Addicts, our digital partners, for making the video. 

On Saturday, July 12, 2014, Emma Coburn made her dreams a reality. 

Emma Coburn, 9:11.42 AR, photo by PhotoRun.net

Leading nearly the entire race in Glasgow, Emma Coburn controlled the pace, as the field went through 3:03 for the thousand meter mark, then 6:10 for two kilometers. Emma was on AR pace as the announcer noted, and as Hiwot Ayalew ran right behind her. 

Emma Coburn has had a fantastic 2014 season, opening with a nearly five second PB with her 9:19.81 in Shanghai. " I want to win a DL race this year where they know me, and don't think of me as the pace maker" laughed a very happy Emma Coburn after her race on Saturday, July 12, 2014.

What was the difference this time her race? That last kilometer, run in 3:01.5, was her fastest, and this time, when Hiwot Ayalew went by her with 300 meters to go, Emma stayed focused and close to her. Her last water jump not withstanding, the exhaustion from a race well-run had to show some effect, as Emma Coburn dug deep, running to the finish. 

With so much on the line at the end of a major race, I wondered how Emma felt about her race, her season, her satisfaction after a race well-run. I met Emma in the mixed zone, after she had spoken to several media organizations. 

It is a humbling experience for me, many times, to see what these athletes put into their craft. Her is the interview I did with Emma Coburn, the new American record holder at the steeplechase, in a time of 9:11.42! 

It was fun watching Prince Albert of Monaco, with his binoculars, looking at the triple jump and high jumps from his seats in the Stade Louis II last night. And, His Royal Highness, along with his 15,000 plus fellow athletics fans, had much to watch. 


Race after race, event after event, were spectacular. The men's 800 meters, followed by the men's 1,500 meters, followed by the women's 100 meters, had me looking for superlatives. 


Just look over the results here and read our upcoming analysis of a fantastic summer meet! 

Two French national records, one American record, records for Ethiopia, Djibouti, Norway, New Zealand, Asian records, Meet records galore and, yes, Diamond League records! 


Last night, in Monaco, under the stars, Molly Huddle proved, once again, that she is the best American women distance runner, period. Her 14:42.64 new American record gives her the top two times by an American woman at the distance. Since August 2010, Molly Huddle has owned the American record, and while some of the top American woman have tried to break the record, it has stood. 

Molly Huddle uses cross country as part of her base each year. Her strength, her endurance, and also her drive, come from that experience. 

Want to be your best? Then become tough as Molly Huddle.

Take the Saucony 500 Mile Challenge! 

Be careful though, the doe-eyed avenger is one tough 5,000 meter runner! 


Molly Huddle races in Rome, June 5, 2014, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

All that she did in 2014, was leading up to this race. The twelve and one half laps that Molly Huddle ran in Monaco last night, the two seconds off the AR, and, right after, Molly knew she could run faster...

Molly started the 2014 season with her third place debut in the NYC Half Marathon with a 1:09:04. On April 19, Molly Huddle won the BAA 5k in the last hundred meters, with her 15:12 win on Boston's city streets, came in the last 100 meters. 


Molly Huddle puts the peddle to the metal, June 14, 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

On May 4, Molly was second with a fine 10,000 meters, and a new PB of 30:47, five seconds behind Sally Kipyego, who ran 30:42.  On June 14, Molly Huddle battled a tough field in Central Park, setting a new AR for the 10k roads on a course so difficult that her race had to be seen to be believed. Battling Mamitu Deska over five and one half miles, Molly ran 31:37 on that god awful course.

Her 5,000 meter US title was hard fought, as Molly, lead most of the race, then, had to  come from behind in the final 50 meters to win in the last several inches. Her win, on June 29, just showed that Molly not only was fit, but her final, gut wrenching lung at the finish, showed that she was, above all, hungry. 

Last weekend, on July 13, Molly Huddle won a mile in Ireland with a PB of 4:26.81. Her manager, Ray Flynn, told me that she looked "fantastic, she was moving." Ray Flynn, is not one prone to hyperbole. Molly was ready to race. 

For Molly Huddle, the year 2014 has been tremendous.

Huddle taming Central Park, June 14, 2014, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Molly started the 2014 season with her third place debut in the NYC Half Marathon with a 1:09:04. On April 19, Molly Huddle won the BAA 5k in the last hundred meters, with her 15:12 win on Boston's city streets, came in the last 100 meters. 

On May 4, Molly was second with a fine 10,000 meters, and a new PB of 30:47, five seconds behind Sally Kipyego, who ran 30:42.  On June 14, Molly Huddle battled a tough field in Central Park, setting a new AR for the 10k roads on a course so difficult that her race had to be seen to be believed. Battling Mamitu Deska over five and one half miles, Molly ran 31:37 on that god awful course.

Her 5,000 meter US title was hard fought, as Molly, lead most of the race, then, had to  come from behind in the final 50 meters to win in the last several inches. Her win, on June 29, just showed that Molly not only was fit, but her final, gut wrenching lung at the finish, showed that she was, above all, hungry. 

Last weekend, on July 13, Molly Huddle won a mile in Ireland with a PB of 4:26.81. Her manager, Ray Flynn, told me that she looked "fantastic, she was moving." Ray Flynn, is not one prone to hyperbole. Molly was ready to race. 

It was with all of this background that Molly Huddle's race tonight was so amazing. The pace was tough from the beginning, but Molly knew she could not just focus on the record, as Shannon Rowbury, whom Molly noted had just run a fast 1,500 meters.

Here is the interview I did just after Molly's amazing AR of 14:42.64. We did it in the taxi that Molly, Ray Flynn, her manager and myself shared back to the Fairmont Monaco. 

Thanks Molly! 

During the Monaco meeting, I will update this page every fifteen minutes or so! Enjoy! 
Grant Fisher, photo by PhotoRun.net

Grant Fisher, shown here after his win at the adidas Dream Mile at the adidas GP on June 14, 2014 is a 2014 member of USA Today's All American Boys Track & Field team! Details on the entire team in our next section! Read on! 

xcsauconyheroshot.jpgSaucony Week Five, Day Five, July 18, 2018

Friday: Warm up; 5-mile run (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); 4x150 yards relaxed strideouts on grass, jogging back to the start after each, no rest between; cool down.

Ortega, Martinot-Lagarde, Oliver, photo by PhotoRun.net

Pascal Martinot-Lagarde is on a roll. The 2014 World Indoor Silver medalist at 60 meters was hoping to improve on his 13.13 PB for the 110 meter hurdles from 2013.

On July 3, 2014, his wish came true! In Lausanne, Pascal had one of the best starts of his life, and he was off! Hurdle after hurdle, Martinot-Lagarde executed well and surpassed a field that included the 2011 World Champion (Jason Richardson), the 2013 World Champion (David Oliver), plus the 2013 World bronze medalist (Sergey Shubenkov) and 2013 WC silver medalist (Ryan Wilson). 

