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Ryen Frazier wins South FL Regional, photo by

The Southern Regional Championships for the Foot Locker Cross Country series was won by Ryen Frazier and Andrew Hunter today. This was the third of four FootLocker regionals, with the fourth held in California on December 6, 2014. 

The Foot Locker Championships, now in its 36th year, will be held on December 13, 2014, in nearly bucolic conditions, we hope, on a challenging course at Balboa Park in San Diego, California! 

Andrew Hunter wins South FL 2014! photo by
Grant Fisher wins FL Midwest Regional, photo by

The FootLocker Cross Country is the oldest national cross country championship series in the country. The Midwestern regional has had some amazing athletes run on the UW Parkside course. Forty degrees and winter in Wisconsin, this 5,000 meter course makes people work for the their positions. 

Looking forward to seeing Anna Rohrer and Grant Fisher in San Diego in a few weeks! 
Brianna Schwartz wins NE FL regional! photo by

Brianna Schwartz and Alex Ostberg won the 36th annual Foot Locker Cross Country Championships North East Regional Final today. Held at the historic Van Cortlandt Park, the North East regional always draws some of the best cross country runners in New England! 

Alex Ostberg wins NE FL 2014 ! photo by

Now that the New Englanders have made the Foot Locker final, it is just a matter of time and some rest (except for those competing in NXN on Dec. 6) until the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships finals on December 13! 

The runners battled the course, plus clear skies and  brisk 35 degrees today! 

See you there! 

The RNR Marathon series announced its 2015 marathon schedule the week before Thanksgiving, and we missed it during our travels. Sorry about that! Please enjoy the list for your race planning for 2015! 

RNR Los Angeles Medals, photo by

Sam Chelanga (l) and Ben True battle in the final sprint at the 
2014 Manchester Road Race (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly). 

 Diane Nukuri wins the 2014 Manchester Road Race 
(photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)

Seb Coe, 2013 IAAF, photo by

I was very happy to see this announcement in my email box this morning. I have been quite worried about who would success President Diack in the leadership of the IAAF. Our sport is at a cross roads. How will we attract both young fans and participants to our sport? How will we grow our sport in Asia, Africa , Europe and North America? How will we fix cross country? How do we convince new sponsors that our sport is an important addition to their global advertising packages? And, most importantly, how do we control the scourge of doping in our sport? 

These are hard questions, and there are no easy answers. 

Changing our sport starts at the top. 

I believe that Sebastian Coe has the leadership skills, marketing knowledge, and most importantly, love of the sport, to help steer our sport through the next several decades of challenges. 

RunBlogRun robustly supports the bid of Seb Coe as he stands for President of the IAAF in 2015. 

We encourage all those who care about the sport and its future to read the release on Seb Coe (right below this note), and support his bid. 

And the race is on! photo from Nike communications

That Nike is the $27-$28 billion sports giant is a given. Since its inception in the early 1970s, from its orgins as an importer of Japanese running shoes called Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike has gone from watching the sports world to leading much of the sports world. Somedays, it is hard to believe that all of Nike's growth started in the world of running. 

If one wants to see a litmus test of Nike's support of running, look no farther than the Nike Border Clash. Now, in its sixteenth year, the Nike Border Clash celebrates high school cross country in all of its boldness, history and its excitement. This year, it was held on November 23, on the Nike campus. 

Nike Border Clash 16, sometimes our bodies rebel, photo by Nike Communications

The Nike Border Clash was the dream made reality of John Truax and Josh Rowe, both Nike employees a the time (Truax is still there). Truax and Rowe thought it would be great to have a cross country shoot-out, pitting Washington and Oregon preps against each other. Held on the Nike campus, with much fanfare, the Border Clash is one of the events that you can not help but like. Who does not like a race started by an old cannon?

This writer has attended fourteen of the sixteen Nike Border Clashes. The smell of Fall is always there by the weekend before Thanksgiving. On Border Clash 15, the event was held on a Saturday night. This year, it went back to the original time frame and format. 

What do I love about the Nike Border Clash? It is a celebration of all things cross country, cool weather, pitting runner against runner, over four thousand plus meters, as fans cheer the runners on to their greatest performances. On your mark, set, go! Run your heart out, pass one runner at a time, and when you get to that final three hundred meters, kick with all that you have! Many can not breath afterwards, then, comes that few minutes when you catch your breath, and talk to your fellow competitors, about races just run, and races in the future. 

Nike Border Clash 16: Boy's finish is a battle, photo by Nike Communications

Cross country, even with 510,000 high school boys and girls competing around North America, is the purest part of our sport. Most races around the country have a few parents, coaches, and a couple dogs watching the runners. The Border Clash will have sometimes a few thousand, all Nike employees, coaches, athletes and their families. 

Nike Border Clash 16: the women's race finish, photo by Nike Communications

Why is the Nike Border Clash so important? For a company like Nike, sports marketing is theatre, and the Nike Border Clash is great theatre. Sports marketing and sponsorships cements the ideals of the sport with the brand. It also shows Nike employees, and fans of the Nike brand, that cross country is part of the Nike culture. The Border Clash is a yearly reaffirmation that a brand such as Nike still needs to remember its humble beginnings. 

I would travel to the Nike Border Clash all of those years to see how Nike was viewing running. Many years, the leadership and management of Nike would show up to support the event. From the Nike Border Clash, the Nike NXN regional and national event were birthed. 

Want to see running in all of its purity and promise? 

Go to a cross country meet. 

Better yet, go to the Nike Border Clash. 

At the best little cross country meet in the world, you will see the present and the future of the sport. 

2014 BUPA great edinburgh XC.jpg
The BUPA Great Edinburgh XC is one of the finest events that I have ever attended. Watching Chris Derrick continue his rise to the highest positions in American distance running. A tough course, real cross country, with high grass, a few hills, some mud and winter winds. 

Thumbnail image for Derrick_Chris-USAXC14.JPg
Chris Derrick, with shorter beard, wins US XC, photo by

The 2014 races were lots of fun to watch and chat with the athletes about afterwards. I was able to formally meet Chris Derrick and he lived up to all the nice things his fellow competitors and his coach had noted about him. 

It will be fun to see Mo Farah returning to the Edinburgh course. Mo will have busy 2015 and it is appropriate to see him start the drive to Beijing there. Alberto Salazar, his coach, is a big proponent of cross country, so it is nice to see Mo Farah back in the UK racing in early 2015. Edinburgh is on RunBlogRun's bucket list for 2015, but we are finalizing plans so will update you, our readers, in a few weeks. 
With the NXN and FootLocker coming, we thought that this piece made sense for our readers, and as coaches put together their reading list for the 2015 cross country season, put this one on top of the list! 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ArcadiaXC NXN.jpg
NXN, courtesy of Nike Communications
Jemima Sumgong, photo by

Jemima Sumgong recently took second at the TCS New York City Marathon. As a training partner of Rita Jeptoo, many took the route that there must be guilt by association. 

In fact, as I was preparing to ask Jemima a question after her second place to Mary Keitany in New York, a prominent coach whispered in my ear, "Why don't you ask her how her training partner is doing?", thinking he knew something or that, perhaps his thought was adding to the conversation. 

