Sprinter Kim Collins boasts an incredible near 20-year international career. The Caribbean speedster gives us the words of wisdom he learned during his long and storied time at the top.

1. Training hard does not work

"Too many athletes train far too hard daily. The problem with this is that the body does not have any or enough time to recover. It is very rare that I train at 90-95 per cent in training. Very rare.

"Training effectively has been the key to my longevity in the sport. My body is not burnt out.

Kim Collins ()

During this year's indoor season, Collins brought his 60m PB down to 6.47 - the world leading time for 2015

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(Editor's note: Kim Collins is one of our most popular and fun athletes. Kim won the 2003 World Championships at 100 meters. In 2011, he nearly stole the 100 meters again, with his bronze medal run in Daegu. This past winter, Kim was fastest in world over 60 meters! A sprinter with a great start, who runs old school, but listens to music new school, Kim Collins is one of the reasons why our sport is just so much fun to watch and enjoy! )