" All felt good in Lausanne. I am not sure though, if I can run faster in Paris. I am sore and tired." Those were the comments of Pascal Martinot-Lagarde on the 4th of July at the Meeting AREVA Press conferences.  

Pascal Martinot-Lagarde runs 13.06, winning Lausanne, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Perhaps it was the lack of pressure. Perhaps it was the 35,000 screaming French fans. In Paris, on the 5th of July, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde battled Hansle Parchment, the Jamaican 110m hurdle specialist and Olympic bronze medalist. Parchment was having one of those breakout races, and just flew down the track, running the fastest time of the year, 12.94 and setting the Jamaican record. Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, hurdled his own race, taking second, and setting another PB, in 13.05.

At the Herculis press conference, I asked Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, " You have run 13.06, 13.05, 13.31 and 13.10 in a very short time. What have you learnt from those races?" 

Pascal thought for a moment, then responded. " I ran 13.10 recently, and it was the easiest race that I can remember. I would like to run 13 seconds this season. But, I have had a lesson. I had the World leader in Sopot, and thought a win would be easy and I took silver. I have the European leader now, and I can not be easy about Zurich. It is not about time, but about winning now. " 

Later this evening, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde is in a stacked 110m hurdle field. It will be interesting to see how the French hurdler, now coming into his won, does in Monaco.

With less than one month to the Europeans, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde needs to stay healthy and focused. 

Zurich awaits him! 


Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, 3 July 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Bohdan Bondarenko, photo by PhotoRun.net

The high jump is a classic athletic event. It is, like the triple jump, an event that can do much damage to the athlete. As the jumpers soar for the starts, their backs, hamstrings, achilles, among other body parts, remind, sometimes not so gently, that, alas, they are only human. 

Bohdan Bondarenko gets that! In the recent press conference in New York, which preceded his masterful jumping with compatriot Mutasz Barshim, Bohdan said, in all honesty, " I have just two legs." 

Bondarenko keeps the attempts to a minimum. He comes in at heights that scare the heck out of his competitors, but he knows his body, his limits and what he is trying to do. 

In Moscow, Bondarenko entertained his Ukrainian countrymen with his gold medal and attempts at 2.46 meters. 

In New York, Barshim and Bohdan had what one might call, a magical moment. Barshim cleared 2.42 meters, and then, four minutes later, Bohdan Bondarenko made that quick run, that turns into a violent move to go vertical, and like a flash, Bondarenko is over the bar! Two meters, and 42 centimeters! 

Bohdan after his Lausanne victory, photo by PhotoRun.net

In Lausanne, Bondarenko won at 2.40 meters, with his fellow Ukrainian, Andrey Protsenko, who was over the bar at 2.40 meters as well. 

The point was made in New York on June 13, by Erik Kynard, that several men could break the world record. I am not so sure. I look at Barshim Mutasz, Ivan Ukhov and Bohdan Bondarenko and wonder, to myself, these guys are physical geniuses at their discipline. Just how many people like this are there in the world? 

There was painter named Max Ernst. He was part artist, part anarchist, part bon vivant. Ernst believed that everyone had talent, and that anyone could make art. Not great art, but art. He would prove his assertion by making colorings on paper of random products underneath the paper, and then, finish the piece with his own unique style. While I appreciated Mr. Ernst assertions, I always felt that his amazing creativity and joy in creating showed just the opposite his Dadaist ways: artists, in any discipline, are unusual. They are the perfect storm of physical and spiritual ability. They ask the questions and take the challenges most of us only dream of, that is why we look at a Picasso and can't catch our breath, or see Bohdan Bondarenko clear some lofty height and gasp. 

Bohdan Bondarenko is on to something. He only has so many jumps, and he has a great height, say 2.46 meters, 2.47 meters, or, dare we say, 2.48 meters to go before he sleeps! 

Now, his, " I have only two feet." makes even more sense. 

And, tomorrow, in Monte Carlo, with one of the best, if not the best assembled high jump field for men of the year, we may see just how high Mr. Bondarenko or his friends in the eight foot society can soar! 

Asbel Kiprop and David Rudisha shared the interview table as Marc Maury, an accomplished interviewer in French and English, opened the press conference. Many times, Marc Maury has successfully gleaned information out of athletes, who, maybe fearful of their language skills, get stage fright, or, just don't have much to say. 

Asbel Kiprop, photo by PhotoRun.net

David Rudisha has emerged from his Glasgow race with a bit more confidence, and knowing, that, while he may not be his 2012 self, that his 2014 self is pretty darn good, say 1:43 low good. Asbel Kiprop is the proverbial man on a mission. Kiprop has run 1:43.35 and has been training to go through 1200 meters in 2:45. He told the assembled media that while was not fearful of 1200 meters in 2:45, he was concerned about those last, lonely 120 meters. 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Rudisha_DavidPC1a-Lausanne11.jpg
David Rudisha, photo by PhotoRun.net

It is in those last, lonely meters, that an athlete tests his or her mettle. Workouts alone in the cold, wind and rain only add to the intensity. Embrace the challenges, as Asbel Kiprop an David Rudisha have done, and run fast, very fast! That is what, I believe is in the works for Monaco tomorrow! 
Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Five, Day Four, them hills: July 17, 2014

Thursday: 1-mile warm up; 4 hill repeats (run 200 yds uphill, turn, jog downhill to start. Repeat three more times, no rests); 1-mile cool down.

Justin Lagat gives us the low down on the Monaco Diamond League Meeting! Some impressive fields in the distance! The big questions are just how fast will Asbel Kiprop run and can Genzebe Dibaba run over 5000 meters. And then, the 800 meter battle with David Rudisha! What fun! 

Asbel Kiprop, a fast 1,500 meters? He promises so on Facebook! 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Andriy Protsenko, High Jump, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is week 23 of the European Athletics Results for 2013-2014, please download the entire copy below! Special thanks to Carles Baronet. 
Ben True, BAA 5k, April 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ben True's success is all about his consistency. Train during the summer, and rule the fall! 

Saucony 500 Mile challenge, Week Five, Day Three, July 16, 2014: 

Wednesday: Warm up; 5-mile run (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); 4x150 yards relaxed strideouts on grass, jogging back to the start after each, no rest between; cool down.

Bohdan Bondarenko, adidas GP, 2.42m, 14 June 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is week 22, 24 June 2014, compiled by Carles Baronet. To Download, please see below! 


Abeba Aregawi, Sweden, wins adidas GP, 14 June 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

And, here is week 21 of the European Results. Being the week of 19 June 2014, you have four more results pds to download! 

We are catching up with Carles Baronet's European Results, which come out weekly during the high season. This is the week of 10 June 2014. My apologies. We will be caught up today and will provide them to you on a weekly basis once again! 

Please note that, after the intro of results, a complete pdf waits to be downloaded!  

Daniel Meucci, Payton Jordan Kim McDonald Invite, 10,000 meters, 
photo by the Shoe Addicts
Flynn Sports Management announced today that two of their new young talents, Marielle Hall and Trevor Dunbar, had signed agreements with Nike Athletics.