I am posting this story tonight because I believe that, just as diligently as we may speak out about drug cheaters, we must protect the athletes who are incorrectly treated as athletes who dope. 

I am providing pictures of all documents quoted and will provide copies to any news organization who requests them  (you will pay shipping) to see for yourself that not only was Jemima not a doper, but that this information had been out there for some time and some folks, relying on the so called veracity of social media, just quoted away. 

These are people's lives and reputations. 

Take a moment and consider what you would feel like if someone trashed your reputation? 

That is exactly what has happened to Jemima Sumgong. 
Naomi Mayo won the Authentic Athens Marathon. One of the most formidable courses on the circuit was conquered by this fine runner. Andy Edwards of Race News Service interviewed Naomi right after her race.

Amy Begley was named Coach of the Atlanta Track Club, a perfect follow up after the ATC announced their multi year marketing and branding program with Mizuno USA. As part of the commitment to the Atlanta Track Club, Mizuno agreed to support the ATC as they provide an elite coaching program and support system to develop two team members for the U.S. 2020 Olympic team, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan. 

Amy Begley is an exceptional choice for this position. Her experience in racing and training at the Olympic team level, her experience in coaching and developing athletes gives her unique insights into the needs of developing elite athletes. 

We congratulate the Atlanta Track Club on their choice and their continued progress forward! 

Amy Begley was a very tough athlete. Her 2010 US champs comes to mind. With a lap to go, Amy went by Lisa Koll, who had tried to break her for some twenty-three laps. The Raging bull, aka Amy Begley went by and just churned away. 

We look forward to seeing Amy Begley coaching the Atlanta Track Club! 

Amy Begley, 2010 USA outdoor champs, photo by
This interview was done on November 9 by Andy Edwards of Race News Service. Andy interviewed Felix Kandie, who not only won the Authentic Athens Marathon, but broke the course record of a course that is FORMIDABLE. 

Silhouette, XC, photo by

This is an example of a good press release: good quotes, results, links that work and a  story about the local team (well, only twenty minutes from me in San Jose, CA) doing well.  
Edward Cheserek in the homestretch just before winning his second NCAA Division I Cross Country Title in Terre Haute, Ind. (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)
Walt Drenth, Leah O'Connor and Lisa Senakiewich of the #1-ranked Michigan State women's cross country team in advance of the 2014 NCAA Division I Cross Country Championships in Terre Haute, Ind. (Photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly)

David Monti and Chris Lotsbom wrote this piece on the excellent season that Michigan State has had in 2014. We look forward to reading their piece on the men and women's races later this weekend! 

Good luck to all competing in Terre Haute! 


Renaud Lavillenie, Valerie Adams, 

IAAF Male and Female World Athlete of the Year, 

photo by


MONACO (MON): For first time ever female thrower is the World Athlete of the Year, the New Zealand shot put queen Valerie Adams. She was awarded the title along with 100 000 USD prize money at the traditional World Athletics Gala in Monaco at an non-traditional place, Chapiteau de Fontvieille. „I am humble and honoured to get this award. It is very special for me, my country, all the throwers. First of all I want to thank you my coach Jean-Pierre Egger," said Adams. She was unbeaten this season and continues with the current longest winning streak of 56 competitions. Other finalists were Genzebe Dibaba and Dafne Schippers. French Pole Vault flying artist Renaud Lavillenie won after European trophy also the World Trophy as first male pole vaulter and only second jumper since Jonathan Edwards in 1995. „It is a dream come true for me, I could not expect more. Next year I want to win the World Championships gold as I do not have it in my collection." He plans fully compete already indoors, whereby Adams after two recent surgeries thinks about return in June. Other male finalists were Mutaz Essa Barshim and Dennis Kimetto.


Valerie Adams, 2014 IAAF's Women World Athlete of the Year,

photo by

(Editor's comments: I have not been so pleased in picks on awards in years! First, the US picks Meb and Jenny, and now, two of our favorite global athletes, Valerie Adams and Renaud Lavillenie are Female and Male athletes of the year. Bravo!

Valerie had a tough season, even thought 56 straight wins don't show it! Fighting pain in each competition, Valerie kept her sense of humor (which makes press conferences with her a riot, put her and Greg Rutherford together and you have a lot of fun. )

Renaud Lavillenie, is, well, a superstar as well. His vaulting is superb. His ability to comprehend his event is fascinating, and his athleticism is, well, what makes him the French Bubka. 

I have to say, my respect for Renaud went up with his disappointment in Gothenburg in 2013. He knew that he would go higher, and in 2014, in one short month, he did!)


Renaud Lavillenie, 2014 IAAF Male Athlete of the Year, photo by

SKECHERS is a great example of companies that are developing a running culture and trying to contribute to the running community. Their sponsorship, a two year deal, with Boulder shows that they understand the prestige of key events and giving back to the running community. 

We will be interested in their youth running programs, which are part of the sponsorship. More details to come! 
Dwight Stones is one of the most accomplished Sports TV journalists in our sport. The two time Olympic bronze medalist parlayed those athletic skills with a keen understanding of the sport into a life long career spanning four decades. 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Taylor_Christian-RomeDL13.jpg
Christian Taylor, photo by

Dwight came to RunBlogRun in September 2014 with an idea on a series to shake up the sport we love. Stones believes that field events do not get the enthusiasm that they deserve because of their presentation.

Prepared to be shaken up a bit. 

This will be the first of a many part series! 

Tell us what you think, send your emails to [email protected]

His first column is on the presentation of the Long Jump and Triple Jump. 
Genzebe Dibaba, IAAF Studio, photo by

MONACO (MON): Genzebe Dibaba's main goal for the 2015 season is to win the World 5000 m title in Beijing, inform IAAF. The 2014 World Athlete of the Year candidate also has high goals for the indoor season, where she hopes to break the world indoor 5000m record in Stockholm before racing the mile in Birmingham.  Serving as an interpreter for Genzebe was her 18 year old sister Anna, the latest in the line of the Dibaba dynasty, which also includes Olympic silver medallist Ejegayehu. Anna started training last year, while her 16-year-old sister Melat may also be a name for the future.

Anna and Genzebe Dibaba, photo by
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Adams_Valerie-Olympic12.jpg
Valerie Adams, Queen of the Shot, photo by

MONACO (MON): World and Olympic shot put champion Valerie Adams has admitted that 2014 has been her most challenging season, inform IAAF. A knee operation preceded the season, then she battled with elbow and shoulder injuries during the season before undergoing two operations in October. Through all this, she remained unbeaten, while she has come out of the other side with a drive and motivation that is even stronger than before. The 2016 Olympics remain her ultimate goal. She is training hard in preparation for her coach, Jean-Pierre Egger's arrival in New Zealand on January 12. It is not clear when she would be able to start the season, it is expected in June. 

Valerie Adams, NYC 2014, photo by 

(Editor's note: If you truly want a treat, watch all six throws of Valerie Adams in her next shot put competition. Watch her focus, her facial expressions, her comments to herself. Valerie is one of the most competitive athletes you will ever see.

Valerie is also one of the most fun athletes to interview. She is funny as can be, an amazing combination of hysterical comments  and profane comments. One notes that Valerie is truly competitive, knows that there is a price to be paid for her level of competition, but also seems to relish it. 

Valerie Adams, Stockholm 2012, photo by

I finally met her this past Summer, and told her that she has fans in North America. Check out her twitter conversations, which are some of my favorites.

Best wishes Valerie with your recovery from surgery! We can not wait to see you out there throwing once again! )

Renaud Lavillenie, King of the Pole Vault, photo by

MONACO (MON): Pole vault World record holder Renaud Lavillenie said: "One thing I haven't won is the World Championships, so that still carries me forward. I have an opportunity next year. But then if I win one I want to win two, and if I won two I want three. I have three European titles and I now want four. I want my trophy cabinet at home to be the biggest one of all. To do this would be so difficult if I didn't love the sport. I am so lucky to have found a sport that I love and this is the core of my motivation." He plans full indoor season next year. 

(Editor's note: Renaud Lavillenie may be one of the most daredevil athletes in our sport. An accomplished motorcycle racer, a decathlete, a pole vaulter , Lavillenie is competitive and wants to achieve. All the things needed to be a great athlete and fine pole vaulter. 

Renaud is one of the candidates for the World Athlete of the Year for 2014). 
 Genzebe Dibaba, photo by

Dennis Kimetto, photo by

MONACO (MON): Names of Athletes of the Year 2014 will be revealed during the traditional World Athletics Gala on Friday evening at the Chapiteau de Fontvieille. The World of athletics will see new names taking the honors. Men finalists are Renaud Lavillenie, Dennis Kimetto and Mutaz Essa Barshim and women Valerie Adams, Genzebe Dibaba and Dafne Schippers. Only the Dutch sprinting European champion is expected to miss the Gala evening. Never a male pole vaulter or high jumper won the award, actually only Jonathan Edwards with win in 1995 is a previous winner as classical jumper. On the women side never a thrower won the trophy. 
Beijing August 2009.jpg
Beijing, August 2009

We will be in Beijing next summer. I am looking forward to returning. 2008 was an amazing Olympics, and I truly enjoyed my time in China. The official qualification standards for Beijing 2015 have been approved and the new website for Beijing 2015 has been opened! 

This week in Monaco proves to be quite busy! It was not enough to decide on the four championship venues on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are full days of meetings, plus the Athletes of the Year on Friday and the IAAF Gala.  

adidas Supernova Glide Boost 7

The adidas Supernova has been one of the most enduring product lines for adidas over the past two decades. The Boost technology is perhaps the best technology to come out of adidas since the Dellinger Web in the 1970s. 

The combination of the Boost and the adidas Supernova Glide will be warmly received, as it has been in the six previous evolutions of the product.

The art form, in footwear development, is when you can keep the current users and entice new users to a product line. So many brands just redo the shoes, alienating the current users and confusing the new users. 

adidas is understanding, with its brand evolution, that Boost is a technology that will be here for some time in the future. The fusion of Boost and other product lines should provide for some interesting product extensions. 
So, who will the IAAF name as their Male Athlete of the Year?

David Hunter wrote this piece about the top five Male candidates for the IAAF award for 2014. Tell us what you think. Email us with your candidate! 

Email us at [email protected]
2014 TCS NYCM Expo, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Gary Morgan is known as Mr. Ubiquitous. A 1988 Olympian at the 20k racewalk, Gary is now a pacer at over twenty to thirty races a year. I call Gary not only a friend, but also, he should be called the Marathon Whisperer. If you are in a pace group with Gary, rest assured, you will make your goal. The guy can run 3:30 to 5 hours in his sleep. 

Gary wrote this piece on the New York City Marathon. You can find his pieces at

A very busy day in Monaco, with some happy people and some unhappy people. Such are events where championships are chosen: there are winners and losers. 

Stockholm 2014, DN Galan, photo by

The most anticipated announcement was for the 2019 World Athletics Championships. Doha had done their homework, and won out in the end. It was not, thought, without a fight from Tracktown USA, the US bid. In the first round, Eugene surprised Barcelona, 9-6 with Doha at 12. In the final round, Doha won with 15 votes to 12 votes by Eugene. 

This was Doha's second attempt, and Eugene's first. Eugene overcame many of the aspersions held against it: lack of international airport, lack of hotel rooms, small stadia. 

Ostrava won the right to hold the 2018 Continental Cup, while Kampala will host the 2017 World Cross CountChampionships and Nairobi will host the 2017 World Youth Championships! 

Congrats to all cities that bid on hosting an athletic event! 
Molly Huddle photo courtesy of USA Track & Field

The .US 12k Championships was held this past Sunday, November 16, 2014. For the second year in a row, the .US champs were held in Alexandria, Virginia, on a cold, fall day. 

Molly Huddle defended her 12 k championships and ended an amazing year of racing on both the road and the track. This writer hopes, no, implores Molly Huddle to stay on the track and roads, and hold off from the marathon path for at least another year. 

Brian Schrader won the men's title in the last desperate steps. The NAU athlete is showing how much promise he has so early in his career. 

We asked Max Lockwood to write this piece about the 12k championships. 
The IAAF awarded the 2019 World Championships to Doha this afternoon, Monaco time at 2.30 pm (about an hour delayed). The delay kept up Vote Tracktown hopes , as they waited for the live announcement on IAAF You Tube.


The first round of votes was Doha 12, Eugene 9, and Europe 6. In the voting system used, Barcelona was then eliminated.

In the second round, Doha took 15, and Eugene 12. 

Eugene did better than expected, but the experience that Doha has had in world championships bidding, and their support won out. 

RunBlogRun had put the votes, yesterday at Doha 14, Europe 7, Eugene, 4. Tracktown USA battled until the very end, gaining support from Japan and Korea early in the morning hours. 

Kudos to the Tracktown USA team, USA Track & Field and their supporters. And a special shout out to Vinn Lananna, who battled until the very end, like the fine track and field coach that he is. 

Lots of respect there. 

While I am saddened that USA does not have a World Champs in 2019, I believe it will happen soon. 

Vote Tracktown. 

The two most important awards in North America for track and field (okay, the US, sorry Canada and Mexico) are the Jesse Owens and JJK Athlete of Year awards.

This year, Meb Keflezighi and Jenny Simpson are taking them home! And I have to say, fellow voters, a drink on the house! 

Meb has had a glorious year, from his Boston win to his gutty, gutty, did I say, gutty? fourth place in New York two weeks ago. Meb just shows that good people do actually prosper, well, sometimes! 

His win in Boston was the stuff of legend. Taking the lead early, and no one went after him, until a 2:05 guy charged to within twelve seconds and Meb put it away? At a time when most of us would fall to the ground, go into fetal position and sleep for a bit, Meb held on and won Boston! Spectacular! 


Jenny Simpson won the 2011 World Champs, then, suffered through London, as some called it a fluke. In 2013, Jenny Simpson took the silver in the 2013 Moscow World Champs and proved many wrong. In 2014, Jenny ran a 3:57.22, taking second in Paris to Sifan Hassan, and then, in the final two races of the year over 1,500 meters, clocked everyone in the fields.

AO FC.jpg

Jenny Simpson has had a pretty amazing 2014 year as well! Here 1,500m pb, her 3000m pb, and her gutty racing! 