Alysia Montano is one of my favorite athletes to interview. During the week before the 2013 NYC Marathon, Alysia, who runs for ASICS America, gave the Shoe Addicts a very thoughtful series of responses to my questions about racing, FootLocker and high school athletes.

Alysia Montano was featured on ESPN the first full day of the USA Outdoor Champs. She had let her feet do her talking. Showing that, just about to present the world with a new baby, Alysia Montano could celebrate that running an 800 meters at just above five minute pace! 

Alysia Montano is a creative artist in an athletes body! 

Please enjoy David Hunter's superb piece on Alysia Montano's thoughts about her June race, today and tomorrow! 

Alysia Montano, by PhotoRun.net
Any one who was in London during the Olympics and saw David Rudisha lead the 800 meters, from start to finish, can never forget it. His win was one thing, his world record was truly another.

When David Rudisha got injured, I spoke to Wilson Kipketer about David's injury and how to come back. Wilson Kipketer noted that one must take their time and be patient.

David has been patient. He is coming around and, this piece, is the live coverage that I did of his 1:43.34 race! I hope that you enjoy it! 

David Rudisha will be racing in the Commonwealth Games over 800 meters. Also watch for info on the upcoming film on David Rudisha! 

Molly Huddle, Shannon Rowbury, USA 5000 meters, June 2014, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Tempo runs give you the callousing to needed to race effectively. It is near your race pace, and it helps make you stronger and more efficient. 

Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Five, Day Two, July 15, 2014:

Tuesday: 1-mile warm up; 20-min. tempo run, 1-mile cool down. To determine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: if you currently run 19 minutes for
a 5K, that's 6:10 pace. Add 30 seconds and your tempo run pace is 6:40-per-mile. Recalculate your pace as your fitness improves, perhaps once a month.

Yohan Blake, Glasgow GP, 12 july 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Blake ending his season

KINGSTON (JAM): After Glasgow cramp Yohan Blake will most likely miss the rest of the season. Writes Jamaica Gleaner.  He will not feature again for the rest of the year after suffering a slight tear, while competing at the Hampden Park on Friday. Initial checks suggested that the sprinter had merely suffered a cramp, but according to sources close to the situation, the 'slight tear' was discovered after a MRI was done earlier on Sunday.  The injury itself is expected to keep him out of action for a mere two weeks, however, it is understood that Blake's management has decided to once again call an end to the sprinter's season with next year's World Championships and the 2016 Olympic Games in mind. 

Yohan Blake, 12 July 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

(Editor's note: No one wants to see an athlete get injured during an event. Luckily for Yohan Blake, it seems that the injury is slight, but it will mean his season is, for all real purposes, over. The Worlds are in 2015 an Olympics in 2016. Yohan Blake now has to focus on the big picture.)

Jason Richardson, the 2011 World Champion in the 110m meter hurdles, is one of my favorite interviews. Jason is always thought provoking, and is willing to take a stab at questions that would make others cringe or, from which, most would shy away. 

I interviewed Jason Richardson on Friday, 11 July at the Crown Plaza, with his manager, Chris Lane, watching on. I asked Jason Richardson if he thinks women's sprints gets the attention it deserves. I also asked Jason, if he were track czar for a day, what would he do?

Quite thoughtful answers!

As always, thanks to Jason Richardson and Chris Lane for their kind support and to adidas for making our Summer tour possible. 

The National Distance Running Hall of Fame, located in Utica, New York, honors the best that Distance running has to offer. Jeff Benjamin made the trek to Utica, New York for the famed event. Congrats to the late Fred Wilt, Kim Merritt and Tom Fleming, who were the class of 2014. 

Larry Rawson, Tom Fleming, Kim Merritt, Roger Robinson 
(for the late Fred Wilt), photo by Jeff Benjamin
Ben True, a Saucony athlete, made the cover of the bible of the sport, Track & Field News! He lead the world in the 5,000 meter distance until the this past June. His big PB at the distance, over ten seconds, showed that his 13:02 for 5,000 meters was the result of hard work, and years and years of cross country training. 

Want to be your best? Train this summer for cross country. Take the Saucony 500 Mile Challenge! 
Dafne Schippers, two NRS over weekend at 100m and 200m! 
photo by PhotoRun.net

A wonderful second day in Glasgow as the 15,000 plus fans were rewarded with great weather and fine performances!

Molly Huddle, Rome 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Molly Huddle is getting ready for a race in Monaco. Watch for the results on May 18. 

Today's workout is your long run. Find some friends, and find a nice park and get it done!

Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Four, Day seven, Sunday, July 13, 2014: 

Sunday: Easy 8-mile run on grass or dirt with friends (400 Mile: 7 miles/300 Mile: 6 miles).

Jodie Williams was the junior superstar in Great Britain. After dealing with injuries, Jodie Williams ran the 4x100m relay team on Friday that won the Women's Relay. On Saturday, taking a quick fourth, Jodie Williams ran a personal best of 22.60 for the 200 meters! 

This interview was done on Friday, 11 July 2014, at the Crown Plaza in Glasgow. Special thanks to Jodie Williams and her manager, Dave Scott, who were kind enough to give me some time for an interview. 

Jodie Williams has gone from the young junior phenom who could do not wrong, to one of the bright hopes of British athletics, who, like everyone else, has to prove herself each race. Jodie is running for adidas now, and is looking forward to the possibility of racing in both the Commonwealth Games and European Championships, after selection by British Athletics. We wish her the best of luck. 

Ashton Eaton, taking flight, 400m hurdles, 11 July 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Both days of the Glasgow GP were fantastic. I was so happy for Ashton Eaton scoring a fine pb of 48.69 in the 400m hurdles and taking second. His joy at his break through was honest and so real. One of my favorite things about this sport! 

Some fine racing on day two. Emma Coburn's AR in the steeplechase, of 9:11.42 was so hard fought, it teared me up again. Leo Manzano continues to come around well this season! Ajee' Wilson racing so well, so poised, was great to see! 

Who will be the surprises in the Commonwealth Games? Who will surprise in the European Champs. Well, the Netherlands has Sifan Hassan and Dafne Schippers! 

And then, the smile on David Rudisha's face, knowing that he had raced well, and that his body was following his spirit! 
Yohan Blake, on the track, with a cramp, 11 July 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

If there ever was a picture for Day One of the Glasgow GP, it is the above. Yohan Blake was on the track, midway in his race, instead of finishing the 100 meters. Indications from his manager are that it is a cramp, but an MRI will be completed on Saturday. More details to come. 
Thumbnail image for 2013-04-24_huddles eyes-570x379.jpg
Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, relaxing a bit, photo by Saucony

Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Four, Day Six

Saturday, July 12, 2014; Saturday: Easy 3-mile run or walk.
In a city that has a historic tradition of presenting great track & field, the best track meet since the 1970 Commonwealth Games. It seems fitting that the city that hosted Eric Liddell, Alf Shrubb, Jack Lovelock, and Horace Ashenfelter, has the GP, and then, in two weeks, the 2014 Commonwealth Games!