So, nice job, USA Track & Field, as we have two worthy Athletes of the Year for 2014! 

A Day in the life, Brianne Theisen-Eaton, May 12, 2013, 
photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images/IAAF

Brianne Theisen-Eaton, the 2014 Commonwealth Games champion in the heptathlon, gave this interview to Alex Mills in support of the Eugene 2019 bid for the World Championships. 
Elliott Denman wrote this wrap up on the Division 1 Regionals that happened this past weekend across the U.S. 

Boston Mayor's Cup, photo by
Cait Chock wrote this piece a few weeks ago for RunBlogRun, and we thought it was quite appropriate this week as the winter weather has hit the Midwest, cross country is coming to its championship season and the fall marathon season is coming to an end. 


In the 1970s and 1980s, running 100-140 miles a week, I watched sugar and white flour, but ate everything else. It was only when I stopped racing, and watching my diet that I had weight issues. 

I remember an article in the Runner magazine, where Nancy Clark reviewed Bill Rodgers' diet for a week. She was mortified. Bill, and this was in 1979-80, was eating whatever he could put into his mouth. From pickle juice (that was actually good for hydration and minerals) to lobster, to mayonnaise on cold pizza. As Frank Shorter noted, Bill Rodgers was an anomaly in many ways. 

Then, Americans became obsessed with food. And, not in a good way. If one spends time in Europe, as I did this year, one notes that portions are much smaller, food is healthier, on average and that somehow, people find out how to get the right foods inside them. The countries that have the biggest challenges with diabetes: US, China and India, are undergoing changes in how food is collected and junk calories seem to be the name of the game. 

Cait Chock's message here, after interviewing athletes is to figure out what your goals are, and set up a plan, but also, eat some fun things once in a while. It is the combination of fitness and nutrition that will keep you healthy for a long time to come. 
We asked long time Running Journal columnist Carolyn Mather to give us her thoughts on the TCS Marathon, two weeks after the event. Here is what she had to say: 

The battle is on! Jemima Sumgong and Mary Keitany, photo by

NCAA Div 1 Regionals, from EME News

NCAA XC (can you recognize? , hint from 2003), photo by


In the NCAA First division cross country regionals mostly favorite wins at 6 km for women and 10 km for men. In Fayetteville (South Central) Kenyan Stanley Kebenei 29:09 and South African Dominique Scott 19:44. Midwest (in Peoria) had Kirubel Erassa 30:10 and Courtney Frerichs 19:59 as the winners. In the South (Tallahassee) Ty McCormack 30:09 with Colleen Quigley 19:17. Louisville (Southeast) saw on top Luis Vargas 30:06 and Annie LeHardy 20:14. Kate Avery 19:50 and Jake Byrne of Ireland 30:27 were the Northeast winners in Bronx. Kenyan Anthony Rotich 29:39 and Briton Alice Wright 20:52 topped in Albuquerque the Mountain Regionals. At University Park (Mid-Atlantic) the best were Matt Fischer 30:16 and Katrina Coogan 20:06. In Palo Alto (West) Maxim Korolev 29:34 and Shelby Houlihan 19:32. Madison (Great Lakes) had John Mascari 30:07 and Leah O´Connor 19:45 as the best ones.

(Editor's note: If you want to be updated on the best in all collegiate cross country, then go to our partners, and sign up for their weekly updates!) 
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Kudos to Alys Martinez, KEYT - KCOY - KKFX Producer/Reporter, [email protected], who did this fine piece on the deterioration of the U.C.S.B. facility. The students of UCSB voted to provide a $2 million renovation to the historic facility. 

UCSB has had one of the finest programs in the nation for many years. Under the watchful eyes of Peter Dolan, Head Coach for Cross Country and Track (and former classmate of this writer at Bellarmine Prep in San Jose), many promising athletes have come from the program. UCSB was also the training site of several generations of decathletes under the late Sam Adams, who oversaw the UCSB program in the 60s and 70s. 

Peter Dolan has developed some fine middle and long distance runners during his tenure and I always enjoy seeing UCSB high in the cross country results. 

It is nice to see the University responding to the needs of the athletic program. I remember the late Sam Adams taking me aside one time (and scaring me half to death, but, that was Sam Adams), and noting, " and remember, Coaches are Educators first! " 

It is nice to write about good news for track programs once in awhile. Kudus to UCSB and their student body for recognizing the good that the track provides for the community and how it is a vital asset to the University. 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Huddle-Hall-Costello-USAxc12.jpg
Will the .US 12k come down to Huddle and Hall? photo by

In the bewildering cold that will be the .US 12 kilometer National Champs on Sunday morning, November 16, there is a good possibility that it could come down to a kick for the women's title. Molly Huddle and Sara Hall have duked it out before. Sara Hall has a crazy fast finishing kick. So, now, does Molly Huddle, but, my guess is, Molly Huddle will not let it come down to a kick. 

But, only time will tell, and in David Monti's feature on Sara Hall, he argues, quite convincingly, that Sara Hall has a good shot at taking home the big bucks on Sunday morning! 

Good luck to all in the .US 12 kilometer USA Nationals. 
2014 TCS NYC Marathon is off, men's start, photo by

Elliott Denman has seen the sport from many venues: in 1956, Elliott was an Olympic race walker, and since that time, Elliott has waxed poetically about our sport, from the indoor tracks , to the cross country race to the chilly day that was the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon. 

Elliot Denmann poses a good question, without a quick answer: where have all the young men gone? 
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.23.40 AM.png
The Shoe Addicts is a digital creative collective specializing in video content. Established in 2010, they have a portfolio of athlete videos, combining music, video and creative approaches to communicating the excitement of our sport of athletics and our business to the sports community. 

The Shoe Addicts are the digital partners of the Running Network. 

The recent videos on Ryan Hall, ASICS Marathon, Andy Potts, ASICS Triathlete, and this video, a musical tour of the ASICS Global Booth at the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon are just the most recent examples of their current work.  This current work is the second year that the Shoe Addicts have worked with ASICS on creating unique views of ASICS athletes, events and culture for the Running Network community. 

The Shoe Addicts are represented by Fortius Media Group, LLC. 

Rita Jeptoo, photo by

The Rita Jeptoo crisis is in a quiet stage, or so it seems to many of us. On the contrary, the next step will be the testing of the B sample, which has not been announced by Athletics Kenya. 

We have provided here a short update on much of what has happened since the A sample was announced. We have provided some stories (and there are many more) on the announcement that Rita Jeptoo had a positive out of competition test for a banned substance. 

The story is much more than Rita Jeptoo. It is also much more than Athletics Kenya. Distance running is a matter of pride in Kenya; it is, as I have noted several times, a national resource. 

Distance running in Kenya is a national resource, that has been, for some time, under attack. Many elite athletes are upset because they realize the ramifications of such a blemish: Kenyan athletic performances could be questioned everytime any young Kenyan runs and wins. 

Out of competition drug testing is a key ingredient in the fight against doping in sports. 
This is Justin Lagat's piece about the upcoming Kass International Marathon, which is happening in Eldoret this coming weekend. 