Great performances last night! Nice to see Nickel Ashmeade win the 100 meters. Hate to see Yohan Blake get injured, but we are hearing, that, so far, it has been described as a cramp! 

A huge break through for Ashton Eaton, who took second in a stacked 400 meter hurdle race, running PB of 48.69 to Javier Culson's 48.35!


David Rudisha wants one thing this weekend: a fast 800 meter race that shows him, that he is ready to run at the Commonwealth Games. He is looking like the confident person we last saw in GBR in August 2012. 

This interview was done with David Rudisha on Friday, 11 July 2014 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Glasgow, Scotland. Special thanks to David Rudisha and his manager, James Templeton, who are always gracious and supportive of our interview requests. 

Gia Lewis-Smallwood, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sandra Perkovic is the Diamond League leader in th discus. She has the farthest throw in the world of 70.52m. Many were expecting her to take the DL win tonight. Au contraire, my wee sports fans! 

Enter Gia Smallwood-Lewis, who won the US title a few weeks ago with a throw of 65.26. The fifth placer from Moscow had a pb of 66.29m from 2013. Read that correctly: the operative word is"had". 

In round 2, Gia Lewis-Smallwood took the lead in 65.24m from Dani Samuels. Sandra Perkovic took the lead with a throw of 65.63m in round 4. The next throw, Gia Lewis-Smallwood threw the bomb, a personal best by over a meter, with her 67.59 meter throw. 

Was Gia Lewis-Smallwood intent on spoiling Sandra Perkovic's parade? Could Sandra respond?

Well in round 5, Sandra Perkovic threw 60.79m. 

In round six, with the final throw, Sandra Perkovic threw 66.30 meters, her farthest of the competition, but the Diamond League leader would not win the DL tonight. Gia Lewis-Smallwood was the winner of the Glasgow discus, with a fine PB of 67.59 meters! 

Women's discus, Glasgow, 1. Gia Lewis-Smallwood, USA, 67.59m, PB, 2. Sandra Perkovic, CRO, 66.30m, 3. Dani Samuels, AUS, 65.21m, 4. Zinaida Sendruie, LTU, 61.87m, 5. Yaime Perez, CUB, 61.41m, 6. Shanice Craft, GER, 59.90m, 7. Irina Rodrigues, POR, 58.81m, 8. Zaneta Glanc, POL, 57.68m, #glasgowGP 
Elena Dyachkova has been one of the real gems of media correspondents for RunBlogRun. Elena travels around the world, and provides us with thoughtful commentaries on programs and athletes most of us will never meet. 

Here is her piece on the athletics programs in Puerto Rico. 

Elena Dyachkova interviewing Jose Arreras
Photo Credit: Jean-Pierre DURAND for IAAF


Yohan Blake at adidas NYC, he wants to run fast in Glasgow, photo by PhotoRun.net

The second to last DL before a six week break. Commonwealth and European athletes are firing on all cylinders, or, they better be in two weeks. The Glasgow GP should be a very good two day meet.
Wesley Korir (2).JPG
Wesley Korir at Athletes Association meeting, 
photo by Justin Lagat

Our Kenyan correspondent, Wesley Korir, wrote this piece about the athletes association, PAAK, in Kenya. 
Molly Huddle, USA 5000 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday: Warm up; 5-mile run (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); 3x150 yards relaxed stride-outs on grass, jogging back to the start after each, no rest between; cool down.
Emma Coburn, photo by PhotoRun.net

Emma Coburn has had a fine season so far. She opened with a five second PB in Shanghai of May 15, running 9:19.81. She ran another PB, 9:17.84, in Eugene, Oregon at the Nike Pre Classic, on May 31.

In the hundred plus degrees of Sacramento, Emma Coburn won her third title and came within a second of her PB! Meeting AREVA, her best conditions of the year, was all about racing fast, and that she did, running 9:14.12, and putting herself numero two on the US list, only behind the 9:12.51 of one Jenny Simpson.  
Yohan Blake, Monaco, 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net

When Yohan Blake won the 2011 World Champs, after Usain Bolt was DQed from the 100 meters, his life changed forever. The year 2011 saw two golds: at the 100 meters and in the 4 x 100 meter relays.

In 2012, Yohan Blake took silver medals in the 100 meters, 200 meters and a gold on the Jamaican 4 x 100 meter relay team. 

In 2013, Yohan Blake suffered through tough injuries and just did not come around. His fast times of 9.69 (2012) and his blinding 19.26 (2011) make it very, very clear. At this time, Yokan Blake, aka the Beast, is the SECOND fastest man in the world. 
The Diamond League is fourteen of the finest athletics competitions in the world. The Sainsbury's Glasgow GP is (along with Pre Classic) the only two day competition of the bunch. This year, the meet takes on extra significance as the European and Commonwealth Games take place, with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in just a few weeks (RunBlogRun will be covering that event as well). 

Some great races coming up. We are looking forward to seeing the competition coming tomorrow in Glasgow, Scotland! See you then! 

Lynsey Sharp.jpg

Lynsey Sharp, photo courtesy of BritishAthletics.org.co.uk

Lynsey Sharp is the defending European champion at 800 meters. She has just returned to shape and is battling three of her country woman this weekend at the Sainsbury's Glasgow Grand Prix. Here is a nice press release on her from British Athletics. 

The 5,000 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week 4, Day Four, Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday: 1-mile warm up; 4 hill repeats (run 200 yds uphill, turn, jog downhill to start. Repeat three more times, no rests); 1-mile cool down.

One of constant companions is jet lag. Here is one audio I had forgotten! This is my jet lagged conversation before the Meeting AREVA  meet. 

I enjoy the press days. They give me a chance to catch up with the true characters of our sport. I look forward to each press day of the DL. I hope you enjoy these audio diaries. Let me know if you have suggestions, at [email protected] 

Gebrselassie, Bekele, Sihine, World Champs 2003, 10,000m final, 
St. Denis, Paris, France, photo by PhotoRun.net

I have been spoiled in my career as a track journalist. I have seen many of the greats. I witnessed, in awe, Haile Gebrselassie's victories in the 1995 World Champs and the even more exciting 10,000 meter final in 1996. After the 1996 final, due to the very hard track, Haile Gebrselassie's feet were horrific. He could not come back to race the final of the 5,000 meters. 

The picture above is from 2003. It was a time when a very hungry, young Kenenisa Bekele desperately wanted to win the 10,000 meters. The last mile came down to under 4:06 and the last 800 meters was in the neighborhood of 1:53. 

The running was brutal. No quarters asked, none given. The last lap was not a surgical strike, it was a deep cut into the heart. Kenenisa Bekele was not trying to beat Haile Gebrselassie by inches, he was going to turn him into water vapor. 

For the first time, Kenenisa Bekele defeated Haile Gebrselassie in a major championship. Yet, Haile Gebrselassie, as he did whether he won or lost, was the most gracious athlete that I had ever seen. 

In 2006, I interviewed Haile after his World record runs over 10 miles, 20k, and 25 kilometers on the road at the RNR Arizona event. Thanks to Haile's great friend, the late Mike Long, I have, what I believe is an interview even better than my six hours with the late Emil Zatopek from 1991. 

In 2012, at Hengelo, I ventured over to see Haile Gebrselassie run his last 10,000 meters on the track. Running 27:20, Haile was in the race until the very last lap, when Tariku Bekele went by with five other runners. In the last lap, the game was over. Haile Gebrselassie had nothing left.

I felt moisture in my eyes. It was hard, for a moment, to focus.  It was difficult, for me, to see one of the greatest distance runners of all times battle to the very end, and lose, but Haile Gebreslessie would have nothing of it. He wanted no sympathy. 

Right after the race, Haile provided the media with a short, but telling interview. " I will be trading my tracksuit for a business suit more. I will not be racing on the track anymore"  

Haile Gebrselassie had run his last 10,000 meters as he had run his first 10,000 meters: with dreams of winning and fast laps to come. 

Molly Huddle, Shannon Rowbury battle to the final inches, USA 5000 meters, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Wednesday, July 10, 2014: 

Wednesday: Warm up; 5-mile run (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); 3x150 yards relaxed strideouts on grass, jogging back to the start after each, no rest between; cool down, #Saucony500
This is my audio review of the Meeting AREVA Paris. From the highlights to my pithy observations. Play the tape, tell me if I am crazy or not. Enjoy on your earphones while you do your run today. And know that the audio tapes will continue! 

Greetings from East Croydon, London! 

Blanka Vlasic got back over 2.00 meters in Paris on Saturday, 5 July. Her series was from her old self, as if, after her interview, she cleared up the old ghosts and focused on her jumping. Watch for Blanka Vlasic this coming week in Sainsburys Grand Prix in Glagow! RunBlogRun will see you there! 
This is my daily journal as I travel across Europe and back to the US this summer. I will be covering Meeting AREVA in Paris (July 5), then Glasgow DL (July 11-12), then Monaco (July 18), then World Juniors (July 22-27), then Commonwealth Games (July 28-August 5), then Europeans (August 11-17), then, who knows? Plus some surprises in between! 

My view from Stade de France, 5 July 2014, St. Denis, Paris, France, photo by Larry Eder

Jenny Simpson leads USA 1,500m champs, June 29, 2014, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Running in less than perfect conditions, like 100 plus degrees on the Sacramento track, Jenny Simpson ran her race and won the USA 1,500 meter title. Mary Cain, the young professional athlete from the Nike Oregon project, was, in fact second, but, in fact, could have been in a different race. Simpson, the former World Champion from 2011 and silver medalist from 2013, is in the top of her form. Mary Cain, running well, is at the beginning of her professional development. Fascinating to see both in the same race. 

Move, then, to July 5, 2014, in front of 35,000 to 40,000 screaming fans at the Stade de France in St.Denis, Paris, France. Jenny Simpson has followed Phoebe Wright through 61.96 for 400 meters and 2:07.23 for 800 meters. The bell, hit in 2:56, had Jenny Simpson out front, running for what her manager, Ray Flynn, told me a few hours before the race, would be....
Pascal Martinot-Lagarde is the silver medalist at the 60 meter hurdles from the 2014 World Indoors. Up until Lausanne on July 3, Martinot-Lagarde had a PB at 110m hurdles of 13.12. Then, on July 3, Pascal ran 13.06 for the win in a finely raced hurdle race. With Martinot-Lagarde's success, the MEETING AREVA team put together a fine 110m field in Paris, on July 5, where Martinot Lagarde took second to Hansle Parchment's 12.95 NR and WL, running 13.05, his new PB! On July 7, in windy and cold Montreuil, France, just outside of Paris, Pascal ran 13.33 for third in a tough, tactical race.

RunBlogRun caught up with Pascal in the press conference at Meeting AREVA. Pascal gladly spoke with us, and did a fine job in English. Special thanks to Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, his sponsor, adidas and Meeting AREVA management! 

Molly Huddle leads 5,000 meters at US Champs, June 27, 2014, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Four, Day two, July 8, 2014:Tuesday: 1-mile warm up; 20-min. tempo run, 1-mile cool down. To determine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: if you currently run 19 minutes for a 5K, that's 6:10 pace. Add 30 seconds and your tempo run pace is 6:40-per-mile. Recalculate your pace as your fitness improves, perhaps once a month, #saucony500
In one of the finest days EVER for high school sprinting, the 10.00 and 11.10 marks were hit on Friday, July 4. Here is Fred Baer's chronicle of one the finest day in high school sprinting....

Starting Blocks, from Brooks Running (2011)
Asbel Kiprop, at his home, Kenya, February 2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is a thought provoking piece by our Kenyan observer, Justin Lagat, on the fine performance of Asbel Kiprop in Paris. Can Asbel Kiprop take a real stab at the world record for 1,500 meters in Monaco? Justin Lagat provides a strong argument for the case. 
Charles Van Com_1.jpg
Charles Van Commenee, photo from British Athletics

(Editor's note: Charles Van Commenee disappeared from athletics after London, and surprisingly, did not write a tell all on London 2012 and UK Athletics. Van Commenee, per our friends at www.insidethegames.biz, is new performance manager for the Dutch Olympic Committee. Was always fascinated watching Mr. Van Commenee in operation. )

AMSTERDAM (NED): Charles van Commenee has been appointed as the performance manager at the Dutch Olympic Committee, it has been announced. Van Commenee previously worked there as technical director from 2005 to 2008 and was the Chef de Mission to the team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics where The Netherlands won seven gold, five silver and four bronze medals. Van Commenee left the Dutch set-up to return to Britain in 2009 after he was appointed as head coach of UK Athletics, replacing Dave Collins, whose contract was not renewed after Britain failed to achieve the target of five medals at the Beijing Olympics. Informs insidethegames.


(Editor's note: As Mary Cain told the assembled media in New York at the adidas GP, Coach Alberto Salazar and her were considering the 3,000 meters for the World Junior. And she did more than consider, winning the title in 9:15.31. Superb team going to World Juniors for U.S. See you there July 22!)