Asbel Kirui training group, February 2012, photo by
Wesley Korir, 2012 Boston Marathon champion, 
photo by

NAIROBI (KEN): Kenyan parliament member and 2012 Boston Marathon champion Wesley Korir has announced that he will be introducing a bill in parliament to criminalize doping in Kenya, report RunnersWorld. The bill will see doping criminalized for athletes, agents and doctors. Korir will meet with the Kenya Sports Association to discuss the proposal this weekend.

(Editor's note: Kudos to Wesley Korir and the Kenyan athletic community on their quick action. The Rita Jeptoo crisis has awakened fans, athletes, coaches, agents and managers to the damage that a lack of consistent out of competition drug testing can do to the national treasure that is Kenyan distance running. 

Wesley Korir is one of the finest athletes I have ever met. He is also one of the finest human beings that it has been my pleasure to hang out with. Always a positive attitude, and someone who loves his country, it is appropriate that Wesley Korir is the one to introduce this bill in the Kenyan Parliament. 

We look forward to hearing more about this legislation to criminalize cheating in sports via doping. )
Molly Huddle, Oakley Mini 10k, June 2014, photo by

Molly Huddle has had an amazing season this year. She is finishing her 2014 season with the USA 12 kilometer nationals this weekend! 

I have been lucky enough to watch her race all year long: from the roads to the track. It is appropriate that she finishes her season on the roads in 2014. 

In the meantime, enjoy this piece on Molly Huddle by Cait Chock. 
Muktar Edris, photo by

It was a cold and windy night, as Muktar Edris wound up a fast and furious last lap, to win the fastest 5,000 meters of the year, at the DN Galan Meeting in Stockholm. Edris' 12:54.83 woke up many track fans about the young Ethiopian's talent. 

Alex Mills, one of our columnists, wrote this piece on the young Ethiopian's display of talent this past summer. 
Villanova team (Patrick Tiernan is number 518), 
photo courtesy of

Cait Chock finished this piece late on Thursday for RunBlogRun's coverage of the NCAA Regionals and NCAA Cross Country! We hope you enjoy Cait's feature on Patrick Tiernan and the Villanova squad. 

This is the Andy Potts photo that ASICS uses on their website to highlight one of the most successful and versatile triathletes in our sport. The Shoe Addicts interviewed Andy during the NYC Marathon week. 

We are most grateful to ASICS Senior PR manager Melinda Hutcheon and ASICS athlete manager Annie Adams. 
Shelby Houlihan, photo by

Cait Chock wrote this piece earlier in the week on Shelby Houlihan and her pursuit of the NCAA Cross Country Championships. As I had forgotten about this piece, Cait gently reminded me today that the regional was tomorrow, Friday, November 14. Cait wrote a fine piece on Shelby Houlihan.

We hope that you will enjoy it! 
Mutasz Barshim, photo by

Ivan Ukhov, photo by

The dreamchild of Rajne Soderborg, the man behind the DN Galan Games for nearly two decades (until two years ago), and Daniel Wesfeldt, one of the sport's most connected sports managers, the Malmo Games will be held for the first time on 25 February 2015. RunBlogRun will be there, so should you! 
Andy Edwards interviewed AIMS President Paco Barao before the Authentic Athens Marathon. The Athens Marathon is the site of the classic marathon site, and the yearly meeting place for AIMS. 

Andy Edwards and Joerg Wenig are Race News Service, our colleagues who travel the world of marathons, writing about the sites, sounds and races around the 26.2 mile world. 

We hope that you enjoy it! 

Diane Nukuri celebrates after her second place finish at the 2013 NYC Half where she ran a national record 1:09:12 (Photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)

David Monti wrote this piece on Diane Nukuri and her quest for success at the Honolulu Marathon. 
Crystal Nelson, photo courtesy of 

Cait Chock wrote this piece on Crystal Nelson. For the next couple of weeks, watch Cait Chock's pieces on NCAA Cross Country Contenders. 
Rich Kenah, Executive Director/Atlanta Track Club,  Christo Landry, 2014 AJC Peachtree winner,  Bob Puccini, President of Mizuno USA, November 12, 2014, 
photo by

In an announcement with far-reaching consequences, the Atlanta Track Club and Mizuno, one of the largest sports product manufacturers in the world, have reached a long term agreement for Mizuno to sponsor all facets of the Atlanta Track Club, its events and its merchandise. These programs include daily fitness programs, an elite development program through the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well as the official apparel and footwear designation for the iconic AJC Peachtree Road Race. The term, "fully-integrated" does apply to this announcement. 

The Atlanta Track Club and Mizuno USA announced a long term agreement for a fully-integrated marketing program that will affect all aspects of the Atlanta Track Club, their constituencies and their various properties. It is the first effort by Executive Director Rich Kenah to show how the Atlanta Track Club, the second largest running club in North America, with 21,000 members, can affect change in the sport and give the ATC a higher profile in the sports of running and athletics. 

Watch for an analysis of What this Means from RunBlogRun in our next update.  

The Atlanta Track Club with Bob Puccini (Mizuno USA President, silver tie), and Rich Kenah (ATC Executive Director, red tie). 
Puccini and Kenah are the guys in the suits. 
November 12, 2014. 
Photo by
AO FC.jpg
Athletes Only, Fall 2014

Athletes Only started in 1995, out of requests from coaches for articles for their athletes. We were publishing American Track & Field magazine at the time (formerly American Athletics), and our 37,553 coaches noted in their qualification forms the need for a high quality magazine for 14-18 year olds. We sent out request forms and were inundated with 600,000 requests for copies. So, in 1995, we published American Track & Field Athlete, to 500,000 of our closest friends. 

In 2001, we renamed the magazine Athletes Only and the rest, as you say in history. Today, we are releasing the digital version (there is a print version still), that is both responsive and mobile friendly). 

Please pass it along. Also note that, at, if you sign up for the enewsletter, you will start receiving our Athletes Only pub, published five times in 2015. And, if you would like print copies, there is a place there to sign up as well, starting December 1, 2014. 

In 2015, we are going to take some different directions with AO, watch for new design, poster opps and some fun approaches to this important segment of our sport, the 14-22 year old performance athlete. 

The digital issue is linked just below! 
Florence Kiplagat is the AIMS Best Women Marathoner of 2014. Here 1:05.12 is the new World record, run in March 2014. 

Andy Edwards of Race News Service interviewed Florence after her race win! Here is her interview!

Thumbnail image for Kimetto_DennisFV-Berlin14.JPG
Dennis Kimetto, by

Dennis Kimetto rocked the marathon world this year with his 2:02.57 WR in Berlin in September. Truth be told, one more year of training for the young marathoner has made Kimetto a finely honed marathon racer. 

Kimetto was named the Male winner of the AIMS Best Marathon Runner in the World for 2014. This interview was done by Andy Edwards of Race News Service. 

We think that you will enjoy it! 

The following article was run on the CHICAGO Magazine website on Monday, November 10, 2014. Lauren Larson did a very nice job on the piece and her interview was enjoyable and thoughtful. 

As I have said, most comments have been very positive. The comments on the fringe running blog description make me smile. I have always liked being on the fringe, so that was good to me. 

It is not often that I found myself written about. Would I do it again? Yes. My hope is that this moment helps clean up our sport. 