FRIDAY 10.00, BROMELL 10.07, WHITNEY 11.10

EUGENE (USA, Jun 5): World junior record holder Trayvon Bromell won the 100 m in first day of USATF Junior Championships with 10.07 (+1.2). Second Kendall Williams 10.27 and third Jalen Miller 10.29. But big thinks happened in heats as Trentavis Friday from North Carolina broke the national high school record with a stunning 10.00 (+1.6) in the first heat. In the final Friday false started and was disqualified. Sixteen-year-old Kaylin Whitney from Clermont, Florida in her 100 m prelim preluded an exciting same day final as in heat one she set the fastest high school women's time in the event with a wind legal 11.17 (+0.8). She did not disappoint in the final, setting the fifth fastest American Junior time in history, 11.10 (+0.9), and she is only a high school sophomore. She beat Ariana Washington 11.30 over Teahna Daniels 11.31. Nicholas Anderson won the junior 110 m hurdles in 13.39 (+1.3) over Isiah Moore 13.41. Excellent long jump by Travonn White 804 (+1.7). Mary Cain won the 3000 m in 9:15.81 and qualified for World juniors. Heptathlete Kendell Williams clocked windy 12.98 (+2.4) over the hurdles in heats. Raven Saunders was the best in shot put 17.22.


Thumbnail image for Hassan_SifanFV-EuroXC13.jpg

Sifan Hassan at SPAR Euro XC, photo by PhotoRun.net

(Editor's note: Sifan Hassan gave a very visual view of how cross country adds to a middle distance runner with her brilliant Euro and World leader, plus Netherlands NR of 3:57.00 in her battle with American Jenny Simpson, who ran 3:57.22! )



PARIS (FRA): In total 42 152 witnessed excellent Areva Meeting, 8th stage of IAAF Diamond League 2014. Five world leads and two meet records. Three French wins made the crowd more than happy. Hassan was the surprise of the evening, but also Parchment excellent Jamaican hurdles record. Kiprop is the first runner after some time leading the World lists in 800 m and 1500 m in the same time.



Event by event






100 m: Rodgers after good 2nd half 10.00 (-0.8) over Thompson 10.08 and Collins season best 10.11. Lemaitre last, Ashmeade false started.


800 m: Kiprop in his preparation for fast Monaco 1500 m showed that it is going to be serious: 1:43.34 WL. Amos and Lopez went sub1:44, the latter confirming solo races. Bosse 1:44.23 EL.

5000 m: First sub 13 of the year and non-selected Soi beat them all in 12:59.82.


110mH (non-DL): Home star PML 13.05 PB and EL but the did not win, Parchment was excellent with 12.94 (+0.8) WL and NR. Fastest time since Merritt WR in Brussels.


400mH: Tinsley started harder and won in season best 48.25, Culson faded this time after Lausanne win. Eaton spoiled second curve.


PV: In difficult wind conditions he remained unbeaten Lavillenie 570 and is now confirmed DR winner, just must compete in the finals.


TJ: Surprise hom win for Compaore 17.12 (+1.8), DR leader Claye had an off day as 7th (16.79).


SP: Storl has the shape, in all meets of 2014 over 21, he beat all top Americans.


JT: Egyptian giant Abdelrahman 87.10 his second best ever and enough to win over in-shape Pitkamaki 86.63 SB. World champ Vesely 5th 81.43, struggled with technique.






200 m: Okagbare had the best last 20 m and won in 22.32, but Felix is getting faster 22.34, SAFP still not there (22.63 as 5th).


400 m: Sanya back winning in Europe 50.10. Clearly over McPherson 50.40 and Novlene W-Mills who won all three previous Diamond races (50.68).


1500 m: Hassan surprised everybody and also herself. 3:57.00 is WL, Dutch record and European U23 record. Also Simpson 3:57.22 PB, Obiri third 3:58.89. Other five personal bests in this high calibre race. Aregawi on her birthday date due to slight injury 10th 4:03.46.


SC: Ayalew waited and beat Coburn 9:11.65 MR and 9:14.12 still PB for the American. Kenyans not a force here currently.


100mH: Harper-Nelson despite rounds at US Champs came to Europe to run WL and 3rd fastest of her career 12.44 (0.0), the other faster coming from 2012.


HJ: Vlasic had a miracle evening as she felt back pain but local physio saved here and she managed to clear two meters in first and won. Second Kuchina also two but in third attempt, still her first outdoor two meters. McPherson after two at US Champs here 194 as 6th.


LJ: Fine home win Lesueur 692 (+0.4) PB and EL over World and Olympic winner Reese 687 (-0.2).


DT: Perkovic was close to lose, but managed in last throw 68.48 MR and beat strong rivals Samuels 67.40 and Lewis-Smallowood 65.59.

In what started as an ordinary interview, Blanka Vlasic responded to my questions and those of my colleagues at the AREVA Meeting Press conference day with a depth of emotion not seen nor heard from the Croatian star. 

Blanka Vlasic is one of the superstars of the sport. As she was moving to that status, injuries intervened, and for the last three years, Vlasic has high jumped with, pain, frustration and the knowledge that her hard won status at the top of the high jump food chain could disappear overnight. 

On Saturday, July 5, to the delight of 35-40,000 French fans, Blanka Vlasic and Mariya Kuchina battled for high jump victory. Kuchina scored two personal bests, at 1.98 meters and 2.00 meters. Blanka Vlasic cleared two meters on her first attempt and enjoyed the pain free jump even more than the knowledgable crowd! 

Here is a wonderful interview with Blanka Vlasic, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. 

Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Four, Day One, July 7, 2014

Monday: Warm up; 5-mile run (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); 3x150 yards relaxed strideouts on grass, jogging back to the start after each, no rest between; cool down.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 500milechallenge.jpg
Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Three, Day Seven, July 7, 2014

Sunday: Easy 7-mile run (400 Mile: 6 miles/300 Mile: 5 miles) on grass or dirt.
In a year when the crowd should have been listless, management in Meeting AREVA showcased French stars, from Renaud Lavillenie, to Christophe Lemaitre to Pascal Martinot-Lagarde. And did they perform! 

From the battle between Asbel Kiprop and Nijel Amos over 800 meters, to the swift 55.62 last lap used  by Edwin Soi to win the 5,000 meters, to the battle between Sifan Hassan and Jenny Simpson with two times in 3:57 and five under four minutes in the women's 1,500 meters, Meeting AREVA showed all that was best about track and field! 

Watch for more coverage on Sunday, once I get to London. 


Thumbnail image for LaVillenie_Renaud-Pre14.JPG
Renaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net

The press day or "Presser" as it is called by my European comrades. The Press day consists of 15-20 fifteen minute interviews, divided into four an hour, with about an hour's break. It is the media world's way of doing interval workouts. A bit longer than the old 20 times 400 meters that I did on Tuesday for a decade or so, but a great way to get caught up with my favorite athletes. 

That Renaud Lavillenie is the world record holder in the men's pole vault is a fact. That the man is one of the most charismatic and athletics of our sport stars is another fact. Lavillenie is a patient man, which surprises many. Having raced motorcycles, autos and competed in the pole vault, one might consider Renaud a risk taker-which he is. But, to Lavillenie, it is a controlled risk.

In this interview, conducted in French and English at the AREVA Paris press day on 4 July, I was able to ask Renaud several questions about his fitness, when he will attempt 6.16m or better again and the AREVA meeting. 

Special thanks to the AREVA meet management. 

A nice interview with Sanya Richards-Ross. Sanya has had several surgeries on one of her toes. She has returned to fine fitness as her fine round and second place finish in Sacramento last weekend attest.

Sanya Richards-Ross told us that she is about 90 percent of where she wants to be. It is great to see her back. One of the most popular athletes in the sport, Sanya Richards-Ross will be racing this evening in Paris at the AREVA Paris DL. 

This interview was conducted on 4 July at the L'Hotel Mercure de la Tour Eiffel. Special thanks to AREVA Paris meet management. 

Brittney Reese is Olympic champion, World indoor and outdoor champion at the long jump. An all around athlete, Brittney ran cross country and played basketball in high school before she did ran track.

In this interview, I was fortunate enough to grab a few minutes with one of my favorite athletes. Brittney is talented in the physical sense, but her most important talent, I believe, is her spirit. She loves to compete. If it comes down to a final jump and Brittney Reese is behind, more times than not, Brittney Reese will win! 

This interview was done on July 4, in Mercure Hotel de la Tour Eiffel. Special thanks to AREVA Paris meet management. 

This handsome Frenchman is all over Paris, on buses, on bill boards, on posters. Renaud Lavillenie will be entertaining 50,000 of his fellow countrymen in the largest athletic event in France: The AREVA Paris Meeting, in the Stade de France! 
Thumbnail image for 500milechallenge.jpg
Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Three, Day Six, July 5, 2014

Saturday: OFF. Walk, bike, watch a movie.
Thumbnail image for Hastings-Hasay-Conley-USout14.JPG
Amy Hastings, Jordan Hasay, Kim Conley, photo by PhotoRun.net

Amy Hastings has had a busy few weeks, running 10,000 meters, and several 10ks, plus a 5,000 meters on the track. Amy Hastings showed that she thrives on her racing with a fine win at the AJC Peachtree today. 

Christo Landry was the American male winner in a day, when Peachtree focused on American elite and provided a $100k prize purse. Class act by a classy race, and while we miss Rich Kenah in the track and field part of the sport, we are glad to see his quick elevation of the AJC Peachtree event with the prize purse and American elite focus! 
Thumbnail image for Vlasic_Blanka-Rome11.jpg
Blanka Vlasic, photo by PhotoRun.net

The picture above is Blanka Vlasic circa 2011. For the past three years, Blanka Vlasic, the high jump goddess, has withstood the Trials of injuries. "It has been three years since I have been healthy. It has only been since January that I have jumped with no pain. Last year, I jumped with pain. I have missed much."

Blanka Vlasic, Empire State Building, 2011, photo by PhotoRun.net

In May 2013, when Blanka Vlasic surprised even herself in the adidas Grand Prix in New York, Vlasic was experiencing much pain. It has only been since January 2014 that Vlasic has jumped with no pain. But there are, the scars. 

Some scars are physical. Some, for Blanka Vlasic are mental, and just as real. " I jumped 1.98m this year. I hope for two meters soon. But, I must be patient. I am missing fitness and I am missing competition."

Where queried by this writer, whether her missing fitness is commensurate with her missing competitive experience, she nodded in agreement. " I compete differently each time. My right leg is not as strong as my left. That is a problem. It is progressing, but not there. When one is very fit, it seems easy, but, it is not. For me to return to my old fitness will take much time. I hope you are patient with me."

Blanka Vlasic is much more introspective now. Her recent surgery, a second or third we believe, has finally got her to no longer experiencing pain. " Right now, I am progressing. I am no longer experiencing pain, so I want to keep this and stay healthy. My focus in the European Championships this year, so I have to compete. I will be in Paris, Glasgow and Monaco. "

At 1.90 meters, Blanka Vlasic is slight of build, which belies her phenomenal speed and vertical jump. Vlasic has cleared 2.08 meters outdoors and 2.06 meters indoors! At 1.94 meters (6 foot, five) and 75 kilos (165 pounds), Vlasic has reached the levels of the stars. 

After reaching a level in the stars, can an athlete reach it again. Frank Shorter the American gold and silver Olympic medalist once noted, that after having reached the highest level, it is hard to get back. 

Blanka Vlasic, 2013 adidas Grand Prix, photo by PhotoRun.net

Blanka Vlasic has experienced it. She has admitted the psychological scars and the physical scars as well. But, this introspective Blanka Vlasic, a true student of the sport, should, in my world, make a return to the highest levels. 

For Blanka Vlasic, the new challenges only make her more focused in reaching two meters and more...

and much more! 

This is the poster for the AREVA Paris. Renaud Lavillenie, the World Record holder in the pole vault is a superstar in France, but, can he draw around the world? 

Renaud Lavillenie is a handsome, athletic star, who speaks French and fluent English. Comfortable in his own skin, Renaud tolerates media questions, both educated and less than up to snuff, so to speak, with equal charm. As a sponsored athlete, Lavillenie knows his job as a professional athlete. 

But, there is much more. 

There have been many fine French pole vaulters, but unlike Vigneron, Renaud Lavillenie handles the mental challenges with aplomb. He is a fearless competitor. And he is prolific. Renaud Lavillenie has competed in Reno, Nevada's Pole Vault Summit twice. " I have competed in the French pole vault summer. There are two pits and maybe two hundred vaulters in France. In Reno, there are 1100 vaulters and many pits. Also I got to meet Tim Mack, Nick Hysong and many of the American pole vault veterans. It is the exchange of ideas that fascinates me."

Thumbnail image for LaVillenie_Renaud1-Pre14.JPG

This year, Renaud Lavillenie can be seen on buses across Paris and signage around the City of Lights. The AREVA Paris meeting normally has a crowd of 45,000 to 50,000. This year, the crowd is noted to be around 50,000.

When asked whether he can replicate the World record from Donetsk outdoors, Lavillenie replied thoughtfully: " I will go first 6.05 meters, and then, 6.10 meters, and then, we shall see. I have many years left. Probably not this year, though." 
Thumbnail image for Bolt_UsainShoes1_OlyGames08.jpg

LAUSANNE (SUI): Usain Bolt will race at 3-4 meetings after the Commonwealth Games, according to his manager Ricky Simms, report 
aftonbladet.se. These will include Zurich and Warsaw.

(Editor's notes: One of our challenges is to develop more characters like Usain Bolt. Many think the next superstar will be Renaud Lavillenie. I tend to agree. I also think, we need to consider others. To build our sport, and grow our sport, we need male and female superstars!)
Allyson Felix, photo by PhotoRun.net

On this tape, I speak about the Lausanne Athletissima, Allyson Felix, BEIN2 Sports, and a very large French rodent, who startled me and received a commonly used English profanity. My apologies on the profanity. 