BEIRUT (LIB, Nov 9): Around 40 000 people took to the streets to run the annual peace marathon here under beautiful conditions. After signaling the start of the race; Ethiopian distance legend Haile Gebresalassie along with Beirut Marathon Association President May El Khalil. In the male elite race; the athletes took off from the stating line under the guidance of pacemakers Issac Korir of Bahrain and Legese Adugna of Ethiopia. The pacemakers lead what started our to be a solid attempt on the course record hitting 5km in 15:24; Half Marathon in 64:25 and 30km in 1:33:36; well under the course record pace. After a superb pacing job; the last 12km was left up to Fikadu Girma and Abdela Godana, both of Ethiopia to challenge each other for the win under increasing hot temperatures; it was evident that the warm temperatures took a toll on the athletes as paced slowed from 32km. After vomiting on the course; Fikadu Girma gathered himself to take the victory over his training partner Abdela Godana; in 2:12:28 to Godana's 2:13:28. In the female elite race; debutante Muluhabt Tsega of Ethiopia; made good on her pre race promise of running the course record as she cruised to a quick 2:29:12 over the classic distance. Tsega took the race from start line to finish line; and never looked back; she was followed by Monica Jepkoech of Kenya in 2:30:49; both ladies were under the previous course record time set by 2011 champion Seada Kedir of Ethiopia; who again found herself on the podium in Beirut; finishing 3rd this year. From Hussein Makke.


Feyisa Bekele, photo by


SEOUL (KOR, Nov 9): Ethiopian Feyisa Bekele won his second marathon of the career (after Annecy in 2012) as he was the best at the Joon Ang Marathon in second fastest of the career 2:07:43 (2:06:26 in Amsterdam 2012). In close battle Kenyans followed. Evans Kiplagat Chebet in 2:07:46 PB and Thomas Kiplagat in 2:07:52 a huge PB, for first time under 2:10. European Cross Country king and nine time gold medalist Ukrainian Sergiy Lebid is continuing in his new career in marathon. And here in Korea improved to excellent 2:08:32 personal best as fourth. It was his third completed marathon, previous best from Lisboa 2013 was 2:11:24. His time is also second best by an European in 2014 behind Mo Farah who clocked in London in April 2:08:21. Under 2:10 two more Kenyans Luka Rotich 2:08:48 as fifth and Daniel Kipkurgat Rono 2:09:15 as sixth. Kenyan2:04 runner James Kipsang Kwambai was 9th in 2:11:31.




ATHENS (GRE, Nov 9): High temperature and humidity did not prevent Felix Kandie to win the authentic marathon in Athens with a course record. His time 2:10:37 improved the performance of Italian Stefano Baldini (2:10:55 from 2004 Olympic Games). It is also a personal best for the 27 years old Kenyan who had 2:16:12 before. Second was his compatriot and winner here in 2010 and 2012 Raymond Bett in 2:12:34 and another Kenyan Josphat Chobei was third with 2:15.38. Kenyany also dominated women as Naomi Jepkosgei clocked 2:41:06 to win. She was followed by defending champion Nancy Rotich in 2:41:29 and Linah Chirchir 2:42:41. Kandie said after the race: „I felt strong, I didn't start too fast in the begining. I battled, above all I was afraid of Bett, but the best would win. The course is difficult, so I am pleased for what I achieved here." Best non-African Japanese Sho Matsumoto as 8th in 2:20:53. Greek champions are Christoforos Merousis 2:25:15 and Sofia Riga 2:45.38 (6th overall). The event had a record entry of 13,000 runners. With help from Tolis Lelekidis.


Flanagan leads 2014 BAA Boston, photo by

Des LInden, photo by

David Monti wrote this piece on how fantastic American women distance runners are doing this year!

Updated November 9, 2014
Thumbnail image for Rosa_Federico-World11.JPG
Federico Rosa, photo by

KAPSABET (KEN): Many of Rosa Associati's Kenyan athletes have spoken out in support of their management group, report The athletes said that they would welcome any investigations into them, as well as the management, as they have nothing to hide. World 1500m champion Asbel Kiprop told the media; "We are running clean. I have been managed by Rosa many years and I haven't heard him telling us to use blood boosters. Rita might have been misadvised by someone outside the management or through medication." NYC Marathon runner up Jemimah Sumgong urged Rita Jeptoo to reveal the details regarding her failed doping test. Other athletes at the meeting were; former World 800m champion Janeth Jepkosgei, two-time London marathon winner Martin Lel, World 800 m champion Eunice Sum, former World 800m champion Alfred Kirwa Yego, World 5000m silver medallist Mercy Cherono and Olympic marathon silver medallist Priscah Jeptoo.

(The repercussions of the Rita Jeptoo tragedy continues. This story will continue to develop over the next few weeks. RunBlogRun will keep our readers updated.  )
Thumbnail image for Rudisha_David-Birmingham14.JPG
David Rudisha, photo by

BANGKOK (THA): James Templeton, the manager of David Rudisha, has said that the Olympic 800m champion is now back to being 100% fit, report Reuters. "Everything's going well now, he's back on track," revealed Templeton. "He was only 85 percent fit last year but he's 100 percent now." Rudisha said that he is looking forward to the major championships of the next two years, saying that next year's World Championships will be a stepping stone to his main goal of the 2016 Olympics.

(Editor's note: David Rudisha is one of the most popular athletes in our sport. His iconic run in London in 2012 was a race that will never be forgotten by those who witnessed the run from the front world record and gold medal run.

When David Rudisha was hurt in 2013, the difference between David's 2012 shape and a return to fitness was all the more tenuous. David was unable to run most of 2013, and in 2014, he ran well, but told me in several interviews, that it would take another year to reach his top fitness level. 

I had spoken to Wilson Kipketer, Mr. Rudisha's predecessor in the World record department, this past March. Wilson noted, " getting back into World record shape, takes time and patience. I tried to get back into shape much too fast."  Mr. Kipketer was concerned for David Rudisha. 

David Rudisha has taken the time to get back into fine shape. James Templeton, David Rudisha's manager is a keen observer of the sport, who watches his athletes and loves the sport. James knows when an athlete is getting back into shape and when they are not. 

We look forward to seeing David Rudisha in 2015. 

Beijing, the 2015 World Championships, is going to be an amazing championships!) 

Kipsang, Lelisa, photo by

Thumbnail image for Kipchoge_EluidFV-Carlsbad10.jpg
Eliud Kipchoge, photo by

Dennis Kimetto breaks Emmanuel Mutai, photo by

Alex Mills wrote this piece on Wilson Kipsang winning the TCS New York City Marathon, but even with that fantastic win, does that give him the unofficial Marathoner of the Year ! 

Thumbnail image for Kiplagat_FlorenceFV-PoliceXC14.jpg
Florence Kiplagat, photo by

Dennis Kimetto breaks Mutai, photo by

Kimetto and F. Kiplagat

ATHENS (GRE): Kenyans Dennis Kimetto and Florence Kiplagat were named the 2014 AIMS Best Marathon Runners (BMR) of the Year during the association's annual gala in Athens. The award was introduced by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) in 2013. The athletes were honoured during a gala in the Greek capital, where the Athens Marathon will be staged on the original course on Sunday. 30 year-old Dennis Kimetto broke the marathon world record in the recent Berlin Marathon, clocking the first sub 2:03 time in history with 2:02:57.  "I am very happy to be here and proud to be named the Marathon Runner of the Year. I would never have imagined that I could be so successful when I ran my first international race at the beginning of 2012 - it is amazing," said Dennis Kimetto, who added: "The Olympic marathon in 2016 is my next big goal." Florence Kiplagat also established a world record earlier this year. The 27 year-old improved the half marathon mark to 65:12 in Barcelona. The Berlin Marathon winner from 2013 then took second in London this April with a world-class time of 2:20:24. "I feel honoured to receive this award in Athens. It will be a motivation for me to run even better in the future," said Florence Kiplagat. "I think I can run faster in the marathon, but somehow I am still a bit afraid of the distance," said the Kenyan, who has a marathon PB of 2:19:44. "We always try to reward the best runners. That is why we have the two world record holders here," said AIMS President Paco Borao. After the recent positive doping test of Kenyan Rita Jeptoo he said: "We have to fight cheating. Doping is exactly the opposite of our aims and goals!" AIMS officials also presented three other awards during the gala, which was shown life on Greek national TV. George Hirsch, the publisher of Runner's World who is still involved in the New York City Marathon, received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Jo Schindler, the Race Director of the Frankfurt Marathon, was presented with the Green Award for his event. The German race was honoured as being extraordinary environmentally friendly. The Social Award was given to the Tokyo Marathon for its charity programme. This year participants in the race collected 1.9 Million Euros for the event's official charity programme called Tsunagu. The 32nd edition of the Athens Marathon will take place on Sunday with a record number of 13,000 runners. Adding races at shorter distances on that day the total will reach around 35,000 athletes. From Race News Service.
Nicholas Hilton, photo by

Nicholas Hilton won the Savannah Marathon this morning. Here is a release on the RNR Savannah Marathon, from Competitor's PR manager, the multi-tasking Dan Cruz. 
 AIMS President Paco Borao with the two Greek elite runners Deniz Dimaki (left) and Christoforos Merousis (right) as well as defending champion Joan Rotich. Photo Credit: AMA / Marios Lolos
Quite simply, Formula 4, over the past eight years, has developed the best show in the running business. Formula 4 Media has developed a show for the run specialty business that defines our business. If you are in the run specialty business, then you should be at the Running Event, from December 2-5, 2014. 
Watching Desi Linden in New York was both exhilarating and nerve wracking for those watching the tough American distance runner. Desi Linden ran a 2:22:38 at Boston in April 2011, coming within steps of winning. In 2012, she made the Olympic team, then injured herself and has been on the comeback trail for the past eighteen months. In Boston in April 2014, Desi Linden ran 2:23:58, finishing tenth in the super fast Boston race. 

The 2014 TCS New York City Marathon was to be a litmus test for Desi Linden. Could she come back to her 2011 level of fitness? 

Des Linden, NYC Marathon 2014, photo by
Grete Waitz winning 1983 World Championships Marathon, 
photo courtesy of AKTIV Foundation to Fight Cancer

In 1983, Grete Waitz won the World Cross Country, the London Marathon, and the World Championships Marathon. What an amazing year. Grete Waitz, in her career as a marathoner, won nine NYC Marathons, and made herself part of the sport's history. Her legacy, the AKTIV Foundation to Fight Cancer, is supported by adidas. In this interview, Adrian Leek, GM of adidas Running Business, speaks with thought and emotion about Grete's legacy and the AKTIV Foundation. 


Here is another piece from Kenyan media, written by Dennis Okaye, regarding the many hours of questioning for Ms. Jeptoo. 
Soul searching in Kenya is happening over the Rita Jeptoo crisis. Here is a fine piece by Mutwari Mutuota, writing for the Kenyan media group, Standard. 

Stories like this are quite fluid. Things go back and forth, and there are turns and changes that one would not expect. I am posting pieces from Kenyan media, that I believe give our readers a view of how this story is being seen in Kenya. Comments? Send to [email protected]

Rita Jeptoo, photo by

Hall, Meb and Abdi, photo by

Ryan Hall is the fastest marathoner that America has ever produced. Over the past eighteen months, Ryan has faced challenges to his racing fitness. Ryan took some time off, and has been training without pain and is now prepared for a series of races from a ten mile in Pittsburg, to a half marathon in Costa Rica to the famous 15k in Sao Silvestre Race in Sao Paulo on New Years' Eve! 

Published on Nov 6, 2014

We sat down with ASICS Marathoner Ryan Hall in New York City, during the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon. Ryan spoke about his year, from running Boston with Meb Keflezighi, his training in Ethiopia, as well as discussing a few of the races coming up. We also asked Ryan for some suggestions for the runners out there. 

 Mike Rodgers, photo by
Rodgers for indoors

LISBON (POR): US sprinter Mike Rodgers plans to run in the indoor season and compete in Europe. He will be one of the top sprinters going to run in the indoor season without World Indoor Championships. His best is 6.48 over the 60 m in 2011.  

(Editor's note: Mike Rodgers is one of the most popular American sprinters in Europe, and a quite adept in this modern world of social media. Mike and I catch up in hotel lobbies at various meets as he waits to run fast. I alway enjoy watching Mike go to Birmingham DL in Birmingham, England, where he does a fun double: 60 meters and 200 meters. 

Looking forward to see Mike Rodgers and other Americans race in Europe. Like Mike Rodgers, I am from St. Louis, Missouri. His high school coach still writes to me. )

Thumbnail image for Jeptoo_RitaFV1-Bogota14.JPG

Managers speaking for changes

LISBON (POR): The sport of athletics is ready for changes and needs modernisation.  This is one of the messages from the traditional fall athletics managers  meeting. The 2014 AAM Annual Meeting was held this year in Lisbon,  Portugal. Managers reviewed the 2014 season and discussed what is expected in 2015. In the session with the IAAF, ways of cooperation were on the table. Among guests attenduíng were, IAAF Senior Vice President Robert Hersh, IAAF Competitions Director Paul Hardy and IAAF Legal advisor Habib Cisse. Discussion  points were related to competition structures, rules, calendar and timely payments. Managers also presented new ideas for the the IAAF  World Challenge series. With IAAF Diamond League organizers, the last season and several points of improving the communication with agents were discussed. Kristian Hysen of IMG gave a presentation about TV distribution and new ideas related to social media. Paul Doyle showed his plan on how to continue with the new series called the American Track League. Over 60 leading persons from the world-wide athletics family attended the meeting.  The 2015 Annual Meeting was set for San Juan, Puerto-Rico.

(Editor's note: This meeting is much more important than an annual meeting. Within this room are many of the stakeholders in the sport of athletics and road racing. There is much on the table: how to make the sport more relevant to the the billions of sports fans across the world?)
(Editor's note: This excellent interview was done by's Mario Fraioli, one of the CGI's finest writers. Mario ask Federico Rosa the questions that we all wanted to ask, and he does it with precision and a thoroughness that Fraioli is known for. A fine interview.)