Thumbnail image for Kiprop_AsbelLeads-KenyaRelay14.jpg

Asbel Kiprop, photo by PhotoRun.net


PARIS (FRA): World leader and World champion at 1500 m Kenyan Asbel Kiprop will compete on Saturday at Areva IAAF Diamond League meet in the 800m in preparation for a fast race in the 1500 m at Herculis meeting later in July. He will face World leader here Nijel Amos of Botswana who will compete for first time since Pre Classic top time and win. Also running Abubaker Kaki, both top Poland runners Marcin Lewandowski and Adam Kszczot. Interesting to see home star Pierre-Ambroise Bosse and Cuban Yeimer Lopez who posted so far fast times in solo races in Scandinavia and is unbeaten this year. Young Kenyan Robert Biwott won the Shanghai leg of Diamond League and should be also observed carefully.

Andy Bumbalough, photo by PhotoRun.net

INDIANAPOLIS (USA): USATF has released their report on the disqualifications that occurred at the US Indoor Championships. Regarding the disqualification of Gabe Grunewald in the women's 3000m where she clipped Jordan Hasay; USATF said that the initial decision by the Jury of Appeals was based on video evidence which was projected on a bed sheet. After being later viewed on a computer the decision was reversed by the Jury, meaning Grunewald was disqualified. Jordan Hasay's withdrawal from the team and her coach Alberto Salazar's withdrawal of his appeal meant that Grunewald was reinstated. In a case of mistaken identity, in the men's 3000m, Salazar protested that Andrew Bumbalough interfered with Galen Rupp, the head referee viewed a video of the race and disqualified Bumbalough. When Bumbalough was made aware of his DQ, it was too late to appeal. The report recommends that the Rules Committee should consider amending the Rules of Competition so that mistakes can be corrected if they are discovered after the meet. They will look into how the result can be corrected.

Jordan Hasay, Gabe Grunewald, photo by PhotoRun.net
The Kirani James-LaShawn Merritt battles continue, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Lausanne Athletissima 2014 meet will be remembered for several reasons. One is the fine battle between Kirani James and LaShawn Merritt. The second is the first race of Tyson Gay after his drug ban. A fine meet with three world leads and a Swiss record in the 4 x 100 meters, plus Chris Brown running a 35 plus world record of 44.59! 

Biggest surprise: Yohan Blake went out the back door in the 200 meters. 
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Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Three, Day Five, July 4, 2014

Friday: Warm up; 5 miles easy running (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); 2x150 yards relaxed strideouts on grass, jogging back to the start after each, no rest between; cool down.
One of the finest meets of season with a strong crowd. The Men's 100 meters, with Justin Gatlin winning in a world leading 9.80 to Tyson Gay's 9.93 and Mike Rodgers 9.98 was one of the highlights. The epic battle between Kirani James and LaShawn Merritt, where James ran 43.74 to 43.92,giving James a 7-5 victory level over Merritt.

Kirani James, LaShawn Merritt, photo by PhotoRun.net

For France, Renaud Lavillenie's win in the pole vault at 5.83m and Pascal Martinot Lagarde's masterful hurdle victory in 13.06! 

On the women's side, Eunice Sum's 800 meter victory was very high level, but Michelle Lee Ahye's win over Murielle Ahoure, both in 10.98 was gripping. The women's 3000 meters, where Mercy Cherono ran down Genzebe Dibaba in a last lap of 60 seconds was pretty boring, until the last lap.

In two days, AREVA Paris! 
Rod Dixon, Jeff Benjamin and the team behind the Litchfield Road Race! 

This piece, by Jeff Benjamin, is about the iconic race, the Litchfield Road Race, and its surrounding events. It is also about Rod Dixon, one of the great New Zealand runners of the 70s and 80s, who still get's it, that running is a lifetime activity and when the days of elite racing are over, there is always a need for role models for the next generation of runners. 

ASICS was one of several companies that scored victories at the USA Outdoor Championships in Sacramento. For the brands besides Nike to stay involved, they need some successes. No one can really compete with $480 million over 23 years. But, do as they do, brands such as adidas, ASICS, Brooks, NB, Saucony contribute to the sport and the sponsorship of athletes. 

Sharon Day, Heptathlon Champion, photo by PhotoRun.net
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A gathering of stars, photo by PhotoRun.net
TRUE Ben2 14PJ.jpg
Ben True to AREVA Paris! photo by Kirby Lee/Image of Sport

This is the first of my audio daily tapes from Europe. I will be posting a nightly tape from Europe, hopefully each day, on my deep thoughts from my tour of Europe. On this junket, I will be in AREVA Paris, Glasgow Sainsbury anniversary Games, Herculis Monaco. 

In this tape, I speak about the excellence of women's racing in Sacramento, and the upcoming battles in Europe! 

If you have any questions you want answered, just drop me a note at [email protected]

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Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week Three, Day Four, July 3, 2014

Thursday: 1-mile warm up; 3 hill repeats (run 200 yds uphill, turn, jog downhill to start. Repeat twice more, no rests); 1-mile easy cool down.
Huddle and Rowbury battle to the last meter....photo by PhotoRun.net

Huddle and Rowbury, photo by PhotoRun.net

The women's 5,000 meters, in my mind, may have been the best 5,000 meter race run by North American women ever. The level of intensity, the battle to the final meter, made this race an exciting one to watch. " It may not look pretty, but I wanted this race," noted Molly Huddle afterwards. Shannon Rowbury, it should be noted, was within 1.2 seconds of her personal best! 
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Tyson Gay, Lausanne 2013, photo by PhotoRun.net

While the high jump will be huge at Athletisimma, it is Tyson Gay, versus Justin Gatlin, versus and new US champ, Mike Rodgers, that is the story.

First to clear something up, please note that, after an athlete tests positive, they are still in the testing pool the entire time that they are serving their punishment. The 100 meters could be huge. Perhaps, as Alfons Juck notes, a new World Leader! 
Blocks, from PhotoRun.net

Elliott Denman wrote this piece about Day 4 and 5, when the javelin throwers, hammer throwers and race walkers were an island unto themselves...
Starting blocks, photo by PhotoRun.net

Elena Dyachkova wrote this piece about Eugene, Oregon, as it prepares to host the IAAF World Junior Championships. 
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Saucony 500 Mile challenge, Week 3, Day three, July 2, 2014

Wednesday: Warm up; 5 miles easy running (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); 2x150 yards relaxed strideouts on grass, jogging back to the start after each, no rest between; cool down.
Chris Brown, photo by Jean-Pierre DURAND for IAAF

Elena Dyachkova wrote this piece for RunBlogRun on Chris Brown, the hero of the Bahamas. Elena has been writing for RunBlogRun, among other athletics media around the world, for the past two years. 

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Saucony 500 Mile Challenge, Week 3, Day 2, Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday: 1-mile warm up; 20-min. tempo run; 1-mile cool down. To determine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: if you currently run 19 minutes for a 5K, that's 6:10 pace. Add 30 seconds and your tempo run pace is 6:40-per-mile. Recalculate your pace as your fitness improves, perhaps once a month.
Jenebah Tarmoh, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is Mark Winitz's final piece on the USA Outdoor Champs. If you have not read his earlier pieces, please go to runblogrun.com. They give you a great idea of what happened this past five days in Sacramento. 

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