Federico Rosa, photo by

Wilson Kipsang, Geoffrey Mutai, photo by

On October 29, 2014, I interviewed Jack Waitz, Board member of the AKTIV Foundation to Fight Cancer. Jack Waitz supported this foundation co-founded by his late wife, Grete Waitz, nine time winner of the New York City Marathon, who fought cancer with dignity and concern for assisting those with cancer. 

The AKTIV Foundation is co-sponsored by adidas, who has developed a line of footwear and apparel around the Foundation. The winners of both the Berlin Marathon and New York City Marathon in 2014 wore the new AKTIV clothing line. 

For more information, please go to

New York City Marathon, photo by

ASICS America did us a favor here.

A recap of the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon, with the runners normale as the focus. A wonderfully upbeat review of all things New York. From a couple, both aged 50, running the marathon, to a guy who has run 156 marathons, to a 91 year old women, who has run 81 marathons, returning to the marathon in the Big Apple for the first time in 24 years.

My suggestion? Save this clip. When you are having a bad day of training for a marathon, watch this, over and over. 

And yes, TCS New York Marathon, you did our sport proud! 

Carey Pinkowski with Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, 
photo by David Monte

Carey Pinkowski is the Executive Race Director of the 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. A man with a life time of experience in the sport, from an elite high school runner, to a runner at Villanova, racing Division 1, to his twenty-five years as Executive Race Director of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. 

Rita Jeptoo, by

Jeptoo update

NAIROBI (KEN): Kenyan marathoner Rita Jeptoo has been provisionally suspended after testing positive for EPO. The Boston and Chicago Marathon champion met with Athletics Kenya (AK) on Tuesday and made the decision to request that her B sample be tested. After the meeting, AK vice president David Okeyo told the media, "AK is taking this matter very seriously and we would like to prove to the world that we are not lying on things that we know are bad. We are taking doping issues very seriously and should, and I repeat, should; the case of Rita is not supported by any facts as required by the rules of doping, AK will take very drastic action." Inform and Reuters.

(note from Larry Eder: From the best that I can gather forensically, Rita Jeptoo was notified of her test only sometime last week, as is the procedure. Normally, it is up to three weeks before an athlete will hear that their A sample has tested positive. In most cases, the athlete is notified by the IAAF, but in some cases, a manager or coach may be the way the athlete is notified. 

Athletics Kenya is under huge pressure to support a program of out of competition testing that is both thorough and independent. From my contacts, I was told by two well respected managers that drug testing in Kenya had been in the country for nearly a decade. But, some athletes are tested, and some are not. 

Federations should not be in the business of drug testing. USA Track & Field worked with USADA under Craig Masback, which was one of the most important legacies of Mr. Masback's tenure as CEO of USA Track & Field. 

At this time, IAAF and World Marathon Majors have worked closely together to fill in the blank spaces in Kenya where drug testing, quite frankly, just is not complete. )

Robert Johnson, of, sent me a note on Friday, asking me what was the agenda of those who confirmed my piece on Rita Jeptoo early Friday morning. I took a walk Monday night, and considered that very question. 


I also had an espresso.

My response answers several questions, with the agenda one at the top. 

If you would like to respond, please send me a note at [email protected]
Elite Men on Verranzano Bridge, photo by

Elite Women's start, TCS New York City Marathon, photo by

The city of New York is full of nearly 50,000 TCS New York City Marathon finishers on an unusually balmy November evening after a crazy cold and windy marathon day. EME News compiled the following from news services and their reporters about different aspects of the marathon weekend. 

I met Cathal Dennehy at the European Championships, I believe. An affable fellow, with a great love of athletics and a wry sense of humor, Dennehy keeps me laughing, even after a long day. His writing, however, keeps me thinking. 

Considered, thoughtful and packed with the emotion of someone who loves the sport and wants it to be properly promoted and protected.

This piece on Paula Radcliffe, the world record holder in the women's marathon is a case in point: Cathal writes on Paula's desire to not only speak about better doping controls, but, Radcliffe's desire to be part of the solution.

Paula Radcliffe also made it quite clear that she sees Sebastian Coe as part of the solution to take athletics to a higher global status and also to make athletics the gold standard in developing an effective global anti-doping campaign.  

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Radcliffe_PaulaFV1-London03.jpg
Paula Radcliffe makes history, photo by
The race is on! Kipsang and Lelisa battle, photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this story about the Kenyan victories in New York on Sunday, but also about the concern that doping could ruin one one of his country's gifts to the world: fine distance running. 

Wilson Kipsang flies, photo by

Lauren Kleppin, photo by

The following piece is on Lauren Kleppin and her desire to race at the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon, where she placed fifteenth today, in 2:39.15, in cold and very windy day. The piece was written a few weeks ago, and yours truly missed it in his bundle of stories. My apologies to Lauren. 

The piece does show several things: that Lauren Kleppin is a women on a mission, that Lauren Kleppin has the desire to be a world class marathoner and that Lauren Kleppin has found a home, with like minded friends, working on a goal...

This feature was written by Cait Chock. 
Meb Keflezighi out for a Sunday stroll. 
This is the European view of the 2014 TCS New York City, courtesy of our partners at EME News, Alfons Juck and Alberto Stretti! 

Carolyn Mather is the long time contributor to Racing South & Running Journal, two of our partners in the Running Network and the chroniclers, since 1974, of the Souther running culture. Carolyn, with her red hair and Southern charm, queried runners at the Javitts Center yesterday about why they were running the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon.

Here is what they had to say! 
I recorded this early Saturday morning. It had been twenty-four plus hours since I published the piece on Rita Jeptoo.

I have to admit that I was very touched by the kind words and thoughtful notes sent by compatriots in the media. Several keen observers as I call them, gave me thoughts to consider on both sides.

In the end, I made a decision to publish, and we published simultaneously in North America, Europe and Africa in twelve major media capitals. I also sent the article to key players in the industry as I felt it was of import.

World Marathon Majors responded as the leaders that they are. The IAAF notified Athletics Kenya, as they do in those cases and in accordance with their protocols. Now, the next move is by Rita Jeptoo and Athletics Kenya. 

Distance running, as I have said before is a national treasure in Kenya that should be protected. Out-of-competition drug testing, implemented in Kenya and Ethiopia, would show the world that, under close scrutiny, the clean athletes who take their time to develop into the great marathoners that one would expect will continue to come from Kenya and Ethiopia. The dirty ones will be found out and will pay for sullying their sport and their countries. Athletes in Kenya and Ethiopia have to see doping as not only unethical, but unpatriotic, as it puts an odor on any athlete from those countries.  

Just about twenty-four hours ago, I released the story that Rita Jeptoo, two time Chicago Marathon champion, had tested positive for a banned substance, with an out of competition urine sample in late September. 

As the world media began to research my assertions, several more facts came to light, as well as a post denial response from Athletics Kenya, a confirmation by Federico Rosa to Associated Press, and the assertion by AFP that the banned substance was EPO. Somewhere in the mountain of data, a data was confirmed by Mr. Rosa of September 25 for the positive test of a banned substance, in an out of competition testing of a urine sample, the A sample, for Rita Jeptoo. 

Rita Jeptoo, photo by

Now is time to clear up some misconceptions from the last twenty-four hours. I am attempting to be my own ombudsman, so apologies before I begin. 

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